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We Have Only tlie Most
....Seasonable Styles..
Selected with great care
from the lines m of the
best makers, f
The Correct Prices:
$7.50 $10.00
$2.50 $5.00
Other People in town
will ask you from $2
to $5 more a suit than
we do. : ; : : :
The late Potter Palmer's fortune 1
1b estimated at 525,000,000.
A representative of an American:
company has purchased the wrecks i
of the Spanish war ships Almirante
Oquendo and Viscaya, and they will!
be broken up and sent to Philadel-!
phia as scrap iron. ;
Representative J. S. Salmon, of the j
fourth district of New Jersey, died '
suddenly of apoplexy at his home in
Boonton. He was 5C years old and i
was serving his second term in con-'
gress as a democrat. This is the j
third death of congressmen within a
week. !
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
Paul road has placed export flour onj
a level with wheat in the matter of j
transportation charges. This action
will be followed by all Western;
roads with similar rates, and means ;
a saving of millions yearly to the:
mills of the Northwest. j
Captain Hiram Pugh, who has just j
died at Bridgeton, X. J.. had not.
slept in a bed since he returned j
from the Civil War. When he was
taken ill, some weeks ago, his doc!
tor ordered him to bed and he re
sisted all orders from the doctor
and died "with his boots on."
T. H. Simpkins died at the Salem1
hospital Sunday, of typhoid fever.!
He was 37 years of age. and is sur
vived by a widow. Deceased came to
Oregon in 1894, from Streetor, 111. i
The committee of the city council
of Albany has reported favorably af
ter a thorough examination of pave-i
ments, upon vitrified brick and that
kind of pavement will he laid in Al
iany on several streets.
Two men, names not given by the
Baker City papers, had words over
iv cents, aue trom one to the other.
The man who owed the money was
cut on the hand by the fellow to
whom it was due, with a pocket
Henry Gelbler, at the St. Joe saw
mm, at Harrison, Idaho, was found
with neck and back broken in a pit
under a wheel run by a belt. He
leaves a wife and three children at
Detroit, Or. He was a fireman in the
George Leslie, who is under arrest
at Portland, is known at SuiBun, Cal.,
as George Littell, a New York mil
lionaire. During his brief visit there
Littell spent money freely and end
ed by contracting for the purchase of
a 900-acre orchard for ?300,000.
The Pendleton.
Rufus Drum, Toledo.
G. S. Youngman, Portland.
J. O. Gerking and wife, Athena.
J. W. Sawyer. Walla Walla.
. William Ewing, Kansas City.
E. W. Brigham. Boston.
T. F. Powers. Portland.
J. R. Burke, Portland.
J. W. Morrow and wife, Heppner.
C. B. Williams, Milton.
T. W. Jackson, x-ortland.
H. C. Bassett. San Francisco.
E. G. Adams.
B. Young, San Francisco.
A. C. Earle, Philadelphia.
Charles R. Campbell.
B. W. Dennis, Duluth.
E. B. Coman, Portland.
Will Haywood, Spokane.
W. E. Clarke, Kansas City.
S. F. Steenberg. San Francisco.
G. T. Williams, Walla Walla.
Thomas Duncan and wife.
G. W. Phelps, Heppner.
H. C .Newman.
J. J. Burns. Portland.
R. H. Caston. Spokane.
Charles F. Hyde, Baker City.
William Livinstou. San Francisco,
M. L. Olmstead. Baker City.
J. M. Long, Portland.
Jack Swart.
The Golden Rule.
C. Comer, Helix.
Mrs. Raymond, Helix.
Jay Van Cleve.
A. V. Oliver, La Grande.
Dan Davis and family. Salt Lake.
Robert Jackson, North Yakima.
Cassie Beck, Athena.
Ruby Callender, Athena.
R. McGahey, Walla Walla.
D. H. DeWitt, Walla Walla.
Mamie W. Briggs, Portland.
E. H. Wilson, Echo.
Laura Welch, Dayton.
