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The date up pent-Ins after tlir printed
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BXPIHATIO oriiiburrlpllon.
Ni:w Yonic, Jim. (). Stokes was hi
Oyer und Terminer this morning to
receive sentence. Trcmalnc, hi coun
sel, made an address In relation to n
bill of exceptions to the Judge's rul
ings, which he proposed to oiler. The
prisoner was then asked what he had
to say why sentence of death should
not liq passed. .Stokes thereupon Mild
that lib had not violated itho law In
tentionally, that the testimony upon
winch no was convicted was manu
factured and perjured. Judge Hoard
man then, in a very feeling address, i
in which ho alluded to the prisoner's '
youth and social surroundings, sen
tenced tlio prisoner to be li sniped on
Friday, tho 2Sth day of February,
being the shortest time that could be
legally allowed it convicted man.
Stokes' counsel were in consultation
last evening. Thev weie greatly sur
prised at the verdict, nnd expressed
their purpose of applying at once forir
stay of proceedings, and ultimately, If
possible, to secure another trial. ,
Yesterday morning, shortly after ten
o'clock, a rain-storm began, which
soon turned to sleet nnd continued un
til everything became fringed witli
icicles. No such spectaclo has been
witnessed in years before. The trees
ere- encased in ice, locomotion on the
sidewalks becamo utmost Impossible,
and throughuot the day the streets
looked deserted. About half-past
twelve telegraph communication with
points outsldo of the city was stopped ,
by the ice on the wire, which broke
them down. I
CmcAoo, Jun. 0. Minnie Myrtle
Miller delivered her lecture on. Joa
quin Miller to an nudlcncotof about
100 at Union Park church on Saturday
night. The press comments wero.
Tho weather here is clear nnd cold.
Four Inches of snow fell on Saturday
night and yesterday.
St. Louis, Jon. 0. Tho snow-storm
which prevailed over u lurgo part of
this State nnd Kansas on Friday and
Saturday was the heaviest known for
over twenty years. Snow fell from
one to two feet deep on a level nil
through Central and Northwest Mis
souri, and in somo places it has drift-
oil limltw All (mlim ntv ilntnvnl
inanv hours some of them stuck i'ast
In drifts.
Cuicacso, Jnn. 0. The Journal'
Washington special soys : "Asa re-1
suit of tho Cabinet consultation yes
terday in referenco to affairs In Loui-'
slana, the president has advised Gone-'
rnl Kmery, commanding tho United i
States forces at Now Orleans, that the '
Warmouth legislature cannot bo in
tefcred with for peacably assembling
to-day, so long as tho existing govern-i
Nkw Ohi.kanh, Jan. 0. Tho city Ls
quiet tills morning, nnd fear of a con
flict are subsiding. Very little busl-
ness doing. Some 3,000 persons already
assembled about the City Hail und
Lafayette square. The meeting there
will unboubtedly bo large. Tills
morning a battalion or iniantry ami a
company of cavalry rode up from the .
barracks to their tempory quarters on
the comer of Magazine and Julia
Nkw Oklkans, Jan. 7. An im
mense crowd of citizens estimated at
20,000, gathered In Utfityetto square
and other street's iifllio neighborhood
of tho Odd Fellow's Hall, where, at
nnnn In.nuv. the Wnrnioth Leclsiil-
ture met. The crowd was remarkably
quiet. No quorum was present in
either House, nnd both adjourned un
til noon to-worrow.
The Kellogg legislature met a usu
al, but adjourned early.
Nkw York, Jan. u. 'Witncs.c.s in
tho Stokes easo who were detained in
conllnment for a year are discharged.
New Ypbk, Jn. 7. Stokes, when
sent buck to thftTonibs yesterday, to
assigned to- thft-jnurdcrcr's cell. He
stated to a afcorter last nlltbt that
money secureJTlUo verdict ; that the
boy, RedmoHaind Hart, were bribed,
and" their testimony convicted lhlni.
Ho had expected an entire accqutttal.
He declare that ho a a victim of
excited public sentiment ; that the
had their minds made up to convict
him before tho testimony was given:
that on their selection the Jurors all
stated they had formed opinions. He
was conlldmetit, however, that Ids
counsel would obtain astay of proceed
ings, and also another trial.
In Oyer and Terminer Court, this
mornlmr. notwithstanding the unrent
endeavors of Ills counsel to further do-
lay Judgement, Judge Davis refused to '
entertain such ' motion", and ordered
the criminal trial of Tweed, in which
he is Implicated with the Connolly
frauds, to be proceeded with. His
counsel, however, proceeded to makea
dilatory argument.
