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    $2,50 per Year, in Advance.
The date appearing after tlie printed
mot on flic pupi-r In the Unte or the
EXPIRATION ortibcrlptlon.
Hoir the "Grain Ring" Operates.
Dix.ii:, Poi.k Co., Dec. 20, 72.
Ed. Farmer: Old Polk is ninklng
preparations to sow about one-fourth
more land than has over been sown
in the history of the county. There
is already a great deal of grain sown
on the rolling laud, and plenty of
land plowed now, to he re-plowed in
the spring, upon which the farmers
hope to realize sufficient to keep our
little "grain ring" at Portland, and
their numerous hangers-on up and
down the classic Willamette, com
monly known as warehousemen.
And while I am upon this subject, it
may not be out of place to publish n
few of the "instructions" which the
owners of warehouses nre compelled
to follow, or be subjected to the dis
pleasure of tho mighty " wheat
ring" at the metropolis.
1. Always say that you do not wish
to buy.
2. When pressed to buy, say that
you have but very llttlo money on
hand; and that you are authorized
not to pay It out unless you can so
cure all the wheat which the feller
has in tho warehouse at that time,
and at the price mentioned.
aim a no i-nix- h.l-..i.u..Vu.
3. When asked if you can pay the
balance of tho monev soon, sav Hint I
.,' .
you could not promise inside of sixty
days, as all aro wanting to sell nt
nope and Hint tho Portland buvors '
once, mm mat ino loruanu uujers
cannot get money as fast as grain Is
offered In a word, cot control of all
ouircu. lu.i-ttorii.toitoniroioiaii,
the grain with as llttlo presont out-
lav ns tmsslhlo. as tho farmers have
got an Idea
A ... . ,-. -
tliat wo are, or have
shlnninc off their era in last
whereof I speak when I say this is
the substance of tho instructions re
ceived th l.i soasou, as I was one of
tho "inside" parties at ono time, ,
made such by the confidence reposed
In me by nn authorized buyer to
whom I sold grain, while ho was in
n rather "corned" condition. I did
not tako his word, but rend his letter
or instructions from a prominent
wheat speculator of Portland
;,":r. ...:.. i.,,f ,.,...,..., ,lwo ,mvu "wn -
aiiu tmij . v ......." -",
miniwU- H.U Is tn )UV tier OWll,
"""' "":.. , , , .
sacks, sacic ineir grain, im, ouiiu, . eInlmeil nlgo tjmt ti,0 am sows more
or rent their wnrohousos, and storoovcn, y whIch ho j, ncii,e. toad
it on the river or railroad, each man m,t , wjnd cannot ronch tho droI,.
branding his sacks, M) that if ho has ,n SC0(, to d,turb tho distribution,
a superior nrticlo of Brain ho can CaMn Gccr ,,0 ,md but
nlln llin mnrn fnr If 'DlU lllnil ' . . ... ..
i in nnii Jill N lii ouorntlon in .
has been, and still Is, In operation in ,
VUIUOTI "' !'-?- " " -
n.UAiJk n.i.l lina lrnvnil tn l.n fT
ablljif him
trrain to al
dealers, tiusgivng mm uooenem
lcnt to the producer, en-- ftU.M, ? lhut ,,,, IIo ,,., ,ust fc . " ' "; "" " ' '' ";
i i . ,, V,w n-rniM come from Howell Prairie, where ho w,ie!lt sl(Ie 1y Hllk. ia 1)(0 humo
11 the prominent grain- vniinii tun whont flMfUniwi tnik-.1 .. . . ' ..:.. . ' .!
i o..,l ca...,ilu nr l.lo " . ' . . '-;. iiiimi;, IIIL-IU IlllVI 111" n.n Ul
of apmpotltlon, If therols ii-. ThobrondcaHt and ,,,,.,.! grain.-'
cotncrcial writers of the Portland TJ0 unlrorlII testimony Is in favor of
papers are so plainly in tho interest Ur1Uug( for reugon8( son)0 of whIcll j
of the wheat rings that the &" J
distrust oven commercial reports .
that are reliable. In fact, they aro a
curse and scab on tho farming com
munltv. and are detested accord
' i
The Club met In so.-sloti at T. It.
lllbbard's on Saturday, the 21st of
December, 1872. Vice Proldonr It.
A. Leonard In tho chair. Present,
eleven members.
The chairman of the committee on
market reports, It. C. Deer, made a
verbal report that wheat had ad
vanced to 7i cents and oats to ."u and
.':! cents. No uIo stated that pork
in tho Western States of the Missis
sippi valley Is very abundant and
worth only some three cents per lb.,
which will keep our bacon clown be
low presont price.
Question fordl-culon, "Thebo-t
method of putting In grain."
