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Will be deltrered t your realdenco
or place of onilneta by carrier at
t5c A WEEK.
Eastern Oregon Weather
Tonight nnd Thursday partly
cloudy, coolor.
m VOL. 15.
NO. 4528
lArmy Headquarters Destroyed
by Navy-Fort Wright Re
filmic War Still Proceeds and Theor
etically Much Damage Was Done
by the American Navy.
Fort Trumbull, Sopt 3. The Kear-
urge, Alabama, Indiana, and Massa-
ausotts attacked Fort Wright at sun-
so this morning. In tho action that
allowed the Indiana and Kearsargo
,roro theoretically put out of action
Fort Mitchio. Tho WE ships con-
atrated their flro on Fort Wright
educing it. Army headquarters and
tio signal station on Fisher's Hill,
supposed to have been destroyed
titer which the ships In single col
on passed eastward to Fisher Is-
Etnd. Tho bombardment was so heavy
oat many windows In Now London
vore shattered.
Fort Rodman Attacked.
l;New Bedford, Mass., Sept. 33. The
kvy attacked Fort Rodman at 8
clock this morning. The tog was so
eavy that It was impossible to learn
identity, but the ships were four
number. After a few hours firing
bey moved oft to tho eastward.
Also Favor an Eight-Hour Day and
Denounced the Trusts Nomina
tions to be Made This Afternoon.
Sacramento, Cal., Sept. 3. The
morning session of tho democratic
convention was taken up in reading
the reports of the committees. Nom
inations will bo made this afternoon.
Their platform contains a strong lr
rlgatlon plank demanding public
ownership and control of water, ask'
ing that the water hereafter shall
not bo sold apart from land, for irri'
gation. Demand an increase In the
assessment of corporations. Compos
satlons demanded especially by taxa
tlon of all franchises.
Also demand nu eight-hour day, fa.
vorbd tho Isthmian canal and de
nounced the trusts most forcibly.
Tho platform was silent on the
question of currency and the Kansas
City platform, demands the same
measure of liberty for the Philippines
as for citizens of territories and en
dorses Chinese exclusion. The fol
lowing wore nominated for congresB
by aclamatlon: Thomas S. Ford, of
Nevada city, for First district; T. A.
Boll, of Nappa, for Second district;
Gaston Ashe, of San Benito, for Sixth
district and W. E. Smytho, of San
Diego, for the Eighth district Geary
haB withdrawn from the gubernatorial
contest In favor of James V. Coleman
of San Francisco. Present indica
tlons are that Lane will be nominat
Harmony Among Iowa Democrats.
Des Moines, Iowa., Sept 3. Har-
lony seemed to bo the distinctive
jaturo when the democratic conven-
Ion mot today. Apparently there
rero no prospects of a light over any
tho subjects with which the con-
ration had to deal. Though no can-
late for governor Is to be named,
tere was great Interest in the noml
itlon for state offices. A brief meet-
of the state central committee
held, an auditing committee was
Appointed and routine business trans
H. C. Taylor, temporary chairman,
mgratulated the delegates upon the
itlcok for democratic success at the
this fall. In regard to national
sues ho touched unon the Phlllp-
ilnes, tariff rovision and trusts. A
tjVood portion of Mr. Taylor's speech
Jjfliras devoted to the subject of taxa-
i$:ion ana other state anal re.
There are numerous names men-
ioned for nearly all tho places on
le state ticket and the final selection
problematical. Tho candidates to
e named are for secretary of state,
treasurer, attorney general, judge of
le supreme court, auditor, railroad
sommissloner, cleric of the supreme
jurt and supreme court reporter.
English Influence Restored.
London, Sept 3. As a result of
the Shah of Persia's visit to England
a re-arrangement of the Persian fi
nances has been accomplished where
by English Influence in Persia upon
which Russia lately encroached is
fully restored. English capital has
taken up all of the Persian indebtedness.
He Was Badly Bruised, Though Not Seriously Injured His
Body Guard Instantly Killed.
