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a nti:i: miiuaiiy.
I'ntrnn nf the Dully ir Semi-Weekly
HAST "lti:0(MAN tun rreely nmko imo
of tlic HAS!1 OIIIKIONIAN lllirnry when
titer they n dc.lrc. Tin- public itr cur
ilhttly Intltcd to tl.lt the iilllrn whenever
mi Inclined,
, .recent In miiney or tiiinp wilt
'"' until lift" llinNoVclllher
SZZmwI fifty cent II. pay
itX liAST OltKOONIAN for tho
,h.' -.1. f llmel'y '"''
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. r 1
NO. 05.
Leezer & Kuebler,
.uP,tan'l most complclo Block of
to. mgq ernes.
ilet & Fancy Articles
InEastorn Oregon.
-r A rt A T T
1I lt I l t 1 i J I J.
n it .1
palnBIOCK - fonaioion.
niiii iiinnru
. PR I .1 I I I I. .
1ULIIIVJ lllkM lull I Ml. I
io hnppc" "very day, mm wiicn ono
you were Insured In tho
ULI IU H Hnni.P I.IIMt-'l
in rn.i I iiiuiin iul uuiiii
uIiiym-kb,' rcnourco nro Htifllclcnl to
itntirc 1KB innni ciiurniuiin niunx in
mithntcven meat railroad ami Mtoam-
trci'irmn nil wiiiii. ,"... ;, j
iLwllliniitillcnuni,iniiiie(iiaiciy upon
7... n.f...i....i i.Huifa V.ii. I,irr..ll nm
r.iAntln nil III nnllcloa.
Rlliions 01 I u IIIIIIIUIIO
ol Surplus.
Glopton & Jackson,
Resident Agents,
4A.i.l.ii I. Mil I ii i 1 lit n (1 1 nn m sv
n i. i i i
dlrrct nJ twnulnr lino In connection
mini luriiirm I iiriiiti miinui
TmLoulHiimt tlm Houtli.
Tallr JIoIiicn, Lcuvcmvortlt'
Atchison mill ICuiinum City
. n.,1.. I Connecting with tlio
ruiiiv liini ...
flODrtl lllnnrf. I Jin imi ipurl li timl 1.1111U11.
Palace Dining Cam!
w .w,l,.l.ll, lltlllllljrvf
ulcoontcllom inuJu In union ilopotH.
'filllnfurrnntlnii rcirnrdlnif rnto, innpn,
'W7 to any coupon iiifont of tlmO.lt
or .Norltiorn I'nclilo Hallway Com.
Ticket ABdit.O. It. . N. Co.,
lVnilloton. Oreuon.
HIH.KKi:iY, J.ii. AKeiit,
i ii. . 1. 1 ... .... .
!, - I IllfclllllU, Jl I
. noLimoniv'.
MII. H. K. 110 YD.
ben. T. nil H tut i t. ul i in..
MluticnpoIlH Mhin,
u.iianoiu! uo&uu.
. i .
I I II II II I I. I I Ml 1 pi
w.w uuu, A III II Ul 1
WMBINC Promptly Dono.
b"0' '1" Publlo patroiiaito U sollcltcj
inauni u r ?
"j nui opi uiya.
M.HIOTT, l'roprlitor.
Kin ..--. "(1III11IUII V HII11ILIP11 111
lacaml. .'.!.f'.1!l,t ""I" wntlieiul
'"tUlfUM ' . T
Muiujin.. "'?. .amllo nml every-
uwwi 1.':!e,!!lh.,.,l",1,e w"r pure
,n'i nd huniini. flr.t-cluii..
Terms Ronsonnhlft.
Eagle Hotel,
a uii m.
"uwney, Proprietor
tisane: li.nK p. p-
. --vn ilUC'i
WJ oVraeo meal the corner
"ueustl, 1u9iImw
Meet nt tint Mnnnnlo Tumpln on tlio
llrstmid third Krldnyx of eiicli nioulli, at 7::W
oVIoclC. J. l HUHItKK.H. I'.j K. II. CUHTON,
KUNZIR I.ODai:"No". R. A. K. A A. M.
