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    Willamette PAftMER; salem, Oregon, august 8, 1884.
$wti tpij.ttteit..
Klonr in $15 11 thoiiwuid pounds in
Wheat !h Helling lit lOcontH in I'ondlo-
lon, Oregon.
WliuiiL helow til) conlH a IiuhiiuI lit
WiiitHliurtf, V. T.
.Mm ICt'isiHi lnw wild liin Newport prop
erty for W.000.
Horno thieve nro winking up l-'nflt-
ern Orouon iiumn.
A now jail, with mIoiio toll, i to he
Innllul HI. .IoIiiih.
Iliiioii i-rmiilv. Oitl'oii. i in (li'ht to
thnc.xtnntof m,)W.
Tin) New York Timi-H tli'iioimciM tho
Ciiiuii I'licilic Uailroiiil.
CoiiL'icfm hni iiiiroiriiil'il $ 5,000 to
I'tHiuiiragu mil: cult lire.
The AlclhoiliMs hnild a new church
.-t IliinlHvilli), V. T.
An inrreiiHo of " jkt emit, in the wheat
orop of (Juloriulo in noted for IhHl.
Tho weather in Knejiind inmoniHiiilliMl
mill hntiilntulln 1110 (lull ami inclined Ii
The nati'inal convention of photo
giuplieiH hut Im-imi in wHHion at CJiiittiti
nati, Ohio.
The Whatcom, V. T.. Heveille U try
iin: to woik up a hooiii for thoNookcnck
gl)lll lllillOH.
Piinuinbra Kelley, I.-m., ii"wly ap-
poinieil I'. S. Miirnhiil. Inn nttlcd dow
to liin now posit ion.
A pottiiHiee hiw Ixien italiliHlnd at
Jiuiipfi', rinatillii county, with John II
Diivieri iih pimtiiuu-ter.
The IiiNiHiitor of (MihtoniM at Tiifoiiin
Iiiim iniiiln a haul of Hiiiuglud opium
ahout WOO worth.
John Turner, of 1'ermi.ylviiiiiit, and
ItoHH. of New Ihuimwiek, hadii
Miulhng iniiti'h
recently. HohK wiih de
Mr. .1
II. Ah xiiuder, tioil fil, living
near (iiildi'inliile, hud mi arm ampututed
recently, anil survives the JlcK anil i
lining "I'll
A diipatrh from (iidvPHtnii, Texas,
announces that croiM inn oy no inrnni
favorable. The want of rain in the prin
cipal I-UIIKII.
I'hiormoiiH yields an reporhxl from
ninny grain liehU in .lucknii rniiuty,
Oregon. Some farmer will fji-t fifty
Iiim1ic1h to tho iiert'.
Tho Meppnerii'azi'tto Hay The com
crops throughout, the county look re
mailuibly well, and the proMjiect.-i are
food for a large yield.
Tho linker county, Oregon, agricul
tural Hociety'x fair will commence Sep
tember JUh and continue live d;iyn
f l,.'l()() in npei'il piiri.es.
Wheat in tho vicinity of We. ton, Ore
gon, in making a fjood yield of a lino
quality, with the exception of a little
HIUIlC ill hoiiic localities
The frame wink f (he WomauV Hall
of Whitman College, Walla Walla, it,
about up, and will be completed by tint
opening of the next Hclmol year.
The .Sinilkaineen inineti, an experi
enced miner Hiiyn, are richer than tho
Coniidoek mine-. The bent toiitti lay
through Marruigton, W. T.
Tho MKirtiug world is excited over the
.. . . .i.... i ...i. i.... i- i. . i , ... ,
ii'puri unit uoui .iay ivyn fM.' aim .waiiii
S have lowered their reconlH. The for
mer to i! 10 and the latter to i! .01l:.
Or. O'Donnoll of hand lot fame, has
taken hoiiio (.'liinci-o lepers to New Yoik,
and tho authorities have refused to allow
them to b: jiaraded ill the public utieot.s.
N. C. Moiptn, of Kpoknuo FuIIh, V.
T., has leased a tract of laud to Chinese,
and a committee, styling thenii-elve.s
"Neck-Tie Committed," have g'tvim him
fifteen tluyn to lid his premiK's of them.
