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    tiii: mam, oa mi: a fizzi.k.
Tim Retitnrvlllo Cluli llfTnm to no InWi'i
ton, ami the Stars I'luyu One-Hlileil Cmo
1 tlh n Wcntuii ".Scrub" Nlur.
Last Sunday, us announced beforehand
in this paper, Pendleton's athletic .SturH
boarded the train for Weston, with the
I intention oi iuayiii mo t cntorvlllo nino
tlio tlnui game to decide tlio champion
ship, on noittral ground. It had boon
rumored that tlio Centervillo boys ob
iected lo playing at Weston, for somo
lfIi i t "t l'l'Miiii'ton, rt' I peculiar reason, and oji arriving at thu
CuIIi'mi.' ui1 w'li I iViitorvllh- dupot thin nnimr wan verlllcd;
. ... ilrnni'll Oltlec.
t()rfRonii 0Kr,siAN IlliM
..SibIW?"'"!'' . iiu "mm
"...ml IHr..""" " ...in ,
l-w.lt 1 II lll'Ki lie.
: .1 ...iir it ,,
' "' .....i.... iii Hlu , Inn Marx WITH Itllotltiod Unit, niiilnr mi
. .!.- i!.-.t,tnll Knle.
and Jul!" liuwri nro
' ... i:.,i . of Camus l'ralrlo,
tn ... . i
I Currier If celling grocer
'tvi.lnii-1- ("tori!.
.... .. ...M.i. tnniMiiiu in ui-u-
nl HE IIUAV -v
. i i.t moms or oiiiooh in
rW.ii.NIA.N nuiltniiK
i'.. f.nni .M upwards ut
kflcr'H fiirnltiiro More.
. KjhIov ha open! a boot
,llJ . ..t.lM Alflt
rfiipoll Slum Hireui,
,i . ...I I, ,i4 II liirttll llll
1.1 Kile in Miiall or law
. II 1....1..I.1...1 f.l
c...ii .t W icelcr'S lliriiuuru
ell killo.1 Friday night 1 tlio
MUi.nt-nii'H hirers for Ice
JHUW ' k
i.irt." under "Now
'wll for bid for completion of
r.i.,.,. nwrfriim l.a (irando
UWHv... - - ,
mtilntt. anil reuiriiuu nun
Intletoii luysMcnt nut to the
mtficniuon to witness tlio In-
J C, Klrkinun will deliver a
!lilre i the M. K. Church
w-livat II a. 111.
.....i, riiiiim:iii captured llvu
Vt nlitht at tins mini, 'i iioj
. i .i.t .........n...
IWffH lltn 111"! IIMIH
II U.-Ij .., Illi. ruf till. "I'lll'tlll'
JEa1 Portland, will lccturo at
rim.li il.U hvhiiIih' nt 7::ti).
U II vt.
I ......... lu.lr Ail. I. ... Clllllllill fill
I 1 I I il ........... ..t
DM mm, uimi mm" nuuun ui
Onliiniiu U'.IU llll. II lift ullll
M nun.
rncli U llll 1 1 II M Im'1'11 1 1 tl :l1 ill t 1(1
ii .1 ..r
Niuv iiiiiu mi iiLxuuiii ui niih-
tin'lri'ijiin liishoalth.
L fl I I. I .
i V.W1CH uutu Mill imiiv iui
kvcliml Ii.iIk. All of them aro
... I A .1. . t. .!
ironic lor ujovi'iann iicikih ;
Eii-km and Herliort StuveiiH
xhftil Alexander it l'ru.or'H
.... I. III.. ...Ill 1..I
Mr. ilirkcn will roinovo IiIh
tKuMd irmanently.
tmjnilrivcthcontiro lenirtli of
irtrwtlirMip; with IiIk team at a
J, riuwrtnl (he id.M that a nin
ttlbi-edon llut htnu tiiro. roir-
Urjwlof teiiiw whilo vruHHlni;.
.'iinVn ul.n ii-.. nl I.. MI.1....J..I.I
i Mu aio ti v wit fr cm h. ro-
W nt;lit iivvr tlio Short I.lno.
las liU furiniT iHifition of tiro-kelVniHetoii-Wallu
Walla road,
ml IIh Carrot, Northern 1'a-
wiifw at Wu1Iii.ii, were ar
t for liiircLiry of Homo
iuo pn-d i hm l . inn u'lirii rn
ifier quite a diauo, and taken
JSf9.wlllK'lI fiirnllnro In in.
