East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, April 25, 1901, Image 4

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    THl'RSPAY, Al'kll.
Jasl Rtooivvsj
a line of
LtvcLiW Hftiidsomc
in Patent Leather
ami Fine I N ttgolaV.
All late styles.
Call and see them.
Practical Boot and Shoe Men.
Try Putton's ice cream chocolates.
Bicycle, racycle, bicycle. Withee
Boy yoar window shades at
Sew waah good at Cleaver Hro. Dtf
Gooda Co.
Com pgaaaaj veast fresh everv dav at
R. Mart in 'a.
f desirable
lor aale on
Call and see Crawford bicycle
raevclee at Withe'.
Have your picture framed . latet i
style at Murphy's.
Sew designs in wall paper at
Murphy's paint atore.
Hawley's have a iaucy line gfj dried
fruit and big orange.
Fine mountain potatoes, mnatard
green, comb honey, Hawley'a.
Oldest place and neat tamales. at Le
Roy', cor. Court and iarden street.
1 ataat novel tie in spring good. See
window. Cleaver Bros. Dry ttood Co.
The latest in bicycles i the cushion
Iramea. Come in and see them.
S. Berkeley ha some ve
town and country property
easy terms.
Finest bam and lard on the market.
Home product: try it. it guaranteed.
Schwart & Grenlicb.
Ire cream, ice cream anda. nice big
navel oranges, at troedecke Kirk
man's on Court street.
Freeh invoice new )ea. string bean,
asparagus, sweet potatoes, oniou.
rail ishe and lettuce at Hawley'a.
Ice cream and pure cream at Put
ton's. Leave your order ior unda .
Cream delivered to your home, packed
in cans.
Crescent bicycle en the installment
plan at the Crescent agency in the East
oregonian building, payment tl a
week, no interest.
Mrs. was in the store veaterday
and she thought oar line of spring
goods ware the nicest in town. Cleaver
Bros. Dry Good Co.
Remember I have a better stock of
oil. axle-grease, rope, belting and all
other harvest supplies than ever he
lore. P. -vine, Hells.
Look and see their new color in
ingrains and gilts. Paints ready for use.
Paper hanging and painting promptly
done. ee C. Sharp, opera house
block. Pendleton, Ore.
John Olwell, of Contra! Point, Ore..
C. H. Pierce, who i arramrimr u es
tablish a fruit aud vegetable cannery at
Milton and Freewater sue Col. K. C.
Judson, who is encouraging iur enter
prise, went np to Milton tLi morning
to look farther into the matter. Mr
Olwell la too owner of a 140 acre apple
orchard near Central Point, and is
known as -'The Apple king of Oregon."
Water sets, water bottle st Nolf's.
At Ruder' furniture store is the
finest liiierf rugs nuit matting.
Board for n few gentlemen in pri
ests family. Mr. Altai Smith.
Automatic refrigerator ami water
cooler at Rader' furniture store.
Window shade, curtain pole, mir
ror, etc., at Rader' furniture store.
See the new style bal I hearing lawn
mower at Taylor', they are cheaper
than the ordinary mower.
For rent Four room lion w in good
location. Inquire of J. H. lOOBf,
MfMjgf Mam and Hluff street.
Ladies id tlx Bftptral church will
give an ice cream social at the parson
age Thursday night. Ann! IB, Ice
cream and cake. In rents.
The Msccatee will hold a cs-i;
session in Hendricks hall this even nig.
Knight' ami ladv Maccanee. and a
tew invitel outsider w ill gOsBpOM the
tnir new stock of Stetson's hats have
arrive). Many new styles and colors
in soft and stiff hat are out this M M
and are here for your choosing. Alex
ander A Hester. '
The case of Senator Mitchell, an In
dian charged w ith horse stealing
again potonei this morning in
,'usttce Kits Gerald's court until 10
o'clock Friday forenoon.
Walla Walla Union: Rohert I.insev
and Mis Maggie Cavanaugli wer
united in marriage at 1 o'clock p.m .,
vesterday at St. Mary's hospital. Rev,
Lee A. Johnson olficiatitig.
Ld Cnw, an Indian boy on the
reservation, son of Five Crows, who
broke Ins leg twr. months ago while
playing football, was able to walk
I about Wednesday lor the first time.
