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    p.lY,.NW',,,H"1 "
Another novel election bet wag nmdu
ycHtertlay between Mono Tribblo of Echo,
Democrat, and .John Duncan of 1'roHpect
Koplibllcan. Thov each
lion of good breed which they watered
Tlii" World" I'ruilnrctl I'cmllf tun-i
An AvftrHcn i.r.
l'endleton people are very eaprielotiB In i
Il liirnii Furnt rtfunl I'rom, Cnnip.irtil J
With .lutip.
i inli (inini.
"2!!(.rii OMnin rn conllntly
H, " i I'tinl Hut. iitiil make
, "I nJ mill v - '--
"" ',. nf I III I AST
,wll .V. u'rrl nry imW lire iil-,10L7itrklli'i'ntlHMnici'
.....mnTtosAi. mutton.
'.iy. in irrfli. Hunitiiy
" . .,,1 tiia ii. iii. similar
'' fn.i ucclt nriivcr-iiieoilni:,
IN, .. .... nihil ttAl. Willi.. III
T tU"' " ., iu l..iu
Mti'T' 7. " it tif. I'nklnr
In case I lovchwd Ih elected Duncan must regatd to theatrical nutters, and u person ;
walk to Keho froin lWwct. wiven nilles, ' '!vcr calculate with anv degree of!
and lead his homo; and Tribblo in to i cortulnty lieTorehand whether thyv are'
make tiio tr non foot to l'i-.wti,,.t ir itur,
riepn Ir elected, and turn his horso over
to its ntnv owner.
Apples lmvo "ri)!." One dollar it box
if now the price of tbo bent quality In
Portland, making the fruit worth about
1.7" in rondleton. Why is it farmers of
I matilhi cannot (-row fruit enough to
supply the homo markot? A good or
(jo ins to turn out heavy or light when
liow" eotncH to town.
:v.... ..i..t.. .i .
i..m ,. . ... "'B'"! "'O pnxiueiion
' A (llllll M
I jo V orld" was greeted by a very largo x 1 V"
uuuienco. MiM'inhiL'lv fur tlii ItUtl.tflt.tl -.... 1 J. ...4
son. Uio tloor of the limine and the two I Ou'crviiic.
ifalloric'M nm ontuitivl I,. ... ..-il.,,. I.... ioUoiiwimkI
There was nothing greatly meritorious
uooui uie limy, uiuioumi there worn
churd near l'endleton would provuii initio fcw V;U,tio .!,it!? f ,lldl". the
of profit for its owner. scene'' in particular lielng quite lnt
... ...
min wanm iv
work for bin
"tend school during tiio win-
. 1 1.!. i.lliiV.
rturr. the '"11 l rcsHed
TOli,ilnil and tiio Wil-
!,vMiiipicasuru ,r,l'
arnoffnwinn m "rom
rt r....l..rtf liinlrlnif
,.n,i niiriiciivn muun.
found on tho dwr fltopjt of
Hospital In ini " utiii iias
.. il,n Jnllrlllll cxiiroHHes it.
,ta i -
' untold.
iwinct wlleu 312 voton
!. airaliiM l!5ll III .llllio, n
iu a few moniiiH. en-
. I . ....lU'lt.tV
hit coal will be woitli only
Vlli Wu u wlicii Mtini'H
. !.. ....V In W.lllil
.u Ih IiikI
! ire iu
... li..U.lt.ii .mil ly.im Ah.
. 111.. ..1.1,. I., n fruitlwilil
i. Thr tnwn cannot contain
('reck Kagio ceetiiH to be
iJctcblv about an outfit tf
ttttisflWH wlio have Iwoii
mmnlnlll III that IlK'alitV.
time m-lieilulo will cnublo tlie
uniati to reach Walla
..lic.f lllllillrjlldll. Illlitl. 1111
ibolli iubliHhcrnand roailem.
l.tnn Trillium ban received
. . . i... i i
Dill llllllTV lor IIP IllllhUII
i!lalnbo printed "entirely
imot on tho Kr Ohkuo
i.i- .....l... U.-.UI.
ii Hoy .Niurdock At heliool
. Ml! I..
iiuteatpuli, but cauliij; no
N. I'l'lllllclOII...
S. I'rtiitlrtnii
Pf-nalioW .
nrnfi i union
I Ml
ri... ' i 1 I-"'-".
free-trade HUook. .MlniiliT W..hi V." ..." .T" 1 ,. .
an.) prejudice iqqnlar- to be the trinity ' m " Z ,C TiiiMed rCnli?
