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It Pays to Trade at the Peoples Warehouse
Moving! Moving
We are now busy making preparations to move into our
On the Corner. We intend having the biggest store,
filled with the best stock of goods and prices lower
than the lowest. We open about August 15. Until
then we will be pleased to meet you at our old stand,
where we still have a few bargains to show you.
Lee Teutsch
Cleaver Bros. Dry floods Company.
J. A. Howard, farm loans.
Fechter's for ice cream and soda.
All kinds of Imported lunches at
See our new Btock of dry goodB,
lugust 15. Teutsch'a.
CrawflBh cookod in white wine, and
crabs at Gratz's.
1 Pastes and mucilages in patent bot-
lles. 10c to 46c. Nolf's.
! Don't forget that we have a full line
' bakery goods. Hawley Bros.
kinds of fruits, melons and veg-
ables at the Standard Grocery.
Call up 'phone main 10B for pure
Irtlflcial ice. Only place in town
ou can get it
Hot weather has no terrors at the
Bolden Rule basement, where good
Bchlltz beer is on tap.
Drop into the cool, comfortable
asement ot the GoldenRule and en-
a glass of Schlltz beer.
Watermelons, cantaloupes, peaches.
huckleberries, tomatoes, grapes, or
anges, lemons, and fine crab apples
at Hawley Bros. '
Commercial Association library
iopen from 2 to 5 p. m. All library
J privileges 25 cents per month. R. S
Bryson, librarian.
Telephone to Dutton when you
want ice cream to serve at your
home. There is no ice cream made
i superior to Dutton's. We deliver it
; ot your home.
Do you need any col
ored glasses, goggles,
eye protectors or cheap
watches for harvest ?
I have a full line of
the above named articles,
and my prices are guar
anteed be the lowest
in town.
Jeweler and Optician
Next Door to R. Alexander
Castle's for poultry.
Castle's for fish, always fresh.
Neuman's for cigars and tobacco.
Get your clothing cleaned at Joer
Crawfish cooked to order at
Gregg's coffee, the best, at P. S.
Ycunger & Son's.
For Rent Four-room house near
Academy. Inquire at this office.
The largest assortment of Kenne
dy's wafers at F. S. Younger & Son's.
Good lunches at Phillip's restau
rant, opposite Tallman's drug store.
All kinds of City and country prop
erty for sale. Rihorn & Cook, room
10, Taylor building
Just received a most beautiful line
of up-to-date white beaver street hats
at Mrs. Campbell's.
We will have the best line of ladies'
and gents' footwear after August 15.
Wait and Bee them. Teutsch's.
Rooms in the East Oregonian build
ing for rent Steam heated, hot and
cold water and bath room in connec
tion. Fresh watermelons, cantaloupes,
sweet potatoes, tomatoes, pears,
plums, peaches and apricots at F. S.
Younger & Son's.
See the Gross China Decorating
Company's magnificent display of
hand-painted china at Tallman &
Co.'s drug store.
Doctors predict considerable sick
ness of typhoid nature. Be careful of
vniir rlrlnlHnr vntr. Pinnl it with
JWH v.. ........ 0 . . w
pure artificial ice. 'Plone main 105.
Miss Agnes Dunbar will be here in
about 10 days to organize classes and
give lessons in elocution, voice cul
ture, delsarfe, etc. For further par
ticulars see another Issue.
F. C. Pyle has for sale at a bar
gain, cook stove, kitchen furniture
and a few other household goods
Particulars can be .found in the clas
sifted columns of the East Oregonian
A young woman now located at
Portland, who has had five years' ex
perlence in the East as stenographer,
Is seekinc a position. The classified
columns of the East Oregonian con
tains full particulars.
Granite Gem: The report that W.
A. Peet of the Red Boy was married
the other day appears to bo without
foundation, as he says there is nothing
in it. He says he would likely know
something about it had he been mixed
up in Buch a rumpus.
TLe homliest man in Pendleton, as
well as the handsomest, and others,
are invited to call on any druggist
and get free a trial bottle of Kemp's
Balsam for the throat and lungs, a
remedy that Is guaranteed to cure and
relieve all chronic and acute coughs,
asthma, bronchitis and consumption.
