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    ni , .1,1 nwjrc?
A i ni:i: miiuahv.
I'nlriniit or IIik Dully or SuuiMVrckly
IIAST li:i:(l(),MAN rim frnrly iniiko imo
or the UAHl" Olti:IOMAN lllirnry wlnn
vT tln-y mi denlrn. Tim public urn cor
illnlly Invited to Mt tlm ofllre whenever
no liu'llniil.
Soventy-nv einl In money op stump
Mil pay for tho Hnnl-Weehly 12AHT Oltli-
JNIAN from now until " Ihe '
rlloiin. Two dollars will iny for the
ally i:ASl' OltKdONIAN for tlin miiun
dbIIi of time by mull.
r0L. 1.
NO. 21.
IpriM and Summer
Ml Wool Dress Goods
For Spring and Summer Wear,
Are now constantly arriving, comprising
. . .
Of which the following is a partial list :
tobelin Blue,
ipple Green.
Olive; .
Terra Ootta.
Sea Green.
London Smoke. Copper.
We also carry a full lino of
Black Chantilly Lace Flouncing,
Iriental and Valencienne Lace Flouncing,
11 Over. Embroideries, etc., etc.
fa make a speciality of all the abovo goods, and will guaranteo
Prices to bo
Is Low as Those of any . House in Eastern
Just Arrived:
00 men's, bovs' and vnnt.W Suite I
Lee Moorhouse & Co.,
General Merchandise.
Pendleton, Oregon.
l'enrl l'(jo nml Mother Ill-.latl llreaknr
.Shot -Krle Kipreai Hnld Murderer 8en-
teiierd-Cul Union-Strike Anions Switch'
Clilcf Jtullrx Waltn Dead.
WAsittNoro.v, March 23. Chief Justice
wultu died uthls residence In this city
thin morning. Ho was In usual health.
though exhausted by recent severe labor,
mini wiium.;, i.igni last when on return
Ing from a rceoptlon idven ut tlin resi
deuce of Senator HcarBt, In tlio company
oi ins naugnter, no complained of a
chill. Ilo was wakeful on Monday night
and on Ittcsday morning svini'toniB of
nouto brunchilis appeared accompanied
by insomnia and great restlessness. IIIh
condition though wuh not alarming. On
Wednesday eonecnseriled pneumonia
presented itself. During Thursday and
me nigiii joiiowing no was eomiortanio,
rested wen ami no particular alarm was
felt by liin family or friends. This morn
ing tno laiiure oi 1110 Heart's nellon was
observed by the attending physicians add
no soon niterwnms nreuthod his lam.
Ills daughter and con were with liim
when bo died. Mrs. Wnitu left Washlmr
ton with a party of friond.4 for California
a week ago,und it is supiosed sho was in
Los AngelcH at tlio time of lier husband's
ucatli. 1 no Mil iiowh was at once com
municatcd to her by to eirraoh. Tho Su
promo Court and both houses of Congress
IIIIIIILMUIIU'IV I1IH1I1 leeetllt nl llm iwmu
adjourned in respect to the niomory of
tne deceased. President Cleveland when
Informed of tho death of tho chief Justice
was much shocked at the news comlnif ho
.I. ... "
uiiu.iecic(iiy, nunougu no wuh aware
mat tlio great man had been for Home
nine in III lioaUh. Quito an intimacy ex
luted between tho chief justice and tho
rros dent unco tlio lattcr'H tnrm lkL'iin
ino iTosldont lias often Iccii heard to
express himself In terms of highest
the man who sot flro to a stable last year Tho president said ho thought the treaty
in J-oxington, Morrow county, the Ilio would be at least tried for a while.
uuHiruying mo uuuncs portion oi mo town,
has been convicted of Incendiarism ami
sentenced to live years in tho ienltuu
tiary. 1
'ilio trial of Joe Canon bid etod for thu
samo ofTenBo has deen Dostnoned.
l'lllngn ami Muntor,
San Tiiancisco. March :. Twnntv.
five rufllans at Llora, Mexico, robbed the
jWHtolllco and treasury, iissasKlnated tho
president of the muiliciD.llitV mul f i in nti.
the regiHtcr and his diiughtcr, tho latter
heroically lighting to save her father's
lifo, the alcalde, another olllclal, and
threo civilians. Tho whole pcoplo aro
alarmed, and the rufllans aro being
hunted down.
