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Eastern Oregon Weather
.A' I
Tonight and Friday, threaten
ing with probably showers.
or place of business by carrier t
NO. 4075
Oh. 15.
reeted by Committee Headed
by Mayor Collins.
of People Were Out to Greet
-Seventeen Guns Fired on
Iston Common In His Honor The
fternoon Spent at Harvard Col-
Boston, March, C.' The royal visit
Prlnco Honrv. showed no sign of
lariness because of his long trip. He
Is in a particularly happy mood up-
hls arrival here, making a most
cellcnt ImpresBlon upon those who
mn in direct contact with him. He
kB gracious to the crowds who as-
nhinrt to meet him and his acknowi-
tgement of their interest in him
fcs received in correspondingly goou
bmor. The prince was greatly Bat
umi and somewhat surprised at the
armth of hiB. reception in all parts
the country, in snort, ne nites
to front rnmiblic" more than ever,
Id he is not slow in giving expres-
bn to his appreciation. urom tnis
ly the prince and his party go to
itmbridge for a visit to Harvard coi-
Boston Welcomes the Prince.
IBoston, Mass., March G. Prince
anry's reception in Boston today
is a repetition of the hearty wel
Imes he has encountered every
here since his arrival in the United
ite's. The special train reached the
Ly on schedule time, arriving at the
kck Bay station shortly after 10
block. Since an early hour in the
Drning crowds had been congregat
in the vicinity and it was with
utmost difficulty that the prince,
ied by squads of infantry and ma
les, were able to keep the people
check. The prince was officially
leeted by Mayor Collins and WII
im T. Roincke, the German consul
ider an escort of cavalry the party
jceeded to the Hotel Somerset,
Ho route was through the business
itrict and all along Winter, Tre
int and other thoroughfares the
Bwalks were packed with specta
who cheered loudly as the prince
Chen the party arrived at Boylston
Ptot it was greeted with a salute of
gunB fired by a battery stationed
IBoston common. During the stay
Ithe prince and his suite at the ho
I the cavalry remained on guard
itslde. Governor Crane was one of
ie first to appear to make his call of
ate, and then, as demanded by the
rmalltles of the occasion, ho hast-
lied back to the state house to re
live the return call of the royal vis
lor. Under the cavalry escort the
rince and his suite proceeded to the
late house by way of Commonwealth
td Massachusetts avenues and Ba
n street.
I At the conclusion of the call upon
be governor, and after a look at" the
haw monument, the party proceedod.
the public library, where, amid the
Ibbcy paintings, Mayor ColllnB and
thor city officials awaited their
urn to greel the visitor. From the
liblic library the prince was taken by
lay of Dartmouth street and Com
Ionwealth avenue back to his hotel
The Prince at Cambridge.
I Cambridge. March C As Prince
lenry's carrlag earrived at the state
buse the naval brigade band played
America" and through file marches
Ie prince and his suite passed to
te executive chamber whore the gov.
nor and staff and heads of depart
Ionts were waiting. After reception
re the prince was conducted to the
iuse of representatives, where both
igisiative bodies had assembled, and
o prince was formally presented to
le membors, but instead of making
is usual brief address, he calmly
Irned around and eat down. The
amorlal hail was next visited, where
e .prince seemed esnecially interest
in the battle .flags returned by the
issachusetts regiments from the civ-
and SpaniBh wars. At the public 11
ry the prince was introduced to
uerman veterans from Boston
vicinity. He entered into meet
With the old soldiers with rare
pit of comradeshin. atanniner hafora
pi man, Inspecting his medals and
ijng details of his record, finally
P"B nis hand.
Prince Henry at Harvard.
ftembrldgo, Mass,, Marcb 6. -Prince
Urlcadler-General James H. Wilson
will renresent the United States army
at the coronation. General Wilson is
a verv distinguished soldier. He was
an able officer during the civil war,
and performed snlendld service aur-
lnc the Snaiiish-Amnrican war. He is
a foremost military writer and noted
for his great courtesy.
