The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 30, 1957, Page 4, Image 4

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    4-(Sc. I) Sutesman, SiJan, Or., Tues, July 30, 57
"N Ftvor Suwyl (. e Fee
CHARLES A. SPRACL'E, Editor ft Publisher
WENDELL WEBB. Mmapng Editor
Kartft Cburrt It., Sateiw. Ora
Bntrrcd at ua caliimct at Slnv On a mr
claaa flatter uner art f Cwnfiaaa Marca 1. ltt
Meaaker Aatertaled Proae
Tka Vlodtrfl mm It tnOUM irtualvatj
tn rcpubliaatlar all meal nn
UUa awparr
Court Terms
Tricky Business
The Statesman was in receipt of a phone
call from I reader Monday and we welcome
them all. critical or otherwise i asking how
come a man pleaded innocent to a charge of
murder but still admitted a killing
If he admitted the killing, how could he
plead innocent, was the question The con
fusion is nothing new. but it wan-ants expla
nation now and then In the first place what
he actually pleaded was ' not guilty" to the
charge of murder. The term innocent is
used in news stones, rather than not guilty."
because of the always-present chance the
word "not" might be inadvertently omitted in
type. And his plea of 'innocent.' or not
guilty." no matter which is used, was entered
because the plea was in relation to the tech
nical term murder ." It did not mean he was
denying the killing he was just pot admit
ting the killing was murder' In other
words, ail killings areit't murder tome come
under th category of justifiable homicide;
others might be manslaughter or second-degree
murder both much less serious offenses
in the eyes of the law and in resultant pun
ishment In the case of the man in question his
plea in Oregon might have been "innocent
tor not gtiiltyi by reason of insanity " Cov
ering courts and court records is a tricky busi
ness for reporters Thev must stick to legal
parlance as fir at possible and yet tell the
itory w the rest of us hymen can under
stand it
Mystery Blast
Rati life can turn up mysteries as baffling
is the imagination of writers of fiction One
such, though it may turn out to be easy of
solution, is the blast on a Western Airlines
plane last Thursday which blew out the side
of the plane without wrecking it. and tossed
the body of a passenger into the air Sus
picion of suicide arose when it was disclosed
thaf he had purchased insurance policies for
1125.000 in favor of his wife before boarding
the plane at I -as Vegas Also, though he flew
on a "champagne" round trip from Los An
geles to Las Vegas he remained in the termi
nal and didn't visit the gaudy, neon blazing
Investigators report finding an unexploded
blasting rap in the toilet of the plane Was
another cap the source of the blast? If so.
did the passenger who had lorked himself in
the washroom compartment touch it off Did
be anticipate that it might destroy the whole
plane and thus detach him from any associa
tion with the explosion' Or was some one
else or something else responsible'
The man who solved the mvsterv of the
explosion which wrecked the Inited plane
out of Denver is nn the joh of investigation
From the facts that may be uncovered a pat
tern of conduct may be found I ntil then
Judgment and interest will remain in suspense
Strong Stand by Ike 'Would
Boost' Civil Rights Measure
y STEWART Al.wif
tha Civil rujhu drama hoi It io
a Cimi. the man In watch n
Dwtgttt D Fiawahower
Th otrtrom
it the fight
may depend nn
I how firmly and
ifM'l t
Presida-nt m
jerti hjmaeh'
mto a What ia
probably more
important th
P r f I i dent i
I personal pre
tit f apttnt
HiB will h
as irfunfly arfarted by UV (land
he anw lakes
As atmctgty pro F.wnhorr
Tan" magann ha reported
the Pi'stdent l standing wit
Caa7as at a -vw tew TV
AoBnltjaftrsttnf'a amaikng hart
tng ftwi UTarnf im Ike (Wen.
bodgsl MM shMxaiwt ttk wh
aiapported the Pre! in th
bada. Or What 'Taw Waak
hmilz. Peat caDd th President i
"vorillatiM and hwsrtla" na hm
Mrs raanl Aid oiD rrddd
with the aWat af tk feU ia
the Bona By the tame tnkm.
his equivocal poaiUoa on awrtina
three af the CM) Right htD rer
tataly aolpsd at kiU that part af
the MB.
