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S flr 'i. night and Friday ; jSjgJ
r ... to V ...., nfill'iw.
fr -aok THIS rw"
NO. 4150
I 1
I 1 vv.
..m i:TP : ! :
" 7
F A IN -L i
rctprn Oregon
You want a
Sice size spring fryers,
IsspiI or alive.
Tailor Made
For Youths.
R Dcmol I .
It SVT V - -
V'i hgVC added a new department to our
tailoring business and now make Youths'
street suits, dress suits, aril tuxedo suits.
These specialties are very popular with
those wi.h ' dressy and yet do not
care .o . .. .r.ionate prices. Every care
and attention is given this youths' depart
ment that we give our regular tailoring husincss
Alexander & Hextcr.
The Boston Store
Today s news is of very practical and satisfying economics,
a icw" prices at random. The main point of this business is
to sell eoods, but the selling must be right. Every customer
a I aA1aJIaJ M. . l . ! . m 4 1 . I am t .. . ....... n ni t I I i itiii.k h.i.k
UM DC MallMICU. JUl iimuuiiMi iu 'mil caiau an is vmin. nv.it
mi ?et nrices not duolicated outside of this store.
I I A -
1. 1 , . -
i SI l
M hi iiuuiii; iiantieis
riii'Vt mi in lowcis. cucii m
a cv ("ina sit n no
ies' hose fe
hi,., it tic), c i r! 111.
.ill II i.
II1 i it t it j till, it I 1 I i i mm n s i 1 v 11 v
MM this MMOp'l inaki'. 5()V
'Fruit of the Loom" and "Lonsdale"
muslin 8-Jc
Fancy iris dimities 5c
Berkley catnKric 10c
Ladies' summer vests 5c and LOc
Ladies leather belts, s;unil' line of
all stvdes I0o
Ladies' kid gloves, worth $1.00. 65c
White bed spreads 7(k
Ltoe.ourteini, white and torn, ptr
yard 89c
Jl M The handsomest line of muslin underwear ever shown in Pendleton.
New straight front Coifetl and Girdle.-.
a. mm m mmm. Mm, m
rjimieion s Big Busy 5tore.
''Otfer a renlai .J3 . . c
uuiit,-, ( in, ,. t. t rsilile
(or -,5. ln act
Jllgjlaunpare favorably
jyj4o wheel in Pendleton
ei Sunn
Dil and up.
ICK 1.,. 1. 1
Hue uiiift suap.
Md ccosoap 2.c l,ars
'3-6j. sonu- excellent
J,nQew iyo, hammocks.
Things Here
. " ' It-24 lutl.iC
toyjc BOV-UIMI lor gifts
sw sauce
4ttheSA! FoftheWESSEL
. 05c, $ OA ami . n.
' '"Hi consul,,.,, ..1 .
i . n.l "rv 1U111V
Sauce dilfi- '
. V. vae statu s l.r..u,i .!.
h1Sg 1" 3 "rustles,
.. "1UU ll
goods at
(or any
We are
ur neut.1.
tS Urn ,., "tJC',
f,.L- . 1.-
Ifc. Li " 1 , r-xai r
'1UII,. , '
ouriul and dozens
n8 periodicals.
SiftS? hllt"d rin8' P'ain
tunds,,rt nnys, war
jc aim
ettericK Nolf
' lor Stockton incubator.
86 in. Corded Soleil, regular .r)9e, now
38 in. Plaid, regular 76e, now
40 in. Novelty ( 'heck, regular $1.25, now
50 in. Silk and Wool Novelty, regular $1, now
38 in. Storm Serge, regular 75c, now
45 in. Granite, regular $1.25, now
36 in. Granite, regular $1.00, now
45 in. Henrietta, regular $1.00, now
37 in. Black Novelty, regular 00c, now
38 in. Black Novelty, regular 75c, now
3(3 in. Black Novelty, regular 40c, now
3(J in. Henrietta, regular $1.00, now
38 in. Sicilian, regular 75c, now
20 in. Jap Silk, regular 35c, now
24 in. Indiaa, regular 50c, now
19 in. Taffeta, regular 85c, now
Good assort men t of colors in above.