Henry spent the afternoon at Harvard
university, noting all that he saw
with a keen eye and expressing sur
prise and astonishment at tne size
nlfiteness of the Institution.
The prince was heartily received by
the faculty and students or tne uni
versity. The visitors arrived under
oonnvt from Boston at 1:30 and were
received In Memorial Hall by Presi
dent Eliot. After the greetings uau
been exchanged all proceeded to the
fnmiltv room, where, after the profes
sors and officers had been presented,
luncheon was served. The meal waB
r informal as consistent with collegi
ate and Imperial dignity, and when it
was finished all repaired to the Har
vard Union building, where there was
a formal reception to Btudonts and a
few brief speeches. The program of
the afternoon closed with a reception
to the German Student Association at
the home of Professor Munsterberg.
Albany to Welcome Prince.
Albany, N. Y., March 6. All ar
rangements have been made for the
reception' of Prince Henry and his
suite, who will arrive in Albany early
tomorrow -morning. The guest will
be escorted by committees represent
ing the Albany City Club and the
state legislature, first to the city hall,
where the mayor will formally pre
sent the freedom of the city. From
tho city hall the party will proceed to
the Btatp capitol, whore the prince
and his suite will be presented to Gov
ernor Odell and members of the leg
Charged With Torturing and Killing
Filipinos Without Trial.
Manila, March 6. Major Waller
and Lieutenant Cay, of the marine
corps, are to be court-martialed on
the 17th, being charged with tortur
ing Filipinos and executing others
without trial n the Island of Samar.
Major Waller and his marines did
good work in Samar, after the massa
cre of part of the company of Ninth
Republican Members Confer.
Washington, March 6. The republi
can members of. the house met for
the third time in hope of reporting
some agreement relative to the relief
which should be given to Cuba. It Is
not expected that any definite conclu
sion will be reported. The members
representing the high protection inter
ests are stubborn in their attitude to
ward Cuba and will probably prevent
justice from being done the people of
the island, which President Roosevelt
insists should be done.
Honor Texas Herpes.
Houston, Texas, March 5. This was
tho anniversary of the fall of the
Alamo, when so many of the brave
sons of Texas died for liberty. In
commemoration of the event the San
Jacinto chapter, daughters of. the re
public of Toxas, today decorated the
graves of all. the veterans of the Tex
as republic in this locality.
Trial of Counterfeiter.
San Francisco, March C. Tho trial
of O. L. 'Wood worth, who, last Sep
tember, attempted fraud in a real es
tate, transaction, at Long Beach, was
begun in tho federal court in this
city this morning. He is charged
wl(;h haying counterfeiting tools in
"his possession. '
Fred Miller . .lately from W.eiser,
Idaho, . was adjudged insano at Baker
City, and taken to the asylum at .Salem.
The appointment of Whitelaw Reid as special ambassador to represent
the United States at the coming coronation of King Edward, gives great
satisfaction in official and unofficial circles in England. Mr. Reid is much
liked by our neighbors across the sea on account of his many personal
efforts to promote a better understanding between the people of this coun
try and England. It now appears certain, says a London dispatch to tho
Herald, that Whitelaw Reid, of the American delegation at the coronation
rnrpmonlfis. will take Brook House, in Park Lane, for his stay in London
during the coronation. It is the residence of Lord Tweedmouth, and it
in Rt.nt.fir1 that Mr. Reid will nav $20,000 for six weeks. Everybody is sur
prised to think Lord Tweedmouth would care to let his house for such a
noviorl. considerine his important position in the liberal party, and it was
anticipated that Lady Tweedmouth would give several very important
parties during the season. Brook House is one of the finest places in Park
Lane, with. a splendid view over Hyde Park.
Mrs. Phillip Armour, Jr., Weds Her
Husband's Partner.
New York, March C. The marriage
of Mrs. P. D. Armour, Jr., and P. A.