' Tlaa" M aiartag. SW tH( la
rawta( ka Caaraa Ska SW
Priwlil "awae a kr ka
rfeaWej CMS CAatast waj tfttatWaaai
TVat at aaa
i af at
awaf fnKtrnt ssa ftjttGf IkV faaaas)ay (ktaVhSM OaW faaoMafMB
. . . . . a aart,
nfsaj njm wmm aa tit ai
Bw aaai the rrastaras aaawM
a. mi
fi IM a-etn
No Place to Hide
The House committee on government op
erations accuses the administration of gross
negligence for failing to protect the public
from the threat of radioactive fallout from
hydrogen bombs. The committee recommend
construction of a system of air-raid shelters
which would shield occupants from radiation,
heat and blast of nuclear explosions This
could be provided so it was estimated, at a
coat of $20 billion
We ire straining to provide over 130 bil
lion a year to fend off the H bombs, and the
House begrudges the sums requested for de
fense Where would an extra 120 billion for
shelters come from1 As far as the general
public is concerned they are rather indiffer
ent to the radiation risk, perhaps even fatal
I'tic about it That is why the civil defense
people snake little headway In rousing public
support Too manv feel if nuclear Armaged
don is just round the corner, why there's
noihing ihey can do about stopping it But
hat s tnirrv there will he for cover if and
when the skies start dropping H bombs
hater nrwir? ' etee dram
attraHy la lb aattk
U kaa a pruputad in lrt
Prratdant lor nimplt thai n
nhauM writ a letter Wi Mianrity
leader William Kanwjaad. nut
lining in th ftranf! trrmi hia
rrasnn fnr ippnaim a jury Inal
amiMlmnt In th (ml Rifhta
htn Know land cmrid ttw rrad
th Mtnr aa th Sna lanr a
Iranians maxirrwam aatianal at
tntiiwi and atamrwif th Prri
0nt t pmrtma firmjv at In R
puhlKan Party paaitian
Roufk Srata i lurk a ltir
hav hn mad Rut now
apprera aUlt'ly that th Prm
dm wll 4npt thai raaira KiMm
land htm rfapartadly faala that
it would smart Ino murk at Whit
Hnu nVtatioa ' ta (aafrrsa
Fvcn an a ttrenf and nnra ttand
by th PTawtnVat m th ftfkt r
BS fcjrv trial amnsrnfit m mil
nat ta ka rwM aat ijy h
ra al Ut pnataral ralMl M
th aatiaatkaa
Tot th Pmtdrnt i apparent
rlm-tanr ta flftn! hard tnr hi
rtnl nghta bill ha ftfiH prtn
y nta Hi tnlaWajt atrrtafy ri
Mahaity Ladar Lywdaa Jahaami
R was clear ta Jahoam trnra th
start that th RumMWan adfrnn
lati all a aWtaaaa ta praai for
wrxa rtvi) rtftitt lfialatina
npi iami a 4apret dan(r
an hn awrtr R threatened ta
pbl th party hTrndtaMv
n thraataawd UV vary palitiral
eiastanra af talni fla i ri
hil7 apadnl aa th Srr
la aaaaaf kt waak
tar vaa . 'ait rata'l
rtvf rlghti ktrkUUaa.
t Ska kaa al tkaa Saaaw.
