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These goods will win your admiration on first sight,
, the;r beauty won't fade when they come in contact
i the washtub. A beautiful line in all colors:
6i Cents
They will give you good service, too. and at the price
quoted the cost is so trifling that almost any woman
can afford to own as many pretty cool summer dresses
as she would care to have.
Ilexander Dept. Store
L4III 1 1 1 1 I I I T " " " '
-J; ill
Vb, iJ Jjj
In different styles, such' as will prove
objects of utility and beauty in auy
Catalogue of Mantels Free
Electric fixtures, lamps, shades
chandeliers, globes, etc.
Will furnish original designs for til
ing, wood work or mantles free. Spe
cial designs for fitting up saloons. . Es
timates furnished free.
llftwStores ri4 -r . . .
land Alder 1 h Inhfl riA ffPtt I .n.
Oregonian Office
ESTFIELD, record 2:22 1-2, will make the season at FROOME'S STABLE,
xubrji uss , every day in tne weeK, except weanesaay ana Tnursaay. AC
JENA on Wednesday and Thursday of each week.
TERMS: For the season, $18; to insure, $25.
LLIVAN, Clydesdale, will make the season at FROOME'S STABLE,
pmjEiuiN, every day in tne week, except Monday ana Tuesday; at
1LIAM TEMPLE'S nlace seven miles northwest of Pendleton, on Mon-
pind Tuesdays
I TERMS; For the season, 12; to insure, $15.
lorfurtber information address
FRANK FRAZIER, Pendleton, Oregon
Drink Defiance to the Sun
and the hot weather in
beer. Build up your system now
so as to stand without flinching
the onslaughts of the heated term.
Aside from its being a delightful
beverage, it is renowned as a
tonic for the weak and run down.
F.pTH great council
The Work of the Council Began This
Morning Program of the Three
Days' Session.
Walla Walla, May 13. Walla
Walla is in the hands of Red Men,
and for three days the festive "Si
wash" will be in evidence, not with
feathers and arrows, but with colors
of the Improved Order of Red Men,
and with thq best wishes of hundreds
of citizens of the city who are bent
upon doing honor to the representa
tives of the great order. The fifth
great council of the state of Wash
ington is in session in this city and
it will remain for three days, clos
ing its work Thursday night. A num
ber of delegates arrived in the city
yesterday and this morning scores
more came on the early trains. The
city is neatly decorated with the col
ors, yellow, red and blue, and from
the lapel of hundreds of coats float
long ribbons with appropriate bad
ges. The work of the council began
this morning. The following pro
gram will be carried out. as nearly
as possible:
Tuesday 10 a. m., kindling of the
council fire of the great council of
Washington, at Odd Fellows' hall; 8
p. m., reception of the great chiefs!
representatives and visitors, at the
opera house. Special entertainment
has been provided for tho occasion.
Parade will precede the gathering.
Wednesday 10 a. m., business
meeting of the great council. In the
afternoon the body will be taken to
the penitentiary to visit the institu
tion. All will be admitted, but no as
surance of release has been secured.
8 p. m session of Walla Walla Tribe
No. 23, to which all Red Men are in
vited. After the meeting, a banquet
or smoker will be given to the vis
itors by the local tribe.
Thursday In the forenoon a visit
will be made to Fort Walla Walla
where a special artillery drill will
be given for the benefit of the visit
ors. This wil be followed by a busi
ness session. At 9 o'clock p. m., the
grand ball will be given at Armory
Debate at the Normal School Young j
Woman's Christian Association
Gave an Entertainment
Weston, May 12. The long-talked-of
debate between tho three mem
bers of tho alumni association, and
an equal number of the graduating
class of tho normal school, took place
at the chapel of tho school Friday
night. The question debated was:
Resolved, that tho United Slates
should annex moro territory. After
a long struggle, tho affirmative side
of the question, which was argued
by tho gentlemen representing tho
alumni, was given the decision. Tho
United States may now go ahead and
annex all tho territory it pleases ami
no one shall hinder.
The Young Womens' Christian As
sociation, of the normal school, gavo
a very pleasant entertainment Satur
day night. This is the first affair of
tho kind the association has held
since its organization. Those that
attended spent a very enjoyable eve
Mrs. F. M. Smith and her mother,
Mrs. M. J. Dlxby, who have been
spending several days in Weston,
visiting at tho homo of Professor D.
