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We Soli Strlotly At One Price.
One Price Olothiera, Furnishers and Halters, Pendleton
729 Main Street
.mm -i rnir
The Union Pacific will lay a double
track between Omaha and Ogdon,
Garcia Monies, secretary of finance,
has reported the Cuban budget to be
President Roosevelt's order direct
ing a census to be taken of the Phil
ippine Islands.' will bo carried out at
A mammoth lead combination has
been effected which includes all the
large lead manufacturing concerns of
the country.
Twelve hundred public schools
wero opened over the entire island of
Porto Rico this week. The attendance
exceeds 50,000,
It is claimed by the oillcers of the
newly-formed British-American To
bacco Company, that the price of to
bacco will not be raised.
Cholera threatens to depopulate tho
Island of Samar in the Philippine
group. Over 100,000 cases are report-!
ed, with deaths in proportion.
Commander Peary, the Arctic ex
plorer, says the Arctic region is tho
best place on earth for persons af
flicted with pulmonary diseases, and
may become a mocca for consump
tives. A number of republicans yesterday
evening attacked a federal meeting at
Cayey, Porto ltico, and five persons
-were badly wounded. Charges will
l)o prepared aguinst the police for in
action and partisanship.
No gambling will bo allowed on
the Inter-stnto fair grounds at Spo
7'ane next weelc.
George W. Young was received at
the Oregon penitentiary Monday on a
two-years' sentence for forgery in Jos.
ephino county.
Washington hopgrowcrs are disap
pointed over tho season's output, tho
yield being about one-fifth less than
last year's figures.
Two desperate men were captured
at Seattle Monday after they had rob
bed and threatened to kill a peddler
named John Michael.
Governor Geer is out with a circu
lar letter to state legislators, asking
' them to vote for him for United States
senator, claiming that he is tho choice
of tho people.
The Methodist Episcopal conference
at Grant's Pass pledged its support
to tho Wiliametto University at Sa
lem, and will make an effort to wipo
out tho debt of that institution.
Mrs. John Cummins, of Spokane,
claims that her husband, who was an
inmate of tho insane asylum at Medi
cal Lake, died from tho effects of
mistreatment at that institution.
11, S. Clark, of Port niakloy, Wash.,
laid $1,100 In gold on a stump while
he was engaged In chopping down a
tree. He left tho spot to seek shel
ter during a rainstorm anil when ho
returned tho money was gone.
Governor Geer has appointed p. H.
Stearns, David M. Dunno, A. King
Wilson and two residents of Utah who
formerly lived in Oregon, as commis
sioners to tho National Irrigation con
vention at Colorado Springs. Tho
governor Is desirous of learning tho
Men's Clothing
toi Fall
and Winter
We need to say but a few
words Our success in the
clothing business is loo well
known in this city and country.
OUR MOTTO: First-class
goods at the lowest possible
price, and that price the same
to all,
$5.00, $6.00, $7.50,
$J0.00, $J2.50, $J5.00
to $25.00.
Hotel Pendleton.
D. W. Shepherd, Idaho.
I. P. Good, St. l.ouls.
J. F. Kelly, San Francisco.
William Maher. Portland.
C. M. Smith, Portland.
A. II. Cramer, Spokane.
Dr. J. IJ. Olmstead, Portland.
J. J. Burns. Portland.
I. C. Major, Spokane.
E. J. Guyer, Spokane.
F. S. Rogers, Portland.
Mrs. Martin. Walla Walla.
S. S. GUI. Spokane.
T. C. Benson, Portland.
B. F. McCullough, Echo.
F. F. Sheridan.
The Golden Rule.
John H. Botsfonl, Detroit.
G. D. Brooks, Tacoma.
J. E. Davis, Milton.
B. S. Wright, Milton.
W. Goodman, Mitchell.
Rev. H. Poland, Chehalis.
Doug Belts, Pilot Rock.
George McGilvery. Spokane.
Bertha Mills, Walla Walla.
E. H. Burke, Portland.
J. G. Helfrlcli, Spokane.
A. W. Powell, Hinsdale.
D. L. Elbert, Condon.
A. H. Sunderman, Athena.
Mrs. Sunderman, Athena.
Otto Black, city.
Ed Hammer, Jcho.
How's This.
We offer One Hundred Dollar! Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Cataru Cure.
F. J. CHUNKY tc CO.. Toledo, O
We, the undersigned, hare known P. J.
Cheney for tlio pant 15 years, and believe
him to be perfectly honorable In all busi
ness transactions and financially able tn
carry out any obligations mado by their
WKST & TMJAX, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo. O.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catnrrn Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surface of the Bystcm. Testimonials sent
free. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Historical Pictures.