Dies of Appoplexy In his SIxty.Fourth
Year At One Time Editor of
Hearth and Home. .
Falls, N. Y., SepL 3. Dr. Edward
Eggleston, tho famous novelist who
wroto "Itooslor School Mastor" and
an old-tlmo circuit rider, died last
night In his cottage at Lalto George,
of appoplexy at tho ago of 64. Dr.
Eggleston was at ono time editor of
tho National Sunday School Teachor
and also of Hearth and Homo.
Five More Towns Destroyed
by Mount Pelee tho Last of
Bruised and' Bleeding Presldent Sprang Instantly to the Assistance of the
Dying Man Secretary Cortelyou Escaped Uninjured Dead Officer
Was Old In the Service.
Lennox, Mass., Sept 3. This morn
ing an electric car running at the rate
of 30 miles an hour .struck the lan
dau, carrying President Roosevelt
Secretary Cortelyou and a secret ser
vice officer by tho name of Craig.
Craig was Instantly killed, but the
president was only Blightly injured.
Roosevelt bruised and bleeding.
sprang instantly to the assistance of
the dying man. Secretary Cortelyou
escaped uninjured.
Occurred Near Plttsfield.
The president passed last night as
tho guest of Governor Crane. This
morning the party left at 8 o'clock
for a 20-mile drive to Lennox. At
Plttsfield, Secretary Cortelyou re
ceived an urgent request from the
people of Canaan, -1G miles further
on for a speech from the president
which he was obliged to refuse. The
accident occurred about one mile
from Pitttfield, near a country club
house at an obscure road crossing.
Immediately after the results were
known a fresh carriage from the club
conveyed the president to Stock'
Bridge, where a special train was
waiting. A special guard on horse
back rode ahead at the president's re
quest shouting the news of the b.c-
cident to the pebple who had assent
is greatly grieved over Craig's death,
being bis personal friend.
Anti-Servian Movement Continues
Over a Thousand Wounded Peas
ants and Students Erect Barricade.
Vienna. Sent. 3. A rr-Atm nf tnrmr Wed to greet him and requested them
caused by tho anti-Servian movement 10 ruiluJU l" cuecnug.
at Agram, Hungary, continues. Dur- His Old Guard
I Tl IT .hn nnM.n . 1 Ul I 1 1 I
"'to oumo uibui lewiuiu IIOUI1E I rl X,A v, .!, .l 1,J
nnrurrr,1 ho, nA '"'b i' o.uc.. o uuu,
yZlJiiZ 1 I . u T guard ever since Roosevelt too the
",1"", " " T,7. 'r w" oath of his office. He was a noted
.uu" 0t""5 athlete and a champion broad swords-
man. The remains of Craig were
Wind-Up of Presidents Trip.
Now Haven, Conn., Sept 3. The
?enes attending this, the last day of
resident Roosevelt's Now England
our were but a repetition of those
iat have marked the trip from the
.ginning. From the time the presl-
it left tho home, of Governor Crane
Dalton this morning until the spe-
lal train reached this 'city this after-
Koon tho distinguished travoller was
rooted everywhere with genuine en
iuslasm. At Stockbrldge, Pittsfleld
jnox, Great Barrlngton and other
places whoro brief stops were made
Iho reception could not have been
lore cordial or enthusiastic than
they were. Looking In the finest fet-
lo, despite tho fatigues of the past
ten days, the president reached Now
laven on schedule time this after
noon and with secretary cortelyou
ind the others of the party proceeded
It once to Bollo Dock and embarked
n the Sylph for Oyster Bay.
lice force and about a thousand
rioters were wounded, many fatally.
Peasants and students are now de
molishing houses and erecting barrl
cared for on the arrival at Lennox
after which the president retired to
the hotel. Sec. Cortelyou says the
J1?,0 0W? H accident mokes all their plans for the
street battle this morning the troops
were overpowered and put to flight,
Reported by I. L. Ray & Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trade and
New York Stock Exchange Brokers.