Mcctnou tlm nccond mid fourth Man
iluyH of ciieli tnoii Hi , t 7:31) n'alo-lc, H.J.
IIkan, W. M.j V, E. 1'otwim:, Secretary.
pKNIH.K.TON T.ni)(lK NO. A2. A. F. A A.St.
.1 .Meet In tho Mnxontc Temple on tlio
find nmt Ihlril MomliiyH of oiirm month nt
7sw o'clock, t. J. Million, W. M.: It. al
kx an nun, Hcoretiiry.
yinr.A I.OnaK NO. 1H,A. O. U. W. Mcetn
every Thursday 1 1 1 u 1 1 1 nt tlio Knlnc
Holme, nt 7l0 o'clock. J. 0. I.KANUHK, M.
W.J K. 1'. Tuhtin, Heconler.
IUKKICA 1.01)0 K NO. 32. f. 0. 0. V. Mcct
J f-vcry Siitnnlny nveultii; nt 7:30 o'clock.
T. J. Million, N.U.; K. 1C. Hiiarun, wccrclury.
O. K. Moils on tho xecond it 11 I last
ThurmlayR of each month, 111 7:30 o'clock.
U)T LlVKHMOItn.C. 1'.; l:. 1C HltAlioN,Hcrlbe.
I. O.
tAlltTVt. vit..m..i.n r eint.t k.. 1.1
j t 1 ji . Ft iviiiii, i.vjiir. .u tot I.
1 u. Mi olH 1 10 lrHt anil tlilrtl J hum
ihiyR of each mouth.
MertM In Odd Kollnwn' Hall every Tuc
day evcnlni: nt 7:30 o'clock. .1. C. I.kahuiik,
C.C.; C.J. WlllTAKKll.K. of ll.and H.
DAMON LODOK NO. 1. K, &V V. Meet In
Odil Kollown' Hall every WedncKdHy
evcnlfiK nt 7:30 o'clock. M. MoiiKllKAl), U.
C; II. Uaimmklu, K. of It. and H.
KIT CAHHON POST, O. A. It., mcolK lit
Wheclor'ii Hall every Thumilny nlKhl.
II. rt. W'akki.k, Commiiudor; J. H. IIowkn.
Tin: ciiicAuo convi:nthn.
ltlnltio to I111 the Mho Killing Time
hum, I'actlnii Dcfciited.
Chicago, Juno '-'l. Tlio now tlovcl
opiucntH of tho political eonvojition uro
low and of minor imiiortimce. A tout
voto liiHt night nhowoil Slicrmun'H Ntrcnuth
to bo -70 with lllaino'H and Depow'B fuc
tionH no Ichh (ntluiahiRtic. l'ostnmstcr
Ot'iiorul DickunHon, who Ih horc, wtid:
''Tho convontion, utter airing tho favor-
no hoiih. win mull iiko a lido to lllalno,
who, I boliovo, will ho tho iiominoo. hut
ho will novor hoJ'rcHidont." Tho con
vention coiiHiimcd tiio trrontcr part of
ycHtorday killing tiino. Tlio Wlso faction
of Virginia caino out victorioiiH, tlio Mn
liono party not lioing defeated by an
overwholtninj; voto.
The l'littform
Notary and Corporation Seals,
In Pondleton,
Tho UMinl prtco for HcaU iinulo by other
pnrtlon, In Portland or tho Hn.i la from fO.CO
OJ7.00, with oxpreat charge ailJcd. If you
need iVHcal,ncuit ynuronlor lo u, mill anvo
from J:M0to S3.no thereby.
East Oregonian Pub, Go,,
mhiidw Pendleton, Oregon.
It Stands at the Head!
Simple, Practical, l.mht ituunlni; and
Many try to equal II, hut none aucceetl.
