Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, October 08, 1886, Page 7, Image 7

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grange olitmin
The Oregon Btato Orange.
Muter Judge R. P. Bo!ie, Slcm, Marlon
uo., U(jn.
Ovorsoor. A. Luolliuc Milwankie, Cluck
imu Co., Opn. . ,
Lccturor II. K. Hayes, Stafford, Clackamas
Co.. Oerj.
Steward .J. V. Cwk, MoMInnville, Yamhill
Aeit. St-iwMrd J. Voorheoi, Woodburn, Ma-
Hon Co., Ogn.
Chaplain A. P. Miller, Willsburu, Clacka-
maa Co . Oiftt.
Treasurer K Stronif, Silcm, Marion Co.,
Secretary Mrs. M. J. Train, Albany,
T.tiin fio.. Offn.
Oato Keeper. John Simpson, Sius'aw, Lano
Co., Oregon.
Cere Mrs. Annie Sitnp'on, Sloiltw, Lano
Co., Oen.
Pomona Mrs. S. M. Cook, MoMiunvillo,
Yamhill Co., Ogn.
Flora Mrs. K. Husioll, Walla Walla, W. T.
Lady Assistant Stoward Miss Lydla llrook,
Salem, Marion Co., Ogn.
An Extract From the Address of tho Blaster of
the Btato Orange of New Hampshire.
Tho romnrk is often nindo Unit thcro
nro no politics in tho Grunge No pol
IUcb in tho Qmngol Our political pint
form is ono of tho 8trongost plunks of
orgnnio law ; it is truo wo lmvo no parti
san politics, nml thnir (lieouesion is pro
hibited in our inoctings, "yet tbo princi
ples wo tench undorlin nil truo politics,
nil truo Rtntosmnnship, nnd, if properly
enrried out, will tond to purify tho
wholo politicnl ntmosphcro of our coun
try, for wo scok tho greatest good to tho
greatest numbor." "Wo must nlwnys
bear in mind that no ono, by bocoming
n Tntron of Husbandry, gives up tho
inalicnublo right nnd duty which
belongs to orory American citizon, to
tnko n proper intorost in tho politicn of
bis country. On tho contrary, it is
right for overy inmnbor to do nil in bis
power, legitimately, to influcnco for
good tho notion of any political party
to which bo belongs. It is his duty to
do nil bo can in bis own party to put
down bribery, corruption nnd trickery
to flco that nono but competent, faithful
nnd honest men, who will unflinchingly
stand by our industrial intorosts, nro
nomiuatod for nil positions of trust;
nnd to bavo carried out tho principlo
which should characterize ovory Patron,
tbnt tho olllco should seek tho man nnd
not tho man tho ofllcc. Wo acknowlodgo
tbo brand principlo tbnt diflorenco of
opinion is no crime, nnd bold tbnt pro
gress toward truth is mado by diflorenco
of opinion, wliilo tbo fault lies in bitter
ness oi controversy. Wo desiro n proper
oquality, equity and fairness, protection
for tbo weak, restraint upon tho strong;
in short, justly distributed burdens nnd
justly distributed power. Thcso nro
American ideas, tho vory cssonco of
Amorlcnn indopondonco, nnd to ndvo
cnto tbo contrnry is unworthy of tbo
sons nnd duughtcrs of our Amorican
In this btiof, yot comprobeneivo
stntemont, tbo politics of tbo Grange
nro outlined; enn nny party or other
ordor proscnt n nobler platform on
which to stand, or on which to roar a
structuro national in its character and
importanco? Lot us consider briofly our
faithfulncsH to this declaration of politi
cnl doctrine. Do wo always glvo our
support to thoso whom wo know will
truly roprosent us nnd our interest, or
nro wo not too often found following in
tho lead of ward and machine politician,
and when it is too lato find tbnt wobnvo
had our oyes blinded nnd our confidence
misplaced. Is it not time that wo
pnuso nnd consider tho sigua of tho
timos, nnd which stand out so bold nnd
plain that ho who will may read tis ho
Wo wolcomo tho rights of organizn
tion among tho laboring classes of nil
industries for nil bonornblo purposes,
nnd tho arbitration of all differences
between omployecs and employers is
sonnd Grango law. It is your duty to
attend your party caucus, support thoso
who will aid in tho passage of puro and
wholesome laws, remembering that tbo
farmers' rights nnd privileges will bo
accorded them when, in demanding
thoso rights, wo display tbo decision,
power and ability to sustain our demand
by our vote. Never, wo foar, will tho
right nnd privilego of the agricultural
profession to bo represented in tho
Cabinet of tbo President, by having tbo
Commissioner of Agriculture ranked as
Secretary of tbo vast industry with an
equal voice with the Secretaries of tho
other departments, bo granted until tho
members of tbo United States Senate
are elected from tho people, and until
that day that body will remain the
stronghold of corporations and monop
olies. Farmers, you bare a work to do
nnd I pray you novcr be weary in your
earnest labors for justico and recognition,
for patient and persistent work will bo
finally awarded.
