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    Hill News
The Most Thoroughly Read Weekly in Southern Oregon, Published in the Biggest Little Town in the State
■ „ P n. ■ ■ ,
S o W HAT:
Hy Wallace Iverson
'riic ruin thut fullx across the
rounty line won't multe Ute grass
in our county grow unit the trudc
that goes to oilier towns won’t make
our town grow.
A number ot new «tutes have
come over into the column ot the
«tales levying a suit", lux. The rea­
son 1« thut the regular sources of
revenue ure proving inadequate to
mt el the growing ilemtinil for funds
Io flounce the «lute and the new
social security mid other programs.
The (lunger in the sides tax is that
it opens up 11 new source of rev­
enue mid though the beginning is
small it cun easily be increased to
burdensome prnport i o n s. It has
bein the history of every other
form of taxnlion llial though it lias
continued to grow as lime lias pass­
ed, it seems to be u fuiling of our
form of government, that, while we
talk much of tax reduction, we ue-
eomplisli bul little of it.
The 1937 Hudson sedan belonging
Io Dr. Harvey E. Miller of Medford
was badly dumuged in an deei-
dent which occurred Wednesday
afternoon at 4:45 on the Pacific
iligiiwuy alaiut one-half mile east
of Gold Hill. The cur was headeit
toward Gold Hill und swerved
across the highway hitting a state
liigliwuy sign und rolled complete­
ly over in the ditch.
The top und sides of the car
were badly dented in and prac­
tically all of the windows und the
windshield were shattered. No one
was badly injured in the accident.
Ladies Of W.R C. Observe
Memorial Day Here
Several ladies of the Gold Hill
Women’s Belief corjas observed
Memorial Duy with a short service
in honor of the deud sailors and
soldiers ut the bridge. The children
threw their flowers on the water.
Members of this organisation also
went to the cemetery where they
pine-«1 flowers on the soldiers
graves. They also put flowers on
Corps mtmibers graves.
Old laws outgrown, often remain Faculty Members Plan
upon the statute books mid become ,
Vacation And Study
forgotten. Itecently a bill was intro- !
■lined into the Indiana state legisla- I
With the close of the Gold Hill
lure asking for the repeal of a law
scluxil lust Friday, May 28, the
that bail been on Ibe statute books
members of the school faculty have
since 1853. The law permitted par­
ents to “bind out” their children us left to tuke up further studies or
to enjoy several weeks of vacation.
upprenliees. The niuslers liad cúm­
E. It. Knapp left Mnnduy morning
plele control of the children as
with bis parents for a trip up the
much as though they owned them
coast. He will spend the summer
as slaves. They were required In
luw to teach them to read unit write farming near Portland and will at­
und a certain amount of arithmetic. tend Ibe t'niversity of Oregon sim ­
mer school at Portland.
The boys were ut liberty when they
i Miss Beulah Sharp pluns to spend
reached Ibe age of 21 und the girls '
most of the summer vacation at her
whn they reached Ibe age of 18 or
home in Everett Washington. She
became married.
will h I so attend sinnnwr school at
Corvallis. She und her parents en­
joyed a trip to Crater latke lust Fri­
Miss Joyce Handley will attend
There will lie mi all day 'meeting
of the Women’s Belief Corps in the summer school in California.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McGuire will
city tinII, Wednesday, May 9. There
will be u lunch at noon. There ure spend the summer in Eugene where
several leu towel sets to work on. j Mr McGuire plans to attend the
j t'niversity of Oregon.
Mr und Mrs George Dorman and
Helen visited Sunday with Mr and Garden Club Flower
Mrs Art Bains and family of nein
Show Thia Saturday
Central Point
The Gold Hill Garden club Flow­
GALLS CREEK ITEMS er Show will be b, id Ibis Saturday,
June 5 ut the I. 0 . O. F. hull. En­
(By Mumie Harrison)
tries will be received from 9 to 10
a. lb.
Mrs. Joe Shoemaker and daugh­
The show will be open to the pub­
ters Pearl and Lillian uttended the lic from it p. m. 10 p. m.