" Mmmm M vwat ha alwava
Premier Chou En-Lai of Red China made
a long speech before the National People a
Congress at Peiping in June. It was. of course,
a paean of praise for "socialist revolution"
and socialist construction." And here is his
"line" on the revolution in Hungary:
' The materialist bloc of axgression attempted
hi make a breach in Hungary and then smite
the other socialist countries one b one But the
Hungarian people beat back ihis imperialist at
tack, and all the countries in the aocialist camp
have learned a deep and useful lesson from th
events m Hungary . . . "
Of course the whole world knows better,
though probably not several hundred million
Chinese who have enough troubles of their
own to absorb their attention
The Hungarian revolution was strictly do
mestic in its origin The so-called imperial
ist countries were caught flat-footed, from
lack of any previous knowledge of what would
transpire They even rushed through a pro
nouncement that they would keep hands off.
And many Hungarians feel thai the West
failed them in the crisis
It wasn't the Hungarian people ' who beat
back the attack but Soviet troops, tanks and
The Medford Mail Tribune s proposal of a
reform in county government in Jackson
County through adoption of a commission
manager system drew comments from the Eu
gene Register -Guard and the Astonan Budget.
The R-G recalled battles in Lane County for
a manager system which was defeated twice
at the polls and failed of reference to the
people a third time The Astonan Budget
thinks there needs to be different enabling
legislation, saying Counties should be em
powered to adopt a choice of more than one
new type of government, with less rigid spec
ifications than now exist."
The last Legislature referred to the people
a constitutional amendment which would give
voters of a county such wide latitude. They
could write their own charter, even assuming
legislative powers, subject, of course, to gen
eral law and the constitution Failure of the
people to adopt the manager plan for coun
ties hasn't been due to the rigidity of the plan
but the indifference or opposition of the
people to change. Most counties, too. are in
comfortable financial circumstances, so they
are freer from criticism or even discussion
than schools and cities
Th MnKhvrnjars want a wk
hill lor oMkmui rami Rut in
northrrn IlrnMK-rau a I i f anl
Vapvralrl) la h ahl In rharf
lhat th f.inhorr adminiaira
Uon but told th ryunnrttln
anvw th rtvrr aa a riaiak W
th PmMSmt t laikjr In tight
hard lor hn hill la (art. ha
th Pridnt nqmvoraind no
artioa (hra north m m
rrali bta Natabrrfrr o( Oragoa
and Daiilaa at llharaa mataatly
and happily fitni aa this hart I
Aa a riaaR. la aaa(r ka
la Diaaanala kaku las la a.
aafcHraa ewaay at rla
rtfkaa lastalaalaa la alrvadi tar
I tkaa I waa. R th tarf
trial anaiaS aat ajaaa. akH
tk Pri al at atawd ataal. ik
taaaaa paNUral adraaaaf
wMrk MfM U kar ka
fata4 kf tk RapaklWaaa a
a raaaSl ml paaataf Uw rVal
rtfMa taftatattn alar
raaatrasia datra arts larg.
ly rvaoarata Rat W tk Praat
rat fcatii naa apraly mm4
Ba-ht a awrtf Rb immmt th a-
AAstaaMsl VaV BWaTAPf 9 fasaeitaatv
attWiai fata. th 5rM
la kaat.
krh. al laaat at ttx raaaoaiaa
thaw w farnr Finn and mv
mdiat peraawai mty i at It ton hy
th Praaidant hi rka rtvK natwa
atiiifjle R fcard la aaa a flaw
ta Uwar riaaaainaj Rtat th add
ar ptotaahly afainal th Pro
oa ln)atak ian kwrrfalry
aaaa Uta ASa U Ska aaaw Pw
h a maai wttk aa ktatt far
rmtaj awaj anaaw th baetki awl
aSaMdawiry, Bwfnawaakte la t palW
tn a la aaa bath aadaa af
he ll ataraat-rnawaa. Im I
"It a ennversatirm piece 1 picked up on otrr trip . .
Roscne and I have had several smid crniversarrCms about
what it is and why I bought it!"