Pendleton Now Has 4,231,412
Pounds on Hand.
Hiindlm Tell About the Full Warehouses and
1 he Stale of (be Traffic it
This Point.
Pendleton Imo in IMkrebotttM 1,131,
111 ponidt if woni.
William J, .1. Stitnfnrd, unvornor of
Alatmiiirt, ilini at Tuwnlixn-.i Ma.,
wliert" he hail tnon ill for MMM time,
of heart iliwaao.
tl N IwrftgtM. billn of exchange on
Npw York, whirh had rxin at a
premium of :!ii per rent in Nioarantia
dnrinK April ami up to Mav If, have
fallen to 210 per rent premium.
Chicago on Tnestlay eierieneed Ibt
bighMl teniperatiire of the year, Rfl
d agreet, and at the came time the hn
mi, lity was extremely liigh, reaching
92. Six prufitrationK were reported.
EomIo BorbMMi of Taltaya
province, liai proclainieil hiniaelf the
IBOCmwf of Agninaltlo and "governor
of Talmya-t and the rti i I i ppi not-. ' 1 ac
cording to a copy ifa Manila paper
jilM received Hi the war department.
The PMMM1 Ivania Steel company
han pMnd into the control ol the
Pennsylvania railroad, and the
Peimvl vaiiiu Kailroail A International
Navigation companv uitendi" to
utilize the work of the ftoel company
at RMttOWl Point. Md., an a chip
btalldtsgj plant.
Capital intH of New York are reach
ing mil to control the commercial anil
industrial interest of Nova Sotia.
The Vaiiderhilt million are Itchind a
giganti. tinaucial m-heme, which has
mm moor poratacj andar the name ,f n ! 1 , of the
ine iiomimon ,, nr no- con panv wiiii
a capital of 1,M0,00Oi
William ('. Whittles, of New York.
who leaned Volodvnvsik, the Knglish
lierhv winm-r, from l.ady Mciix, is
extremely anxioll to hnv the colt,
and linn offered her 176,000 in cash. 1m
Idaa til mm. whirh renresentu iHHi
for the rental (or the vear ami KRl,. Wool Hhipping center.
ikhi one. half of the Oi rhy winnings.
"Cardinal Hihhona explained to the
pops." May the Room MffWMMdjitol
the Mi 1)1 Chronicle, "how iiiiponsihle
it wonld ho ( ir the I'nited State gov
ernment to accredit a reproeentative to
the VaticHii, bMMM the republic ac
knowledged no stato religion and did
not recocnixe the tlivenuty ol Chri
tian confesalooa."
Flif Pennsylvania railroad company
ha acipi ir il the coal Held operated
by tie' Iterw itnl-White Coal Mining
company. Tne Iter, ind-White BM
pan) ha la-en considered the heaiveat
operator in ofl coal in the t inted
Mutes. The amount involved in the
purchase by the railroad connany I
placed at $31,000,000, I I hject ol
the control ol these coal liebls by the
Peiinylvania railroad coiniany i to
protect iti coal-carrying interests.
There is reusoii to lielieve that the
mantilacture ol condeiiaed milk will
oon U ailiel to Oregon' diveritied
Mt'phen llolcoinb. who resides near
Phillips, Washington OMBtV, waa
ai'i idi'iital Iv shot by a gupher M atel
instantlv i i ifii.
II. W. stoni. ol PortUutl, general
ecn tury t the V. M. C. A. tln-re,
Mas elected aHSisluut secretar) of the
V. If, 0a A. jllhlee convent loll ill llos
toD. Unler the mandate ol the supreme
court the death warrant of BbtH '
liovee, tlie w id iniirderer, vas m-l
by Judge Shell at Tacolna. T he date
of execution was Bxad for Kriilay,
August U.