B. Smith, of the normal school, re-
tumpd to Collego Place, Wash., yes
Harry Surdem, one of the pioneers
of Weston, left for Spokane yester
day, where ho expects to spend tho
summer working at his trade.
People to Vote to Expend $100,000 to
Increase It A Gravity System.
Walla Walla, May 13. At a spec
ial meeting of the city council last
night, an ordinance was passed cre
ating an indebtedness against the
water system in the sum of $100,000,
to extend the system, and calling a
special election to ratify the action
on June 2. The proposition is to
change the system to gravity press
ure and add an increased supply.
The Big Carpet Store
never quarrel over the merits of our
f.ir nil hip nail nrc of the verv
hlKnest standard. Like real and true
rrienaB, tney wear tne ueau mcu otjrio
Is absolutely up loaaie.uuu uieuewgug
and colors are most artistic and harmo
nious. You snouia examine our
Ingenue Carpet at 50 to 75c
per yard. Something new In lace
curtains aim puruu bukum.
Makers of Happy Homes
Low prices, coupled with Car
pets and Matting of known high
quality, prove bhiuumuub nn-aiw
The question of Carpets and
' r. . i . 1 ' t.
Matting, where best omaineu, it, sci
aA with nrnmntness in our stock.
where good style and real worth
make low prices so empnauu.
lakers of Happy Home
A Poor Exhibition of Ball Playing at
Walla Walla Monday..
Walla Walla. May 13. -In a game
of poor ball yesterday, the local team
was defeated by Whitman college, a
small crowd attending, the score be
ing 9 to 4. Several costly errors
were made by the Walla Walla team,
and altogether the game was not up
to the standard. This defeat follow-
ing the poor game at Athena on Sun
day, has had a depressing effect up.
on local enthusiasts.
City Clerk and Soldier Fight.
Walla Walla, May 13. City Clerk
Pov-nnlilR nnd a soldier from Fort
Wnlla Walla. Kinard Logan, became
mixed up in a personal encounter
Sunday night about 11 o'clock, and
both men were badly used consider-inp-
tho tlmfi the flcht continued. Mr.
Reynolds received a bad cut with a
knife, and in return he strucK logan
with his cane, mulcting severe
bruises about the eyes and nose, io
gan is not able to be about, but when
he is the matter w.ll be aired in
court. He is under arrest.
People Who Live Longest.
From statistics It is learned that
the longest-lived people of the world
are the Norwegians. They arc tern
perato and simple in their habits and
preserve In great vigor their dlges
tlve powers, which is most necessary
In the maintenance of good health.
The American usually lives so fast
that tho stomach Is neglected until
his hchjth Is completely undermined,
and he finds himself gradually get
ting weaker and weaker. If you arc
one of these sufforors wo offer you
a medicine that will strengthen your
stomach and start you anew on
health's pathway, and that is Hostet
ter's Stomach Hitters. It will euro
flatulency, indigestion, dyspepsia,
constipation, insomnia, chills and
malaria, fever and ague. Don't fail
to try it. For sale by all druggists.
Corrects False Report Circulated
Against Andrew A. Hammer.
Hcport having gained circulation
horo, through a tolephono message
from an enemy of mlno, T, C. Wll.
Hams, that my business was not lu-
gl'.lmatc, 1 hero submit a letter sign
ed by leading citizens of Mullan, Ida
ho, which speaks for Itself.
Mullan, Idaho, May 10. 1902.
We, tho undersigned, certify that
tho Copper Plato Mining Company,
Limited, was organized in January.
1902, undor tho laws of tho state of
Idaho, and have their principal place
of business nt Mullan, Shoshone
county, Idaho; that they own what
Is known as tho Ralph group of five
claims ndjolnlng tho Gold lluntor
Mining Company's property on the
north, and lying south from cast
from tho Morning mlno
Slnco tho opening of spring a shift
of minors havo been and aro at pres
ent employed continually doing de
velopment work on tho lodge run
ning westerly. Tho ledges show
mineralization of tho character or ore
found In other silver-load mines ad
joining it.
Treasury stock to tho amount ot
300,000 shares arc being disposed of.
tho funds from which aro to bo uson
for development work.
Andrew A. llnmmor, vlco-presldont
and manager, Is authorized to sell
treasury stock and othorwlso to su
perlntond tho development work.
