Willamette farmer. (Salem, Or.) 1869-1887, March 02, 1877, Page 6, Image 6

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Jllatttr-Jnin T. .Toncf, Ilarton. Phillips. Ark.
OcertttrJ. .1. Woodman, Paw Pmv, an Uarcn,
fctittirA. II. Hmcdley.Crcsco. Howard, In.
tttnntnt-A. J. VmiKlitl, AN-ninlilF. Tcliti.
Au't Wfcww Mwtlincr Whitehead, Mlddlobusb,
tfomurset, N. J. ... ...
nniiiilalnH. II. Kill. SprliigboroURh. Warren, O.
TruumirY. M. McDowell, wnync, Hteuucn,a. 1.
l!V. I.III1 SV 0. KV.
.-r-0. Dinwiddle, Orchard (Trove, Ilid.
tiiCrttmuO. II. Kelle,
llntfi.lvi, lj-r O. llltlttl
t!rrn Mm. .Tfiliti 'I'. Jones. lUrtotl. I'hlllllis. Ark
ri-.Mrs. Samuel IJ. Adams, Montlcello, Mlliti.
IKimnwt- Mrs Harvey (lixltlaru, North (Jranby. Ct.
. AfMdnt .Vfcii'iDtf .Miss Carolina A. Hall,
Jt.oulsWIle, lfy.
I). Wyutt Aiken, (Chairman,! Cokcsbury, 8, C,
1!, It. Shanklaml, lliihiiuu. fowa.
Dudley T. Chase, Chrcmont.N. II.
Aloiixo (I lder, Uoik I'nllc, Whiteside, III.
W. II. Chambers, OswctLheu, Itiisecl). Ala,
Olllrvrn (il'Ori'son State (JruiiKC
Mnnlir Win. Cyrus, Hi-Io.
Oltiri A. It. Shljiley, Ucwi'Cii.
Jsvtwtr- .Mrs. K. N. Hunt, Sublimity.
Kviilml T. I,. Davidson. Halcm.
Kttinml W. II. Tlnniin, Wnlln Wnlla, W. T.
A"'lii'l Stncaril (I. W. Kiddle, Canyonvlllu.
Ciiiiliitii - W. II. (Iruy, Astoria.
'J'lfii'iitu -H. I'. Leo, I'orllnnd,
(nlt-luifrA. II. (Irabain, Fisher's Landing,
Clark county, W. T.
f.Vrc Mrs. II. A. Miller, .Jacksonville.
I'oiiuiini Mr. 8 I). Durham, McMllinvlllc.
7fl -Mrs. K. A. Kelly. Knit Portland.
Mill A"'t SIhihiiI Mri. Oiorlil Smith, Hood
Jtlver, Wuio rutin y.
Kiftiilln IMiiiMtftir -Win. Cyrus, Htloj It. Clow,
Dallas; K. L. Smith, Hood Itlvur.
Mute :itnt" A 'Jin I -S. P. Leu, Portland.
Statu Granjjo Deputien for 1877
lml OJJlct. Ktirm.
A HoMu Crnlllf Corvullli"
Kimrli Slilnlno Iliillu Click
V, Wltaiuhill Unxon City
not m.Ai.
.1 W Haj.- MyrlloCrcek
,M (laidnur llrnlnV htutloi
PI)iiiiton Kelly I.'it I'orl laud.... Cast I'urtlalid
V V Castlemat Iluttovllle
l W Hunt....
.1 N T.MIIlur
J' A t'attorsoii....
.1 .1 Chirlliui
Daniel t'leslcr...
.Tunic- W Mnilntk
a : n.
Inlm I'ud
lit; Durham Mr.Mlnmlll.i
I Hupptlllitlill (Iisliill
J) II lllnihiiri Canyon City
.Sublimity Hah in
...larkii.iuvlllo lacksiinvlllo
...lllckruil Salem
...doosoLake Jacksonville
...Kerliyvlllu Jacksonville
...I.elianoli Albany
. Tyd Thu Dalles
l W.Mixwiill.
II 1' lllltde
.18 Whltu
T llciiryHliroeder.
