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Eastern Oregon Weather
Fair tonight and Friday; cool- I
or tonight. 1
NO. 47523
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Telescope With it, Crushing
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lot of the Milwaukee avenue line
morning caused a wreck of two
cars. Louis Scure was fatally
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, Theodore Mutz, Kate Stowoll,
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.1 vtnvn i' nnmnHnn VHrn st m 1 1
injured ana nine oiaers icbb bu-
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...ni.mlnJ linanHfiln
tui- -riMA
tlek.fav Mrltettrt Train.
Tnnlar Cant A IV rtf&nniP
badly injured tnis morning in a
Rinn of a Ban Mateo eiectric car
Southern Pacific train No. 31.
Many Years Representative of
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nun univcini'.v 111 i w
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I'HlIli:ilL L11U.L. 1V1111UU1 UUHMU i
T1H rl 1 H Til I'll I r III Til 1111 V VKIUO
Lackey has ben a familiar figure
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be a gain to the world of letters,
p. rnp r.Gicuraiea nistorian wui
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work ranKs above it. Alnn to
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some to be of more Importance
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n. m r. M'l KV I M I1IIW Tli!iLIlIlC LLIO
Wade vs. Gervlas.
Henry Wade Instituted suit against
n niH nwn iiro wirnni t. rnn rnnHnni ni
8hlpplng Affected by Strike.
New Yorlc, Sept. 4. Shipping 1b be-
No Blame Attached.
Washington, Sept, 4. Admiral
fir inn MAAlitAnf r irnmn.flau ti ir
iitii mo jjrooKiyn suBiamua aam-
aged plates.
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Patrick Galvln, an Old Pardner of
Daly's, Dies at Manila Had Valu
able Mining Interests In the Philip
pines. Manila, Sept 4 Advices received
at the war department announce the
death by cholera of Patrick Galvln, a
former partner of MarcuB Daly and
at one time chief of pollco at Helena.
Mr. Galvln Is a well-known resident
of Montana, and also of Alaska and
San Francisco. He is said to have
loft some very valuable mining prop
erty which he has acquired in the
Philippines in the last two years.
Irish Socialist Coming.
London, Sept. 4. James Connolly,
organizer and loader of the socialist
republican party of Ireland, was
among the passengers sailing from
Liverpool today for New York. Mr.
Connolly purposes to make a tour of
the United States to investigate the
social and industrial conditions in
that country.
Estimates on the Prune Crop. j
San Jose, Cal., Sept 4. The prune
harvest has begun in this locality
and conservative men estimate the
crop at 85,003,000 to 95,000,000 pounds
of fruit of good size and quality. The
president of the California Cured
Fruit Assocition estimates the crop
of the state at from 125,000,000 to
150,000,000 pounds.
Terriffic Explosion at Cardiff, Wales,
Last Night Ninety-six Miners Res
cued. Cardiff, Wales, Sept 4. Twelve
miners were killed and 17 injured in
a tcrlfllc explosion that occurred at
the MacLaren colliery last night
Ninety-six other miners were en
tombed but were rescued.
Campaign Opens In Pennsylvania.
Heading, Pa. Sept 4. The demo
crats of Pennsylvania fired the first
gun of their campaign here today and
made the welkin ring with denuncia
tions of Quay and Quaylsm and with
enthusiastic predictions of democratic
success at the polls in November.
The occasion of the demonstration
was the formal notification of the
candidates named at the recent
state convention at Erie. All three
of the candidates Pattison for gover
nor, Guthrie for lieutenant-governor,
and Nolan for secretary of internal
affairs were present, together with
members of the state committee and
other prominent party leaders from
every county. The auditorium at the
Mt. Penn Tower was found inade
quate for the accommodation of the
crowds and impromptu overflow
meetings with speech making were
held in the open air. A recoptlon in
honor of the candidates In the Fifth
Street auditorium this evening winds
up the rally.
Secretary Wilson to Resign.
