Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, October 10, 1884, Page 2, Image 2

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imni tyUcrnhirfy
In tpimlrug of another's faults, pray
target your own,
Jio:n -nil)! r tl.ose iti houses of flats ahoulil
nov r throw ttoi c.
If we Iiavj totlihig cbo to do, hut talk of
tho-o who lin,
Ti i cf.cr wo, coMtnct os at lionio anil from
that point begin.
e lnvi. no rijjlit to jtnlgo a man until W
falrl. tried,
Should wo not like his cotnpauy, wo l;unw
tins uorlil is wido.
ferns miy liavo fault, an 1 who hai not, the
old ai well an young.
TVi nny, jnrliapf, for aught wu l:uo, liaMi
fifty to their otiu.
I'll tell yun Utter plan and find it works
full well.
To try my own defects to euro bofora I of
other till.
-Anil tlio I oiiiutirwii hopo to ho no worso
than cino I kuow,
ily own ahn, tcomiiig bid me lot tho faulla
of oth'ri go.
Thou lit u all when wu commence to sljndcr
friend or fue,
Think of tin harm ouo woid may do to tlioio
wu little know.
"Kumouilitr curses scincUincs, liko ouruuiuk-
en, rorst at horn...,
J'on't pjuak cf other' faults uti'll we hnvo
iiiiui) of our own.
Hid Chair-rlondor.
J was called nlumt threo months iigo
QinM the doctor) lout tend mi old woman
vho was dying. She I mil coino to the
town i nly tin evening before, in tho lit
tle trvtliiig wagon which rorvod J or
Sir a lniiiho, drawn ly an old broken
down horo, niul nccoiup.itiU,d by two
groat black d lys, who wuio hor friends
and Kunnlinn. Tho priest wus already
there whui I uirivul. SIu apiiointcil tm
titt? solo executors, nnd in order (hut wo
might enuipri Itpinl Iho full purport of
hur lnt nMvi she told us the whole
rtory of litr life. J nuvcr heard any
thing ttiiuiK' ' '!' HK'iv poignant.
Hor fnthor and mother hud both boon
tinvoli'ig rli.'Jr-meiuIcrfl inendcr of old
itraw I'ltniro. Mho never hud a li.cd res
Klnn'cu lu. lur whole life.
Whoa tho U'tH n very unnll child she
ued to run nK'Ut, ragged, Kird'ul, cov
retl with vctintit. Tho wugon ued
3oncmlly to hull in tho neighborhood of
rUliigM, botido tho ditches; tht'ii the
bortc would be unharnessed and turned
loon to graze, the doy would go to shop
Mating his now upon his pawn, nnd the
oliilil would tiiituo herself rolling in the
grass, while tho father and mother nl
ti) wuil; iitidii tho hhadow of the road
lido elms, reUilunuiiig all the old chairs
in the pariah. Tlioro was hrntvidy a
word of eonwrvdion in tlie ! wltng
wagon. When they hnltcil, tin parents
uovor ejol:c o.e U to decide who should
inlco the ills) turn at making n l-ouud of
thn vlllnjjo wit'i tho fauilliiir cry:
'Oli.ihd to mem!!" And thon they would
t'.t down in mIi nee, fneo to face, and
lOiunioneo to lit straw. Hut when
the oldld wandeied too far away, or
tiled to make friends with boftio village
urchin, forthwith tho father' furious
voico would thunder out i "Come b.iok
bore, you slinking jjood-for-nojhing"'
Those are tho t idy aflVotionalo words
jl;o over hoard.
When hIio xvt a little older, thoy
xiii.nl l send her for tho material for the
balt".i- of worn out chairs. In tins
wy he lu.iuaged to make the shadow
of acquaintance with tho little boys of
tho ueighboihoodt but on such occasions
It wai the parents of her new friends
wJio would cull their children in-dixns .
"Here! come iu at mico, you little Mack
guanl! Let mor. t.h you again talking
to vagabonds am
l'Oy.S VtbCil to tluvw
Qilen the
ttuiies at lior.
Soiivoliu.iw 1,! 'ies gavo her a for cents;
o;id thoso nlie ued liu'lo awuy carefully.