Dout fall to n-v tho "Domesllc" heforo buy
Ini; u Mnwliii;maoliluo
iIkw ni)2.l 3llm HroM.A. c:o , AeeiilR.
On and after this dat
the etnto of the Into
for Ritlenll tho live stock owned by the de
cemed, conalntlni; of
Tharauuhhretl Mereftml Jtitlls,
Uliot't-lium Cattlo, Grade Cattle,
and General Stock Cattle.
Thoroaylibred Sjianlsli Merino
Jlttvkti and Ewes, lteylHlered,
Grade Bucks and Stock Sheep.
Also n largo number of Horacs nd n quan
tity of Hay.
Kor particular, call on or nddresa
my2l daw tf Pendleton, Or.
Having gooda ahlpped fiom KaHern cltlci
via rortlnnd, can have freight paid, loneea
and overchargea adjusted, aud forwarding
attended to promptly, at rate, by od
Buying and Selling done on Commlaalon
l'iivnr lCverytbliiL-
Ciitt'Aoo, Juno 21. It in authoritatively
Htutcd that tho platform eouitiiitteo agreed,
except tin to tlio iinti-fiiloou plunk, which
will bo dlrtcUMricd HiIh inoriiiiiK. Tho
platform declareH that the light irilietwecn
IHotectiou and free trade and welcomed
tho Ihhuch nuulo bv tho 1'rcHident. It fa
vors roviclon of internal revenue, and
iibollnhlng tax on tobacco, excepting ci
garH, cigarettcH and eherootH. It critlcliteri
tho civil Korvico of tho adminlHtratlon, de
nounccri the electioti resolution aud hviii
patliicH with ItIhIi Homo KulerH. The
iilatforni will bo favorably mibmitted to
tlio convention. Balloting for President
will probably not bo reached lieforo to
morrow. Tho convention wan called to order at
10:14 a. 111. Tho roll wuh called to name
tho nioiiiborH of tho national committee.
10:U0 a.m. Warner, of Mitwourl, an
nounccH that the rcrtohition committee
will bo ready in ton uilnuteH.
10:10 A. m. MeKlnloy, of Ohio, tukoH
tho platform to read report and rcHolu
tioiiH of tho committee. Great applause.
10:40 A. m. Tho platform hcihIb greet
ing to Brazil on emancipation of Hiaves,
aud to Homo Utile party in Ireland.
Kucli Hentitnent wuh applauded.
10:48 a. m. Wo aro unconipromiHingly
in favor of tlio American HVHtoin of pro
tection. Creeled witlt prolonged iit
plauso. All delegatcH on their feet.
10:50 a. m. Tlio platform doniandmi
reduction of letter jioHlugo to ono cent;
condeniiiH tho adminlHtration for at
tempting to demonetize silver; formir
rendoring llHhlng jirivilegCH, und for a
Hpirit hostilo to pension legislation.
11 a. m. On motion of Marino, of Ma
ryland, tho platform wa adopted by a
rising voto.
11 :10 a. m. Tho roll is being called for
11:20 A. m. Warner, of Connecticut,
presented llawley's namo without
11:18 a. m. llavmond. of California,
takes tho stand and sayri that California
asks to bo passed.
11 :21 a. Mi Ixsonard Swott, of Illinois,
takes tho platform und nominates
I riroshiim.
11:150 a. m. Lynch, of Mississippi,
takes tho pluttorm und hocomls Uresh
'ain's nomination.
11 :45 a. m. Davis, of Minnesota, takeM
tho platform to second Urcttlmm'H noml
12:20 p. m. Hector, of Texas, also sec
onds Grcsham's nomination.
12:27p. M. 1 hu seconding ot ureal!'
atn's nomination is concluded. Kx-Uov.
l'ortor takes the platform and nominates
12:28 p. m, Tho niontion of Harrison's
namo is greeted with upplausu and pro-
lonueil cheering. Indiana men uro on
their feet wuvillL' fulit).
