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But It Is Delicious !
The Cold, Sparkling Soda Water that comes from our xTi'
fountain, vrheti enriched bv-our Pure Fruit Juices. ffi
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the direction of it becoming the PAR
TY OF THE MAN, the party of equal
rights. There Is no middle ground
In this light and there is no room for
fi feast (eoffivxaflj)
been dedicated forever to equality
and freedom. "We, therefore, de
nounce the various measures adopted
by the republicans for the govern
ment of the Philippines as monopc-
There was once a Hen who sat
down and Wept bitterly.
"Why these Tears?" nsked her
Friends, observing her Grief.
"Alas!" answered the Hen. "I
weep because 1 have a Daughter and
I fear lest some Masculine creature
will snatch her away from me and
Marry her."
"It seems to me." renlied her
Friends, "that if that is all that has
gotten you Woozy that you are bor
rowing Trouble, for our Experience
teaches us that it takes Talent and j nt)f? ,ieVote
Industry to get Rid of a Daughter. o0,tiompnts
but that Keeping one is a Lead Pipe r stead of overjoyed at this she .
Cinch that is Dead Easy." ! ..., about Lamenting her Cruel I
"I am not unreasonable, contlnu- ( Fnte wItn manr Tears.
the Young Femalo who could play
n lj-inp Hand.
The Chaperone Idea is a uaoe oi
a Theory. Mother's continual pres-i
ence works like a Small-pox sign In I,
Quarantining a House against Visits i
from Masculine Creatures, and itj
was not Long before the Pullet found
that she was Side Tracked at a Way
Station with Nothing Doing. Moth-
er's Job was a Sinicure, for Nobody j
came to see the Pullet When she;
went to Parties she merely Papered)
the Walls, and she began to grow!
Crow Feet around ber Eyes, strain
ing them looking for the Husband,
that never came.
- ;
At last even Mrs. Hen began toj
perceive that her Daughter was one
of those Females destined to For-j
pvpr nerch unon the Parent Roost
their lives to College ,
and Browning, but in-'
Everything New Ererjthiug Frak
Everything Coed
T H If
Mercantile Co.
Has added a complete line of
Staple and Fancy
wili be made a specialty.
"Why do you Weep? again in
quired her Friends, seeing her Dis
tress. 'Alas I" said the Hen, "I weep be
cause all the other Pullets In our set
Political platforms are of interest,
particularly so when issues are not
"well denned or are passing through
evolutionary stages and the method
of giving expression to them is with
out common understanding and ac
ceptance. At the present time the
platform making of the democrats
of the various states is going on and
considerable interest, among republi
cans as well as democrats, centers
upon the work. The state conven
tions will make earnest endeavors to
formulate the policy of the party
upon new issues in the hope that the
party's attractions and promises may
equal if not excel those of the repub
lican organization and at the same
time be along different lines.
The democrats in congress have
acomplished little in the work of de
veloping new issues and popularizing
them before the people, so the field
is left free and fallow to the state
ed the Hen. "I jiow a Mothers
Duty is to sacrifice herself for her
Child, and I shall not object to my
Daughter marrying after a while
when she is Thirty-Five or Forty if
she finds Some One who is Rich,,. ,,ttpn 00a Husbands, while
lisUc and autocratic and dangerous j Handsome, Intelligent and of irre-;mv Daughter has Gotten Left"
1UUOV.UOUIC i "na: cnea ner rneuuo, wucu'
"To the Pines," cried her friends, j she was youn& Vou wept for fear she
as they gave her the Laugh. "Do ; -n-ou,i Marry, and now that she ls
you not know that every year there , old vou Wgep for Fear Ehe -oat ,
is a Fresh Crop of Spring Chickens, ManV- It appears that nothing will;
ana tnat no one wants a siring uiu . satisfv T0U anu ve aprehend that
Pullet when the market is full of tng ,'s a just juagmeiit on you for
Young Birds?" j not lowing enough to pull off a
Now, Mrs. Hen's Daughter was a Good ThJ when you had the
Pretty and Attractive Young Crea- Cuauce"
ture and it was not long before a: 1Iorai. Tuis fable teaches that too
number of eligible Roosters began' . ninther makes Mary an old
; sidestepping arouna ner waj, uui maid Dorothy
636 Main St.
OF PLATFORMS, to liberty at home as well as liberty
The simple words "equal rights"
would cover democratic needs far
better than all this verbiage, provid
ed the democratic party in Illinois
really believes in "equal rights" for
all men.