A Diamond Thief.
San I itANcmco. March I'll. Sannco A
Swam, chared with Bleallni JUUOO worth
oi umniomis ironic, n. .Mcuonaia, Jr
mo can ! rancisco lnllllonatro s son, was
found guilty and will be sent to the ion
Herniary lor a term ot years.
Kearney said that If It were that it would
mean the loss of fourteen electoral votes
of the l'acllle ronat to the Democratic
party, lie told tho President that it
would require armed men at every fortv
rods of tho Isjuntlary line between the
L'nitcd Stutcs and 1 tritlnli Columbia to
prevent Chinamen from coming over the
lino. ,
Senator Stanford favors Levi P. Morion
for tho Kcpublicau caudidato for Pros!
Congrrmiloiil uml Cap I tut Xntri of
lipl to Noitliwr.trru Itrmlnrs,
ltandall presented resolutions to tho
riiiladelDhia Hoard of Trade, i eelarlni?
that the Mills tariirblll.lf it should become
a law, would prove injurious to many im
portant and long established lnduBtrics of
ino country.
Tho house then went Into fntiiniltti-n
of tho whole on thu bill referritiL' to the
couit of claims for adjustment accounts of
laborers, workmen ami mecnuntcs, arts
nig unuer tno cigut Hour law
Hogers. of Arkansas, said It would in
volvo an expend ture of 10.0tlO.(MH).
Tillman reuards it as an attack unon tho
n. "
x it-.imiry.
lllaiii said that In order to reducn tho
hours of labor throughout the countr
Congress must wrlnu the water from nil
road stix'k. check thu teleirranh monooolv
and syndicates and trusts, and stop tak-
IIIIFIII.MI I f A ..i.i ... . .. .
nilso of tho character imd iilillltv iif I 'm' . I irii"i "lo peoilu to
IlllltlPlllutnk. ..fl,,r "V " '"
Chief Justico AVallo
the recent of tho sad tidlnus tlm I'r..l
dent wrote a letter to .Mrs. Wlilto.expresa
Illg Ills (Icon SVIlinathv for linr In hnr
sorrow and tlio loss to the country in the
loath of her i ustrioiiH IiumImihI. All
w asliington is in mourning.
A I'litnt C.illl.loii.
PiTTsmtiio, Pi:nn., March 23. Tw
passenger trains on the Pittsburg and
.rio railroad collided fortv ikIIoh from
Pittsburg this morning, badly wrecking
iHjui irjuiH ami k L' one man in
stantly. Nino others wore fatally in
ured, somo of whom will din.
Htrlkfi Aiiionir Hwltrliuirn.
CillCAdo. March 211. A HtrlL-olniH lwrni
inaugumtcd ana Is general among switch
men on tho Ch cairo. llurlinuion A
tlulncy roul.
lirlti i:xprr Hoii;lit.
Ciiicaoo. March 2.!. John .1. Vnlon
tine, vico')resIdent und'goneral manager
of Wells, I'argo A Co., jiasscd through
thiH city last evening, on his way to San
'rancisco, having completed tho pur
Iiuko of the Ivriu Impress and Its onllio
plant, wntcli was consuiniiiated In Now
York City it few days ago.
Motlitiriiml Diuntlitrr Slok.
PoilTLANl). Oil.. March 2.l. Mrs. WIN
Ham Hrvan alias Pearl Pago, sentenced
to tho penitentiary for roblwrv. haslioon
prostrated since tho verdict and is now a
very sick woman. Her mother is also
lying sick at her rooms in the hotel from
nervous prostration. One falno sten led
to all this trouble which may cud tho
lives of l)oth tho wavward elrl and her
good moinor, who has tried lo give her
daughter encouragement in her troubles,
trials and tribulations.
Jnll Ureuker Shot.