Mr. It. C. CJeer being called upon
to opon tho debate, said that this is
tho ull-hiijmrtuiit inelton, because
many important results depend upon
It. He did not feci himself (pialUled
to speak authoritatively upon the
subject, inasmuch as his experience
with drill-sowed grain commenced
last fall. Ho had, however, some
Very decided opinions in favor of tho
drilling method, and ho had given
them to tho Faiimki: for publication.
He would, therefore ask to bo ex
cused from speaking atiength at the
present time.
Mr. K. L. Hlbbard said ho felt like
reiterating Mr. Geor's statement of
ho lnl)0rtulK.c of a corrcct decision
f t,.lu . , , f.
, ) 4eiuoii, aim iiopcti no iaise
facts or looso. statements would find
lacis or tooso siiiiciiienis wouiti iiiiu
their way into this discussion. Ho
.7,7.. . 1 .
. , than broadcast sow tier,
. , lll0llht from ...,. ,, , m,
"lougur, irom v, nai lie nau
a nnd the statements of those
wllft ,lflll frIp(1 lllft ,, ,,.,,, .,,.
,' " ".V, "IT " . ",',"' : "., ' ..
UU.UUUIU ri-iisuu
safely upon the .sub-
Imit luifarn llin Plllli Tim flrf lintnl
, V , , T i . . i
twenty million acres of wheat in tho
.,... .. .., w
United States would amount to ten
millions of bushel, which now rot
t 0 rouml or ,)ecomc fooa for
birds. Many .scientific agriculturists
claim that three-fourths of a bushel
of wheat is enough upon common
ground, and, If this claim be correct,
It proves that by tho old broadcast
method of sowing ami harrowing
fourth to three-fourths of a bushel
" ,, ...
on every acre oi iiiuu sown, ji is
Ut,1 l)0rdonnl exPrlonc w" "o orablo on account of frost, but on tho
, ... tirlll-sowcil craln. but hadl,.i. a.,. w. .i....- ....M..i...r.. ...m.
.... ....
ed with farmers upon tho merits of.
had been presented and others that
ho wouiti nanie. Drill-sowed crmln I
8tanas froeziiig weather bettor, obo '
dry and windy weather better, and
while all admit 'that more of tho
drill-sowed grain sprouts and makes
wu.j1 fvmml'tll BAtllU fVMltlttim fa LAtl'
saom n i'othI (lp.il nr L'Mln mat was' i.. is., n.,. i........ r...... i.. c.i.....
saving of seed. Everybody knows
that the harrow cannot cover all the
seed, and he has had enough expe
rience with the drill to know that
generally the seed I all out of sight
and well covered from one to four
Inches In the ground. Where the soil
is too wet to harrow, the drill suc
ceeds well, and the wind has nothing
to do with it, two circumstance that
are frequently of Immense import
ance to the grain-grower, inasmuch
as a week's difference in the time of
seeding will often make one-fourth
difference in the crop-. It is goner-'
ally supposed the drill will work
reasonably well only where the soil
Is thoroughly pulverized, In excel
lent order, anil free front -tone, sods,
weed-, stubble, vc, but this i-.a mis
take. Of course, tho holier the ground
the better the work; yet the drill
will accommodate It-elf to iiictiuiili-lie.-
of ,-urface; will do in stony laud ,
or open sod, if the breaking he laid
Hat; and will perform well iustubble.
Mr. Allen Simp-on said he had
found by experience that there Is
some danger of going to extremes in
favor of farming implement or new
method-, and that wo ought to bo
reluctant to abandon the olll until
the now I well proved. There are
hundreds af now farming imple
ments thrown aside after a sea-ou of
trial, and now methods are abandon-
" ,"V ,' "" " . """ . " . ot pt
tu also hunus n thtj Ho not nuet
wIUl aHm;s.fi result.-. Now, it is
uot uvcry 1Hllll wIlo L,m ,ov, n1
,lot Lvcry m, wlio urn sow grain
even,v ,,v hnm, ,n ulct n grout num.
neroi larniers are poor wuyjv, anil
n.t ,..... ' i.i.'.i
"";"" f u 'J'
ngnlu,t tho broadcast method. Whore
,,. .m,i liw ,... ..... .... ()V..iv. ,.
tho seed has been put on i nenl, as
co;.cml wh t.ltIvntorf as it
8" sowercau no, ami men wen
can !
. .. ... ....
uc "9iioiiiu ,,(? mwineii lououuiino
innr lliri-LHI. IH! 111(1 llOI WISH io r-
sst nnyjUst t.ums for the drilling
method, but to subject them all to u
wholesome criticism.
