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sp.no MEN'S
Wenre ncqunintliu; greater num
bora of the men of this viisinity with
the many mlvuntatrea timt lie In
making selections from onr excep
tionally well appointed stocks of
faultlessly tailored garments.
$3.ffO to Saved on Kvory
feult or ('lotliliifr HullKlit at Our
BuitB of Fancy Mixed Cheviots
and Tweed, $9.60 to $17.50.
Suits of Serges, $10 to $15.
Outing Suit In large variety.
Toustrs, $1.50 to $5.
Summer Underwear, good goods,
25 and 50 cents a garment.
TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1902.
Despite the orders of the faculty
to the contrary,- the Berkley baseball
team played a Sm.day game with the
S. A. A. C. at S iokane. Thoy went
on the diamond under the name of
"Smith's Independents." And thoy
won the game.
Paul Underwoou, who is charged
with having thrown his three-months
old baby into the bay at Tacoma, is
said to be making his way toward
Five masked men stole 90 head of
horses from Morton Bros., on the
Owyhee river, Idaho, and got away
with them after a pitched battle in
which many shots were exchanged.
A unique feature of a recent bull
light at Nueva, Mexico, was the suc
cessful performance of Romulus, the
famous Mexican wrestler, who grap
pled with a wild bull and throw him
at the first attempt. He broke the
bull's neck.
St. John Dix, who wrecked a bank
In Whatcom, Wash., a few years ago,
has been captured in England,
brought bp.ck, tried and convicted and
will shortly take up permanent lodg
ings in the Washington state peniten
tiary at Walla Walla.
Charles Hill, who died at Los Ange-1
les, Cal., recently, leaving an un
claimed fortune of $142,000, is believ
ed to bo Michael Hill, who disappear
ed from Milwaukee, Wis., 19 years
ago, and Milwaukee relatives are ac
cordingly trying to claim the fortune.
The Pendleton.
A. G. Saig, Portland.
A. K. Taylor and wife.
S. S. Talford and wife, Arkansas.
II. C. Baker and wife, Walla Walla.
J. A. Livingston, Portland.
J. A. Cooke, San Francisco.
Helen Delano, Portland.
W. D. Parker, Athena.
F. J. Ginger, Spokane.
H. B. Rees, Spokane.
Dr. E. M. Anderson, Sumpter.
J. B. Light, New York.
John Beaton, Kansas City.
Al Mann and wife, Knoxville.
J. M. Comider, Montreal.
P. Peters, Portland.
P. L. Marden, Portland.
H. L. Smith, SanFrancisco.
Nellie Rulison, Athena.
Archie Galbraith.
W. Nelson, San Francisco.
T. C. Elliott, Walla Walla.
E. Klein, Cincinnati.
Free public swimming baths will
bo in operation in Portland shortly.
Walter Hill, of lone, has been an
pointed deputy sheriff of Morrow
county by Sheriff-elect E. M. Shutt
The prico of raw fish at the Astoria
canneries has been raised from C to
7 cents per pound for fish over 25
Two features of the 1902 fair at
Salem will bo the livestock depart
mont and the county exhibits, indica
tions pointing to more interest being
taken in these departments than over
Jack Marshall, a well-known Mai
heur county character, has made $1,-
B00 during the past three years trap
ping coyotes, having been paid din
ing that time bounties on no less than
750 coyote scalps.
Oregon captured ono diploma of
highest award, GO gold medals, 43 sll
ver medals, 55 bronze medals and 90
diplomas of honorable mention at the
recently closed Charleston exposition
More than any other state in the
An inebriated party of excursion
ists, Sunday, entered the homo of II.
L. Hendricks, editor of the Salem
Statesman, and attempted to take
possession of tho dining room while
dinner was being served. Mr. Hen
dricks ojected thorn but was severely
bruised in the melee. He was knock
ed unconscious with a stone.
At bedtlmo Itake a pleasant herb
drink, the next morning I feel bright
and my complexion Is bettor. My
doctor says that It acta gently on the
stomach, liver and kidneys and la a
pleasant laxative. It Is made from
herbs," and Is prepared as easily as
tea. It Is called Lane's Medicine.