W. H. Gilstrap, or Tacoma, Wash.,
Is planning to paint a series of his
torical pictures for display at the
Louslana Purchase Exposition of 1904
as well as at tho Lewis and Clark
Exposition at Portland, Ore, in 1905.
They will relato principally to tho
great expedition of Lewis and Clark
which followed tho Louisiana pur
chase and the Important discoveries
in the far northwest which resulted
from that expedition.
"Shatters All Records.
Twice in hospital, F. A. Gulledge.
Verbena, Ala., paid a vast sum to doc
tors to cure a severo caso of plies,
causing 24 tumors. When all failed,
Bucklen's Arnica Salvo soon cured
him. Subdues Inflammation, conquers
Aches, kills Pains. Best salvo in tho
world. 25c at Tall man & Co's., drug
store. Grande Ronde Land Sales.
M, L. Causey closed two largo sales
Saturday and Monday. Ono being
57C aeres owned uy A. H. Parsons of
tho Cove, and purchased by Mr. Bra
zelle, of Cedar Points, Neb., for ?24,
150. Tho other being 840 acres owned
by Thomas McConuell, threo miles
north of Union on the Covo road and
purchased by Harland Stewart for
$22,050. -La Grande Observer.
"Would you call Jones a well-Informed
man?" "Jones? Why, I ven
ture to suy Jones couldn't name six
A Needless Expense to the City and
a Useless Procedure to Call Out
More Than One Hose Company.
A vigorous kick has been register
ed b)' citizens of Pendleton because
tho general flro nlnrm was turned in
Monday night during tho flro which
destroyed tho rcsldcnco or Robert
Lalng.'on Bluff street.
The city Is divided Into wards nnd
each ward Is supposed to take care
of Its own ilres unless It is deemed
necessary for other wardB to hulp
out In caso of nno not being nble to
protect tho property or copo with the
fire. .Monday night tho llro which de
stroyed tho Laing property was in no
danger of spreading to unjoining
property other than tho outbuildings
or Mr. I-alng s and the 0110 hoso com
pany having tho flro under their su
pervlslon was all that could do any
thing, and In fact it was so badly
handicapped on account of tho lire
being so far away from tho hydrants
and so high above tho city that when
the water -was turned on little forco
could be secured, and it could do noth
lug toward saving the building.
The general alarm was turned In
after the fire had spent Its fury nnd
It Is claimed that tliero was no need
of any assistance from nny of the
other hoso companies. It Is claimed
that somo one who hnd.no authority
turned In the general alarm and much
speculation lias been Indulged In as
to why It was done.
Tho city pays each member of tho
flro department ?1 an hour for the
time spent fighting fires and when the
whole forco is called out It Is a big
expense to tho city.
There are six companies, besides
tho hook nnd ladder company and
each of these Is supposed to contain
12 to 15 members. It Is safe to say
that It costs the town In tho neigh
borhood of $100 an -hour ovory time
tno general alarm Is turned In.
Complaint has been mado of this
character before. The firemen, them
selves, have called attention to tho
extravagance. One caso in partlcu
lar was that of the second call of tho
Schultz brewery fire. It Is claimed
that soveral days after tho brewery
was destroyed that lire broke out in
1 pile of sawdust and that the goner
al alarm was turned in, costing tho
town nearly 5100, when ono company
with one hose was all that was neces
It Is claimed that the alarms nre
turned in by persons unacquainted
with signals; that when a flro breaks
out, in th eexcltemont any citizen
is likely to rush for the boll nnd does
not take timo to read the instnic
tlons painted in largo letters near tho
boll, but rlnes the bell for all It is
worth. In this way the general alarm
is turned In when it should not be.
If tho work was left to tho fire
men such mistakes would not occur.
In each fire ward there is a hoso
house, over which is a bell. This bell
should bo rung for an alarm of flro
n tho respective wards. In caso of a
arge Are, or where tho chief thinks it
necessary to call out th entire de
partment, ho does so.
Some arrangement should bo mado
whereby only those familiar with the
signals should bo permitted to turn
in tho alarm. Tho haphazard way of
anybody and oorybody turning in
the alarm and running tho city Into a
heavy cost In caso of sawdust fires
and other unnecessary occasions
should bo guarded against In tho fit.
Walla .Walla Fruit Fair Broke All
Records In Attendance.
Walla Walla, Oct. 1. Tlio Walla
Walla fruit fair closed last nlsht
with a grand Kill, in which hundreds
of couples participated, nnd which
thousands onjoyed. Tho fair remain
ed open two days longer than was
at first Intended, In order to give all
a chance to attend and allow the man-
THAT $2.00 PRIZE 1
Only a few days more re-
main before the contest clos-
es. I
Several pupils have sent
in their advertisements. We 'A
1 -o.
wain a 101 more.