whle , put- ISonianili, HarriHon In tho " , L.I'
iremaci iiat enair. Ktim, Konianimii . tnmbled arouml on tin. "mlllim lillWu'i ttuittllti
S?.d. ifSh 1 .JW " ,ri,,it.v M tiId 1 S SiT'lIm prevloT "LiS" "be I vlaI
MU l"u ,,IIIU' , "h nk ins h i ti. w.-m not li.nl. ...it.-l.l .!.... Willow Si.rttiir-,
lioUBo-moveiH liavo now attacked the ! the op-iortunity ollered for a 8ticccniiful y',uu " 'll!
wiHlliinil w Willi. l-.,..l.t.. I ul.t-.......-1, .... tl. II i II1IIKUIII.M i V)
browery. work on which was comtuoiuvd ' Htuu.. Total
to-day. Tho hardcKt lob. thodolden' J. 7,. I.lttlo. tho Star, iw 'Mfurn- K1I1R. MJrity.
Hiile 1 Intel and Wlieelur block, bH been, ton," Ih evidently a tiaincd actor, and
loft for (lie latit. Hhowcd a thorough acmialntiinco wltli
Ttifrir....ill.i.. 1... 1 ....... A. I e 1 hlM lllirt. Till! L.tni.tnitrtf .if flu. n.iul
iiiuiiiihiivii i.iin i n . 1 1 i m ii I'll inini . ..... - .iu rtv . j ... . .... .
I'ilot Hoek that cred torn ar uttaclilnu : were merely iatr-to-intitUlItiL, ultliouuli i unown iiinuuian inane his apiiearanco
Uio proorty of X. II. Cottrell, who haw ' ,larr.v nurieiu "Kriggcr " mado iiuite
not been lieard of for boiuo time, and in "u cU'cctlvo villain, and could trannform
HupiKHteil no linve followed iu yalisburv'i" IUB counionanco into uiai oi u tionu ai
fcKitMtoph. I will. Harry Jackson as the Jow made a
lair repreeciiiauoii oi a Mcneming, erni)"
lug and iiioueyworHhipiing Israelite.
The two ladleM Iu the cant did moderately
I Si
1 a i
1 !!l
I i !
IHl I . .
tan i m
:ii :m I
i i.i
in ii
IM j I'JO !
is , ai ,
ti in
ai 47 j
ialeof Fall and Winter Clothing.
rwi-il Sull, Sook .
I.ot :tilOl (NumUtN r M ii Durk (Iniy
Mens t.laht (iniy'l'w-o.l SiiiIh -iii'k
Mi-ii'is ripi- Vnrl it Mill.. Mirk . ...
M"llV.HtrliO('llrMiit Sli.,
MPll'HSc ill'll t'llOCll HIUK. , y
Men' lln.wu Pint iHul'n. Mi.'U
Jl0U' Mllttlfit l llcvl'lt Mills, Slfli
I.ut Vii nilllM'iins l . uf Mi-nN llinkru t'lnlil Hlllt", Sui-li .. ,
M.'u'h I'iui-( 'ol.ir.il flii . k mi Is. Mick . ,
.Mpii'k I .Iu lit Mnlltr lln.kil t ill .
vurUy mill Ilia -k Mt l uit.. nwU,
..Hil l nuifK nun wiilli- Jliillliil Mii,l, vii-K
l.nt V". .,10'i(M;oiiNi ii'. Mimi'i. I'oiirv
MCtl'H I'llllll t'lll'Vllll IH, am'k
Mon'h Nenl 1'lnfil Sull. u-i
.Men'it .Mo.ttcil l-'nlir.v Mix suit
i.ui tin. :i:iii :)uiNi.ir mhi'.
.Ml'll'Kllllltll'llI'VllltHllIlN, VH'li . .. .
Mi'ii'H lliiikct t'lici'k Hull", vwk
.MciiMlrlizlit l'ln-t'lii'i'k snit, ,'.(
Pink. Chock Su t. .nk....
Ilniwn .M I'll. in Hull, melt
A number of prominent citizen from
till iwrtioim of tho country have been iu
town yesterday and to day. Many of tho
county'H influential anil roprcnentattvo i
cmzenM were hccii on tno wrcem.
