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iaStern Oregon
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R. Demott.
Tailor Made
For Youths.
Wf have idded a new department to our
tailoring business and now make Youths'
street suits, dress suits, and tuxedo suits.
These specialties are very popular with
those who wish to he dressy and yet do not
care to pay extortionate prices. Evir i arc
and attention is Riven this youths' depart
ment that we Rive our regular tailoring business
Alexander & Hexter.
he Boston Store
Uay's news is of very practical and satisfying economics,
It -I ,J. ,1 ... TUn in ii . ii rtinit y.t ii,(t- Kii.iii ... C
k'U priCCS ill raiiuuiii. ihc main Miim ui tins uuzmiiss is
sell Foods, but the selling must be right. Every customer
. m ...a w m dt m
Bl be satisfied Our invitation to one and all is tome here
d get prices not duplicated outside of this store.
i apron ginghams 4c
Li rating Aanneli 5c
pi liaml toweli, etch 5c
jj curtain scrim 5c
its' hose 5c
In1 wash skirtH 40c
emiid line of shirt waints, every
MM this season's makti 60o
tuitnl'tiif Loom" and "l,onnlale"
muslin J 8c
Fancy iris dimities 6fl
Berkley 'aniline LOj
Ladies' summer veiti 5c and LOc
Ladies leather bolts, lample line of
all styles lOfl
Ladies' kid glovei, worth $l.H). 65c
White bed ipretdi 76c
Lace curtains, white and ecru, per
yard 89c
Uoi IN The haudsoniest line of muslin underwear ever shown in PtndletOD.
New straight front Corsets and Qlrdlet.
endieton's Big Busy Store.
PCy Heavy Tumbiers,
dozen, special
" per dozen....
New 1901 styles,
lancy patterns and
durable made.
t0 3 tJ5. Let us
show you our line
before you make
your purchase.
Croquet sets at
'-35 to $3.65.
Children's gar
Jen tools, 19c 28c
anil 3yc a set.
Ladies' floral
tools, choice roc
Water sets, 65c
23 and i.y5,
with trays.
A.L. . .:: ,u y war
Uu. l sells We-
ML"?1 ,u
CbeSand- of toilet
r' !hai1 other
CnS. Kc; other
tines Sr d luen; other
ot IOC. 1 ) 1 1.
1 .', 15c oar.
dericK No
V 1 0 f
Oil u I
e wessd h Goods ml
We're ad ertiscrs of lad.- and ire
Thats the uiission of our advertising; the priOM will do tin
rest; follow the well beaten track leading dirttt to our
doors, there's economy at the end of It.
Senator McLanrln say: Benatar
TillniHii is still lighting, DQl 1 am eon
tident that I shall win in the end. The
people eannol be blinded to their own
interest. "
The Obloago, Milwaukee .v st. Paul
I'ennnvlvania system hag own ap
proved by the executive committee of
that cnipanv. The rule affect from
30,000 to 40,000 men.
Count von Waldernee, according to a
dilpateh from Tnkio to the l.okal
Anneiger, wan received and entertainel
at luncheon Tuesday by the emperor,
unusual honor being paid him.
The Idaho supreme court has handed
down an opinion declaring the creation
ot the county of Clearwater illegal.
The act. crating thin county wbh panned
by the legislator.- last winter.
Kli.aleth Poyle, a young married
woman of PoOIDkoapeM, N. Y., will
he released from the house of refuge
at llndaon as soon as possible, after an
incarceration of live years for a crime
which she did not commit. Iter grand
father confessed that another stole the
ring charged against her.
ice-l'hancel lor Stevens, sitting in
New York, denied the application (or
an injunction to restrain the Amalga
mated Copper company from purchas
ing the lintte A Huston and Boston A
Montana companies, lie also required
the plaintiff! in the action to tile a
bond of t'JO.OOO on apneal.
British capitalists have come to
America with the view ol hnving ml
the good steel companies outside of
Morgan's steel trust. Their plan ia to
get control of the several plants, and
MOaequenty to do with each whatever
will profit them most, uml at the same
time best conserve their general inter
eats. Thev buy not as investors, but
as speculative investors.