12 :!10 p. m. l'ortor is interrupted with
1 crlos of liresham, mingled with hisses
' At tho conclusion of I'oiter'H siieech tho
Indiana delegation arose und cheered
I 12:40 P. m. Convention adjourned to
n, aa ndmlnlatrntor of 1 u o clock.
Wlillnm Hoa. l oirer a:07 p. M. Convontion caliod to order.
!I:20i'. M. leal, of lexas, tukes the
platform and seconds Harrison's nomina
tion. :t:3:ii'. m. Apjilauso from lexas und
waving of banners from Indiana greets
Hector. Gallinger, of Now Hampshire,
takes tiio platform und seconds Harrison's
:i;4:i i. m. ltoll call proceeds, Iowa
called. Cheering.
!l:4tl p. t. Hepburn, of Iowa, nomi
nating Allison.
" 51:50 p. m. Mention of Allison'H namo
gro2tcd with cheers from tho galleries und
ttoor. Iowa delegates are manning.
4 p. m. Hepburn htill speaking und
not much enthusiasm.
4:08 P. ii Hepburn says Alllison
would not ho found returning robel (lugs.
Continued cheers und cries for Korakor.
4:11 p. m. Iowa, Missouri and Massa
chusetts cheer Allison ut tlio conclusion
of Hopburn'H siieech. llostwiek, of
It hod 0 Island, tukes tho platform und
seconds tho nomination.
4 :21 P. m. Prolonged cheering led by
Iowa und joined by Murylund und tho
4:22 p. M. ltoll call proceeding.
Michigan reached. Cheering. IVuzer,
of Michigan, again tukes tho platform und
nominates Alger.
4:W p. M. Prolonged und renewed
cbeers at mention of Alger's numo, und
cries of "bo's ull rigid." ,
4 :Ii3 p. m. l'razer's sjieech wus greeted
with great enthusiasm on tho lloorand
in tho galleries.
4 :44 p. m. Mention of Logan's namo
created great applause.
4 :40 p m. I'rarer quotcdMis. I)gan In
conclusion. Great uud continued ai-plauee.
4:47 p. Mi Xoyes, of Massachusetts,
seconded Alger's nomination.
o p. !. Kagen, of Nebraska, takes tlio
platform and seconded Alger's nomina
tion. Tho crowd nt intervals takes up tlio erv
of "He's all tight." (heat laughter.
5:111'. t. Kggersof Arizona seconds
Alger's nomination. ,
6:12 p. Mi Kggers says lie desires to
say only a word. Great und continued
5:17 P. m. Holl call proceeds. Now
1 ork readied. Uteat applause.
ni:ws nttm tiii: oaudi:n city.
A (Iruiid Celebratliiiiroii Almli "I'tittliiK
Up" A Lull In Nepapi'r Warfare
l.otn or Hplcy Nati'.
WAI.I.A W.M.I.A, iltllio 20, 1(W8.
Thinking u news letter fiom tills city
would bo of interest to your readers,
many of whom have interests here, 1 ven
ture to wrilu you, und if ucceptable, will
be pleased to furnish you such a letter
twice each week.
Business men throughout the town are
about to get u rest trout the sulisctlptlou
5:18 p. m. HNcock takes tlio platform gatherer. 1? very thing hem, It seems, is
out Ids Interest in tlio real estate busi
ness, und you need not be sut prised to
hear of him us editor uud publisher of u
live pucr soinewheio in these parts.
Much interest is taken in the proceed
ings of tlio Hepuhlican Nutlouul Conven
tion. Tlio enteriitising editor of tho
I'nion is enlightening tlio jooplo.
Greshani and Lincoln will be the ticket,
you see. 1800.
to nominate Depew.
A MOTIIKIt'H ri.'Altl'UI. C'HIMi:.