Washinuton, Jan. 7. At n Cabinet
meeting Secretary llslknup lend a
(ilnKA n.llikl.i.ll fnAIII aTl III 111 1.at
ory, saying everything was quiet,
General Sherman and other promln-
cut ntilclnl of the Civil service, ex-
KotririWoIiVXMVOrlcutiM." thuthas been hvoyonr.-In the United
Ni w Oiu.kans, Jan. 7. The elty it States Is generally leaner und hnrsh
very quiet. The Pinchbeck l.ogMa- or, and worth much les than It would
iikSkT'Sm. 7.-L.t nlghl, In "' lf " -""
the northwest part of the city? Hun stnyed in tunmlii or Lngliind."
La?en, an Inoffensive young Swede, Tho reason Isobvlouslv tlmt Ainer
was staqbed to the heart while trying lean ngrleulture bus not yet arrived
to assist a companion to en-ape Irom ,.,,.. , . . .
a mob of young hoodlums who want-.' t,mt l,olllt development, at
only attacked him. The murderers which tho fanner can with advaiit-,
escaped. 'ugo feed sheep with that continued
tenlayXe full supply of food which insures at
cr of Lnnron, the Swede who was oneo thu best profits from the mutton '
stubbed Monday night, to James ( and best qunllty to and value of, thu
jeiancy, nuns uwyor, 11 inty louneeii
years or age, who lias been arrested
and is now In Jail.
Advices from Now Orleans to the
Government stntes that there Is no
nrobabillty of an outbreak there
Dispatches rccieved this evening do
dure there is n general feeling of tiou to meet the full requirements of
relief at the declssion of the Senato keeping tho pure blooded combing
coupon oSl ",,l",ry lnt !hc cooled breeds, nnd consequently, I'
Secretury Fisli is repotted to have think It rciiMiimblo to concludu tlmt
Mild, Saturday, that the Cuban iovo- a ,xri,Q proportion will seek to pro
lutionists not having gained uuy more ... t, t , , , , r , t
ground than they possessed three '" , . . ,U
yearn ngo aro not any moro entitled Tat next best, I am satisfied Is the
to belligerent rights now than then. Merino, and Its grades or crosses '
He nlso said the Government has no ...wi. .iln i.'hl1N1i Itrnmli I Imvn
scheme of annexation in connection u"1 V J'"t"sl1 brccils. I liae,
with our naval force at the Sandwich ( quoted In former papers, Mr. Hayes,
island-'. to tho c licet that a line medium wool,
" such as would be produced by a cross '
Ki-noPKAN. between u full-blooded Merino, j
London, Jan. 0. Fmpei-or Ktipolc-j und full blooded Southdown Is re-
011 Was inoro reStlCSS last Ulcllt than ' nulrnit In llir lorirnut iitiitntlllos. mill
at any time since the operation, hut
Ills physicians express themselves
well satisfied with his progress. He
will probably have to undergo a sec
ond operation.
VAttnlAnii It ml CfiiSinl niuifli i I-11
licrformeil to-day, with favorable
Tho British Government declines
tnsupiort tho pronoal of the Hoyul
Geographical Society for sending out
an Arctic exploration party at public
"&, Jim. 7-Tlic condition of
NniMleou is favorable. His pulus
hut night diminished and ho tested
quietly, ,111s case Is no longer regard-
cd as critical.
Tho Gazctto de France reports that
Don Alnhouso entered Cataloulu on
Saturday night and 7,000 Carllsts con
centrated in l'rovenco Allcantra. The
Insurgents are about to enter on a
vigorous campaign.
PAWS, Jan. 7. The Carllsts have
torn up tho rails of the road between i
Maehande and lialboa, mid between
Alasa and Pampclloua. They also
tot tire to a rallroHd station with
petroleum, completely destroying I .
nnil tradrt tirisoilers of Iho I
ottlcaTd and em.vioyees. Tlio North
iff u nnra in 1 n ni n mi
ern Spain Hallway trains have tem
porarily ceased running.
,. . . 7" 7" , .""" .,.,
blX'ltiSnX ftlTon.S'SS:
gou nnd California railroad. The
main truck has sustuined littlu or no
damag.-;butnmiiyof the side tracks
nnd Hwliclu-s have hud the founda-
tlon swept away. i the Ixm," as his authority, this In-
-- -- h- 'tcniiedlatory wool was derived from
lL-n'HollrtdAy-Ieft Huh Fryucisco fori,,,. nccjdentid ram lamb of the Mor-
ring i'i- winter
Hhnt Kind or Wool Is Best Tor Oregon
Croners to Produce.
v- ...... x
Having treated the question ns to
tho requirements of long wooled
sheep of the he.st,1EnglMi breeds in
Its benrlng upon our gcnernl subject,
wit liiivii miAii tlinf w Hut nvlilntifwt
. f . ,.,,.,' i.....,i.. n
ofl,,u ninnufurturem themselves, It .
