East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, October 11, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 2

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    The Only One Price Store In The City
Matchless Values
ia Men's Clothing
Fancy Mixed Suits, all sizes, $5.06
Fancy Worsted Suits (a snap) S6.00
Black Cheviot Suits (a great bargain)
All Wool Suits, in fancy plaids and stripes,
$10,00 and &12.50
Black Worsted Suits, all Wool, $10 00
Blue Serge Suits, all wool, $12.00 tc $15.00
Do not forget our line of shoes
Clothiers and Hatters
No. 729 Mam Street,
Pendleton, Oregon.
American anthracite coal imported
at Hamburg last winter, is being re
ucught for the United States.
King Christian has gazetted Anton
Hegner, the American cclloist, a
Knight of the Dane Drog Order.
The honorary degree of doctor of
civil law was conferred yesterday on
Ambassador White by Oxfort Univer
sity. Andrew Carnegie's gifts of $75,000
to Belfast and J35.O0O for LinierlcU,
' Ireland, for the establishment of li
braries, have been accepted.
As a result of a conference between
the United Jllne Workers of Missouri,
and the mine operators, practically all
of the 1300 striking miners of North
err Missouri resumed work Friday.
Miss Alice Fisher, a young woman
employed in the government printing
office at Washington, was .shot and
killed Thursday by William Dougher
ty, an employe of the same office.
Dougherty then shot and killed him
.self. The 31st anniversary of Chicago's
bip flro was obs.ved Thursday
night by bnnnuets, given under the
auspices of the Marquette and Lake
side clubs. Speakers of national
.piomlnence were present at both
Hotel Pendleton.
W. H. Ciorrett, Portland.
F. M. Branch, Portland.
A. D. Chase, Portland.
George W. Harris, Portland.
S. B. Martin, Portland.
J. F. Hall, Now York.
Elt Spike. Echo.
Ed Blackburn.
J. E. Martin, Seattle.
Ij. Allenhoff, Portland.
E. D. Marshall, Portland.
Woods Smith, Portland.
J. F. Clark, San Francisco.
Miss Lalourette, Portland.
A. S. Heatfleld, Spokane.
S. S. Gill, Spokane.
J. M. Stern. Kansas City.
H. A. Baker, Portland.
E. C. Sklles, Spokane.
THE iB IS 1215
The Golden Rule.
H. Plnkerton, Weston.
M. E. Plnkerton, Weston.
Mrs. C. Nicholas, Weston.
Jessie Booth, La Grande.
D. Iseley, Knoxville.
J. H. Hendry, Knoxville.
C. Bordens, Portland.
Well Marks, Omaha.
George McGUvery, Spokane.
C. 11. Wilson, Lewiston.
W. B. McRoherts, Spokane.
J. F. Slater, Portland.
Weune Uohde, Helix.
L. Cunningham, Portland.
.1. A. McCarty, Echo.
C. O. Peterson, Bristol Bay.
C. Peterson, city.
Homer Smith. Athena.
John F. Hayden, St. Louis. "
C. H. Wilcox, Portland.
J. Jacob Blsslnger, Portland.
F. G. Gardner, Portland.
New Students Being Added tvery
Day and Number Will Reach 1500
by First of the Year An Excellent
Corps of Teachers:
Mnm Mmn 000 students are now en-
roiled on the books of Pendleton's
Tho schools opened
.rm.ltli nirn with lust a fCV OV01' COO
and since that time a Bteady Increase ,
lias beeu made until the above nuni-
her has been rcacneu. i-ruicnm-Conklln
reports the school, In all of
its departments, progressing rapidly.
All of tho teachers are at their posts
and giving the very best satisfaction.
Never before has the city schools been
in as prosperous condition as they are
today and never beforo has the corps
of teachers contained more nble in
structors. Their whole Interests are
centered upon their work.
The enrollment will continue to ln
ciease In the public school until tho
middle of tho school year. Then
some will drop out and others will
come In, keeping the enrollment
about the same until the last two or
three mouths of the term. Then the
enrollment will begin to drop off,
owing to the number of young men
who quit to go into the grain fields.
Many farmer boys aro attending
school during the winter who have to
drop out as soon as spring work
opens and help on the farms. This
will cut the attendance down some
what for tho last days of school.
At the Academy.
Tho Pendleton Academy enrollment
continues to increase from day to day.
The academy doors have been open
the same length of time that tho pub
lic schools have, but the Increase has
not been so marked as in the latter.
Tho enrollment to start with was
about 130 and at the end of this week
tho enrollment Is nearly 150. A great
manv are vet to come in and by tho
llrst of the year the 200 mark will un
doubtedly bo reached. Tho teachers
in the academy are all doing excel
lent work and this school Is running
very smoothly.