'IW!noniioteti payablo aftor
w one iK'niriiii to purcliHHo
tllDkl l OIlKllIt III ia riwiu.nullili.
Itoir price. on mk-Ii t uhu aro an
wj in town.
tlio ratu of fare on tho ().
i;' n nni t. . i ...til i .. .
' te only one dollar. Memorial
'rme iiunpii-. s of tho Ci. A.
W IFVCnterVil, " Umt
i . -ini on mo
i "mi ifu inn iiniirirw
nth annual iimiim'mroinont of
I .rill . .1 .. . I .
vulnnm, Walla Walla, on
!pJt Juno Int. I'urV W.
b. il deliver the oration
, " uilM war. WIN
' !" an.l Park Willis.
" l mUv last a wulNI
wnunieilJim swaIn breathod
i etrvuillktiini-iid ton.... n.
.n..v, .v. mil iiiu
e uh dwtored by a
niUtoc.k hU iiml i.l,. .....I
an aimniliBtfcfo put
p elww, and will continue
I'lriuiuirttiUKVM would their oponcutH
play at Woston, notwlthntandlii? tho fact
that thulr expoiiHos would bo paid and a
imrno of l?tvon to tho winner ly tlio
lihoral citir.eiiH of that plaeu. '1'ho Start!,
after inducing in Home hantorinn. deter
minedly pui-Hued their way to Weston,
and tlio C'entervlllo boys just as obsti
nately stiild at homo. Tho I'eudletoii
ites woro luwpltably reeeived on their
arrival at Weston, and a nino wan hastily
thrown together to give them a little en
tertainment, but us a matter of eourso the
L'aino uiiM tin vtlitiiLf lint liitiii-iwllmt 'I'l.i.i.
nun; Piii.-iuiiui v iht.uuu, IIOWOVOI, 1111(1 Oil 1 ad (in
maning on ineir return I rip were all In
the best humor itnagiuulilo, brimming
over with fun and ineniment, combined
with an unlimited imtutlty of cnthusi
astie Iuim power. When tho train
arrled at Centervillo, thu base-ball boyH
oi uiai piaco wero urawn up in a compact
line on tho depot platform, each .arrayed
ju full uniform and shouldering a broom,
signifying that they claimed to bo the
champions and had "swept the country,"
rendleton's Stars included. At tlio sight
of till maddening speetaclo.'every "Star"
Immediately jumped from thu train, ,ind
the scene that ensued'was n regular pan
demonium in miniature. All of tiieiu
wero shouting and gesticulating, and
wildly oll'ering to bet any sum from one
to one thousand dollars on their resiieet
ivo nines. It is believed that only a little
spark wiih needed to kindle u general
lougli-and-tuniblo "free tight;" but tho
train soon pulled out, anil the spark
was not allowed M.illieient time to generate.
II. 1). Mrrulii.nn tiinniiu llnr Tenilcr, Com
liiltn Hiitililt Xntm.
L.v Uiianiik, ()a., May l!7.
llrand Hondu valley was vNlled with
acophiH rain Friday, which settled tho
Not much fruit will be raised in the
valley this yea:'.
I'rof. IIopluiu. the uceompll-died pian
ist from Pendleton, gavo a recital Thurs
day morning, which wax largely attended.
IIu will piobably succeed in' getting a
largi' class here.
Minis ISros. it Co.'s representatives, 1).
Ilerrick and J. U. Calloav, aw hero,
and two doing well, 'lhevwlll leave for
Hakor (.'Ily to-tuoriow.
II. I). Merwin, day bar-tender for W. S.
Ford, bec.iine vlduntly insane Frldav
niglit, and atteinpted to hijiito several
men. Ho stntck the night clerk, JamoH
l.uinliirtli, cutting his Up prottv badlv.
Mr. bunblrth, i-eeing that lie was apt 5
hurt some one badly, and an everv one
pre.-ent were too badly flight mod lo in
sist in subduing the maniac, got a beer
bottle and knocked him down, and then
tied his hands with an aprnn which he
llie marshal was then I
IIu StujvM It 1'liiluly.
1'i:niii.kton', On., .May L'7, 1888.
