East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 18, 1902, Image 2

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Clearance Sale Men's and Boy's
Clothing, Furnishings and Hats
8 7.00 Men's mid, oleerance price $".(")
7.50 Men's auite, clearance price 8.10
sod. Men's suita. clearance price 0.7fi
1000 Men's lulti, clear ancu price
l li . Mcii' suit, clearance price
l.fiO Men's duck eoate, lined
I 50 MerVs duck pints, lined
2.00 Men'- dftck routs, lined .
Men's heavy fleeced uuderwear, suit
7. So
. .(' I
I 10
F: very thinj; Bt Reduced Prices.
Om !'! Clothier, Pnmuhtn atnd flatten. P8ndUton
a annua belief prevailed in Bun
rial etfCh I that noKotlntions for peace
had beer, reopened between tike lead
m.. liners ami the Itrit 1m)i government
Th- transport Kllpatrlck sailed for
Manila with a full tMMflf list made
up chiefly of recruits for the arm anil
men for the United States marine
corps and their officers.
General Uhaffeo will leave Manila
for the Inland of Samar next Satur
day, tie will thoroughly in est inate
the situation there, ax It In desired to
stamp out the S.nmar Insurrection dur
ing the dry leuoo.
PfSOldsal 0. V. liallfduy and a ma
Jorlty Of the stockholders 01 the Ctfi
elnnatl Safe v Look Company ap
plleii foi a receiver, on the ground
that tli. cor.ipuny in insolvent Assets
S4S.TSS, Ilaliillfles $lo:.
What appi.us to he a bl.ici eyi 101
th Panama Canal and clearly helps
the Nicaragua Canal In :i It it. BMBI B)
p. rson i, "rescntlli tin I nlteil
States stockholders oi tie I'anuin.i
Railroad Company that they would
not Hell their Interest in the railroad
to the Unit, d States
Chaii man liurton. of the rivers and
harbors committee, stated that the
nv. r and harbor bill that is now being
trani. I BUM not In largei than the
hill reported by his committee at the
last ss.on This is tak' u to mean
that the month oi the Columbia will
n.elve 1600,000 appropriation.
Krlendi. id the Nlearugna Canal say
that Die dopnients now show that
tie- I'mariia r.r .i omian ha.- noth
lug but a part of the dlti It to unload
on th United Stat, government, and
the moat valuable assets, the cession
from tie Colombian government ami
the full control of the Panama rail
roa! ari not within the power of the
PlMM company to transfer, should
the government huy its property.
Senator Simon's hill extending until
KehruaiN IS, LSOfl tie time for con
atrmtlng the Clearwater Valley rail
road across N, . Perccs land in Idaho
wus favorably reported.
jMlfja James II. Condon, u promi
nent lawyer and pioneer, died it his
home In The Dulles Bitot an illness of
two art eks. of a complication of dis
eases, resulting I" heart failure.
Dr. Otis D, Hutler who has just
been Installed as mayor of Independ
ence Is a native Oregonlau having
been born In Monmouth. Or.. June l'.
IMS, ll has resided in Polk county
nearly all of his life.
The committee appointed by the Ba
ker City Chamber of Commerce to
look into tin matter oi the construc
tion ol a road over the Dine Moun
tains to l)ivws, arranged to send an
experienced roud builder over the pro
poel rOOtS
Nenatoi Mitchell recently filed with
ociotarj lioot a petition of numerous
eltlMBi ot Astoria asking that no per
mits be granted ht ieafl, i by tiM war
department for the construction of
fish irolr and traps In the Columbia
rlTOI It was denied.
The educational campaign in the In
tares! ol Willamette University, will
Bt begun at Salem on Suuday Febru
ary J. when the public meetings will
b. addressed . liishop Karl Cran
ston of Oregon, and Rev. W. McDow
ell and ROT, M. B. Mills, of New York.
The following hoard of directors
and onV n ol the Baker First Nation
al Bank have been elected for the en
suing year: Directors, Levi Aukeny,
Wiii.au, Pollmao, Or. 0. If. Dodsoa,
Waller Female! and J. II. Parker; of
ficers. Levi Ankeny, president; J. II.