Kbo Kill Her Three Children und
Pirrsiii'iKi. Juno 20. This morning
Mrs. Josephine Marck, of Alleghoney
City, administered strychnine to lie'r
thrco children, uged three, four uud seven
dune by subscription. If you can't put
your namo down lor foil you are solicited
to put It down lor lllty cents, on tlio prlii
clple that "every littio helps." While in
one of the leading business houses tho
other day, tho celebration committee
come in uud waltzed up to (lie boss, AT
ter looking over tlio list ol names
und amounts subscribed, he remarked
t that ho LMii'Mxeil ho ooiilil idvo nx iiiueli nu
. ears, resiH.c vcly. ttnd then swallowed Yl " , Hamo of
im soii herself, ll.o mother und two i,U(inortUH MmwAU T,,,H H()llIull.(1 in,.
children uro tlead. llio youngest has no cral 1)Ut lt i(( , whl, tt0 tako ,,
prosisjct of recovery, lho niotivo for tliu :.i..'...n.... .i.... . ..i.. nr...
I P1I1U1 ill llyll lllllk it UlllY UUIU llllV
deed is supposed to have been that she
was angry becuuso her husband ordered
his brother from tho house, when he
stisiiected him of criminal intercourse
with Ids wife.
AltltKSTi:i I'lllt ltAI'K.
A Mulatto (Nininilta mi ()iitrinn nn n
Hlxtoen-Yeiir-Old White (llrl.
Aliianv, Juno 20. Arthur Burton, u
mulatto, was arrested at Brownsville to
day on a charge of rape, preferred by Miss
r.llzu Harrington, llio voiiiil' woman.
uged ulmut sixteen, says that tho bruto
entered her bedroom, administered chlo
roform uud outraged her. leavini: her un
conscious. Much indignation is expressed
at Brownsville. Burton only escaiied bo-
inif lynched by thu most strenuous exer
tions of tlio guards who were in clutrgo of
lv iruvo llftv
cents instead of $."i0, which tlio prollts of
his business on a l-ourth of July hilarity
would stand.
On tho other hand, Walla Walla busi
ness men have cause to tighten up their
iinrso strings for u while. Tliev have
been pretty thoroughly bled within tlio
past six months. A subsidy was raised
for G. W. Hunt, amounting to alsiut fill,
000. Another subsidy of $1,000 and
ground for tho distillery eamo forth, and
this month $1,200 was subhcrlbed where
with to celebrate tho day of our nation's
birth. The railroad and tlio celebration
are an ussured tiling, but of the distillery
project I can learn nothing except that
lles.Molnes men were to bo here on the
Surveyors uud others, with citizens,
have been looking over tlm vacant ground
near tho garrison reservation at thu foot
of .Main street, for it suitable dcisit und
warehouse site fur Hunt's Kuroku Flat
road, and I believe it lias lieen decided to
locale as ulwvo. Some wero in favor of
having it located on ground near the pen
itentiary, but it wus thought too far from
Main street.
Tlio celebration on July Fourth will no
iloiilit lui ii lfriinil lill'iitr. mill I iiriiillct Hint
takliiL' out it llulit from tho store wlnilow. . all who attend will have an en lovable
The thieves wero followed and caught at j time. Another class of jieoplo have
Navankum. Many of the stolen goods charge of the details of the celebration
wero recovered. Tho names given by tlio thM year, to-wit: tho lire department
thieves aro Fred Smith and Fred Ames, niostlv vounu inon wltli novel ideas, and
They aro strangers in these parts. tZZZ they ato now hard ut work prefectlngu
A Hiinotinc Ncnipn, I good programme.
Ki.i.i:nsiiiuii. W. T, Juno 20. Two1 Thu Pendleton Boy Band, .as is always
men, named I'liman aud sionellcld Had a iu case, win mm niaienai hi inu pro;
Thieve Captured'
Ci:ntiiu.ia. W, T.. Juno 20. Kurlv
Tuesday morning tjiostoto of W. T. Burke
ly was broken Into ami robbed of jewelry,
clothing, shoes und cutlery, together witli
the contents of the easlt drawer to tlio
amount of $500, ut the present calcula
tion. Tlio thieves obtained entrance bv
quarrel this afternoon on tho farm of
Doctor uimstead, near tins piaco, over a
bucking colt. Pitman shot Stonoileld in
tho stomach, seriously wounding him,
though It is not thought Intnl.