It ia Miid the deep sea lishing of)' the
coast at (be mouth of the Columbia will
prove profitable. A company was formed
last bpring, which Iiuh met with rather
piomisitiK returns.
"What shall weilo with our fruit?" is
now (ho cry of producers in this vicinity,
says tho Tacoma Ledger. Apple, eur
and plum trees are breaking down under
their enormous burdenn.
Tho newly appointed il tidgv for Wash
ington 'J'erritory, Turner by name, will
preside, il is said, over the counties of
Skamania, Klickitat, Kittitas, Lincoln,
Douglas, Yakima and .Stevens.
Decrease of tho public debt during
July was .f:i,!)!):i,'J.S0. Cash in treasury,
SlO'r..IIO.OOl ; gold certificates, .118,017
.'110; silver, i:i,'j:50,()0(); rcfundini,' coi
(ificates, $27 1, MO; legal (eiiders. $: Ki,
(iHI.Olli; rractmnal cturettcy, .$11(17,8 10.
A heavy hail storm prevailed near
Davenport, W. 'J'., which did much dam
ago to crops of grain and fruit. The
hail came with such force as to lour the
k'i'ain to tho ground, in many places cut
ting tho heads from (ho stalk. Mail
ntoncH liveeighl.s of an inch in diameter
wero picked up.
Whilo I'. Proctor wiih engaged in oil
iuj,' thoedger in Miller Co.' mill near
.runt's Pas", saya the Jacksonville
Times, nun of his sleeves caught in tho
machinery. Doctors Flanagan and Ster
ling wore miinmoncil mid amputated an
arm, but it proved unavailing. J'oor
Proctor died in great agony not long
Although, practically, thoro nro no
dealings, wheat in quoted in Walla Walla
at 45 cunts a ImihIioI. Mill men mado
ofTera to take a limited amount of whout,
furnishing sacks and freo storage for six
ty duyt) and paving tlio ruling prico any
timo during (hat period. Khould tho
freight rates to Portland bo reduced f 2
per ton km the talk gooe, prico will rul
nix conta por buuhoT higher.
KHt Portland liml n $00,000 firo re
cently. (lun. (Irant has written twonty articles
for tho Contury concerning tho war.
Ho gctH $10,000.
On circiiH day a jowolry Htoro at
Hpokimo Fulls whs robbed of about $800
worth of goods.
Lieut, (ireoly has returned UnuikH to
tho government and tho puoplo for their
timely awdstaneo.
Thero are now ten candidatcH for
HhoriU'hefor'i the Convontion in Whit
man county, W. T.
Tho authorities aro preventing tho
fthipmont of live ctoek from points af
fected by the Texas fever.
Jay Kyo .See will trot August loth to
lower Maud Ks record of 2 ;0!);. It is
not thought thai he can do it.
The cotton crop of Texas has been in
hurod by a heavy tain. A report Kays it
is worth millions to tho .State.
Tho Walla Walla Statesman has been
ollercd and has refused ?:i(K)0 for ita
cabinet of minerals, curiositieH and
collection of coins.
Theie are !!000 men at work now on
tho Oiegon Pacific railroad. With the
above force Corvallis will be reached
within ninety days.
Says a Highlands, Oregon, corres
pondent : If the weather during hiirveil
is favorable, thi' Highlands will marko
twice the amount of grain of any former
Mr. F.dgar Ititclneof I'IciihiiI Valley,
in Clackamas county, Oregon, received
oiio quart of (iolden Medal kernels of
ubeiii lad fall, which ho planted, and
has just gathered 800 quarts from that
The iurv at Walla Walla, W. T
decides that the drowned man was Peter
,). Ia'ii., aged about 2'A years ; that ho
ciune to this county from lleattle,
Man-hull county, Kiidki, and rendered
a verdict accordingly.
Suva the Tacoii.a News: Thin in the
hottest day of the beie-on, (ho down
town thermometers, more or le-s exposed,
tanging from Si degrees to 00 degress,
about as hign points as the mercury
usually teaches here.
Win. Diiughcrly, a traveling physician,
aged about (!. years, whilo on a drunken
spree in Walla Walla. Monday, attacked
TIioh. Morrii'sy, a Dry creek fanner,
with bis pocket knife and cut him about
the lb rout and fce in a fearful manner.