Even tbo Arctic regions bavo tboir
bleak and frozen solitudes brightened
with floral bloom nud beauty, ns 7C2
kinds of flowers nro said to exist thcro,
Tho heaviest wood known nmong tho
100 species of trees found in tho United
Stntos is oaid to bo tho black ironwood,
of Southern Fioridn, which is 110 per
cent, henvior than water. Sixteen of
tho species, it is stated, are so heavy
that their perfectly dry wood will sink
in water.
Wheat-How Much to Bow.
Tho nearer th'o tlmo of sowing ap
proaches tho moro interesting becomes
tho quostion of bow much to sow. Wo
sny how much becnuso thcro aro few
farmers whoso soil is nt nil ndaptod to
wheat who will not attempt to rniso
moro or less wheat. Thcro nre vory few
bo entirely disgustod ns to glvo it up nl
together. At tbo risk then of seeming
to ropoat what wo bavo said before, wo
wish to call tho nttontion of farmers to
somo things in regard to wheat culture.
Wheat is to many farmers their
"monoy" crop. Tho success of this
crop, ovon wbon it brings n low price,
econiB to givo fanners moro spending
monoy thnn nny other. It should not
bo resolved lightly then to abandon tho
crop. Moreover, ns n fonturo of tho ro
tation largoly in use", and ns a prepara
tion for seeding in grass, tho wheat crop
is an exceedingly important ono. So,
although ninny farmers lmvo felt ns if
thcro wero no inducements to sow
whent when it seems to meet so ninny
obstacles to hinder n good crop, nnd
such n price Ib obtnincd, wo nevertheless
boliovo when it comes to tho pinch thoro
will bo nbout ns mnnyfarmors who how
whoat this fall as in nny provious sea
son, nnd vro nfrnid tbnt thoro will bo no
sonsiblo roduction in tho ncrcngo.
Tho avcrngo fnrmor is very conserva
tive too consorvativo tbnt is his prin
ciplo fault. It is too bard to get hint to
change. Hut wo do not rccommond
chnngo to tho extent of abandoning tho
wheat crop, except whero Boil, etc., nro
unsuitable. Tho change that is nccdod
is to sow a small acreage, mnko tho
ground richer, nnd put it in better con
dition. At 70 cents, or ovon 65 cents,
thoro may bo monoy in wheat to n good
farmer not to a poor ono. Wo onco
know an old farmer a small farmer
who novor failed to mnko a good wheat
crop. IIo mado his land as rich as bo
could mako it, put it into tho best possi
bio condition nnd sowed nt tho proper
time. Ho never fnilcd, nnd in timo bo
mado enough monoy on his littlo furm
to buy ono of tbo Inrgcst nnd -finest
farms in tho neighborhood, tho owner
of which failed to mako it profitable
In tho central part of Now Jersey,
whoro tho soil was originally poor, n
gravelly Boil not woll adapted to wheat,
tho armors bnvo brought their land to
an avcrngo of nbout twenty-fivo bushels
of wheat. They uso habitually ground
bono drilled in with tho wheat, COO
pounds to tho aero. Thoy bnvo tho
five-year rotation as follows: Wheat,
grass and clover, two years, thou corn,
thon oats. Thoy do not sow any moro
whoat than thoy can fertilizo heavily
and put into thorough ordor. This
amount of bone-meal insures n fino
cntch of grass, nnd with tho uso of
barn-yard manuro tho avorago corn crop
has been brought up to soventy-fivo
bushels. About the profit in this Bort
of farming thoro can bo no doubt, oven
with wheat nt 75 conts. 600 pounds of
ground bono is worth say $9. It tho in
crcaso of crop from it two is fifteen
bushels per acre, tho coat is moro 'than
pntd back in tho grain alone. Tho extra
straw, tho improvement in tho soil and
tho benefit to tbo grass crop is all clear
gain. Tho faithful following of thin
plan, though wo do not liko tho rotation
so woll as'tlio Bix-yoar rotation of Prof.