O.ie day (fhe wa then eleven years
old) while she was passing through this
part of tho country, tw happened to eeo
little Uhouipiut 1 ehiud tho ceiiKtory wall
crying as If his heait would break be
tamea bigger boy hail stolen two copier
Dis from him. Tboso tears, the tears
of a little IwrugiHitt, t1"1 ' uo of those
well-to-iLi pO'ipK's children whom she
had always pictured to herself, in that
weak, foolish, utdnppy little brain of
hoi. s ever happy and joyful, com
pletely upset lui. HIio approached liimi
and when the bad learned the reason of
hh grief, ehe pouivd into his hands nil
her saving?, eveu c its, which, ho ae
cQpUM qulU n.-iui,dl, at tho auio time
vlplug his tears away. Then, feeling
almoit crazy with jvv . fho bud tho pre
mmpllon to kiss lam. As he w as still
raiefnlly iuicct. k Ids money, bo id
Lftullir i. .1- t Finding; that she
,( !. - ' ' Vc:tU, bc did
it ngain ; alio hugged him with all her
little, strongtli, pressed him to her little
child-heart, thon ran away.
What had taken placo in that unhap
py litllo bond of horsT Did sholovo the
littlo urchin only hocausc alio hnd had
tho delight of flanificing her whole vng
nbond fortune for him, or because' she
hnd given him her first loving kiss? Tho
mystery of affection ii as deep in chil-
ilrnn n in ndnll.t.
1'or months sho dreamed of that ceni-etery-cornor
and that littlo boy. In tho
expectation of seeing him ngain, sho stole
from her parotid?, filching n cent hero
nnd a cent there, misappropriating trifles
in her purchases of Btraw, or pocketing
an odd com when bcih to market to buy
When they returned to thn villngoslio
had thus managod to accumulalo two
francs and a half, but she was not able
to do moro than catch a glimpo of tho
littlo hoy, very neatly drcseod, in his
father's drugstore, between a glims jar
lllled with red water nnd a bottled tnpo
Sho only loved him all tho moro
charmed, enchanted, ecstcticnlly de
lighted with that glory of colored water,
Unit apotheosis of Binning crystal.
Sill) knilt that ilinfliW'i.iililo inninnrv In
hciself; and when sho met him again
ine next yoar, playing at ton-pins witn
Iijr comrade, sho throw horself upon
him, caught him in her anus, and kisxed
him ho violently that ho fairly yelled
willi terror. Then, just to keep him
fpiict, hJio gavo him all her money
three francs and twonty centimes a
veritable treasure, at which ho gazed
with oyes inndu big by wonder.
Ho took it, and let her caiess him to
her heart's content.
For four years moro hIio poured all
her lcserve funds into his hands; and
he always conscientiously jiockoteil
them in oxchuniro for kisses endured.
One limo it wni thirty snus, another time
two francs, another time onlv twelve
sous (sho cried with jmin and humilia
tion to oiler so little, but business had
been very bad that ycai), and the lust
time five frnuoK, a great big round silver
piece, which made him laugh with de
light when ho saw it.
Sho could think of nothing else but
him; and ho used to watch for her re
turn witli n certain impatience, and oven
run to meet her when ho saw her, so
that tin little girl's heart bounded for
Then, all at once, ho disappeared. Ho
had been sent to college. HIio found it
out by shrewdly epiostioning. Thon, by
dint of infinite diplomacy, sho tried to
chango tho regular itinerary of her pa
rents so that thoy might stop at this vil
lage just about vacation time. Sho
succeeded ; but it look bora whole year's
ribing to do it. Thus she remained two
whole years without socing him: nnd
when she snw him again, sho hardly
knew him, so tall and handsome ho hml
become, and so elegant ho looked in bis
rtudeut'ri tunio with gilt buttons, lie
Inelended not to boo her, and walked
mui;htily by.
She cried about It for two wholodays;
and from that time sho sudoral without
Kvery year sho camo back to the vil
lage, p.iscd him by in tho street with
out during to salute biui, and without
his ever condescending even to turn his
eyes toward her. She loved him madly.
She raid to me : " llo is the only man I
ever saw in this world, monsieur; I did
not even soom to know whether any oth
er man existed."
Her parents kith died. She continued
their business, but sho kept two dogs
instead of ouo two torriblo dogs that
nobody would dare to interfere with.
One day, on her annual return to this
village in which sho had left her heart,
she saw a young woman leaving Chou
qitel'H drug-storo on tho arm of her
lover. It was his wife. lie was married I
That name night she threw herself
into the doep pond which is before the
Place do la Maine. A drunken mini,
who was getting homo later than usual,
saw hor, tibhed nor out, and carried her
to tlodtug store. Tho younger Chou
ipiet came down stairs in his dressing
gown to attend her; and, without seem
ing to know her, ho undressed her,
applied frictions, administered stimu
lants, and then said to her in a very
harsh oice "You are crazy! You
mustn't play tho fool like that!"