Now York Sept 3. Tho wheat
market had a better tono today and
prices advanced a full cent on both
wheat and corn. Llvorpool unchang
od, C10V4. Now York opened at 72
and sold up to 73; Chicago 674
GSVi. Stocks are all stronger.
Closed yesterday, 7291.
Opened today, 72.
Range, 72 0,73.
Closed, 73.
St. Paul, 18S&.
Union Pacific, 112.
Loulsvillo & Nashvlllo, 153.
Steel. 41&.
Wheat In San Francisco.
San Francisco, Sopt 3. Whoat,
uava per cental.
Pratt's Death Denied.
Lennox, 2 p. m. Later details say
that tho report of driver Pratt's death
Is untrue, ho Is still alive, but uncon
scious. In addition to thoso first
named In tho party was tho congress
man of Lawrence, Mass., who was
bruised. Tho electric car struck the
carriage from tho roar as it crossed
the track diagonally, hurling tho oc
cupants into tho air. The wreck of
the carriage struck tho president
after ho fell. Cortelyou's first ques
tion when ho had been revived to con
sciousness was, "how is the pres
ident?" Governor Crane is now in
bed. A military guard of four mount
ed men were the first to givo aid.
They were assisted by Secret Service
Agent Taylor and Postofilce Inspector
xuyers, who were in a second car
riage. President Roosevelt was at
tended by Dr. Lung, who was in a
third carriage. Craig's body was
found under the car horribly mangled.
Driver Pratt saw tho car coming and
tried to urge the four horses across.
The motorman attempted to stop, but
me impetus or tno car was too great.
At Stockbrldge where ho was to have
taken lunch, the president stopped
out of the carriage plainly under
great mental distress. In a few words
ho told tho silent assembled throne:
of the accident and paid sincere trib
ute to Craig, saying "my most faith'
ful frienrl hnn lmfin klltful "
r.-x,,, aior wuay lias issued an ultimatum to
l.nnnnv Rt a s r, m tho coal Presidents saying that tho
w - i'lUIAlUlUU 1 .......
Madden and Conductor Kelly have anlnraclt0 BtnKo mu8t enl within
been arrested. Passengers claim that Uwo weeks. Also said to havo coupled
they raced tho car down hill to inter- his demand with a hint that a special
u Y cw 1UU ia88lnK itooseven session of tho Pennsylvania loglsla.
' turn ...... 1.1 1. l a , ,,
I miu nuuiu uu UU11UU ill CtLHO ul a lait
Checked Speculation. uro to do as requested, whlclj might
New York. Sent 3. fTho narrow Pass some laws not vory pleasing to
escape of President Roosevelt has had ,nlno operators. Fears for tho do-
Report Denied.
Baltimore, Sept. 3. Dr. O'Donovln
denies that Cardinal Gibbons Is dan
gerously 111 and says that there is
nothing about his condition to cause
Robert Burke Dead.
London, Sept 3. Robert Burko,
formerly under secretary of foreign
affairs, Just rocontly mado Lord of
Connemarra, died last night
Or a Special Session of the Pennsyl
vanla Legislature May be Convened
Fear Republican Defeat
Now York, Sopt. 3. 'According to
Over Eight Hundred Dead and th
List IncreasingIsland May be To
tally Destroyed.
Paris, Sopt. 3. The Minister of Urn
Colonies has rocolvcu tho following:
Fort do Franco. "This aftornoon Mt
Polco has re-commoncod eruptions
with oxcesslvo Intensity and tho vol
canic disturbance has oxtondod to
ward tho Intorlor with a groatly
broadened nullus of destruction,
Morn Rouge, AJoupa, Bullton, Morn
Bonden and tho villagos of Balal. Ca
pol and Bollovuo woro totally destroy
ed on tho 30 and 31 of Aucust Mora
thnn a thousand victims already
found, S00 of whom woro doad. It la
oxpoctod that tho list will greatly In
Lively Interest In State Democratlo
I Convention,
SanduBky, 0., Sopt 3. Tho pro.
onco of politician from all narta of
tho stato gives an animated appoat
anco to tho democratic headquartorn
at tho Wost hotol and It Is estimated
that by tho Umo tho convention get
down to ronl work tomorrow morning
thoro will bo no fowor than 2000 visit
ors in town. Every arriving train to
day has brought Its quota and every
section of tho stato 1b woll represent
Endorsed Kansas City Platform.