Washington, Sept. 4. It Is reported
that Secretary Wilson will, early
next year, resign from the cabinet
to accept the presidency of .the Iowa
State Agricultural College.
Mount Soufferle In Eruption.
Castries, St Lucia, Sept. 4. Mount
Soufferle is again in violent eruption.
It .began at midnight. It is not de
termined yet what loss of life occur
Montauk Bombarded.
Fort Trumbull, Conn., Sept. 4.
This morning the mimic war opera
tions were confined to a naval attack
upon Montauk signal station and' a
bombardment of the field batteries.
Lane Nominated.
Sacramento, Sept. 4. Franklin K
Lane, city attorney of Sari Francisco,
was nominated for governor by the
democratic convention late yesterday
Reconstruction is progressing
quicker and easier in the Orange
Itiver Colony of South Africa, than In
the Transvaal. The difficulties of
amalgamating the Dutch and Engllsl
elements have been nearly overcome
and everybody la apparently determ
ined to settle down and obliterate as
far as possible, the recent bitterness.
o v'
Engineer, Fireman and Passenger. Killed on Northern Pacific,
and Brakeman Killed and Two Injured on New York
Central Station Knocked Down an
8 Spokane, Wash., Sept". 4.
Pacific passenger train was wrecked neav Thompson Falls,
Montana, last night.
Engineer Owens and Brakeman Geistman and a pass-
enger, whose name is unknown, are reported dead under
the wrock.
Five coaches and the engine wore ditched. Three
Fullmans remained on the track.
The wires are down and no particulars can bo ob- jjf
ained. (5
Williamsport, Pa., Sept. 4. In a collision with project
ing side-tracked cars on the New York Central at Keating
today, Brakeman Shipman was killed and Brakeman Ern
est and Engineer Miller wore injured.
Eleven freight cars and the engine were demolished
and the station house overturned and sent down a steep
Motorman and Conductor of the Car
That injured President Yesterday,
Have Their Case Continued Until
September 18.
Plttsfleld, Mass., Sept 4. Motor
man Madden and Conductor Kelly,
who were in charge of the car In
yesterday's accident, were arraigned
in the district court this morning, but
the case was continued until Septem
ber 18, pending reports of the medi
cal examiner, Dr. Cole. At the trial
the result of Craig's inquest with the
medical report will be available. The
defendants were released on ball
The city council will take Immediate
action to regulate the speed of trol
ley cars.
Disregards Court's Instructions.
Charleston, W. Va., Sept. 4. The
Jury In a caBe of which it is one of
a number brought by the Winifred
Coal Company against miners occu
pying the company houses, but refus
ing work, disregarded the instruc
tions of the judge who directed it to
bring In a certain verdict, and argu
ment Is now being made as to
whether they are liable for contempt.
Toledo Short Line Sold. i
Cleveland, Sept. 4. By the sale of
the Detroit & Toledo Short Lino to
an English syndicate, the Everett
Mooro syndicate, whose suspension
being threatened was tho cause of a
panic some months ago, is enabled to
release tho binding syndicate that
tided them over difficulties by in
dorsement. The road was sold for
Music Hall Damaged.
Cincinnati, Sept. 4. Fire broke out
this morning in the famous Odeon
and Music Hall buildings. Damage
estimated at -1200,000,
It Was Accidental, But it Found a Mark in the Anatomy of a
Prominent Railroad Man,
Hcdfield, S. D.f Sept. 4. Theodore
Roosevelt, Jr., accidentally discharg
ed his gun this morning, the contonts
The west bound Northern
Adolph Dewet, a Nephew of General
Dewet, Killed at Butte Was a Line
Butte, Mont, Sept. 4. Adolph De
wet, a nephew of tho famous Boer
leader, was killed last evening by
coming In contact with a livo wire.
He has worked as a lineman here for
the past two years.
Beet Sugar Season Opens at La
Grande New Shed Being Con
structed With a Capacity of 1500
La Grande, Sept. 4. The brown
sugar campaign of tho Amalgamated
Sugar Company began yesterday and
at tho factory all Is hurry and bustlo.