Commencement exercises in town
Correction—Attention to class 10,
Wednesday evening. Pearl w a s
lot 2; should read grasses instead of
among the eighth grude graduate brasses.
Friday ill Ashland Mrs. Shoemaker
was present to see her daughter re-
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Matthews and
ceive her diplomu.
children Billy and Bobbie of Klam­
ath Falls called on friends here
The roof of Bill Shoemaker’s fuesduy.
house caught fire recently and was
badly dumuged before he noticed it. I--------------------------------------------------i
Mr. Patten’s two nephews who
have been visiting him returned In | How much do you know i ,
their home in Everett, Washington,
The (ollewing questions are taken
from current events. See how well
you are posted. Answers will bi
Mr. and Mrs. T. It. Edinglon found on the buck page.
were up Io repair their fences Sun­
day. While here they visited Frank
1. The name of what actress has
been prominently mentioned ill Hie
revival of the William Desmond
Happy Deck and Harvey Deck at­ Taylor ease?
tended Hie chicken dinner at the
2. Who was William Desmond
Grange Tuesday night. Others at­ Taylor?
tending Hie dinner were Everell
3. In what large city is the street
and Beulah Boseerans.
called Piccadilly located?
4. How many passengers were on
Word lias been received from Ev­ the ill fated dirigible Hindenburg?
erell Boseerans llial lie is now em­
5. Wind man claims that he is
ployed as a truck driver for a road Ibe husband of Mae West?
construction crew in Eastern Ore­
(I. What horse won the recent
Kentucky Derby?
7. Near wluit town is located (lie
Mrs. Win. Puhi and Mrs. Lillie Churchill Downs where the famous
McKay and their sister Mrs. Frank Kentucky Derby is run?
Schmidt from Portland visited then'
8. What well known man. Post*
niece Gertie Boseerans, Saturday.
muster General in Warren G. Hard­
ing’s cabinet, died recently?
Beulah Boseerans spent Saturday
9. What two 'men recently com­
nighl with Evelyn and Bernicce, pleted the first round trip Atlanlie
Marlin. Cueille Boseerans spent airplane crossing?
Sunday witli Maxine Hale.
10. For whal big league baseball
team does Bob Feller pitch?
Mr. and Mrs. Hnrnnch of Medford.
11. For what is Lawrence Tibbett
Mrs. Bay Eaton of San Francisco known?
nod Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Treshnm had
12. What is said to be official
dinner Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. straw lint day when the straw hat
Darrel Hendrickson.
season officially opens?
THL'RSDzVY, JUNE 3, 1937
Mr und Mrs James McGuire of
Newburg are visiting with their son
and wife, Mr und Mrs Dennis Mc­
Mr. und Mrs. Al Pankey visited in Guire.
Jacksonville Saturday.
Mrs. Cleo Gilchrist and son
(Miss Lola Beed of Medford vis­ Charles William went Io Salem Wed­
ited Tuesday with tier family here. nesday to attend the graduation ex­
Laura Mae Boss of Ashland spent ercises ttiere.
the week end wlh Valentine Cook,
Bosu and Guy Desimini returned
Paul Johnston of Medford visited home Monday from Portland where
Guy lia s been attending Benson
friends in Gold Hill Sunday.
Polytechnic school this winter.
Mrs. Dave Hull and Bose Breeds
Miss Buth Lance left "unday for
of Klamath Fulls visited with Nina
Dusenberry und family Saturday. tirants Pass where she will spend
the summer with her parents Mr.
Mrs. Daisy Gilchrist, Jesse Gil­ and Mrs. Floyd Lance.
christ and Mrs. Chas. Lineharger
Betti Beed left for Bonneville
visited in Grants Puss Sunday.
Saturday Io spend several days
Mrs. D. Desimini went to Port­ with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and
land Monday where she will spend Mrs. Clifford Wright.
the week visiting with relatives.