Yisama. Cai... March 23. Sheriff Par-
ion returned Iroin the .Mountains
reus u rv.
l.unu. of Illinois, denounced tlin bill
being in the intercut of ollico seekers.
iflor furlher discussion larmiey moved
nun ino mil eo over until .mm m. in or
der that members might have an oppor
tuiiity to infotm themselves as to the
merits of the case. Tho committee then
rose and the bill went over,
Pills weie Passed to Prevent iiroducls
of convict labor from lo!ug furnished to
or for the ut-o of any department of the
government, and irom Doing used In
public buildings or other public works,
and to prevent the employment of alien
labor on public buildings and othor pule
He works, and In the various departments
oi mo government.
rt. ! .1 it. l.
inu uoiiBo men went into committee
of the whole on tho bill to establish a do
partmcnt of Iulxir.
A number of amendments extendim
mo scopo ot inauiry to amount of wanes.
uuiount of woik iHjrformed, cost of living,
cel., as compared with other countries.
i i
were auopied.
In tho Senate tho nlll tiroviiilntr for in
sectIon of meats for exiKjrtation, and
prohibiting thu Iinitortatlon of adulter
ated articles of food or drink, with
amendments allowing tho iusccting of
meats at places oi pacKing, was pashcd.
A bill was passed to establish a United
States court in Indian Territory.
To allow soldiors and sailors who havu
lost both hands, or the use of Iwlli hands,
$100 a mouth.
IIouho bill to facilitate tho nrorieculion
of works projected for improvement of
rivers mid iiarnors, with umeu(Imonts,on
which a conference committee was or
dered, and Senators Dolph, Fryo and
et appointed.
(iranllng to tho Wasliinetou & Idaho
Itailroad Company right of way through
tno ca-ur d'iViono Indian reservation.
Itrauting lo tho iNowmrt A KIiil-'h Vul-
ley Hailroad Company light of way
through tho Mlotz Indian reservation in
morning with tlio Ixxlyof thoman'shot by J',,'ou",
CntAnitnrwnti !, .Mlut.l- I.I.'., f... .. UregOIl.
mountain lion. The dead iniin wuh l.lnn. . r Bant to tho Stato of Oregon certain
tillod as Frank llolipger, ono of the jail ,un'18 111 t htalo for u public pai k.
broakorsnt laivn. Arnnld. Iilmni.n.. . Ainonding thu statute as to tl.o dlstKwi
ion. another lall breaker, who was loft in Uo of projierty of the United Slatos,
charge of thu body escaped. No clue to B"'" '"nils or prmierty uc(Ulred from
his wheroalKJiits. sureties, or under tho rovonuo law,
TI..MorroW County Murderer Sentenced. ,.,"rU"I,i",,M0 XT? Pf, mbli,i ,U"d
IlKrt'NKR, .On.. .March 2;-Fred "ft ' ' ' T WSfa,
in Mor- i i .f.i. ... '. .. "
Crump, w ho kllloi
i, in ii
1 John
Vait lteiMinllilllty nnd M-nUl Strain on
Itallronit Men.
The world at largo values the mental
gins which no not result in wealth more
highly than those which bring w cult I
ibis is true even of the great American
o aro often told tho contrary. Wo
are ordered to share in denouncing the
worship of mammon till wo reach a point
wnoru woanu nsen is viuwed with sus
plcion. All thu habits which load to
wealth aro tinted unon thu voiihl' ihIiih
try, thrift) economy, honesty, energy, but
when thu goal is reached tho burden of
proof is laid upon riches, to demonstrate
their right to be. A rich man may bo
considered guilty until he has proved
iiiiiihoii to is) innocent, i ins utile iucou
slstency, however, does not alter tho
great fact.