F. Thomas, San Francisco.
J. A. Ferguson.
Charles Carroll, Spokane.
C. Cunningham, Portland.
Sam Lee, Spokane.
C. L. lowner, Spokane.
J. Sheurman.
Ed H. Conner, St. Louis.
William Everett, Omaha.
A. Y. Howard, Spokane.
Edward Barrett, Chicago.
John Merry, Spokane.
Charles Nelson.
Lena Lyman, La Grande.
R. E. Porter, Meacham.
D. B. Watson.
Frank Pedro.
D. S. Gardner.
J. R. Means, Umatilla.
S. E. Barron, Washington.
The Fixtures Are Rare Designs of j
Skillful Workmen Solid Mahog- j
' any and Bevel Plate Uiass aio
San Francisco Capital Reported to i js yery Complete.
Behind the Enterprise; to Cost ptDdleton's new drug store was,
$1,250,000. 'opened to the public this morning.;
The Walla Walla Union prints thejalld a Very metropolitan view was
following telephone message as com-i presente(j f0r F W. Schmidt & Co. '
ing from Dayton. Washington: . ' BP ,,,, neither -
I An electric motor line from Day-' - ;
j ton to Pendleton, to touch the cities j pains nor expense In ntting up an
!in the Walla Walla valley and east-1 institution of which the city can feell
ern Oregon, backed by plenty of cap
ital and to cost Cl.2o0.000. is an
justly proud.
The fixtures are
rare designs of1
i nounced as a positive certainty by i skillful workmen and were nianutac-1
vt Voiimon nr,A p r ttnmfv wiin ti.rurf hv thp cnsat western nrm oi
: tnrlnv tpppIvpiI the nromlse nf a fiftv TL l.utfce & Co.. of Portland.
year franchise as soon as the city have no superiors on the
j council of Dayton can act under the i Coast.
i lnw. The nnlv thlnir that can inter-1 The fixtures are of solid
I fere with their plans, they say, is the any and bevel plate glass, and are
" refusal of some city to crant them ! modeled after those of Woodward & j
privileges of entrance. Waitsburg ! Clark, of Portland, which is pro-.
and Davtnn have alreadv nromised nounced the finest in
The season's latest production in this
article of men's wearing apparel. Now thst o
rr.J ; V. ir, 1 1 4
rights of way through their streets
and other necessary grants and it is .
not believed the other cities will hold
In presenting their case before the,
Dayton council. Nellman and Ronio ;
announced themselres as the aeents
the West.
A noticable feature of the interior
of the new store is the splendid man
ner in which everything harmonizes;
the finely polished woodwork with
large mirrors at intervals, the hand
somely modeled show cases, with
glass extending from the floor to the
top. and the rich paper on the walls
for n Snn FYnnrisrn Kvnrlirntp be
lieved bv manv to be the United t a" corresponding to a meet
Street Railway companv of that citv.s Tbe opening was a very pleasant
They promise to begin" work on the occasion for the large number of
road within six months and to have! Arties and gentlemen who paid the
tilt Imp pnmnlot o1 n,i r,,i,- wnro' store a visit and were graceiuliy re-
ceived by F.
' the franchise. They announced there , r the company, and Morrison J
ler, the prescription
the head
clerk. Mr.
and that no effort would be made ,0 fchmidt has had IS years experience
sell bonds or stocks although those Ve bJ,s,j;ef.s; la graduate
wishing to purchase would be privi- j of f &t. I-ouis College of Pharmacy
wri n ,io c ti,,,,. ooi- -n and for eight years was connected
right to operate the line and guaran
tee that passenger charges over it
will be one-half the regular railroad
fare. A service of a car each way
every two hours is promised and
special freight trains will be run. It
is claimed by the promoters that rev
enue from the freight traffic will
more" than pay the running expenses
of the road. All kinds and classes of
freight will be handled.
with tbe leading drag stores of St.
