East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, June 20, 1902, Image 5

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-o Summer Suits for Women just at the right time when
they will uiuai U3um,i
sacrifice price.
Brown; Eton Jacket, Tailor-made;
to niatcb Jacket, regular price $2.75
rri,P Monle Carlo Suit in Brown
Bailor Collar, Btylishly Trimmed;
match Coat, regular price $3.00, Sale
rimlne Selection Tailor-made Suits, made from Linen and
Inuck iu pretty effects. Shown only
ind Willie oinpea, nuiutuiuc waiaiB oeauuiuiiy tnmmea,
,ith Graduating Flounce Skirt, artistically trimmed. Prices
nge irom ja.ou 10 jo.ou. same price
Lee Teutsch
Cleaver Bros. Dry Goods Company.
FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 10D2.
Howard, farm loans.
imer underwear, 50 cents a
at Teutsch's.
:flne free lunch from 9 a. m. till
night at Gratz's.
br first-class cab, day or night,
'phone Main 70.
Ive your gjld stamps and get a
set at Teutsch's.
or a cool, refreshing glass of
litz beer go to Gratz's.
cReynold's creamery butter on
in all stores. Ask for it
fchlitz beer on draught and fine
ies in basement of Golden Hule
bulitz beer on draught and fine
ties in basement of Golden Rule
ftlace lunch counter, on Court
Bt, Is now open. Everything in
it th thincs tou want for eatinc
p.cnlcs and while camping, at
rley Bros.
rop into our comfortable parlors
be served with our superior ice
km. The Delta.
loney to loan at lowest rates on
or country nroDertv. J. R. Dick-
East Oregonlan building.
rait jars will be very nigh this
t nn the nrice has advanced. We
ght before the advance and will
nnr niRtnmfirn thn advantage of
saving. The Standard Grocery.
Bavers at Hunzlter'8 never regret
khelr purchases.
How many times have you bought
Jewelry and. afterward charged the
disappointment to Experience T
While Experience may be a good
teacher, it's apt to prove expensive.
It's lots cheaper in the end to bay ol
I reliable dealer.
Good Jewelry...
Poes not mean price necessarily.
w have good Jewelry In Boiled
Plate, Gold Filled and 8olld Gold
t variety of grades, but always good.
Jeweler and Optician
Next Door to B. Alexander
65 Steps from Main t.
unci mem ai a wonaenui
Skirt VJth Flounce, trimmed
and J3.50, Sale Price $ 1 49
Covert Cloth: Coat with
Flounce Skirt, trimmed to
price 1 63
in Blue and White and Tan
2 78
Straw hats at Teutsch's.
Lunches at Phillips' restaurant.
Latest style shirts at Teutsch's.
Gilt Edge lunch countur. Court St
Fresh ripe tomatoes at Hawley
Ring up H. Kopittke, 'phone No. '5,
for ice.
Rooms by the day, week or month
at Gratz's.
A clever accomplished lady wants
to marry. See page 8. '
Thirty gallons of nice gooseberries
.tomorrow at Hawley Bros.
McReynold's creamery butter
sale in all stores. Ask for it.
McReynold's creamery butter
sale in all stores. Asl: for it.
Fresh live crawfish just received,
at Gratz's, cooked while you wait
Dutton's ice cream is just the thing
to satisfy your desire for something
Schlitz beer on draught and fine
lunches in basement of Golden Rule
Let Dutton supply you with nice,
rich, sweet cream. Delivered any
where. For Sale A good gentle buggy
horse. Safe for lady or child to drive.
J. M. Leezer.
Good, large, nice, fresh crawfish,
received every Tuesday and Saturday
mornings at Nolte's saloon.
We give free tickets on the bicycle
with every dollar's purchase. Martin's
Family Grocery and Bakery.
Free picnic every Sunday at KIne's
grove. Dancing begins at 2 o'clock.
Music by Kirkman's orchestra.
Take advantage of the chance to
get bargains at Mrs. Campbell's
closing out sa'o of summer millinery
For Sale or Trade Thresher and
power; almost new. Will do good
work. Must go. See W. W. Semple.
Rooms in the Ea-t.Oregonian build
ing or rent. Steam heated, hot. and
cold water ani ..ath room In connec
tion. Your evening will be complete !f
you drop into the Delta and enjoy a
dish of the finest Ice cream ever serv
ed In Pendleton.
Lost Pair of gold spectacles on
th streets of Pendleton Monday
Finder will receive reward by return
ing to tbis office.
Advertising privilege on the four
sprinkling wagons 1b for sale or rent.
Bids must be in by June 20. See Frank
B. C'.opton, chairman committee.
Withee, 306 Court St, agent for Dd
mestlc and Davis sewing machines.
Drop heads from $27.50 to $65 on in
stallments. Everything guaranteed.
All kinds of real estate for ale.