Mr. W. Cranston desired to nay
something about broadcast sowing,
and would introduce his neighbor
Alex. Thompson as tho machine that
muM M , tho lliml olm of H .,,
,Uul sow thirty acres a day as evenly
a,n drilling machine. Mr. Thomp-
on sowed with both hand, at tho
hm. ...... .....!.. i- ,....n
'""' Hii:,iiiiniH-i.ii
iim.i,.j. ,i,w ...
broadcast, and covered with a culti
vator, ho thought It more perfectly
done than when sowed lu drills six
inches apart. As to tho rest, it ap
pears to be in favor of tho drill, ami
in the low laud the drill may he prof-
,l..li. n. iivi. .. .w nuvtiuiw tui.i
0 '.,,,, a .jrlll. and ns he hissed
J"'0'." J
Tl'thl .
fc J
cck or oftoner to Sulciu du-
spring and hummer ho had
uouMnot see any difference in the
u,....i ,r n... rntn nr In its growth.
and henco ho concluded that there
is nothlnir to bo gained in tho yield
of grain. At. this point ho was in
formed by Mr. Gcer that tho thresh
ing macliino had discovered a differ
ence of three bushels to the aero in
favor of tho drilled grain.
Mr. A. B. Leonard had heard Mr.
.. . -... .... ii, tin. iiiif. mjvii urtiaui..isL mill mui
4, 1873.
Shaw of Howell Prairie say that
much of the wheat drilled in was too
thick, and consequently the heads
and grains were small.
Mr. It. C. CJeer said that Orange
Judd, of tho "American Agricultur
ist," favors tlie drill for tho same
reasons wo have given in tlie Club.
He estimates that one bu-hel of
grain drilled in is as good asonoand
a half bushels .-own .broadcast and
The Secretary said that under the
most favorable conditions wheat
sown broadcast and well harrowed
would likely produceas much a- that
sown In any other way, but, as thoe
conditions seldom occurred together
at the time of .-ceding and the early
growth of the wheat plant, and as
the drill Is In tho main Independent
of those condition, he thought tlie
latter had yaltml the ir. lie then
presented the principal point in a
tabular form which wore "generally
affirmed: I. Tho drill distributes the
grain more evenly uh)U tlie ground.
2. Deposits at a proper depth more
uniformly. :i. Can le performed in
windy or rainy weather. I. Can be
performed in more conditions of soil.
'(. Is less laborious II. Jteipiires less
seed to tho acre. 7. (lives larger
yields of grain. S. Withstands early
drought hotter. '., Withstands freez
ing better. 10. The straw not .-o lla
blo to full. 1 1, (lives a more even
growth. 12. Costs less by three dol
lars for every ten acres; this last In
cludes tho Intere.-t on tho co-t of the
drill. i rm
Question for discussion next meet
ing: "Resolved, That raising wheat
for market is not host for tho farm
ors of this district."
Club adjourned to meet at Henry
Allen's on Saturday, Jan. I, 187il, at
which time oulcors will be elected
for the ensuing year.
T. W. 1)AVI:sihiit, Pec'y.
Nj:w Yomc, Dec. 20. The steamer
James Adgu arrived on Saturday with
ten men for the Albany iHiiiteiitlary.
convicted of Klu-Klux outrage. I
Among the prisoners Is I to v. John.
Kzcll, a llaptut clergyman of South
Carolina. Three others confess being
concerned In fourteen iixHnHsluiillon.
Cincinnati, Dee. 2!). TlilrtyMciini
IioiUh are locked up in the fro.en river,
exclusive of ten ferry and hsubor tow-
boat. They tire so protected Io bo
secure from harm when tlie liver
breaks up.
Tui'i:ka. iKttii.i,Dt'c.2i. The Aleh
tsou, Topoka and Hauta I'd Itidlroiul
was completed Io the west Hue of
KansuH yesturduy. This comniiiiy ha
built. '10 miles since March liixt. lu
August fifty miles were laid, the larg
est month's work on any road lu this
country. The entire length of (lie
roud, Including brunches, I -170 miles,
nil graded, Ironed and equipped Mneo
I son,
Ciik.aoo, Deo. .'to. A Wllhllim-toll
HH.ciul contains the following, 'In
formation of a diplomatic character
Just received hero from Mexico Is con
strued by members of the diplomatic
corpse to bo Indicative of a revolution
In that Republic, and the impression
Is that by or before January 1st u rev
olution against the now (iovuriiineiit
of President Iordo do Tcjudtt will oc
cur. Tlio previous reports given lu
this correspondence, of uprisings In
mo esmics oi uoauua una ciiiiiuniiua .
were decidedly antlciuatiMl. Tho Um
that the people t4 Mexico uro to u
great dwgree iutlmlctU.ls not dlsguUod
or denied." i
The dMtH ot tk9 King or tho KauoH,
Kingdom, in view of the fact tUaV hu
left o heirs to the throne, U tho nub
jKt of cojuUWmWo eoiuaU'Ut and
Volume IV. --Number 40.
speculation here lu official ond dlplo
niatlc circle. (Jovcrnor McCook of
Colorado, who wa Minister-resident
ut Honolulu prior to Oeneral (Irant's
Adininlstratlon, is of the opinion that
If our Oovermncnt wauls to nunox
the Island it can be done now without
much difficulty. If our present Mln-l-ter
there shows any soil of magnan
imity he can have control of matters.
