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wy evening editki
Eastern Oregon Weather
Showers thin afternoon and to
night probably fair warmer.
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NO. 447
hcis Joseph of Braganza
Jharged With a Criminal
There Got Into Trouble With a
Ming Clerk Police Tried Ho Keep
latter Quiet But Facts Leaked
ondon, July 2. In the South-
k police court today Princg Fran-
Joseph, of Braganza, a lieutenant
lie Austrian army, -was charged
riminal offense with a young clerk.
1th another person the prince was
landed. He came to London as
envoy to the coronation and a
ek ago with another envoy made
jtour of the slum district The po-
maintained secrec- but the facts
leaking out.
Worklngmen are Believed to Have
Been Caught But Just How Many
Is Not Known,
Minerva, Ohio, July 2. At 5 o'clock
this morning a tunnel on the Lake
Erie, Alliance & "Wheeling railway
collapsed for its entire length, the
rumbling noise being heard for sev
eral miles. How many workmen were
caught has not yet been ascertained,
but-it is believed only a few. The
tunnel has been under construction
some time near here.
amer St. Paul Brings Word of
Portland, Jeanie and Thetis.
Ban Francisco, July 2. The steam.
St. Paul arrived today contradict-
the Centennial news. She says
whaler Baylies" arrived at Nome
the 20th, and that the natives of
omedes stated that the steamers
klvedere and Jeanie, and passeng-
supposed to be from the Portland,
ssed Behring straights between
first and the eighth.
rhe Thetis was spoken the 18th
had not seen overdues. The Cen-
snial reported that the Belvedere
id seen the Thetis, Jeanie and Port'
id on the 17th,
ssident Will Move Seat of Govern
ment to That Point
; "Washington, July 2. President
oosevelt leaves for Pittsburg to
morrow to participate in the Fourth
July celebration. Saturday he
eturns to Oyster Bay, where the seat
if covenuncr.t will be.
The president will have an office
the village three and a half miles
Dm his residence and will keep jeg-
iar office hours. It is his intention
discourage political business cal-
ers outside of office hours.
"reposition Said to Have Been Made
to Heads of Strikers.
Wllkesbarrie, July 2. A rumor
ras circulated widely this afternoon
bat the anthracite magnates had pre
ented a proposition for the settle-
nent of the strike to the presidents
fef three anthracite districts.
May Settle Strike.
New York, July 2. Reports w,ere
current on the street today that a
reposition had been made to the
I miners looking to a settlement of the
anthracite strike.
Escaped from Jail and Not Yet Been
Washington, Ind., July 2. Joseph
Herbert, the murder- who escaped
from jail yesterday, was captured
at 2 o'clock this morning at his home
In this city.
"Bill Edson, the ravlsher of Inna
Plehl, who also escaped, Is still at
liberty, but a vigorous search Is be
ing maintained. '
Payment for- Friar Lands.
Rome, July 2. Taft'a note to the
Vatican regarding the Philippines Is
Jdy. It proposes payment for the
friar's lands In three Installments,
one-third immediately, and the bal
nce in three months Installments
fBomW t , , sisting arrest at Whatcom Friday "by
ijomoay, July 2. A cyclone blew p0nceman Alvord, was insane. Camp
- " "am from the frank t New Ram- . n . i i ...i,ln uvoli
Homeward iBiiwjl, , ft everyone who saw Jiim wai
' Vav .Julyi?.-rJTheV-ataer for the purpose of taking
-.-wwjru wiia Jtne remaJas or. Lord Campbell's motner claimed nis uouy
UMefotetpased ot fey1 the ,Capee Sunday and returned wkh it to bis
."us raoralnr. ' i . Wa i niaoV niirar Junction. Wash.
Electric Railway Strikers Refuse In
vitation to Return.
Portland, July 2. The striking em
ployes of the Oregon City road met
today and decided to refuse the invi
tation of. the road to return to work
until the discharge of Superintend
ent Tiffany, who was the cause of the
The strike of the ship carpenters
ties up but little work.
Clerks Realize that at Present it
Would Hurt Trade, So Will Wait
Until After Harvest.