U. II. rarrCIlt, Oi KtlUdOCk. Ir! ill town ,i,f ,,r.iUn. Hi., rnwnlnw ulili.
to-day. lie uih two daughterH In at i tauco by tbo occupantH til Ibu tumbling
tendanco in this .St. 1-ranclH Academy. I raft being quite reallHtle. Wliun, how
.Mr. Parront Ih very much doprcHsed over ever, toward tbu latter part of tbo plav,
tho probublo Ilopuhllean victory. KrlgKer, the villain, who wan caught In
A Htrneeln with Chliipoo HlBlililuilert.
Sunday night In an Francijco an tin
lown Chinaman made hi atmearamv
at lioimo in Chinatown, kept bv Jim
Hop and Wong Jen, and occupied by a
number of ChincFC women, and anked to
be allowed to pan the night there, the re
quest being granted. He liiHtructcd the
old woman, who had charge of the other
lemaiei, 10 can nun at o o'clock in the
morning, and then tetlrud. At tho hour
Kundur, but come of thorn woni wortliy ! "Iiow of rcuirin to lenve. but uh tho
fliU Hum Is i xlm ln-iiv moIrIi!) !'
Lot Nn. :itNin:nnnlMtN nf M"n' llliiunilit Hmt I'luKI Hulls, suck i
Muii'h lllnck mill llmwn Mlilpo t'liovlol Sult, nitrk f
Lot fin. n70 ;nnnlti nr- JIrnV llnnvii nmt While Mixed hulls ii-k 1
Mi'II'm lllili'killlil WIlIK, Mlnot Kllil, Mii'lt .
McliV VMsktl Chcvliit Weill limn It Killln, MK'kv j
Lilt !Vo. at4 ;onMlM(N of M.-ii'h I i:rk t'hi'i'k Hollil Sull.Hiu'k .. .,
Mi'ii. sitoplii'nl I'liri'k Hxtnt suP, ni'k. ,.
Mcii'k llmwn Twi-cd Plum su t, k M ,
.MHI'M llllir-Lllll! I'IMI'll Mill, Mll'li
MimV l.lithl Uriiy I'hiivlnt Miilt, .ivl.
I.t .o. :i().tO 4.'iinImIm or
.Mi'ii'.n Wine Ml.xnl Hulls k''
lit U).(H)
nt 10.60
at 1 1 .00
at 1 !.)()
Lilt Kl.,:tOHO UunnM
IK Dltlcrutil PattertiH Iu liar IMauml fiiMlnu'ro .suits Mick
Lot n. ao0 ,oiimIIh or -.M. Il'H lli iillu r Mlx.-I Hnll.Hiirk I
i of prul.tc, the rem:
K'cn at u (IIh-
town thin morning.
.. I.....I. .. .. H..I.... .t...
it riltliuil III imhvi i'H3 uu
,'ii.......l .. ... . I. ....... I
s.'iuorii wuni'iL-vimi Iiiii;ir,
ij.niillli, r. Clarke, l. .ai.
'. ltrkinx, I'oum.'iliuen. und
!t, Itvifurer. No pollticH
rbaigunn to Wallace, Ore-
I i.l U'..ll...... i.i. i...
mvt feme lime ago, unit
t fruity More at that place.
ii;uiiim weroHiupiieii to (..
The Kov. Mr. Talbot. blHhon of Wvn-
luiug mid Idaho, camo down on tiiu 'rain
laHt night from Northern Itlalio, and wem
ICiiKt on the delayed train. He Ih on bin
wuy to Washington.
Nearly ovoty cill.cn in iioh.vhhihI of one
of .Meyer it 1'etkln'n uovol election cardH,
nbowlng the electoral and (Mipulur vote in
1HS4, which inn compliment to tiiu llrm'n
A. U. Iltielat, a, voting man lately from
bin own trap and chained to the prelum
ably Holld wall of the lunatic UHylum,
doubled up and temoved the entire Ht ma
ture from tho Htage in full view of the
audleucu, it detracted cotiHlilcrably from
tho eircct, and nearly iMiilod tho
"moonlight Hceno" diHcloHcil to view by
the tcmoval of the asylum.
On tho whole, howover. "Thu World"
might be called iihucccssIuI ireHentation,
und It Ih believed that tho audience pii's
cut was not tlixapiiuinted, itlthougli It h
I'ortland, luiH lieeii engaged bv Wheeler , , mmn might l.avo been Jnntitied Iu
Greeno A V. to take charge of the booun r,M,..i,lt, ,.,.,11,
! Itni f iiivriitilltiiml ilittitirrtiifttit I
II IIIVM "f1 li'iliiivin
Damon Uidgo, IC. of I'., Iiuh work in
tho hccoikI degree to-night, and other Im
portant biiMlueHH.