To tint F.illtorof the Knut UrFKOiilnii.
I noticed a very jiolnted and well writ
ten article in your valuable paper of the
-dth Inst., by Horace. Now as a por
tion of said article refers to mvsolf, in
connection witli thu much talked of court
house business, I feel it my duty, for
Horaco'n satisfaction and all others" who
may bo in the least skeptical In the
premises, to sav once for all that If I am
elected coiiiityjudgeon tho-lth day of next
June, thu other nieinliers of the county
court concuiring, and tho decisions of the
lilfher courts permitting, that thu Court
House block and College block will both
bo sold at public auction lo tho highest
bidder, just as soon as it can ho adver
tised and sold, the proceeds to 1) iihcd In
building a now court house at either the
north or south end of Main street. Look
ing upon this as Ixilng thu best way to
build tho court house without taxing the
people to tin it. Such u courns would turn
a balance into thu treasury, instead of
taking money out of it.
very rospecuuiiv,
Wii.mam Mautin.
iii. and ho started to I'nlon with .Moruln
to have lilm examined as to his sanity.
On their arrival there Mcrwlu broke
away and almost succeeded In throwing
himself under the train. He wan taken
into a room and haudcuired, w here ho
twice tried to shoot himself. Ho was
locked up while his guard went for the
authorities, and returning inn few min
utes, they found him dead, having hung
himself to a bed post with a silk handker
chief in sucli a way as to break his neck.
Hard drink cuimd his wife to leave
him over u year ug.i, and ho has been
brooding over It so long that It llnallv
caused insanity. An inquest was calleit
yesterday, but owing to the absonco of
witnesses was ioitponed until .Monday.
Mr. Merwin was very much of a gentle
man, mid was an ollicur in tho late war.
Jl i .1.
" aiiinLMnn ii n f. -
"i k ' ( tuiiii:
., , !.Vf 'wrH. was
is .. n..r:r.'""i "t cipi
. m mil ra n n n. u .. i..
A Convenient Arruuctiinrnt.
Tlio O. H. k N. Co. haH lately comiilot-
od ut The Dalles large and comnioilious
stock yards with llrst-dass facilities for
feeding and watering stock, and hereafter
shipiHiro will le ieruiitted to stop at that
point twenty-lour Hours, when desired, to
Iced, water and rest their stock. No
charge will lxi iiiudo for usu of tho yards.
This will bo a cruut convenience to I'cn
ilietou slilpjiers. as they can now stop ut
The Dalles, feed and iot their stix'k. and
take the next freight, bringing them into I Hpicker,
I'orl and at 10 a. m. us end of n. m. as 1 sier, r.
Knililj n Air.
I'mtii tlio Mllloii lliiulc.
The mutiner in which souio of our
political cotenioraiies advance the inter
ests of their candidates is at times truly
foolish and can have but little weight
with the Intelligent voter. Column after
column Is lllled with such editorials (V)
as: "Vote for Houscr. Ho will net
tharl" or "Hamilton lias a walkover for
tivasuior. He Is 'one of the boys,' and
this will elect hlnij" or "The
Colonel (meaning .1. II. ltalev
will look dlllcront after election
than ho does now," etc.. etc., ad inlln
Hum. issue after issuo. How tlresomu
this must get to tho voter, when ho knows
that such rot is published to inlluouco his
judgment hh an Intelligent citizen. Wero
there facts anil reasons to back mich
"standing advertisements" a certain In
lliieucu might Imi wielded, hut n mure
braggadocio statement that "so-and-so is
bound to get thar" or "vote for so-and-so,"
appears like poor and very cheap
campaign literature and is certainly not
fiillilling thu contract entered Into
by such mushroom papers with tho
party to which they Iwlong. Tho
farmer, merchant, mcclianle and all tax
payers who are not entangled in tho cor
rupt net of oiticnlpicfcriucnt desire and
exect a full, honest and liberal argu
ment of the iiuallficatloiiH of candidates
put forwatd by both parties. The better
class of newspapers furnish them witJi
the only means of ucutiiring Ibis knowl
edge and viewing both sides of the ques
tion, and making a choice intelligently.
Hut only a fool would put conllileneo In
tho imsiipKirted IkmisIh of a brother idiot,
and such pajierare not worth a onny to
their party or to tlio taxpaylng voter.