The president made the following
appointments: i.iiaries Weymon.i, oi
Illinois, judge in the Indian Territory;
Solomon K. Stab I, ( Arkansas, mar
shal for the western district of Arkan
sas; Charles P, Hitch, of Illinois,
marshal for the southern distri.l of
Illinois; Creighton M, Koraker, of
New Mexico, marshal lor the territory
ol New Mexico.
A special to the Journal of Com
merce from Toronto, Out., says the
trade statement issued by the customs
department for the 11 months ending
May Bl last shows that the aggregate
tra.U of ill. !.i;;ii:i:.;n increased it:
that time by f-1 1 ,000,000 over the cor
responding period of the previous fiscal
veur. The indications are that the
year's figures when they are made up
will abow a grand aggregate foreign
trade of nearly f 400,000,000.
The Middens of Liberty of the Baker
City Fourth of July celebration will
Is- chosen by popular vote.
Sheep-shearing is about over in Lake
county. Wool has begun to move.
Salea aggregating )."00 hah-, at prices
ranging from tl to 10 cents, have he. n
made in the last few days.
A I'ayette paper reports the follow
ing wool sales: Bv .oorge V. Leigh
toll, 70,000 or 0, 000 pounds, at 12
cents per pound. By Kmerv Tindall,
7o, laK) pound, 11 1-4 cunts. By Walker
Bros., 140,000 pounds, at 11'4 cents.
Bv Hugh Qoflhoran, 40,o00 pounds at
1 I ' 4 eelits.
A Thuradav dispatch from Buffalo
mvh that I rauk S. Harding, of Mc
Mimiville, In receiving cougraulatioiit
of bin friends tonight on having been
e e. led president of the Oregon I'ress
Association at ilM meeting today.
Association members are heing well
entertained tonight.
St. Helen's hall was crowded Thurs
day 11 iw with friends ami relativea ui
the six vming women Mian ( athrinc
S. Arnold, Miss Hilda Hexter, Miss
Tlmm I'oulsen. Miss Fanny Q Swartt,
Miss Minnie I . hove and Miss Kula
Mct'ullv, who ren-ived their diplomas
from Bishop Mirrii.
I. inn county has borrowed 44,K)0 at
.'i'.j per rent interest. The money was
borrowed to pay stute taxes, vblrb
are iiavt due, and iiim.ii which the
county has been patmg per cent in
terest. The conditions- of the loan are
that any part of the $44,000 may tie
paid bv the couhtv at any time I.11111
aoantjr borrowed :;,ooo ol the Albany
banks a few month ago to pay state
taxea, hut it was found that the sum
was not sulh. ient
Ferryboat Northfield Sunk Off
the Battery.
Hundrffa of People Were on Deck at
Time, Vet tb Loss of Life
Was Not Large.
Muslin Underwear Opportunity.
Gowns trimmed with lace and embroidery, cloilpg
out at 29c, 40c, 58c, 69c, 83c, $1.10, $i.68
Chemise long and short, neatly trimmed, oloeing out
at 20c, 49c 63c, 98c, $1.19
Skirts very full lace and embroidery trimmed, ' los
ing out at 39c, 49c, 58c, 79c, 07c
Drawers in three lota, closing out at 17c, 29c, 49c
Corset Covers sJim 32 to 42, dotting out at 17c, 29c; 49c
Corsets for very little
Kegular prices were $1.25, $1.33, 1.49 and $8.76
III, -
JOit ayi in, ra.
Another lot were sold regularly at 75c, 85c, $1.00.
Sale price, 37c.
Ladies' knit summer vesta at 6c, 12c, 15c, 18c, 25c, S8c
Millinery at less than half regular prices.
