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    brate 4 thof July in Pendleton,
Just Half Price.
m to close at lr yard.
K3. to close at. Oe per yard.
ESSbtOclofce at 12$c per yanl.
SSodl to Clow at 15c pat yard.
gjorfito cloM at 11)1 per yard. .
niiirc wnrth nf Summer
rvprV ttw-
Goods must be closed out
by July 4th.
Cleaver Bros. Dry Goods Co.
y SPAY, .T Nr.
Silln Ship 60 Horsti to
" inn it if i -
Ill; DlSt't tilt' l.S ttlM"
Mir mil pi' l
. .. i it ri I M l; serious
th. -. in reported aa being
b mi lil fi rm WHipn
(,. H. saline, ol Pendleton, was an
...ii.t s.tnr lal .
)w A. t (oniioyer. wno uvea at
. .t . Th.im Hii i in i r i if ( itu
JW ' 1 1 u . ' . u I
j h i i' Satnnlav.
fill Harden woj a Weston visitor
ilMot Cirri, No. 10, WOMB
yi mil. a w-i .-iii'-.io. ...
. nn f . nnh hr hi- inn
W II II 1 1 U Ills'
i .turdv eOiDf which wan
; itteadtd.
Hr m Mfi. I diaries r.:lierd were
:,loo visitors Saturday.
J Ilea ii.,i.i; -rk D en-
tbM west rfiiiiKim i i nf me ex
ol bit rttidence. "Alien com-
M will bate a handsome ami
won nnnie.
laud Boniler.nl this city, wbo bat
in mttiiai: v aitli 1 rank Salmi;.
o, rounding up unreal mt the
...L . i I I 1 . I
Bou iter and aluig last week
Ol- v. riean 'ii Kir-i'i mini i tin
I. " in .. mi i ui i Mini H rir lor-v
1 t mid.
1 axial diner, the last of the season,
miu rriday evening, and wan well
A very pleasant time m
bt ill.
Mr A L. LaVierr. u( Baker Citv.
II - mm ......
PHi II i II. U r fllll IMII1M lit i. II I I.. I
- - ......... p.
Hi rst.im In Hakar Cite
'K-tf Ken-'ids. Wi-Ht ii. :- mm
mtrtm iu tin- citv. Mr.
a. Wk Callander and Mia Ivali
' w-mw rimioiuu f iMliirR
wthat wuu me vTerytblna
.laaraukw gou E . riaiiaiillaf
u piician..,
'nOuuru. A i ... i
'vaaui 1 1 r iV iiurrus'
Ira Kemp ami
Wi-ton Saturday.
C. Oi Sharp and lannlv HUM
from I'l'inlleton HStatdajf ami
tueatc at the huroe id Mr. ami Mra.
H. H.iTd.
Mr. and Mra. Frank Kak. r.
Adatnc, were in Athena Saturday.
Ward St. John, of thia city, wen: o
Adam Saturday and catiKiit a v ry
pretty game of hull fur that team. The
HON waa 4 to I in favor of Helix, in
tin- thirteenth inning.
Mr. and Mr. W. E. Bond went to
Walla Walla yeaterday.
.in Shea, of l'ortland arrived in
the city BaUIItU evening and will
catch for the "Yellow Kids" for the
aeaaon. Mr. Shea tt a good all round
ball player and ia a valuable addition
to the home team.
Kara Bixiber returned yeterday from
a buainea trip to Portland.
Geo. W. Bradley transacted husineas
at Pendleton Saturday.
Daring to the lateneaa o' the train
Sunday morning the game between the
I'emileton printer and Manager L. A.
liithena' team bad to tie postponed.
The date when tboae teaina will meet
baa not been aet, bat will probably be
Sunday, July 13.
Perry Wy'riek, of Warren atatnm,
vtaited Hundav in tbii city with hi
brother, James Wyrick.
ii. C. Caplinger returned from ti e
head water of Cabin creek and the
Looking Ulaaa, Wallowa county, Sat
urday evening. He waa over the range
looking up beef cattle and fpoftl
them in tine condition, and the range
good. Mr. Caplinger, wbo ia a harlv
old pioneer and frontiersman, of 80
year of age, made the ride of 100
unlet iu eleven and a half houn.
Btwara or Ololmanis .tor Catarrh that
Contain Mercury
aa mercury will aurelr daotrojr the mum ol
mall aud completely derange the whole ay
ivin wnen eaterlna it tUrouKU the mucoui ur
iauea. Murli artlclea eltould never be uaad ax
i cpl on pri'.i riptinnn Irom printable pUyl
ciu, at tin- damage they will 00 i teu (ol 1 10
the good you can pnnaibly derive Irom them.
