East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, September 26, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 5

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Prices Which Cannot Fail to Please the
fS t 1jjf&
OTllfildren's Heavy Kibbed School Hose 0
1 si;wwth 12c, pale price. ., u
OT a4jHildren's School Handkerchiefs, hem- Op
liUhedVorth 5c, special, each
bT)Sl060 yards Outing Flannel, desirable pat- flp
-rns,--VoTtli 8ic, special, per yard "t
, iswaw
r ly ArU Idea ot Jfnces Prevailing 1 hrough
(fee Teutsch
i Cletyer Bros. Dry Goods Company.
P. S. Younger & Son have the best
NIco tender celery at Martin's Fam
Hy Grocery and Bakery.
A beautiful foot makes a woman at
tractive. Leo Teutsch has tho neces
sary footwear.
Ed Ebon has made an Improvement
In his suit, cloak, skirt and walsto
factory and has had the sewing ma
chines connected with water power,
which will be used Instead of the gas
oline engine. Tho cmngo facilitates
the work of making garments and Is
more reliable.
Nasal Catarrh quickly yields to
treatment by Ely's Cream Balm,
which Is agreeably aromatic. It Is
received through the nostrils, clean
ses and heals the whole surface over
which It diffuses Itself. A remedy for
nasal catarrh which Is drying or ex
citing to tho .diseased membrane
should not be used. Cream Balm Is
recognized as a specific. Prlco BO
cents at druggists or by mall. A cold
In the head Immediately disappears
when Cream Balm Is used. Ely Broth
ers, 56 Warren street, New York.
' fclDAY, SEPTEMBER 2G, 1902.
30c a bottle,
- -H5SS, .
A. Howard,. ;tana. loans,
stlo's ror-flshjsiways fiesh.
it clothing .cleaned at Joergcr's,
teaman's. Jor.clgars and tobacco,
furnished rooias;U309 West Court
elected QueentSllves,
-lawley Brefl. jjjpjf
-Annan rili5JjSiply you with
J?hos at ?ljSiper box.
jlifornia Andjhome grapes, they
tho best, jBtHawley Bros,
i Chinese cooking at Phillips'
arrant. Kverythlng tastes good,
.tton's fine :hpme-niade confec
iry Is a regular treat for your
w style Tam'-'O'Shantcr caps for
, at Mrs. Campbell's. Oh my!
are'eute lorjochool.
f. .weather". fcas:no terrors at tho
ra JRule basement, where good
feiKVatUrewomen In Pendle
iferlfiylie those wearing our exclu
niriheM,' tee. Teutsch.
t-CffP' - into ' thecool, comfortable
lent.of tho; Golden Rule and en-
glass of Schlltz beer.
r buy ;Easterh candy? Delta
ulf'ls as goodf'astthat was when
I Kt fresh. "It"c6stslno more.
Sale 800:acre$yheat farm, 10
(from Pendleton, all summer
ed; nearly fall fenced. Good
e p on It Address Box 495.
CL All thenbyelties that
t,.,re the ragein the fash
ovcon centers? !
The Sllver'Bracolet ia
U''Price885c!$1.10 and
JCg, 1.75.
WweklS&. Optician
.ns;' Next ZteeeteS, Alexander
Castle's for poultry.
Whltaker. the dentist.
Fine yellow Crawford peaches at
Hawley Bros.
The best variety of vegetables at
F. S. Younger & Son's.
3. G, 8, and 10c a bar for fine toilet
soaps. The Nolf store.
Wanted Bell boy at Hotel Pendle
ton. Apply at hotel office.
Fine sound citrons for preserves,
at Martin's Family Grocery.
Fresh oysters, the best In the mar
ket, at F. S. Younger & Son's.
Latest style patterns for fall suits
and trousers at Sejbert & Shulz.
Cigars, tobacco and smokers! sup
plies at Jack Candish's, Patton.'s old
For Rent 'Seven-room house, hot
and cold water. Mrs. A. Nelson, 912
East Webb street.
All kinds of city and country prop
erty for sale. Rihorn & Cook, room
10, Taylor building.
The recognized leaders for men.
The Florsheim shoes and Stetson
hats at Alexander's.
I have several water tanks for sale;
also household furniture Good bar
gains. Henry Schultz,
Don't forget Honor Bright spices,
baking powder and extracts are sold
by F. S. Younger & Son.
All kinds of candy, such as cara
mels, creams, chocolates, taffy and
nut candles made at the Delta.
Overcoats for men. Just right In
every detail, material, workmanship,
style, fit and price at Alexander's.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Willis Moxon,
of St. Johns, on September 19, a
daughter. Mother and child are do
ing nicely.
A, bicycle was left in my place of
business over two months ago. Owner
can have same by calling and describ
ing property. M. Gratz.