Mill will lie rci't'lvcil nt tlio olllce of the
I Ily .-fin Vfjor until noon, Hutunluy, Juiitt 0,
1SSS, for rxttiiilttm tlio levee iilonc f ho IJtiiu
tlllii river, to tjo liullt nlmllnr to tlio present
lovoo in fnnn, hie not mi IiIkIi. Amount of
money to ho expoinleil Is uhoilt t2UU0. III'Ih
iniiKt no piTciilne yanl of cmhanknieiit, per
oiiinu yni ni loeK.auii per cii'uo yarn excii
vutloii heh.w low vn mailt. Hpi'clllcn
tloimean ha ki'pii nt Ihoollleo of tho Cltv Sur
veyor or ill. ltothelillil A llenu'H store. Town
rtaerveHtlH! imht In rmeet nny iiml nil hhlx,
. . II. WILSON, ultv Hiirvi'vor.
Ily onler of tho Coiiuuoii Council, hum iliw
For a nry mure, brnmleilW II on loftitllle,
"yearn old, woiuhH iihont imO pounil". Was
left nt my liliieo of residence, known nn tho
Scolt rnlich, SiultPi iiiittliweit of Pendleton,
April Slst, IMS. owner enn huvo nniro by
provlnir properly mid piiylnir expenses of
Ki't-puiK nun hh vvrillllK.
iicavlstones, Monuments
ii. F. BEALE,
Marble and Stone
For dolRii and prleen cousultJesio Fall
Itifr. Main ulreet, Pendleton. lXIniiitex
Klven on mono work for ti" tea
fntet Arrlvult.
V11.1.A111) Housi:. ti A Waggoner. Cor
vallis; W II Hutting, II M Jaiuerson, .M
tUilcagui Joe l.uvy, .1 A Hum-
Clarke, San l-ranclscnj N
Photograph Gallery
T. 0. WARD,
The iiiohI MRveKMful
In now Ineiited In IViiillrlim. nl ilinnld Hlnml
at the foot of Muln h tree I, uenr tho lirliluo,
111111 inr 1111 u
Phootgraphs, Tlntypos, En
larging and Copying,
Ciinnot he nxeelle.t niiywheiv. All work
UUiirnntccil to ulvo enlln KiillKr.ietloii. He
ilieetfully, yiiurf, T. ). WAItll.
Piiiprlclorof thu
French Restaurant
Main utreet, 1'anlleton, Or., op
posite Court Jfoiixii.
A nit-ehi rmlaurant: nil tlio dolleaclen
of tlu npiiHon. MoiIn at nny hour; belli day
MBit nlisht.
npl Mm
First National Bank.
Jacoii Fiiazku,
11 ! rmpl u
ready, as there ix u
thu stock yards.
A Itupiilillriin Klckrr.
AHi.ton, On., May l!Mh, 188S.
To Hi') IMI'or of the Kiinl n u'oiilun
I see Mr. I.easuru wan Is to beat Ram
sey and Huntley. Tho people of I'matilla
county will not danco to tills notations
villain's llddling. Ills day is gone by.
His Judas suiilu will not deceive many
Ilarlmaii and Young have both done
well in past yearn, but Hurtmun woikcd
under nioto adveoe circumstances.
1 think Cap. .Marl it. is a tool of a few
eel Huh men. f am a Republican myself,
but if tho party will put tip such men
against an lioucst man, 1 don't want to
have anything to do with them.
A Hki'i iimcan Voti:u.
heiotofore. It will not bo nececnirv to ! Herkoly, Camus; ti J Camplxill, D V
notify Tho Dalles ugent to have feci Donovan, riilladelplila; (i ." Dilworth,
toed yard adjoining xus; .Mrs mini, .miiiiic.noui; u
torn, lai iiruiuio; v. u jianow, r m
luigv, K .M Kiiriuaii, Mrs .Mihmc and
family, T II Walsh, l'orlliiiid; James
(iatdner, Wunton; Uiramlo .Mayer, .Mo
Jala j J VCollov, .1 II Frant., F C Catuii
ImiII, It D ColVov, V H l'rine, City; ! J
Huberts, Now ork; II C I.eo, Kausan
City j J I, Corran, Albany.