SanduBky, O., Sent 3. Today tha
democratic stato convention belnx
hold hero, reaffirmed and endorsed
tho Kansas City platform and laudotl
William J. Bryan.
The Gun Habit
Referendum League.
Sprlngflold, 111., Sept3. In response
tho call of Daniel L. Cruice, presi
ent of tho Referendum League of II-
tnols, delegates are assembling in
prlngfleld for a three days confer-
ace. Tho purpose of tho conference
to clan a campaign for the Initia
te and referendum In thestate and
tho further purpose of filing what
; known as the "state petition." It
claimed that this petition will have
sr 350,000 names on it The Jaajsuo
ub io secure majority ro.ajjior
unties and clues, an amendment
ine state constitution enabling
People to control legislation, and
election of United States senators
Mbo direct vote of the people.
Child Born to Czarina.
iSt. Petersburg, Sept. 33. JThe czar-
ubb given premature bJrth to a
ld. A court bulletin of this morn-
says thoro are no complications.
majeaty'a pulse and temperature
normal, gignod by the court c
oneur and Hlrsch, the coHrt.r-
The Northern Pacific Railway A)
sorbs the Washington and Oregon,
ana its New Track to Kalama.
Tacoma, Sopt 3. The Northern
Pacific railway has absorbed the
Washington & Oregon railroad and Its
30 miles of new road fro Kalama
to Vancouver, at which place the Co
lumbia river will be bridged and n
new entrance to Portland secured.
Lennox, Mass., 12:25 p. m. Driver
Pratt has died from injuries received a decided effect ou Wall street, check- feat ot tu republican candidate for
tnis morning. president Roosevelt " ing speculation in a groat degree. govornor is said to bo tno Immediate
causo ror tno demand
The Last of the Elks' Carnivals UsTT-
ered In on a Magnlflcant Scale
Excellent Attractions Many Visit
ors in the City.
Portland, Sept. 3. The gates of
Congress will be asked for authority the Elk'8 Carnival were thrown open
to hrlderft thn wiilnmpfto rivor n-r at 2:10 Monday afternoon. The
Portland. band played the opening march and
tjio crowd poured through into 'the
His Silver Juhll. main street From the time tho
Suggests a Joint Arbitration Commit
tee Composed of Operators and
Union Representatives.
Washington, Sept. 3. Labor Com
, jCxelMlen In Oil Wsrka.
rW York, Sept. 3. A tarrlWej,ex.
lottim occurred in the oil VniW .f
fflllamsburg .thla evening .and a
fta.are imported to havo been killed.
Elkhart, Ind., Sept. 3. More than Gates were opened until tho grounds
100 prominent priests and prelates of were closed for the afternoon 1100
tho Roman Catholic church gathered people bought admission tickets at
here todav and helned to mnko mm. the windows. The displays In the
orablo the celebration of the silver booths were as yet Incomplete, but
Jubilee of the Rev. Henry Boeckleman men were DU8V Putting on the final
priest of St. Vincent's Catholic toucnes, ana seemed to enjoy uaving
church. At 9 o'clock tils momini? the visitors encourage tnera witn
there was a celebration of high mass Eage remarks. After a general view
by Bishop Alordlng. of the Fort tno displays and a flve-mlnute halt
Wayne diocese. Afterward the visit- under the band stand, most pleasure
Ing clergy and other eue&ts wore en- soakers wended thlr way through tho
tertained at a ble dinner in the na- entrance to tho Midway. Here, too,
rochlal school. - wings were not entirely nnisnea, ana
Father Boeckleman was horn In Jabour was pensively wondering why
Hanover, Germany, in 1851. but waa M1 was labor day when ho could got no
brought to LoKoasnort. Ind.. bv his worKmen. uui wunin a snort time
parents In 1853. At the age of 24 he after tho people began to enter sov
was graduated from the Christian ral -f the best shows were in opera
.Brother's ollego In St. Louis, and "on, and all was serene.