Wash Skirts Very Cheap. j
fjntllH Ilannels, Ugbt and dark colors 4 yard
Good yard wide bleached muslin g JWd
Apron ginghauni ' ' ' '
Mousy Mviuf latiiteoUoi. o, turn wUen
once you cross the threshold ot this store. ,
Miles on Miles
Are walked by the billiard player, an be
Iliovca urouml the table. That 11 tbe
ouly e. many a city mail m-i. It
l tilia lack oi t-Kcrcua; in tlM k)iutin-Ufc
ol tlie city, com
bined with irtt-jju-lar
eatiiiK and in
digeatible (lisliei
wluch tend ti i iiiake
the city in.iii tba
icdm of " attmi.e b
Wbeu there ia
undue fullnr&e af
ter eating, with
belcbinu, .ur ri
lawe ann otba dta
trcaaing sv mpiuma,
prompt of Ir.
fierce 'a Golden
Medical Dim overy
wrill effect a speedy
cure. In the moat
extreme case a of
dibeaae of the btom
acb and other or-
guua of digeatloai
and nutrition, the
peraiatenl urne of
the "Diacovery"
will result iu u com
plete cure in nine
ty-eijjht canea out
of every huudred.
The praiM- I wuuld like tu give your ' Golda
1c.IkI likiuvcry' I lai.uot ulier la word ur
.lcacribc will. 1" ii." write Jim . B Auilru,
Kmj ol 1X5K MiWm htret Ii milium J..u. P.
i tkrii iluwu with wlu.1 .ur pbvjiciaus
- , . . -. . . . .i , .
Non York i Jane if. It it agreed
tbiH mornniK tbat the linking of tlie
ferryboat Nortbliel.l off tbe Mattery
laal night, wan accompanied by a
miracle unique in tbe lnntory of
marine diaaaterp, It is tboiicbt tbat
between nix and einht luindred peNNM!
Hto.Ml on tbe derkn when the cnlliHtoii
between the ferryboat and the Mnaeh
Chnnh occurred, vet not one life wan
oflolally re not tad lont thia naofnlng.
only one pernon wm reported minting,
and be aa expected to he BMOOntad for
.luring the day. Iivern worked all
I night in the ininkcn vepRel in a vain
aearch for pnaaihle victimc. The nearch
will be continued until all donbt baa
been cleared away.
Later, tin- number of mianing in
created alarminKl, and the early hope
i tbat the accident wa without caxnal-
t ia waa diaHti led.
New York, .liiiH lft. Four paraOM.
three nnai and one woman who failml
to return to their hoOMI laat niKht are
i n out down hh viclima ol the diaaa
ter. They are: Jerry White, l.en.
. C. Itartlett. .lone K XloMI and
race Sullvian. The folloaing were
added to the liat of in inning thin after-
noon i F. w. Mclver, oonntiaaanr
nergeant, ('. S, A.. Havid Vannamo,
B Q. Oalter, Jnnn Baolta, t I,
Bennett, A. U, Uiatjte, Nlaa nla
Anderaon, John AieU'rVon.
Wrick of tha Inaalli.
New York, June IS, I' I Blent of
the low ol life on the transport IngullH
irblah fiatad and waa wrdcaed la F.rie
tiaain yenterday ia atill unknown thia
morning. No afloftl ere made during
the night to go into the hold and
M irefa lor the bodlefl oi thirty Italian
laborer fai't to have la-en penned in
there. Some of the workmen around
the jrafdl believe they got out all
right. Divan may be placed at work
Aueuit 16. l and 17 rt the Dates of
tha Carnival
Aatoria, June IS. Ahtoria'a eighth
annual regatta win. h ban baoOBe the
LTeatnat annual water earn ival on the
Pacilic coaat will ta hel-l mi Auguat
15, 1 and 17, which immediately fol
lows the clone of the finding neanoii,
and the city in ready to devote itnelf to
the entertainment of itn vearly grow
ing number of vinitora. The com
iii it tee aalaatad thia vear to manage
the regatta in coiiiiioae.) of veleraim in
tbe acrvite, all active young buniueaa
men who couaMer tbe nuccenn of the
annual carnival a p - ., . prule and
dlltv. Kach year the N0M of the
regatta ban been widened until now a
majority of the rcc gm.od acipiatic
chauiplonnh ipn are decided on the Col'
iimlra while it in in progrena I'he
plana aa no far matured outline a
aw lag ol a van fa ami gntartalnnMsta
more ext. NBPlva and BOVOl than hereto
fore attempted , but aa there in a go.nl
nid nurplua in the tranury, which
ia uaed only tor thin purpow. alone,
the enlarged MOfM Oi anoint-nieiitn ia
more than juntitied by the committee.
a Purl ut Kiilry, So tha Probability li.