The Wheat Market.
PoiiTLAND, Juno 21. 'Hio Chicago mar
ket closed yesterday at 8075 for Juno,
81Ji for July ami 81?., for August. Tlio
San Francisco market has a llrmer tono.
No. 1 shipping brings $l.;!2',j uud options
uro higher. Knglish markets exhibits
also a much better tone.
KUlvd by i.i(fhtiing.
PoitTi.AS'n, Juno 21. On tho Wnrni
Spring reservation on Saturday a squaw
was struck by lightning uud instantly
killed. '
The Stimii Npenker,
Johu P. IrUh In the Alia California.
"Tho stump sjieakor, the jiersuador,
who goes forth with (ho banner of his
patty in his hand und its principles in his
mouth, is a hard-working patriot. Bo
good to him. Ho sutlers much and is
weary. Many a dull stieecli is duo to tlio
committee which receives and prepares
for tho Hjicaker. Wo venture it fow plain
illriii'llnim tntlmKit udir, 'tnpnt tlm utumnt '
ii no is to sicaK in a nan,
gram, uud with tlio t-ccona l uvuiry nami
will furnish enough music, it isestimated,
for 10,000 jieoplo. Tho llrninen aro work
ing up purses to bo given to tlio w inners
of races. These purses will bo awarded
only to visiting llreinen, us our own com
panies will not participate in the races,
but will bo open for side purses,
Our Boys' hose team left for Portland
Tuesday, where Wwy go to brlng back
some of tho prios o He red by the North
western, Flreinen'H AsHoolmioii. Tlioy
rtro ft Rwift crowd, and we feel ctintldent
that tlioy wilt bring back the big silver
Cnuip meetings in (lie Hiirroiihlltug
groves look a great uuniDer ol leoplo
away thu past week.
People alsiut tho city am busy clearing
ineir yarns ot ine iiiiieu trees ami nroken
fences, caused by the heavy storm last
Workmen uro preparing tlio largo Htoro
room in tno .ioi
itisou liulldlng lor tho
now postoiiico. lhu lock hoxes uud iur
nittiro will arrive In a fow days, und by
July 1st wo oxect to liuvo u "nmcli-feft
wunt" supplied.
Tlio Wulht Walla Zouaves, an organi
zation under command of Cantaln Coin v.
don't I cotniKised of 40 yung lads, ranging in age
wiat j v f JWHIP, vim au rvun
luinOi 1 1 f iii itti ii lititli uttnvn c.r ttltiHui-tn
Tlio platform, whether Indoors or out. evening on tho bridge, practicing the teg-
Hhoiild not lie morn than knoo liluh. it llnentlll Steti. 1 hoy Mill lio liandsoniely
is iHittor not covered, nnd cstKJciully not ! ""Iwrnied in liaggy knee pantelets ol red
with oil cloth. Plain, roue.lt nine boards ' Hnnnel, bluo oa jackets und white cups,
uro tho best footing for an orator. Don't lll,(Ml ' V.? lH'H. K,vw '".'."i"
bring him in contact witli tho smoke of a 1 "t'0"t.,,0 t,,1u.lr ,lri '. ,",",y (l
keitjHine lamp, lliut enemy ol tlio vocal J ' "v) ; "
chords. Don't introduco liliii us u silver- I!'" i hoy w II lorm ono ol no ut true-
tongued or goldon-inounted orator, n ' ions lit tno, ceiei.ra oit paruuo, iieuuoo
raises exiK-ctation that not iimiivincneuii -"o "OJ" "''' 01 1 cihlli'ion.
redeem, unil tlioy would rather not. Bo-1 Perhaps you have noticed that tho
foro ito sieaks don't tcai-o him for u dis-, iiowspaiier battle between Capt. P. II.
closure of his 'lino of iirciiiuoiit.' It is Johnson, of lho I nion, uud C ol. I runk J.