Congressional Quiz
Ry ( lasTiaatiaal (kaartartj
Civil rights debate briars vot
ing qualifications and statistics to
th fere How is your knowledfa
tat th rifurrs behind the voting
statistic' Pour out of aevro car
reft answers is a good acort.
I. 4-Trw ar tease: Civil
Wftalattaa racaaUy apprarwt kv
Ik Haaa la natrtcird cMBtete
ry ta Ike rkrkt la vsla.
A -Pals Only on section of
th current bill is aimed specific
ally al vol in rights
t. ) Ntgraia raaatltajl a aaa
artty 1 th saaaaiatlaa la haw
ataav af tka 11 taatkita alai:
ai mm; iki 4; in t?
A a Miasiuippi has th
art rat percentage of Negroes in
rta poBulatioa 45 peirent accord
ing ta the t(M reaaus.
!. C-Wkirk aaaradmewl ta tka
( aaalltaiiaa ararM eaaal rlgkU 1
tar all I atlrd Stat, rllaaial r
gaiwkiaa i "rara. eatar ar arrrt.
aaa niatUia af tarvttad." la)
11: iki U. in IS?
A 'c' Th riftfenth Amnd
rnrnt was ratified in 17(1 nn of
lh ihrr Rrconstrurtion Amnd
mrnis resulting from the Civd
t 4 Trw ar lata: Nt
kaa M arral
Safety Valve
Itaaaari ): iMSara la ff atataaaaaa'a Sataty Valtt cataaaa ar
rt't artar raaaiattaaw at ahay ar lalanaailn aaa art at ar tkaa
Ma aa aa fcHatta hi ataaaka aad rMtrai. aa aa Bhat. art ta
t aaaad. kal aarna It HilltM ka air kai aaa aaaakaaa aa lay alea
( aay aataBaa. Atrtaaaa aaia aaaarwia asataaaaw aa lattaa.)
Must Be Gradual
Ta th Editor
Thrrr la much bring said lhe
days, pra and con as In the s
tagrrtation ourstion la ih Sauth
mostly pro hy Umm who da sot
a all armind th ism Rtng
a nativ of th I)p South I un
derttand th Southerner t ttti
tiiri and ia pniBt and knew
that their main nhjactiv hi to
tp th whit rare intact in
thai arction Rut Southerners
tanw that if th bars ar taken
dew and whttr and color fd
rkiktra allawd le go to artkasl
tofrthrr and nik efbowi w aartat
quality pretty aooa ther will
h intrrmamat d tar kaikg
mi a rare af Malattort. and
aay lauadrraa knows, aa a kern
If ilhaatxatiea. that If whM and
ralorrd linens ar mnd Both
arr apntlrd
Southern poat aa a rule art
inlrrant and friendly loward th
ralorrd atapl trw for a frw
hat orada nark aa th arwa rr
irntlv ronvidrd by a whilr )ury
i ( liatoa Toa Th &uuthra
prplr arr tntrrttrd in th ht
trmtit ni th ratnrd Ptapt and
want far thm htlr ar hood nf
Ihrir owti and htrr npportiin
N MM fh good Srfrora will al
at tav th South aa
man it hit ht frind Thia ar
tio ahawM h aHawrd to wort
awt tint ptaOaiwi aa a ewa way
without tntrf' a fi aaa aut
tidart wtwi In to mat a rrhg
mtia kkM at N and cram aom
'hmi down anothfr a thraat
Murk of thia aril at ion hat ba
raiad hy tka M A A t P Daarg
rrgation will nrrraaarilv ha la
rom gradually in that arrtma
Mr. A ana r.alkaapi
lta Wait at
Firtmcn Employment
T th FifMar
Of Ut aaaa writintt pra and
na aa th aiioyart f aattvi am
ployment for civil arrrir m
ptama tk kKtart n Ih laftr
Varra' ky Patar Pankrata and
R A Yentkg apprar th mat
far Ijte tan as wntar I appro
Ih r ml si ilea rommMtaaaa a
ataad ta ragard la atataid
planaHl far aaiaaeipal
'hw af th moat frwju nr
tima af flrtg "rrtra wart w
th kuihlnai waaWa aa wbark I
apt maai af my arttv vert
wtta aenpkavad Of rear many
kt sat -waa af aa tartaowkg paaMir
aaa paiina wwaM ktr ta have
war kwerri tkaa matnkf raav
dtttnaa Barwaa kta tkal Bkawj aat
Rastify fia-tMra hmm uStasra
da ant ke aaaaw anjraasa. tSkatT
B-ay af nBiaaalata ertBaakee
Aa aa umpt al kayaafaaaf
aark opsalnaaMs the laOmag
IT ByLichty
al Ik vatlag papalaUaa as Berta
era stales.