llowMAK lloi si:. Mrs I'teseottjCuionj
Mrs Holster, Spokane Falls j W A Sam
ple, J D Hrown, City: W J Smith, Wash
ington Territory j II II Heck, Iteno.Nev.j
II C U'dlngtoiij W II Dlnsler, Colorado;
Wm Young, l'llot Hock; C 1' Foul,
Meacham ; F S l.add, F 1' Newell, J F
Malmnoy, I41 (irandu; S A t'rowner,
Mcichuiuj M O'Donnell, Chicago; C
Johauson, Heppuer; John Cameron,
J i; Ileum, A Wilson, Wehton ; Funiiiu
Carter, Missouri ; Alta Cartor, Caldwell;
J D Hrowuell, l.a Grande; J W Carr, A J
Hutler, IioisoCityj J M Waddell, Hopi
uer. (ioi.Di;N H11.K. Dr McCauly, Dayton ;
C II Campbell. W IIomj. F Howers. I'
June 17 ; returning 1 Sniith, A Juckson, .Mrs A Shelly, feouUi
o. For tickctH and Cold Spring; T II llagen, iaylor,
odatlons address A. Fchoj Dutegoro Hruco, L tiriindu;
nt geuoral pas-ioiiBor John Illoch, l.a tir.indo; loin Kelluy,
Ar jo 11 nlii; i:l?
Tho Northorn I'acillc lttiilro.ul will sell
round trip tickets from I'ortlaud to Chi
cago for ll)l,i)0, sold on June Dili and
10th; limit going to June
good to Soptombur 1
Hlcoplng-car accommodations
I). Charlton, assistant general passenger
and ticket agent, iso. 1' waaningion
street, l'ortlund, Oregon.
Mum I. Hturslx. (Mnhlfr.
TrnnnHct u iceticrnl biiiiklni; imnliif-i..
On all inirlnnf llmwfu.
1 iilleitniiN MmU- nt nil faint .n
ItenMiiiiulile Itiii.
G. Shindler & Co.,
Furniture PeaBers,
Largest and Most Complete Factory on the Coast.
TTolcl lui'iiirfhin a Specialty.
Bedroom Sets,
Parlor Suites,
Side Boards,
Folding Beds,
Bedding, Shades.
G. Shindlcr & Co.,
Waternom, 1(U( First Street,
Muougli blink L'lH) feet to
1(17 mid Kill Front. St.,
Selling Out at Cost!
My Entire Stock of Goods,
Comprising tlio following goods, to-wit;
$8,000 Worth of Boots and Shoes
The best stock in I'endleton. Also
$',000 irorti of Mvhh ami '. llttt tunl Furiiiitttnu Goods.
I also put on tho Market
$7,000 worth of Harness and Saddlery.
All of my goods I Ixiught for cash, and I can sell them !!" pel cent, cheaper than
than men who buy on credit.
Sale to begin tills day, .May 1M. Come eaily and get bargains.
Lease and lixtutes for sale of tlio line brick stote, Cotttt stii ct, hi Dcspniuhlnck
Yillara House
II.WK IIOIIN, ITiipili lnr.
Noithwe.t CorniT Mm 11 unit ;('ourt Hlri'elH,
Wo 1110 receiving, alino.d dally,
Goods Direct from the Eastern Manufactories,
Our stock will 1 10 new In design and comploto In assortment, consisting of
Whatnots, Brackets, Chairs, Springs, Mattresses, etc
Also a complete line of
Carpets, oil cloths, linoleums, shades, portieres,
ana upholsterers' goods.
Forbes & Wheeler.
Association Hullding, IVudlctou, Or.
Eiockford Railroad W atch.es.
Wo liavu hocu.cd tho agency for this city of the celebrated
Rockford Q,uick Train Railroad Watch
Which we liavo lilted in (iold, Hoss-llllcd, Silver and Nicl.le ciihis, which wo sell
prices that
Wo also carrya full stock of Howard, Waltham and Elgin Move-
moiits, of nil slos.
latest patterns.
is now coinpluto, and of (ho
1 ii ii uiiiiiiiii'ii 1
A llittkvt Meetlne.
A banket meeting will bo hold in tlio
rove near Jicho, Pegtunlng iliursday,
uue Jlst.und continuing over tlio follow
ing Sunday. Hoy, D. ti. Strong, I'resid-
e was f,,rl.. j i ... ..,l'ul..,"!lnL' Elder of the Walla Walla District.