At Aatoria, reports Jroin all part of'
the river are to the clli-ct that tin- run
of fish is much lielter, and with
every reasonable right to believe that
it w ill coiitiuue to Hn rt'ttse, a the
river is lalling and gitting clearer.
Oil wa found on tii,- McKay (arm,
near Troutdale Monday. The water at
tbi point ol Beavei creek i complete
ly saturaied with oil, ami burn readily
when a match .ipplied. So gixsl are
the indication and nature of the
tin i J thai word wan MDt that day to
tin Watson OQMMIIJ 111 Portland to
have it tested .
liistrict Aitorm v Hart, of Marion
Maatty, NaOMMMd Attorney OmMWI
Hlack'hiiru ami M. I.. ChamlMtrlaiii,
clerk ol the atale laud boMrd. Itelore
the graml jury to testily a to tin.
ism 'Icialcation of Oeorge W. I'avm, a
clerk of the SWOOl laud Isiard. The
intcntiiin oi tba dlSirlol attorney is to
nubinlt (be lad. olitained to Jmlge
Hamilton for b is opinion a to the
Htatuie of linttatlOM and if the nrose
SOtiofl I harred the cane will be
dropped otl.erw ise an indictment may
lie presi nnl .
From figure obtained from P. p..
Pendleton wool conring
mill; W. .1. Inrnish, president of
tin' PwndlttOtl Saving bank ; and Prod
W. Ilemlle)', of the lodOMndORl Ware-
bOM iiipany, the year ItOI i the
banMT year for Pendleton a regard
it prominence as a wool market and a
There had been
NMlvtd i't the Pendletofl warel set.
this season up to and including June
It, the lot lowing amount
At the Pendleton wool Hcouring
in ill, 1 ,947 (til Hinnd which have
been receipted for and 2U car on the
track awaiting disposal in the
different warehouse, at the Purniah
warehouae, 1 ,7." i.iaa I ixiund, with
several car which have not had their
content transferred , at the Imlepen
dent warehouse, I I ih sacks, or :i7H,nuu
pound of this year' clip; I sacks
or I57.O00 ixiund of clip of I WOO. or
,r:t:i,iHHI poiiml all told. Added to
gether it makes a total of wxd thu
far receipted (or of 4,2:11,412. Home of
ibt wool reported at the I nrnish ware
house, alterwaril sold by Mr. Pnr
nih, on commission, to K. Y. Judil,
may be d uibleil in the above lignres,
iif there was no way to segregate the
different amount.
F. W. Handlay'i Talk.
P. W. HtMdlM had jilt received MVt
Hack, or 111,000 pounds of C. I:
W.eli-'n wiol Iron I'.rtriihart station
I his was packed under the MpOfVilion
of 1 1 in in rinokett, and Mr. rloadloy
Mid a finer lot ol wool bad nevi r come
lo 1'finf It-ton, so far as the manner in
which it had I u marked and packed
was OOOMrned, Kach ack wa clean
and stnlfetl lull, ami plainly marked
a to which of the II different band
it came from. Mr. Hemlley ha stored
in the Independent Warehouse 1200
sack, ;t'U ixiund to the Hack, of wool
purchasiil (iy K. V. Jinld, the moil ring
mill waiehoiiMe being tiai full to Mtore
it. Tii ih wool i inclndeai in the I,
MT.s hiiiiiih alxive referreil to.
W. J. Furrtlih'i Heii.l.
f p. Judd expreil the opinion
that Pendleton this year would stand
second in the lit of citle of the
I'uitixl Stales a a wool Hhipping
SMtor, The Dalle will remain in the
lead. The wool situation i aalisfac
tory .n. i large ijnant itie are ladng
Isiiigbt and old at prevailing prices.
Y. Juiid ha alreadv purchaaeii 2,
.'DMJJMMI pounds ol wool, of which I,
7,ri0,000 pound will come to Pendleton
to he Mi oiired.
Of the MOl thu far received at the
mills. HO per cent will be scoured as
rapidly a posrible.