The KiikIMi and French Minister
are absent on leave, and there are no
foreign vtxc!.-or-wiirlii the Hawaiian
waters except American, and lu nil
the departments of tlie Government
tlie Anicrleans have the ascendency.
...V'".' "'"' "w. h Xcar Plttsfleld.
IJIIiioN, on Friday last, William and
Ihomas ClnrkMiii, brothers mid well-to-do
bachelor farmers, were found
frozen to-dealh In their house, having
becrt dead one week.
Thomas l.o Vallqiiutte, one of the
oldest operators In lite Western Colon
Telegraph office lu tbl city, died yes
terday of smallpox.
I tin lli:.sri:u, IN. Y.i, Dec. HI. Yes
terday afternoon fourteen of the
women held for Illegal voting at the
late election gave ball to appear at the
Albany Court. Su-an II. Authonv
lcfiiMMl to fiiriiish ball mid was re'
mauded. Ni:w Yomc, Dec. :il-In Stoke-'
trial to-day, Commodore Yauderbllt
tcslllcd that Flskwasa reckless man.
lie had litis opinion of him from the
stall. HI knowledge, however, a
to Fl-k wa 111111 1 on hearsay. Vice
Pre-ideut Devon of Krlo count v also
testllled concerning the character of
A Kit meter exploded In Powers'
Chemical Work, Maiden lane, this
morning, creating excitement, but no
serious damage, except smashing all
(lie glass lu (ho building.
Cincinnati, Dee. !to. The Ice gorge
above the city broke at ten o'clock"
this morning, sinking two steamers
and a number of hurut-i and damag
ing others considerably.
Cllic.Wio, Dee. !ll. A Washington
dispatch state that Sumner's physic
ians say his condition is very bad.
Ho has frtspicut occurrences of acute
pain In tho region of his heart a relic
of spinal difficulty which has allllcted
him for tlie la.-t ilOccn years. Three
attacks wore very violent and prostrat
ing, but of short duration.
Since it has been established that
tho salary of the Nicaragua M.Uilstet
. ship Is llxed the applications for that
position have Increased In a wonder
I nil manner. Tim names mentioned
as applying for tlio place uro two
(iovornors of Teirltorfcs and several
Senators whose terms cxplnt-tho pres
ent sef-slou.
I lie .laitriKtl'i) Washington special
says there Is no truth in. tho report
,!.... U . .. I .1 1... t
mui f-.i-i-ieiiuvv itooiweii iai tendered
111, ri.ilifiiull.kii IT., lina ill!.. ,
"-" ...II, ..!' .lll.. 11. .t-. .11
letter of resifjimtlon, but states that
he cannot reuutiii in Ihc Cabinet after
the Hit of March.
Wasiiiniitiin, Disr, II. Advices
from New Orleans statu that the ex
citement has nearly Mtmilcd, tho peo
plugeuendly acipilesidiig. A preail
ntint offichil here reiurks that bufoi
the iiewHimpcrs It rould not be known
In Administration, uunrtcrs tlint.tiicre
was uny wide-spuiMl dlssatisfuclui.
Theslatoiueiil that Attoriiev:-(leii-end
Williams will retire tnw the
Cabinet Is grouuilless.
Clin. Alio, I.-. III. Tho Journal'
Washington spwlul says au' Kxecu
tlve order will probably Ui.Cs.sucd to
morrow', addntMcd to tho. ljVderal offi
cers lu various States nujtiilng them
not to interfere with .SvuJUi mutters In
any way whatever, hivUeniillno their
ellorts strictly to tlw iH-rforniance of
their legitimate dut!(.
Montiiuai., Hi'i. at A fire t,hl
morning destn;(t'u fancy-goodi en
tablishincut, tp broom fuctcy of
WIIhoq, Woimiiul Co,, the but and
ai.uv IllUlliry '1 .Villi"!! .IIIWI nun
an tyllolul vf,uaix'li(iiiHc. Tb.ij.llremeii
Kuyisltlu' uPrrou mil ug bid ldl.ugs with
ter wMkttfteen degrees below zero, and
wutwfroxe wherever Ufiill.
T0ria, Dec. .'Us-)ftcr Jijinunry
i4 ten and coffee luttMirtis) fropi tin-
..... (.. 11 .. V rv 11. 1.1.11 .r ...
Kr cent, duty ad, valorem,
H. M. B. Aowt Mailed ut daylight
for tho Harwich Islnndi, and wUILk.
UUOWC4I y mo vim iieifton on xnurs
day. ' '
' i