The funeral of the deceased sou Of
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Warner will be held
at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, at the
home, on Garfield street.
Buy Chase & Sanborn coffee and
teas and you will use no other. It is
medium in price and tha quality Is the
best. A C. Itohrman'3 g-'ocery.
Joe H. Parks lias moved his insur
ance and laud office from Court
street to Cottonwood street, where ho
Is nicely located In the" Opera" House
block, and peisons having business to
transact with him should call at his
new office.
The homllest man In Pendleton, as
well as the handsomest, and others,
are Invited to call c.i any druggist
i-nd get free a trial bottle of Kemp's
Balsam for the throat and lungs, a
Mrs. Mollie Crayne Passed Away This
Morning at Sisters' Hospital.
Mrs. Mollie Crayne, onj of tho
best-known women of Umatilla coun
ty, died at 3:45 this morning in tho
Sisters' hospital, tho cause of death
being an abscess of tho liver.
She has been living on Mr. Hays'
place, three miles this side of Echo,
for many years. Tho deceased had
been ailing for many months and
spent several weeks In the hospital
prior to coming there the last time.
She returned home after tho first tlmo
in tho hospital, not well, but feeling
much better. She had onlv been at
home a few days when she became
worse and returned to the hospittal,
where she could receive the best of
care. She sank gradually until the!
end came this morning. Sie was 44
years of age.
Mrs. Crayne leaves a family of foi!r
children, three girls and one boy, her
husband having been dead Boveral
years. The eldest daughter Is 19
years old ami the youngest 10 years
The remains will bo taken to Echo,
where they will be interred tomorrow
It Pays to Trade at the Peoples Warehouse.
Good Calicoes Red, Blues ami Fancies,
per yd 4-c
Good Ginghams We carry none but good
quality. Apron Checks, per yd So
Outhig Flannelsper yd . c
6c, other stores, our price nc
8c, other stores, our price, 16 for . . . $1.00
I2c, other stores, our price 10c
Dress Goods Beginning at toe and then
I2c, 15c, 20c, 25c up to $1.50 per yard,
with stops all along the line, and it dees
not matter which price you pick out you'll
find it cheaper, quality considered, than at
any other store in town.
Underwear For Women and Children in
wool, in wool and cotton, in all cotton,
pants, vest separate and union suits. Best
25c garment on earth. Best 35c garment
on earth. Best 50c garment on earth.
HosieiV--For Women and Children. Plain
and ribbed in grey and black in all wooi,
part wool and cotton, 5c, 10c, 15c, 20c,
25c and 35c. No matter which you select
you will be getting tire- best values obtain
able. Plenty of Clerks and courteous treatment for
all No trouble to show goods, and your
money back ff yau say so.
Women's Ready
Ladies, it is now no more trouble for
you to get your CLOTHliS than for your hus
bands and brothers to get theirs. We are pre
pared to fit you out with Titilor-Made Suits
from $AS to $20 00. each in grand assort
mcnt of stylrs and colors, and we guarantee
you a fit every time Alterations made on the
premises while you wait.
The coats in three -quarter lengths, in full
lengths and Monte Carlo styles, Jto and up, all
late style.
The jackets 22, 24, 26 to 27 inch lengths
$2.50 to $ 15. Great assortment. Low prices,
and they always fit.
In silk, wool and cotton, in walking lengths
and regular lengths, in black and colors, in
prices from y8c to $ 10 each, and no matter
which you buy you get this season's styles.
In silk, velvet, wool, sateen, etainine and
cotton. The grandest assortment we have ever
shown and at the lowest prices. 75c, Si, $1.50,
?2.5o to 7.50. Have them suitable for wed
dings, and fit you while you wait.
Petticoats, wrappers, dressing sacks
tnusliu underwear. No trouble to show
them. Plenty clerks, plenty light, courteous
Who Provide Indians With
Liquor Pay the Penalty.
John R. Franklin, the man who did
such a thriving business in Pendleton
a few weeks ago selling liquor to In
dians, will be brought back to Pendle
ton to serve a sentence In the coun
ty jail. Ho was also fined ?100 in
the fpdernl court before Judge Bellin
ger In Portland Thursday. James
Barkley. William Smith and J. N.
Smith, also sent to jail from here for
the same offense, pleaded guilty and
wore released on their own recognizance.
A New Law Firm.
A new law firm has been establish
ed, whereby District .Attorney T. O.
Hailey. and ex-Judge S. A. Lowell will
hereafter practice law together In
Pendleton. Messrs. Lowell and Hailey
were partners In the law business for
several years previous to the election
of Mr. Lowell to the district bench In
1892, when they dissolved partnership
and since that time Mr. Lowell has
been with Mr, Dean, ami M". Hailey
was connected with other attorneys
The new firm will commence their p,0m
work together after the first of Octo-
Midnight Marauder Makes a Haul of
$14 From Lodger's Room.