Ul I .. I..-. !,... M !....! f l.,.ll..l.. n.wl
1 w 114111 went mi u'iilioni " u ji j 1 i-uuiuiihi,
1 imnniui .... 1. V"'0."1 otiiero aro oxnected to participate in the
'r-i thU niorniiig. uservh.es A cordial invitation is extend Walla Walla Journal: J. C. Swash
'Hi? h.ia int. ila ...11 1 . 1 oil tt nil I . . .
U' t. .""v,- "'men to ins " , 1 returned on inursuay iroui 1110 nu
ria, p.' Vwni itarvanl stir- Clink couvlcteil, I Okanugan iniiias. He reports many pros-
... -i llllMllVllTlil lla.l.r.l.. I tl n .11 1. A.I .1 1.. III.. I.. 11'.. 11.. 1 n., I.. 11.11 lr..ll I (U.-l 1 lOtl U lUllfll'
i.l .1 . ' 'i"""'' tt.a. tiinK, on uiai in nuua iihiiu jitiwiii m iiiuiuumi n i.. v...
for arson, was found euiltv bv a urv ' maao ciaiiy. no i;iiiui,u,i iuuitoii
i i. .
. iier
W C Caiunliell. Jack Canyon; C
Clark, Wisconsin; D Cordon, Juniper;
W F Smith, (i W Diihlup city; II Fultz.
North Foik; W Navlor, Centorvillo; F
C Stone, J'ilot Jtock; S Chlldorri, Ad
ams; Nancv L Trowl, Juuier; F L
Hagsdalo, .Milton; T Maxwell, Center
villo; C S Humphreys and wife, Hobort
Oathergood, Alba ; F Mcltityre, S Sample,
Cold Spring; J M Young, Weston; J II
Coylo Walla Walla.
Ro-opencd, lie-furnished
Equipped in Firsf
CltisH Stylo.
Wo giiarnnteo everything wo sell tube as icpiewnted.
aiKi City Drug Storo, Pondloton, Or
Free Coaeh to and from Trains.
I illlll I m ..1 1 '
v.ltpm I . V"aun 01 cast
,- IliltW, 11
n ... . . i . "'-i' uioiis invvrs. I
TU .f 1 11 1'liiumerablo ikisI
u.'r "as Ul tho W,w I...
-a'J U a , v..i .."""""
'i i-oiiven
nil Mm I iimlui ' t:ilnu wlillo lhero and luadu eleven loca-
... - . ,. ,. . .,,, ,,
lllllUII IIU 1IIIHM Hill .1.4,1
ILl-IC'l ...1... . I
lUtftL, ,i "u weni
.ur "illor. Ho Kav!
he nit tiro to a lodging house tlio saino
night the Aurora hotol was fired by .Mrs.
! I'yloand Hum. Clink is (14 years old,
! mid when ho heard tho verdiet no fainted.
Mrs. Laudis gave ovidonco for tho prose
cution, and so was discharged.
tions. four of
out well.
k!;iva I M'lll! 1-! i 1.1 ...l.. rt ..w.l. 1.1 1..
lll-r..,l .1 I II IIIIUIll i'lliVJOIUIIl, IUKJ I.II1..II m III
puntj-ilvo niiles,iv.ui,:ii,, (!i,i,.h. alwuttwelvo miles from
ue '
n 'ltve,iwnhhilu.ainonL
. i . "
ZttT m,a-,,e ,ree8'
- 10 "wke grow in
Mrs. Haley awl daughter, Costzio, bade
their friends good-bye Saturday.
They left for Fast l'ortlund that evening,
and will sH)tid porno thno visiting Mrs.
Haley's daughter, who lives near there.
Hermann's majority two years ago was
one who oeueven iv
tnivii. is In tnu'ii tn-ilav. and
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The Truck Man
The Transfer Man,
Paper, Lace Curtains.. Window Shades,
Oil Cloths, Linoleums, etc.
The "WHITE" Sewing Machine,
Failing's Carpet Store,
'M,,, Mm, tioar the hrlng-, I'euglei.ni, Oregon.
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Case Little Giant. Walking Gang, Sulky.
uangaaa Walking Plows.
Studebaker Wagons, Hacks and Buggies.
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