He had spoken to her I That tdouo
wus enough to euro her. It made her
happy for ever so long.
lie refused to take any money for his
services, 'iltliough sho Insisted on paying
him as well as sho could.
And nil hor life passed away in tho
same manner. While mending her
chairs he thought of nothing but
Ohoinpict. Kvery year she saw him be
hind the glass windows of bis drug store.
Sho made, a practice of buying littlo
stocks of drugs and medicines from him.
Thus sho could sometimes bo near him
and speak to him, nnd enjoy tho pleas
nro of still giving him money.
Well, us I toll! you before, she died
this Miring, And after she had told me
her wuolo sad story, mio K'gged mo to
carry to the until she had so patiently
loved the eutiro savings of her life, of
Hfty-two years' labor; for sho had work
ed only for him only for him. she said
often fasting in order to be able to lay
a tiitlo of money by, mi that sho might
he sure ho would somo day think of her,
at least once in a while, after sho was
So she iMVtf me 2:V27 francs, I hand
cd the priest tho twenty-soven francs for
tho burial expenses, and I took tho re
mainder of tho money home as, soon as
she bad breathed her last.
Next day I stopped over to tho Chou
quet drug store. Tho Chouquets bad
just breakfasted, sitting opposite one an
other at tahlo j they were stout, rubicund,
important, and self-satisfied, mid a smell
of drug-Btoro perfumes hovered nil
(lixind them.
They made mo tako a chair, offered
mo a glass of kirsch-wasscr, which I ac
cepted; nnd I began my discourao in a
pathetic voice, feeling sure they wcro
ooin going to weop.
But no, sooner did ho learn that I wos
speaking about hat chair-mondor, that
beggar, that tramp, that vagabond, than
Ohouquct bounded from his scat with
indignation, as if sho had robbed him of
his reputation, of tho esteem of all re
Bpectablo pooplo, of his family honor, or
something so dolicatc that ho ostccniod
it moro highly thun Iifo itsolf.
And his wife, fully as exasperated as
himself, could do nothing but rcpoat,
"Oh, that boggarl that bcggnrl that beg
gar!" without finding anything else to
Chouquet, after leaping to his foot,
began to strido furiously up nnd down
tho room, on tho other sido of tho table,
his Greek cap hanging down over ono
car. Ho stuttered out: "It is simply
impoBsiblo to understand how such
things can happen, doctor! Hero is u
horriblo thing, a horrible thing for any
rcspcctnblo man! Now what can I dot
Oh! if I had only known this thine du
ring her lifctimo I would hnvo hnd her
Hlamnicd into jail. Tho dirty tramp!
and alio would not havo got out again
so easily, let mo tell you I"
I was absolutely stupefied by this un
foreseen result of my kindly mission. I
did not know what to do or what to say.
Hut I had not yet completed tho duty I
had taken upon myself. So I found
words to proceed : " She enjoined mo to
give you all hor savings, which amount
to two thousand three hundred francs,
lint, as what I have said to you seems to
bo so disagreeable, I supposo it would
ho belter now to givo this money to tho
They both stared nt me, tho man nnd
tho woman, fairly paralyzed with aslon-
J took tho money out of my pocket,
miserable money of all nations and all
dates, gold mixed with coppers. Then I
asked, " Well, what do yen decido to
Madame Chouquet was the first to
speak: " Why uineo it was tho dying
wish of that that woman it seems to
mo that wo could not very woll refuse."
Tho husband, still vaguely confused,
added : "Of course, wo could uso tho
money to buy something for our chil
dren, you know."
I observed, very dryly: "Just ns you
please, sir."
Uusnid: "Well, givo it, anyhow, bIiico
sho told you to ; wo shall find some way
to ulili7.o it for churitnbln purposes. "
I gavo tho money, took my hat, bowed,
and departed.
Next day Chouquet camo over to see
me, and exclaimed, brusquoly; "Say!
she left her wagon hero that that wo
man, didn't sho? What nro you going
to do wllh itwith that wagon?''
"Nothing," I said. "Tuko it, if you
want it."