from St. Vlateur's seminary at Bour- Tho Carnival grounds Include Sev
oonaise Grove, 111., In 1877. He was enth street from Washington to Burn
ordained on Aueust 13. 1877. and as- side, and the uark blocks from An
signed to St. John's church, Goshen, keny to Flanders. The Seventh-street
ina., remaining there until transfer- part ends In a square around tho
red to the pastorate of St. Vincent's music stand. On this souaro are the
cnurcn in tins city In .891. Old Country store and Postofflce and
; Manufacturer's building. On the west
inieago, bopt 3. Some sensation' side of Seventh, as It crosses Ankenv.
ai developments are expected here Is the gate to the Midway. From
from tho labors of tho snecial erand thin rn flrtwn thA nni-l? fa rlvAn lln tn
j.. . i .i I 1
juiy wHicu commenced their session Jabour and bis various shows.
this morning to Investigate alleged Miss Maybelle Douglass was crown
tax irauds. Involving the Masonic vi miwn of thn mrnlvnl Monday
lempie .Association and other big night, amid a brilliant assemblage.
i! .? 4 envrp r,fle8' Juose Bretano And with the setting of the crown
told the Jury that he was informed on upon 'her brow the two weeks festl-
"uiuuniy mat a regular organ- val waa inaugurated. From this time
yawm existed among the. offl- forth revelry, feasting and all good
Luwa to swindle school libraries and living will be in order. And under
other public institutions of a portion her beneaoteatt sway the last of the
orne tax ,fwd. 9 Masonic Tern- Bike carnivals jwlll pase into history
which )iu sever as 'the iieet bNIHaat and tho most
reached' the i.ewMy '.treasurer k the feetlve of ail .that have been cale
inaia case iavolvAd nn.i inami. .-I. i. j
' ' " W niTOII IB .
tav,uvv. t I At her headeuartew, the queen re-
celved visitors all afternoon, and the COMMISSIONER WRIGHT RE
iiuracot vi mu uuy iuuiereu in ner
coronation. As tho night drow on
tho maids of honor gathered and tho
often rehearsed ceremonial was per
fected to its last detail. When tho
gates opened at 7 o'clock tho crush
was very great, and on every hand
mere was a nura oi ant cipauon. tho mlsslouor Wright's report on tho an
iuu aim oi mo thraclto situation was mado public
long before the hour BOt for tbo ovent chief causo of tho trouble Is a lack
luv j n wiiiun iue uirono was 0f mutual confidence betweon the
wT. f WaS ,Jam-, BriIIIanlIr operators and minors, and BiiggeBts
..0vwU .v.,,.vuui ,u iiuijhu uuu mat uie operators concedo a nine
gold, rose the dais on which was the hour day to tho miners for six months
throne soon to bo occupied by May- Also believed a good remedy for tho
(. . ., v. . v,., "uiu uJ IUUUU UJ III IT 11
ganlzation of a Joint comralttco of
ands of visitors. All over the city I conciliation composed of operators
mo ouuoings are decorated, and the ! union represontatlves, whoso de
purple of the Elks floats and bangs clsion should always bo binding.
irom every point or vantage.
Hereafter the gates will open at 1
and 7 o'clock each day and close at
a and 11 o clock. Twenty euards Rumors nf Earlu ni.
with badge caps represent the man- r.n,r,r, i c-n,. ...?..
nirnru nnH th,. ,.lt u "" r.ntr men
under Sergeant Church to maintain 1 nan uual at worK
order. It is statod that all tbo detec- lamaqua, Sopt 3. Rumors that
tlves on the city force will be on duty l" nntliraclto Btrlko was about to be
n r rt .., i ,. r i -. i . . .
the reports received here today BM.yo e.MpSlt
dny wuii a i...- pistol In a scabbard
which waa suspou-lsd from a bolt
The young man had .o weapon for
protection. Ho bought a bottlo ot
whisky, wandered Into South Mem
phis and foil In with a nogro. The
negro saw tho weapon, and whea
ho asked permission to oxamlno It
tho young man felt flattorod and gave
up tho weapon. Then tho negro, for
somo reason unknown, shot him. Tho
young man told tho story and died.