Louis. He has also been engaged in
the same business at Boise. Idaho,
and Baker City. Mr. Schmidt's first
impressions of Pendleton, which re
sulted in his locating here, were ob
tained while he was pharmacist for
H. F. Johnson & Co.
While F. W. Schmidt & Co.'s drug
store is a new institution, it Is com
plete and there is nothing in the
drug line that is not in stock and all
are fresh and good. The patent med
icine line includes all the remedies
that time has proven to be of real
merit. A select line of perfumes,
fancy and staple stationery, toilet
articles, cigars, etc., are in readiness
for callers.
Owing to the delay in the arrival '
of the fountain, soda water is not be
ing served, but will be in a short
before May 15th or you
Power House at Dayton.
The site for 'the power house of
the company has been located above,
this city, on the Touchet river. It is(
estimated there can be sufficient!
water power secured to generate
10,000 horse-power and a portion of
this will be used to light the streets
of Dayton.
Quick Train Service.
In stating their case the two San
Francisco men say the prime" object
of the road will be by a quick train cannot vote at the June election
service to all points along the eighty will cost nothing to r-glsterl
mues or its length. A specialty will
be made of the handling of freight,
berries and garden vegetables which
could be shipped in fresh from the
country at all hours of the day. A
specialty will be made of picnic
features during the summer season
and in the winter skating carnivals
will be arranged. Running at the
speed of an ordinary railroad train
the electric cars will make the trip
from Dayton to Pendleton in better
than four hours, thus making it pos
sible for a business man to make the
round journey in a day. There will
be plenty of equipment for excursion
trains and all other requirements of
a first class road.
Oxford wearing weather is here you are advir
to prepare.
Another large lot of the celebrated and largely J
Low Toned Price
JUST IN New stock "collar and tie" complete
And the newest of the new Coronation Eng.
lish Twill
Call and see them, as they are JUST OUT.
Bay a "Stein-Bioch" Suit and
the Other Fellow Jealous.
Boston Ston
There Is No Question
It is the finest grade it is possible to make. Nothing
but the choicest wheat enters into Byers' flour, and
satisfaction is the result whererever it is used for bread
or fancy baking.
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.
Reveals a Great Secret
It is often asked how such startl
ing cures, that puzzle the beat physi
cians, are effected by Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption. Here's
Labor Men interested.
Hammond. Ind., May 6. Labor
men are much interested in the elec
tion for mayor in progress here to
day. A labor ticket is in the field
but an odd feature of the contest is
that union labor is not supporting It
A. F. Knotts, lawyer for the union
men in the recent fight against the
plant of the W. B. Conkey publish
ing company, Is the republican candi
date and appears to have the fol
lowing of union labor. Mayor Reilly.
the present Incumbent, known ns
Honest Pat," heads' the democratic
ticket Upon the result of the eW.
tlon depends the course to bo taken
by the union printers and pressmen
in a proposed renewal of the fight
against the Conkey company.
Alabama Pythians.
Montgomery. Alt., May C The Al-
Dandruff and
Falling Hair vanish
before the magic touch of
Xewbro's Herpicide, the
latest scientific discovery.
it kills the dandruff germs.
Destroy the cause, you re
move the effect Kill the
dandruff germ, and your
hair will grow abundantly.
ti-.m?A Axihost, Id aho, D. s.
IlfTTWde Que all that you claim for It. It
b"'lea2l n'T.lKad m dandruff , and Wi
myaairtoeandiott. Qgos.M.UBOti;rK.
For Silt at al! Firii-Clajs Drug Stores.
;:,! llflk i
"Before Taking"
He's no cause to repine,!
foaming stein gives pie
anticipation. Nourishing i
vigorating, as weJ as pi
the deservedly popular
brewed by Schultz ishiol
commended for table use,
lant and tonic. Strictly p
uniformly high grade, ill
effective means of securi
munity from premature old?
nhnmn cranil nt t.-ii..- Kjtht(itir
secret It cuts out the Dheltrm
and germ Infected mucus, and lets Pythias is In session at the capital te"p2?" rT.T '
the life giving OXVcen enrich nnrl vit-.todnv vcUh Ttv "nr T-T t-u.i- ti mi.AiIhi mf-u ,
William Pnintflns nf nncrnn nr.o 1 allze th hJnnri Jt Koolo , in ' i ..... 1 . . iWirand cln u to
ut,vu . uuio tug luuau- uiiu&iiuiu presming. jarge deleea-
6 years, died at that place near Port-1 ed. cough worn throat and lungs, tlons are in attendnnr fmm ii,.