Ilandlo uh temleily, treat us with care,
wo nte iooplo who have hud n free-trudu
Jiuttice (iarrett in teiHirletl to bo quilo
a nick inini ut IiIh icHltlenco on Nob Hill.
Oood mealH at all bourn at the I'roitch
rextauraiil, .1, W. Staulleld, proprietor.
Social dance at MllarkoyV hull next
Saturday evening, t'onio, everyone.
JttHt think of It! I'matllla Hopubllcan.
How bavo thu mighty lalletv
Kminlfia . Iliiiiriii-l-'roiii
lhi lUkcrCll.v Doiiiocint
Our icuderH will lemember that a nhort
time Hitico S. II. KiiomIch eouimcuced an
action at law in tho courts nf St. IiiiIh
old woman took down the barricade
and opened tho front door for lijm, ho
caught her by the thVoat and throw her
to one Hide, and In an Inetutit (lie room
wiih tilled with ten hlghblndem, evidently
IiIh confcdorateH, wlio had leen walling
or ills tdgnal. Tboy immediately npread
tliroiigh tho house for tho purfiose of ran
Mcking. One threw poper in the even
of the old woman, and Htruck her over
the head with tin Iron bar nevcral times
ore hIio fell. iiiicoiimcIouh. In u coiner.
... . .. . ... I mum. iiir
full? Jnn. iiiio nl t Iiii tiriiiirlnfiira ni tl.n I m....i. u
. ..... ... ...v ,....r.,.,v,uv. .uu , ,-ivun iii.im ..in. w..,v r.rv,
houco, iiwakeiietl by hercrlen, oiiencd bin I ,. H."1'.".i f
d.ior. and wuh ul nnw, Mlrnolf urnwa il.n i Mr Hck Cotkucri'W i ut iwiij ,
faco with uu iron liar in the bawls of a
highbinder. Ho attempted to fire at bin
assailant, and a tlesier.ito Htrtigglo on
Htieil for imKeselon of tbo revolver, nhich
was llnally knocked from his hand by a
hl'coikI nHnaliunt.
i In tlie meantime (tint Hop, Ibu other
proprietor, wiih Htruggllug with a higle
bander named Horn (Jung Too. Thu
I latter attempted to uu) bin revolver,
MiMi'Hllk MIxpiI Klrlim Hull, sack
Mimi'h lliiskft t'liwk Hull, fni-k ....
MimiV llliui Mnllmi Hull, fiiwlt
SlftiV Itxl nnil Whllo .lllxi.l HUP, frock.
Lot No. :ilOOC.)liMtWif-
Mi'li'uHllk Mlxoil Hulls nnk 1,
Mrn'uHllk MIxrtlt'lH-nkHiillsiiutM
Lilt Mo 111 111 t'.iiK.iilK tif-
Men'k Nut ii nil (Iniy (uu ilyml'
Milts, mick
Mi'U'm liliu'k mill w li it o -tiiiill
I'liiM Hulls m:k v
.Men' llmvm Chuvliitsenleli Htiln,
Men's Utricle Corkuricw Wnrnlcil
Hulls, rack .
Lot So. .1litOlViiii.li.tii nf-
Mrn'H Dnrk Olmvlot Hulls. mck )
Mi liM Kuncy Cliovlilt hlillh, Hck,rHt I.I.AII
ilotllile.lircHKtcil )
Lot No. .11.10 ' ni..nr--Moii'h
llmwn nnil lllnck Milm
nuiiK, hiick
irn. niiii-c .... i.i .,
tit. M.00
ut in. no
au.ilnxt Jonathan lloiirne. Jr . to recover w ion Jlop Hliol lilni ill tho iilidomon
his inrtion of the stock Issued bv the I '"" u Mc",rv rl,l' ,',ml I'" ell to the
ptirchaserH of tho Kurekii und KxcelHior i tloor mortally wounded. Ollicer Olllen
inincH at Cracker ereek to ltoutne, who, ' 'msburg, a c tlzen allracled b the
It was claimed, wiih endeavoring to tie- "proar, entered tho homo, and camo up.
fraud KiiowIch of hl.t iiitcreiitH. Tho fol- o ""P J,J' who wan still Htruggllug
lowlnu In roll-explanatory: witli C lilii Hun. lhti olllrer Hiicceeded
. . . . . . . ... , lit tl ii luin i Intt i Ji ft ilm li.ll.iB
"Mr. I.tll IH, UCl. 1110 UUIlCllllletll, ",' 1"J""' .ii..i..v.i.in i.i. uiu lllimi,
Mult l....iiilit I iv tin. ICnowlcH Intcmsi in though Hun fought dcsiicrately and
I the Oregon (iold Mining
i . . i. i.. ..,....