Valentine was quietly celebrated to
day in this city. The ceremony was
attended only by members of the two
families and a few intimate friends
Part of the honeymoon is to be spent
with Mrs. P. D. Armour, Sr., at the
Hotel Bon Air, AuguBta, Ga.
The bride of today .is noted as a
woman of extraordinary beauty. Be
fore her marriage to the late P. D.
Armour, Jr., she was Miss May Les
ter, daughter of John T. Lester, a mil
lionaire board of trade operator in
Chicago. She has two children,
Philip D. Armour III. and Lester
Armour, both of whom are preparing
for preparatory school. For many
years Mr. Valentine was manager of
the interests of the late P. D. Ar
mour and is extensively Interested in
the business. He Is credited with
possessing seven millions if dollars.
Mr. and Mrs. Valentine will make
their future home In Chicago.
American to Wed Prince.
Paris, March 6. A rumor is current
her to the effect that Miss Helena
Gorham Wade, an American, who has
made her homo in Paris for some
time, will shortly marry Prince Eu
gene, of Sweden, if ho can gain the
consent of his father, and arrange to
resign to the succession of the
throne of the Bernadottes, as his
brother Oscar did some years ago
when he made a morganatic alliance
by espousing Miss Ebba Money, a mar
riage which created considerable of
a stir at the time. Prince Eugene
is a painter of some note who haj
lived In the Latan quarter for many
years. Miss Wilde Is both pretty and
No Help for the Boers.
Washington, March, C Messrs.
Wolmarans and Wessels, Boer repre
sentatives, were received by Secre
tary of State Hay as private citizens.
The secretary of state heard them at
tentively and promised to do what
ever he could to ameliorate conditions
in South Africa. Later Wolmarans
and Wessels, accompanied by Dr.
Frederick Mueller, of the Orange Free
SUite, were received by President
.Roosvelt. He informed .them . this
government will not Interfere in tho
Traffic Returned.
New York, March 6. The snpw
storm has ceased and traffic has gen
erally resumed,
Word Received From the Vessel
Franz Josefland.
, Copenhagen, March 0. Letters dat
ed from Franz 'josefland, August 17,
have been received here from the
Danes who accompanied tho Baldwin
Zelgler Arctic expedition. The ves
sels arriving at Franz Josefland
after trying experiences, with all on
board well. The America intended to
winter at Franz Josefland and then
proceed northward until stopped by
the ice, when the party on board was
to start towards the north pole.
Boom of the Ill-fated Sloop of War
Picked Up.
Victoria, B .C, March 6. The
steamer Queen City, which returned
last night from a trip along hto west
coast of Vancouver Island, found the
boom of the Ill-fated Condor on Long
beach. Further north the officers
learned of other wreckage coming
ashore, presumably from sealing
schooners. The sealing combine will
suffer heavy losses, as besides get
ting no skins almost every schooner
will require repairs.
She Is Probably Helplessly Adrift In
Mid Ocean.
New York, March 6. The disabled
Cunard liner, which was reported
yesterday, has not been heard from
further, up to 10 o'clock this morning.
It is feared the tow lines between
the Etrurla and the steamer . Cliff,
which was reported as haying her in
tow, near the Azores, parted and the
big liner Is again drifting about help
lessly. Mrs. Marcus Daly Buys Bank.
Great Falls, Mont., March 6. Nego
tiations have been concluded where
by Mrs. Margaret Daly becomes the
.owner of the First National Bank,
whoso financial condition was Jeop
ardized by Cashier Henry M. Matte
son, who embezzled $70,000. Mr0.
Daly will pay an assessment of 60 per
pent levied by the United States
comptrpller to cover tho defalcation
of Cashier Matteson's shortage. The
bank has a capitalization of $200,000
and Mrs', Daly has purchased 70 per
cent of the stock.
London U Fogbound.