Sanborn, will inovitably mako farming
profitable. It is an easy thing to mako
a trial of it. Lot thoso who have been
making no monoy try high farming as
a remedy for bard times. It may not
mako whoat higher, bnt it will mako
some profit in it. Journal of Agricul
ture. Orapts on Trees.
The grape rarely fails when allowod
to climb over treoa. It matters not
what kind of troes, or whether they are
living or dead, if they only havo
branches that the tendrils can take hold
of, Astonishing crops aro produced in
this way even on vines that roceivo no
enrc. Tho most successful plnnters in
tho woihl plant trits nud vines together,
bo that tho latter mny bnvo a suitable
support. Many unskilled farmers bavo
blundered into tho saino method and
havo had abundant surccss. A vino
will mako twico tho growth on n trco
that it will on n trellis, nnd where nn ef
fort is mndo to bnvo it occupy both, it
is always found that its main energies
nro expended in tho tree. A newly
planted vino should bnvo brush instead
of n stake, as it hnB no moans of cling
ing to tho latter. If tho tendrils can
find nothing to take hold of, they con
tinue in motion for a time, reaching in
nil directions, nnd this is cxhnusting to
tho vino. For this reason skilled garden
ers often cut off tbo tendrils. When
growing vines on stakes I have often
driven lath nails in convenient places
for tho accommodation of tho tendrils.
Although grupos do bo well on trees
without much caro, let no ono suppoeo
that anything can bo accomplished by
planting vines at tho roots of estab
lished trees. Tbo soil being pro-occupied,
tho vine will not havo n fair
chance. Plant it at n distanco from tho
trco to bo covered, and after it has mado
somo growth it may bo brought to tbo
brandies, where it will tnko caro of it
self. On nearly every farm thcro nro
worthlcBS trees tbnt might bo mado to
enrry bushels of grnpes. Matthew Craw
ford, in Michigan Horticulturist.
Frequent cliango of rango for sheep
is very important nt this scaBon of tho
year. It is almost, if not quito impossi
ble for n man, howovor muoh bo loves
"qunil on toatt," to pnrtnko of this cboico
dish throe times a day for thirty days in
succession. If thcro Is no chnngo of
diet tho stomach will revolt at tho idea
of receiving tbo sumo thing every dny.
A flheop has a stronger stomach thnn n
man, ordinarily, nnd keenly rolishes n
chnngo of range. Thoy will oat moro,
1)0 moro contented, nnd thrivo better on
n now thnn nn old range.
Tke Omtctt Medical Trlnmna of the Age!
I.osaofappelltc, 11 o well colli e, 1'aln In
tht bead, with a dull sensation In tlao
back start, l'atn under tlie ehoalder
blade, Valines after axing-, with stdls
Inclination to exer Hon of body or mind.
Irritability of temper, I.orr spirits, wliu
KreellnBof having neglected aomedutrt
Weariness, Dizziness, nattering nt the
Heart. Dots before tbo erc,IIeadacko
ever tbo right ere, Itestlessnese, with
fitful dreams, Illablr colored Urine, and
TTJTT'S rilXSara especially adapted
to inch rases, ono doso effects auoli n
ebancn of feellnp;aa to astonlsli tho sufferer.
They Increase tho Appetlte.end cause the
bodr In Take on Flealtii thus tba irMtm Is
nourished, ami by their Tonlo Action oa
tba UlitestlTaOrvans,lteffUlarHtoolsua
rrorturfit. ITtrOHc. Murray 8t..V.Y
JtenoTAtus Uio bodr. make healthy Uesh,
strengthens the weak, repairs tho waste of
the system with pure blood and hard muscle;
tones tho nervous orstem, Invigorate Uu
brain, and Imparts tho Tltfor of manhood.
Ml. HoMbyilnurxIsta.
OFFICII 11 Murray St., Now York.
I)oalr In
Groceries, Provisions,
Cutlery, Crockery,
Glassware, Etc.
Tobacco and Cigars a Specialty!
Will Mil as cheap M sny store In the city.