Down in Tennessee the democratic
state convention so declared: "We
demand that this government at once i even- time one came within Tele-,
announce to the people of the Philip-1 phoning Distance Mrs. Hen handed ,
pines that when peace is restored out a Furthest North Gaze that sent j
, ,, . , . . . .. . his Affections down from Fever
they shall be allowed to establish a!faeat tJ bel(m. Xormal.
government of their own, and that!
when such stable government is j Hen was one of those Mothers (
established they shall be given their ' who are " afflicted with the Chaperone ;
independence " I Habit, and everywhere that Mary j
Never Rust
and Journal.
A positive guarantee with each
niece. If not- as claimed, or
Dix in American j should ;t rust you w;n be given a
, new piece or your money back.
we have a large variety
. Lisk's tinware
went Mama was sure to go. She fol-'
lowed her to Balls, where she did the
A straight "out declaration for equal j
rights to all men. with sincerity be- .3hadow Detective act and every time
hind it, would signify more, even to ' a Young Rooster would get the Pul
Tennessee democrats, than this ' let out under the Palms, and would
doubtful and meaningless phrasing. ! be.n. 10 yarm .UD t0J?is Work of deT
. . . , , . scriumg. i-ove m a mat to ner, ana . , , . ,
The Kansas democrats declared as , her what size K Egg he VV J. CLARK & CO
taken bv the democratic members of I loom ud on the scene and drasr her
conventions, and on what they may national congress with regard to' Daughter back under her wing into,
accomplish in this line largely de- d of tne govermnent of the I the Ball Room. ,
TmZZT StatCS tOWard thC PW,iPPiDe mother's no TntertS he
party as an implement of goou in islands and people. ! Daughter's Company, and when a
the hands of the people. The task ThJs decIaration s empry because. Fly Cock came of an Evening to Call!
of hewing out new planks is not to democrats of the national con- she lnTar,abl5' Roosted on one of the!
be accomplished without arduous la- .u v. Parlor Chairs, while she inquired
puna a m i upiut !( .nengiuus views, ana regaiea uimi
Garden Hose Tnat Is
OIL AND GASOLINE iLet Us Save You Some Money
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court street , Complete tiouse Fvrmshet
We Mali
Header BedsTa
- r-i-.cu tOgtl
a first rlac :t . W'l
"Sure with y0u
Pendleton Planisr
Lunikr Tart,
The ColumbU
Lodging House!
6U. uluci. nsuurms 10 De ei- declaration for equal rightS(
fective must stand on something be- with meanin? behJnd it would BeCure
sides empty phrases and platitudes. support and endorsement of the
If their is neither sincerity nor ear- democrats of Kansas to a mucn
nestness behind those who make them er eitent
the structures will nzz R.ve support The Gregon democrats said: "We
to the cause for which they were ku i. . i
pare the people of these islandK Uhe
democrats to get ttH! coif o
to work in true democratic spirit and Epeedur possible, and when so
feeling with the desire to serve the prepared to grant them independence,
couutrj uppermost ana witn a deter- Tetainlng such coaling stations and
It behooves
on the latest Scrap in the Hen Clubs.
Ukewise Mrs. Hen did not consid
er it Proper for a Young Female to
attend places of Amusement alone
with a Masculine Creature, and so
when the Rooster invited the Pullet
to go to the Theater with him, or to
have a Feed, he found he was up
against it Good and Hard, and that
tip hnrt In ctnlro nut tilnpec f nr- Throo
This does not suit us," said the I
Roosters, to one another, "for if wej
had wanted Mother's Company we
mlnation to
old democratic
bring to the front that nortB maT be necessarv to nrot-ct1 , tlasfea ber down ln
, nriii0 , P y necessary to protect , First pjace and whne we do not
itiC principle Of "equal iolnnflR frnm tnr...T, intorr. c,v., ., t
rights. L. every democratic plat- enee and t0 ma5ntJn our trado rela-; and Champaigne for the Pullet, we'
lorm was made up cf "equal rights" ton n th oripnt " f 00 not Propose to Grub Stake the
planks and the spirit of the organiza- This declaration TCnR --ifhm,t ! vrnole Hen F311" and thereupon g
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Taylor, the Hardware Man
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. i-". e- point or meaning. A declaration for!