Superintendent Ackerley antici
pates tho moBt successful campaign
in the history of tho factory, and
about 80 tons of tho product will be
turned out This brown sugar Is not
placed on tho market, however, but
Is turned In with the beets and ro
refined, coming out the beautiful
white suger. This campaign will last
12 or 14 days, when It is likely the
monster mill will bo given a few
days' rest, waiting for the beets tc
thoroughly ripen before commencing
tho regular run.
About 24 men are employed at pres
ent. A new beet shed is being con
structed with a capacity of 1500 tonH
and preparations nre going on rapid;
ly for ihe banner run of tho company.
Neely Out of Quarantine.
New York, Sept. 4. C. F. W. Neo
ly, chief figure in tho Cuban postal
frauds, was released from quaran
tine this morning. Ho says he is her
to consult his attorneys and that his
return to Cuba depends entirely up
on the actions of congress.
peppering, but not seriously wound
ing a prominent Northwestern rail
way official.
Rebelious Sultan Says He Has No
Desire to Be Friends With Any
Washington, Sept 4. Mall advices
to tho war department from tho Phil
ippines Bay that tho sultans of Han
calog and Maclu still decllno to bo
conciliated. In his reply to tho mes
sago of Colonel Baldwin, tho latter
said that ho had no dcslro to be
friendly with nny nation and doflant
ly wroto: "It you don't want war
leave the lnko region at once."
Reported by I. L. Ray A Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trade and
New York 8tock Exchange Brokers.
Now York, Sept 4. -Wheat was
fairly steady today, prices being nom
inally unchnnged. Now York closing
under yesterday, after selling H
over. Primary receipts aro consider
able under those of tho Bnmo dato last
year. Closing prices for Docombor
wheat wero 73 Ms Now York; C8 Chi
cago. Closed yesterday. 7Z.
Opened today, 73.
Rango today, 73&073T6.
Closed today, 73.
St. Paul, 187.
Union Pacific, 110.
L. & N.. 152.
Steel, 42.
Wheat In San Francisco.
San Francisco, Sept 4. Wheat
Announced That President Mitchell
Is In Secret Communication With
the Great Financier Concerning
Philadelphia, Sopt. 4. Tho North
American announces today that J.
Plerpont Morgan has been In secret
communication with President Mitch
ell to ascertain what concessions by
the operators will result In tho return
to work of tho miners.
Mitchell Denies Conference.
Wllkesbarre, Pa., Sept. 4. Presi
dent Mitchell denies receiving any
communications looking townrd con
ciliation. J. Plerpont Morgan say
that ho will prepare an answer to
Iiaer's statement within a few days
Little Business on Hand Nothing
Done In Regard to Meeting the
Commissioners of Walla Walla
Today Js the second dajf of tho
county court This Is to bo a short
torin. Llttlo business is to bo trans
acted except tho viewing and allowing
of bills and tho torra will end this
week unless some unforeseen thing
happens to detain the court.
Some discussion has besn indulged
In by tho court In regard to mooting
with tho Walla Walla county com
missioners sonio time in tho futuro to
investigate and see what can be dono
to protect tho Interests of tho people
owning lands lying along tho Walla
Walla River In tho vicinity of tho
state line. For several yearB it has
been apparent that much valuablo
land would bo washed away along
the river in tho vicinity of Milton un
less Bomothlng was done to prevent
It It will cost tho two counties sev
eral thousand dollars to do tho work
and this Is holding back nn effort on
tho part of tho Umatilla cwmty offic
ials toward doing the work. Walla
Walla county is moro deeply Inter
ested than Umatilla county. The
commissioners of that county have
been trying to pet a conforenco, but
no dato has yet been set nnd it Is not
definitely decided whether or not any
thing will bo dono by tho Umatilla
"Do you think smoking Is Injuri
ous?" asked tho careful friend.
"I'm sure of it," answered Mr.