...Canyon City
.....Columbia City
....Tillamook North Ynmhlll
....Weston Wcslon
.. Ott
vlgllanco which changes tho boarlng polut
of tho responsibility for tuccoso from tho
chosen agont to tho stockholders. Tho agents
cannot go far wrong whon a choson coin
inittco of inanagotnont, in addition to tho
ohocks generally embodied In tho plan of
buHlnoss, havo always access to tho books
and submit n plainly arrangod balance
sheet overy throo nionths, together with
tholr roports of what part of tho machinery
is working satisfactorily, and suggestions
whoro and In what way amondmonts can bo
mado. Tho'o short settloinonls and oi't-ro-pcatod
"statements" liavo tho olfect or
bringing tho argus-oyod boily of sharehold
ers Into such an lntlninto actjualntanco with
their business, that tho measure of huccops
is the result of their own lnlolligonco in
adapting tho means to tho end in vlow. It
Is with them not so much a question of con
lldonco In individual agents or olllcors, as
wliothor tho objoct is within tho reach of
their combined capital and intelligence.
Tho llrltlsh societies of this kind are not,
in tho avorago of tholr membership, to be
compared lo tho satnu numbor of American
farmors, who may seek to adopt a co-operative
plan of business, In point of goneml in
telligence, but tho former, living us thoy do
In donso communities, are neuter to their
work,ho to speak. It cots thorn little or no
loss of working time loget together and talk
over their business. And it is not tlio least
bonollclal phase of Co-operation, with them,
tliut It ftirnlshiH them with an Inducement
to get knowledgoof iiow bcht to hiivotuid in
vest tho money which thoy would otherwise
spend time In Injurious or useless sinking in
tho beer-pot. The chief obstacle tho Ameri
can humors Imyo to the sumo mousnro ol
success is tho dlxtaucu they live Iroin ouch
other, mid tho cost to them of getting togeth
er often lor consultation. This their skill ol
adaptation to unavoidable circumstances
Will doubtless enable them to overcome, but
all parties Interested in tho beginning of to
oporallvoauterprlsesfhutild take it Into their
account. That obstaclu butmuttnted, the
Kugllsh system of checks and reports and
balance sheets should answer tho same pur
poohoiu. Tho reader Interested may tlnd
some interesting p.ipurs on tho maungeuitnt
of co-operative soclutli., lit jivribucr'a Mayu-.-mi'
for lSTii. from May to DlcoiiiIilt, thu inst
esjiLclaliy Interontlug.
Joit Mi.nto.
IProm iho Dally Mercury, Fob. 21
A Jlrllllnnt Airnlr A lliitliirlnir Irnni
lie Four Ituurlers ol' Hie fiipllul
Last ovoning was witnessed one of
tho most brilllunt private party gather
ings of tho present season in our fair
capital city. Tlio 23d instant being tho
twenty-fifth anniversary of tho wedding
day of Mr. und Mrs. S. A. Clarke, their
friends, to tho number of n hundred or
more, gathered at their residence in
South Pnlom to celobtnto this their
silver wedding. The early patt of the
ovoning was rjuito stormy, but cleared
up by 8 o'clock, and at 9 o'clock tho
many rooms of tlio residence wore liter
ally packed nud crammed with Snlom
itcs, young iitul old, fiom till iituirters
of tho city. Mr. and Mrs. Clarke re
ceived their many friends in that pleas
ant und uflhblu manner for which they
aro bo well noted, und seemed jutt us
hsppy its thoy possibly could havo boon
on that ovoning twonty-llvo yeors ago
whon their ii ret ami real wedding oc
curred. Conversation, laughter and
music went rippling through tho denso
throng, mulling tho horns pass rapidly
by, until till tlio expected guests wore
assembled, when the host und hostess
were taken possession of by thoso
.Colfax Col fa I
. . Ktnui.... ......... ............
..Clu'luiUi- Point
ft W I trow
lib Itluuer
M , (loodllii
Hti M.iiMi.iiii....
1.(1 Allium (Myuiitn Olympla
JS I.oiiKiiilru Yrlm
.lnllim Hiirtiiu Heattlo Heattlu
I i.u.
Ii M Plermin Claiiiatn
OP Cook KlleuiOmri:
In any county whero thu Deputy nrpolntiil li not
thu nio.t i-ultatile, nr.il thu (Iranue nfllio lurallty Vlll
Vroperly Imllrate to mu n i holru. I w III bo plea., lor
In ninny lurliincei I himi lieen obllijed to maku up.
polntinentK without kuimledKoi to jltnen'.