Cemauitee "" Nonti.
Santa Barbara, Calif , June I .
The OOngreaalonal river and harbor
coiiiiii it tee npent two bourn here thia
morning, en route to the north.
The Chamber of t'omiiierre coin
nil t tee met the OOngMaaaaWi taking
ihem (or a drive about the city ami
barbor. a a raanll of the riait. Manta
Barbara may he made a port of entry.
I'he need wan nlated to the committee.
Chairman Button promined BgUOfft.
The cmiiiiiittve left fur the north al
IOiM o'aloak.
Haily'ii Hair IhntUnad In Ilia Uulrloal
Amid Ureal foinp.
Koine, June g, 1'rinrrnn Yolaua,
heireaa to the Italian throne, wan
banlued in the Ouirinal Imlav, amid
great iun. Haven thoiinand childri
Were aanciiihhnl III the front , ., .,
during the ceremony. A name ntarted
i among them, for aoine unkuown n a
aon, and inany of them were hurt I
r nulling through the galea.
Seon.i to Hm
analaad of
..i,i ... iudivenliua I duttMi t d with the beat
!.ioMud lie Jml liuud uu rlicl I wrut tu you
and you M-ill ur .. uuc.tloil blank ID llll out mio
I dul to nud you tacu advued luc tu uar in
l'lro' Gold-n Medieal Uttuiv. ly I took tlir
bottle, and I felt maoed thai I alouncd--bcttif ,
a. I think . urad fbavt no nyiuptouui ut
trie trouble or iudit.iiou uow "
I n Pierce'a Common Seuae Medical
Ailviwi is ent r uu reeeipt oi atampa
to pay expenie of man hug only, Send
21 one cent temp for pupcr covevad
book, or )l iteUipe for cloth bound.
Or. K V. fierce, uumuo, . .
Hauuaul In
Jiniion, June 16. Coincident will
the i.ernnleiil neacu ruuiora there ia
UOtieeable imreaae ill the pro liner
elituneiit throCKbout Kiigiand whicl
ia excitina much coaauient. Hall
dOBOn aaiT'Oar meetliiga are held
nightly throughout (he kingdom, at
which the jinguen and Chamberlain are
leiiounceu ami mo noern are uauauy
cheered .
Couterad Wlta Mruaar
The iiaane. June Ift. Mm. Botha
had a two hour conference with
Kiuger today, then left lor liruaaeir.
hwludla la Kneland.
Olaogow, June lf. -Jietective BTOVB,
of Waahington, 11. C , in here iuventi
gatiug a gigantic ewindle of American
and Britfnh UruiB which iuvolvea
thouaaudn ol pound. The detective re
fuae to give particular.
filigree I Batter.
Loudon, June 16 Kx Oovernor 1'iu-
gree, oi Miciiigau, who ia aeioualy ill
here, paaaed a fair night. -Vila condi
tion waa unchanged ahla aioruiug.
Raported by t. L. Ray Co.. randlaton,
Chleato Board of Trade and New York
Stoe. Biehanee Broker.
New York, June 15. Tbe wheat mar
ket wa very Uady totiay, ami in
clined to do better, although Liverpool
wa d lower, .r, H ,r-S.
Nw York opened SC lower, 7tll4,
and cloned name aa yesterday, 7HV
The export ahipment for tbe week
were 4,7!X),tHk). Tbe ilitferent esti
mate for the coming crop range from
aoofonoiB t.. fw,080,ooo,
,tnck ntrotig.
Money, 3 per cent.
Clone VCMterdav.
Open t.nlay, W),
Range today, ni' to 7.
Oloaa today , 7114 .
Whaat In Chleaao.
Chicago, June W, WbMt, 70 to 7tV
Whaat In San rranelaco.
sun KranainoOi June 15. -Wbaati
Bki to mi a-H.
Naw York Market.
