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TO Samnlo copies sent free on application.
iS&tlon Ofllcc: No. 6 Wosniniiton Street. Up
talrs, rooms No. Band fll.
Egyptian Wnr tleiuindrln licitroyed
nnil len to I'liinac.
Losikw, July 13--A Standard's corres
pondent on boar.1 tl.olnvinc.Mc, tolcgrapli"
it 8 o'clock this morning, says : Tho whole,
civil population ami troops have withdrawn.
Tho wholo of Oranil Squaro is burned. The
Telican, which went to discover the meaning
of tho last flap of trace last evening, could
discover nobody on board the hiryptian ves
scl Mahroussa, or in tho arsenal. I he corrcs
pondent accompanied an ollicer to shore in a
steam pinnace. The purveyor of the Heel.
who was ono of the party and well acquainted
with tho town, landed and proceeded a con
siderable distance. All was perfect.y silent
but for tho roar of the flames. It is believed
Arabi Tasha has concentrated his forces be
yond the city to oppose tho British advance.
Tho work nf tho ships is now over and
further action must bo ashore, r ully one
half of tho town is burning. There will bo a
landing in force to investigate the condition
of things and, if possible, render aid There
...ii Si.i.i .. i. ii.rno nr four hours suspen
sion of telegraphing in consequence of the
Chiltern's clmngo of position.
Al.RXASi.itiA. July 13, 8:20 a. m.-o-douins
aro stealing by thousands 1 o l'.uro.
peanB who fought their way down to the
beach number a hundred. They report all
other Kurop-an and christians, numbering
somo hundreds, massacred.
Al.KXANimiA, July 13, 8:40 A. M Alexan
dria has been ovacuated and tho city is in
flames. Tho telegraph ship Cniltcrn has
been ordered to tako up a position near tho
neutral ships.
IxWIKW, Julv 13. In a telegram at ,:2.j
A.M.: Admiral" Seymour confirms tho report
of tho evacuation of Alexandria. Tho cntiro
garrison withdrew under a flag of truco, leav
ing Uedouins to firu and pillago tho town.
Tho Decoy lias gone to I'ort Said to ascertain
the state of affairs there.
Khcdivoand Dorvisch l'asha left Kainloh
tliis nftcrnoon and drovo thiough Alexandria
with their suites.
AI.KXANHIUA, July 13, 7:40 A. i. Atilay.
light this morning n Hag of truco was flying at
KiwKI-Tin palaco. The Helicon, with a flair
of truco Hying, and the Inviiuible, Monarch
and Penelope, aio now staiming into the
inner harbor. Tho remainder of the pqiiad
ron aro outsido steaming about. Tho firo ill
town greatly uxtended during tho night. A
Turkish vessel is still lying oil' Hamleli. '1 hero
is a heavy sea on.
Alkxanmua, July 13. A dispatch to tho
Times confirms tho statement that a body of
marines and sailors waB to bo landod. It
also says tho bulk of tho Kgyptian army is at
Kosetta, -lU mnos noruioasi ui muaauuiiu,
and at Damanhour, 38 miles southeast of
Alexandria. The soldiers had joined in loot
ing tho city before leaving it. The fire of tho
Invincible was vory olfectivo against Has-Mi-Tin
fort. Two twelvo-ton guns wcro found
rearod mi their cuds in consequence of being
truck bv shells.
Ai.kxani.kia, July 12, -I r. m. The Invin
cible has just lired a 1) inch shell at Fort Mex.
Tiro atmosphere was clear and e had the
exact range, thercforo, although the ship was
rolling heavily, it struck the oxact point
aimod at and flames broke out from the build
ing. Tliero was no roply nor is thero any
ain of lifo in tho fort. As far as Lieut,
hambton could judgo while in tho harbor,
Alexandria appeared quiet. In tho kliedivus
palaco is a largo gap cauiod by shells. The
harem of tho julaco was completely gutted.
Bombardment had evidently pioduecd great
moral effect upon military olliujra with whom
ho convened,
liKlriirlliiiis to Ailmliul M'jnicinr.
(jONImiv, July 13 In commons Caiupboll
llaimermau, lluancial secretary of the war
ollioe, read instructions to Admiral Seymmir
as follows: That as opposition of the foits
has ceased he should not dismantle them or
disable gun; that he should open friendly
communications v. itli tho Micdivr, and in ab
sence of native authorities frorii Alexandrii,
ho should land seamen or marine for police
purposes, and that ho should inform com
maintain nf these measures. The admiral was
instructed to invito tho khedivo to assert his
authority in restoring order. Tho landing of
British forces for polico purposes was to bo in
concert with tho khedivo or any native an
tlionty in Alexandria, and nuy ui tho Kuro.
pean meu-of-war woro to bo instructed to to
operate. Protest" were made by conservative
hcnchcB against'tho feebleness of these ill'
structions. (lladstono, replying tn the ques
tion, said tho government had not yet lieeu
informed wheio Arabi l'asha was. Jsorthcote
asked why the government lu.il not done
something to prevent the teirible events in
Alexandria. Gladstone replied that tho gov
eminent could not havo anticipated them,
Vile from the War.