HaiPa !atarrb Care, manufactured by F. J.
Obeuey Co., Toledo, U uoutaiut no mercury,
and U taken luiernally. aetiug directly upon
tbe blood aud inuoout turlauee ol the tynlem
Iu buylug Hall't Oaiarrb Cure be ture you get
tbegeuulue. It it takeu lulernally. aud made
In Toledo, onio, py K. J. Cbettay at Co. lutti
mouialt Iree.
Hold by all druggltit, price Tjc, per bottle.
Hall' ramlly Pillt are ibe beet.
Uroearlaa tor Harvaat.
K. Martiu baa made big prepara
tion to supply harvest outUta with
groceriea. He has bought iu large
Suautitiea aud uever lots any store un
eraell him. He never hat any dis
satisfied customers because he gives
them tbe best goods in tbe market.
Martin ' store hat tbe ouly tirtt-clata
bakery department iu the city. Veget
ables, fruits aud berries fresh every
A Raging. Roaring Flood.
Washed down a telegraph line which
Cbaa. U. Kl ia, of Litbon, la., had to
repair, "standing waitt deep in icy
water," be writes, "gave me a terrible
cold aud cough. It grew worse daily.
Finally tbe beat doctors in Oakland,
Neh., Sioux City aud Omaha RM 1
had consumption aud could nut live.
Theu I began tisiug Dr. King's New
Discovery and was wholly cured by sis
bottles.'' Positively guaranteed for
coughs, colds and all throat aud lung
troubles by Taliuiau 6c Co. Price, 50c.
A surgical operation ia nut necessary
to cure pile. DeWitt's Witch Haiel
ItJvi nave aJI that esponae and never
fa' in Beware of counterfeits. Tall-
A suit of rooms iu tbe Fast Ore
gouiau buildaug, but and cold water,
bathroom, for $11 a month during the
summer. 'Apply at the Fast Oregouian
tion a i C'"UK" World'a Fair over all couipeti-
i aim t.i ...... ii
u excll5Ul
y aacx
"oiled Ba,i
aatiafaction wherever used.
We have the beet (Steam
Sid Kye aud Beardleas Barley.
i guaranteed
W. S. BYERS, Proprietor.
Dem Freezers
I have a full line of a
The Peerless Ice Cream Freezers
frm one pint to ten quarts, will freeze cream
lli frota three to five minutes; also have a
mm hshing tatikle, hammocks, etc
Pandlaton Had to Ba Satltflad With a
Detaat, the Game Balna Won nn
ItS merit a.
One hundred people went from Pen
dleton on Sunday to Athena, and
watched the yellow clothed hov from
that place scamper around tbe diamond
ten time, while the players from the
county seat took thing more leisurely
and only trotted around three time.
The game wa a good one ami wa won
on it merit, i crowd ol nearh MO
PMDU wa present to enjoy the port.
Train No. I wa late, so that the train
for Athena had to wait on it, with the
result that tntead of leaving Pendle
ton at 8:15 it waa jnt two hours later
than that before a Mart wa made.
The printers were on hand to play the
Athena second team, but the game had
to be declared off on account ol the
train being so late, the game being
advertised tn commence t in , .'clock,
to as to finish before 1.'.
The Big Game.
Base tax 1 1 player and spectators as
sembled at the ground at lJ:30, which
they found already occupied by a larue
number of gusts of cold air, which
swept across the field iii an unpleasant
manner. The player spent an hour
in warming up, the onlooker BOolittl
of! at the same time. Promptlv at 1 :30
I'm pi re Chapler, of the Pendleton
team, cried out that the time had ar
rived to play hall, and at it they
went, the Athena aggregation taking
the Held, l lrich knocked a ball to
(i. Brown ami wa out at lirst. Meach
got a base on ball and attempted to
steal second. Shea threw to 1'artauo
and Meach was out. At this stage of
the game attention was called to the
beautiful throwing of Shea, Athena s
new catcher. His work in that line
was excellent. He is a recent arrival
at Athena from Portland, hut has more
recently been playing with the lone
learn. He i a valuable man aud
caught the audience by hi prettv
work. Stearns made the third out by
knocking a grounder to K. Brown.