St. Joseph's Academy.
At St. Joseph's Academy there arc
about 175 students enrolled. This
school opened several days beforo
tho public school and academy did,
and the enrollment was very large on
the opening day. However, since the
opening, new students have been con
tinuously coming in until tho enroll
ment has reached tho present num
ber. As usual this school is uudei
the very best of Instructors to bo had
and it Is progressing very satisfactor
ily to nil concerned. It Is expected
that the enrollment will reach above
the 200 mark within the next few
never In a moro nourishing condition
tlinn at the present time.
The New English Stamp
Now that tho King of England has
been crowned, that Government
preparing to issue a now scries of
postage stamps showing him wearing
his crown in place of the wreath rop
resented on tho present ones. It s
generally admitted that now Is un
Proper time to make the change as
t was considered innpproprlnto to
represent him wearing his crown be
fore the coronation had actually taken
place. The proper thne to commence
trnointtor'n Stomach Bitters
Is a the first symptom of a disorder
ed stomach, such as sick headache,
belching, heartburn, Indigestion dys
pepsia or constipation.
enlng tho stomach and pcnecui k
sestion those alimeius ai '
cured, and your health In general Is
made better. Bo sure to try n bottle.
Lecture Course.
There is a plan in contemplation
l l.nvn n KPr 08 Of ICCllinJB lit
Congregational church next month 011
tho university extension plan. Ar
rangements are almost perrecicu to
have them delivered on Friday even
ings by professors of Whitman Col
lege Thev will be educational In
their nature and will appeal to all
Intelligent people. The purpose, tt is
claimed. Is to inaugurate hero what
has proved so successful and prollta
i.i, in nmiiv Eastern cities, to carry
to the people some of tho privileges
of college life.
At Altona, a small town near the
North Dakota line, J. J. Toews, a
school teacher, who had some trouble
with the school trustees, meeting
them on the road while going to
school, drew a revolver and shot A.
Ttemnel. J. Hlobert and P. Kohler. cured liv Hall's Catarh Cure.
Toews then returned to the school-i .,F- J. CHKMIY & CO., Toledo, O
1 C. IUC UUUC13I.UCU! unic nuurt u . w
How'e Thlr.
We offer One Hundred Dollari Reward
for any case of Catarrh tbat cannot be
house and shot three pupils, two of
them daughters of Mr. Itempel. Ho
then turned tho revolver on himself
and will die. Hempel, HIebert and
two of the girls are also fatally
Owners of Oregon timber laud will
ask the state legislature to provide
protection against flre3.
The will of the lato ex-Governor
"Whlteaker was filed for probate yes
terday. The value of the estate Is
.'-; i mated by the appraisers at $20,
375. E. D. Camady, aged 27, a colored
man, very dark, and -Miss Lena Meyer,
aged 2C, a handsome blonde American
girl, both of Chicago, were married
in Vancouver, Wash., Thursday.
Samples of coal were packed up
the hill from the mines of the Cres
cent Coal Company, four miles west
of Chehalis, yesterday, and aro being
tested in tho toWn for domestic pur
poses. A broken rail wrecked a Northern
Pacific freight train Thursday morn
ing at the western end of the Cas
cade tunnel. The englno was over
turned, and the engineer, William
Mlscho, of Tacoma, was killed.
Daniel Appleton. of tho firm of D.
Annleton & Co.. publishers in Now
York, and his brother, visited Port
land Friday on a trip of inspection
Business was almost tho sole object
of their tour. Mr. Annleton said, al
though their eyes were not blind to
natural beauty.
Twenty years after the commission
of a murder for which Thomas Hair
loy and Luke Kelly, tho latter presi
dent of tho Sliver Bow Trades and
Labor Assembly, and a prominent la
bor leader in Montana, had served
goven years In tho penitentiary at
Butte, the real murderer is said to
have confessed.
The bureau of labor at Washington,
estimates that the population of Port
land on January 1, 1302, was 91,000,
or an Increase of 3574 since tho last
-census was taken. This leaves Port
land tho largest city in tho Pacific
Narthwest. for the estimated popula
Hon or Seattle Is PO.OOO (a growth of
8329), Tacoma, 40,000, (a growth of
228C), and Spokane 40,000 (a growth
Cheney for tue past 15 years, and bellere
him to be perfectly honorable In all busi
ness transactions and financially able to
carry out any obligation! made by their
WEST & TBUAX, Wholesale Drugglt,
Toledo, O.
Wholesale Druggist, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mncous
surface of tbe system. Testimonial sent
free. Price 7Gc per bottle. Sold by all
Hall's Family I'll is are tbe best.