I 1.' I..I...1.... ..f IUl.il ll.u.lr .v,u In UKUIIini .IUIIU1II.III liuilllli;, in., HI li.ll
land, fur t:i7ri.(MX). wuh dismissed to-dav
at tho cost of the plaintill'. TIiIh wan the
Hotel Arrival. result of ii wittleiiient of all conllictlng
Vii.i.uiii Hoi.Kf.-J I' How Man World 'claims.
Co: T H WalHh, City; H (i I'eterHou.
Vinson; A II Heuhip, II Iteckwitli. 1'
Worthlngton. Portland; .1 . Little, (!oo
MoriiH. Komi Wilder, .1 II l.logitn unit
tried several times to choko (tlllen
Tho other iilghbludeiH, ulartned by the
appearance of the ollicer, lied. Horn
Gang Too wan found dead on the door.
Wong Jim Hop was arrested, charged
with his death, and a number of CIiIiicmi
wero tletiiliied uh witnesses. Ah tlie
i,. .1.. i. ...i..... i... i. i...
jiiuiiiKii iii.ien n h hi n
. 1.1.11? I l.'.I'Ill III I ITII . 11. I
. . . . . 1 1 .f
tiMni'lrt l).trrnllt(l Uiotliicl:
fc'UiMirrt, 11 io ant named
,1 i . 1 1 r
Mniv a tin. marble und
kUpj.,ii H..s .....W I el..
Vfitix.tr ifj n.i.l If .v. ill. II.. .
inlVfrl t' M'L'f rJ il (11 1 1 1 1 it.
W i Haylos.
Thornton; H
Iti.. iilui... II wmilil iiini.Mie llitit
all iliflerenceH Isitweon the parties have . highbinders all had thetrfacos blackened,
been amicably titled; If ho. it is verv ' H'' do not expect to identify them,
likely that the Oregon Hold Mining' - -
... . .... .t ..r. .. ....r.
. I. . , in.. . 1 1 (iini)iinv wi i res no i cuvo M'niiiuiiH i ... .
iiioh rBKU.smirrxiiiuj , , , lu .i-.
. i.i-t.i. vi. .. i..ii.. , . uu ineir VHiiiiiuiu iiii'iiii.i . i uu I'uiiiuu.i .,i..w..., i....mii-
1. lliirl.il 'V 1 . 1 '.il. .Mum
I ul Xo. JIUO rmnlkl. of
Mcii'h Dark t:livlol, fnick. nl ttl.ntr
Men's Djik line I Iih', friM'K .)
Lot n. .'114 10 C(illi.lt nf
Men's llrKVy t.'alim'tc I'Aiih
Lot ii. :iiZt 0)UKt nf
Men's llrayruiiiiiiri 1'iuits h
Mirteil ... I
Lot at:m (Mhviitf. nf
ll'ivH'CiiKlmeru Mill, klr.m I'J In I
17 'r:ir )
Lot V. .1100 I'niKlntsiif
Men's Heavy uvennutk, Nl.t H I
l.ol No, It'll" iml1 nf-
l'lillilreti'4 til l'HliI HiillH.HpnU)
Icrtlt ill ,'
l.nt No, n'lllll i'iiiiltsnf
Mcii'h Hover Overcoats, stir
t't I 1.. (! II4HI
nt a. 71V
ill 4.01
nt 7.00
nt ft. .10
ill 4.no
at in, on
' Prepaid Chnrrjcs to Pendleton, 50 Cents Extra,
I'll II Lines of our SuiH'rlor Hl.inkutH constantly on hand. Snul for pi Ice list.
Order by Lot Number.
Brownsville Woolen Mills,
llctall Store, No. HO first Stn-et
I'lirtliind, Oregon.
Tti Klertlnii In Wnll Walln.
i taken a series of researchcH on tlie coll'eo
. . . . ...... . . i.t ... i
I tiriiuing uu me iiiiue, iroui uiiirn u up-
New Goods for the Fall Trade
AT l.'iVt:il I'UH'Ks THAN KVhtl
Boys' Expross Wagons. Voloolpodos, Girls' Trloycles,
' Ploturo Frnmos.
A Complete Line of Artists' Materials
Cur nil mnl I titi rwlntltiKiiii'.! l',ii"i- I'lnwi r MiiterlM .