Alkxanduia, July 13. tl v St. Tho khe
ilivo is surrounded by Key "tun troop? and
his position is thought critical.
UisiMN', July 13. 7 l". . A dispatch
from Alexandria says the Turkish disp.itch
boat Dot Uiidein arrived here this afteinonn.
It is supposed tho Kgyptian troops will pro.
vont tho khedivo leaving.
The British gunboat Bittern is cruising oil
The tiro in Alexandria is tirotly extending
in direction ol tho port.
Admiral Seymour to-day landed 150 ma
rines and IfiO sailors. It is suspected that the
town and forts are mined,
The Knglili church at Alexandria was do
trtied by a chance shell during the bom
bardment, A dispatch from Alexandria lUtcd 7:30 this
ovruiri: says that since marines and sailors
rnteitxl the town, tiring has been heard
i Memo rmiumer Krr.
CiilfAOO, July 13. Tho Summer trotting
merlini! t the Chicago driving rrli will lie.
gin to-morrow and last seven days. $S2(000
m inirsea and jreuiimns are oll'ered. Among
the most interostiug eventa are the pacer,
Little Brown Jug, to U-at Maud S.'s trotting
rcooul on next Saturday, The sensational
event of Monday is a race, open to all stal
lions, with Von Aroiiu, Voltaire, Monroe
Chief and J. B. Thomu as probable start. r.
Tuoaday lias a race, open to all peers, with
eight entries. Oil Wednesday will appear a
special handicap race between St .lulien and
Trinket St Julien to draw ICO pounds and
Tri'ikit 135. for a purse of .'.000. Thursday
has the 2:10 class with seven nitric. Friday
hat the 2il7 elntl with four entries, and a
i -1,I nit ttnf1r '
purse open to it .our year .-.----
I Ins is intcnaeu lor on -
Thompson. Entries lor it ciose w-.i.u,.u
Htrtiek lT iigmnina.
Little Rock, July 13. Special from Tex
arkana: Lightning struck Ohier s new three
story brick to-night, and tho walls fell on the
Karagon saloon crushing it to atoms. About
nn i:... -. ln.f Hnmp nf the bodies aro al
ready taken out, and workmen arc searching
or others, ii nre nas ' ""
u.'inm. .r,,l l.l A Paul-Dlnnatch Tex
arkana special says: Eight bodies have been
recovered from the building: Wl. juayneiu.
Ford Smith, Johnnie May and others, names
not learned. More aro wounded seriously
and will probably dio t3-day.
The Egyptian M'nr.
A dispatch from Alexandria says refugees
were chiefly (Jrecks and Italians, only one be
ing Knglish. Twenty-seven of these came
from the Kgyptian bank, whenco they made
attacks on the mob, driving them away. J ho
manager gave shelter to friends from the
Ilinuuo ficneralo and from tho Credit Linmas.
These with the manager marched in a body to
Marina at four in the morning, after the mob,
satiated with butchery, had retired. Tho sol
diers and mob, joined by hundreds of women,
sacked every shop, entered the houses of Eu
ropeans and murdered the inmates. Tho ma
rines who landed took rations for the, day.
Tho party detailed for spiking guns landed at
Fort Kuobe and dismantled the large smooth
bore piece.. Admiral Seymour wished to land
marines and take possession of Fort Napoleon
and march to Cam-el-Dik; but on learning
that the fort was mined and a large body ot
soldiers stationed at Cam-el-Dik, operations
wcro postponed. Tho Condor has gono to
I'ort Said. ., ., .
Tv-nnv .Tnlv 14 The JWics this morning
says: There is reason to believe, if Turkey
declines or hesitates to restoro order in Kgypt,
n,n ,.n,,f..i-nn will summon Kncland to land a
force for that purpose. Cermany and Austria
have telegraphed Gladstone their approval of
the action of tho fleet. A correspondent at
Constantinople says the minister considers
Turkish troops and iron clads should go to
Kgypt at once, and tho sultan is consmeruig
.ir ..n;rf
Authorities at Washington have information
that tho Americans at Alexandria arc fully
protected. ,
It is stated that Arabi Pasha has only 4000
vory much disorganized troops. Two tliousuun
marines have been ordered to march through
tho town and shoot all persons rioting.