Amelia Mads a Good Start.
ti. Brown ope I up for Athena with
a base tut and stole sec I: Willard
singled: K. Browu knocked the ball to
Cornell, who threw to Hartman, and
was out; Cartano was hit with a
pitched ball: Shea knocked u bull to
Cornell, who threw home to catch K.
Brown, but the bail went high, aud
that gentleman and Willard, Ins run
ning mate, clattered across the home
base: Saunder made a base hit and
went to second on Ulrith'a error:
Murphy made a safe hit. scoring
t artuno; Hell went out, (Oltiert to
Hartuiau, and the inning wat over.
Athena had made three. That number
it nut very large when counting cattle
on the range, but is large aud iuicv
when hung up as the sign of toe num
ber of runs made in one inning bv voiir
side, when a less number would have
been sufficient. The score remained
right that wav, 3 too, until the be
ginning of the sixth, when Pendleton
plavcr cave the Pendleton rooters a
chance for a little outburst of enthuti-asm.
Pendleton Three Runt.
Meach knocked the ball to G.
Brown, who seemed to know that then
was his time to make au error, aud
beiug of an obliging disposition, be
made it. Meach reached lirst. Stearns
knocked the ball to Saunders, who
threw to third to catch Meach, but he
was a brief fraction of a second late.
and l d Ii runners were safe. Cox
uroke into the game aud contributed a
base hit, whereat the Pendleton
gang said thank you, with an
i eiit -ii the thunk , ami arising m-
d action. Meach scored. Hartman
reached first on tielder's choice aud
Mearu't landed on third. Cornell
went to tirst on Cartanu's error ;
Fletcher struck out; Barlow made a
aale hit, bis third in succession; Hart-
mau scored, Cornell going to third;
with Cornell on second and two out,
Barlow attempted to steal, hut was
caught iu the act, shea to Cartano.
The score remained iu that shape, d to
3, just lung enough to make the Pendle
ton crowd feel that they were glad they
came, say about 10 seconds. Athena
went right iu aud made three more
runs iu their half of tbe same inning.
t arlano was hit with a plcthed ball,
Shea stuck out and Saunders knocked
a ii v to l Inch tor tbe second out ;
Murphy reached lirst uu Ulrich'a error;
Dell made a safe hit. Meach a wild
pitch. rrancis a tafe hit aud three rum
came in; . mown made tiie nurd out,
dilliert to Hartmau.
Athena made three more iu the
seventh aud one iu the eighth, urakiug
their total lu while Pendleton couldu't
coax another man around tbe circuit
M lb game wtt" ov.-r without AUsMM
going lu bat iu the ninth inning.
sjhea, Athena s new catcher la the
best thrower to bases seen in this
section this season. He hat a sort of
a self-acting movement like a Smith A
Wesson revolver pattern of l'JOl
which pleases tbe friends of tbe club
with which he it playing. In fact,
takeu all together. Athena baa a hall
team that it liable to take a acalp
from almost any club that comet
J'endletou'e three new players played
a creditable game ana made a favor
able impressiou upon the frienda of
the team. Stearnt, the catcher, it
a good man, coming to wregou irom
McMiuuville, Mo. He has not played
a great deal this year, ami cnnseu.ueiitly
le not in beat of practice, but creates
confidence in bit ability. Gilbert gave
a good exhibition at abort, accepting
six chance without an error. Cornell
t third picked Up some good ground -ert,
hit the ball hard aud can ruu
bases aud otherwise play the game.
His uue error was extieiisive, but as he
baa promised uot tu do it again he has
been excused. Barlow and Cox
thumped the ball around aa though
they thought they were playing "sock"
ball. At least they eocked it
ly, which wat very pleaaiug.
Tba Summary.
luudlvtou Ab K. IB
I'lrti h, zb 4
I ttfeacti, p 8
I aiearun, c 4
Cox. ci 4
1 Hanuiau. lt i
Cornell. iV 4
Flatcber, U 4
.-ne my
Barlow, it
Cilloerl, as
Totals . .
(J. Browu M
Willard. tt
H Browu lb
Carlatio, Jb
Bnea. t
Mau inltit P
Murphy, rf
i U i
. M
unable to leave her bed in Sevan vears
on account of kidnev and liver trouble,
nervous prostration and general de
bility; hut, "Three bottle of Flectric
Bittei enabled mo to walk." she
writes, "and in three months I felt
like a new person." Women suffering
from hsadache, backache, nervous
ness, sleeplessness, melancholy, faint
ing and dir.r.y spell will find It
priceless blessing. Try it. HaHstac
tion i guaranteed. Only 50c. Tall
man A Co.