Tho I'iuesl l.lue of Statloueiy ever shown in the city, und ul Isiwei Trices.
A LSO A PUL I, h 1X11 O I' 11 A Sli UTS.
Bargains on tho 5, 10 and 26 Cent Counter.
0 11 Kingmati, I-armlnglon; i Hawur;
Tl.os Cohtcllu; W ? Staloy an 1 wife, M
t! Tribblo ami wlfo, J II Koontr.; Dr
Siiiiiinerville. fundi ; .f Ii .Ioium. H Wii
son. . W Motso; l K Smith. OK & X
Co; J A Kinrsloy. Ilakor City; W A
MatliewH, Oakland i C H Adams, St
1 am; r. IJIuw. . . , i,1P iitt,, .i iiuiworks nroU)lni: burned I was colfeo udded. tho nuantltv llng
iioi,iii.. uu,'.--!. ii'Hiii ." I .ii.... M.iln utni.tt. A I...IW m In U f:i , I iieociins corri'HiMini nif In alio it two
The following dispatch to the Oiego iiears that, though tbo diurnal iiimnt ity 1
iilun,d.ueil tho nth. hIiowh that they iHii't lot urine is not serioUHly inleifcred with, i
take thhiRH coollv in Wulla Walla : . tho composition undergoes a very decided
"Tho citv in wild to-night with excite ' change. Dr. Jhimont kept tho subjects
mniit. Tim' streotH are crowded, theiu ato , of his researches for some iIuvh on onlM
I largo bonllrrii on tho principal corners, nary diet, thu constituents of which woio ,
I thrco bauds of music arc playing, cannon . determined, During part ot Hid time only
iro is)i
I'liluor. Sam Wat ner and wlfo, J Hot
Itock; Dave (iaiden, Jast W CorneliiiH.
Jiiiilisir; IM Miller; (i T Klgln, .1 W
Simpson, Country; 1). .Murphy; Jno
Mose; Nick Ur.int;-(i - It cboy.
I Meacbaui : 1 A Wild, IVspalii liiilcii; J
Morlck, Mcacham; .1 11 l.v.ms, H
'Kuatlco. Mr. Hprlnger, Knmola: V II
i try
ty Is
it I'liiiK. i iu iiirui uf ii . i in... it. . I in
k . .. i it ut i Mfiiiinipn v i i iirriiM iii. i iiiii hull ; i "
w ri n..iiiv w oi tea py " " ' "V;'",V!, .. ' -, .i . i k. i
It ll.r.n,, ...... ..... ..1.1. 1.. . I. II lllir. I 1L1I1II1UIL. IIIU .',.r',w.i..., ,
in niuui iiiiiiuuu I ;. , , .. V u 1
T"l ll-l .ehjht.vn inelius. leasoil, ma no; nun ii-hV , . ,
iw-wr ! !h.n, Win 1Jryoa an I wife. Frank ,
-..I., i. i .
ma n nut in u late t our. i uu iiaiuin
In drown each other out: overylssly
ahoutlng. Wagons full of men shouting
and singing urn rushing up uud d.iA'n
Main street. Kig lire uro burning in
front of the court and okmu houses. C.
II. Warner is addressing a large Demo
cratic audience in tho opera lioue, ami
Jtiilgo Ko'inod ami local sjieakcrH nie at
coin t liotiso. 1 no itepiumcaii siue
I lin u Hilnvt tn nlL'ht. but both parties
extteinely conlldent und anxious for
,i..rr.iw to O.UIIO. Monev Is still ebiuig-
: ...i KUi,
Pilot Kock I ""mis mi uio gunmui "
ounces of ro.istcd coU'eetier dlcui. Hv
' regular uud careful iiualyseH of tbo untie,
it was found that during the I,ih whi n
1 colfoo was takou the urea passed wii" in
Ictvased by about Huvenlv-tivo gritlns. The
olfect on tho urea was produced imiiiuili-
atuly after the coll'co wusconummcoil.itnd
' . . .. i.. .t. .. . i
us soon iih ii was o'liiiteu uie iiuanitiy oi
urea rcluriu'd to that which it lin t ex
hibited previously.
Tin' HiikIUIi KhI Tr.iln ItKimril.
Dining tho recoiit railway mulng to
Kdlnluimh mid I1I.iki(iw, tho Nortlusist
urn Company ina to no cliungo iu thulr
omilneH: tlie regular inulues Hint hud
dot It Tnkrn. tieeu mi the St'o'ch service wi-m used all
'i'i... ..ii.. i..,. uhiiIIi frimi the Ilakor I tbu Hum. und iu noarlv all caseM these
rail. n iv." .i ii. ti""' i ci... 1....1 ..