W.M. CYltUH,
Matter Orek'oii Htntu (Imiiko, P. of II.
To tlio Subordlnnto OmiiBCs of
btnto urnngo.
Tho Soonitary of each (Iraugo will please
miiiiI thiiiiatiii'sof Master and Secretary tloot
lor lh"7, to Sto. of S. II, iw noon im praetl
ouliln, ghlug tho address of Mnstor nud
Hmiretary, i'ouiity and .State, or Territory.
Jly no doing you will obllgii
T. I. Davidson,
See. C). S. U., l'.of II.
Cost ollli'o addrHiis:
Siilom, Marlon Co., Oiogou.
ronoxA uuaxuk, MAMo.vVoiwn'.
II. W. Hunt, Matter; (I, II. (lleiin. hec'y- MeetA
mi IhiMlrtt Weilueil.iy or i'.iiIi mouth, at tho point
Hut mu bo ilxetl at lit meellnu
for Iho Wlll.imettu Parmer.
Thoughts on Co-onoration nud Ropreson
tntiou. KMimlnntloii ofthoMi two agenoloH, as now
iikihI In tho various co-oporiitlvo lndtitrlo.s
of (Irout Hrltitlu, show that thoy go hand lit
hand, A very cursory examination of tho
Hystoiu at its original homo In Kiighmd,
41 Tlio Koohdulo l'luiUKir liultablo," shows
that, whotuivor, from any I'luiso, tho ehK'tod
iiiiumgor of tho bitsluiiss get oil' tho track
which reiu'lies to sucooms, thoy aro voted out,
and others put in tholr places. Tho Kugllnh
have adopted a dltlnrout busU of rt priwenla
lion from that which generally obtains hero.
U'hoy limit tho amount of shares which one
pornou may own, mid allow- only one vote to
oach sharolioUlor. This i.ooius to operate In
making tho slmieholder who holds the great
est amount of stock, mid who, Hrhaps, as a
rule, aro the most illccrluiiuatliig Judges of
luisluessagtiutM, hiuI who, it is not unwar
rantable to Hiipposti, w iold an luiluoncti In
tho choioti of agents above what tholr own
vote represents,) bend their energies for tho
best litulutMs Hgeuts, in order to make tho
tHiatiict pay tho most protlt, mid not for tho
liirHMo that Is often Nought and rtvaohod in
this country of " freliig out thoajuiall own-
tin," to boglu with, 'the Kngllali syatom,
Mfter many failures, hiu roochod a point
where tho personal character of tho ehosen
flgonl in ctiiiducting a iM-operntlvo biulness
lHs not wield Bitch an iutlueuco for or
ugaiust siuvtvss a it d(Hs with us, ThU do
Mlmlilo rtutult has seemingly boon attultitHl,
not by tho choice of better material tbr their
Mgtmt-s, so much as their admirable tiyntom
d( cheeks and oottlouiouts, Tho latter, in
particular, aro no plain and so frtsiuont that
iio membvJB can vxercUo that ueror-avuiug
Grazing Plains in tho Moon.
Kvory one has noticed tho dark spots
hlch mottle tho surface of the lull moon
These long ago nseil to bo considered sous,
and In Iho geography of tho Itiuurorh went
under such names its tho Sea of Serenity, tho
Sen of Nectar, tho Sea of Itulns, and tho
Ocean of Tempests. They aro still designat
ed seas by astronomers lor convenience
sake, but aro known to bo nothing hut vast
plains hemmed in, In domo cases, by lofty,
rugged mountains. When examined through
tlio telescope some of thiso plains havo a
greenish tint, strongly marked, but hero
mid there dilllcult to c.Uch excopt under
luvornblo coiulltlons, This verdant huo has
excited speculation. If tho moon lms no
atmonplioro und no water It may arise from
tho color of tho ground, but coitnlnly can
not Indicate vegotatlou, 'if, however, tho
moon has mi almosphoro tho caso Is entire
ly altered, mid recent studies of tho state of
tho lunar surface havooxelted grave doubts
us to its being nothing but mi uliloss, tin
ullorahlo desert, u changolovs mass of dead
mutter. An American scleutlllu contem
porary proceeds boldly from doubt to cer
tainty, "Tho moon," it obsorves, "Is now
known to havo an atmosphere of coiibider-
ublo volume and density, ability and change,
and to have In all probability water enough
to nittko life easily possible on its surface.