Parker, vice president ; J. T. Donnel
ly, cashier, and Charles liussey, as
sistant cashier.
Juek Wud" confessed at Portland
that in rod the shot that killed
lamer I! Morrow. The confession was
voluntarv and complete, ami IINW
ates Dalton so far an the shot is con
oarSOd While Wade admits his guilt
in this regard, be says the killing was
Occidental Bad 'hut he had no lateo
tion of shooting Morrow or any one
Gorgeous Array of Goods in all the
Stores of Gotham.
New York. Jan IN Bpftng, hm for
as fashions are concerned. Is here,
land in the shops there Is no more
I sign of winter than If the thermonic
: ter registered a hundred ami six In
th. shade rathei than sl above zero
as It Is wont to do at this season
, Spread upon the counters In gor
00OI arrny are dainty shirt waists
I of mull, linen, batiste. In fact of ev
everything front silk to cotton, and the
milliner shops are Just as resplend
Ml with theli display of newly Im
ported headgear. Shirt waist styles
I are prettier and more vailed than
ever, afford In:; an almost unlimited
IchOiei of mnteilnl mid fBraltnrs in
KentrOl effect they bear u renin k
I able ks, m'.laucc to the designs of
I i t year but then are many Httls
:intni: touches which testify to tie
(fori thai oiaanraetorsT as well as
I modiste lias exerted to Introduce t,,
"ThlBtOlPOl DORM Knshlon OBMthlOf,
original ami at the same time irortb
Ol popular fnvor.
VI . sheet lawns ami mulls arc nOI
It h cMibroldered nnd bid fair tO
ploy an important part in the gum
i .ire- parade substantiated hy
I OB HUBBl drOOt sl,lrt ol sill, or satin
t Onlahed cloth Madras. Oxfords.
I I hevloi and pique arc the popular
Imcaioai v 1 1 h hootrj arolefcl rottoa
.iis for the smart tailor made
waists.. For plain us well as fancy
lOdtll tie- elongated IrOBt will be
1 popular Bad mom of too close fitting
I lii'twulsts displayed In heavlei ma
I fc-tal have a yoke in the hack. A
t stylish design is shown In pique.
comblolBB white and pal,- BW0
which may he substitute! for pink or
pule green--In Its color sehenie. It
is niaile with large box plaits, which
lire of the colored goods, applied to
the white foundation I:, I rout the
plaits extend from a yok with a
d , p potBl on either Bid. of the cen
ter plait The points button down
on the side plaits, one of which con
tains a tiny pocket BMCBtBS stitch
ed to the plait The hack Is finished
with box plaits, corresponding In
-i. to those In front. The cuff art
sott ami are fastened with pearl but
It may be mentioned that oik- of
the distinguishing features of the
latest model is the suit cuff. It Is
worn with waists of all materials
and designs- and made of the shereat
linen bBBd snbroldorod, or. for the
luxuriously lacllaod. they come in
silk tissue, oaqaloltotj hand painted.
On some ot the smartest waists they
are fastened with two or three good
staod pearl buttons. The buttons
m i be plain or elaborately carved,
but always to me t the requirements
of the faultless gowned, they must
be ot pearl While there are many
delightful associations of tints In the
i a spring shirt waists, plain one
color effects are much seen. Noth
ing Is cooler or daintier than white,
so tiie announcement of Its being cm
Oiojrod for the majority of fashion
able waists will be received joyfully
by most women Then It boasts un
BdYBBtaeo unknown to the tinted
fabrics, that of being lojiadftod time
without number without Impairment
to Its color scheme.
A striking featur. or the shirt
waist for smart wear l.s the fine hand
work with which tiny are finished.
DollOBti baud embroidery Is seen in
colors und iti white, while both the
plain ami Mexican hemstitching cm
ti Dishes other chic affairs. Freuch
lot- will of course, always be fash
ionable, because the air of daintiness
which they add Is distinctly their
own Another trimming frOQOOBUV
Oboorvod is tine beading which out
Itnes the shoulder and arm seams of
Mime of the most stylish models.
The waist that buttons In the back
will probably not play such an Im
portant part among the ultra lash
looable design- as It did lust year,
thoj arc IntaooOd to attract and as a
result. unless specially made are
either taut and disfiguring or too
Two Quarters Bring $14,000 in Town
hip 5, Range 34.