I.. . I- I. II II...... Ili I In..iitanir. IIIIIIIllIli; IU II1U IT.IIIUI 111 WIMP f-IIIIIIMIIIIIIi vtiuilirrx.
:1.k....i," "Dallv .S.r:m, JZl TaS lvy mil lir.i.iliut ami well-
if ire i-i.tbels Bxton-1 :.V.V:."WT. .:.iriii.,.. 1 M... ..f MmtTwa n'fl Teiltl(W.-io JoiiriiailHin : miwl wiiii pussongitrH anil iuw'b. .uu
Walla imperii in . I t r Kimel Sbowov. "TI..' SnurtlnK' '"t"r .f the . Oiegoi. 1 1 ,e l..t day ot, lie ncroioniou ruiiiiitiK,
r.n.vingt ml tho i;: ; V ISr WH Im, WUeoh-i'llhulilor-wasoutyesturilay mailing ins mer mn into nuinmirgii uiiriy-iour min
..!'. tiardenC'itv hm,TKi.l:A'"7. '..'L, .1.. ' i ii,,(i.,i. iimwI sillv talks and ollorlng to Ui 4M .lies before tlu.o ; the run w'lw.loiiu frgi.i
' hi
'hi' 1
. M. ii.
It' uu
iv no moans :
Md wifeVo lllihai liaaiHin wouhl icelve immi c.ec-
mav lias yet
iltti r'H Iiino-
. f ii, .
siftt: in C .,
M Hut
ur d' Aleno
niivin under
i tiuiinesrt Is
l reu'ht tnilllc Is
a no a barsu lias
Jiisiioiuo aid In trans
W wpigiirsr hiiiiiiIIpk Id the
tlnllll-.,, Il.nrr. ulll
wiiigMie river the com-
"UniifMd. . h im ri.niiiiitlf.il
. - :-. ,r,,..,v..
-. i wiuo-aproaii, mis
rnneh riMauiaut. und
Mtln Hi .h-IxshMvIo. Ills
" Mfonucv.Miprilicd with
? 'Jw market uHords. uud
-ijiiic's nun enter inn
I i. ii, i Djvlil
X- S: Sum Hull. OIUHlur; .MIUI0 1 II'
lard, Weston; Harry Ilayiimn, Heppner,
l' Wire In.
How HI I.hiiii OUImiiH)-
Why Is It that l.ui chlmiioyH iiiaken
such a diirerenco to tho light given by u
lamp? KeiMiiso it iiicrcaerf tho supply J
of oxvgen to tho (lame by producing u j
draught, and concentrate and lelloctH
tho heat of the llaiue. iu cousequenco of
.viiieii ilm eomuuhtloii of the cirlwiiis;
r....i mnl rare little esciiies im- 0
111V." . .... , .,.! IJOU
W.' . " if ' h ; I o tho call.
iv- iiiuti .ii:uiiii, i.ij ....' -
... ,u i.iniii uliieli bears
."I . .....
He had been oxiHriiiieiiuug ior wu
time to iucreiiKi the lUht, but to no pur
pose. On the table oefoto h m lay tlie
l.rokcii neck of an oil flank. I his ho
...i. ,. ,r.ii.w-le. mnl nl. i ceil It almost
Z1.. will P1' i withotit thoiigh't over the wick. A
' UfnT. Z . ' . '".lV" ! brilliant tluuio uw.irde.1 Hits act, aim urn
-niau IKIMH ll . . ..I.. film
trvlitn, nnil was not uii iii 'v
Nuwoustlu to Kdinburgli--li'V iiiIIbs In
. ..i .,..tu ii., in t iiiv..l:ind. A !hmii.vi . VJR mlnuteri. bv oouinouiid oiiuinu No.
nun bapiiened al"iig and cwivd ilm l'i 1 17. This Ih at the rate of M O mHos for
! rui oiiick that tho aforuild limn hadn't I lie wlmki run, and boats tho roeord.
time to Vniw-lUh,' a thing lu w.uld tiavo -
i done If lie had n lt'U afr.iid of tiio A Twi In holPI ( mil.
HeetHt'f tlie crowd. It's IkiuIU iisht to. t-orrosisindent of the Colliery
take udviiiitane f uu iiioco. mil in uuaiJiau resrU a case which, if true,
Hits case there i an oxusption.'