He Stopped an 0. R. N. Rxprett Train
Sunday Morning.
When the express train No. tl pulled
out of Pendleton Sunday morning Joe
Connelly was aboard. There were
other, but Joe was tbe principal.
Conductor Andtnon had charge of the
tram. The Sunday cxcurion rate of
fl for the round trip, Pendleton to
Meaehani, wa in force, which was the
cause of the train leing crowded
Kverytbitig went along all right until
between OrjtoM ami Mission. Mr.
Connelly t the owner of several
thousand sheep and i a member of the
Pendleton brass band. He is of an in
quiring dlepQaiUoM and that phae
of hi makeup canted Conduc
tor Anderson to swell up with right
eous indignation. Mr. Connellv
chanced t glance at the signs near
the end of the car which say "open
closed.'' Whether Joe thought that
referred to a tradoor in the roof of
the car, or tome other door, or any old
door, will never be told. At an rate,
he took a chance of seeing what would
hapien, and threw the lever from the
"open" to the "closed' side of the
sign. Tbe effect wa to apply the air
brakes VoA bring the train to a stop in
a manner to scare everyone aboard,
trainmen as well as. passengers. N.
Berkeley, Onirics H. Carter and
Charles Fppinger, three passenger
from Pendleton out for a BMndaj'l
fishing, a well as many of the others,
were prneticallv stood on their bend
like acrobat in a circus. Conductor
Anderson came rushing to the scene
and wanted to know what was the
cause of the sudden stop. Mr. Con
nelly still had his eves riveted on
those two signs, and didn't seem to
realise what he bad done. He was
picket) out a the perpetrator of the
offense, and while Le was not the
worst scared man in the affair, he
had his enriosilv thoroughly satisfied,
and hereafter alien he wants to gel up
"ii ion of a car to vie the landscape
far and near, he will ask the train men
for assistance, ami not set the air
brake alone ami unaited.
"A few months ago food which I ate
for breakfast would not remain on my
stomach for half an hour. I used one
Ixittle ol your Kislol Dyspepsia Cure
and can now eat my breakfast and oth
er meals with relish and mv torn! is
thoroughly digested. Nothing eilials
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure for ttomach
troubles. " H. S. Pitta, Arlington, Tex.
Kislol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you
eat. Tall man & Co.
It It Proposed to Ralte a Fund of S8
000 to SI0.000 tor That Purpose.
The I ranciscun Sisters will build a
hospital in Pendleton II they can ob
tain the necessary assistance. It is
proposed to erect a hospital of 'IK lieds
at a cost of from M00 to 110,000. Of
this amount the sisters will furnish
one-half an I the people of Pendleton
ami the tributary country will provide
the balance.
Too sisters already have a line site
iu the vicinity of the St. Joseph's
academy , so the amount named w ill
provide a very comfortable brick
building which could be added to aa
the needs and reioi i rements arose.
Pendleton needs a hospital. So does
the country tributary to Pendleton.
Here is a population of :5,0Uo without
boapitul facilities nearer than Port
land, Walla Walla, or Baker City.
The hospital business that now giH-t to
these places should come to Pendleton.
This has I nig been rocog nixed by the
people as well as by the physicians,
and '.here is promise now of the want
beiug supplied.
With the support of the physicians
and the pe ,pie of Pendleton, tbe en
dowment ol cots by the many lodges
ol Pendleton, the lio'ttpital can be made
a success.
The work of construction of the
hospital building will begin as sisin a
the money is iu sight. The Kranciscau
sisters who would have c harge of the
hospital at Pendleton are in charge of
the hospitals both at Baker City and
Boise City and these institutions stand
high among those of the coast.
My little girl's hair did not I row. It was
barsl, aud 'hi, and would tueuk og, and her
sculp was full of dry daudi ull that I could not
ousnu out A place aiouud tbe I n l of her
i.i . I wat bald, and ou tu kjp of her In ad tbu
I.Ah was unit Iwo or Unci I in l
liaad i ru I'iu toxr aud tome i rn i s
(niitiiieol. and her hair hat in Ihli k aud
Sssolisr nil. Mas. A. IXtW.NfcY, AlliadiO.
W trm iUsuk vilfcCi iict tt So.rasil lifkl in
mat kin, cetnit., iuitti ul i ui..ii.ti.u sin citar
Las - i tst half ul trutt. ttaltt, tuil dtnatug.