A False. Fstimales based oa
the tan cibsms sad aaara recent
atattstka aaoVat mat aarthera
Nogroaa accauBt for aa more
thaa ta peareat af she vauag
1 h wwtrk f at hawawhsg
at alas away aBaaBas vat al II:
lal Maaaarkaarta: iki MaaUaa;
tel Oaaagta; td) OfctaT
A 'c Kentucky also permits
voting at II la all other stales
a voter must be 21. All atatrs
have residence roanrementa
varying from su months ta tw
years. -
a. a ata af tka II taeikrra
slates hare aoaltsfced payaaeal af
pN las a a eaukaVatiaa t
vat. Wklrk at Ik state stM
katt paal laiea: lal Teiaa; kl
tl Arkaaaaaf
A 'a', if. Three ether states
also have pod taies Alabama,
Mississippi, and Virginia
7. wTYw ar fakae: TW I aat
Toa rtfaMal tta1aa4Tstat VtM aaBjWkaaaa
awrlag tk adaalaklratiaa af
llyaa I. GraaL
A True TV law! maynr rrrtl
rights lefislatma was passed at
iravrnaM I
Cnal aMtawil Qu
cited. Ther was at an time is
v Monaa, Iowa, a character
named J oka McVkrasr; aarae
timrt referrad ta by the press
as th ttormy petrel" f eity
politics Thtt title was parity
deservrd McYarker trrvrd a
numkar terms at etty efficra
hul rauaty on term at a time.
Ha rngeaderad enougk antagoo
im during th larm be terrad
lo prevent being reelected
At on tan whil car ring aa
commissioner af public safety a
cat was broaaght ta McVirkart'
atlrntion af tw firemen af the
ntr fir oVpartmmt who wart
buildiag and arlhng hsuaat hi
Uwir afT tima which at that
tim waa vary thr dayu
After du prelim taeri, Mr
Virker oViivrred himarHf, f a
rwaMkg la tha geweral aft act that
Uka fwaejktB cow id ka frreanao a?
thry an nVaired ar if prtfarred
lhv could be building matrar
tori bid that thy rould aat be
MrWtrr hat Wxwj ink- ' awa
In hit rpward hut th ahova ia
ridrnt wmild tm ta h a gnnd
nampl to apply In th prraent
local rondttinn
H M Strykar
Rwy SI
kalm. Orrgo
Better English
r II r watUata
I What M wrong wttk tkta
annikr Wt muai ihena aS
kMjat aangarant nl tka I w a
riaaraaa. atbarwia w will ha la
trnuM "
1 What ta Uta rarrsrl ui nana
eiauaa af "rraarhiw'"'
I WMrfe eats af thaaa wards H
mtaaoaflad' Aksiara. ahataroiau
I Waal aaa fh wars
hid nvraa
S BThat i a ward hrg-lnaa
wk aa thai anaaaa ta
1 Ray ' W mwat rhnaaa th
I FAS Sanf af iha two
rwaartas. thrw ia w SHAIJ. k
ka trwaWa ' 1 Acra rtSLST
ayflaMa. ant th aarwnd I Ah
aeaaa. 4 Oienf af fartua 'Pr
aaaaaare afi i t ' aa ta "it " ae
raaS at i and evawhW' 'Aftar
rnaarf ia akkRailn ha kyed a
kf at I
Itnef JCtor Hrxtortai
ftTW YCrRK. Jwfy - TH
gir DwatrtaMafwswl saffll 9tnB A ttfw
fkTwhaat aftar Mr HyKaj A H G
WkTaa. aaaglitai ft tka tafcajlan
rgeacy tucd.