I call and ms me on Coruuwcial street. between
Kllnicer A Heck's new brc.ery sud the Chcmeket
Hotel, title d, urriroii. sum
Anil nil Ports or
House Furnishing Goods.
AIoroakc f-je.Ulty I
lnlry ami ttrenmcry mIn,
Ai.d Ho! UjnQf lurer ot
Stutcsnuui V dole's Steam
An Oregon Inrer.tlon, that ll revolutionise Mean
I'ootr the wcrlJ ovtr.
133 I'ronl Kirrrl tu IM I'lral Street,
rutri.4.M. ouixo.v.
Agricuiural Drain Tile !
Drain Tile, Chimney Pipe, etc.
and turned hrd. They sre rerr tough ul
nottully brko. They cut be iuuled or shipped
lth little or no loss, sod are iuprki to sny other
In this country. The firmer can not adnrd to tus
Inferior tile. Us ahitU itlUbls sod perrcaat, ss It
It lb cbttpttt In th end.
t. Ode sod yards, corner llfth snd D streets,
rortUad, Ottgxo,
tekdfor rrlre lll.
Ureal Excitement.
Orett excitement lias lie n c.-uipod In thn vi
oinlty ut I'.ti, Tex, bj llio remark.iblo re
covry of Mr. J. E. Corlcy, who was so help
less ho could not turn in ld. orrsifohisheaj)
every body said he was dying of Consumption,
A trial bottle ot Dr. King's Now Discovery
wss sont him. Finding relief, he bought a,
Urge bottlo and a box of Dr. King's New Lifo
Pills; by the timo ho bad taken two boxes of
Pills snd two bottles of thu Discovery, ho was
well and had gained in flesh thirty-six pounds.
Trial Bottle" of this Great Discovery for
Contumption frco at Port & Son's. 2
MILLER BROS., Seedsmen.
Fruit Trees in Season.
No. 309 Second HI., Portland, Or.
Attention,Bee-Men I
ttmbcr I will sell
BO Hlanrts or Italian. Bees
At the low price ol ten dollars (110) etch. This In
C'udts one ol my be it Improved Mvei, the price ot
which alone It n dollirs (14). There bess all have
tested queens hrrd this season from puro Imported
tuck, sndsrsllrtt lists In erery reipect. This Is
lbs r-aroa kind ot an outfit as hss been told dutlnf the
spring and etrly eummir lor fllleen dollars(lt). My
otject In selling It to reduce stock snd get ready lor
nut seasons work. 1 uow hsre over One hundred
tn. In I'.very Case t'ash Mnst Areonipnny
the Order, i:. V. CIIAHK, rroprlitor,
Wlllsmttte Valley Apiary, Balsui, Oregon,
1 ltce lo make cheete. Tho best n( rcrommen
dttlons Riven. I would like to startup a factory.
Correspondence solicited.
FRED. LUETIIY, Zosr SUUon, Ohio.
In the Circuit Court ol tits litsto ol Oregon, lor the
County ol Mailon.t
Z, F. lloody, Governor, R P tVrhsrt, Secretary ol
but. Eilward lllnch, Btato Treaturer, conitltnt
Ing ex olllclo the Hoard ol JommlMloncrs lor the
Mle ol school and university Isi dt, snd lor ths
Inventmsnt ol the funds srlilng therelroru, plain.
tIRs, vs. Samuel A. Clark, Harriot T. OUrko and
M, K. Jeiuup, dcfendtnU. Bult In eulty to lore
clot inurtgtge.
Toll. K J'mup, the above named defendtnti In
the name el th Htat ol Oregon you aro hereby turn
moned and rtnutrel to appear and answer the com.
rilalnt tiled sgalntt ynu In th alov entitle! salt bt
he Or.t dav ol the ntst ensuing term ot said coury
alter the ub'lcallon of this summons, to-wlt: on ths
second llonJty In Februsrv, 1W7. and II )ou fall to
to answer for want thereof, the plaintiffs will take
a decree agali.it you lor the relief prayed lor In tbtlr
complaint, to.wlt: For a decree snalnit )u adjudg
ing that thecUlm which you havo or claim lohava as
mortgage or other Le, on th premlte drscrlbed
In plaln'IfK' mortgige, shall be tubtenuent to and
subordlnita tlthellcn ol plaintiffs' morlgtgs as lit
forth in slid complaint.