Tho 7'inies this morning saye: By tho last
outrage Arabi Pasha lias put himself outside
the pale of humanity, and ho must bo followed
and his army dispersed. It is satisfactorily
known that British preparation is completo
and that wo aro ready to carry out the will uf
Kuropo if no other nation bo found to do the
work. Should tho porto still hold back, Lord
Duficrin will Btato in tho coiifcrunco that Eng
land is prepared to undertake the task, but
will welcomo tho cooperation of any other
7VmM. Berlin: It is reported that tho Ger
man corvotto Nymph has been ordered to
AVsm, Alexandria: Tho number of porsons
massacred by the mob is estimated at 2000.
Admiral Seymour telegraphs: "I have occu
pied ltas-el-Tin palaco with marines and spiked
the guns in six batteries opposito. Tho city is
still burning, but I am clearing tho streets.
Tho khedivo is safe in tho palaco, which is
garrisoned by 700 mariues."
Alexandria Orruplril by the Hrlllsli.
Orv Alexandria. July 13. Tho firing
heard in Aloxandria yesterday was by marines
and soldiors, who wcro dispersing plundorers
with gatling guns. Tho small dotachment
first landing had to wait for reinforcements
boforo thoy w;ro aj.lo to push to tho center of
town. Tliero was somo short and sharp
fighting. No water could bo obtained owing
to tho stoppago of works. Thore aro somo
French ladius amonir the fucitives rescued
yesterday; also tho Egyptian prefect of police
who Bucceeuou mo instigator oi vuu uuuauuiu
in Alexandria and on tho 11th of June.
Thero aro not enough Bailors and marines to
occupy nil streets of tho city.
LONDON, July ll. neuters jiiexauuna
special : Somo field pieces wcro landed with
the marines at Ras-el-Tin fort. The palaco
was looted shortly before tho marines arrived.
A whole batalion of Arabs wore blown up in
one fort during tho bombardment.
New York, July 14. Herald's Alexan
dria : Col. Long, African explorer and acting
American consul at Aloxandria, and party en
tered tho city this afternoon, followed by a
h-ittory of gattling guns, which engaged the
rear guard of Arabi's army, wk nail lied.
Tho massacro of tho 11th of June was
avenged, by the Inllexiblo's 80-t.m guus, as
IBOU Aral.s aro ueau nun -inju womiucu.
Alexandria llurneil
Alkxanduia, July 14 4 r. t rho town
is totally burned and the houses from Grand
Squaro to tho custom house havo been plun
dered. In tho square itself nnd other wealthy
European quarters there is hardly a building
not ruined or still burning. Tho court house
of tho international tribunal has so far es
caped. Tho Anglo-Egyptian bank is also pro
served. Tho streets aro strewn with einnty
clock and jewel cases and similar debris. But
very fow bodies havo been fouud, Two
thirds of tho troops have deserted during the
bombardment. After tho Khedive's palaco
had been surrounded a party of soldiers on
tered his npnrtiuent and declared they had
orders to kill him and burn the palaco. After
long parleying their loyalty was bought by
premises of money, and then they escorted
tho Khedive to tho British at Ras-el-Tin. His
guard was not allowed to enter the palace
thero with bun. All the ministers except
Arabi Pasha presontod themselves at Kaa-cl-Tin
palaco at 5 u'clock.
Tnvi4. .Ink- II A French snuadron of
seven iron clads under Admiral Kraul is off
La Golotta.
Alkxanduia, July II. Tho Khedivo with
Dervisch l'asha and somo ministers and the
Klie dlvoVharoin, have arrived aboard a vessel
in the harbor. About five hundred loyal
troops follow- tho Khedive.
Conntaxtisoplk, July II. Ill last even
ing's meeting of the council the prime minis
ter, Said l'asha, maintained that Arabi Pasha
was a rebel and must bo treated as such.
Athens, July 14. l'ho Mttngr fe
.iMriiJ confirms tho report that the govern
ment of Greece has expressed its readiness
to join with the corps ol 7000 men in inter
vention iu Kgypt.
The Turf.
Nkw Youk, July 13. Throe-quarter mile
-Lute Fugle won, Virginia 2d, Prosper 3d.
Time. liltU.
Mile und a half Ida B won, Monk 2d,
Manitou ;U. Time, 2:41.
Mile and an eighth Rob Roy came under
the wire first, but was disqualified for cross
ing and the race was given to Elect, Lute
rogio ..1, wara .w. lime - minute.
Sevcn-eiuhths mile Jase won, I.ord Kd
ward 2d, Belle of tho North 3d. Time lt33.
Mukuls paid 3S0.