Lane's Family Medicine moves the
bowels each day. Price 25c and 50c.
For sale by Tallman & Co., sole
The Golden Rule.
William Foyer, Baker City.
James A. Scott, Athena.
D. C. Kirk, Weston.
F. E. Klise, Portland.
Julia Woods, Moro.
Ellsworth Woods, Moro.
Emma Pinkerton, Moro.
J. H. Arnold, Berkley.
F. E. Reed, Berkley.
T. L. Hamlin, Berkley.
A. McKeown, Berkley.
W. W. Adams, Berkley.
F. W. Hondrick, Berkley.
W. F. Heitmuller, Berkley.
R. L. Williams, Berkley.
L. J. Kennedy, Berkley.
W. G. Thompson, Janesvllle.
O. Overall, Berkley.
G. G. Hutch, Berkloy.
E. P. Gardner, Berkley.
J. G. Woods, Moro.
A. E. McBreen, Portland.
W. W. McLellan, Colorado.
L. Cunningham, Portland.
Will M. Peterson, Athena.
F. J. MacGougan, Walla Walla.
C. D. Rinker, Spokane.
W. W. Cameron, Spokane.
A. S. White, Iowa.
Mrs. N. W. Windom, Harrisburg.
R. C. Hagar, Bingham.
A. W. Downar.
W. A. Morse and wife.
Fred Searcoy.
William Folsom, Pilot Rock.
Jerry Stone, Athena.
B. O. Aylesworth, Colorado.
Walter E. Black, La Grande.
D. A. McLachlen, La Grande.
Bea Phillips, Illinois.
J. W. Hackett, Salem.
How's This?
Wo offer One Hundred Dollars Howard
for any case of Cuturrli that cannot be
cured by Hull's C'atnrli Cure.
I' J, I'UIJNHY & CO., Toledo, O
We, the undersigned, have known 1 J.
Cheney for the past 10 yenrs, and believe
nun to ie perfectly Honorable in all busl
ness transactions and tluuuclally able to
curry out any obligations made by tuelr
WEST & TltUAX, Wholesale Druggists,
-loieuo, u.
WAI,I)1.(J, KIN NAN & ilAUVl.N,
Wliolesalo DiiiKKlsis, Toledo. O.
Unll's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally,
ncllui; directly illion the blood ami
.sunaie or tne system. Testimonials sent
iree. rnce too per bottle. Sold by all
Unll's Kiiinlly I'llls nro tlie best.
A. O. U. W. Excursion to Portland.
For tho meeting of tho Supreme
Lodge, A. O. U. W., which will bo
hold at Portland June 10 and 20, the
O. R. & N. has made a rate of $9.15
for the round trip on the certificate
plan. Tickets for tho occasion will
bo good until June 21. and will be on
sale beginning Sunday, Juno 8.
For Sale.
Pure bred Scotch Collie puppies,
$15 each. Write B. M. Brltts, 1015
Raleigh street, Portland, Or.
College Lads Are About the Heaviest
Team Pendleton Hao Yet Gone
Against, anda Spirited Contest Is
on Tap.
The husky lads from Berkley, ar
rived in Pendleton last evening and
are trying conclusions with the Pen
dleton Indians at Alta street grounds
this afternoon. The college lads arc
nmong the swiftest the locals have
ever gone against and there is a con
siderable element of uncertainty as
to which team really has the better
of the argument.
But one game will be played, the
Berkley lads returning to Walla Walla
tomorrow to play the Sharpshooters
another game.
Following is the line-up of the
teams this afternoon:
Berkley Hamlin, cf; Kennedy, 3b;
Adams, ss; Hendricks, lb; McKeown
rf; Heitpniller, If; Overall, 2b; Hutch
c; Williams, p. Overall, their big
twirler, was scheduled to have pitch
ed today's game hut decided to hold
himself off for Walla Walla.