a FaJCfcaaW assaaatl PaaaaaBsWaV IVasaSV jtjM
Mrs. wTlka, wtat dwd ka tail. k
nn I
I I YlfTj
I I I I mm
'lil-". I
sat a suhatitwle far paythuthert
py ptpotal illness may have a
physical arigia which will dit -
appear wtiea the phyncal lUaesa
cared; thea agaia i may aot
lU treatment the tkil at
ICaatlased fraaa Page 1.1 I
the aaychiatriat are rtajwred fnfaal Hicks remanded back
The preecriptio. af U.rMitm;m,,rl(i court and Defendant Mc-
- a, .
y. ill 1. tV H mm.r.
www ww www. '
aoiati aut alcohol is a familiar
"tranomliier. offerinf at It has! D Morgali vs E Morgali: Com
for centuries ta the distraught ia- pUlnt for divorc chargfa cruel
dividual a period of relaxation ar rKj ,ahumaa treatmeot Married
eshilarauon but na cure lor his Sept 4 i4 at Reno. Nev
real iUt. They areej I him wheaj Yidvui A Reiling vs Horia
he wakes ap tram kit mtoxira- Rwbng. CompUiat for divorce
Remarkable progress has been,
made ia rrcrat yean ia the care
aad treatment af thaa suffering
tram meatal Umeas. HatpiUlita-
ttaa aad new drugs have proven
their efficacy. But the per -
naoent cure rames whea the
individual masters hia own thank
ing, drives out his anxieties, re
duces the guilt compiei which
may be the root af hit wsrry and
begins agaia to react nermally.
Ta th degree that reliance on
alcohol ar Miltews postpones ar
defeats achievemeot af thia mas
tery the cure ia made more dis
ks at. A change af scene, a change
af association may be as effec
tive as a pill. For an who sut
lers frtm real mental illness pro
feaaannai consultant is indis
paosablk. And ia the end the pa
tient must restore his own men
tal health Miltown ia only a
crutch of temporary value.
Time Flies
from mnuMAN rn.E.
10 Years Ago
Jaty M. IH7
A populir bride-elect is Miss
Marrbelle Vantis. whose mar
mtagt ta Gordon Wefler will be
aa vot af Aug IS. Mrs. Ken
aetk Perry, Ms Joha Caughefl
aad Mrs. Wallace Carson enter -
tamed for Miss Vanlis. ment and seeks restoration of her
former nam of Morris. Married
Ground-breaking ceremonies Aug u. 1M4. at Salem
toucd aft construct . of the w c Hefffcy aod Edith R He
rasix aVaigs , Isa.k w .Ho. n,y v, John A Q
cottage snd Bellevue Streets The prem Court filed by plaintiff no
ftrst ground was broken by Acting tice of cross appeal filed h d.
Gov. MarshaU E. Caraett.
25 Years Ago
jjaly SI, ItU
ChaocHar FrSni Voa Papeo
kskj the Atanciated Preas he
wbuM not attempt government
hy coalition in Germany but
would present his ministry to the
new reirhstag and defy the mem
kri t oust it
Seven firemen lost their lives
in two terrific explosions that
trapped them aa they fought a
Mai in th fashionable Riti
Tower hotel, which rises 41 it or
fcsa aOov Park Avenue
40 Yean Ago
Jaly M. Ill
. .hlH,
The schooner Del Nori
struck a reel in a dense log ne
San Francisco, tat a total lout
Th crew and passengert who
taak to the boats when the vet
tel struck, were all retcued un
Oregon troops hn have keni
ia North Yakima will leave far
Oregon Thry wr tent ta deal ,
with I W W trouble Several
leaders of th organisation were
emenr rout
State vs Rohert Clinton Os-
Stste vs Rohert Clinton Os-
bourn: Cum continued until Aug
t for nla na rfiaree of passing
fnr plea on charge af passing
a forged check.