An ice cream social at tbe Baptist
iit'onge this evening w.il inaugurate
'that kind of entertainment in Pendle
ton lor the season. Preparation have
heen made lor a large attendance.
A widow without incuinhraii
an affectionate and home-loving dis
position, desires tbe acquaintance of
an hnnorhle man with some means,
with view to Oiatrimony. Mrs. N. A
Wood. Spokane. Wash.
Princes Taylor, by her attorney
Peter West, ha commenced action for
divorce from her husband. William H.
Ta ior. They were married at Tren
ton Mercer county. Mr,, liecember J.
I, The plaintiff claims that her
husband deserted her on or about
S'ovember ', 1892. hence the suit.
F. W. Hendley ha. resigned hi posi
tion as manager of the I'uget Sound
Warehouse company, and will be suc
ceeded on May 1 bv T. (i. Montgomery .
of Helix, of the firm of Montgomery
Bros. Mr. Hendlev ha not leased hi
independent warehouse n, ti.i- citv to
the Paget So and WarehoiiM- company,
hut will continue t onerate It.
Carl Ames, accuse,! of burglary, wa
brought to Pendleton on Wednesday
and placet! in the county jail by 6. P.
Barton, who had been deputised a
coustahle for that purpose. The crime
a- committed at Ckiah, and it is
claimed Ames stole a pair of shoes
and a revolver (mm a house. The
constable and hi prisoner came in on
the stage from I'kiah.
York citv last February, that portion , THE FREE POSTAL DELIVERY
of the rule referring to Iteing hit with
a pitched ball was rescinded. That
left it in such shape that the only
penaltv it ( a pitcher for
hitting a hatter with a pitched hall
Will Rsport to His Bureau th londi
tlom on ths Rassrvsllon Hops
for Action Now.
I r. O. P. Melvin, of the Rureati of
Animal Industry, a branch of the de
partment of agriculture most important
to this section, lis come to Pendleton,
been taken to the reservation, made
careful examination of the maugy
horses ''! ha taken specimens of the
parasites that constitute the disease
Pr. Melvin, having driven to the
reserve and returned to Pendleton, was
asked what was his opinion of the
dlaaaas). lie said :
"It is mange in a hail form. I have
-liei imens that I shall take to Wash
ington am! submit with my report to
the bo ratBi I have seen en mgti to
uMviMo me that there i need for
action. 1
Hope tor Aetlon.
Pendleton people bogfj that now ac
tion will be taken. I r. Melvm came
her at the solicitation of Coi R. C.
jMdSoO, industrial agent of the o. k.
A S. Co., who iniormed him of the
state of things on the reservation.
Or. B, S. Hutchinson, also of the
bureau . Dr. Lanti. stationed in Pendle
ton by the bnrean. Thomas Thompson,
deputy tate veterinarian. Col. Judson
and Lee M oor house constituted the
party. They visited several localities
am! had various animals under esti
mation, it, asses were used and care
was exercised ti make complete diag
nosis. Mr. Moorhouse took a number of
photograph of the mangy horse and
will send them to Washington to ac
company Dr. Melvm's report to the
Ih Melvin learned of the presence
of mange on the reserve here only
when told by vol. Judson ana is anxi
ous that the disease Pe eradicate,! r.
Melvm went east to ui ; Lake this
st Buslnsst Msn.
In the evening Dr. Melvin, Dr.
Hiitctnuson. Dm Ju Ism and the
others were entertained at tbe club
rooms of the Commercial association.
meeting a nnmhfr ol husiness men.
Willie here, he made llio,inr
the resource of tiie countv with
special reference to the horse indusm
and was surprise,! when learning the
fact. It is believed that hi visit
here will result in great good, and tbe
: --men of tins town and count v
highly appreciate l.i- coming.
was to call it an unfair hall. It come
upon good authority that the director
of 'he Sat 1 league took a vote
upon the matter ) telegratdi on Toes
dav, with tbe result that thev put the
MM as it wa in 1WN1. and that there
fore a hatsman struck with a pitched
ball will he entitled to take first ba"e.
This last action will It received with
favor by all except pitcher.
A Proriionl In Town.