Homes on easy payments, will fur
nish part of purchase money.
Rlhorn & Cook, room 10, Taylor
Toward the Court House
One dollar to Walla Walla and re
turn next Sunday.
Potatoes cut to $1.50 per sack, for
cabn, at tno standard Grocery.
Schlitz beer is good beer, and is
served in a nice cool place at the
uoiacn uuio basement
Hot weather has no tenors at the
Golden Rule basement whero good
bcnntz ueer lb on tap.
Milton school children havo boon
counted by the clerk, and number C27
301 boys and 326 girls.
Drop into the cool, comfortable
basement of the Golden Rule and en
joy a glass of Schlitz beer.
Paper and cloth-bound books from
5c to $1.25. Reasonable reading mat
ter for vacation time. Nolfs.
"Redskins" vs. "Sharpshooters" at
Walla Walla Sunday, Juno 22. Round
trip, $1.00. Special train. O. R. & N.
Free picnic every Sunday at Kino's
grove. Dancing begins at 2 o'clock.
Music by Kirkman's orchestra,
E. D. Boyd has sold a lot In the
Reservation addition to Pendleton, to
James Ghormley. Consideration,
$10 reward Bay 3-year-old horse,
branded L, left shoulder, left my
ranch on Tutuilla, during the winter.
Peter West
The St Joe Store will have a spec
ial sale on groceries, Saturday, as
well as all other goods in this biz
store, will be sold very cheap. Go
after them.
The Marion county school teachers
will attend the state association
meeting in Portland, Juno 25th, 26th,
27th and 28th, in a body, probably
going from Salem in a special car
engaged for that purpose.
Clark Wood, the Weston Leader
man, claims that J3 Pine creek straw
berries filled a pound box to the
brim. They wero grown on ? I.
Ray's place, above Weston, without
irrigation and it is stated that, this
particular section is exceedingly fa
vorable to the cultivation of the
A deed was recorded this morning
with the county recorder for one acre
of land from S. S. Parrls et ux., to
David E. Ferris, S. S. Parris, R. E.
Gallagher, Jerome Buzan and E. M.
Mortlmore, trustees of the Free Meth
odist church at Waterman Station.
The land is to be used for church
Persons having flowers that they
are willing to contribute for the fu
neral of little Eva Hult, are request
ed to communicate with Mrs. Rounds
or with the Rev. Mr. Potwine ("phono
red 421). A considerable quantity is
desired for use at the grave and
should be in hand by noon of Satur
J. W. Noble and E. W. Emerson
killed a large rattle snake, just above
the Lee street bridge and north of
the river Thursday afternoon. They
were out along the river with guns
looking for suckers in the rimes
when the rattler was found. It was
as large asga man's wrist, nearly
four feet long and had five rattles
and a button.
At bedtime Itake a pleasant herb
drink, the next morning I feel bright
and my complexion is bbUer. My
doctor says that It acts gently on the
stomach, liver and kidneys and is a
pleasant laxative. It e made from
herbs, and is prepared as eabily aB
tea. It Is called Lane's Medicine.
Lane's Family Medicine moves the
bowels each day. Price 25c and 50c.
For sale by Tallman & Co., sole
A large number of Pendleton peo
ple Intend to avail themselves of the
opportunity to visit their friends in
Walla Walla next Sunday. They will
go to that city and return same day
on the special train which leaves
Pendleton at 9 o'clock a. m., return
ing, leaves Walla Walla at 6:30 p.
m. Fare for round trip is only one
The Independent Order of Odd Fel
lows will hold their memorial serv
ices in the Odd Fellows' hall next
Sunday evening, beginning at 8
o'clock. This Is the annual memor
ial services of the local orders of
Pendleton and the sermon will be
delivered by Rev. Jones, pastor of
the South Methodist church, who is
a member of the order. All members
and friends are Invited.
The corner stone for the new Cath
olic hospital, built by the sisters,
will be formally laid this afternoon
at 4 o'clock. Archbishop Christie,
of Portland, is here and will conduct
the laying of the stone and deliver
the address. The citizens of Pen
dleton are cordially invited to turn
out and witness the laying of this
stone and show their appreciation. to
the promoters of the enterprise for
building an up-to-date hospital for
the accommodation of the sick and
Big Wool Sales.
Wnrfl rnmpq from ShanikO that E,
W. Brigham, representing Whitman,
Farnsworth & Thayer, or uoston,
purchased the clip of the Baldwin
Sheep & Land Company, at the wool
sales Thursday, paying 16 cent
therefor. This Is the largest sale
made in Oregon or Washington this
season and the price paid was the
best. This was an extra fine clip
and was light. The sales continued
today and most of the wool will be
sold out of the Shaniko warehouses.
The Passing Away of One of the Most
Popular Children of Pendleton.