The Clerks' Union, formed in Pen
dleton a few months ago, which is
making an effort to close all business
houses at six o'clock in the evening,
have given up the idea of trying to
close at that time until fall, or after
harvest They realize that to close
all business houses in Pendleton at
six o'clock in the evening would work
a hardship on trade during the har
vest season and for that reason they
win continue to worn as neretoiore,
When harvest is over the movement
will again be taken up and all mer
chants who signed the early closing
petition will be expected to let their
names remain on the paper and when
the movement is taken up again an
other effort will 'be made to get all
to sign it
Bulletins Today Say He is Much Better and Suffers Less
Pain Great Review of Indian Troops
Held in London,
Shot Himself on Account of Continu
ed III Health.
Chicago , 111., July 2. Sigraund
Guthmann, vice-president of the
wholesale shoe house of Guthmann,
Carnenter & Tellincr. and a million
aire, committed suicide this morning
by shooting himself. Ill health was
the cause.
Man Cooked Alive.
Independence, July 2. Peter Nairn,
a young man who was employed with
a steam saw outfit at Ballstown, a
few miles north of here, met with a
horrible accident which will probab
ly prove fatal. He had climbed to the
top of the engine to do some oiling,
when bis clothes caught In the mov
ing machinery and he was thrown in
cl.se proximity to the rapidly moving
fly wheel. His clothes were torn
from his body In an instant and in
order to escape Instant death he
threw his naked body against the
boiler and grasped the smokestack
with his arms. In this position, slow
ly cooking alive, he remained until
steam could be shut off and he was
assisted .from his position of torture.
Fight is no Go,
St Louis, July 2. The police board
today decided, after hearing both
sides, that the proposed fight between
Dave Sullivan and Young Corbett
could not be pulled off. Louisville of
fers to take the mill. y
Chinaman in Trouble.
Buffalo, July 2. Charlie Wee, a
Chinese laundryman is being held for
the murder of five-year-old' Marian
Murphy, whose outraged body was
found Monday In the lake.
It develons that Gerald R. Camp
bell, the man who was shot while e-
wnat today and 18 were killed -nd conBtant fear of being returned
v imurori I . .
there. A man in uniform was an
ntrra in him. and he was afraid that
everyone who saw Jiim was after him
taking mm oacK.
claimed his body
at Black River Junction, Wash.
London, July 2. According to nn official bulletin
issued from Buckingham Palace at 10 o'clock this morning,
the remarkable progress which the King has made since
the operation was performed eight days ago continues
without interruption.
The Indian troops were reviewed today under liko
circumstances to those attending tho colonial parade yester
day. The troops numbered 1,300 and presented a very
brilliant aspect.
There were 43 mounted detachments, representing
every race and religion of India.
English troops commanded by tho Duke of Connaught
held the lines.
The Queen was a spectator from hor carriage, driving
up and down the lines amid the enthusiasm of tho largo
crowds which attended. After tho review tho Prince of
Wales presented orders and decorations.
The 7 o'clock bulletin Bays the King maintains the
same steady progress, the local pain being less.
Several Shots Were Fired But no
One was Hurt Arrests Then Made
Caused Much Excitement
Hnzelton, l'enn., July 2. Thoro
wcro many encounters this morning
between special deputies, tho coal
and iron poltco and tho strlkors.
Mine guardB mot a number of tho
strikers at Froolnnd and tho poltco
drew pistols and fired.
A striker nlso drew- a revolver and
a demonstration took placo although
none woro wounded.
Later tho pollco arrested four min
ors thoroby increasing ho oxclto-mont.
Choate Was Received.
London, July 2. Rear Admiral
Crownlnshlold today received Ambas
sador Choate and othors aboard tho
battleship Illinois ut Gravcscnd.
Man Killed at Hubbard.
Hubbard, July 2. An unknown
man, oll dressed, was killed by tho
Southern Pacific train this morning.
- X &
Six Thousand Rioters Led by Stu
dents, Attacked the German Con
6ulate but Failed.
Vienna. July 2. Riotous demon
strations occurred at Lemberg. Call-
cla, today against the attack on the
Poles, made by the kaiser in a recent
Six thousand demonstrators, led by
students, attempted to storm the
German consulate, but 'failed. They
then attacked the homes of Polish
leaders, supporting the emperor's
The police and the mob clashed
and many were Injured.
Carrie Nation Went to Prohibition
Convention Despite Protests.
Peoria, 111., July 2. Carrie Nation
came to the prohibition convention
this afternoon despite telegrams sent
her along the route from Minnesota
that her presence was not desired.
However, the train she came on
was two hours late and the conven
tion nominated their ticket before
her arrival.