London, March 6. This city was
completely fogbound today .traffic be
ing demoralized and a number of acci
dents reported. The fog spread over
the English channel and the mail
steamers are hours overdue.
uapiain uiant, aium uimwu
battleship Oregon, has been solcctod
navy at the coronation or King up
ward. President Roosevelt takes this
opportunity of rewarding tho gnllant
sail'.r. whose advancement by six
numbers the president does not con
sider sufficient compensation for his
Reported by I. L. Ray & Co., Pendle
ton, Chicago Board of Trade and
New York Stock Exchange Brokers.
New York, March 6. Tho wheat
market was firm today. Tho torrlllc
storm now prevailing in tho east in
terfered with the working of tho
wires so that there were but few
Quotations. Liverpool was higher,
G . New York opened 82 and
closed 82. Chicago opened 70 and
closed 7G. Stocks hlghor.
Closed yesterday, 82Vi.
, Opened today, 82.
Range today, 82V482.
Closed today, 82 Ms.
Sugar, 128.
Steel, 43.
St. Paul, 104.
Union Pacific, 99.
Wheat In Chicago.
Chicago, March 6. Wheat quoted
today 7(!37C.
Will Give Conaress a Chance to Do
Something for Cuba.
Washington, March 6. President
Roosevelt has decided to keep out of
tho Cuban sugar fight in congress. It
is authoritatively announced that ho
will not send a message to congress,
unless tho latter should fall to take
any action In behalf of the Island. As
long as thoro Is a chance that con
gress will do something ho will not
Big Fire In New Jersey Town.
Plalnfield, N. J March 6. Tho Bab
cock block and the Sobing building,
two of the largest business structures
In thlB city, were burned this morn
ing. Tho loss was $250,000.
Makes delicious
griddle cakes, roll,r
and muffins,
Mrs, Grace Bohn Seeks Di
vorce From John Bohn.
Mother-in-Law Took Sides With Her
Son-in-Law Against Her Own
Daughter and the Daughter Now
Goes Her One Better.
Chicago, March C Mrs. Grnco
Bohn, in an amended petition for di
vorce filed In court In this city this
morning, names her own mother, Dr.
Mnry Oroen ftS (,0.VP8,,omi0nt. Tho
plaintiff is a gifted woman ot 30 years
and recently figured in a sensntional
suit brought by her husband, John
llohn, to lecover his children, whom
Mrs. Bohn took with her to "Loma
Land," the home of theosophlsts,
near San Diego, Cal. This suit wan
brought in the courts of Los Angolen
and tho children woro given to tho
custody of tho father.
Mrs. Bonn's present suit Is a sequel
to tho other, her charge against her
own mother being partly due to tho
fact that Dr. Green has taken sides
with Bohn against her during all of
hor troubles.
Arkansas Republicans.
Little Rock, Ark., March 6. Con
siderablo interest Is manifested In po
litical circles in tho meeting of tho
republican stnto central committee
to be held this aftornoou at the Lin
coln club. The purpose of the meet
ing Is to recommend a successor to
Colonel II. M .Cooper, as United
States marshal for tho eastern divi
sion of Arknusns, and to confer re
garding tho appointment of soveral
postmasters. Col. A. S. Fowlor of
this city will In all probability be re
commonded for tho marshalshlp.
The Street Car Men's Strike.
Norfolk, Vn., March 0. Tho strike
among the street car men and tho
light and electric power plantB in
this city Is ns far from settlement
this morning ns ever. The Bituntlon
Is growing moro serious all tho time.
Tho militia nro keeping order. Num
bers of women havo been arreBted for
placing rocks on tho tracks In tho
Mr. New Declines It.
Washington, March C. Harry H.
New, of Indianapolis, has declined tho
proftored post of first nBslstant post-mastor-genornl,
offered him by Presi
dent Roosevelt.
Mine on Fire.
Monongahola, Pa., March G, A seri
ous explosion this morning caused tho
burning of a mine horo. It Is feared
that a number of entombed minora
nro dead.
hot biscuit,