Come and look at our Tab-
lets on display, then write ,
your ad. Remember the
contest closes September 10.
Any pupil has a chance to
win the prize. Try your
The advertisement winning
the prize will occupy our
regular -pace in the East
Oregonian next week.
Watch for it.
Book Store.
agomcnt n chnnco to give tho pcoplo
such a ball as nan nuvur ul-vu
In tho city. The Walla Walla band
for tho occasion, nnd
tho danco was conducted In a highly
satisfactory manner.
Tho attendance to the fair was not
so largo by dally nvernge a3 it wua
Inst year, but en Saturday a monstor
crowd gathered. A wedding was or
ranged for Sunday night and u big
crowd assembled, nnd again Monday
night n couple took tho Bacred vpws
Jn tho presence of a fnlr-slzed audi
ence. Tho total attendnnco is consld
.10.000. -the record Inst
Campaign Opened.
Walla Walla, Oct. 1. Tho republl
can campaign will bo formally open
ed here tonight, when Congressman
Francis W. Cushmnn nnd Hon. Sam
uel Stern, of Spokane, will address
tho people at tho lrult fair pnvllllon.
The Wnlla Walla band will furnish
music, ami n largo crowd is expected.
Tim fair management has arranged
to allow the exhibits and booths to
remain intact until nfter tho meeting
Off for the Encampment.
Walla Walla, Oct. 1. Colonel C. B.
Bedell, commander of the Grnnd
Army of tho Republic for tho division
of Alaska and Washington, loft this
city last night for Washington, D. C,
to "attend tho grand encampment of
tho society. He was accompanied
by Assistant Adjutant E. W. Elliot
nnd Chief Trumpeter Thomas Corn.
Tho party will bo nbsent soveral
General Alger has accepted tho ap
pointment as senator from Michigan.
Burning Scaly
Complete External and Internal
Treatment $1.25
Uiu Mn of crusts und wales anil noltentlie
tlilclcncil cuticle, Cimcuiu Ointment (.Vic.),
to allay Itching nnd InllaTimntlon find roolho
anillical.amlCUTIcuiiA ItK.sul.VKNTffiOo.), to
lool and cleanse tlio Mood. A tliiKle set la
often rui'Mi'iit to "i!in the most tortuilnir.
tfisilKtnljtif, ami liundllntinR tkln, scalp, and
Wood humors, Willi In or hair, when all clau
IVriBit Dftt.i ji-io Uuku Coup.. Sole 1'ioj"., Uualoa.
n How Li Cute Itrtiiui; llumorg." frte.
The most important improve
ment of the age in the art of pen
manship makes the poorest writer
a splendid penman in a few weeks
by the use of this ring. Endorsed
y prominent college presidents
and boards of education in Europe
and America. Sample dozen as
sorted sizes sent post paid for Si.
single samplss 25c. When order-
ng a single ring, state whether for
man, woman or child.
110 8. Fourth St., MIIfcAnKMMIIA.
25c and 50c
F.W.Schmidt &Co.
Reliable Druggists.
Phone, Main 851.
1 1
For Health, Strength and
Pleasure Drink :::::::
Polydore Moens,1Proprleon
Mercury m poiasn
They hide its repulsive form, and this serpent Hi...
Sttipciicu oy mchu urugs, jica uormant until tW1 I
have wont off or treatment is discontinued til
breaks down the mask nnd becomes us fuli'Jw'M
Mercurv nnd Potash mny dry un the Km j ,unJi
time they drive the poison back into the blood Tfn
immi the tender tissues, membranes n.t aa1isj,l
most disgusting- sores and even destroying thefl '
.mercury hmu x uwsu uuiiiui uccouipusli a mi T
They have a palliative but not curative effect mZ
like disease. These drugs produce mcrr-itrUiS..
teeth nnd corrode the membranes of the stomach and S84
mation nnd dyspepsin, nervousness nnd Kcneral
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for the necttlinr virus that sorcads so nmVi.i.. 'Ufe
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veiretu 0 e reuieuv nnu we oner bi.ooo lor nmnf .i.' -"
. .. ... 1 . ttilV f NiH 1
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without charge. Our home treatment book will
toi" it. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC Cw'ffij
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wd ,11 1
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Flour, which is right for bread ana
Fancy Baking.
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.
same t mo ln.St.1a .... r,ureoUs&5J
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onts, call at tho rondleton iorn'oye
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tian finishes oned,
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ure now show'Dgnfei
In coloring, inpTbl
y of design and a
finish these rugs ib
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oiid-hand Sewing-
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