Steeple chase, short course Lillio Morri.
sou won, Ingomar 2.1, Jerry 3d. Time 2:."3.
Saratoga, July 14. '''irat race ouo mile,
Adaglen first, Lutestriug second, Perplex 3.1.
Time, 1:50.
Second race, 13 miles Ella Warfielil won,
Nettie arcoud Time, H 01,
Third race, J mile Saunterer won, Square
Dance second. Time, lilSJ.
Fourth race, 1J mile Boatman Jst, Mamie
2d. Time, 2:03.
Pittsrcko, July 14. Early Rose won tho
2:20 trot. Driver 2d, Win. H 3d, Leontine
4th. Best time, 2.21J.
Thero were ix heats in the 2:25 pacing
race. Felix won tho first heat, Princess the
second and third, and Bay Jim the next three.
Best time, 2;20J.
New York, July 14. The California sta
ble consisting of Duchess of Norfolk, Lucky
B. Griamer and others, has arrived at Mon
mouth Park, and will meet engagements at
that point during the miqsummer meeting.
I'ollllrnI .Nominations.
Minneapolis, July 13. At the third dis
tfict convention at Glencoe this afternoon
Horatio B. Street, present member of Con
rrrQQ. w as renominated.
Jackson, Miss., July 14 Judge Jerds, of
Issaquina county, ex judge of supreme court,
was nominated for Congress by Republicans
of the old "shoestring" district to-day.
Portsmouth, 0., July 14. The 11th dis
trict Republican Congressional convention, on
the 264th ballot, nominated John VV. McCor
mick. New Aldanv, Ind., July 14. Tho Demo
cratic Congressional convention for this dis
trict nominated S. M Stockslager for re-election.
A Moillllrnllon.
New York, July 14. The published report
that President Villard.of the Northern Pacific,
had issued an order that the company lands
west of the Missouri river should be sold only
to actual settlers, and the quantities not to
exceed ICO acres, is wholly untrue. Directors
of the company long ago resolved that pur
chasers could buy to tho extent of 300 acres,
or an entire section, if a guarantco was given
of immediate cultivation, the intention being
to secure cultivation and prevent large tracts
from being absorbed and hem ty speculators.
Mrs. Geo. Downing, who is well known in
this State, and is now living near Silverton,
has been very ill for several weeks.
A grand ball will bo given at Gervais on
Friday evening, July 21st, at Goodman's Hall,
by Gervais Fire Co. No. 1.
Wo learn from tho lleporter that Mr. A. R.
L.ean, of the McMinnvillo livery stable, was
badly hurt on last Tuesday by being thrown
from a hack.
Says the Orecpi Register: Somo of our farm
ers have commenced harvesting. The pros
pect for an abundant harvest and a large yield
was never better in Yamhill.
A leading canneryman from up-river in
forms the Astorlan that the canneries above
Tongue Point are all behind; but that the As
toria canneries aro about up to last season's
How lonw. will it bo before Astoria warehouse
men will have to bulkhead tho water front?
There's constant filling in going on, and in
somo places a noticeable shoalm? of tho water.
the ausence or tne icreuo maKes iv. uumiuiu
tively cheap; and its a job that must be be
gun before long.
Ono of tho prettiest sights in existence was
seen yesterday, says the Daily Attorian, at
sunset; over 800 boats coming in on tho even
ing tide, their white sails gleaming in tho rays
ot the sinking sun, and a llood of purple mist
filling tho north sido of the river, deepening
into dusky gray, as tho mountain shadows
darkened into night.
Moscow, I. T., has a public library.
Yakima City wants a shoemaker and anothsr
Tho Walla Walla Statesman wants tho bo
cial evil banished from that city, and gives
many Vcasons therefor.
Burglars infest Vancouver, and the Inde
jKiulent wants them either removed or killed.
Catch them and then talk about killing them.
Tho Wasco Mirror, Vol. 1, No. 1, is here,
It reflects credit upon the editor as well as
reflects the spirit of enterprise exhibited by
the business men of that place.
A brilliant meteor fell at Bear Point on the
Sound, on tho cvoning of the Oth, bursting as
it decended, and making an appearance much
like that of a sky roekot.
Prof. Doll and wife, of Oregon City, have
been engaged as principal and first assistant
of the Vancouver public school for the com
ing year. Two other assistants will be en
gained. Says tho Walla Walla Statesman: The farm
hands at Blalocks made a dash for higher
wages yesterday, but in an hour after thoy
struck, twenty-two presented themselves for
work at tho old prico, and tho harvesting goes
Tho Colfax Democrat says: Crop reports
from different portions of this county are not
tho best. Tho late sown grain and this cov
ers tho bulk of it is Buffering for want of
raim A good heavy rain now would be of
great benefit. Unless it comes soon the crop
will fall short of what has been anticipated.