Ilyncoitain class of moralists whom
it would not Ihj wholly Irrelevant (o call
subcutaneous Agassi. Is roieatodlv ami
heroically summoned to the bar to testify
to a sordid world that ho had no time to
make money. Hut Ilio sole distinction
in Ihis rospect lietween him and tlioii-
sauds of his class is that ho said it. Thev
all live it. Prof. Henry and Herbert
Sjsjiicer, Drowning, Arnold, Whlttler and
I-onufel low lived it. Utcv hud their tuir.
suits, their calling, which no one of them
would havu consented lo relluuuish to lie
come president of a railroad or head, of a
woolen mill or brain nronollor of an iron
foundry, or superintendent of mines In
Colorado. cry Ilkoly they would have
Hindu a list list at these professions If
they hud tried very likely Agassi, would
iavo noon equally unsuccessful hut
none thu less thoy live their actual
work. It absorbs their enorgies, it grati
lies mcir tasies. inov never lor ono
moment contemplate thu iHisslbillty of
leaving it for the sake of nionoy-iiiiik
ug. J .cast of all do they oxis'ct or do
. ' ,f I t .1 .." i , . I II . II nil ,ni.lllll I.VIIMU IIIUII III I
maud any admiration for "stick nu to ,.ir,ii J ..iiu i i. u....,
Harrctt in Mor
row county on tho 10th of last month,
has been convicted of manslaughter and
sentenced to fifteen years iu;thu jMmlten
tiary. and to nay a lino of in.OOO. Tho
jury returned an indictment of murder in
tho first degree. Crump through his
counsel entered a plea of not guilty, tho
trial commencing Monday and ending
yesterday. Tho jury were as follows;
Fred Ashbaugh, A, C. Pettys, John More
land, Geo. Drown, Italph Iicngu, Geo.
Smith, 0. 0. C. Wilson, F. Engleman, J.
M. Keos, A. T. King, A. II. Windsor und
11. F. King. The Stato called the follow
ing witnesses: Win. llarrett, Mrs. J.
Parrot t. Edward Barrett. Joint Rasmus
and Otis Patterson. The follow ing w it
nesses wore examined by tho defense in
order to provo that Crump is not a sauo
man ut all times, and regarding rocks
found near tho sceno of the murdor:
Iinus Penlaud. Win, Durrott. Thos.
Howard, Waller McAteo. Ed. Stewart
and Jas. Itradley,
WhuTlirtMr Ilio llrlik?
Por.Ti.Axn. Oil. March 2t. Whlln
helping to extinguish a small tiro in roo IS
eries on Fourth and Washington streets,
this city, last night, Pen Woods was
struck in the head witli a falling brick
and danucrouslv infilled. thoiiL'h his
f physicians think ho will recover.
, l'lro IIub Ken It-need.
I IlEiT.vr.li, Oil, March 2-1, Beadloy,
Tiensiou oi .-.) a montii to womon en
rolled during the war as army nurses, and
who rendered six luonths.servlco, having
lieon reached, thu roiwrt was road, in
which it was stated that tho lsmollclarios
under it would not uvurago nioro than six
or eight to each Stato.
Deck called for thu yeas and nays, re
marking that of course thu bill would
juiss. It would apply to every colored
woman who had cooked for soldiers du
ring six mouths, and, according to the
roimrt hist received, such women were
untitled "Koiiuin matrons."
Edmunds couldn't see any sense In the
bill. '
Deck objected to its further considera
tion. An increase of pent-ion has been
granted John W. Harriet, Dow's Prairie,
Oregon. Pensions havu boon granted
urville rhehis, Jvugene tity, and in. i
it. I ay lor, lacoma.
Tho HoiiM) committee on agriculture
instructed thu chairman to rejsut back
adversely thu bill grunting a bounty on
the export of grain, ami iccouiMiundod
that it 1st laid on tho table.
Denis Kearney culled on thu President
Wednesday, to protest against the pro
jioscd Chinese treaty, Ho said thai un
der the clause is'rmitthig ('Jiiiiuinoii
woith tlOOO to return in case they left
thu country each fKWJ would b nude
to do duty for KM) incoming Chinamen.
their buslnoss." Even if successful,
they would earn far less f.wnu and exert
far less Intluunco than in the r own niir
suits, liecausu tho world holds in higher
regard tho genius that does not make
money than thu genius that does make
At tho sumu tliun It in lmiiIiim. It ta
not dopnivity. Depravity may bo allied
with it.though oven that Is not necessary.
Hut let us rocoimizu thu fact that tlmrn
is a genius of great fortunes as well as a
genius of ureal jswiiis, great cathedrals,
v 'tttjir - lull V- iwilll li lUIUIIPf
a genius that is never celebrated, but still
a genius.