ins no room lor floubt on this point equa, rlght for aU men vouId have
-victory would most likely perch on met e needs of democracy even
t .e banner of democracy, for if a better and wJth more resuU
Tarty would earnestly and ably wage The south Carolina democrats de-,
this battle for men, regardless of cJared. ..The Filipinos cannot be
race, color or previous condition of citIzen8 wIthout endangering our
serritude. guaranteeing equality of civilization; they cannot be subjects
opportunity to all men by denying to ithout imperiling our form of gov-j
the few privileges, there could be no ernmenti and we are not willing to I
uuuui 01 ue result.
Recently in Illinois the democrats
surrender our civilization or to con
vert the republic into an empire, we
""i "sree favor an immediate declaration of
upon the planks oifered by the re- the natIon.B purpose tQ glve the F,.
spective factions, the phrasing of the pJno8f firt a Btable fom ot govern.
jiatform planks being interpreted ment. Becond ndependence, and,
uilfeiehtiy by each. One faction was thlrd protectloil from outslde lnter.
In favor of adopting a platform de- Ierence.
Glaring adherence "to the fundament- ,As far aa wordfl thJs declaratIon
al principles of the democratic party can hardly ,mnroved on. hnt nn
as laid down in the declaration of in- earnest forceful declaration for equal
uuueuc, iUO uuwmuuuB 01 me right8 -would have been- far better
United States and our last national than these eloquent terms. The fact
convention." The majority of the of the matter is, there are few dem
lUU"CUUUU Iti":U IO UULBpi IO.- flB- 0CratB wh0 havfi the forcg of Aem(y
ciarauon ana amended It by substi- crat!c convIction behind them. They
tuUng "past conventions" Instead of nIde thelr ,ntontion jn a muUltude of
xne last convenuon. phrases. They even fool themselves
""-UU11 "tta "I'fo"- more than they fool the voters. If
a to making any declaration at all the dem0cratic craft is to be manned
concerning the Philippines, but final- bv rfRmnr., ,, vnf flnnf w fh
ly the convention agreed to declare:
We are opposed to the British sys
tem of colonization, by means of
which powerful, selfish interests are
aid of democratic support, it must
set sail for the harbor of equal rights'
for tke port of equality of opportun
ity for all men, without devious
enamea to employ the resources of wnvB np AnMr, matuna n, ,
the people to enslave Inferior races ure
and to enrich themselves. We are If democracy does not Include all
la favor of true American expansion, men it Is not what It pretends to be,
uch 8 under democratic control has and Jn pretension and masquerading
been achieved In th past, and by its cause Is and should be hopeless,
means of which vast territories have The hope of the democracy lies In
they passed up the Pullet Jn favor of ,
The stomach is a larger factor in "life, ' '&
liberty and the pursuit of happiness"
than most people are aware. Patriotism )
can withstand hunger but not dyspepsia. &
peptic Kis fit for Jr
ana spoils." The
man who goes to the
front for his country
with a weak stomach
will be a weak
soldier, and a fault
A sound stomach
makes for good citi
zenship as well as
for health and happi
ness. Diseases of the
stomach and other
organs of dige
tion and nutrition
are promptly and
permanently cured
by the use cf Dr.
Pierce's Golden Med
ical Discover-. It
builds up the body
with sound flesh and
solid muscle.
After t rrcvivMl thr-
adrice which you gar tne in regard to my
treatment." writes Geo. Corner. Em., of ion
Pulaski Street, Baltimore. Maryland, "I
yonr 'Golden Medical DUcovery' according to
directions. After using four bottles I considered
myself cured, as I hate not felt any aymptoma
since. Had tried almost bU remedies that I
beard of that were good for dyspepsia, but with
out relief. Finally, I became discouraged, and
wrote to you for advice, with the above result."
The dealer who oilers a substitute for
the "Discovery" is only seeking to make
the little more profit realized on the sale
of less meritorious preparations.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sentr on receipt of stamps
to pay expense of mailing only. Send
21 one-cent stamps for the paper covered
book, or 31 stamps for the cloth bound.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo, N. Y.
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