State vs Robert V Harpole: De
fendant sentenced ta one year in
the Oregon Stat Penitentiary on
1 charge of escape from the prailen
: tiary
i iSu v, Wyttt Gilmor Hicks
llld j.mnl R McCormack De -
VWHian I ci- ivnunurv uiii
I a U. ..k .k.rrf
AUK. 14 on yvro , rmu v "
; iih hurrlarv not in a dwrllina
charges cruH and inhuman treat
men! . Married July 10, at
Vancouver, Wash,
! ARa M. Waiktns vs State In
dustnal Accident Commissioar
jy (ilJi (or defeodaot.
; ,.,, . w, . n. c.
lem. Inc , vs. Curiy's Dairy, lnc :
Complaint seeks I3.SM in damages
for property damages allegedly
resulting from sewage flooding of
plaintiff's premises.
State vs. Claude Rverett Shields
Court orders pre-amtence investi
gation after defendant pleads guil
ty to charge of obtaining money
and property by false pretenses
State vs. John Raleigh Taylor
Court orders pre-sentence inesti
gatMO after defendant pleads gull
ty to charge of burglary not in a
Stanley F Gratier vs Slate In
dustnal Accident Commission Or
der disnussmg case with preju
Alice Helman Saunders vs. El
mer Crissel snd Elsie Cnssel: Or
der dismissing suit with prejudice
Irene A. Pullman vs Theodore
D Pullmao: Complaint tor divorce
charges cruel and inhuman treat
mnt and seeks $200 all
many with property settlement
Married Nov. IS. 1931, at Reno I
Alfred I Withrow vn Beverly;
Jeas Boyd Decree of annulment
awarded to plainliT
Clara A Winans vs Charles J
Winant Complaint for divorr
. charges cruel and inhuman treat
. feodants
ard I. Smith vs C H
Blaze Burns
Farm's Peas
iaa Naara tmki
H.F.AR UKH. July la-Fir de
atryed about one-third acre of
Austrian peas al the Fir Grove
Farm her today when they were
ignited by sparks from a combine
Owner Clifford Orey gave no es
timate of loss Th alarm was an
swered by Brooks fire department
Reaa pickers on the farm sssisted
in extinguithing the blaze
Fire Damages
Beverage Truck
I BlatrtBaa
MACI.EAV. July 2A Coca Co
la truck caught lire near here thin
iinuiia anu inr uiivrr. inm oirn
sly. wat able j reach die Marlesy
store whers the Four Cornen fir
truck wat called.
Blensty said he could not esti
mate tha damage but it was con
fined ta the front of the truck.
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I Jones Order dismissing suit wHh
. Mh McGU.
(1rAfr dumissing suit with
I Vincent H t'nlvin lames J
McCarthy Order dismissing suit
with prcjudir
Ruber! Morfnrd vs Southern
' Pacilir Co Mike Pilley and I.. H
Seydel Plaintiff s motion for vol
uniarv non-suit allnvrd rae dit-
'misseo ana u,,.-a..
pnoRTK rol'RT
Rudolph Jopn estate:
NOtlC 0l
appeal on order allow-
rlami nl Anlonelle rirs niea
by ailmmilralia.