"Good! jiiit tho thing for mo. I'm
going to bo it as a shed for my cooking
Ho was going awny when I called
him back. "Sho has also left hor old
horso and hor two dogs," I haid ; " do
you want them T"
Ho stopped in surprise:
"Ah, no! I should think not! what
on earth could I do with them? No;
make any use of them you want." And
ho laughed. Thou ho oll'ercd mo bis
band, and I shook it. Well, how could
I help it? It would never do in a coun
try village for tho doctor and the chenr
Ut to' be enemies,
I kept tho dogs nt my own houso.
The priest who had n largo yard, took
the horse. Chouquet turned tho wagon
into a shed, and ho bought flvo 6lmrcs
of railroad stock with tho money. New
Orleans Times-Democrat.
At a recent agricultural show at Char
tres, Franco, many children, both lioys
and girls, exhibited copy-books contain
ing descriptions of the host methods of
budding and grafting trees, specimens of
insects injurious to vegetation, of tho
different grasses, and tho various kinds
of wheat nnd other grains grown iu tho
district, all illustrated by simple yet
hnoly-cxecutod drawings. Ulieso things
are tuught iu tho industrial schools es
tablished by the government iu all parts
of tho country. In sonio of tho depart
ments of Franco agricultural text-lookB
tiro iu daily u&o iu all tho niral schools,
and tlio pupils nro taugut mo uiiicrcnco
between tho useful and the useless iu in
sects, birds, weeds, nnd grasses. Tho
example is ono that might well bo fol
lowed iu this couutry, for there is a reiflly
shumoful lack of accuruto knowledge of
such matters, oven in rural districts,
where tho opportunities for observation
are practically unlimited. Agricultural
JAUoutton Bm Mn, Partner Waated.
A man who knows how to handle bees
or who is willing to bo taught who
is capable, honoot and industrious and
a good salesman, can 11 ml actuation by
by applying at this ofllco with satisfac
tory rofferences. Must furnish a pair
of " horses with a spring wagon no
other capital required. auglGm
WUe-Awalio hruxs'.tts.
Mtis. IVrt ,V Sou are alwaya alive to their
busiueu, anil ure no p.vn to icur thn
W of evr article in their lino. They have
rcurej the agency for the wlrbr.mil Dr.
King' Nevr Discovery for Consumption. The
only cerUiti cur knowu for Consumption,
laughs, Co'.iU, lloarseuivu. Asthma, Hiy
rVvcr. Bronchitis, or auy aftVctiou of the
Throat, ami Lung-i. Sol I on a u&ttive guar
anted. IrUl bottls fiee, ltrguhrsu 81. 3
Statements from Fartlea who have been Paid
tosses by the Stato Insurance Co
since AUffuut 1, 1831.
How Tltey Strscil .lie.
TtULATix, Wnsh'ton Co., Or., Aug. 21, '81
Yes I was insured in the Stato.Insur
ancn Co., of Snlem, Or., when my houso
burned, jtiBt four (4) days ago, nnd I
tako pleasure in stating that my loss has
nlrnndy been adjusted and settled in an
honorablo nnd liberal manner, my full
claim being paid, viz. : .$11"! 20. The
State is just tho Company for our farm
era to insure in. Hdwam Hyho.vN.
I'm nipt 8e lllcnmif.
The Dalles, Or., Aug. 13, 1SS4.
To Stato Insuranco Co. :
I horoby testify with pleasure to the
prompt and honorablo manner in which
my loss by firo was adjusted and sttlcd
by tho Stato Insuranco Co., of Salem,
Oregon, in which it was insured. Tho
company is prompt and reliable.
Itnrn Humeri.
(Palouio Oatttte, Aur. 29,'.1S3
On August 22d, my barn, with 30 tons
of hay, nnd niowor, hay rake, harness,
saddles, etc., wcro totally destroyed by
lire, l'ortunnteiy I nail insured tlio
property in tho Stato Insuranco Co., ol
Salem, Oregon. Tho Secretary of tho
company, being m tlio vicinity, im
mediately camo to my placo nnd adjust
od my loss, in n fair nnd honorable
mnnner, nnd lo-dny paid mo tho full
amount of my claim, viz. ; $ 008.91. Tho
Stato is a rcliablo company, and its
Secretary, Mr. Cottle, whilo guarding
well tho interests of tho company, yet i
just, fair and liberal in dealing with it
patrons. Tho Stato docs not quibble
but pays up honestly.
Jas. Hamilton.
Ilia, Gnrliold Co., W.T., Aug. 2i, 1881.
An llunurnlilp lutiliutlon.