Brrvlcn of this summons Is made on the defendant,
II. K. Jetrup. by vlltuo of an order of R. I. HoIm,
lutge fl atld ccuit, dsted IheCth dsy of Bep'.ember,
A. l, l&MI.
I. II. li'AUCV, Attorosfforl'slntlfli.
Bept. 10 et
In th Circuit Court of th BUto ot Orrgon, for the
County c I Marion, i.:
Jennie K. Dtwno plabtlff ts. IMwsrdJ. Iiiwncdo
ToKJwtIJ. Dtwnsdcldidiut: In tbe naiieol the
Ststeol Oregon, you are hereby reined to appear and
aniaer the complaint filed sgalnit you In the above
entitled suit on or before the lllh d T ol October, Al,
Ued, thst Wing the firit dsy ol the nctt regular term
of the said cour', and II you fall to so aixwi r said coin-
filalnt the plaintiff will apply to uld court for tho re
lI demsnded In sild complaint, which Is a decree dis
solving ths bends st matrimony eiiiting betwnen plain
tiff and defendant: for thn care and custody of the
minor children ol plrilutiff and defendant; fur the
change cf plaintiffs name from Jennie K. Ilawne to
Jennie K. Miller, and for costs and disbursement ol
this suit.
This summons Is served by p-ibl'catlon In tbs Wpu
Iahstts FasMsa for lis consecutive week by order of
Hon, It. I' dfllte th. JuJge of said court mado st
ebsinbcrs the tolh dty nt Anguit, IKS4.
HU IH .t tlUKUV, attorneys for l'lalnllff
Ad. Wildmer Nelson,
(Ncr Pcstotnee, Halem, Oregon.)
Steam Dyeing & Cleaning
Children! garments, Mces, lllbbons. Bilks, Velvet,
Woolen ana mlsid goods cleaned and dyed In any
hade or color. Furs, Phtwl, lllanketa and Utrpels
cltsiird snd made to lo-ik like new 1-a.tUn' Drrates
cloaned, t'yrd and preMd without ripping or shrink,
tng, dents Clothing cleaned or dyed, without shrink,
lug The cleaning of blankets, lullm and gents
clothing a specialty.
Automatic Nwlaal.a- Straw Klarker
tn nnf rieraAn Ihftt run ruriit.lt an
that ran do belter work than thu
that we are building. Kend for
circular and price Mil which will
La rnalleil frpn- Ail am uiir.
ranted to do goo.1 work or no sol.
NEWARK MACHINE CO., Columbus, 0.
0F MUSIC Boston, Mass.
WORLD IWlortruetart.9uSFiudVt.uUit ,' llier
fruiu liuuurtlunla Voctltnd lfutruntbUlalulc, Pitoosod
OritaTuDinr, IId. ArU, Orvhirf . IJUrtlure, KreDCh. tier
lata end ptltail In.u4f, taflUh llrtirflirfl,(l,nilitttlc.,
eu. Tulllen, ll.iJliboti4aairunn)wllllll.tmlltltud
JJrtrlelJl.t,lJi.,t73!-rl.nii. Fall Term login lop.
lfnSr S, Iftt r llluMrtd C-tUrMUr, wlln full InSnollWo,
Sddnu. K. 'IXIUiUtt, llll., Iimkllo r , UOHWtl, Situ.
will W rl4 tie tt. Orals Vaa tl
uMidMlbutta cUta t4 lu
awb Urtla iimIb.m St, m
hi Pateat MUM A at CM Orala
aa a.iS Ummt rmlmr a4 Uaji
IHU tia Sa tUi
FfMUa aM rM.
(trtesi sols ao4
cstlatf fnjaa
Muotoae,. YKwMiy
UiiMrmiim mwu i Hail aad B.
Tiimt liwt alnTtrrkeaii'
sVwkjKt.lUw. MabBaaJL
tf. mutu aaaa tsx, trmuu
Ml Pat Pot 80U..I883. By
MndnonlroTflio flnpatnndbMtejiiMls
Ujr of Ulrusi for wltliatnndlBsxbesite
Bvory pood tblnff io Oountor
foltod, nntl conaumora aro OATJ
thoso Ohlninoya mado of VER"?
FOORQLA8S. Goo that tho oxaot
lrtbol ia on oaoh chlmnoy tioabovo.
Tho Ponrl Top ia alwoyo oloar and
brlcht GlaBa.