The real estate transfers rocordod
nt the court house yesterday were
From WKIIInm Hnymond rt Ml "
Warren Raymond, the southwest QBB1
ter or HOtteaSSi ami the southeast
quarter of section 2:t. township 6,
north of range 14, Consideration j
$14. .oo
John Schrodt i et u lots 1 and
ot the northwest quarter and lots I
and '2 of the northwest quarter of sec-1
(Ion 1. township .1. north of range SS. I
' Consideration $!uon.
Ten Mining Claims.
Ten mining claims were lib d with
I the county recorder yesterday for ,
I ptoperty on the north fori, of the John
Dny river, one mile east ot Texas liar
erook, The names of the filers an : i
I August Miller. K. II. Jamison. C D.
Murdoek, J. w. (luiioway Chariot (ill
I man, Roboti Johnson c ii Oilman, I
CharlOS Atkins. C. F. Congdon and
V 'am Cook J W. QOllOWa) Ims filed
a water right on Texas creek for the
purpose ol taking water to the Doti
placer claims for mining purposes
Stops tha nd Worki Oil tus Cold.
tASatlve rtfoMo tatalssi TaMta cars sold
in, hi,. ,ia No i-urn. mi pay. I'rlco cenn
EXCM I fN I SI 'OKI ft ivi irtV' - " " mi; w" hR Erpn.
mu t t J
' 200 r ssjSjaaB! BaM
, I III ! " '
Malt Shipped East.
Dayton. Jan. IK. A shipment of
over L'on tons ol Columbia county malt
Is being made to Muskegon. Mich.,
from this city, the bull, or t.n product
bi lug loaded on ears today The ship
BMBl will In rushed eastward In BBC
train, having been r.old on UBUSUall
good terms for quick delivery This
Is one of the largest shipments ever
Thetr icr yachts arr c.tpaole of making a mile a minute, and furnish great sport in localnt ntiiq
uodies of ic are touno.
made froai this city at one tlmi
The, mult house owned tj S Wlni
hard is BBdoriolai Improvomenta of
an OXtonslve chorOPtei The plant N
. llin elit:, ;-, ,1 IM. II IICW llrvilll' SVS line,., I M. fcall
" ",- n- - '-f rt --j ........ .,,.11,11, ,
, , 1 11 I mi... ... . .. , 'UT W
. IP Ml.. ni ce m.M.io, ,i i ne nine HIM 11 liarit'V to milt
loi i.i, has been lit iluvs ii ii ,( i -.. . .
- - - w --. .... ... n,,in mmrm ,.
prlin iiiol imliistrli- f the
In n hil in future It will he re
loose ami hugg to In graceiiil in
A feature ol decoration whh h has
gained favor rather than lost In pop
ularlty Is tucking. A delightful el
lei t M produced In a waist composed
of daintily hOBMtftChod solid tucking
tunning up and down, with the
-be, is and narrow tuffs made oi
vroKswise tucks to correspond. BI
t ow sleeves Hie si en on sonic ol tile
mole delicate designs and will he
worn to a certain extent dining tin
mld-sitmnier season Finished with
boad and bow ot black velvet they
dive n decided I) "Ftoochjr" effect to
I Rralal for all, t noon or evening
areai Hat- are dsclorsd so lata uud
uie BBhJoi i such sudden changes
that the positive announcement of
an pSTOSOOOOl styles seems almost
i piesuinptloii Present Indication,,
however, suggest green as the pop
ulai shade fur the ti" spring hat
All during the wlntei season the mil
liners have been partial to this tint
and unless one were In mourning, the
l,at maker has always managed In
MBM way to Introduce a bit oi color
somewhere in the headgear. It only a
hunch ot silk or Velvet lenve-
As a fashionable spilng coloi green
will combine chiefly with white,
black, grey or brown A pretty mo
del showing tills Idea effectively Is
it broad brlmicd hat ot while satin
chip worn off the face. The brim Is
aught back to tin- crown in front by
a twisted band of bright I v. green
ribbon. One end of this ribbon en
cisclss the crown and to It 1.- it t :n b
of ii hunch ot pah- green pollage so
i- t en tin brim in from and
opposite to It behind a bunch of
green nnd white varlguted lolluge
with little round berries hootlBI a
resemblance to currants Umbo
neath the brim in front tin- rlbBOB is
drawn up Into a large pout', which a
placed on a folded band ol Up satin
Auothei smart hat is composed of
two draped plaques of coral plnl
(BBOJ braid with folds of pink dui
fon between them Tin trimming
embodies a delightful arrangement
of cream lace draped around the brim
while resting upon the hair under the
brim are delicate green ami white
S3pHlflnQfu' - BsflsMsW
to jiLsja ' ladadjSjflWCByy' aWpMaoBSSr tItH
Malille one of the new spidei web
' f plays an Importaol part
in the creation of spring headgear.