Keep Yout Houses Cool!
Have a "Quick Meal" BIe Flame Oil St"
Put in your kitchen without delay. Cheapest aud most
feet stove made. One cent a burner au hour is all it cost to
operate the Quick Meal. Ko trouble to start aud absolutd
free from danger. New stock just in.
ir healthy moTtmtnt of tht
a n or win be. Kwpyouii
nt in tbe ihape of rlo
. uuuKciuut i lit; a moo in
War o Efreuint' thA KtH.ii
Ue ' "
land from poisoning. The day pre- Hard coUs and aubborn coughs soon 1 mlngham. Mobile and other chief
Tious the child ate some raw cab-, yield to Dr. King's New DIbcovai-v cities of th ct.t,. rm . "r
-l . ww t t,Uki L3
bage, which had been shipped from
California, and in a short while be
gan vomiting and died in a few
the most Infallible remedv for nil Rlmu- fhnr a. i .
rTTu. . - , ; u'to u -niuuauia is
Throat jind Lung diseases. Guar-! in a flourishing condition, with an
anteed bottles 50c and $1.00. Trial increased membership and a good fi
bottles free at Tallman & Co's. j nancial balance. The sessions of
- Dr. ; T . I the meeting, are expected to occupv
Small Profits for Cash. , several days "as a number of mat-
iiic oiunuuru urocerv uomnanv. i mre oi great lmnortanoo nr in
M. L. Langford, an old resident of
Union, died there Monday night of
defeneration of his nnrvos Un n-am
born in Cleveland, X. C. August 13 on Court street, has been selling at "a I considered and acted upon,
i3t, and hence was GG years old. "' L,o;ie l"arE ana in order to
He was an officer In the Coniederate Pontlnue t0 do so- t,le proprietors! "A Knowledge Scratcher."
army, ne came to Oregon 20 years i ""7 i ao a strictly cashi The East Oregonlan announces
:i,m a ,uuw ana Iour!,m n, :::Z'.T."ue; 181 " "as sccu "e nen-lces of
. v.- n.c .ivuni uunKerjueri Jiuriman on the editorial
orecon will soon receive
oi me city can get credit at the
ft R fa Cn.ln..i r-.
shnre of ti, r. i". . ""iu wucory. u you are trad-
the sales o 7t w ? "a a ,onB time credit store, it will
.n-iorr ... i
it,nd.tiu. mis monev is filsin.r.a
annually soon after it has been re
ceived by the state treasurer to the
various counties In proportion to
their area, and Is used for road and
bridge construction work.
surprise you at the bargains at the
aianaara urocery. when you ask for
the prices, remember that they are
cash to all.
Columbus buggies. $150.
tllla Implement Company.
at Uma-
Mr. Huffman Is a writer
ability and his contributions to jour
nals and periodicals are always read
with Interest. His articles alwavs
bear the impress of a "knowledge
scratcher." -Athena Press. i
nZr,fi2.l,,'-"t"' t'"n TaaUCood Do Good
rnnmc Buiur coapwr. ciuaco ., nn loHi.
Makers of Happy
t . nr;rc coupled
nftQ 9nrl Mattin? of kllOSj
quality, prove
question oi
Mattine. where best
tied with promptness in
where good style and.
make low prices so emp- v
nakers of Happy
If you fall to register before May
15, you will not have the right to
cast a ballot at the June election.
For Health, Strenafh nnri
Pleasure Drink : :
Polydore Aloens, ProrjrietoT!
11 U