Tho moon is dying but net dead, Doing so
much smaller than the earth It has run Its
course more raphlly, nut It Is still a inod
viv oil' Irout tho goal of ultimate (loudness
to which so many astronomers havo theo
retically assigned It. There Is not the slight
est ad(iiinto evidence, Nelsnii says, of tho
popular view- ol want of life, mid Its truth
would bo ailnutttd by no astronomer who
had devoted sulllclent attention to solouo
gruphy to enable him to thoroughly realize
tho probable present condition of tho moon,
If such is the ease, tho green-tinted plains
may bo nothing but vast gr.isy regions
covered with Hocks nud herds. The "man
in tho moon," may havo abundant pas
turage for his cattle, mid many u shepherd
boy may bo there seated on tho ground,
piping as though ho should never grow old.
It Is n pity wo can only speculate. Koullty
Is true romance, mid If wo know ullthut goes
on In tho moon, astronomers probably
would shut tip tholr books and break their
teles co pes,
Tho Island of Heligoland, in tho tlormun
Ocean, Is reported to bo gradually disappear
ing. It Is now, says Iron, less than a mile
In superficial extent; but ui 10 It) It was four
miles In clrcumiereiice, In KiOO forty. Iho
miles, and, In MX), n hundred mid twenty
miles, Tho encroachment of tho sea is ef
fected almost entirely from (ho northeast,
owing to tho set of tlio currents nud tho di
rection ot tho prevailing winds.
frlonds present nnd nmdo to "stand up"
nu'nin. In front of them was placed u
tublo li'don with rich silverware, pie
sentcd them by their many ftietids.
At tliis juncture, und nftcr order hud
been ustorcd, Mrs. J. II. Mwros cuine
forward, and on behalf of the married
folks present Ktild:
Mr. and Mni..S. A. Clarke: Allow me
on bo luil I' of your iniirilid fi lends to
oiler lo you our congratulations on this
your twenty-llftli woddinu'iinnivoisary,
and witli them to prcenl to ynti these
in tides of silver us u slight testimonial
of our friendship und isteoin. Unit
your future puthwuy through life tuny
lie unclouded, Itlld ftiellds eitlully tried
und true us those present here to-night
may celebrate with yon your golden
wedding, in our heartfelt wli.li.
To this Mis. Clarko replied in u feel
ing uinuuer, thanking the dmiois fur
their tokens of friendship, but added
Unit herself und husband valued fur
moru highly than tlio gifts themselves
the good opinions, friendship and love
which prompted tho giving. These
presents fiom tho married folks con
sisted principally of u tidily chased
silver pitcher, stignr howl, cream pitch
er, cellery dish, und spoons ad libitum.
After this pleasant episode, Miss
Addio l.ooney stepped out from tin
adjoining loom, bearing ti hilver cako
basket und silver castor, und udilrei-siug
Mr. und Mis. Clarko announced to
them that on helinlf of their many
young ft lends sho had been delegated
to present them with tho articles she
boro us a token of their friendship and
esteem. Thoy wero accepted with
words warm with appreciation of this
kind token from their young and un
married frlonds. Culls woro then nude
for speeches from several juoinlnont
individuals present, who had known
Mr. mill Mrs. Clurko from their youth
upwurd, who canto forward nnd with a
testimonial of words added to tho gen
eral tokens of esteem und friendship
already expressed, und but echoed tho
wish of till present in expressing tho
hope that their Ufa might puss smoothly
along tho current of time until ut least
tho unnlversary of tholr wedded life
might bo ugatu celebrated by their
fiioiids at their golden wedding.
The otilckvM, .surest ml Cheaii-
U.Hl ItUIUCMlil'S.
I'lSytlciiirif rccmmend.'nnd I'nrrli rs declare tint no
jucli remedies k.ivo ever bv.'ore been In ik-c. Words
nro cheap, but tin- proprietors ol thc-o r.rllclen will
present trial bottlvv to medkal men, grntle, and will
guarantee mine tapld and ntl;fautory rui'Jlts tli n
have ever before been obtained.