Tho first meeting of the physicians inter
ested in creating a medical society, was held
at Walla Walla in the oflico ot Dr. Blalock,
and tho following officers were duly elected:
Prcsfllent, M. Pietryzcki; vice-president, H.
G. Mauroy; treasurer, N. U. Blalock; secro
taiy, T. W. Sloan. It was voted to adopt
Eastern Washington Medical Society as the
name of tho association. Tho society adopted
constitution and by-laws, appointed a com
mittee to arrange for future meetings, which
will bo held quarterly, tho first boiug called
for tho sccoud Tuesday in October.
Another Bah Bar. By the following ex
tract from the testimony of Pilot James II.
Kogers, who took tho ill fated Escambia out
of San Fraucisco harbor, which wo copy from
the .dmfnVari Ship, it will bo seen that the
bar of tho Columbia is not tho only dangerous
place on tho cast ; "We left tho Heads
about 0:20 in tho oveniug ; tho wind was
west, with strong ebb tide. I ccftild see
that there was a nasty sea outside. A strong
ebb tido of about fix knots, running up right
acainst a wind, always makes a daugerous
sea There have Uen quite n mi ruler o w
seh lost on thli tir roni the Mine cause tho
wind choppiug suddeuly from the northwest
to tho west. Two were pilot boats and lost
all hands tho Caleb Curtis ard Relief. They
werebalasted expressly for gomg across the
liar, and wore lost precisely as the Escambia
was. After she got over on her side and ha;l
lost her speed it would le an utter impossi
bility for this or auy other vessel to right up
again. I would say that any vessel out on
tho bar In a Heavy sea, mat laiis uu invu "
trough, shins fifty tons of water, as this one
did, ami loses her spetsl.'u bound to godowu.
PAiNrnt Atv'iDKNT, As old Mr. Harding
of MoMimiviUa was trying to split a tough
tick of wood a few days ago, it flew through
the kitchen door, where Mrs. Hardiug was at
work, stnkiugber on the left side of the head,
kuovkiug her euleaj. She was unconscious
fur some time, but was finally restored, and
has a seyerely bruised head ana neck.
Additional facts concerning the burning of
Colfax on the 14th were hard to get yesterday,
for the reason that telegraphic communication
was cut off or interrupted. From private let
ters received in this city it seems that the
people up there are paralyzed over the dis
aster, and go about viewing the ruins with an
air ef disconsolation; but reaction will soon
take place, and the. town will arise from its
ashes as it did a year ago. Tho dispatches
sent to the citizens of Walla Walla and to tho
Statesman were disheartening enough " Col
fax burning," "Colfax all burned up," "All is
lost," etc.
The heaviest losers ars Schwatacher Bro.
Their los3 will foot up to about S70.000. S.
B. Davenport & Company are heavy losers.
They had about $42 000 insurance Shaw s
loss will foot up to about S15.000. Chapman
& Boyer lost about S3.500 by tho firo last
July, and their loss this time will exceed that
sum by S7.000. Lacy & Whitman have about
$21,000 insurance.
The following is a list of business houses
burned: Boon's livery stable; Rycroft, restaur
ant; Rice, blacksmith; Davis' livery stable;
Trumbull, saloon; Downing, dry gooas: nam
win House; Harris, merchandise; AIcEnnery,
confectioner; Heatherly & Brackett, saloon;
Lonsdale & Kennedy, merchandise; Suther
land's drug storejpostoffice; Bogardus, jewelry;
How & Fahler, hardware; Burgunder & Schwa
bacher, merchandise; Kuhn, confectioner; Mc
Claine, Wade & Co., bankers; J. A. Perkins,
banker; U. S. land office; Hoover & Burke,
bankers; Democrat office; Privette's barber
shop; Grostem, Binnard & Co., merchandisi;
Dcdano's meat market; Hamilton & Co., drug
store; Warmouth &Golden; Dwyer, furniture
store; Madonzr, harness shop; Kennedy, book
store; Palace restaurant; uaKer, meat marKei ,
French saloon, stock saved; L,ippitt urotners.
The (lavlle nrintinz office escaped, but the
book bindery connected with it, the finest
in the territory, was tetally destroyed. The
house of Knapp, Burrell & 'Co. is located at
the upper end of the burned distiict, and
also escaped because of a vacant lot between
it and the file.
The Colfax Democrat in its last issuo before
tho conflagration, said that the city council at
the last meeting instructed tho committee on
streets to expend 1000 to construct a sewer
in Canyon street, and a large sum of money
in constructing a sidewalk. The city was
also making provisions for a town hall. In
the meantime, all proper provision for com
batting a fire was utterly neglected. The
losses are pretty well covered by insurance.