Daugheity was crazed with drink.
Says the Snohomish Kye There is
not a bi ttor 1 x-iitioii on Puget Sound for
a furniture and wooden ware factory, a
tannery, and other industries, than
Snohomihh City. '1 ho-u with capital to
invest should jot tins down in their
moranduni book and visit the place ujxm
the first opportunity.
The Seattle Hop Orower's AH-ociatiou
expects to employ between 100 and f00
Indians in the big yard at Suoqualiu'e
Prairie during the hop picking hcuHou.
Fearing a HCiircity of pickers on this
side thoy have written over to Yakima
for a lot of Indians fiom thu eastern side
of the mountain".
Ah hooij as tho paiK-rs are pa.-csl
i-ccuring the lease to the Northern Pacific
for iiiiietv-nine years of the Oregon
Kailway and Navigation Kysteins, there
will bo no breaking bulk at Tacoma.
Through freights from the Fast to point",
on the lower Sound will be subject to
one charge, ami timiorm.
Ncwh is ieceived of the robbery of (ho
stage between ICetchum and Vienna,
Idaho, on Friday, says the Hast Ore
gonial). The robbero made their attack
eight miles above Ketchuin. There
weio five pas-engerH. One wiih arrested,
and gave his name as Win. (inithoun,
and eonfosi-ed the crime. 'The other is
X. Clary.
A Lafayette correspondent of tho l!e
porler sayw there nevor was a time in
the hi.-tory of Oregon when money was
so scarce as now. Hut harvest is here
threshing uill soon commence, and then
wheat ought to go into market as soon
as possible to relievo the stringency
and help thoo who have not only
emptied their pockets but stretched
their credit to its utmost extent.
ItcKidontss of Lowiston and surround
country have applied to the Governor of
Idaho for enough arms and equipments
for four comoanies of militia, which will
be organized at once, and prepared for
the return of Joseph and his baud of
cut throats or any possible outbreak by
the Indians on tho whites surrounding
the No, Force reservation.
Yesterday afternoon, says Saturday's
Dalles Mountaineer, two littlo boyHiigcd
5 ami 7 yearn, named Johnnie ami
Uichard Geary, wore drowned in Mill
ere k, within a few feet of tho ico house.
They were first discovered lying dead
in tho water and their smaller brother
asleep on tho bridge, by two girls who
wero passing. The alarm wiih given and
Mr. Jacob Drum, accompanied by a boy,
went and took them out or tho water.
Judging from all tho reports wo can
gather, crops of every description in
Spokane and Lincoln counties will bo
I he best raised for years, if not, in fact,
without parallel in the history of agri
culture in tlioso counties. We have
already exhibitions that would bo a
credit U any part of tho agricultural
world. Harvest is just beginning, and
will soon be in progress all over tho
Mr. John Fagan, living near Tangent,
Oregon, left at this olllco Tuesday
samples of timothy measuring seven feet
one inch in length, says tho Albany
Democrat. Tho longest timothy head
measurod eleven and three-sixteenths
inches. lie also left u sample of afalfa,
second crop, that measured four foot
and three inches in length. Also a
very flue aainplo of early roue potatoci,
which wa think cannot be beaten.
Jay Era m and Maud .. Lower their Record
A Detailed Description.
From tho dispatches (o tho daily
press wo obtain tho following which will
lo of much interest (o (ho gencrul
PitoviPK.vct:, It. I., Aug. (i, 1881. -Soon
after camo tho groat event of the
day, and the greatest event in tho history
of the trotting turf. Jay Kye See camo
on tho track, and as ho swung into the
stretch the judges announced that he
would make an attempt to beat his re
cord. Jim Murphy, behind his own
running horse, was also on the stretch
limbering out, as he was to go the mile
with Jay Fye See, to give tho littlo (Iyer
courage and force him to a faster gait,
if necessary.