Price 25c and 50c. For sale by Tall
man & Co., sole agents.
John Crow Was the First Man to Buy;
B. F. Wells the Next "Squatter"
Has Prior Right Some Contests
John Crow was the first man to buy
land on the Umatilla reservation out
of the 90,000 acres of unallotted land
recently thrown open. The next man
to buy was B. F. Wells. Since then
almost 100 men have taken advantage
of the Moody law and bought 160
acres of this Indian land. ,
While it was understood that the
date of the sale would not open until
the 15th, It was also provided, that the
"squatter" had the first right to the
land and he could send in his claim
and get his guarantee of the land be
fore the date for the general open
The land is being sold at the ap
praised price of 12 years ago, unless
there Is a contest. If two men file
claims on the same piece of' land at
the same time, the price then will de
pend upon the man who pays th(
largest figure. If there Is no contest,
as will be in many Instances, the
land will simply go at th figure it
was valued at when appraised.
A great rush Is expected for the La
Grande land office on the date of the
opening and then there will be many
contests as to the rightful owner or
"prior rights" to the lands in ques
tion. The only thing then will be for
the land office to sell to the man who
puts up the most money.
is a very unpleasant little crea
ture to have in the house. This
is the time of the year for them to appear. Use some
thing to keep them TMTCT'D fW"C"E
away. Our Bedbug 1 IV X HfV
will kill them and keep them away.
and insects of all kinds
65 Steps from Main St Toward the Cotfft House
Enterprising Business Man Makes
Quick Trip From Bingham Springs
to Pendleton.
R. Alexander, proprietor of Alexan
der's Department Store, had a thrill
lng ride yesterday on an engine on
the O. R. & N. railroad. Mr. Alexan
der had been spending a few days at
Bingham Springs and had important
business that demanded his presence
in the city and he went from the
Springs to Gibbon station to take the
regular train, and on arriving there
he learned that the train was so late
that he could not keep his appoint
ment, so he chartered an engine that
was a short distance up the line and
had it bring him to Pendleton at all
possible speed. He arrived in time to
transact his business, but was con
slderably worse off from the ride.
The heat from the boiler added to
the torrid condition of the weather,
the opowded position in the engine
cab' and the flying dust and cinders,
as the boys say "didn't do a thing to
him." The skin on his face was bus
tered and the cinders and dust show
ed distinctly where they struck him
as his face was not accustomed to the
violence it came In contact with, like
the hardy railroaders', who dally face
the same conditions. Mr. Alexander
smiles with satisfaction in knowing
that he kent his engagement, even
under the obstacles.
Most Massive Timepiece sf Its Kind
In the World.
At the American Waltham Watch
factory, the largest watch ever de
signed was recently completed. To
build this gigantic timepiece cost
several thousand dollars and several
weeks' time. Special machinery and
tools, were required for its construc
tion. The watch is a model of the
new model lG-slze Maximus, three
quarter plate watch, enlarged 10
times, perfect In every detail and as
highly finished as the finest watch.
The diameter of the pillar plate Is
17 inches, and the' movement Is 2
Inches thick. The balance wheel Is
C1 Inches In diameter, and the Bre
guet spring which controls Its action
is 8 feet long, 0.08 centimeter thick
and O.-o centimeter wide. When
running the balance makes a vibra
tion of 7.0 seconds. The pallet stones
are of sapphire and exquisitely pol
ished. The actuating, or mainspring,
is 23 feet long, 0.17 centimeters thick
and 2.9 centimeters wide.
The mammoth model is as complete
ly jeweled as a watch of the finest
grade. The plate jewels, which are
as lar&3 as the smallest movement
made, are about the size of a nickel
five-cent riece, are fine rubles, about
10 lines in diameter, but bushed with
sapphires. The polish of the wheels,
pinions and other steel work is per
fect, and the damaskeening on the
plates is most beautiful. The pen
dant and winding crown are of fine
bronze, brilliantly polished. Every
portion Is made on the exact scale of
the watch it represents. No dial has
been made fo rthls movement, as it
is designed to show not only the ac
tion of the train, but the stem wind
ing and stem setting mechanism as
The movement stands on a bronze
pedestal and from its base to the tip
of the winding crown 1 20 inches.