Charlev llendris. who played a
couple of games'with the Multnomah
last season, and then with the Kansa
City team of the Western l eague, is In
Pendleton. He was in Portland until a
short time ago, when he receded a
telegram and advance tn ket money to
come to Penver He did so, hilt upon
I arrival there would not sign a contract
as thev tint imt oner him enough, tie
may plav with the
team tin- season
Portland league
samusl DoDl Passes Away at a lamp
Abovs Wsston.
Athena, April 26. Word wa re
ceived in this city 'inlay that Samuel
Donle had passed awav at the wood
camp of H Heel above West in :
when- he was iBaploved. He is an i,l
pioneer of this section, having landed
from Ins home in England in Weston
ome 26 years ago Mr. Dohie engage,!
;n the furniture business in Weston 211
vears ago, hut IBM tired of it, and ha
since then been engaged in many saw
mill enterprises. He was at the time
of liis death the owner of a sawmill on
Pine creek
He was well and favorahh known in
this city, where he was in busin-s ten
vears ago It cannot lie ie trued II he
has any relatives living, a Mr. Doble
was of a taciturn disposition and made
confidents Of but lew Hismixt inti
mate friends place Ins age at ma years.
Ttie arrangements fur his interment
have not yet heen complete.!. I ir
will prohahh lie at the West li cenie
terv tomorrow morning
W J. Wi'ktnson. on Tuesday ptir
chased 17,000 bushel of wheat freni
Weston parties (or the Pa. in Coat
r;ievator company. The price paid was
I- p tit.
As R. K. -tewart wa driving into
tow n vet. rday. his team Urn-ann
frighteneit am! ran away. Toe wagon
was loaded with lull caes of egg
which were badly damaged, heing
scattered along the roadside. No other
damage was done.
An Ordlnsnes to Bs Ppspsred With Con
dition! Psmandsd by ths
An informal meeting of the city
council was held Wednesday evening.
Mayor Vincent and all the conncilmen
ev rapt C. B. RiMsevelt and T. B.
Wells being present A. P. Smithers,
representing the postofhee department,
who has bOM m Pendleton for several
dsvs, met with the council and gave
his view as to what would he necee-
sarv for the council to do in ortler to
have llMJ free postal delivery ytem
for Pendleton. H. F. Johnson was in-
trncted to prepare an ordinance in ae
cordance with the views expressed by
Mr NsBlthOfl) and the ordinance will
be aed and become the law of the
city as soon a practicable. It will
emhody two features as heretofore re
ferred to in the Kast t)regonian. First,
the business houses and residence will
have to he properly numbered .
econi! the names of tiie treets will
have to he plainly and distinctly
marked at the intersections.
Two or Three Months.
It is presumed that the free postal
ae svstetn will he in operation
lit about two or three months. Prol
b!y two carriers will w put on at
first, hut, a the city is entitled to
ti.ree. the third one ma be added
shortlv thereafter. The selection of
earner, the placing of the mail hoses,
and many other details, will necesaart
v consume time, but Pendleton will
soon he able to swell op a little over
additik1 one more BOtfOfJOlltM feature
tu its town life.
I lllfi II
Look at our Prices for
35 yards Rood calico, fast colors,
25 yards Rood crash toweling t
20 yards good 3b inch blrachcd muslin.
30 yards good check gingham
20 yards j:ood cheviot shirting.
20 yards -ooil figured lawn, fast colors
Al'i'vc Roods are worth much more, so you had
of them while they last.
1 00
tv- styles.
We have the nicest stock of clothing in this
ami prices are riRht.
Our ftirntshtnt; ootls line is complete, neckwear otw.
1 nnsnimr. in furl an,tV,..,..
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and vou will buy.
jumpers, overall
and look them over
"Nervs Waits.'
One of tbe most helpful
nc-ve weak 'less ever issued
titled "Nerve Waste." bv
How Dr. Pslton Corns to Hli Dsath
uakland Man.
iieorge Hu.-aii, county upssiir, re
ft " - The circumstances I turned Wednesday night from a trip to
Twenty-Two Mew Member Initlatsd
Wsdnesda) Ivsnlng.
The increase to the ruemtiership of
William Martin encampment. No. 1,
Pioneers of tbe Pacific, continue in a
phenomena! degree. At the regular
meeting on Wednesday evening of this
week 25 new members were initiated.
