The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 19, 1957, Page 20, Image 20

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    Cheese Muffins Surprise Bread
Qeaning Tip jSUtcsmaa. SJan. Or-. FrU July 19. "57 (Sec IID-H
A v
For Piano Keys
- Jl tack paras af ha
m mujto Un r-v
LAdd Olives to
fc. oka.
VSmn. picture and hnc a trw
jyon'ra lakagj
Potato bauds
9 hart aad fl
''ko baauM ra ail raaaid ataf f Fasery atrtaail carrat aad waB
!e tZT, L aaja wtark a attk'araaard cawaed rw ewetud raaa-
taJ((t " km kill tmataatt baa baaa aanVbato laatafatta a aaahtal tatad.
eat ia bm koekyanl kv
cszrsi mcpttji nvBksia
1 egg
, at 1
.JlMM rat 'wu amty
or ten
' Tharo a -tuff of aarat, Ml
(! Far ft mj. b At iwca
bona r baa l d anad
And IntM kam and a dart r
two of pile Ml M H
rwca eVvurd acts Ik tarn
fly wtl realty fa ear fta taety
ariataa i aa om a I a 4
I aatlapta waflavared fesauae
"j'Tomato Ring
Holds Mealy
(Salad Mix
at asaaded. SUr at ktarott mix bet thatt aa rwaeaa aat It kaea
patt aati n iiinil batter wd useat year heaat. Try rilifg tlLAJ TJOtKaTT
, vl aunt tto i nn'ir jaled
JnKTn"nnXrenl MM Wltk
jkwaka M IW. BWt We
Caseat a ate eraser a4 ak - - - arf rtara Make a law ealanae kaa aa. npe abai year urveraa Batata
act asaffa. Bake a bet avwa Bteateaad ia water. Caaa psaaa'kaj tea grated ksmaa rad aad salad Leak far the ai i pi earn
N cap ail fJ kr ahaaf li aiaiia key by waatg wch a caaa maast- treat hwaaa Baca a at era at taa saJad pact ef npe H a aa a i
cubs tat am . arwa hat. aatd wtM weed ale thai Soap aad flaeort, icaaaeraaa aad sadt.
H osj
Tangy Tomato Ring hold piMMnl combincHon of onion, cucumbor' and cortago cJioeta,
oamithad with strip el tanguo or lamb. Tho tomato atpk coma in can, to doai tho
moat, for ipaading preparation.
Honey Pie Features Gold Color
Bar, la On days af
One, who Athens was ttia
koney capital at the world, aeiftfc
bmnng Maunt Hyawttua was the
permanmt anna f mare thaa
twea.y theut aad baa hive Hte
knaM ted a that la ether parts
af Greece, a mar. it we fre
auently iirnaary tar httkatpm
at b abneat at Maatrtaa it
war winged ward tar they moved
their hivee according ta the taa
aoa, fefiewag dta crapa a( flaw
art rortuaataty today, a moder
advtacat li hoary culture bee
keeper caa atay put tod Kffl
father thetr rweet produce, ej
insufk tka aa thawaahr nwet
remaa aa kajy at tew. R ka
baaa totd laat eevaoty bra
fteutand af tha basing bard
aiaat vtoi mom thaa twa railbaa
flower la tka coupe af a day ta
product a pound af nectar.
Since koaay k) tha eldest sweet
aninf afent. it feat lurprisini that
tim mx-tar is a (vored ingredient
In huadrad at deeeerts raninf
from tha maay layarcd beaey
droDcked baklav ta a ligbt. aU
cataly textured aeseert know a
Ronay Chlffoa Pi whkh tailar
aud for aummar ddii(.
coldcn rn nu
IS caaa atflad Oaur
H taaapaoa tall
H eua abortaataf
t tablaapoom vatar
la mixtaf bowl eantbma Oaer
and tH Wttk paatry btaadar
or twa knlvaa, cut la ahortattlnf
ajntil aiiitura look Uka coaraa
eonunaaJ. Iprbikl vatar erar
Inixtura, aa tablaapoea at Urn,
and ma Ufhtly wttk a fork antil
all flour it mottanad. With tha
hand gather dough Into a ball.
On a lightly floured board roU out
pantry in circle inch thick
and about m iachee larger la
diameter thaa tha a plat fit
pajtry kmeely Into a -lrtck pie
plate and trim off edge, leaving
W inrh overhanging. Fold over
banging edge back and under.
Build up a fluted edge: Place left
forefinger against Inaid of pajtry
run and pinch outaid wita right
thumb and forefinger. Repeat all
around rim. Prick bottom aad
tidet of paatry generoualy with a
fork and bak at US T. tor 11
to IS minute. It win be a lovely
golden browa whan It come from
the even.