My houso nnd contonts were totnllv
destroyed by firo just seven days ago, not
oven leaving my family a cbnngo of
cioiuing. xno ios nns already boon
sottlod and paid in full by tho State In
suranco Uo.,oi oaleni, Oregon, in which
tho property was Insured. I tako
pleasure In cominonding tho Company.
Hut for them I should now bo homclem.
G. II. Delanky.
MAYVinw.Garflcld Co., W.T., Aug. 2381.
Another llnru tlurntil.
My bara, together with tho contents,
wus burnod on Sunday night Inst. It
was insured in tho Stato Insuranco Co..
of Salem, Oregon. Tho loss was to-day
adjusted nnd settled in n manner on-
tiroly satisfactory to mo by tho Secretary
of tho Company. I hereby return my
warmest thanks to tho company nnd
also to Mr. F. J. irayfiold, tho agent who
insured tho proiorty. They are both re
liable. I rocolved tho full amount of
my claim, namely, noarly C0O.
Wit. O. Eatox.
Coixax, T. T August 27, 1831.
All 1'oi.inr.s issued by tho State Ik-
fifiiANci: Coiuusv provide for Auuitha-
Do not fail to secure n policy of this
Roliablo Company nt onco.
l!t"rmhtr tfott oirr St00,000 00 tcorth oj
farm projtrti ami dictllinji har lm tit'
tlivytd by jire In Ortjon andWastilnijton
tluriii'j the !. j(ar (about ouo'dwelling a
101 u iiomi: may he thi: m:tto co :
Can you Arrann the loss? You say
that "times nro hard :" if so, your need
of tho protection of an insuranco policy
is mo greater.
'Iho btato Insuranco Company is cm
hntieally a FARMER'S COMPANY
a company organized and controlled in
tho interest of the farmer, and ono
whioh affords the choa'iest and host se
curity against loss or damage by firo.
Tho monoy paid to this company is not
used to pay losses on hnzanlous risks in
towns .nnd cities, as is tho caso with oth
er companies, but, whilo it receives its
monoy from tho farming community, it
is constantly paying it back to thorn,
thus making it emphatically a homo
Institution do voted to tho intorost of tho
farmers and owiiora of privato dwoUings
of tlio Northwest nlonq.
Oregon State Agricultural
J COLLKOK, begins
September 13th, 1KSI,
Youn; men can get appointments from tha r SUt
Senator. 1). L. AlOiOLD, I'rwl.knt
lu.-Jm Cortalll), 0ron,
Although inurh l nil al",l l ii'ii4-.
tanceof nb'ooil puriiur,; umlu . i
ioatlble Uiat ILo tulijol na nc -r if.n.iij
claimed louratteniin,!. 7"i , or
Alinoat erery perum hs omo f rm nt -nf,
uluua ioliu LtliM.1 in bl Yi-lua. Whni i a
deTelia In Si-rtiruliiua Sor", L'livrn, "r
l'ruitlona,nr in thaformof Kliriinmllaui,
or OrKanlr DUoine., tLeriilforln that en
im Is terrible. Hence lliw BnitltndeTif tiitua
.ho discot er, as tb.oiu.tuda year!) dv tua.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
will tUoroujhly cradlcato UiU erll from tho
M well expect life wltlioat a!r as heatth
vrttboui pure blool, Cleaaso ibu b'.AXl ultU
Dr. J. C. Ayer&Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all UrujsrUt; SI, six bottles for Si
Address. TAYLOR MFQ. CO.
ILLji'lg.yli i i fc--" "
'HuUHUnlVnJ Cluuakriu& 1
,! KT H WVM sTnl'.
Rowf all trnliK, imM nccdi, lime, salt, h(. In
tllUeni-aiid ertrythlng' rrqulrlmr brosdattluir
anr qtnntltr pr acrr. better and f aatrr thau b)'
any other niclUod. HAVliS ISI'EI) br aorta It
l-Tfoctlr errn. Now kIiihIo or ilouble rnM,
all on either or both aide of v. anon. A'ol atrttJ
It wW.ai the iftl Is not thrown up Into tho air.
l-l'ltl'I'CTIiV Htail'l.i:. nfadllr sltaclwl
toauy aironorrart l-nnti. it Ufi'.tlmp. Cnn
be uacd wkcrcvtr a muron ran be driven. Team
walkln one mllesons four atrraof mheit. Crop
onr-rnurtli turner than when drilled. Belli
stamp for circular vlTluir trnna and trstlmonUU.
C. W. DORR.Tronsuror
177 Mnln St., DcsWlolnos, lown.
r ,.t--.