A M were initiated on Wedneedav
evening. April 10, and 44 on Wednes
day evening. April 17, it make an in
crease of iff in three weeks. If there
is an encampment lodge or secret
society of any kind in tbe world that
can boat tne record of William Martin
encampment. Nc. 1, now is tbe time
to produce the record.
The contest lietween the side choeen '
by Captains B K Kennedy and M.
Murehead continue with good-natured
rivalry. The contest will close with Uausteti
iiimibiiuui m .oe Ilie- Jlll 01. T. el, -
noarlay evening, May 1, after whnd. the
losing aide will give a banquet to tbe
in and to all the new member.
That will occur about May 8. and will
pmhablv include a dance in Laltow
nail, adjoining tne lodge ruom.
We Have
The moat complete line of
niei.'i shoe ever shown in
Pendieton. oar esperience
enables us to give y un a per
fect lit. The styles are cor
rect and nobby, fees, oar
display window and then
get oar price.
Pendleton Shoe CfL
Dlsd 00 tuatfev. April 1 1. of Paralysis .
at Aleany.
Recorder Join. F. beau, returnee!
ti.i morning from Aluanv, whither be
t. : irnf on account of the dear: of
Jame Ash, whicb occurred on bonder
evening, April St, of paralvsi. The
deceased came from Ireland to Uh
W illamette valley a quarter of a cen
tury age. and after reaid:ng at Browns
ville, where be was an operative la the
woolen mills, removed to Albany 11
years ago. Tbe funeral was held from
the Catholic cnorcb on Tuesday morn
ing at w o'clock, when requiem mas
wa celebrated. Mr Ah leave a wife
and two jaugniers. Qm oj the
daughter is onmarrieo and live at
Albany, the other being the :. ,:
Recorder Beam. Jamas Ash of this
city is a son of the deceased. He and
Mrs. Beam remained in Albany and
will be in Pendleton tor a weak er go.
Is Tdis Plain tnougb.
If you have a nauviiiv coiieh wnd n.
iuaing tieL. go t. a drug store and
get a bottle of Bhhob's Csoanmption
Cure. Take two-thirds of it, and tnei..
il you are not benetiied. return the
I bottle to the druggist, and be will re
turn your money. Isn't that fair? No
one could ask more Srjru.,6U cts
and fl a bottie. Tailman k Co., lead
ing druggist.
For Sal ai Bapsaia.
' acre of timber land, one ooiie
from hjuuela Htation. at an e seep', ion -ally
lots figure. Fur particular ad
dree:. B.Clark, Fort Htevens. ir,.
surrounu nig "is (leaih 01 nr. relton ill
the Nome countrv, who was froien ;n
the trail near olonnui on January L'l,
are pathetic.
rhi Nome I'lgger ay:
He came to Alaska' in 18IW, with a
party bound for Kotiehtie sound
Pelt 11. propected in that bleak and
barren country, hut lound nothing to
r'ward him for hi pain. later he
came to Nome and located claims in
different part of the country, alwavs
without striking anything that proved
to Is rich. A year ago he staked a
ctaiui near olomon, and recent! v he
went to do some proectiiin there and
hold his property against New Year
'"The result of his work were so
encouraging that lr Pelton felt jus
tified in believing that at last he had
found a fortune. He spoke enthusi
astically to several acquaintance of
nis ciaim, ami ret need in the
thai atier many disappointment tie
had succeeded in strtkins it rah. Full
of bright hopes for the future, be was
on bis way from the claim when the
n: lizard of the 1st overtook him. In
this terrible wind and swirling, blind-
lUk' suow, the vuunu doctor wn.lt
from the trail, lost hit way and after
irare.iug 11:1 mt strength waves-
lay down ik u.ed aluue
without a friendn hand to succor him.
"lr. Pelton ' people reside in I kk
land. Calif, from whicb place be
came to Aiassa He was years old.
His brother, tree msn Pelton, is C. D.
Lane loreinan atWi.iu Muunuiu.
Both "loc" Pt'toc and "Free" Pelton
are well known name to ail last win
ter's reei. lent of Nome, and the young
doctor's uotime.y end ha aroused a
fee.ing of deep regret it. camp.