1 tablespoon gelatine
Vi cup water
1( cupa milk
Vt cup honey
I eggs
A 10-ounr jar maadaria
tk teaapoon taR
1 cup cream, whipped
.Soften gelatine in tha water for
I minute. In t taucapaa combine
milk and honey and bring le
boil Beat the egg with little
T tha hot milk until blended, stir
agg mixture lata tha hot milk and
eook over low heat, tttrrtng. far I
minute Remove from heat, add
falatJne and tir antil gelatine it
diuoived. Stir In tha Juice drained
from tha Jar af mandarin erange
(R should measure about H cup)
and tha salt and refrigarat tha
custard, stirring occasionally, un
til it mounot from a spoon Beat
Custard until smooth. Fold In tha
whipped cream and tha mandarin
Spoon about twa thirds af tha
filling Into tha golden pit shall and
Summer Soup Is
Chilled Bisque
A cold eua la filling aad satis
factory for summer. Aar u m
af the aseeat aaea.
1 eaa tameta aaao
cup water
H cup milk
1 toaneoa lemoa Jusre
1 taaapeea Worreatarsrurs
iRipe Olives in
Supper Salad
Half a rup af ra elite adds
snaatiatu sod a welcome coier ac
cent to Supper Salad Supreme, a
snacarvai salad with a wtUeea-
1 tathipaa gratoel aaaa
1 cup aaely rappd curarabar
1 cartae ll aa callage
1 ar I as.' lama ar beef
SoAaa gelauaa hi aa cup cold
latnata JaV far 1 annexe Heat
reat af temete jasca 'I cups' and
add- la gaiatuw. ata- aaul aW
ad Add caik aaoce. aaiaa aad
Paur asta nag maid
aa c4 until drm I'saneM aa
piaster, tad fffl caotar wtk cat
taw chees. Cat taogue lata I-
finely chopped
aup tour cream
Call amp li refrigerator several
hour. Pear asup lata a bawL Add
water, milk, hmoa Juiea, Wor
(aatarttar sauce and ease. Beat
until tmaaa. Add H cup af the
sour craam, beating until It I
wed mixed. Serve garmaned with
aoOopa af remaining sour rreara
and a little chopped chive. Make
I servings.
Dry Milk Found
Quick to Use
AH broad af kaaUnt nonfat dry
milk wtl whip readily wbaa used
with aa equal me ure of let
water. Freak froaaa. ar bottled
lemoa Juice not onty adds pi
auawa, but make the whip more
The hurried koroemaaar I ever
oa tha alert for diartea that caa
be prepared tha day before. This
everalgrit salad it papular winter,
aunaner, spring or fail. It tha top
of a double boiler, combine I well
beaten egp. cup lemoa Juice,
1 teaapoon dry muetard and a dash
of salt. Cook until mixture I thick
ened enough ta coat apnea Ht
mov from heat and add I marsh
mallowi quartered. Stir antil
smooth, cool, and add I cup
chopped nuts, 1 No. I can drained
diced pineapple and 1 cup of seed
ed grapes Chill ana hour. Com
bine Vt cup ice water, i table
spoon lemon Juice and Vk cup
konfat dry milk and whip until
stiff Fold into fruit mixture Let
stand M hours. Make ( tervinp.
Fresh orange and graprfnitt
section sweetened with honey nd
topped with fTited orange rind
chill until set. Chill remaining fil
ing until let. then heap by spoon
ful oa top of pi. Top with addi
tional whipped cream if desired.
Garnish with mandarin orange
slice ar strawberries and refrig
erate until serving time.
g ether ckeeee, celery, partley tad
puniaota. Rip olva mak k a
sticfc-t4Kth-rib meta dub for a
family dinner or informal com
paay menu. Prepare the tiled a
baad of mtv tag time and dull la
tha refrigerator You U find this It
recip you U ut aflea thw wnv
H cup ripe elivat
v. pound proceaaed cbeeet
cup cooked macaroni
I cup sliced celery
Vi cup diced ptmiento
v cup chopped parsley
4 cup mayonnaise
I tablespoons drained iwert
pickle relish
1 teaspoon grated onion
1 taaspooa prepared mustard
Vt teaapoon sak
Black pepper ta lasts
Cut olives lata Urge piece. Die
cruets lar ahred caaraoiy). Cara
bine stives, cheese, macareai, eat
ery . puniente and partley. Blend
mayoanaue, pickle relish, onion,
muetard, sal aad pepper. Add la
macaroni mixture aad tost to
gether lightly, terra weU chilled.