Ills life tli on puld tho ponalty of hli
doslro to carry a pistol. The Instru
ment through which ho sought safe
ty destroyed him. Is thero a more
powerful argument than theso cold
tnctB against tho uttor folly of pistol
toting? How great a factor tho boU
tio of whisky was In the equation that
solved tho young man'H llfo wo do not
know. Perhaps tho pistol totor may
lay tho doath to tho liquor. Both are
iindu.slrablo companions.
at different periods of the day
watch out for tho safety of tho
Democratic Success.
While Oregon Is Irredeemably ro
publican the democrats of the state
havo not fared so badly In recent
to seined greatly strengthened tho
I . -n. 1 .... .. . .
pa- ""'' ruiiKH huh morning. Thoro
wui.i ieM int'ii applying for work than
usual. No violence of any kind was
shown end but llttlo attention wag
lald to the men going to work.
Mall Orders.
He Wanted a Pass.
IMatto county young man who
has been an editor Just threo months,
wrote thn advertising manager of a
railroad for a free ticket. Being "po
etically Inclined he penned his loiter
thus: "Dear Sir: No contract have I
had with you to advertise your Hn.o.
But still I've kept Its name In print
as though tho road wero mine. Most
every wreck tho system's had I've
played up good und strong and ovory
time you'ro killed a man my trtory
has boon long. I havn't asked for pay
for this. It was all freo you know. But
now In payment kindly send a ticket
o St. Joe." The young editor says he
doesn't exactly understand tho on-
swor he received. Hero It Is; ''Your
iioto at hand. Wo'ro bound to Ray
you've watched our Interests woll.
Just wait we'll send . your ticket
when that Ice crust forms In hell."
uuu uui imuu bo uaoiy in recent "a r,i .-... ,.t, . ... , .
democrats ,! 12 .?hnn. ,ln80,u' 'A Hecm 'at "' farmer
ar. it .i- j ., . """ k' wuuKwuiery ward, en caco
ouurius ana jo re- fnr nr.i,i ..
publican sheriffs. Seventeen countr L. I "",0-
clerkH rnm.hiin. in rc.,.B UBVO ouc'aed lo permit him to
crats. Twenty-threo treaaurVm Tr 8.e". Montgomery Ward his butter.
reuubl.Jr TanJ in h?:".! nd, reminds n. that when the
ty-two superintendents are republi
cans and 11 democrats. In the legls
lature the democrats fare the worse
since 'they will have only 16 mem
bers In the next house and senate.
The Dalles Times-Mountaineer.
Renewed outbreaks of volcanoes
the lexer Antilles are causine
much alarm.
Baptist ladles of tho town held their
Daraar, they wrote to both Mont.
gomery Ward and Sears, Roebuck ft
letter remained .unanswered, but the
una oiiciteo a repiy rrem Moutgom
ery Ward. He said he gave a greet
aeai to cnanty, put conflned his glv
tag to his own tows. Why aat allow
hlB to make bis moiiay frow kls own
towaf" Kxchuxe. . ? "
Millions In Terminals,
St. Juls, Sept. 3. Flvo million
dollars will bo expended in tormina!
j Improvements by tho railroads enter
ing nr.. i.diiih in anticipation of
World's Kalr buslne. All tho roads
entering tho city use the ono great
passenger station wblcli covers 11
u'T; and stretches from 18th to 20th
htreots, Tho extension will curry It
at least another block to the west
ward and in place of the 32 terminal
tracks, as at present, thero will be
about 50. Twenty-two Croat railways
now use the station, and the need
for more room has long been appar
ent. The present station cost 18.-
Qompsrs at Nw Orh
Jewr PrtofJWi '.sUsst.
m i.sr. i mm