New York, June Ift, Wool, gg
changed; nugur, raw, (air, rellning,
.ri-M ; eantrifagala, '.mi tent, c4; refined,
crilnhml, I iO,i , powdere.l, tlil) to .!.,
granulate.! 660 to 166.
N'o.7, on ipot, t ; rice,
to ii1., .
Oailai Woman Ak Damaga Monay for
Huiband' Death.
Aetoria, June IB. Mr. Klla Scott,
of I lie Mullen, ban brought null in the
circuit court aguini-t the Antoria .V Co
lumbia RiVOf Railroad 0o., to recover
f. '..ii v. lor 'he deatb of her hunband, the
lata W M. Scott, a loOO BlOtlVa en
gine,.' employed by the railway nun
pany. On the evening of Jannary 19,
1901, the meet boo nd paaaangat tram
ran into a landnlide near Rogbv'a
hole, aiHiut N mi lea aaei ol thli altj
i'he angina waa thrown Into tbe Ool
Dtnbia river and F.ngineer Scott wan
drowned. I'he complaint tiled allegen
that the BOOidenl wan canned through
the negllgenoa of the delendanl in the
OOnetrnctlon, operation and innpection
of itn tracka. Tht plaintiff i repre
sented bv Bennett ,V Sinnott, of I'he
Dal lee,
Coffee, Iti",
dolnent ic,
Ralardad Crops Durlne
But tha Condition Ar
Cool Weather
the Weak,
Salem, June In. All crop were re
lur.le.l the pant week bv cool, nlmwerv
weather ill (he Willamette valley.
Grain and hop have made gmnl
growth, their condition improved ami
no further peetl reported. Kaum have
injured earlv cherrn-n BOOM, hut all
other fruit reportn are favorable.
Soma Soilal Kvant.
Balan, June 16. I'he principal
social event of the week ami one of
tin moat enjoyable ol the neaaoii, was a
dancing part v given by Mrs. J. I Cur
ter and tba MIBIBf Carter at the ntate
blind eebool Tnaadav avoning. it wa
largely attended ami a plaaaTng laatnre
wan the rendition of neveral nonga by
Mir-n lint Wright, oi I num.
I he annual ntrawberry lair I ig
held here today under the auapicea of
the Salem I'ress Club, combined with
,i i . in i n .tuiry laruiiiig. nan urawu
an immense crowd ol farmers and
fruitgrowers to the city.
Rotten lin. tier liav Way, Allowlua lha
Slruelura to rail.
Koetiburg, June 16. Tbw lower
county I. ridge over the I. ant I uinpia
river, 'H mileneant ol nere. lull yen
terday. No one wa:- OB the structure
at the lime, lint Mr. Lanier had
panned over It With bin team a few
minute hefo-e. I'he bridge was built
eleven year ugo by the l allforuia
Bridge ootn pany rba aialn ipan waa
ISO feel long, 10 leet above the Water
and total aoal aan 4f 00, A rotten
timber al one corner gave way, twill
ing the upper workn and It .olln -.,
(Joooty Judge rhompaon will agaloina
tbe wnn k Willi a vlea lo reluiihliug.
Sanlanead iu Ian Year liiiprlioniuant
tor Burdar or Her Husband
Kaunas City, Mo , June IA. Mrs.
Lola Kennedy, VIM) killed her bus-
land nacanaa he raluaad to live with
her alter their marriage arhlah waa
Ion e l upon him, aan found guilly this
morning, and BBnteneed U kBB )ai
impriaUBBMOt. Both were priilullieliliy
Mm Keonedy imik tha rardlai with
the atoieiam that ban bean the feature
of ihe trial. She apparontl) wan en
tirely unmoved. A Bint lag for a new
trial was IBBBMdlatel) cnler.-l I'he
trial "I her fattier and two brothers
(or complicity in Hie crime begins
on Monday.
J, P. Morgan, Gates and Wid
ener Banquetted.
o 1
EoKllsbmttn Discuss With Tbim tlx Firm-
HOD Of t ComblDttlOD BtWMD
lip' Two Countries.