Jrntttir.vot ttrcil OJf I.T bjr
I'lttnliuriTlt T.cnil (lluna M'orka.
Ynu are allowed a fir trtatafthtrtu ifnyi of ths
IM of Dr. Dyo's ColehratiMl Vollalo lkilt vrlin
Klectrlo 8uicnsory Aptillanem, fur thn speedy
relief and ermanent euro of A'eritnu IVMIIIi.lnas
of Vitality nnd Jnnnonf, and nil kind ml troubles.
Also for many other itlteanra. Complete restora
tion tn nealiii. Vigor nnd Manhood RUaranteed,
Morlk Is Incurred, ItltutrMrd pamphlet Insealeil
innlop inalleil trtr. liraddrrsalng .....
VOLTAIO liELT CO,, Marshall, Mich.
San EranalscOf Cal.
Scml for clrcuIarH and tcsti-
monlala Kivln full Information.
Ohoap Lanilnt flno cllmntoj plenty of
water I oaay tormii roiculnr seasons.
Vo Import or Export Unties, and no
Taxes for Tonycats. tlollinO
Commission Merchant I
CU.NMI(;.NMi:Mrt HOLICITIU. ltavinp; Int.
mala aciiialnUnro with tho tradu of l'oitland
and San fraud. co and other points, I am slls to seJI
seasonable productt to lust aclrantote,
tOLlniiiirillulo Urliirns Miule.
MAJtic zisrr,
122 front Street, I'ortlsnd, OrcKOn.
IH'.V, younir, middle-sited snd olJ. sli'Klo or msrrled
sud all who are surferlntf with I.IHT If AMIIIOII
Ntrvoui ili-Wllly, epermatoirha-a, rieuilnal l.oune.b'cx
ual decay, Falllnif tltmory, Weak eyes, Stunted Uevsl
opment, lock ot Kneriry, linoveilihrd Mood, llm
Firs, Impediments to tlarrlane; also lllood and Hkl
Useasni, Syphlllls, brphllls, Kruptlons, Hair Falllnc
Hunts I'slns, Kwilllnc, Soro Throat, Ulcers, Kffects ol
lercsy, Klddey snd llladder Troubles, Wesk llsck,
Uurnlnif Hrlno, Incontinence, (Jonorihus, Glut. Strict
ture, recehes sisrchlnif treatment, prompt relit ( and
euro for life. IIIITII HIMt.H consult tunndintlally
II In trouble, call or write, Dclayessre dsniterous.
Callstoi.ie. S ycsrsexptrleme. Terms Cash.
Ill. VANUOttCIBCAll, 192 snd 181 3d street,
If I'urtlind, Oregon
Portland General Hospital.
Corner Hero ml uml Ash HU.
Tiirldsli, Ztiisslaii, Electric,
and Meillcutcil ltatlis.
Till Inatltullon Is cominets In sll its dtartments.
It U conveniently located, And every tflort Is msdo
ttKtve It tbs sir, diet, nurslnifsiid comforts of a home
Special attention Is paid to t-ieatmont of Chronlo and
Comtltutlonal dlseuus by Klectrlo Daths and Inahals
lion id Osyifeiiflas; now recounlsed ss moat success
ful remollss for lllieiiuiHtlaui, .Nrurulclu, Mala
rial Wiestei, Asniiillia, llrmirlillls, snd all
IHaeaaes of ths LuiiKe, Idvtr snd Kidncjs,
1'ilrsto rooms sre resorvtd for atlrnts deilrlns
trtatuent by ntlier than tho hotplul pliyslclinsaui
IhOMi ai.hln totakua course ol Uettrlo or Turkish
llalhsor Oiyiren Uas,
The Hatha are eleirmtly fitted up, and are spprecl.
stud both as a necessity slid a luiury, especially by
thoss suffering- from Auue snd other Malarial Ills
eaves. I'hysIcUris sre cordially Invited tatlslt and Inrpect
this Intiitutltn. TIIOS. WOOD,
my 1 1 Sin. Manager Portland Hospital Co.
ltaca'a White Mttalllo Ear Marking Label, staiapcd
to order wltti name, or nam. and sddresa and num.
ten. It la reliable, cheap and coovctuajut. Hell at
alfbl 'and rlves perfect satisfaction. Illustrated
aTiccJJsl aco samples free. .Agent wanted.
ST. H. VAMA, -VVestLebatuio, N.Il.
n wa
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