Teacher Jamie, can you tell mo
why Lincoln is called tho martyr
president? Jamie 'Cause he had to
stand for all tho Lincoln stories.
Chicago Record-Herald.
Seasonable Eatables.
Seasonable Vegetables
Everything Clean and Fresh
APPLES, for eating, cooking or cann
PLUMS, large, ripe and sound
QUINCES, for preserves
CELERY, fresh and tender
EGG PLANT, the vegetable oyster
BANANAS, ripe but hot overly rice
m A 7.KTJWOOD BUTTER, care, clean. .u
.- - - r ""CHj
uivvviwi i txiyu DAK;
Where everything is clean
R. MARTIN, Proprietor
Telephone Red 34
Nature Study and Entomology Being
Introduced In Country Schools.
County School Superintendent J.
F. Nowlin spent Friday visiting the
McKay and TutuIUa schools.
At .McKay school, Superintendent
Nowlin reports finding Miss Carmich
ael with an enrollment of 30 pupils
and her school running very smooth
ly. She Is guiding her pupils in na
ture study and entomology. She has
a very fine collection of bugs and in
sects, including centepedes and other
rare specimens of this part of the
country, and her school Is very much
interested in the work along this
The Tutuilla school Is being taught
by George Roberts and while his en
rollment Is very small, ho has a very
good school and Is progressing rap
Idly. Mr. Nowlin says to take the
country schools as a whole they were
Those Frasier Tablets
If yon want to have a tablet
Tbat has tho best demand,
And say "Owl is tho brand."
Thoy only coat live cents,
And that you can well afford,
For you get twice the usual amount,
But the Owl 1b not alone, now mind,
,For there is a hundred other kind,
And ali of suoh a fine degree
That yon can not bear to see
Another kind on your desk.
And they are so very ohoap,
That yon will exolaim, "How steep
Those other people are."
Now, if you want tho smoothest snap
From Englaud to tho Paoiflo shore,
Just givo your logs a little tap.
Then you will recoive a tablot so big,
For a little prloe so smnll,
That you will have to pet in and dig,
To get it used up at all.
Before f Afte
Uln Ulng
' Cutlers Soar. ' CutlcuraSoap v
Face Humors
Pimples, blackheads, simple rashes,
red, rough hands, falling hair, and
baby blemishes prevented by Cut:
cura Soap, a sure preventive of in
flammation and clogging of the I'ores.
Solllhromhoutthi wor'J I'oitir !). . if fliM
Coir.,l'ropd ,Uu..oo Uywtol'feeulii.clluiiiui,lfco.
Sec Hcfc
We have received another I
shipment of those fine
Marshmallows. Mint Wa
fers, Salted Almonds.
Tiny are pure and fresh, cost
no more than cheap and inferior
Velvet Molasses Candy is grow
ing in popularity. A fresh supply
Reliable Druggists.
Phone, Main 851.
i 1 ft 4 n 4
B '
We are headquarters for all kinds of carpenter I
and our prices are always the lowest, quality censd-
ered. Estimates furnisheu-on builders' hardware asd
"Money saved is money earned." See
T. C. Taylor,
741 Alain Street
Phone Alain 671
We are Now Selling i
Drop -Head Sewing
5 HO ,rJtlfl
5 -'sMss
m - '
..w - i:
that period witnout cnargt
nff or buv
transcient persons whet
can buy 'cheaper from art
FMione Malmt
ninolmr out wall papeti
The Columbia
Lodging House
F. X. SCHEMPP, Prop.
uivg your ennuron u iiiorimgii uuw
The Pendleton Business
vmuia uii uwuvi luiuly iu ouuww t
. . . ... .1 1 . ..,nm 1 sum
filltHll 1111 Lillll IfiLliLilll ill L11U LJUUtwk
sond vour children away to a business col
lege when Pendleton affords an insti
tution ns thorough and com
petent us any. . .
Uoinnetent tnnctiors with all mouorn uovn-oa.-
rti 1 i t 1 -1 . .i 1 ,1 rf I. fill
nig. ine course mciuuos iiooKKuoi''b
that goes to mako it first-class. I r'
onts, call at ho Pendleton
, Business Colloge and
: - ..i : a,.
U I DiiDTmdiIM T T T n 1 n (urn uu
ic ro-tr-iiori tivp'do' -Dpaii Rpttfr flour ca;
The cream of the wheat crop enters in nys
Flour, which is right for bread ana
Fancy Baking.
W. S. Bvers. Proprietor.
For Health, Strength and
Pleasure Drink :::::::
Polydore Moens, Proprietor.
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