Sir. Puruisb naid that the indication
were (bat 2,0U0aUQQ pOOBda of sTOOl
HoiiULpnst, tbrOOgb Ihh Mitrehouse this
vinrmi in reoaipti tbna far bnta batM
nun bKiea ier ihun in any Dfaf iOQI
ear Villi a tonall percuiitatie of the
Wool clipped in I'matilla county I ol
the 7 to H-tieut kind. That price is
ijuoted for the heavy wool, full ol
Have "eyes bier than theii stouiacha,"
according to au old saj ing They over
eat tbetnaelvea, and u ti mpted by ail
aorta of lujuiiutia ami Indigestible edi
bles. Am a COMMIlBXMI UlC foUU'iatloli
of serious stouutch trouble ia often laid
in child lcxl
For children with "weak" digestion or
whose stomal bs are diseased, Doctor
Pierce's ( foldeu Medical Discovery may
be confideutly recommended. It cures
of the stomach and other orgaiis
of digeetion aud nutrition, so Unit the
Bouriahment contained in food is per
fectly asaiiuilated and the puny child ia
built up by food into a condition of
robust health.
Dr. I'iexce's Golden Medical Discovery
contains neither alcohol nor narcotics.
Accept no substitute lor "OolUcn Wl
teal i ii .,.rn " There ia nothing just
as good " for diseases of the stounu b aad
other organs tt digestion and nutntioo.
ttrm Kll.. I.ardu.r of WiUlVK. StulilKSCS
aeUadid health, I am tadT futiod iuftot cuuuniuu sin 1
arbo cuulJ iu u,v child. Whenever she Itsl Mmmmn
Cadly I aivc her In Wcice i,.,IJeu Medical I mu
257 i" . -u.. .,1 j,m nh. i. -a, i 'r- - i..... ii T
A Standard Oil ttagnats Will Adopt
Sueli a Course.
Went Palm Heard, Kla.. June l,
Henry M. Flagler, the Mandard Oil
millionaire, has applied lor a divorce
under the recently enacted law which
make insanity a cause (or divorce.
Mrs. Hagler is in New York a yet.
Flagler, it is said, will marry aaain
soon after be procures a divorce.
k'lgland Will Haas riiem Fay Half tbe
War Kxpente.
laWadotl, June U, -It i reported jj
governuibiit circle that it ha biteu
dec ided to levy 2fim,i a a i,t a pounds on
the Transvaal gold mines lo pay hall
ihen.Ht of the South African war.
The lew will cause coustemati on
among Kaltir sUa-khoiders, but It will
be sjpular with the general public.
Hsllalous Rlollna.
belfast, June It, The religious riot
i . sr which occurred on June U was re-
neweil here today at Queen's Island.
A uuiuber of shipyard men attacketl
aouie Catholic iiavviea, and, in the
tight, many were seriously hurt.
Is In Anotbar Duel,
faris. June 13. Mex Kegia waa
principal in another duel today and
was auain wounded in the arm. His
adversary was a Paris journalist
Ualae to Atlantis CHy.
Atlantic City, S. J.. June 18. A re
. i is vurreut here that Mrs. McfcCiu
ley will be brought here so soon aa her
Rsported by I. i Ray ft Co., Pendleton,
Chleaeo Board or Trad and Maw Tors:
stork Rxahanse Beokert.
New York, June II, The wheat
market wa active tixlav ami made one
of those move which look a though
price hail reached a turning point
fter a break of six cents at New York
and ten cent in Chicago in little more
than a week's lime, UftffpOvl closed
." H l8, New York ODttMd at 77c,
broke sharplv to 76, from which point
ther wa an advance to 77 ' , closing
77 :t-H.
Stock were alo very trong, St
Paul advancing four points and Union
I'acillc six. The balance ol the list
how gotxl gain.
Closing yesterdar, 77.
Opening today, 7.
Kange tislay, 7i to 77'.
Clow tixlay, 77 :bK.
Stix-ks: Sugar. HM'v, tohacco, 140
steel, !! 4 . St. Paul, 170, Atchison.
fllM Fine. 44 I S. I'nion Pacllic, 11-
Wheat In San Franolieo.