Big Fire In Norway.
Christiana, Norway, July 2. Fire
has destroyed 150 buildings at Laur
vig, province of Jarlsberg. Loss 2,
000,000 kroner.
Cropped a Fool.
Vienna, July 2. In a duel today
between a student and Pan-German
Deputy Berger, the tatter's ear was
cut off.
Chas. Bradbury and Geo. Collins
Found a Vein on Pickett Creek
Which was Half Gold in Some
Grant's Pass, July 2. George Col
lins and Charles Bradbury have Tiiado
a marvelous strike on Pickett Croek.
They found an enormous vein that
shows half gold In many spots.
The new mine has created, consid
erable excitement.
Disappearance of Victor Schil
ling from Portland Romains
an Unsolved Mystery,
That Is What a Newspaper Man 8ays
of Thunder Mountain.
Kansas City, July 2. C. C. Clino,
a newspaper man, has returned from
a trip to Thunder Mountain, Idaho, to
which thero is a great rush.
He says the reports of gold finds
are fakes and , that there is not a
chunk of free milling ore in the re
gion, the mineral being all basic and
requiring machinery and railroads to
handle it.
Gompers Comes West
Washington, July 2. President
Gompers, of tho Federation of Labor,
acompanled by vice-president O'Con
nell, left today for San Francisco,
whore the executive council meets
July 21.
Ramsey Dismissed.
Boujo, Ida., July 2. United States
Marshal Frank C. Ramsey has been
summarily dismissed from office.
The reason is not known. There are
rumors of shortage, but tho marshal
denies that thero is any discrepancy,
Many Will go to Walla Walla; More
to Meacham and Somo Will Cele
brate Right Here at Home.
"Whore will I Bpend tho Fourth?"
This Is tho question that Is somo
what agitating tho minds of men,
women and children of l'omlloton.
Many will remain at' homo and tako
In tho colcbratlon at Kino's Grove,
In tho oast end of town; some will go
to Walla Walla whoro la promised
tho greatest celebration of tho na
tion's birth that has over boon given
In tho Inland Emplro town; while
another special train will go to Mea
chain; others will go to Bingham and
'Lehman Springs, whllo many parties
of a half dozen or so, will go into the
country and aloug tho streams to
spend tho day in fishing and picnic
ing. Tho Woodmon of tho World have
aranged to run a special train from
tho O. R. & N. dapot to Meacham,
leaving horo tho morning of tho
Fourth, and thoy, with tholr families,
will take tholr lunch and spend tho
day among tho hills surrounding that
They will bo met at Meacham by
Woodmen 'Jom La Grando on a spe
cial train and a largo crowd Is ox
pocted. An Informal program will bo
aranged and such sports as tho "tug
of war," foot racing, chopping and
sawing, contests will bo had.
This picnicking party is not to bo
hold down to membera of tho Wood
men and their families but all who
wlBh to go will bo weclomo. The Ho.
llx band will accompany tho plcnlck
At Klne'H Grovo Is promised a flno
program, consisting of foot and horso
races, pie-eating contests, tho pro
verbial greased pig, music and danc
ing, fireworks and a balloon ascen
sion. Tho celebration will begin
thero tho morning of tho Fourth and
last until tho ovenlng of tho Cth. All
tho comforts of homo aro promised,
such as places to get meals and a
bar whoro all kinds of drinks, soft
and hard, will bo dispensed.
But It It Not Known Whether or Not
He Used It Suggested That Heavy
Debts Caused His Disappearance
Crooked Deals Alleged.
Portland, July 2. Absolutely noth
ing Is known hbro as to tho whore
nbouts of Victor Schilling, tho disap
pearing city ticket agent of tho O. R
& N., and thero soonis to bo no llkll
hopo of any traco being found as hla
movements sluco Ho loft Spokano are
a profound mystery. It Is loarnod
from Spokano that ho engaged a
berth in a stooping car going from
Spokano to Sonttlo but whether or
nit ho occupied this is not known. It
may ho that ho took tho trip to Seat
tie and thero sailed for Alaska or the
Orient, or It may bo that tho pur
chaso of tho berth was merely a
Tho thoory Is now advancod by
frlonds who know much of Schilling's
Inner llfo, that ho has becomo hope
loaaly Involved In dobt through specu
lation In tho Sumpter mining district
and finding that ho could not hop
to pay out on tho Incomo ho was re
celvlng, left for parts unknown.