Meekton, "Nothing Is worso for lace
curtains than Brooking." Washington
Hop-picking Is now In full blast
about Independence and prnHpects aro
for a first-class crop,
. The yield of hay and grain this
year in Powder valley ie tho host
over recorded.
Will Not Permit a Mere Acci
dent to Change Program
Mapped Out.
Although Stiff and Sore From Severs
Bruises, President Announces Front
Oyster Bay That He Will Carry Ou4
Original Plan of Itinerary.
Oyster nay, Sopt. 4. Prcsldoni
Roosevelt arose at 10 o'clock thl
morning and, contrary to his usual
custom, undcrwont an examination by;
Dr. Lung, who announced that hla
condition wao good. Tho president 1
stiff and soro from sovoro brulsea.
Secretary Cortelyou, It Is now con
sldorod, waa tho worst Injurod of ami
of tho living mombors of tho presW
dontlnl party with tho excoptlon oft
Driver Pratt Ho wont to his honw
at Hompstoad, L. I., last night an
this morning Is confined to his heS
with a sovoro norvous shock nnd na
merous painful cuts and bruises, tho
worst bolng a split noao. Hla phy
slclans say that It will tako soma
tlmo for tho secretary to rocovor.
Tho president announces that his pro
gram will bo carried out as previous
ly arranged. ,1
Entertains Russian Duke.
Oyster Bay, Sopt 4, 3 p. m. Prest
dont Roosovclt, although suffering
badly with a swollen and discolored
faco, ontortalnod tho Russian Oranol
Duko Boris, Ambassador Casalnl and
party at luncheon this afternoon-
Warden and Prison Doctor In th.
Tolls of the Law.
Bolso, Sopt 4. A tromonduous sow
satlon waa sprung hero last ovonln
when It became known that warranto
had boon Issued for tho nrrcst ol t
Charles B. Arney, warden of tho pen
itentiary, and Dr. J. IC Dubois, pris
on physician. Tho chargo agalust tha
mon la that of committing a dollcaU
oporatlon upon Joslo Konalor, a Hffl
prisoner in tho penitentiary.
Tho warrants woro iBBued upon a
complaint Bworn to by H. W. Dun
ton, attorney for tho woman. Mr. Ai
uoy Is In Pocatello. Dr. Dubois In
understood to bo In town, but It waa
not known up to a lato hour whothor
ho had boon arrested.
H la alleged thnt tho crlmo wn
committed on July 23. It appoars tho
matter was brought noforo tho board
of pardonH In July by Attorney-General
Martin, who had been placed in
possession of tho facts by Mr. Dum
ton. Mr. Martin wlshod to havo tho
statement verified and Bomo action
was takon, Other mombors of tho
board thought some other course
could bo pursued.
Tho matter was loft In that stato
at tho tlmo Mr. Martin went north.
Whon ho returned ho found an abor
tion had boon committed. It Is un
derstood tho woman bun mado an af
fidavit Implicating tho warden and
physician and that other evidence
concerning tho mutter has boon se
Uncuccetsful Attempt to Hold Utf
Mexican Road.
Tuchoii, Ariz., Sept. 4. Roports
reached hero of u daring attempt by,
tl.rco American bandlta to hold up tho
International Express on tho Sonora
rullioad throe miles from Hermoalllo
on Sunday morning, Tho explosion
of a torpedo on the track caused tho
onglnoor to stop. Three American
covered tho engine crow while two
robbers went to tho oxpresH car and
demanded admittance, Tho iiiomboq
gor replied with a volley of Bhota
thiough tho door, tho bandits return
lug the flro. Tho highwayman ga,vo
up tho attempt, disappearing Into
the orange grovax
Bad News Confirmed.
Yokohama, dept. 4. Tho Jap.inoMc
(minor Tuka China, which has ro
turned from uu Inspection of
Inland of Torlshliua, reports tlmt tjie,
volrunlo eruption .Utterly .devastated
the Inland and tlmt, "uoljoil on Ii wat
loft allvo. Ovor 150 persons were