Mrs. George Brown and Miss
Miss Buth Byerly of Ashland Louise Smith of Medford visited
spent the week end witli relatives Sunday evening with their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith and fam­
Lucille Smith visiled from Mon­ ily.
day until Wednesday with Wildu
Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Livingston
Mayfield of Bogue Biver.
and children of Bedinond are vis­
Earl Boyer left Monday for Can­ iting with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Liv­
ada where he will visit for sev­ ingston and Mr. and Mrs. Leon
Wise for several days.
eral days.
George Dorman was a business
visitor in Grunts Pusx Tuesday.
The Gold Hill town baseball team
won its opening game of the sea­
son last Sunday when they defeat­
ed the Prospect nine on the Pros­
pect diamond 8 to 3.
Gold Hdl took an early lead and
made most of their runs in the
first part ol the game. Max Marvin
loimer («old Hilt boy, pitched for
the Prospect team for the first sev­
en innings when he was relieved by
Lloyd Dusenberry of Sains Valley.
Wihner Bailey and Logan Gardner
were the Gold llitl batteries. Dewey
caught for Prospect.
The local team had practiced for
only a few evenings and had gone
to Prospect with slight hopes of
winning. The Prospect team is
considered one of the stronger
town teams in this section and it
is quite a send off lor the Gold Hill
hoys to bring home a win.
County Health Society
Observe* Anniversary
The Jackson County Health So­
ciety observed its 20th anniversary-
in Med far d last week. Sadie Orr
Dunbar, prominent club woman
and active in the state health work
and tuberculosis association, was
the speaker of the evening.
Mrs. I. unbar pointed out that
Jackson county organized the first
county association in 1917; hired
the first public health nurse out­
side of Portland; had one of the
first full-tune health units; and in
almost every other way has led all
counties of the state in a health
program and they still stand as
probably the best in the state.
Those attending the meeting from
Gold Hill were Mr. and Mrs. J M
Lively and Mrs Millie Walker.
Miss Itulh Byerly accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Tans and chil­
mother Mrs. Minnie Byerly re­
dren of Medford visited with Mr.
turned Io Portland Wednesday after
and Mrs. Boh Kies Sunday.
spending several days with relatives
Mike Van Houten left for Marsh­ here.
field Sunday where lie will spend
Mr. and Mrs. I.eon Wise motored
the summer.
to Seattle Friday where they met
Mr. and Mrs. Bed Curroll of Mr. and Mrs.Olaf l.okken and con­
Grants Pass visited Sunday with tinued on to Vancouver, B. C.,
spending the week end there. They
Mrs. Bertha Hedgpeth.
returned home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Urris Crawford of
Mrs. Bertha Hedgpeth attended th e ’
Medford visited Sunday with Mrs.
graduation exercises Friday evening
Mary Murelock.
ö iir Graduates—
at the Medford high school where
Alethcu Betts of the Meadows her granddaughter Phyllis Hedgpeth
And the Ruad Aliead
came Tuesday to spend the week us was a ’member of the graduating
the guest of Mrs. J W Bryan.
h a k o nai (.hiurm aii
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Blevins motored
- Sentinkin of th e R epuh lic ■
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Sullivan anil
to Yreka Sunday where they spent two daughters of Corvallis were
As tlüî is written thousands of young
the day.
visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Carl L en ts Americans—sturdy descendants of the
hardiest breed of pioneers and uation
Mrs. Ida Snyder who is now Wednesday of th is w eek . Mrs. Sul- builders
the world has ever seen—are
staying at the Glen Spurlin home in livan is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. being graduated from high schools,
colleges and universities throughout the
Sams Valley visiled friends here
Mr. and Mrs. P ete Sm ith and son °°^2try
What awaits them in the years ahead?
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Woods und Pete. Marjorie and Arlene Cameron
There are critics who will say that
son, Mr. und Mrs. Fenton Woods of of Grants Pass and Leroy Cameron the road to opportunity Is blocked;
Weed visiled Saturday und Sunday of Sawvers Bar, California visited that the work) no longer has room or
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Walter i need for the personal courage and
witli Mrs Mary Morelock.