Serves 1
auartared deviled etX
af ewe umber FifM eervatgs
Here art athrr summer
No cream taure ta mak whre
yu use cream style rort Hk
dried beef m uus apeoal rembin
atiaa I'm t small jar el dried
beef Riate. dry and shred it and
browa ia butler or marganae
wfth a small caa af mushrooms,
draiaad. aad a amal caapped
etuea. Add t II aa. eaa af cream
atyle con. ttiianrag witk a bttlt
liCht cream If aewded lrv
piping hot ever toast poinu
Far Use light frurt-ftUed dea
sert prepare eraage cocanut ar
vajulla piiddiiif tnu according ta
package dtrertona Drain, pa and
obop purpl plums from 11 at.
caa or Jar, and fold thorn and tw
tufrty beatea Hi wtutas lata the
cooled pudding Pile into individ
ual dessert dishea aad chut Serve
topped with tlioad banana.
Here's t new slant aa bat sand
wiches, Opea Chili Cbeeaaburgers
Arrange spUt hambarger bum on
a Saking sheet, but ten i e'-h
half Caver with alice of Amer
can rhertt and nut in thr oven
ar under the broiter until cheese
meKj tllghtly Serve the bum oa
individual pistes, apooaing h a t
canned chili caa earn ever the
Like renerous kakpingi af v re-
Buy i pound at potatoes
a pound and
for two Servian;
half af greet poaa for two.
pound af spinach ar tomatoes
switch to
ST aaT .aaar m.
never an
Dr. Ptpptr Bottling Co.
09i N. Ukorty St. SaUm '
r TKo WW Fiik Froth
ro mi
SOLE Red Snapper
low iti pmci
rrath Cat Up
Stewing Hem 98
Oeoi Ready m aa g
Roasting Hens uHJ
Tsckt Oak afAv
Frtth Sao food and Potilrry
216 N. Commercial
fkoeto EM 4-470S
Family fun I Only om pozzlt to workl
Enter as many times as you likil
Should it ko
"thy" or Ms"T
Is If "bft"
or "bin"T
Cmofl! Match wiU with Kellogg "Mt
TWatar." It fua, and tha winner will pat
SS0.000 cash!
You juat in m tha auasiag Wttars a the
partly tolvad croaaa ard peatia bafew aW
reading the dues. Bxampet: "Houaawifa who
baking will want t BI of tow at
hand." Which it Bwre appropnaU -BIT or
BIN? Resnembar. aaly ana ana war m corraet
a eock caaa. Read tat rule, fat started.
Cup aad una tha entry blank Maw. Yoaj
caa get additional aatry blanks at your
grocer's or by writing to 'Twister Coatee,1
Bos 111. Mariott, Onto.
LTpOsItMaI m
I ITI I HI I I IH I I I aa a "aalw Twtm.- tmm 100. aaiia, OH
r loj I Mi if I (1 rn y TOUI NAM! I
Jhd ifn BhBlE j Ato : '
' a l r lTjn Mt-y cm ioni itati I
I 0 I IB (TTPt t (Ptoaee WOrT-Use poaed-tiih Man) I I J
I O ! t J il t P tmialfl m Ml aataat eae atam't Cam Natal m Bae I
I L! C "JL 0 t R V 5 leaaiaa.iatnw.atlel...l.fc
IrogDi njzzzr"mr'y'',','4 j
I 1 1 f- r i PI' rroat
M nfbl Iei IhIiImI i I AMMM j
t A faraer aight wetl aak hh
hi rad bead to atay with kin and
halp search for tha.
a. A nil could be called a hypo
crite kerauaa be doea this.
I Aaaong the worid'a aopulatioo,
as aay that are
out of tha ordinary catch the
public ey.
Seaing believing.
Finding ta old la
Johnny's pocket, mother will
probably just put it with the
other fuaay things be ka col
lectad. IS. I a maay tropical countries, H
ia the fashionable set who area
IS. Paat tenet of '
17. A girl's aaaa.
19. Bigger
21. Choose one the ether.
23. Metal bearing rack
24. Paraoa with eanouo ailment ia
l:katy to Uke under
doctor's order.
25. A aaaa n said to he no
thaa he feels
2. Short for Edward
27. To get .penal attention, sd
vortieer may decide to uee
lettering oa ka bill
board advertising
28. Housewife who love baking
will went a of lour at
29. To utilise.
10. Almost any good father and
mother would show real interest
ever their children do this.
important for
Used ta mead a tear.
If violent, it oftaa afferta ether
poreoaa beeidee tboee people
directly involved.
King" ia Franca.
Bachelor of Arts (anbr ).
It ia
It ie amueing at Uasas to tee
bow aoaie folks try ta be
when there a mistletoe l bout.
What cinnaaaoa aad doves are.
12. Old trapper might knew from
the tracks outaide
laiKval wee ia the cave.
14. A musical selection.
15. Yoo might aspect a firmer to
naturally waat te get ml of it
ay be wjw
li. Wife e fealiaaa
badly hurt what
by bnaelf all evening.
17. A maa should hesitate batata
naing one that ia not ia reason
' aMy aefe seaditien.