I am at this moment lost in ainuzoinont
at railroad genius. Thu virtue of this
country has lieon warmed up to so high a
pitch that it has seemed sometimes to bu
almost as suspicious a thing to bo a rail
road man its to ihj rich, itailroad men
i uvo been regarded as tho natural fnus of
integrity. To crush a railroad director or
a railroad syndicate lias been accounted
as ino sign oi a uonio nature, thu proper
object of human ambition and legislative
Hut If any ono will rldu over a urout
. .ii r . . . . "
rauroud ami win use uiu oyes u nion icu
sou illumines he cannot fail to pay (rib
ulo to thu reason which has constructed
these highways. One journey over the
railroad 1 do not know hv what namu it
is known, or who is tlio president, or who
were tno originators, or who aro tho own
ersbut I refer to tho railroad through
Altoona und up thu mountains around t he
lorsu-shoo iKtud or to such a load as ono
a versos to California, wheru the iron
rails lead lightly along mountain sloics,
hootlnu over precipices which seem lo
lufy the might of puny man ; or tho rail
oad that threads mid pierces St. Goth-
aid, which not only doubles and turns
I on itself along the denies, but nlunires
head lirst into thu mountain of rock, bores
i. .i j.i.i.. .i i .
tin iinviuii wiv "mini ino siouy iiarK
uess, turns, always rising, ami comes out
on thu sumu side it went in, simply be
causu theiu was not room enough Imj
tween tho mountains for it to turn outside
of them.
Is there any fortress of nature which
tlio bruin jsm or of railroads cannot cap
ture V
For thu standing armies of thu world,
our most happy country substitutes a
railroad army. What vast 1111111110,
what elulsirato organizations, what jor
feel Ion of detail, w hat burden of resigns
iblllty aro brought to its successful admin
istration! That disaster is not overv
day precipitated, that properly is not ir-
ropaianiy lost, mat 1110 is not in hecla
tombs sacrificed, duuh(Is upon thu fidel
ity of each onu of many thousands of
.lust i:ero 1 stopped to give an iinux
ecled f 1 lend a luncheon. In flvo min
utes I broko tho touiot and lost the tea;
in seven I upset thu coliceot and lost
the (t flee j in ten the milk boiled over
on tho spirit lump and all literally went
by lbs IhkikI. Put it mount only a
cold iIlo. a gixxl joku.an uproar of mirth.
Jiiht such things, no larger, on u railroad
mean death.
Do we ltogiudgo tho railroad men their
profits? Vtliat profits can couiieusute
tliMn for nervous tear and wear"' For
they also are human. "Tom Scott" to
most of us was but a man, thosvnonym
for a great eortwatlon, a ganglion of rail
road nerves; In whose brain the hummer
able lines met and cleared and went on
with a celerity, a precision, a present
ness, that, in a man, is as wondoiful as
tho clear lines of tho nniveiso before
God. Hut the wonderful brain was over
wrought and failed thu reason ut last.
Mr. Scott fell in his prime under a weight
too heavy to bo lorne. Hut tho brain
lovcr that stood Mm in good stead to
move tho mighty iniu'lilno so long was
a brain power that is seldom in this world
Aro tho railroad men rich 7 Thoy merit
it well. I would rather sit hero' alone,
irrcsKnslblo, indoiiendent, with unmo
lested ownership in thu "blue sky, tho
brilliant sunshine, the snow-clad moun
tains, rosy in tho rosy light, with my ono
trusty old friendly horse, munching his
oats contentedly, awaiting mv pleasure
cultivating literature, allieit 'cultivating
it all too imperfectly, on a little oatmeal,
fresh and sweet, with butter and sugar
than live in a palacu of (juccn Anno,
with marble halls for stables and steeds
of Aruby tho West, glittering with gold
and silver, and what neither Aruby nor
Anno over had a director's car ut my
disposal, with the rosonslllllfy of ono
railroad on my soul. I would rather uivn
up railroads altogether and go back to
stage-coaches and uivo up staee-coaehos
altogether and go back to saddle and pil
lion, to tho samlal-shoon ami scallop
shell, to the Indian trail, the squirrel
track and tho moccasin, than to under
take to engineer ono railroad to comple
tion, or to run it after It was comnlotcd.