Dr. und Mrs. Short) und daugh­
ter Barbara Ann of Washington, D.
C. Mrs. Lillian Shorh nf Caldwell
Idaho und Mrs. Keith Gaines ot
Biddle visiled Sunday with Miss
Eileen Shorb und Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Livingston. Mrs. Shorh i s
Eileen's grandmother and Dr Shorb
and Mrs. Gaines ure her uncle and
aunt. They went from here to
Crater Lake and will visit several
pluecs on the coast before return­
ing east. Dr. Shorb is connected
with the Agricultural Department
of the U. S. Government in their re­
search laboratories in Washington.
D unaev
I inlt,aUve which carried our fathers
■ J '
across a continent; that certain tired
W eek end guests at Hie hom e o f I and crowded and populations
. ..
.I , I ] of the Old World have charted a better
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wise included
5Urrender of an rights.
Mr. and Mrs. (Jias. \ \ isc and daugn- ! opinions to dictators. In return for
ter B everly, and Mr. and Mrs B ay promises of economic and political
Wise o f Sacram ento, Ike Z ierolf o f guardianship. To such cynics, the energ>
«Jd the enthusissm of youth merit
Saginaw and E lm er B o s s o i 1 , only
a sneer
Thompson Creek.
But there are others who will tell
them that the real joy of life is in
Mr and Mrs Earl Moore and achievement,
that the American ideal
daughter Yvonne. Mr and Mrs Bud stilt remains one of self-rule, self-
Force and Mrs Frann Carter at­ reliance. open opportunity, and full
tended graduation exercises at the freodom of religion, of speech and of
Southern Oregon Normal school thought.
Wednesday. June Moore, daughter | The first idea Is foreign both in
spirit and in origin. The second is
of Mr and Mrs Earl Moore was a outstandingly American. Here is how
member of the graduating class.
one great American. Theodore Roose­
velt, expressed it:
“It is not the critic who counts, nor
man who points out how the strong
Driver* Application Blank* the
man stumbles, or where the doer oi
And Manuals Available Now deeds enuid have dene better
“The credit belongs to the man whe
Grange Dinner
Draws Crowd
The chicken dinner sponsored by
the Gold Hill Grange in their hall
Tuesday evening, June 1, was a
success in every way, and was welt
attended by local people as well as
residents of all parts of southern
Oregon. 145 people were served
during the evening. The three long
tables in the grange dining room
were crowded for three shifts and
the unexpected large crowd kept
the kitchen force on the run. The
meal was served by the younger
members of the grange. The ladies
of the Home Economics club head­
ed by Mrs. S. K. Barnes, had charge
of the dinner.
The menu consisted of creamed
chicken, peas, carrots, mashed po­
tatoes, hot biscuits, ice cream, cake,
coffee and ice tea. The California
Oregon Power company furnished
an electric stove which came In
handy in the preparation for the
A short program followed the
Mrs. Ivie Addresses
Local Townsend Club
Members of the Gold Hill Town­
send c?ub gathered at their meeting
room here last Thursday evening to
hear Mrs. Nora E Ivie of Oregon
City give her chart lecture, “The
Vision of the Ages.”
About 60 members attended the
meeting and enjoyed the interesting
and instructive talk by Mrs. Ivie.
Friday, May 27, Bill Bailey, Bill
Courtwright and E A Pelletier, the
Townsend olan club “kids” went
to Ashiamf to hear Mrs. Ivie talk
on the ‘’Insecurity Bill.” They en­
joyed themselves very much in con­
suming the brew at the Lithia
Fountain. They made the trip in
Bill’s fresh air taxi cab.
The Eagle Point Townsend club
is sponsoring an old fashioned din­
ner and picnic Sunday, June 6 at
Shady Cove. All Townsendites are
urged to attend.
Surety Bonds Of Bus
Drivers Are Accepted
Bus drivers were hired and their
surety bonds accepted at a special
meeting of the school board Mon­
day evening. The drivers will be
Veltie Biles, Carl Bouth, C. W.