After jogging down the stretch onco
or twice .lay Kye See turned at the
distant stand, and came down to the
wire for tho word. He was working
magnificently, and as "go" wan shouted
by Mr. Windsor the little gelding sped
away around the turn, with thn uinuer
about eight lengths behind. Never did
a horo work more evenly than did Jay-JCye-See,
as ho sped around the turn, and
it M.'omed as if he was a piece of
machinery, and not a thing with life, so
perfect was his actions. Up tho quarter
lie went, with (he runner trailing four
lengths behind, and as he sped into (he
straight Itithers cut him loose. Faster
and faster wero his strides, and it was
evident "lid" meant to send him.
At the half tho watches registered 1 :0."i,
a 2 ;10 gait, and if he could hold his own
forthe last half he would accomplish an
unprecedented feat.
Around thetmnor turn it seemed as if
ho was Hying, and fast as had been his
gait on the baekstretch, it was forced up
now to something terrilic. On anu on
he wont, without a suspicion of a break,
passing the three quarter post in 1 :.'.,
At this point the runner came up even
with the trotter, arid now began the final
struggle. Down he came, without a
skip, ever stride trotting in the mo
montous race against the fast-flying
seconds. ISithers had not yet used his
whip, and as tho gallant flyer sped down
to the stand, and under the wire, (here
was a momentary bustle, and then
suddenly the cry, "He has dono it," was
raised by tho-e among the spectators
who had'timed him. A loud burst of
applause greeted this announcement,
only to Is) followed by a much more
ontliiiiastic demonstration as the board
swung round, witli the record '2 :10"
upon it.
Never on a raco track has thoro been
a sceno of wilder excitement than
followed the announcement. Hats, canes,
handkerchiefs ami fans were waved,
whilo men shouted themselves hoarse in
cheering the king of the American turf.
When Hithers came back to (he stand
with Jay Kye See a magnificent horse
shoe of flowers was presented him, while
around him gathered groups of admi
ring friends.
Immediately following this repoit
came the following.
Ci.i:vi:i.anp, Aug. 2. -This has been a
groat day at the driving nark-. On
account of rain interfering with the
programme of the week, tho sort began
at 11 this morning and continued until
f, when the race were iinidied. The
attendance n large and the weather
was pb ii'irit, wept a short shower at 1
o'clock , Ui truck was good.
At half past 1, lictwten three heats of
a pacing race of tho - :27 class, Maud S.
was brought on tho (rack, and after a
littlo warming up, William Illair, the
driver, nodded forthe start and gave the
mare her head. She strode oft in the
smoothest conceivable manner, unattend
ed by any horse to help her along, and
mado the entire circuit like a perfect
working machine, without a .kip. She
passed tho first quarter in !12! seconds;
tho half mile in 1 -01 f ; the thrco-quartcr
post in 1 ::(!(, and tho full mile, time
given, in 2 :0D;.
Three gentlemen limed her from the
judge'H stand. Davis Homier of New
York made the time 2 01) ; W. 1). Fosig,
secretary of tho Cleveland Driving Park,
2:01) :i-f, and J. Cuinnnngs, president of
tho Toledo Driving Park, tl:0!).. Several
watches in boxe opposite tlfo judge'd
stand marked '2.0'.).1.
President Edwards announced that
tho time was a record, in as much as a
wager of $100 was made on time, 1). H.
Loudentsach of Chicago putting $100
with Captain Goorgo M. Stone, manager
of Maud S., that she would trot better
ban li:ll.J.
Tho track is estimated to bo a second
and a half to two seconds slower to-day
than tho Providence track. Tho great
crowd of spectators went wild with en
thusiasm when tho timo was bulletined
showing that all previous records had
been beaten and that tho handsome
mare had mado the fastest mile ever
t rotten.
She exhibited no signs of distress after
her unpn railed performance, and was led
to her stable amid excited cheoring,
followed by a crowd of jubilant admirers.
hho had dono no work for ten days. Gun
tain Stone is confident she could easily
trot on tho same track Monday in 2:08
or better, and is mora than over confi
dent that she is the fastest trotter in the
Says tho Skngit, W.T., Nows: Hay
ing is begun in oiiriiost, mid a heavy
crop is nnticiimtiul. Clover 1ms novur
beou as full, and mowing is mado very
diflicult beciumo of tho weight of the
crop. Tho otvhurds aro in excellent
condition and tmiiill fruits nro well
ripened. Potatoes are boginnini; to lo
dug, and both early and Into look well.