f large hat destined to shade the
a if sonic pretty summer girl is
made of this material and baa .
crown banded with pale BlUS panne
velvet. Around the edge ol tin litlin
white roses form a wreath and the
garland around the brim is ot pale
. BTOOB terminating with a black ro
tOtta Ho far all the hats lor spring
are large in shape and teoltaod to be
worn off the face. UllllBBUISd
shapes math of fine IniKhorn and oth
er pliable straw are QalBOborough in
offset, and will be trimmsd, as are
nearly all hats of this style, with
weeping ostrich plumes ami ipS
The appearunee of the shirt waist
necessarily brings out many novel
ties In stocks and bells uud those
shown In unlimited varletv. Patent
leather belts will he fashionable
ugaln. also those of fine leather tin
ish with plain heavj sllvei buoklea
that wen- known lust summer as the
"doK collar belts." Still other ,e
signs come in headed effect the
beads being struug upon an elastic
fouudatl in. but as the majority of
taOBO bells are wide the) are not des
tined to become a ud. for the sea
son of (MS. at least. Some of the
newest bells have little dewc at
tached to the inside b) which the sil
ver chateluine can be made more se
cure and the idea Is a very clever
OBO, because such extravagant sums
are spent upon these little adorn
Uteata that the loss of om- really
meaus the expenditure of a ifood
round sum. If the loser wishes to re
-dace the serviceable Hub article.
Uitlt :i petir t "Pfndletor Blenkeie" n your bad
vuu will ! L'timfortAblej and waiin during 1h oold
winter i ijilit
peir of eia pouud bkuiketi of Pendleton nana
feature neve been proven to be as wurm a i leu
pound i"ii of ntiitt. brnndi.
Nothing but puw FLEECE wool is usctl ir tb Pw
dleton Mills sod th ipiri tbelr yam finer and
weave their blankets oloaer than oilier niille j
ipPNhi PTfi' wnrii f MIL
Manufacturers of
Fleece Wool Blankets, Indian Robes and Shawls
fftxxYw .,!.. ,..,.i.i.,.(.i.i...,.i.i.i.i.i.i.,.i.1 i.i.i.i.w.wriii)aiw'-" -
lor Health, Strength and
Pleasure Drink :::::::
-. - .
! Polydpre Moens, Proprietor.
Pendleton Ukiah Stage Line
- 77a
nu mm m am I .1 II
ivnyiP Lrnnnh VantMl WYA U
i iiira x b mii.ii a iiiuiv"'
Strictlv vegetable, perfectly haruues-, faeu
IM.hlKI'O kliSULTS. Greatct h'i '"
. . a nVI mm -
nuston A Carney, Prop's.
Uave Pendleton everv day at 7 o'clock
except KunUay, for Pilot Kock, Nye,
Kidtfe. Albu sml II k ml awwl ....
couimodatious. Reasonable freight and u , . . tmMttmmm Tbtfii
. ..r ,.tuu K CAniMNi M"' t tXMIIIlrfU soil IsMlaUoot. TWJ
paaseuger rats. wefWllWH ,,u ,ilh f0 ,i,uiio iiiuiurs ou w '
, Oily ottos at Taitmau a Co'i droit "1 ''' wu-uams oAi.co.im au. '
mi. I'm . . . . n c
Mm 1 1 ii v tai i aiiu a r t nmif.i.iaio
i ha