San Francisco. June 18, Wheat,
1091 , to KM "-st.
Whsst In Chleago.
Chicago. June 13, Wheal, ill' to
71 1-H.
A M h N II St H N I
UneieSam Dsmands Further Compliance
With His Commands Rotor
Coming Away.
Wahington, June III. 1'no.ual itltl
acceptance of the I'latl amendment bv
the Cuban coiistilnl loual coiivesit ion
loe not mean that American HohlierN
will In uifitiatelv withdrnwu from
the island, nor that the IrilNteeHhip of
the United States will be emled at
once. BofOTR thlH Is eltecled the con
venlnai must outline ami adopt the
flection laws, ofllcer must be chosen
and the actual government must he in
Hinooth opi'ralion. October I ban Iteen
net bf the cabinet iiieuibers as the
earliest poHnihle date on which Cuba
may be left to work out her dentin)
unaided. The selection of the llrat
,, lin ers ol Cuba will ho carefully un
dertaken. It is intimated at the war
department that lieueral Woixl will
lone much to do with the choice ol the
Cuban leaders.
But the Inspector Had Previously
ii. i i s Hlmrtaae.
San I raiicinco, June Ml. The inspec
tor who are locating tiie stolen govern
ment supplies this morning found the
bMM bavndl ng the same elomxl or
the material spirited away. Aim
ibfRJM has not vet been located. No
new discoveries have laen made
Amy ollicials affect to make light of
the whole allair. It diais not appear
that very strenuous efforts are lauug
made to invent igate.
Secret Service Agent lla.en ntaten
lhat he reHirled to Col. Maun sever il
inoliths ago that governmeiit supplies
were being oflered (or sale.
No action wa taken until thin
week, when the agita'loo bv the dallv
papers canned d int Insures
The air in full o rumor that the
al legist systematic looting ha been
going on ever since the war, RMelelly
In the traupaort service wl ere the
vohscIh -p, oi a large part ol the time
in the repair shops. This Is ntreiiu
ou.i denied by the army ollicials.
Anisistir. lo Coiiipst at the Pan
ainsrloaii Stadium.
BarStJo, June l.'l.-The amateur
Athletic union champloiinhip games
hu b upon thin afternoon at the Pan
American stadium will he the grandeat
Abiotic carnival of the year, bringing,
as it iloes, the bent men of tint I lilted
latM ami Canada All of the re Pit
sen tat I ve athletic clubs of the country
have entered the best men at their
command. Saturday will ln the day
when most ol the important finals
will Is- run.
I lis gllHtRBlrt Rsssivss ins Uoare as
sward ror His Olfls.
lilasgow, June Ig, The degree ol
1,1. I' was loruially conlerreal on
Andrew Carnegie atilaagow uuiveraity
aiusrlea Advansiua.
Amen, an lia-omotives are hauling
Kugliab trains, and the Kimlisb trains AnUUtttV
ami r.ngl miiiiien are roiling oyer
American steel rails Our machinery
in nold all over the world A great
American reiuudy, Hosteller's MtOOinen
hitters, is graduallv working its way to
all parts ol tbe glolai where tyspeHiia
ami indigestion thrive I ike all
American pnsiucls, it is bonesl, and
does just what it claims In tin. The
moot stubborn uoaea oi nuMtipotion.
hllllinSROM. nervuusuess, liver siel
kidney troubles must yield lo it. It
if the most lairfect romed y ever devlaeil
for weak stomachs For lifty years il
has be. u famous lor its aatoulshiuf
eifliscy It is a perfectly nstiiial
remedy, ami there is nothing to equal
it. See that a private revenue stamp
covers the neck of the bottle.
Shreveport, La Mob Thirsts
for Negro Blood.
Wife of ill" Murderer, tdtards, Coofnaaaa Ho
Was the Man Trouble Exptctad Today.
Kdwards reported lo Half Bern Burned.