Another robbery was reported to tho
police last night. Tho robbery was
committed Wednesday night, hut no
complaint was made to the officers un.
til after dark Thursday evening.
Wednesday night or during tho
early morning Thursday, someono en
tered two rooms In tho G. W. Beddow
lodging house, at 209 Wtbb street,
and relieved two roomers of $14. The
house is always left open so that
roomers coming In late can get In,
and during tho night tho robber en
tered the house, went up stairs, enter
ed the sleeping room of a man named
Weeks. From him ho secured $10,
and went out. This was tho only
room left unlocked on the second floor
which tho robber could get into
easily. He was heard rambling,
around In tho hall and trying doors,
but was only thought to bo a roomer t
who had become bewildered and wasi
hunting for his own place to sleep.
Mir Rocond floor Hie roonor
111 1 mi 1 1 1 immm
Your Place
Is always ready at our tables.
There is a variety of tempt
ing and excellent food on our
bill of fare. Everything is
served by courteous and at
tentive waiters
file French Restaurant
her and will be located In, the Des
pain block, on Court street.
Was a Bad Injun.
A member of the party of Umatilla
Indians who visited Prairie City dur
ing the week, persisted lit his effort to
obtain whisky, says the Miner, until
one of the men from whom ho tried
to get it explained to him that it was
not ills practice to let good Indians
have whisky; in fact, goo.i Indians
never asked for it and never drank
it -when It was offered to them; where
upon the Umatilla brave ii'plled:
"Then mo damned bad Injun damned '
bad. all same good white man!" I
went down stairs and tried all tho
doors on tho lower floor, only one
was found to be unlocked. From this
ho secured $-1 and disappeared.
Hundreds of bars of Fine Toi
let Soap, offered this week at 3c, i
5c, 8c and toe a bar,
S T O R A G Ev.
For Rent.
What Is known as Jacobs Block.
Enquire oi 0. B. WADE.
Tips como to
Smart Set.
lilm - who waits
Santa (Jlaii8 Headquarters,
An Interesting Kindergarten.
I UIIC Ul HIV JUVUIUVIllh v..uu,,j w.
remedy that Is guaranteed to cure and I Pendleton is the klndergniten in the
relieve all chronic and acute coughs, chapel of the Congregational church,
asthma, bronchitis and consumption, conducted by Miss Jessie G. Chaddock.
Price 5c and 50c. For sale by Tall- into of Chicago, She has nearly 20
Tlephon Main 4.
man & Co., sole agents,
IF si
" SyiNot Continue
'J Tafijour sait water baths as you did while on .your
SF yVijP-P1 lle sea shore ? You can have the same thing
L.i at' heme.
AIMHWKliof our Atlantic City Sea Salt will maketwo de
Jiwowi salt water baths, equal to a sea bath. ZZZ
Jiave bath brushes, bath sponges, wash rags, bath
oa everytnjng that helps to improve yo.ur bath.
rrom Main- St., Toward the Court House
little tots In her charge, averaging
from 3 to G years old and they make
a very interesting class. Miss Chad
dock is a graduate of tho Knox col
lege, and has had wide experience In
the work. Good results are expected
from, this institution.'
Springer Will Speak.
Denver. Sept. 20. John W. Spring
er, president of tho National hive
stock Association, has consented to
address the National Irrigation Con
gress at Colorado Springs on October
7, on the relation of the livestock In
tel ests to national Irrigation. The
livestock men have been strong sup
porters of the policy of reclamation of
arid lands by the government.
I 00
V J 1 Shoes
All lands
and the
vety latest
Try a
Strict dherenc U H nUc m to omUf willing worker to ivuim
prlor Mirk a bookktepm ui eUaographeu. Our Initinctloa ia
Muiuy tfaoroHjth m fact to widely kaown that rpntatlon aloo briaca
aa uott of our Indeata. Quality atwaya eonnU. Itxauilaa lato nr
fcdlltlta better now thaa arar Ufora, InJntrio, willing ttndent maka
rapid adranceinent in all aUdlaa takaa. Call, or write for oar aatalogu.
Park anil Washington Street A. r, AnaatrouK, Mndp,
Shockingly Plebeian.
Mrs. Blublub But they tell me j our
grandfather wbb a trademau, don't
you know?
Mrs. Parvlnew Yes, lb was, don't
yo' know. Theie wasn't a tlilug In the
world grau'pa liked so well as a horse
trade. Philadelphia Ilullutln.
Boston Store
Where Wliole Families are Shod.
Come and get our prices on
The new stock of Fall Furniture is now in and includes
all the modern ideas of the Hast, West, North and South,
so you have a complete assortment to select from. We
keep our promise to save you money on Furniture, Car
pets, Stoves, Ranges and Household Furnishings.
Next to Pos'ollice.
, a