Hon culture in increasing on tho river,
and a Rood crop and lair prices nro
expected thin year.
208 to 214 Front St., Portland, Or.
J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co.'s Engine, Threshers,
Headers and Saw Mills.
tiilcluk;r Farm and Bpring WagotiH. Buggies, and Car
riagcH. P. K. Dcucrick & o.'s Hay Presses.
The .1. 1. Case Plow Co.'s Sulky and Walking Plows, Harrows
and Cult! valors. Hoosier Drill Co.'s Seeders, Drills
jukI Sulky Hay Hakes. Acme Harrows.
Send for
Clod Crustier and iMvelvr.
Weighs much 1pm than otlit-r l'ulvcrizi:i
Harrov.-H. Sclk about onu-tliird 1'h, and
with all (Iocb tho in -it thorough work of any.
I il I i j-
Hust ho Xcalcst, Simplest and Best Drive "Wheel ; has the best Canvas Arrange
ment for earning Grain from Platform to Elevators ; has the best Cutter bar ; has
tho bct Pitman Connection ; has no Side Draft ; has the best Adjustable Keel ;
has tho best Tilting Arrangement ; has the best Raising and Lowering Arrange
ment. It is unexcelled for Strength and Durability- it is the lightest; is simplest
in Construction ; is Substantially and Strongly Built ; is the Surest to Bind; has
Fewer Pieces of Ma?hinery than any other; has heed of Fewer Experts; has a
Friend in every purchaser.
ikt.T.iB u.m .w at r pmnlov no airem.
Lwhatyoit orucriB
w ok jmxi
IllCKirT, If. jviyuu rnwiwi.
.n.C! Iltwvy Mcut)l just
thAnamHiunLHen hh
Oar Hmww re ill No.
Top Iliuvt-'S it SIX, fine u
mum- Mil, I for 1:5 to tM.
WrmW i
T.rullirr. Kinirifl,aiN.ouiossu.
s uuyiiKr. wiiil for our
nth na fnllv M-nrrn
fciLii)Lir lLiirini IrrP.
We Retail atWfiolesalB Prices.
- ervunn Iiuiy wnrriiniru.
rgLcVU. vLUk
fil tTT. srp'v. IHUIinri. Indian
ffSMi iiase
I- iiEiiv-ir .'' . -.. $, tv
vi.sn. Si.k t 'i:nb ii:
And 'M In mill f i. . ,
l ir t ir- .tt (.!' . I,
NVii tt.i. 1-iT.w
, l.ulll 1.)
ssillca. 0.,
r snj lor
: ...rnt
Ilriiiir'j Ilim.r. I'orlliiDil. lrrsin.
rr,i" 1
V..-' ..i'i
k" .t1 rnr;-'" V .c ine i 'H..lcjg
. j, .fV aovkf .. lt lm ifif.lK.i
- m, bi . 11 ft On xuci i. tt .n,
r it.tt.a. i .v.Teli. 11 ! tb.'.nl.
t . i .i'o , t.npfiinl r"i't ai., actt itiv
,i '.....-ft.-.i I :-. r-U.'f.ifi.Ti... (.'ot.nl
it ai.r .. to lwr3irD..d Vlri i .er.rj re.p.ct.
i . i' . . r Htil. -it: i' w 11 tuelf
' . ''il..lcl'k-;JHf4v, r. lo '-f wtocijbl.
-... -. I '. i ,d..y illriavt.ttca .1 c.ilucil.
at I . ' i ' - ! te.l ari
i "i .- auiT .tlr r l'lf'Pii.'jijt 0.U, nlo
... itAtlfal'iiu. ttPAi ivlrtt
t .. .... ., ... ... 41. i.muutiir
t ' t.r ( tiii t.mliifa fur
'- . i ..... i . ur f... crindai
.. i r j" i" 1 particular s.t
,...,,. ... ... Hlft.monil InH.