IS. Ia daya of ,
20. Hntory indicetea that H kei.
tiated toae eerly ailitarp
22. Bright color.
24. A oarious en a
narrow highway aight compel
a motorist la make aa anaa
parted detour.
25. What a gambles offers.
28. To or aol ta be.
ANOTHER TIP . for quick, refreshing tummer hraikfaata,
pour out a big bowl of Kellogg' Com Flake, the cereal that Uetae beat to mora
people ... or enjoy nouhahment without weight in Kellogg' Rico Knspiee. Both
ar great with your favorite fruit aod freah, cool milk . . . mmml
i i SAVE
fGIB fatwi T i 41
U0VI (wis
yf ij 1 J
AAtflfltfl ttS) I
i i aCi our vu ill? iint
gi) aaan at tiiiiini afca aat mm mmm aat M IllVlal
JtL IfcHW VII (wtJMlt, Ottt mf Wt tttKt anWawaVlA na-wrBrfaawl WaV
T nti llll. mi aw Mil i. illi aaaa ttme. tea. taMn. m mm nPPirf
a.aiate.amnat nm ,m KK Hh
at at. aUSr al Swt aa e amtiat Swt I tw IIIIIWI IfeV
aaM Si ha Cat aM M a It Man na to. ane.CraS.aav
Oft -4k. fHe. or It-es. PACKAOV
r tmnt: tw tw mniiiiit it a a n. idum 4 an
asata. ata a. aO letaa lua at la W tta h m lii M
nam a h ataaaa. m aaaj k n Saw tin' le INr
1. PRINT t Meat BMon m IM paolt Hw Mtert ma
rant larn ward that beal k deal PtINT feat was
md sddrtn burly m entry SUM sad lbs M nttei of
fw M asms m Hit bei srsiaotd. (atnn nasi n
auttisflitd m Istet tka October li. 1)67. mituiH
ncartd m lotar Hist Nevembtr S, 1K7 Ma
al ta- MIMar TwnkK," sai IOOO. Malta. Oaa,
2. fa nty seler a many tiem n rot Stan camairiag
aitti aM rein tor tack entry Um sen; afhcul tarry
bunks sbtairwd frsn atwiptpH en. t yew frocef I ar
by eribr a) twister ConMt ". lei 111 Msnts, One.
(act entry mutt bt tcaynpiMtd by tw KeKon'l Cor
Fltktt r re Kelloa'i truant bortetl tot of
tack (tf yo asv tham). or toy an Itcsmltt csrd
from say sourca. ioitooi f kork ft iliislriM a
lti Ml
3. Csretufly Mudy rhe duel battel antrnf your Mteert.
Tkt corrtd enei rtqwri tt most (porseratt in nst
iMt eoros Then Ktvt tea rMermaarj ind irt anal
ftrnUmrnt Corportlion at Amt'Ki kis btMi ippoinled
H ctnsiaei sN tatries ltd wttct tht prm aaaai.
DeaMm el rudrn ml bt ansL
4. flu keUosj Comptsy pty (SO.OOO ler the eerrtet
Miutio; a it I csrred tolutiot n not rsenverj. tht men
attrh car rad solution band a tht number el orrtol
wwdt en bt tht winnar (tubrtct 0 t rules et He
5. I mi tveat ) hev i ttpi'itt "Mister Twnwr'' purri
ted I ssntsacs tor conpittion. "I bkt KtHou'l Ctrilit
bKlvn ." (is 7i aerds sr an), eil bt msiltd M
Ihnt whs hive tied he toitops, er tscamlei ail oa
rsowrtd with be brttkinf. tntritv Seek entritt wM' oe
jvdftd n tht basis of Ire lit-braking put! umtuH
4 It tht rveot of further tin the pnn ail bi resrotd
k) tvin tntrtnt when nnttnet tor cosejleheii is leoged
most apt. erimsl. md anctn.
6. Entnes limited It rtadtnts f tht owiriWfittl United
Ststtt iedudia Alsski and Hiww. sicsst anptotn-M
at flu Ksfnfj Company, its tdvertiang iftacm tha
Furflllnient Corporrtion af Amend and their lirmltet,
Centtst subnet a ttl fjvtrnmtntil bjwi tad ttfaistnat,
7. M tntrwt bscamt tht property of Hit lurilea Campany
tor my and ttl purposet hens will bt returntd. Ktot
tsr HKideMtl tacsinatnsittd kttp Iron tm Ins md
tnends. tntrns must St trholly tht eerk ef tht pmoa
it whose nstnt tht entry a nbrntttd. tad ail k drt
tuihfed rl preotred with pioftsinasl ar compemaled
Mp ktehtmcy rtprortuCTd ItcsJnilas tit intiitian.
In farness k atl. a corrMtonOHict wil bt taterei at
Maut tin caefcst The airmti a tying mtrmri ai ka
aabaa by md a m bant ht.eala 30. 1W.