"Tbe first news ut the catastrophe
was conveyed ic tbe following letter,
received 01. IgflSjasJof n . a. Pepper
"npruce Creek. January It, 19tM
A Pepper. Mr: Ir. Pelton was
t li. Hie storm nigf.t before last.
you pi ease aenu word to hi
nrotiier a-. W 1 ite mountain. A partv
just came in reported as finding bodv
uh the trail about two mile froti.
here, between perr and olumon I
will try ana nring tne iiv to Nome.
Will you try and notifv hues well that
Crow aud 1 are alt right keepectlullv
c. t. patch."
. immt C. Bonis tns Cusst r Honor
at in Vi Horn.
Mr. Emma C. tnins, ol bnohomith
Wasn., grand worthy matron of u,e
Oruer of Fastern Mar of the state or
Waeniiwion, will arr.ve :,. IWJieton
at 5 o cioca this eseiim ui. tne tra'.
truu. bpoiiai.e, and ... u- c.e guest at
a reception in her honor at the home
ol Mr. and Mr, John I'm it... Z.
ing from I to lp o'clock. This recp-'
lion an.: be an . .,dr of the Kasteru
HSil, aim uiemivnr of ti,at
ere cur.l,a.iy llivitr.: f
Mrs. fcnnis will leave on th
lu 40 laokffal fur Portland
Jeasie b. Vert. be,ug r-j,i
matron of )rder of the
auir ui Uk SUU of Urenon w
Athena, came
W'ednesdav and
of Mimpter,
1 a guest of
la ''ramie.
-am P. Purdy, of
down to Pendleton on
returned home todav.
Miss MM Carlson
formerly of Pendleton,
Mi Bertha Alesander.
Judge W K Klli left this morning
for hi home at Heopner. He espect
to return t. Pendletou nest we.-s
Svlvester White captain of Marcus
Whitman encampment. No. SI,
Pioneers o'. the Pacific, came down
from Milton Wednesday afteriPMiu and
returned this inoruiiig. He visited
with Willliam Martin encampment
last night.
Mr and Mrs. James Crawford and
laughter M.s Maude I ramh.nl ief:
on the C hicago-Portlano sps-iai Wni.
ueeday evening for the east They will
je "so so. i? usseurj, ra., aiieuu the
j cuer. Hsniiuiy 01 me j respyienai
, . cuurci, ai I'hiiaueiphia lor ten ilavs
commencing June In. ami afterward
1 go to the Pan - American espoaition at
Huflaiu Thev will return in about
three months.
books on
i that en
fr Mwer
in its fif'h
of an M
physician is
the vast sum
prevails on
It a'ound in
Cnansas Hand at Ppvsllins
bsod Ppii
The magr. itude of sales of wheat UJ
iVsalla Walla during the past four
weoks baa not been equalled, at tfais
t.uie of tbe seeeui. fur a number of
vears, say the htateauiau. ;ioring
the mouth 7,Vl,00u or m ire t.usbels of
wheat, dea.er set. mate na change.!
hands, and it is be.ieved that before
tbe end of the month that amount 1
will have bean greatly increased 0jl
dealer alone ha purchased 160,000
bushel of wheat tributary to Walla
W'a'la. Of th entire annum that ha !
bean purchased much remains n be
St.. pjied t., t.dewater, the delav .,
trani)ortation being caused by the
scarcity of cars at this time Mam of
wo- aanauie .cars have Peer.
.mo service 0 the Kast bv
the .ucreased amount of
transcontinental roads
-Not in many year nave the
t' e . ui.-. tssen !. ., gi
If re.ieved ot wheat a thev .1. .T-
of an Prancisco. imw
thousand This work
penenced and reputable
in agreeable contrast h
of false leach ins w Inch
this interest ills' nheet.
carefullv considered and practical ad
vice, and has the two h'reat merits of
wisdom and sincerity
It is indorsed by both the reunion,
and eeulr pre. The Chicago Ad
vance says ' "A perusal of the book
and the application of it principle
will put health, hope and heart into
thousand of lives that are now suffer
ing! through nervous impairment."
The bMik i II. by mail, imstpaid.
One of the most interesting chapter
chapter gg, on nervine and nerve
tomes has been printed separately as'
a sample chapter, and will In-sent to
anv addresss for stamp bv the put- 1
lishers. the Pacific I'ub. !.. Bos I
-an Franciaco.