And If there are men so endowed bv thu
creative hand that they can undertake
such work witli enthusiasm, contlnuo it
w ith energy and complete It W illi success,
thoy may llvo in four-leaved clover if thev
like, and each leaf may I hi gold leaf;
they may rldu in thu director's car with
every luxury falling short of my good
wishes for them. If they invite mo I
will gladly rldu with them, but I will
also without envy, or eruinblliiL' trudiM
over thu highway on foot as they whirr
liy knowliiL- that nil this apparent ease
has been earned by a mental stress and
norvous strain which neither my words
nor my Imagination can depict. This
when there is success. What luunrurd
phantoms of failure haunt thu way wo do
not see. And with all thu risk and all
Ilio strain, tho railroad muii do not cot
thu most valued guerdons, Thu poet, tho
preacher, thu novelist, tho statesman, tlio
inventor.staml l.cfoie 111011 of business, of
s. .Many a
rhymster Is known far lievond thu limits
of thu railroad man whoso mental lsiwer
is to that of a rhymster as a Hyperion to
a Satyr. A man who has tho trick "id ex
pression carries it over tho man who has
tho jsiwer of achievement. Thu man of
keen uvo and unerrlnir hand ami trained
mind, measuring and masterim: U10 ob
stacles of the wlldiierness, tunneling
rocks, bridging rivers, swinging over
dizzy heights, between earth ami heaven.
where fiHitliold there is none, that ho may
make straight in the desert a highway for
his kind, cannot wimi to rlivllim his own
epic. Nor can ho who, somewhere,
dumb hut determined, sits behind thorn
with faith and couriiL'u and clear vision.
Hieing far ahead thu country's growth,
thu future's need, daring to risk fortune
and fuino, patient to bravo Incredulity
and surmount all indiirereuco and compel
success to crown his ellbrts.
It Is not much to take moiiov. hut if
they ran imiku money out of it, let thorn
havu their wealth and welcome.
Gam, Hamilton.
A Striingo I.uvur.
Kmni tlio Wullu Wuilu Jmiruul.
young lady cutiio into our office to
day, asking whether nnylxsly had said
Nimcihlng through thu Journal, alsiut
her. Wo said "No, but why do you ask?"
Oh," shu continued, "Ihero Is a sort of
1 simony young fellow In this city, that
wants to marry 1110. ami I havu refused:
ho threatened to put a piece in tho Jour
nal, and burn mo up. Fearing that tho
love sick gander might say something
naughty alsiut 1110, I thought 1 would
como to caution vou sua list his si Iv de
sign." Shu believes thu voiiiil- man will
either oiir out his grief through somo
iiuwspatter, and make a fool of himself.
or co 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 suicide, and Is) a man.
A IHi!(nriiu l'once.
From tlio Milton KukId.
Two very serious uccldonts occurred
within thu past two weeks, caused by
wire fences. Ono was retsjrledlast week,
On Friday night Win. Miller and Ellis
Ireland were driving homo from a dunce
at Weston, and when opjsxito the farm
of J. S. Itlchoy one of the horses becumo
unruly ami a iiuu hroko in two. ilio
team plunged to ono sldo und 0:10 of thu
animals foil against thu wire fence, cut
ting his throat In a severe manner.
Hlood (lowed In profusion from tho wound
and soon the animal Isjcamu so weak Unit
lifo was despaired of. Dr. Stone suc
ceeded in stopping thu bleeding and sav
ing tho horse.
Mayor Hewitt has sent to the I surd of
aldermen a communication defending his
action in refusing to oriiilt the lush Hag
to no raised on the tity null on M.
Patrick's duv. In it he savs he is of tho
opinion that no Hag but the Ameiican
hus any right to lloat from any puliliu
buildings in this or any other city. Ho
cannot soo why, if Germany has to bu
ruled by (ioniums, anil Franco by
Frenchmen, Ametlca ought to U ruled
by Americans,
Tho Homo Piess says th Pendleton
paer .Mill project is on the di wn crude,
Not (pdlu tine brother, the Paper Mill
project will go.