Imiaita a4 Wean. taitca
(7 U II II U
By innings.
HeudUtpa 0 0
tn. I o u o
Struck out by fiauoders, ; by
SI. a b, 4. I'mpire, Chapler.
"Will wouders ever ceaaeV"
of La
That a remedy curve ia the words o
tlioae who've nod it.
Mow often is it said. "I can't sl.wi.
my system is ruu down, my digestion 'a
bad, or l ve riieuiijansuj or iiuuo;
troubleT" Reports of cure by uiy
i m
every suit of
Boys' Clothing.
0011M in six
binatione of
from .' to 10
soil fur
i Siiilnr SnitH
Worth 4HC, .vnl
littiTi'iit com-
COiOfl 111
The kind you wuni at the time y u wanl them.
Good Goods at Fair Prices.
$5.90 $6.50 $7.50
They lnt rip, the buttont lin't oome off,
Just the Tiling for Hoi Weather.
What yon in-eil these warm (lavs, sizes II to 171
75c, $.oo, 1.50, $2.00
They fit, look well, wear well.
bunch 01 fire crackeif with
every suit
Boys' Vcstee Suits ;it a re
duction of 1 5
Bore1 1 bree piece k nee
Suits at reduction l
pan tn
Hoys' t wo
iliiit ion
piece suits
of !."
lit .1 IV
o piece lng pants suits
.1 IfilUi lloii o 1 1
To look costs nothing.
To buy naves von money
50 Hoys
suits to rinse at hal I
The Peoples Warehouse.
Agents Butterick's Patterns.
A. C. SHAW & CO.
W. J. BKWKLL, Manager.
Short and loin; handle pitch forks,
Scythes, Hiicaths, Kluxihle stel cahles, pulloys, ropes,
in all sizes.
LUMBER DEALERS Hansford & Thompson,
The Leading hardware Men."
Yard on Webb Street
Opptatlte limit rri(ht Ii..,,.,)
We are preparu.1 to furnish anything
in tbe lumlier line and can Kuaraniee
prices to be as cheap, if uot chcij i t
than others. We also carry a large
line of Doors, Windows, and Moulding
Parties ooiiteuiplatiug building will do
well to eee us before placing their
orders. We also carry Cascade Ked
r ir wood. I'hone Main M.
Farmers Custom Mill
Fred WaJtera, Proprietor.
as4udly, ltd barrels a day.
riuur excbaugeU lur wheat
flour, Mill reed, i;buad ree-1.
g? (u'MiCT
Arm In Arm with Vour I'otheilx'ok.
Mir line cars-ts have
w b a view of giving
mhn for our money
and attractive patt-rns
lawn selected
ul tbe lieal
eat, elegant
III 4el with
dlirebllUyi and within the means ol
all, in vul are offering in our fine
slock of rugs, carpels auI something
in laee curtaina aud portiers. It will
cost voii nothing to haik at th.nn
Prices are right.
Jesse Failing.
Mam street near bridge.
0U' . alwayr i
Call up:
No. 5
Heavy Hauling
Xtstrltl (Itoulltt gireu
10 1 KU.I.uuiaiil
ThUTtday of each Mtk 1 will bt ul the First National Hank
ofhco to receive MMlled hids OU lot- ..I MTOOl Nori. 6, H, uiid
I ,. IDOUI r'IHI -Micks, now stored in the I udepeiuleut w.irc
house; also ihoul 800 sacks of this yearn 1 lip. I rttserve
the privilece of rejecting any or all bide. Adoreee dm i'tm
dieton or Pilol Rook. Telephone Pendleton 01 ranch 00
Bear Creek. J- R ifllTH.
Dr. Sanden's Belt Laatz Bros.
lei a Cciii
Otio OAK vr; AU. Hroa)
KJHioUy Kurnlsned Stem Hultd
I uiopcau I'Un
U.ock and a ball froea depot
Stun pie Xooaa la twatMetlaa
786, $IM
Pour in by every
uiaii. Tbeee slew
it to be the greatest remedy for ail
pains and w wannesses, au .t.i;
sufferer Uaed this treatment there
wouldn't lie an ailing uian or woman
today Write for uiy mtereating !.
fren-, and see tue cure, i i uimM.
rtaSr" "-j m mmbv Bin I
Polydore Moens, Proprietor UllLnUl I ljLLll.
c- TAYLOR, the Hardware Man.
A. Kuaaal tttoefc.
..I. i.f Mrs. 1. P
rwioe, Kan. Tbey knew she bad beeu