Tin- Cvntniir Liniment, M'liltc "VVrnp
per, will euro Ithciuuilljm, Jfeur.iUIa, I.ntnbaifo.
Sciatica, Caki.il Urcale, boro Xlpulit, Frwteil i'ect,
Chllblnluf , ? i lllnus, Spialns nnd any ordinary
It will extract tho poUon ol bites and stlnjrs, nnd
heal burns or ca!d without a scar. Lock-JiW, Pal
t). Weak Hack, Caked llrcatts. Earache, Toothache,
Itch and Cutaneous Eruptions readily yield to Its
Henry lllnck, of Ada, Hardin Co., Ohio, ray?: "My
wlro ha had rheumatism lor tlvu year no rest, no
rlvvp-ionlil scarcely walk ucross thu lloor. Shu Is
now completely cured by trousu ofContaiir Liniment.
u an leei iniinKiui in )im, nun recouiiiieuu yuui
I. r..l M...llnli.. ... nil ..... l.....1j '
uin.ili.rful meillc nu to all our friend.'
lauius Hurd, ofZancsvlile, 0.,says: "Tho Centaur
Liniment med my Neuralcla. "
Alfred Tiifh. ol Neark. wrltcM "Send mo one
do.eii bottle by e.xpresi . '1 ho Liniments liaro sAVed
my 1l"'. I want to iliptrlbutu It, .vc."
Tho fain of tll Liniment Is Increasing rapidly,
The Centum- Liniment, Vellow Wrnp
pee. Is foi ihu toit-h rkiu, llefli and r.ui'ciis of
Illlll'tS, 311 t.l;- AN 11 ANIMAI.r.
Wohaxu LeMryct secun cao ofbp.ixln. Sweeny,
Illng-lioui-, Wind K'lll, ficratclies or l'ol:-K-..!, whlli
thl I.lnliiient would nut cpccdlly bciirllt, iitul wc
never s.iw luit.i few cites whlcli lc woitlJ not euro.
It will euro when ncythlria can. It Is fully to spend
$Sti, for a Parr ler, w hen ono dollar's worth of Centum
Liniment will do better. Tho follouli. U a tuinpie
of tho tcittuony produccil:
"Jitri'ciito.v, SIo., Njv. in, lsTH,
"Some tlm'' wi I wn rluppltiit l.ori-cs to t. Louis,
i got ono nuMiy eiiiipieii in uie ear. u mi ure.u iniii
euity 1 i;ot nliiiiotiiusiubli, on fourth A fume. The
siablo-kiier -noniua outtle of jourCeiiliitir Lini
ment, whli !i 1 used witli sueeess that In to nays the
Imrsu was as nettu anil nearly well, 1 have been a
wtirliury siiu'eon lor thirty juitt, bill jour Lini
ment lioi.d niivtlitrn; I cveruml,
"A. J. JPCAHTV, Veterinary bitrzcon."
Peru tostai;o stamp we will mull a Centaur Ainu
me, roiiUltilus; hundreds of ccrtlllenles, trutu every
Slate In the L'ulon. Th:su Lln'iuents uto told by all
dealers In Iho country.
Laboratory of J. U. Uosi: & Co.,
Ill D.v br.. Nuw Yoiik.
;a.(oi'la U the rrsu'.t of vdycirs experiments, by
llr. ban.iiel Pitcher, of .Ma.sacliutitts. Ills u e;;etn
bio liriii.ir.nl in its elective us Castor Oil, but perfect
ly pleasant to tho tatto. It cm bo taken by tho
yoiiDucst Infiiit, and neither c-is nor Krlpis. Dr. A.
J. Ureen, of Itoyston, Intl., sa)s of P:
Huts: I hau tiled thu Caftorla and can spcik hlch
I) or lis merits. It will, 1 think, do away entirely
wltn Castor Oil; It Is pleasaut und harmless, nud Is
uoiitiern.iiy iiiiiiieiuusns nit niieiieni nun uxalive.
It Is thu -ry thltw.
TlioCastorlutestrujs worms, resulates tho Stum
nch. cures Wind Colic, and penults of natural healthy
sleep. It Is very iftUaeiouslii Croup, nnd for teething
Children. Honey is not pleasanter to tho taste, nud
Castor O'l Is not so certain la Its effects. It costs but
33 cents, In lar'0 bottles.