is essential to success in producing n
first class combing wool from theso
breeds, that the growers "nfioultl
keep ticli- hcej Aril fed," as well ns ,
pay attention to the breed. Tlint
farmers cannot keep their sheep on
'can pastures, that for the general
lack of this requirement of constant
pood feed, "tho woolof the Leicester
.y00l i
1 think it not unreasonable to as
sume that nt least ulue-teuths of the
wool growers of Oregon, uro not now
nnd not likely to soon he in a condi-
.. ., illior,liniiIlrv wool first '
brought Into notice in Franco, but
lately making Its appearance iu,Uiu
American wool market from Aus-
tralla, New Zealand, and Tasmania,
is highly appreciated, and for which
ti,t.ro Mlkely to bo nn Increasing de-
The production of tlie-e wools In
my opinion, will much better suit
tho circumstances nnd condition of
Oregon wool growers generally, than
, ., C01irK,r mllMllg wooj, and
tho Merino nice of sheep which
mainly contribute to their production
has proved so much better adopted
to American agriculture generally,
than any other breed that It l to-day
n,n nrcdnminatlnir breed 111 tho Unl-
. . .,, ,.,,.. Illknf n'l.rlmi
ted States. AMth rams or the -Merino
blood to breed to, any coarser wooled
fl,eP., mn hhiu be made to yield
. . .... .... , lllclltoneii
--- -
Tlio production or mo second men
tioned, an intermediary wool, may
not Iki so easily accomplished, as it
seems to require) a combination of
breeds which hn. not yet been tried
much in tho United States.
viw.nllni ri,.0 Glddcs who
According to Geo. UMWU, WHO
quotes Mr. Hayes In tho " Fleeeo anil
champ, France, In lfc, and ftirefulfy '
11, 1873.
bred from by one M. Grauxs. The staple, and remarkable freedom from
lamb was remarkable for having a grease, a- to constitute them a now
head of unequal size nnd tiulof greal standard of excollencu in wools'"
length. (This is very definite as a which "cannot fail to be In demand,
description of tho sheep.) The wool If T am right In deducing tho truo
Is described as being "remarkable history or the origin of this interim;
for Its softness, nnd alsive all Tor its diary wool In Australlla and Now
lustre which resombled that or silk." Zealand, It is very plain, that It Is
This again taking Into view the way within the power or Oregon wool
tho French use language Is not very growers to grow such wools, nnd L
definite. Taking tho wholo story or have no doubt that with puro blood
tho origin of this Maiicbamp Merino ed bucks or the Merlnoand Leicester
Into the account, Henry S. Randall or Cotswold, to have recourso to, n
pronounces it probably a mongrel Hock or graded sheep can soon ho cs
sheep between the "Merino nnd tablMied which will yield n large
somo long wooled variety," there Is proportion of such wool,
another version of the origin of this As (o which families or the Merino
Muuchamp Hock, which ascribes the and which or the Kugllsh breeds
production or this Intermediary should he ucd, N n question upon
wool or superior combing qualities, which men will, a- they always have
to a crosN between a Dlshley, (Lei- differed. Mr. Hayes quotes n Mr
cester) ram and .Merino ewe, which "Win. Latham, a very Intelligent
Is certainly most probable. Hut flock master of lltieiius Ayre.s," In u
whether the Maucbamp sheep was work devoted to improvement of the
an accidental sheep of puro Merino wools of that country as being very
bl(H)d, or the result of a cross between favorable to the French Merino for
the two races before mentioned wo tluitpurpo.se. Mr. Lutbam claiming
have tho evidence orMr. Hayes, that that the best results or Australian
large quantities or Intermediary breeders have been attained by the
wool or the samq description are now use or llnmhaullct French Merino
received from Australia, and Xuwjitud Kugllsh, or George III, Merinos
Zealand, and no one pretends that ( In the work of regenerating the flocks
these wools eomo from thu Man- or that country. The superiority of
champ or "Dlshley Maucbamp" hl.e.welghtlerllecce.better rattening
Merino. On the contrary wu all qualities, rower skin folds, and a
know that after'the discovery of gold1 eorporlal vigor which makes them
in tlioso countries, the wool growers better reproducers," arc amongst the
In order to meet the demands of the 'reasons why Mr. Latham prefer
mining population for mutton, mado there families above the exquisite
every effort to that cud, by tho use 'Sllo-dan, beautiful Nigrotte or "Elcc
of tho so called mutton breeds upon toral Saxon Merinos-." It ilocs nof
their orlglonal stock or Merinos, nnd appear that Mr. Latham had tried
in their purity. Tho result accord-, tho American Merino for the purpose
ing to Mr. Hayes, is quoted by Geo. and, I have no doubt that with tho
Geddcs in tho following language: exception tnal they might bo round
"1 have tho authority or Mr. Howes to give the wool an overcharge of
for saying that tho experiment has grease, and In some families tend
signally railed, that the Leicester, ' too much to folds, they would bo
Cotoswold, and Lincolnshire slieep, found second to neither the French,
hnvo been repeatedly carried to Aus- or Georgo III Merino, for crossing
tralla, and tho Capo of Good Hope, with long wooled families or thole
and every elrorF mado to Introduce' grades. Indeed, I think It Is very
tho culture of the long wooled sheep, questionable whether n buck 'Is over
but It has been found that after a lit- found too oily and yolky for crossing
tlo while, the wool Is converted Into I with a grade Hocks or dry harsh nnd
htilr, and It Is now ndmltted that brushy wooled sheop. A.smyorlgl
long combing wools cannot bo grown nal stock or Moriuos comprised (In
in Australia oral the Capo." fact, 1 may say yet comprises) all of
Tho concquenco or these results, those families' or the Merino, 1 am
are a general recurrence to the Mcr- enabled to form a very fair opinion.