The fire was the work of an incendiary.
Horses Tor the Unecs.
The following are tho horses which have
been entered for the July meeting of the N.
W. D. A. Association, which occurs this
Mulkey & Marsh's Montana stable Ch m
Premium, b g Joe Howell, b h Billy Coombs,
ch h Jesse B.
Foster Bros., Lake county stable ch h
Conner, ch m Lulu Riggs. b f Lady Foster (2),
b f Estella Gould, b f by Ballot Box.
W. G. Scoggins, Washington county stable
B h Jim Merritt, ch f by Napa.
Wm. Johnson, Washington county stable
Ch g Telago, J. A. Porter.
Forest Grove stable Ch m Trade Dollar, b
m Caddie R, b f Neyella.
H. Hamilton, Giant county stable Ch m
Blue Mountain Belle.
Ayres & Stemler, California stable Ch g
Fred Collin, ch g Jim Renwick, b f Lou Spen
cer. Woods California stable B gelding by Joo
J. Beach, Lakecountj stable Honest John.
Acker & Leahy, Portland stable b g Deri
go, br g Billy Barlow,
Jas. Misner, Portland stable b h Dexter,
b g Stranger, b f Edna J.
Hairy dmiley, Portland stable B h Milton
Medium, ch h Gen. Crook, b c Sheriff, b c
Wasco, bl c George Albert, bl o Black Hawk.
Jas. Mooney, Portland stable B g Johnny
Blue, b f Tappist, ch o by Hambletonian,
John Panders, Vancouver stable B f May
Wintler, ch c by Kisbar.
II. A. Hoeaboom. Walla Walla stable B.
g Tempest, bl m Walla Walla Maid, b m
Nellv Russell, ch c Hector.
J. Beach, Lake county stable br m Maggie
Arnold, b h by Altamont, b o telephone
The Gosi-el Ship's Return-. The steamer
Evangel has been weighed in the balance,
says tho Intelligencer, and found wanting. In
otlicr words, she started for Alaska, but did not
make the ritlm.- She got up as far as Jjepar
ture bav. and there she remained till the Mas.
tick relieved her of her burden three sacks
of mail, and then returned. While lying at
Departuro bay tho Evangel was overhauled,
and sho came down the coast and up tho
Sound flvinc before a fair wind. The trouble
seems to be in the machine work dono on her
and the bad arrangement of her steam pipos.
A week's work by a corps of compe
tent machinists will put her in a conditiou to
prosecute her original mission the spreading
of the Gospel among the heathen. It is now
not likely sho will again attempt a voyage to
Alaska Tho trip proved a very bad and dis
couraging ono to tho men on board, and they
aro rejoiced to get back once more. The con
tractors havo about perfected arrangements
for the purchase of a vessel suitable to perform
the service on the Alaska route.
R. R. Material Comino. The steamo
Umatilla, of the Oregon Improvement Com
pany, went to Oakland on the 10th and took
ou board two locomotives for Oregon. The lo
comotives have been manufactured by the
Baldwin locomotive works of Philadelphia.
Thoy aro for the Oregon and California Rail
road, and are the last of a consignment of sev
enteen which have been taken to Portland by
the Umatilla. They aro. placed on tho deck
near tho alter hatch, and blocked and secured
in place by heavy timbers and bolts through
the deck and iron plating. The two engines
and tenders weigh about 150 tons. On the
deck, near the forward hatch, after loading
the hold, is to be placed a largo steam excava
tor weighiug about 60 tons. This is shipped
to Portland, and is designed for work on tho
Northern Pacific Railroad. The steamer is
loading her lower hold with S00 tons of rails
for the saute road. , m
EsuoruNTS Coming, A party of 18 or 20
emigrant arrived in the city this morning,
.iv, tho Walla Walla i'iYn.t. from Kansas
. ity, and aro now proapeciins lor ian. iicj
ire an intelligent, good looking, well-to do
, - - . , ....
people, with good stock anil flirt-class
waisons, and should be persuaded to remain
here, as they are the kind of settlers this
country most need. One of the men reports
that the road between this city aod Kelton
is well rilled with "prairie schooners," and
that they passed two trains of 20 and 25
wagons, all headed toward Oregon and Wash
ington. xklBar M.
"Wells' Health Reamer restore health anJ rtfor,
Cur 1J tjwrU, Impotence, Sexual Debility, II.