Eva, tho 15-year-old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hult, passed
away at the family home, on South
Garden street this morning at 2
o'clock, of Bright's disease, after an
illness of one mouth, although she
had been nlling for somothing like
a year.
Little Eva, as sho was called by
her young friends, was tho only
daughter of Mr. and 'Mrs. Hult and
was tho idol of thoir hearts, besides
bolng a favorlto among her many
frlonds and schoolmates. Although
she had been ailing for sovoral
months, no serious results wero an
ticipated and llttlo was thought about
it until a month ago, when sho was
suddenly taken seriously 111 and grad
ually grew worso until tho end. Hor
Hfo was not dlspalred of until a few
days ago, and when it was found that
no earthly aid would savo Llttlo
Eva's life, tho parents' hearts wero
Tho funeral will take place from
the Church of tho Redeemer, Satur
day afternoon, at 2:30, conducted by
Rev. Potwlno, and the body will be
burled in tho Olney cemetery.
Gets Pay for His Horses Stolen and
Slaughtered at the Llnnton Can
nery. Judge James A. Fee and Colonel
James H. Raley havo returned from
Portland, where they were on legal
business. They represented Potor
Nelson, a farmer living southwest of
Pendleton, in a case against the
Western Fertilizing & Packing Com
pany, to recover $2450 alleged to be
tho value of a band of cayuses
slaughtered at the Linnton Cannory
in 1899. Tho caso was tried boforo
Judge, Chcland and a jury, Wednes
day, and a verdict was brought in
in favor of Mr. Nelson, giving him
judgment for $650.
According to the contention of tho
plaintiff's attorney, about 70 head of
his horses wero stolen and driven off
the range, taken to tho Linton can
ary and sold to tho manager, Samuel
Kinsman. These horses wore valued
at $35 each by plaintiff, who sued
tho company for recovery and was
Paid Penalty on Gallows.
"Ellicott City, Md., Juno 20. Frank
Jones and John Johnson, who mur
derod a Hebrew 'neddler for the nur
poso of robbery, wero hanged hero
this morning.
Now Is the Time
for the
to consider their
Oxford Shoes
A fine line to select
$2.50 to $3.50
The prices that please and
the qualities that wear
Boston Store
Big Bargains
I have a large stock of
Unrdind Pl4g
which will be sold at the
lowest prices ever offered in
this city.t
This stock includes dia
monds, solid and filled case
gold watches, silver watches,
gold rings, watch chains, ear
rings and many other articles.
Come in, look over the
stock and get the prices.
Joseph Basle
Complete House Fttmishef
can do your marketing at
you can come yourself, as wc havo but
and the quality is guaranteed. If you can't como
4 yourself, send your child.
is drawing to a close, so send us your order now and
get nice large sound berries for canning. Remember,
our berries arc not specked and dirtied by flics, nor
handled by Indians. Wc arc particular in the manner
in which we keep them and the quality of the berries
we serve you.
R. MARTIN, Proprietor
Ping Pong
The now and Popular Games
95c to $3.50
Items and Prices that doBorvo your
kind attontion s
Japanese Napkins, per hun
dred 19c and 25c
Crepe paper, full io ft long 5c
$2.50 Wringers $1 95
$4.00 Wringers 2 95
2c for 5c bar of Toilet Soap
Popular Songs.. 15e, 19c and 23c
Hammocks complete lines
75c to $3 95
Toys, Dolls, Albums, Fancy
Goods, Dishe3. Vases, Sewing
Baskets, etc., etc.
Frederick Nolf
1 ablets, Pencils, Ink. Office Supplies
I and MO NBA T
Ladies' Colored Wash Shirt Waists, Oncfif th Off.
Lawns and Batistes, price cut to 5c to 8C
Swisses and Dimities, price cut to 85 c to 11c
White Goods, price cut to 5c to 19c
Mercerized Ginghams, price cut to..... 19c
Striped Dress Gingham, price cut to 86c
French Gingham, price cut to , 21c
Linen Crash for Dresses, price cut to , 8c
Linen Skirts, price cut to 45c to $1.00
Cap Sheaf Safety Pins 5c
Hooks and Eyes, a card for lc
B ack Taffeta Dress Silks
Black Peau de Soie
Satin Taffeta Neck Ribbons
Ladies' Silk Waists (Black, Blue, Cream, Pink ;
and Red)
Ladies White Suede Gloves
Ladies White Button Silk Gloves
Ladies Black Button Silk Gloves
Ladies Black Lace Gloves
Ladies White Lace Gloves
Tony Pearl Dress Buttons
E Newest Creations io Ladies' Belts
our store just as safely as
We are prepared to do your work
and ask you to call on us.
Charges will be right.
;Omce at
The Old Dutch Henry
Feed Barn.
Kit Hays k Connerley
The Ptumhet and
For First Class Work at
Reasonable Prlcds
Shop: Cottonwood Street, Opposite
St. Joo Storo, Nonr Court St.