Shreveport, l a , June 1.1. The mur
der ynattofdn) Ol lollg Foster, a
iron I thy planter and brother inlaw ol
QOV McMillan, of taRMBOB) by
I'rince Kdward, a plantation hand,
may be followed today by the wholesale
lynching of negroes, A mob of whiles
ban Mfroonded the Klggggftg store,
Kotsier parish, the stem, f the
trouble - last night, iu whn h
seventeen HBgfPBB BkM 0 have beetl
nnpl icale.l in the crime, are huddled
logetner awaiting their (ale.
Bdmnfda I still at large. Some be
lieve be siiicnleil to prevent lynching.
The mob, which is heavilv armed,
are impatient (or the bloial ol the
seventeen, ami it would 1st no surprise
if lynching look place bsfOfR the day
is over.
The BIBPdOf wa the result of a long
slaoiliiig tn ilble hew teen the hand
and tl verseer. Fiaiter Iwlieraal he
lid settle the matter hv giviug It In
personal attention ami started toward
the negro ipiarters. Ashe approached
a rnhin, the fatal shot wan tired.
I.dwarda' wile not hn was the mur
Word came (nun Klnnahrnw this
in,, ruing that lalwanl hail been cap
lure,! . an, I was laing taken back to the
scene of Ins crime, where lie would Ix
burned at the stake.
Hp to lo o'clock no news ol the
lynching hail been received.
Chore in no doubt that It is the iu-
telitinii ol the BMW to kill all those mi
plicated iu the BMttMM
All the highways entering Shreve
port this morning Imar a warlike ap
"Pmpbot" Smith, a negro, who
predicted the disasters, is one ol the
snrr, ,iiu, le.l men ami there is no doubt
that he will he pill lo death.
Two women are among the prison-
em, and It i not likelv that their lives
will be sparixl.
f, m. C. A. Jubllss.
Huston June IJ. Seven thousand
live hundred delegates assembled in
the Mechanics building bslay lor the
celebration of Jubilee Hay ol the In
teruatloiial i oiing Men's Christian
Annuel at ion The services lasted over
an hour, Itcginiiina with a private ser
vice MMPOBBBB were then ii i w, If by a
number ol prominent divines.
TIh- l -t 2 fiO hIi.m oil
mi ih foi Itulityj or Miitlt'iiuMi
Wi- n,lillii' W BWIJf ! r
Wu rittll ton.
BAmttmber w ylvt awa
f aliians Wtxl -
ntfjdij Juoi I9lh. ur
ftliOH WlinloW will ill ytu
how wu ilii it.
Tlie Peoples Warehouse
shop. ITOJUL
FITTtfltti Of PUB J.
jib Mam Sireet. I'emiJeton, Or.
We want to move all the ladies' suits and
skirts. Prices have been made to make
them go
ru . . . . I .h. mm,tl ll ,4 111 she luuk
IwslM botiit-t of the 'Coldca Medical IJimutr- '
5v.' sight Uatl- ui ' Pellci. sud out UaiUer
In kg, . Catarrh Remedy sud she is wen
c liu.uk Ood KS your wediciuc
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, in paper covers, is sent tit on
mceipt of 3i one cent stamps to nay
xneaee of mailing unly. Ackiicae In.
f'V. I. ic5cc, HulUlo. H. V.
I stoma June 13. - The grand lodge
of Masons has resciuileil its resolution
adopted two year ago reeogniring
negro Masons.
CbpisUae BellssoB in.
London, June 18. Christine Neils
sou, the famous Swedish prima donna,
is snriously ill in Southern Scandinavia.
A IVofunion oi Arffglk hiegance
iliuuiinatee our crockery display, a sight
of which delight the ee, iplickeiis the
fancy and refreshes the mind. Our de
signs on china heat those of the F.uropean
powers. They . n in tea, diuuer and
salad 'els, rivalling rumautic Ian, In, apes
in pictureeijueiie. Tliose lieaullful cut
glaas novelties, too, are worth a deacnp
tiou in verse. We only ask a peep, the
ware will do the reat.