Coppor Plato Mining Co., Ltd.
T. W. CONKLIN, Secretary and
JOHN lllONDRlCKiSON, President,
J. Rf THKNNICS, Snloon Keeper.
V. A. UUCIIANAN, Hardwaro Doalot
Wool Growers' Meeting.
Tho Wool Growers Association
will hold a meeting In Pendleton
May 29. at 1 o'clock p. m. There
will bo a wool salo May 29th and 30th
by tho sealed bid method, officers of
tho association will bo elected and
other important business transnctcit.
Are the new patterns in
wall paper we are show
ing. Our stock has that
bright new appearance
because all our stock is of
this season's styles. Con
fidence can be placed in
your getting a strictly
first class job and the
very latest ideas in paper
at reasonable prices if
you call at our store.
Yoa Houses
Will bo well cared for
if taken to
The Old Dutch Henry
Feed Barn.
Good comfortable stalls and
plenty of feed
Call and See Us
.n Need ot Money.
All parties knowing thomsolvos, in
debted to D. Komlor aro hereby noti
fied to call and Bottlo at once and
savo costs T). KI3ML13R.
Kit Hays k Connerley
8cc..ltiK 'it position, or need ho!p, cull on
or nilrirrxN 3. O. Spoonnmoro, 'SM Court 8t,
l't'tiu.utoii, Oregon.
The Golden Rule Store
Our buyer placed an order for ladies' muslin underwear, to bo delivered February 1st. Tiiofnotory
tv-aa Imlilnd mill Mil tint riullvar tlin trnoilM iiiit.II limt WW'k. TllOV llllVO limdo libonil COIlCOBslOUa to UH to 3
compensate for the delay. We havo deducted tho amount of their allowance and a little more from the 3
price of the goods iu order to crowd three months' soiling into tho next ten days. 3
Sale Begins Wednesday Morning, May 14th, 1902 1
Plain untrimmod corsot covers 9
V-shape neck, with lace trimming 17o
Square neck, with lace trimming 24o
Square neck, nice embroidery trimming 27c
Round neck, lace trimmed and tucked front . 33c
Round neck, with four rows of laco insertion
down front 33c
Dandruff Germ Thrives in It, as Well
as in All Grease.
A well known Chicago hair spec
ialist invited the Inter Ocean report
er to come to his office and see,
under a microscope, how the germ
that causes dandruff thrives in vase
line. The specialist said that all hair
preparations containing grease, sim
ply furnish food for the germs and
help to propagate them. The only
way to cure dandruff Is to destroy
the germs, and the only hair prepar
ation that will do that Is Newbro's
Herpicide. "Destroy the cause, you
removo the effect." Without dan
druff no falling hair, no baldness.
Ask for Herpicide. It is the only do
stroyer of the dandruff germ.
The homliest man in Pendleton, as
well as the handsomest, and others,
are Invited to call on any druggist
and get free a trial bottle of Kemp's
Balsam for the throat and lungs, a
remedy that is guaranteed to cure and
relievo all chronic and acute coughs,
asthma, bronchitis and consumption.
Price 25c and 50c. For sale by Tall
man & Co., sole agents.
Last call for the, dish club. Get In
before it is too late. Hawley Bros.
Plain hem, with threo narrow plaited tucks. .
Plain hem with two rows of needle work and
one tuck
Bottom trimmed, with
three narrow tucks
and nice embroidery 33c
Three narrow plaited
tucks and wide lace
on bottom 38c
Four plaitod tucks and
four rows of fluo
noodlo work COo
Two row valonoiounos
lace insertion and laco
bottom 72o
High neck plain tuckod yoko 42o
V-shape neck, tucked and laco trimmed
yoke 500
Square yoke with large ruffle and lace
insertion 75o
Square yoke, with laco trimming and
embroidery insertion 890
V-shaped yoke with tucking, laco inser
tion and lace edges $1 13
Six plaited tucks, heavy
lace bottom 48o
Deep flounce, four rows
fine valenciennes, in
sertion and fine lace
bottom $1 63
Wide flounco, heavy lace
trimmed 75o
Deep flounce, twelve
tuokB, embroidery in
sertion and bottom. . .$1 38
S5G -
1 .J,
1 5 It. -SJ ,-'
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