21, 1882,
Bright Anticipation. For this north
western country the y ar 1 883, the latter half at
least, says the Tacoma Ledger, will bo a period
of transcontinental railroad excursions and
clam bakes. The route of the Northern Pacific
,;n h.n ho nnen hv rail for three-fourths ol
the distance, and by comfortable road waons
tho other fourth. Here is a splendid oppor
tunity, while making the trip to the States,
consuming say two weeks of time, to see with
all the advantages of slow traveling by stage,
some of the best parts of Montana, a region of
great wealth in natural resources. Through
tickets are now being Bold at Missoula for
principal points in tho East, and it seems not
improbable that they may in a few days be
purchased here and in Portland. A journey
over the Northern Pacific route would be n
journey fraught with interes. and memorable.
An Editor Robbed. A man -about 33
years of age, who refused to give his name,
was caught in the house of W. R. Boone,
editor of the Journal of Commerce, last night
at-1 o'clock. Mr. Boone, who lives on the
northeast corner of Third aud Salmon, heard
someone in his pantry and making an outcry,
urougnt umcers xiicKey .., uamw, u w
gether they captured the fellow. He had
secured a ham, which he threw out of the
window, and was proceeding to gobble up
other viands w hen nipped. He had left his
hat and shoes and otlicr valuables on the out
sidi before entering the house through a win
dow, so that in case he had a tussle with the
editor the latter could not rob him of any
thing. The burglar is a savago bruto and
very saucy. He is locked up in the city j lil,
Rushino Work. The Butte City, Mon
tana, Inter-Mountain of July 1st, said :
Tho tremendous activity displayed by the
N. P. Compauy bids fair to result in the
early completion of the road. ashiugton
Dunn is working a very large force in Mis
soula county, and the sub-contractors are
rushing things with all available energy.
E. L. B inner & Co. alone are working 600
men and aro operating six sawmills. An
enormous number of ties are being stacked
along the line of the road, and everything
now dopends on the graders and tracklayers.
E. L. Bonner & Co. have 75,000 ties stacked
in the Deei Lodce valley, or enough to tie the
road one-half of tho distance between Deer
Lodge and Butto.
Defrauded Purchasers. Somo of the
C melius peoplo havo been swindlefl by Ben
Holladay. In 1876 they bought a tract of
land near the village of Cornelius, and last
Spring they were given notice to vacate the
premises. Judge V. Smith bought of this
tract, 100 acres; B. Cornelius, 25 acres; Josiah
Clark, 25 acres; 11. W. McNutt, 15 acres;
Squire DeLetts, 5 aerca; all paying 25 per
acre for the land. They paid the money for
it but received no deed, and they are now
glad to get their money back, though they
1030 six years' interest and what improvements
they have made. John Cornelius had bought
the tract of 23 acres, paying 30 per acre
therefor. Nelson Wilcox bought the Josiah
Clark tract, and has built a barn on it and
grubbed 7 acres.
Other's Misfortunes.
A French wit has said: "We are all strong
enough to bear the misfortunes of others." A
kindred sentiment i found in Artemus Ward's
willingness to sacrihce all of his second cous
Ins in the late war. But why endure the mis
fortunes of others ? Why see others sacrificed
to the Moloch of diseased kidneys or liver,
broken down in health, weak, wasted, ha;-
tening to the crave, when we know that
Hunt a Remedy is just the specific that will
maKc a periect cure 7 mat man with weak
back, sore loins, distressed feeling, lost ener
gy, has disease of the kidnoys, and Hunt's
Kerned V is iust what he needs. Let him not
be sacrificed, but tell him the good news of
mis wonuenui medicine.
Does a lAme back or disordered urine indl-
oate that you are a victim P THEN DO NOT
mauTATgt use jutuioy- w ore at once, (oroz
elate recommend It) and tt will speedily over
some the disease and restore healthy action.
ofiiffctt ' or complaints pecnuar
and weaknesses. Kidney-Wort Is unsurpassed,
aa it will act promptly and safely.
Either Sex. Incontinence, retention of urine,
brick dust or ropy deposits, and dull dragging
pains, all speedily yield to its curative power.
mmi xo your flex. Baenasimin
a- sou) by .fl-Lij -Lmuiiuiara. Price SI.
It acts dlrrrHy on the latilnrjr. User and HowrU
restoring them al ourr to healthy action. HUNTS
REM EI) V la a safe, sure ar d ipeedjr cur, and hundreds
have testified to hating been cured by it, hen phys
icians and friends had irlren them up to die. Do not
delay, but try at once HUNTS REMKDV.
Ils'.vr KENEDY rnrra all Diseases oT the
Kliluna Itlailder. 1'rlnary Organs, Dropsy,
Uravrl, Dlabcln, and laronllnenre and Kr.
trntlon of I'rlnr.
Ill VS REMEDY rorrs Pain In the Side.