Wors Than War.
Hundreds are killed in war, but
hundreds of thousands are killed bv
consumption. There would la- no
deaths at ail caused by this terrible
dieae. if people could' la made to un
derstand that Shi loh 's cmgl. and con
sumption cure is a sure remedy if taken
in the early stage. 2.r cts.. So cts and
1 a bottle. Druggist orill refund the
money if a cure is not effected. Tall
man A Co., leading druggists.
While in
Wt purchased a manufacturer's
line of sample china at a bargain
N wUJ give some startling values
in tl.ese later
We aiso purchased a joh lot of
Johnson Bros . ahite senu porct
celain at less than jobbers cost
that we will sell at the price of
common ironstone wire.
The price list will be published
upon arrival ot goods Watch
this space for it.
t I at? 1 ' . I
v ncic oain urus inni iu hivvi icwam
Rader's Furniture Store
Main ane Webb streets. Pendleton, Oregon
where he can get one of those nice
Golden Oak Rockei-5 at $2.25 before they 1,1
Furniture. ctrpeu.
Window Shades,
CurtaUn Polsa,
Minors. Baby cabi.
t iM.eruking parlon in
A sure remedy for lice and mitaa.
1 1 S I i I I I Ik I 1 1 - - 1 1 . , .
ssseeewsnssiBBSJi iwuir nsi sees me ueu Itoailhy, mica grit
none uiea, k'nw sireuKtu to voting Chicks
A clean, inoffensive but nutrition fertiliser for yotu lata,
" i"" s . s r ii . 1
l . r. Loieswortnv rouury ana nec
Fresh Clean
Stock of
For you to select from. Will
give you reasonable prices.
Try us with an order ::::::
Thompson & Dupuis, Props.
Owl Tea House.
3 rolls crepe paper 10c.
I re...-
rwaon of I
truthc ut.
- mww lion
i ervativeiy cat. mated that
alter all the wheat that has already
been purchased is sl ipped to tide
water, tne no.dover of last year's cron
me ero Ul, rinM 1ft
ibui. ggsjasj ot ti,e wheat soid the
month we of tne
Wuouuons today war ftu canU lor
hlueatem and 4e for club.
Qeavor tu iaae
1'eiidielou a
SI . .
r. in. ie vi.it
pieasant aj possible.
i- train
.. Bl,-
Spring Troubles...
Lone of a(etiie,
tojuach ailmenu,
and Other Eruption
are some of them.
lay ,
SAI&APAR1LLA Co,:recUi 11 of
the blood pure.
" aaw VV .
As gxmoiuaa fiaa will k
Sunaaj ai lU.u
Manager M A l.ader announced
this morning that he will take his
team to Athena next sundav and play
racuce we with tne clot there.
lh Uiburu. manager of the Athena
sent down the invitation bv tele
phone. It will be strictly a pracihie or
est.ibitioo game and will uot ba east
sidensd in the averager ol mdivid
ual player or counted in tbe rxurd
of citnar club for the seMun. Masaaw
hader expre-:y UUI that hi 21
was not yet ready to comment the
season, and this game WI be uh
preliminary. The r-eudieton team ha.
noi bee mcui m4 ,hr Dfcw '
k!"" 100 uiu-t
not be expected
aaiur an r p,MhM g--
laSS "i' rule 4B',n Ptaeided
mat the ljaee-runnr .k..n 1..
mieu, without he
th base if ti.e tu.
Ilia L.S . "
i ,'" ""uan a heat ,Jtl our , n
lor beuu 1,11 wni ..... "u or
m -
piion to Nsw Pastor.
A rwejit. ji. Vil (, uudred to Rev
boiairt J. DHsaa od familv in the
prion of the Freenyterian church on
fr.dav evening, April All the
fiend, of the congregation are invited.
Kev. liven ha. receutiv arrived in
t'endleton from Jiew-Haoibarg-oh-the-tiudie.,
Y , and has accepted the
pastorate of the Presbyterian church
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Real Estate
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Locust Hill Rabbitry
and Poultry Yards
Pedigreed Belgian Ham
and pure bred Fowls.
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Barred, Buff, and White Flvui
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Island Bed - Kggs I j.oo 16,
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Pendlehiii, Oregon.
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