Keep Cool !
Good advice, but how to do it, that's the question.
Get yourself into one of those
t that we are selling at reduced prices.
$6.00 Goats and Pants to clean up $4.00
$7.50 Coats and Pants to clean up $5.00
$10.00 Coats and Pants to clean up $7.50
$12.00 Coats and Pants to clean up , $9.00
The right kind, they don't, rip, the buttons don'trcomo off, they hang
. - - ... II I ' 1 1V.1
right. .Look at tne wen aressoa men max wear our viuhiub. .' . lj
Picnic, overv Sunday at Kino's
erove. Dannlnir begins at 2 o'clock
Singers of yore, Bweet poets of any
Players and minstrels, all whose
lips are dust.
From the white heritage wo reap of
Hymns that Btruck flames from
steel that now is rust,
Echoes blown down from an Arcadian
Or born of vigils tombed within
that past,
Wrung from the red hate, or turned
to rapture's thrill
One strain soars upward, singing to
the last
We too, wo too, slnco dawn shall si
lent go.
The reed, the lute o'er which life's
wind did sweep,
And all our little day, its love and
Swept forth, forgot if wo did laugh
or weep,
But singing henco somo hour with
passion rife
May live the soul of long-forgotten
strife. .
Virginia Woodward Cloud," in - July
A miner found a $36.50 nugget near
Baker City a few days ago and now
all the forty-niners are telling stories,
The safe of the C&lumbla River
Packers at The Dalles, was blown
open by burglars Monday night and
a few dollars taken.
$t or $2 for
Go larther at the Big
Boston Store
Srjoe Dept.
just now than yon imagine,
Goods at a
Don't forget the DOUGLAS
SHOES are always leading.
School Supplies Here
Sponges lo to 10c.
Slates 5c to 38o.
20 Slate Pencils 5c.
Co and 10c for good Rulers.
Regular fio Lead pencils 8 for 10c.
Rook Rags 5o to 40o
StrapH Co and 10c.
Nice Pen Holder and Pen, lc.
CompaHHes lOo to 25o.
12 good PeiiH 4o
Drawing Rooks, 4c, So and 7c.
Tablets An immense shipment has
just arrived. Surprising values for
;io, 00 uuu luo.
Full line Public 'School, Pen
dleton Academy and St. Joseph's
Academy books.
Frederick Nolf
New large Webster's Diction
ary, worth $5, here for J?2 95.
White House Cook Book, new
edition, $1.24.
Here 1b an Idea that may
not have oome to you:
Why heat yonr home cook
ing meals 7
Jnst take yonr meals dar
ing the summer at the
French Restaurant
You'll on joy our cooking
and thojmislno served.
The French Restaurant
ST OR, AG 12,.
Telephone Main 4, '
The school where thorough work is done; where the reason to
always given; where confidence is developed; where bookkeeping
Is taught exactly as books arc kept in business; where shorthand is
made easy ; where penmanship is at Its best ; where hundreds of
bookkeepers and stenographers have been educated for success In
life; where thousands more will be, Open all the year. Catalogue free.
- '
itiiniirTiiiniTinifflmiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiinTfTT m mmmmm
State Normal School.
Graduate! of the Bcbool are In comtuit
demand ut aalarie rauglng from 10 to UM
per month. Student! take the ktate examina
tion! durng (heir courno In the ichool and
are prepared to receive State Certificate on
graduation. Kxpunnoi range from 12Q tol7&
per year. Strong Normal courio and well
equipped Training Department. The Fall
term openi Hep ember 16th. For catalogue
containing full information, add'eii
4. 11. 1. BUTLER, K. D. KE83U5H.
Secretary I'ronideut.
V ..,.1'.. J, w
MubIc by Kirkman's