his lino of battlo, und if ho give it uwny, Purker, of tho Statesman, has ccuwd.
he is sure to bo dull. Don't usk him to I Cuuco, tho colonel is uwuy, und tlio cap-
drink lirpior lsjforo ho Himuks, and don't tain holds tho fort until tlio Indian lighter
give him nny when ho is through. Ho 1 returns, not caring to bombard. L. Frank
has u Irottlo in his satchel that Is lictter; Boyd, tho local editor, lias churgo of tho
than vott can get. Don't pull your watch j Maiesman'H nreastworks during thu light
und yawn wliilo hois talking. It ruttles lug colonel'H absence. Friend Besserer,
him. When he gets through let him go 1 of tho Journal, hates nowspajior wars, but
to led. Don't crowd into his room and i smiles when business jitou como into his
Insist on lsjlng cntortniiied. Ho needs 1 olllco during wur ix-rlods und say, "Huvo
rest. Lot him huvo it. His throat und lho Journal left at my house; 1 want tho
lungs uro tired nnd ho doesn't wunt to news; don't euro If Purker is an F.nglish
tulk. Don't usk him 'how it's coming convict or Johnson u comnilssury thief."
out.' He won't tell you tho truth uud , I would suggest that you send u solic
vou may bet on whut ho says and lose, i itor over hero on lho Fourth feeling con
Then you w ill huto him for what is your lldent you could inuteriully increase your
own fault. This udvico upiilles to all list of daily subscriliors. Many who have
stump sieakerH except protectionists. seen u cojiy of your lively littio daily ox
Wlien they come, consider the remarks j Press mirptiso that Walla Walla is liehlud
about thu satchel and what Immediately i in the lino of u thorough daily nowspaer.
precedes tho same withdrawn. With i At lifteett cents a week you would get ut
this amendment, try und live up to this least 100 subscribers hetu.
counsel, und you w ill havu brighter City election is druwing nigh and can
sticakcrs ami lietter stccchcs." , dldates aro looming iij sereienly.
y j yrMhri (.hlu( of ,,0 jortimi,l
Tlio Oregonian Washington letter of Orcgoniun's corresiwndents, hits lieen in
Tuosday says: In tlio House to-day tho city u few dayn und some of tho Ikjvh
there was pan-ed tho conference report on took him into the country to show lifin
tho Indian appropriation bill, which pro- straw lxirry lx:ds, jxdato, watenuelou,
vides for u chunge of the place of sale of : pumpkin aud graio vinos uud com and
lands under tho allotment law from the wheat fields, lie will do us up in the
I .a Grande district land office to thu I'niu-1 great "I um."
tillu agency, John Wiitennelon Itcdlngton lias sold 1
Simie (liiodi HtroiiK Seime IMtered by Our
Itrelhreii In Nehraaloi,
from tho Stockton Mall.
We gave an account tho other day of
tlio remarkable platform adopted by the
Nebraska Kopuhlicati convention. A
verbatim account of tho proceedings of
thu convention, however, that the scheme
of campaign by which a protective plunk
wus Incorporated into the plan of salva
tion was not ngiced upon without heavy
opposition. After the committee on
platform had presented Its conclusions,
calling for u continuance of the war tarlll
und denouncing Cleveland und thu Mills
bill, no less a person than ox-United
States Senator Van Wyck usked leave to
introduce certain resolutions for thu con
vention. His request liclug granted hu
read uud submitted the following us u
substitute for tho hlgli-turitl' planks In
eluded in thu report of the committee:
Hesolved, That high tuxes, high tariir
and high trnnsH)rlutlon rates uro destroy
ing tlio prosperity of producers.