J. II. Itosc. & Co., 10 Dey St., New York.
Tlio wonderful Improvement in farming
In those sections whoro tho attendance on tho
grunge is regular, Is unite apparent, and tho
mental culture and advancement is beginn
ing lo bo felt by monopolists. They tlnd
tlmt men of thought havo been developed
from what they considered Ignorant boors
atid clodhoppers, who aro determined to
havo tholr rights and to no longer submit to
unjust extortions and wholesale plunder.
John Thouipxou, who murdered Solomon
lUxtor, nt Jloiitou, V, T on the llth, lent.,
while in n I'runkoti row with h man nauiiHl
Itminett, wxs tried Just week at SttlH, and
found guilty of niutder In Iho tltst decree,
ami whs sentonciM to bo hanucd, on Friday,
Maa-hivOth, U77.
iki.vi i.iki: II.
.i.i:, Fob. LM, 1S77.
i:. Mi:mh.: Mr. J. ). Kiggs, of
whoso departure yotiguvo notice on tho
ll'th of January, has reached home at
Florence, Kansas, and writes, under
date of tho lUli lust., and says: "F.vorv-
tliing heie is us dead as u door nail.
Tho specimens of fi nit and w heat w hich
1 bioitght bad; set in tn surprise all who
see them especially the grain. One- of
my frlonds said to tell you ho would
give you !?1 per bushel for ILK) bushels
of tho .screenings which I brought
back." Tho sample was a handful of
screenings or tailings taken from tho
cheat-box of tlio thresher. Mr. Kiggs
sent out a sample of their Spring w heat
and s.iva it is a good averago of the
country, lie further says: "My placo
is for bale, for if we havo a few more
failures hero with chinch bugs and
grasshoppers, wo will all bo too poor to
come to Oregon. Tho ground is full of
hopper' eggs. 1 am going to tnako an
effort to clo.-o out hero soon." Hurrah
for Wobfoot, where crops never fail.
Yours truly, wKii,
Attorney at Law,
Otllco on State Street, oppoMto tho Dennett House.
A cent" tor tlio Willamette Turnicr.
Any poison which has boon swal
lowed, intuntlnnnlly or by itccidont.
mny ho romler-ml harmless by awal
lowint two jjllis of sweot oil. Tho
oil noiitmllzos ovory form or YOgettt
bio or intiicntl oisoii with which
physicians aro tutiuttlntod. A lioap
injr teaspoonful each of common salt
and uroniul mustard stlrroti into halt
n jl:ssfnl of water is n good nntldoto
for poison; thN vomits as toon as it
roaches thu stomach; bur, for fear
somo of tho jHilsoti may Mill romuin,
swallow tho wlutoi of onoor two raw
i'KBS, or ilrlnU tt cup of strong cotVco.
llueua Vl.l.i
i'ihmiIIIo City
V.IUU r , uiivj. ......
Corvnllls ,
(.'re w ell....
(iinp Creek
Pox Valley
Purest (Jroo
IH Hannon
U IMietchell
Jeir Dnls
.WmUvlls, ,1 Wll.il.art
W It Kirk
J W IluheMer
1) II lihlnebart
WT Jlrls
t'H Matteson
Wll Clarko
It .1 Morrison
Ill" Kendall
K WihhIw aid
..Itosroo ICiox
W A .Mills
O It Hamuiersloy
,..J Dl.ee. 1) MOnthrio
b Hiud.aker
Urewron .'c llraln
II Koibes
1! C Hadanay
A II Haines
lohn McCluci;
A D (lardtier
..SHiu-hes. WI. Curtis
J Hands.ilier
S M Oalnes
TJ Iltirk
Hiram r-ielth
..A Luelliu;
ilepner . . Morrow x Herivn
Independence W I, Hodglti
Junction Smith, llra.ileld A Co., W I. Lemon
Jacksonville M I'eter.on
Jttrersou John W Uoland
I.owisNlllo 11 o .McTlmmomls
Usf.ijette Dr I'oepleton. A II Henry