1Tio debility, esluinatrd
uvrra, prewatura tleciiy
and (allur to perform lltV'a
dutlea properlartt cauwd by
('.', errora uf yoiith, etc.,
will litidj a perfect and laatlce
restoration to robnat hrplih
ii TinruDi anunnuuu tu
fetther stouach dructinK Aor
inMtniinnntA. Tln.tn..T,nn. i
or i
Nrrroua .Debility and
rkyalcal Decay launwiuly
w baaed on perfect diafnoaia.
neewaful b.can.
a.w . !!..
aikaeM. Foil Intormatlom and TrMtia (m.
ilml Met had and abaolut laar
Adureaa i;onauiiinv rnrmtoian or
-!k Ii v
Illustrated Catalogues.
J BB5SS.f f.! r1" p.p F. Sftugji jJ
1 lie Agitator is the bent ijrain naving ma
chine evtr made. It ronn lighter, threshes
ia?ter, is less liable to et out of order, and
taveti grain better than any other machiae.
and u ipoc ai.i-i.i-..i
not hhiis tw
- ii ai iju.
1 (Ink
filfI. llfl.
AiliIrftiAW .!
Hh ulj. --B
I I ML' A 1 7TSH1- 1
ikN- r"5r 4xs-3-jT 7 '
r-7-nu a.ii nr.ifci
Examining Before Buying
Orcgon Railnay and Naviga
tion Company.
llrlween t'orllanrt and 8an Francliro.
Leaviutf Alns otth Wbatl at niMnUht, ad follows:
Orficn. Mjnu y, August 4
10 AM
tate. Saturday. ...Ausr. 2
St.te. tiaturdi- 9,
Co!uuibia, Thurwlay.... 7
Oregon Tuesd.y 12
Columbia. ThursilaT. .11
Oreson. TUMday . 10
ui, sunua' i(
Columbia. KnJay S2
Jrejon. VeanMdy.,..S7
SUte, Moncay, . Srt 1
To-umliia. f aturday S
SUts, buiday...
Columbia. rriiUv
OreffOn, Wednsidiy, Stp S
State, Sloil lay
TIiruuEU Tlckrts sold toallioiDta In the United
Stats-, Canada and Europe.
Trinsler uUamer connecting with Atlantic ExpiM
leaven Ah Street wharf, Portland, daily, at 11:40 A.H.
Tho Pacific Kxprcal arrives at 1'ortlvud, daily U
11:40 A. M.
Leave Portland I I
for Mon. Tue. Wed.ThntFrl. Sat.
Columbia 7 AM 7 AM 7 All 7 AM 7 A 11 7 A it
Astoria and Low.
er Columbia... 7 All 7 AM 7AM
Dayton u All '3 AM j AM 0 AM a A M C A M
CurvallU and In
termediate pts 8 AM 8 AM
Tacoma and Seattle d.ily at 1 1'. M.
Vietorlt (tenner do not run Sundays.
Kmrral Offices Cor. Front and U 8U.
C. II. PKESCOTT, Uanagtr.
A. L. STOKES, Oen'l Pas. Ayent.
A. I.. MAXWKLL, Ticket Aitent.
I'urlliim!. OrrKun.
Boarding and Day School
Young Women and Girls.
The S'XTF.KXTII YEAR opens Srnlriulirr ail.
lit. Unv. It. Wiitar Mortii. Hvclor. Thorouirh In
A it ruction In fcnjr'.Lh, Art, ltnjiuasen, and Mu.ic,
i-orpi of fourieni leaihr. For catalogue, addrcaa:
.MISS RODNKV, Hrlnclpal,
4jul3m Uox U, Portland, Oregon
A Hoarding nuil Day Mrliavl fur Hujri.
I iuiajteincit villi bealn Srplrmber SU. Boyi
euccenalully Httcd for Collei'e or for bulne rtn
resident and three 'ikitlng teachera. DUIplina itrlct.
For further Inloi iintion and for catalogue coiiUlulntf
llt of former puplla. addreaa:
J. W. MltU M. B., Hrtvd MMter.
juneiOrua Drawer 17, Porllaad, Oregon.
nibK. v a WPT.
B44 Wxcripti.a .r r.lto. ;.. BIMlillAM,
4ttut IdKv.raaJ Suhtitor llViaiajrlen, V. C.
'tor any rilMbilltys aba o
i iirira, rena aiainv
Cou u
I) 0.