Philadalphia. June 15, The Sortti
American today puhlished a cable
which says thai J. Pler t Morgan
wan eutertaimxl at a dinner last night
by prominent steel operB tore, At tha
dinner, according to the same report.
Wore liates, Widener and Klker and
other tteal magnates, and an Anglo-
American rteel company i . m i
Tha raporta, nayn the cablegram, have
O Aoient evidence of aut lieiiti.M v to
. rente much ex. item. nit in steel
Aeeldant In ChKaeo During Field Sport
Chicago, June 6 The temporary
grand ntand built lor the purnr ot
clawing the annual tiei.i .lay nimrt f
the normal aohnol coiipn.i tins morn
ing while the oontaeta were in pro
grena. About twenty -five .er..nn,
moetly women ind childraa, were m
pire.l, mime nerioiinlv. Almut live hun
red were in the ntand when the acci
dent occurred.
Two Urn Sheriff' Death Lauaet Biuah
set teai eat
Auniiii, lexan, .Mine i i , nner ill
lilnver, of Qaonaalaa county, wan mur
dered lant night by Mexicans. Sheriff
Keiioe.lv, of Karnes county, wa mur
dered by Mexican on Wedneaday
night. I'he tile are worked up to a
high pilch and a wholesale slaughter
of Meiicaua would invasion no sur
prise. Murdarar Kdward Uuarded.
Shreveport , I. a., June Ifl. A me
sage fr..in Benton says that all isiiuita
tbara thia morning and there is now
no evidence that the negroes charged
with complicity in the murder of John
Footer will be lynched. A ntrotig guard
ia maintained over the prisoners.
Ularo uovarnor Naw Mexlao.
Washington, June Ift, I'he praai
dent to lay reappointed Miguel (Hern
governor of New Mexico.
Kxouraton to Moaaharo.
tomorrow (Snnday at t : ift a. m.,
aMaralon train laavaaO. it. A v 0a
iiep.it for Meaoham and way afflata.
Round trip f I Flailing BBBB0B now at
itn bagti
I'he Yiikuii in open from end to end
according to BBWI brought down by
the nteainer Molphin. I he eh I p brought
down 4J,000 in gold duet The
presence of , ,.i;ki of gold dull in
the liankn at Mawnuii, and an estimate
l (I 1,000,000 of gold for the Klondike
thia year
Thu bttl
iImm "it Mriii foi Itdlflg "i
Wfl gUATtniM t very pair
WO Hllll llll).
MmooN Cam
tiinwo. JQragl
lt-1 n 1 1 1 1 -i wt- o,v, uway
uioilivr paii "f ihot Wol-
Delaaal to glelea ongrelt.
Portland, June Ift, Mayor W. W. S
ItOWa aill appoint delegates to the
mining congress to lai hehi al iwnae
City, Ida., t.nlay. Ut, Andrew 0
Hmfth, stale leiiator 'mm Mullnoiiiah
county,! slated fur one of the appoint
ments. A ppi i ai i 'in- lor positions a
delegate have not been sought very
ardently, yet the mayor say the dele
gallon will lie a repr. i-eulat I vo one and
will 0i 'Unlet ol tlie henl milling exports
in fori land
It has heen nunafug euiitiuuoual
ptwidav. Ji
hIiow WIImIuW
h)W W1 'I" it-
1 9th.
villi llll
near Auteloiie-, and the hills aurroun
iug the town are n..er.-.l with allow to
ilepli ill lo in in. i e
He Peoples Warehouse
shop; ITOM
i ii 1 1 mi W Fftlair.
71b Mdin hired feiiUieton, Ur-
A I'rohjMuii of ArlisllC I U xaiui
Illuminates our crm kt ry dieplay, a sight
of which delights the eye, .plii teiin the
fain y and refreshen the mind. Our de
sign oil china heal those of the KarOBMO
powers. '1'hey OOBM in tea, dinner and
salad sets, rivalling romantic landscapes
in pictureeiiuenes. Thueo Iwautlful cut
glees ii" vein, x, too, are worth a doner ip
tion in verse. We only ask a peep, the
ware will do the reet.
II jfewWB?VVij ii '