Paper, Lace Curtains, Window Shades,
Oil Cloths, Linoleums, etc.
fhe "WHITE" Sewing Machine,
Failing's Carpet Store,
Msln Street, near the bridge, I'oiiKtaton, Orejon.
io. W. Bmkix, 0. II Wuohaku, Samitkl Hdrxitu, Khho K. Aimol
Sneli, Heifshu & Woodard,
Sacccasoni to Ilodgo, Davis & Co., ami Heitshn Woolard A Co.,
inh'i7 lr
rirn Iu IuJuiihiIi''.
,s o'cliH-k Monday evening flumes
. . ..! . ,1... II. .iri, kl-jlllA
,vero seen issuiiik uii
I of Harry A Hall, iu Iudos3nueiico. uro-
Tho llretneii resioiiuu j.ruun...j.
i ii... il . ... n.t f ii tki ui rniw
n to t no can, oui mo iMuiim
no I.,, .1... ..ii ..ir...tu I.. uimiirpHS Hiom
his name. kv i m ., d
buildings wero aved, with t'ie exception
of a small I.oiih. adf-Ining the stable, oc
cupied by (iwrge Heaton. The bucg ies
and horses were saed, but tho feed, to
gether with the harness, was burned,
ft.. I...H.II.... n i:iii.i two-ston frame
,,B rr.r." '".n.v )Av'a whit-
0,ri,ne.Ha- ? "r V' k .Ht Insur-
. - 1 l M . r ----- - I.I..4.l I UiOi
cnts. II vui
ii .. ..i i...f tn nut tils discovery ...... .i .i ,i,i in
-iiri iiuniv nriMiKt'iorH on : i..i.. .tm H.-il iiiMimtioii at once. r . .....i n.nnoiit to La of inccn
.''i:"i iw ,,i i ,o if .(. , .--
::' 'ivei it Hioim lit : ,
'ineMiliu, i.mii, Unimi.ti Tho brig lUcliani r. ureon. vap.um
"n it
linn in i i .....
SJmplcte grading outfit ia
uuu .uu Hnr. ui
and makinc all other
wm for winter Uwell
ltrick, jfi-n . M.. Havtl, reports J.a"r
that on Uctooer jmu, wuwi o ucj.i.ut... ,,, , to lue
o wiw orderc.1 to heave to by u Haytlun mons Lave emigrated from UWi uie
no iw oroofL iu 'ax.-.. .nut nn.milian Northwest during the pant sea-
man-oi-war, .'"r..r. ' ..i,iU r c;Mi;monti. have already been
armed oiiicers
thrco times, taking
away the Blilp'H register and all her pa
tierfl, also threatening to take her to Port-au-I'rince
on a prize. After detaining
them noma time, the papertf were re
turned and the vessel allowed to proceed.
ton. &oitiemeu
tab sheUHoutlioi me iauaowu
and are thriving. The MormonB cannot
take up land before agreeing to abandon
jiolygaW- They ore deroting theBMhM
to cattle railing.
iiiiist lie iuteresliiigto geologistH. In the
Colefotd district of the Koront of Ivan
ttsmall colliery has iccontly been ojH'iied,
and while a collier was engaged In break
ing up a fall of block co il, bo found ii
toad in tho center. It seomcd firmly
embedded in tho coal, und itwusullve.
Its form wax imprinted usm thu faco of
tho iiiluurut,aml (he animal is still living.
Tbo Incident ha occasioned much Inter
est iu tho neighborhood.
All lurr-uillnr)'.
Kiom Hie HakcrCltjr I'cmoerut
A privuto letter received from tbo Cove,
Union county, Informs uh of three un
successful attempts to lire I-elghton
Academy, and at lust tbo fire-bug had
,M-on niutreheiided. Tho incendiary is
said to bo u boy about 13 years of ago
V... lli n.i.iwi f.f'f .ntltu I tlll.iu. mill ullOHO I
Ul . IMI.I V. ... ..v...... , -
homo is in l'endleton. No particulars'
other than stated are given, and we are I
at a losa to kuow what motive prompted
the young rascal to attempt such a das
tardly deed.
In a private letter to a citizen of
Biwkano Kalis, General Harrison pre
dicted that Washington Territory will bo
abmitted Into the Union as a Ktato in
twelve monthn.
Sash, Doors, and Building Material,
A.t Bottom Prices,
I'ltOI'llll.TOHK OI
The Star Restaurant,
Main Htrttt, below VlllarJ Hotel,
'JVMm jk:
I'sodteton, Urrtfoo