- "-".S-SCSt-
V 1 . ".T
H4, no, 00 and DO Inch Cjllndera, built by
RUSSELL & CO., Massillon, 0
And oM by trlMTi1 itralini Tprywhrr. Frad for
rircuUnt uml vitrei pi rustrvit Airtnt,
Ilmncli House, l'nrlliiuil, Orrcon. juultf
Dr. Allen's
ruiTATii rusri'JKSAnr.
Ill Kearny Hirer J, t-au VrnBel.ro. Cnl.
nlte llxiieri Siieclullit, Dr. Allen, Is a rrfulu
X tnuluatad 1'hyilclan from ths Uolrtrtlty ef illclil
ran. He has dsrobd a lifetime to the study of Special
dlieuas. Y O V .V 1 M E ,
Ad4 VIDDLK-AOED HEN, who are stfferln; from
ths Ttcts of Youthful Jndtacretlon or Kxceaiee In
LOST UANHOOD, ato.( rsaiemuer that, by a corablua
Uon cf remtdlM el treat curative power, the Doctor
has so arranged his treitmenl that It will not ocly
afford Immediate relief, but permanent cure.
my nosriTAi. Rxri:uif:cR
(narlnj been su rgeon In charre of two Icadlne hotptUI.)
eoabltsme to treat all private troubln with excellrnt
rraulU. 1 claim to be a skillful I'hydclan and Sxf eou
iuvuuuuai.1 inicrmvu iu hit intently-"
Alt will receive my boneif opinion of thrlr complaints
Hossnerlmantinir. Oonaultallona vara and aitlrDv
Hoperlrontinf(, Oonaultatlons rata and inlotl
pnraip Liurea re
ALUS, SO J Kraru
prlvat CTurjea reasonable. Call or address: DU.
hours, 9 to a da ly, ; to 8 ertnlnj. IJanSI-tf
le&rnv At. Ban Frintlian. Hal. nfflLa
I) 11. MrSTTIB,
Specialist sim(t Cradnale.
TO. It KEAItNY 8TIIECT, San Fianclico, Cal ,
XX Treat all Chronic, Special and rrlrate
lilseAsea ullU Uouderrul success.
Is a certain Cms for Nsav.
ors Dssiutt, tOST I A.V
UOOU, raorratoaauou.
and all th tvll tftetts o)
Youthful follies h eiseatea,
DU.HINTir. who Is a
Hioma rnmaii.Oaao
caisorrtis I'tuTaum os
rsjtxsTLViata. will S(re
In forfeit 1500 fcr a can of
this kind thutts YITAfc
KESTOKAT1YI.'. (under
his srexlal advice and treat
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A. E. UINTIE, U.D , 11 Kearny 8t, & T., Cal.
CVSssd tor pamphlit and Hit ol questions.
Will be sent to any one epnljlar by letter, stating
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00 Ceiry St., San Fnncisco, Cal.
Cond irlcd by Qualinetl riij'ilclinj
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Tue ISuctor will Lrree to (orfe.t Sl.oou lor a case
undertaVrn, notcuied. Call or write. Hours; Dally
lnn0 A. M.. toil', M., t to 8 stenln.-,; Suodais,
10 to t only. Stt oa the Samtasist Cuds to
UMltll ; Saxr i'sis. Address as abo.
Wondorful Gorman Invigorator
Ptnuanently prevents all Unnatural u,s from the
stitem, t.4ies th nery.s, strengthens the djukL.
checVsihe waste, in, Irerates tbe hol ayttem and
reatart-s the afflicted to Health and Dapplno.a.
The retin so many cm not (fit cured of weakneis
snd the aboie dltea&es Is owl g to complication,
called PIlO&TATOIlltHU, which nulres m u'isr
treitment. DU. LlEBIO'd iXVIOORATOIl is the only
cure U l'sonTAToaauiu. with peculiar Special Trial.
ment, ukJ at the LIK1IIO DlSPEXSAnv:
v f rrJ.rt ,r ,,,e luUiTlor, n. Caie cf six
bottles. $10. Sent to any adjres, coiered securelv
Mct ivmerli-l electric bjlt free to patients.
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ATOK a iJ Burrta On a. oa eurr 1BEE. Con.u,utl3n
free snd private.
CallotaJJreiSt LimiU DlsrK.N-i IHY.
ICO Caaiy Strevt.sui rraaebco. Cal.
riivale entrance, SCO ,vion stn.at.four blocks up
O.&ry Strict from Keartij, MJa mttance throu.-h
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