Pendleton Rhea or Brown, c;
Ziegler, 3b; Fay, ss; Knox, cf; Clem
ens, If; Stovall, lb; Schmidt, 2b; Wil
nor, rf; Taylor or Hayes, p. If Tay
lor, pitches, Brown will play behind
the bat, and if Hayes, the now strike
out cyclone, officiates at the slab
Rhea will wear the. mask.
A number of business houses have
closed for the afternoon in order to
allow the clerks to see the game.
to give it a lift. After our travels,
1 ! nther narts of the state and even
' hi far-famed California, we have
come home with increased pride In
n,.,Tn., niwi Pmirtlcton in nur
ticular, hut have to admit that there
are some things we have not yet at
tained. - a D'
Plans Being Laid for Next Year's
Work and a Goood Season Expect
ed The Field Day on Locust Hill
Was a Great Success.
The vacation days have already ar
rived, and there will probably be no
more meetings of our local clubs un
til September or October.
Mrs. Lillian Cole Bethel, the noted
parliamentarian of , Ohio, has been
teaching classes in the Northwest
states for the last two months. She
was a guest at the Oregon Federa
tion meeting, and made many
friends among our club women. We
hope to have Mrs. Bethel in Pendle
ton during the summer, and have no
doubt that a largo class will be made
up, and that we shall gain a great
benefit through her able instruction.
Field Day on Locust Hill.
The Field Day on Locust Hill, last
Thursday, was voted by the large
number of representative club wo
men present a great success. Field
day will doubtless become a perman
nent feature of closing the club year
hereafter. The visiting club women
were Mr. Emma Curtis, of Chicago
one of Illinois Fe leratlon'.s vice-presidents;
Mrs. E. R. Cox, wre3ident of
tho Athena Friday Club, and Mrs.
Paul, recently from Boston. Sketchy
reports of the state and general fed
erations were given by the delegates
and visitors, both interesting and hu
morous, and strange to relate, after
all we have heard about our "club
women taking themselves too serious
ly," the receptions, decorations and
pretty gowns came In for the larger
share of the accounts. And this, too,
when we had heard such subjects
as "Forestry," "Municipal Reforms,"
"Juvenile Court Laws," "Industrial
Problems," "Social Settlement Work,''
"Fads in Education," "Respect for
Law and Good Government," "Civil
Service Reform," "Factory Inspec
tion," "Use of thq Consumers'
League," and a host of lighter sub
jects ably presented and discussed
by experts in the various lines, near
ly every one of them earnest, force
ful nnd interesting speakers.
, "Civics" was an interesting subject,
and ably handled at our own biennial,
and the civic bee is busily humming
In the bonnets (?) of some of our
women folk. We would like to see
our town look up a little along this
lino, and after a while we shall try
Room Will Be Reduced to One-Half
Its Present Size and Adequate
Ventilation Provided.
It is now a settled fact that the
circuit court room in the county
court house is going to be remodeled
and worked over to make it more
up-to-date. Ever since the court
house was erected it has been a rec
ognized fact that the circuit court
room was a nuisance for court pur
poses and the present plans for re
arranging it will be welcomed by
those who are compelled to work
therein during court sessions.
In tho first place, the room is en
tirely too large. So large a room is
never needed for court purposes, as
there is seldom a case where half
the present room is filled with spec
tators. Secondly, it Is impossible to
heat the room during the cold winter
months because it is too large and
any one having to remain in the room
in cold weather will suffer more or
less from the cold, but perhaps the
greatest reason for making the
change is the lack of ventilation. The
present court room is built so that it
is incased with rooms almost on all
sides and there is little access to the
outside and consequently the venti
lation is so bad that to stay in the
room during the hot weather is al
most an impossibility.
Hereafter, according to the plans of
Architect Howard, the room will be
reduced just one half and will be
33x44 feet. The two judges' rooms
will he nut out from back of the
judge's bench, throwing the court i
room to the wall and giving access
to the outside of the building.
The west end of the building will
be cut into office rooms.
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"Weno" and all the other
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