Ills accounts and cash in Portland
liavu boon cnecitod ami are porrectiy
correct, bo ho can hardly bo classed
as n defaulter. Tho road 1b holding
tho matter of appointing a successor
In nhoyanco In hopes of hearing front
Tho very latest rumor In connec
tion with his disappearance Is that
ho skipped out to avoid trouble over
crooked dealings with stocks of tha
Golconda mine, at Sumpter, prior to
tjio salo to Pendleton' people. He
Induced parties In Portland to Invest;
heavily In this stock, Thon tho mine,
was Bold to Pendleton pooplo by the
Englishes, father and son, and these
Investors lost tholr money.
Washington, July 2. The verdict
of the courtmartial which tried Gen
eral Jacob Smith, of Philippines
fame. Is uBique. From an uaques-
tipned source It Is learned that .the
court holds that Smith to a certain
extent exceeded, the authority con
ferred by his superiors and y gen
eral order No; 100 in Issuing his
famous "Kill, burn and howjwg
wilderness" orders to Waller.
It was the view of the court, how
ever, that the General's offense was
oalliatatcd by tho conditions of the
3amar campaign.
The sentence, therefore, Is that
Smith' should be cautioned by the re
viewing authority, which is the pres
ident, to bo more circumspect In fu
ture In bis orders to bis subordinates.
In effect, the verdict Is "not guilty.
but don't do It again."
Reported by I. L. Ray & Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trade and
New York Stock Exchange Brokers.
Now York. July 2. Tho wheat mar
ket oponod this morning at 70
79. nearly e hlghor. It continued
to go- up until nearly noon, when it
took a sharp drop of of of a cent
Through tho rest of tho day It con
tinucd to go down, closing at 79, ftc
lower, Liverpool Is 'Ac lowor, clos
ing at 1J.3, Corn steady, closing 60
Closod Tuesday, 70'4.
Opened today, 70
Range today, 79 to 804.
Close today, 79 bid. .
Stocks steady: St. Paul, 174; U.
S. S., 38; N. Pac, 104.
Wheat In Portland.
Portland, July.2. Wheat, Walla
Walla, C6; bjueslcm, 70, valley, 67,
Tacoraa, C5&666.
' Wheat In Chicago.
Chicago, July 2, Wheat 75.
Wheat In tan Francises.
San' Francisco, July 2. Wheat.
11G per cental.
The Echo Robbery.
B. F. Hoyt was In tho city from
Echo today and tolls a different ver
sion of tho reported robbery of Drue
Parrlsh from that published in the
East Orogonlan last wcok. Mr. Hoyt
says that, according to tho story of
Tom Campbell, Parrlsh went Into the
saloon whoro tho robbory was sup
p.-.ed to have occurred. He wa
fcellng rather oxblloratod and pound
ed on tho billiard tablo with his fist
until tho bartondor throw him out, as
ho refused to desist Thon Parrlab
pounded on tho nldo of tho building
with his flats until ho had hammered
them soro. That wub the foundation
of tho story, tho assault and tho sub
sequent robbery being creatures of
Parriah's fevered brain.
Close Votes on Governor.
The recent vote for govornor was
very closo, but thoro have boon other
gubernatorial oloctlons In Orogos
closer. In 1878 Thayer was elected
over O. C. Houlcman by a plurality
of 69, The voto of Thayer was 16,
201; for Beokman, 16,132. In 1861
the contest botween Woods as
Koly wua noarly as closo as tho re
cent ono between Furnish and Chas
berlaln. Tho voto for Woods was
10,283; for Kelly, 0966. Plurality for
Woods, 387.
Stook on Range.
John Lofton, while riding the range "
on Canyon mountain between Caa
yon creek and Indian creek recently
found sevoral head of horses qd csl
tin dead on tho range, that from a
pouranco had nil died about the came
time, having Uea, iea4 a Aay tr Hat:
when discovered. Whether the aaV
mats died from eating some polaoay
ous weed or from eating nelson, put
out on the range is Hakmewi,
possibly novor wm no known,
Milton Creamery DlttributJens.
The Milton creamery distribute"
$1071.84 among the farmers of that
neighborhood in May, paying 31 cent'
per pound for butter fat, says tMM .
Vf:ston Leader. In April 27 esefcavv
was paid and tho amount amrumtm