Lebanon S 11 Clanshton
MonrvHi , Jns Kelsey
McMinnvlllo J ll.MoirW. A Held
Monmouth V Waterhoitsu
Needy....... Wru Morclaml
New Km , J Caste
Notti'llivltlo 1 F Ca.tlcman
Nortli Yauihlll DC Stewart
OtkUtul S K Kavmnud
Oswego , Alt Shipley
Ott J 11 s-clmn-der
OrecouClly..... m M Ilacon
Pendletoa.. .....W A Whitman
1'eorU , ...Dr J II Irvine
I'tlot Itock...... K OlllUm
1'ortUud ,..,,.....S 1' Leo, Airent Statu Oraui-e
IMnesvilio OM I'limilo
1'errydalo MrOrewVstore
Ulckreal .FA Patterson
Itosebtir,: Tho Smith
Sclo F P Jones, ThosMuuker
SlUertnu T It lltbbard
She.ld's WM Powers, 0 It Wheeler
Sprtm;ilcld , A H Hovey
Mihllmtty John Downing
eei Hume Hen Marks
TMitrent KSIUrico
Tae IUIles., , I, llnxiks
Turner W m lllllirr
nro:ivir SWl)ron, II II Demuc
WUUtiuMIe Forks M Wilkin
Wtl Walla J F Ureter
Waldo. J c Elder
J It KiU.ou, HS Applsyute
rcntcHl Vnricly of
In Oregon,
Consisting of Apple, Tear, Peach,,
Plum, Prune, Cherry, Grape,
Cherry Ouirraut, Lawton
Blaokberry, Raspberry
and Strawberry Sots,
California Walnut,
Black Walnut,
Butternut, &
s. luellIng &SON,
I'roiirlctors MllwettUIc Nursery.
Nov. 1 , 1 ;n.
400,000 FRUIT TREES,
AH ul tho 3Jeht TurietfCN.
Oswctfo, Or.,
Havo this number or
Fruit nnd Ornamental Trees,-
For sale. In their cxtcnslvo Nursery. Inclmllne the '
Tho Jfjalitui Iimiiio,
And thu beet varieties or
JMut and Shade Trees,
Sond for Desoriptivo Catalogue.
rnrchntcrs trail Islt tlio WILLAMETTE Nl'IlSK
lt. Osweao.or they can flmUJ, W. WAM.INC,
li'Ji' WW !'.f,.Trt" al ,ho UiniiKcr Mnr.
Kcl. I'OHTLAND, OIL ui)3.
S T It A N G ,
Importer ami Dealer In
Improved Ranges,
S 1? O "XT' 3E3 S,
And Manufacturer of
Tin, Sheet-Iron & Copper
Union llloclc. Commercial Street.
SALKM onsaox.
frU'iiiU and csiitomrr that I havo resuimd busl
ne.s. and Invito tho public uener.iliy to rail and exam
ine my stock ond learn my prices. Ncv;I lb'iitf
Salem Flouring Mills.
Con.Mtmitl- on Iluiitl.
IIIgTliOKt 3?rloo Jn GASH
Paid for Wheat
Sept IStf
Aficnt 8. F. M.
2?. O. SUZ.I.IVAN.
8. E, corner, at head of stairs, fclSy
i:vr.lUL19IIKD 1SGG.
Willamette Nurservt
Oswego, Olaokamas co., Oregon.
Growers of tho Choicest Varieties of
I'anlcalir attention given to Cherry, Pruno ard Tlum
uecs. ist
Administrator'B Notice.
TITOTICK ll hereby plven that I havo been appolnt
XI ed administrator of tho etto of Peter Cox. sen
lor, Uto of Marion connry, Oreeon. dercsscd All
persou having clilms against raid estate aro roiulr-i-U
to present ihem to me, with proper vouchers, tit
mv tesldeucn, near sllverlon. In said county, within
six months from the date of this notlco. '
,h ,. , . I. W. WHIGIIT.
Februr)-5, 77wl
IS hereby clvin that V. T. Hall, administrator of
tho esute of Solomon U. Hall, diceascd. has thU
day bled li final account with said estato in tho
County Court ol Marlon countv, Oregon, and Satur
d;y. tho lt);h ray oi March. ItrtT, at ono o'clock y m.
of said day, has been set as tho tlruo for hearlne tho
sime. Thereton-, all person Itnere.ted lu said es
tate are reouIrM to appear at n;o aforesaid day, and
Die their objection to said accoait, if any tbey hae,
or bo forever ba;red.
Feb. P, liTtw I Co, Judso of Marlon Co..