Walker and J. C. Walker who were
rehired and Bill Ferguson, who will
replace Ernest Ross.
The Board will hold another
special meeting Friday night.
Mr and Mrs S A Knapp of Malal
Oregon visited Sunday and Mond
with their son E B Knapp. He i
turned north with them.
The Spy-Glass
MBS. BONNEY having to act
waitress as welt as cook one d
while her daughter Lois took tir
out to explain to her young s<
A supply of application blanks i strives valiantly; who errs and may fail Tony, just where and where not
During the summer months Miss for tl/B renewal of drivers’ licenses •***« and again, because there 1*
play ball.
effort without error or shortcoming, but
Phyllis Miller will direct the drum , has , been received | by
the (.old Hill wh0 does actually strive
d0 thP
section of the (■old Hill high school
BRYAN WARD saying “if the
News from the office of the Secre- deeds; who does know the great en-
orchestra. The orchestra will play tary of State. Persons who have thusiasm, the great devotion; who l.ord is Willin’ I’ll take them cats
for the parade of the Northwest not vet renewed their licenses may spends himself in a worthy c®use; who for the third ride this week and I’ll
Jackson county fair on September
obtain the blanks at the Nisss of- uniph 0{
achievement and who at betcha they won’t come back this
18 and it will add materially to the fice, fill them out lid mail them with J the worst, if he falls, at least fails time.”
marching force of the band to add a dollar Io the secretary of state, while daring greatly, so the his plac
the drums. Those taking instruc­ Operators manuals are also avail- sha11 never be with those cold and
RI D (Super Suds) SNYDER ta
ttnitd souls who know neither victory
tions are Maxine Holifield, Duane ble.
pointers from the Southwi«
or defeat.”
Hutchins, F r e d Herrin, Beulah
children on tap dancing.
Current drivers licenses expire on
June 30 of this year. It is not neces- earlier ge.nerat’on of young Americans.
Special charts from the cast are sary for applicants holding a valid It remains a ringing message to youth
G W (High pressure) HANNC
being used in conjnnction with Oregon license Io appear before an today.
leaving the Climate City and r
phonograph records. There will tie examiner if they have not reached
turning to Gold Hill to put “Tv
four snare drums and one base the age of 70 years, nor suffered any
cook books in every kitchen.”
drum. This will bring the parade to­ physical disability.
tal to 17.
Past Noble Grand cluf) met
According Io fads issued from
Jt is rumored around the Ham
the office of the secertary of stale, Thursday at the home of Mrs. Vi­ neighborhood that the reason for
Bridge was played with Buth By­ there are 450,000 drivers Io be re- ola Moore. Those present were Pearl Ernest Kell and Dick Robinson
erly taking high ladies and Bud licensed. Applications are being re- Ferguson, Delia Kell, Lucy Mee; moving this week is the poor con­
Force taking high m en’s.
reived al the rate of approximately Elinor Force, Etta Carter, Mabel trol L. T. Cook has over trailers
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. 1,500 a day and will Increase ma­ Hittle, Ada Cook, Madge Dorman; when he runs cm by hand.
George Huff, Mrs. Frank Garter,! terially during lube few weeks re­ Belle Smith and Viola Moore. Next
Mrs, Joe Blair, Mr. and Mrs. P au l1 maining.
meeting will be held al the home of
Well! Well! Well! What do you
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs Bud Force,
Mrs. Kathryn Lance in Grunts Puss. know about that. Fred Lewis, our
Mr. and Mrs. Art Gorham, Miss
Mr and Mrs. Clarence Hedgpeth
A birthday party in honor of Art delivery man, was eating breakfast
Buth Byerly, Mr. and Mrs. Earl of Crater Luke visited with Mrs Gorham was given Monday evening this morning when the sun was
Moore and Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bertha Hedgpeth from Friday until at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl coming vertically over the moun­
Blankenburg of Grants Pass.
Mis* Phyllis Miller To
Direct Drum Section