Ino blood again, and the results of ujiou the point of which Is best, and
that course of cio-slng Ni a stylo of of the three, I should leave out the
wool " being lniKirtiiut Hir clothing Gergo III Merino; because, as 1 bo
purposes, as well as for combing," of Ueve, the French, und American,
such " lluencss, length, soundncsi or have more and better itoliita (o re
The fulluwlic I' a iHjttlon il Mr ltnulnllV re
intrk upon llilr tulijm: Aftt-r .joiillns thu do
rcrll'tlouoflbcMooliM Inln "luiu'.tral'lit,llly.
rlmllar In mulialr." "M. Oriiiu, tlio owner or
nfthliilanili, tirnl from him other, ulilcli riM-in
MeJ him." " lu vih iiIniiiiuciiI )inr, Ihu lunib.
wcra of Ittft klnrl', oue iorlii!.' the rnrkil vlJ.
tie himiI of tho Mcrlnon, ouljra llttla loiiL-cr unit
doer, thu otbrr llkr tlm hew tin-cd." AtUt Ilia
akllful brnilrroliKliimln Hock, comWnlnji the Due
llk tli-tcc ullh a Fin.ilkr licuil. hroxhr rlanka,
ml morr cimcloua thrrl." Thl, ricrplllitf In
a itr
iH Ami ll a trtwi.a renulrluir Dltlout Deralatrucu.
For .awral jiara, I have been alao tnlng coinbl
nil Ion ImIwr-d thu Merlnoand Lttcatiernd Ilia re
anlia In Iho Ulltr ran to lar a. invr have gone,
accord Willi the alM)a description or M. Orauia
brretllniroperitlona, whether breed ran he ra.
tabtlaned between the two ratta bearing tble later-
medarjVovl, ami eooiblnlng u part Ut rl feed
C4 ouajiiee ui me jeicr.ici, n
be Merino, rrmatse lo be ae.
IcrtUf, i4)luiTbrdlbouiff
xkMtMMhmor. acrpttcfl.npoji .tWjH'l"?
1 oaaivv iv wm
rnv a ao, than I now aw. 'tula rwia i rpon-
bn iuLdilecti.tr.lM .nU Merluo-or li.l.rmeUlary aba.i.. Al th.t IW
.O.ll.li a Imrnlaaa famllir ut tmtfl bliMMleil Murlnoa. aaaHBaaaaBBBBaBBaaaaBaiaBa
Volume IV. Number 47.
commend them for crossing purpo
se. 'lliulriiiiiiifllii're Muula In tku nuukeU
of Now iiiV. uid fjimloii, llliiUlrf ilrruiniUnrc
upon wlili li I LT'iiiiid the iDfi-rrnco tint tlio wool.
ruHrraol Au.lrtlU aail New ZulauiJ, are mur
1111' In th Marino aliKk nralii, nnd In addition
Hie tut I ha I there haa lattlr amuuir uonultoa bu
iiuan. .hu in .iuiiiuiii .1
naa u
lion of
Iho.cioiiiitrln. MiinrlolalwYliiu coma In OreRou
ine oreiornnnnoi loni; woohii mrrii
during thu at tun Jtiit. It la rro.oina
oiv 10
The new Sunday law passed at tho
late session of the California legisla
ture Is being generally enforced
throughout the State.
m.r Ala,. nla..4tlltlit aTaa-mll tt I lll' t fl rWf
"" "ir.VR.Zf. -"--" - r"
"etle- With S,'timeUl''crs.
ir rui'liufo iimi iiivau amiiiaip iuiiciiui in i.im.m..
rl ..'.' .r .1 l.l H...I .1... I..I.I m.pLal