Hesolved. That tlio revenue whereby
the expenses of tlio government uro tmld
should bo drawn from the wealth of tho
nation, whereas bv our present system
tho thousands of millions collected for
carrying on tlio w.tr und for paying the
national debt, tho hundreds of millions
now in thu treasury and tho millions
gathered each day have much of it been
forced front tlio pockets of labor. Yearn
ago tlio money centers secured from
Congress u repeal of the Income tux, tho
tux on bank tlutioslts, railroad receipts
and others, while tho tax on lumber,
sugar and salt remain us liefoto, while
the tux on course fabrics is higher in
proportion than that on silks, satins and
Hesolved. That more iiiouov taken from
tho ptK'ketsof thu people than Issulllcient
to defray tho exoiises of the goverment
is nn uilusticu: that hoarding in thu
treasury cannot be justilled in buying our
IkiiiiIs before duo und giving 25 per cent,
for tho privilege of buying Ilium, uud is
only u lienellt to thu bond-holders, us
producers uud laborers do not hold
The d seussion which followed took u
wide range und wus deliberative through
out. On it llnul vote thu substitute re
ceived thu supKirt of nearly u third of tho
convention. Thu niuln sieeclies wore
inndo by nu yck und Delegate atsou,
n farmer from Oloo county.
"lho liee-lrade cry." said van wyck,
will not mislead a single thinking man
in tho country that gives attention to ox
Ming conditions. Vto aro collecting too
much money, and that is ull there is
ulsmt it. If wo should reduce tuxes to
the meiisuro of our wiuits, freo-trudo or
nauiier wages would not follow as a con-
sentience, mid lt Ih tinmistakiiblu dlshon-
cMy to go to tho working cluHscflon that
issuo. Tliev tiro sure to llnd out the do
'notion Houio day, uud tlioy will "t I'
blaino If tlioy tnort tin."
Watson HiM)ko for lho farmers, but lio
has u grusii of tlio llnaucial situation
which puts lliut away ahead of many so
called statesmen, W o quote a kjiI Ion of
Ids Heech;
You are denouncing thu Mills bill us a
frco-trudo measure, and yet if u Hepuhli
can President should bo Induced into
olllco next .March ho would fail in his
duty to the country if in his Inaugural ho
did not Indicate it iolicy in consonance
with lho plan of the .Mills bill. There
are moie fanners uud farm laborers In
the tliteo Slides of Illinois, Iowa uud No
hraska than there uro working men uud
women in ull the highly Protected indus
tries of the country. on tell us thut
there Is u duty on wheat uud com, uud on
barley, oats, ixjrk and lieef. But whut
gxxl does it do the furmerY Whom docH
it protect liliii against? Thu nrlcu of his
crop is llxed at tho tlireshlng-machluo by
tno umoiiui oi wheal ruised in India and
Hussia. the lowest wage countries in llio
world. Yet you liicieuse llio cost of pro
duction by luylug u lax on the clothing
und fiirm Implements of tho American
farmer. Wo would not caio for tho tax if
tlio government needed it. Tho farmers
of the Noitliwest ato tt loyal coplo, You
know thut. All ithat we have wo will
freely give to tlio nation whenever she
needs it. The grievance that we complain
of is that you tako our money when you
huvo no uso for it. Wo of Nebraska
burn coal for fuel, and pay 100 per cent,
duly on blankots, Freo trade would not
follow if tho duty wero reduced on-lialf.
There are more farmers in tro 'less No
brusku than there uro hiisoiis engaged In
tho ontiro'himlior .industry. Why should
wo pay tlio luiiilsir syndicates u premium
of 2 u thousand feet for lumber, which,
with us, is a necessity?
o commend tno thoughts ol this No
hraska farmer to tho gentlemen who uro
organizing Republican clubs on thu high
tarlll' basis.
Tlio Bull'alo mine, elgh miles from tho
Cracker cteok nilno, which sold lecently
for $1,000,000, will bo further developed.
Much valuable oie has been taken out of
Into which will lie shipped soon. Tho
Dullalo mine is owned by thu Pendleton
ians, who have u good profsirly.
Wallowa Signal : T. J. Mullock, wife
und daughter Lizzie, and Grandma Mat
lock, arrived in tho vulley Friday. Tlioy
uro visiting relatives und will wtuy tibout
three weeks,
i ,