Janet E Dunlin? estate: Order
admittmc will to probate and ap
poinlint Martan-l F. Tahacrhi a
Uila Kin Boring Order ap
pointing ella Hoe as adminis
Tobv A Aronnon etlnle- Order
appomtinii GuM A Aronson as ad
Wanda Tatnna le Rohertt es
tate Order setting final account
hearing for August 3D
Marion Dudley. San Diegn. Calif
sentenced lo Id days in Marion
Countv tail after pleading guilty
lo a i hjrsf of petty larceny
I Elmer Merton Patterson Turn
I ar. fined US on charge of failure
, in vield the right of way.
! Edaaesl Oliver Johnson. Port
land fined IIS on chsrge of an
ghng with two lines
Kenneth Edward Pickersgill. 420
:S ("ottare St . bound oer to fhe
I grand jury nn s charge of point
mc a gun at another
I Kenneth I.. Smith. tW Fill
I Ave fined IIS on pleading guilty
I to drunkenness. j
Archie J. Elliott. Jr . 14. student,
i l)f Maple Ave . and Elisabeth ,
Sue Wilcox M. student. M.S Belle I
vu n . notn ot aiem j
Forrest H Adison. 14, aircraft
company. Seattle. Wash . and fis
ther Jones, 24, instructional aide
Richard A McdiKray 22. ms
chinist. Bend, and Mary Jo Brown
23 clerk. IftS Hansen Ate . Salem
Norvin Allen Isaac IS floor env
erer, r5 Dallas Rd , and Char
lotte Angiitis Tilgner I? si
home. S02 Tilgner Ine, both of
Arnold C Aatenidr S thop tu
permlendent Rl 2 Box S2 and
Mary Kav Dodge, 44. stenographer.
1057 C Rural Si . both of Salem
Amos I,. Spicer. 25. farm labor
er. Stralhmore, Caflf . and Rertha
Iuise Collier, II. at home. Turner
Anthony Peter Wolf teleut
ion technician. Aumtville and
lns Mae Thaver 21. sreretan
IMS Stale St , Salem
Harland D Brock 24 service
station attendant 2MR Rluli !
and Lorraine Ray. 21. at home.
IMS Terrace Dr., both of Salem
- sasoiwcu -
Monday - Tuesday - Wtdnttday and
Thundoy - 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Friday! - 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
Closed all day Saturday
Suit Against -SP
A ' damage auk a,
Southern Pacific Ca. anal two ral).
road agenU was dismissed Monday
in Marion County Circuit Coart oa
a motion for a voluntary naa wit
from the plaintiff, Robert Morford
Morford had filed the turt hi
Frbniary against Southern Pari,
fie. Mike Dtlley, engineer, and
H Seydel. Mnductot, as the result
of a car-train collision near the
Uncaster Drive cresting Nov lj,
The suit wat in its epeabtg day
in Judge George R. Duncan t court
room before a jury of aeven men
and five women whea Judge Dua,
ran allowed aha inotioa for nonsuit
&v OrrsoDf&$Ulrmi
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stsstamtoN satis
Bt rarrlrr la tkktti
Daily ana SuaSay II ta awr ma
Daily sals . II M pat a
Sunda anty M araak
ay aaaM Dally aad SaaOa
in advaneet
in Otagaa l Tl pa aa
4 St tkra m
tst ai ma.
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In !' a autaiaa
II tt ma
By aail SaaSa aaty . IS am
i in advaarai tt Jt taar
atl Bar at Ctraalatkia
Baraaa af ASinBilaa 4NP4
Or flaw
ekHkrt Aiaailatlaa
was a-sumTi
aa rraBctaaa
wftr notxjBAt ca.
Nta Tark
WniAltWrTI CONCltT MtstS
Kavach 1 labaMky BaRat
laeoard Warran, larhena
Savmaur I let la, Ptanlat
Marian Arasstlkn, Canlralts
AkJ4Bejjf sMfc TsWfJ
aim. ta ut. a aat.
Ottak M. tST
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tm Hmrnt tiki ta MO
Aatartaaa Bai taaiat