Bark, or Loins, Ventral Dcbllll, rrsnale
Ulvrnsrs, Disturbed lerp. Loss or Appetite,
Brians'. Disease and all C.nsplalaU or the
rrlno'Venltal Ortians.
HI'isTn at EM EDI quickly Induces the Elver to
healthy action, removing the causes that produce
Blll.ua Headache, Dyspepsia, Sonr Stomach,
CostlTtnraa, file, ele.
By the use ot KTSTn KEMEDl the Stomach and
Bowels will speedily retrain their strength, and the
Blood will b. perfectly purified.
rVT BKMEW1 is pronounced by the best
doctors to be the "only rare' tor all kinds of Kidney
Ml' HIT'S BEMEDY Is purely Tegetable, and Is a
sure cur. for Heart Diseas. and Rheumatism when all
othir medicine tails.
Mt.VTS BEMEDY Is prepared expressly tor
the above diseases, and has never been
kn.wn ( tall.
One trial III eonvlne T.n. For sale by all
Onanists. Send for pamphlet to
rrlec Cents and f l.M JuOuJ
jfeuTw. ijf&J ? lmtw
ItVniftTERED MAKGH&i. lftTJ.
Oregon's Fayorite
Every Druggist anil Store keeper sell It. Jnn2Stf
4! First Street, Pnrllnlld, Oregon.
Catalogues mailed free. JunlOw
Incorporated 18M.
Home Mutual Insurance Co
LossesPaid Ognj! $162,363.29
Oregon Branch Office,
GEO. L. STOBY, Manager
Southeast corner of First and Stark Streets,
Opp Ladd & Tllton's Bank,
f uitTLAND, OREQON apt
(Old "NATIONAL," Established 1S66.)
123 Front Street, bet. Washington and Alder,
A. P. ARMSTRONG Principal.
J. A. WESCO, Penman and Secretary.
Admitted on any week day of the year. Pen work (
all kinds at reasonable rates. The College Journal,
containing- Information of course and cuts of ornamen
tal penmanship, free. Addrcaa:
mchlm3 Lock Box 104, Portland, Oregon.
(Patented by W. C. Evants.)
Is the only one that will pay farmers and fruit growers
to buy as it dries MORE FRUIT in LESS TIME and
than any other ono In the market.
jtarit Dried 1.1.&I0 Pound or Prune, and
flams In TWELVE DAYrt, with ?I3 worth or
Wood nnd One .Han's Labor.
For terms address :
H. Wm. DILO., Agent,
my20 82 Front street, rear Hanson's Seed Store.
Willamette Valley Lands.
$500,000 Worth of Land
Best quality of Grain and Stock Farms, Dairy Farms,
Mill and Mill Sites. Also, have for sale Stock of all
kind. Sheep, Cattle and Horses.
tSTOur lands are located in Polk, Marion, Linn,
Lane, Benton and Yamhill counties. The cream of the
valley, and consist of rich Prairie soil, beat of Hill
land, Foot Hill region, and Mountain Ransre, Railroad
land, and vacant Government land v,tll be shown.
We have small farms, and largo farms. We can suit
you in price. We can plaaso you on terms. We can
satisfy you In quality. We have Just the farm you
Dallas is 55 miles from Portland by rail and those
who purchase of us will be taken free of cost from
Portland and shown the ands. mayltf
Homeopathic Physicians and
Rooms 59, 00, CI and 62 Union Block, Portland, Or.
Dr, Z. II. N, Diseases of Women.
Dr. A. S. N, Diseases of Eye, Ear, and Throat.
ForConanraplUo, Anthran, BroDrhltln,
Cntarrb. OrHpepain, Headaches Debil
ity, XearnlKln. Kliruinnllsni, and nil
lliroulGasidJs'erVfitiM ItlNnrdera. anj.Lr.
agea uiny be roiivrqlrutly aent by x
urea, rendy tor tmuicdln tonne nt home.
fiin i or irea treatise on tn
uu i or irea treatise on tiintixvm
Ircntnient. Addrenatheproprsetoiv 1
1109, 1111 tilrardfltreet, PhllH.,Fa.,
or II
1. 1 jia sischb, rnrine fsenanltory,
.Tlonfconiery M.Snu rranr)sw.Cl.
AU Sorts ol Merchandise Exchanged for
Dry Goods, Groceries, Ilardware, Crockery, Boots and
Shoes, Hats and Caps.
E erj thine; a Fanner wants for sale. Everything a Far.
met raise srsnted.
Corner Kadlsoa and Hrst Street, rortlaad
OpposiU Begman, cabin 4 Oo'i Agricultural Wan
hoot. octiS-tc