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Fireworks, 'Flying Discs' Compete for Attention Across Oregon
(Story in Col. 2 & 6)
aireti ysk SMI(dI
The) Oreccm Statesman, Salem, Ore- Saturday. July 5. 1947
Prie 5c
No, IS
- V
U'hil UNRRA performed an
invaluable service in alleviating j
suffering abroad, and while the j
grants from our government eon-;
tjnue to help people in Europe and
Ami to live, these gifts are quite
impersonal in nature. Many peo
ple still want to make gift to
people in need in other land. It
gives them more of. the thrill of
sharing with the impoverished
and more of a feeling of sacrifice
than when they pay their taxes.
The who wish to send pack
ages directly to persons abroad
may do so, provided they comply
with regulations. Shipments by
parcel pott, the most convenient
war, are limited to 11 lb, for
Eire. France. Greece and Italy, 22
1 M
Great Britain. rtussia,
Y. "'-."or"' CrrZl
iurej. m
Parcel Post food Damage are
limited in size to 3'i leet in lengui
'Vl. f
combined, a mamieti or customs
CieCiarauon musi liwur hupici Vinrnt Paul
each parcel, as well as instructions
lor jis disposition in cuw ""-
dreecannot be located.
Foodktuffs most practical to
send or mrt needed are fats, oils,
meat. Hour, rice, sugar, conee,
tea. powdered milk or eggs; choc-
elate. Soap is badly needed and
American agarets are welcomed
though they may not be sent" to I
the U. S. zone of Germany,
Clothing also is greatly needed
and may be sem along wiin xooa-
Huffs or in separate parcels un-
oer we same umit. j
( Continued on editorial page)
Mine Owners
Ponder Pact
,uAhe.rn indu;!Tt w!
undecided t o n I g h t whether to
, " . V
'. -rZ.A Night entertainment at the iair-
next Tuesday. ... ..lerouiids at which an estimate
"W e ve reached no decision,"
said a spokesman for the South-
wmcn meijor ,7"
then recessed until 1p.m. (EST)
- n . Jill -.n
uiiKia arue up v
It baiuc wac e increase and an em- tv Af to rfnU iton
tnr th minerm welfare fund.
Ike Says 'No One
lias Asked Me
To Be President'
VICKSBURG. Miss.. July,4-om
General of the Army Dwiaht D.
Eisenhower cited as an object les -
ton for world cooperation here to-
rl.v ih historv of this ancient
citadel of the south, whose last
conquering general 84 years ago
tcame pmident of Uie United
As honor speaker at the carnival
we conieaeracy in vicasourg,
jusennower auriouiea xauure oi
tne cause or tne -soutn in in civil
war to isolation from the remain-
der of the world.
In answer to questions at a news
conference as to his "possible
jjhtical plraUon.- the general
-I wouldn't have the effrontery
to tay, I wouldn't be president of
the United States. No one has
osked me." He followed immedi-
ately with a reiteraUon of his pre-
viously-preed poslUon that he
ha. no political aspirations.
at o a a
Mnimni lralrrc
"Sure it'$ just puppy love
what did you expect
. e "
Sun Aids
By Erie Bergman
fiaff Writer. The fctaUrsinan
In all the glory of a beautifully
warm Independence Day, Salem
peacefully celebrated the 171st a an
niversary of tne oirin oi me na
tion at home, at the city parks
and at the Oregon state fair
grounds in most part safely and
City swimming pools teemed
with youngsters and grownups. At
dinger park group picnics pre
dominated, the largest being the
annual reunion of the Wiley fa
mily and at Leslie park, the Beth
el Baptist church held their an
nual Fourth of July picnic with
all the trimmings. Many families
picnicked in their own backyards
with the idea of staying off the
highways and celebrating safely
in their own home town.
i With Col. Carle Abrams as mas-
ter of ceremonies, patriotic cere-
monies led off events of Fridays
jpart of the three-day American
IBion ennnsnred celebration at
n Oreron state falrerminda.
Kev. 8wlt Speaks
Invocation at the ceremonies
wag by the Rev. George OKeefe
churcn. Rex Kimmel, commander
of Capital Post 8. American Le
gion. read the introduction to the
Declaration of Independence. The
rv. George Swift, rector of SL
puu Episcopal church, delivered
the na trio tic address, stressing
-efficient and successful govern-
ment at home and education of
our citizens' and peoples , of the
world ai to the merit of the
greatest nation in the world. R.v. swift. "Mar God
grant that our country will always
maintain for itself freedom of od-
portunity. freedom to develop
spiritually, culturally and materi
ally, and to be an instrument in
Gods hands to make possible for
all the peoples of the world the
same blessing that we enjoy.
Musical Numbers
Musical numbers during the
Z ' T' kV"h Tk
direction of Alaurice Brennen, and
by corydon BJodgett, who sang
-invictus and "The Lords'" Pray-
, mn ru.n. iamA v, raA
.;, L L. iu.rf.
and music played by George
BruM and hu orcnestra, was a
hih- MD-.t in Frldfl, A'm,rir,n
I I ,finn nvmuu-lul B4iv.iiA d ttym
1 At Thursday night's grandstand
i - , - , at .
mv oamu xm,i aciiuui unu
under the direction of Vernon
Wiacarson provided tne music and
me our fiats, racmc woruiwest
championship barbershop quar
tet, entertainment.
alias Salem Entries
Both Thuraoay and Friday
night, the four Miss Salem candi
dates were introduced by Dave
lioss, as master of ceremonies.
Jerry Owen, Portland showman.
was master of ceremonies on Fri
oay night s show and introduced
1 " vnerry esuvai queen, Mar-
1 uureite, uervais, and ner
1 nine princesses, acts on we snow
mciuaea we uiypians, acroDais;
Monneii sisters, singers
YfJ juggier, ana wi uiim
fu.rfilV' tuSr Jilt !.mKt.r.
JP.YJ. lrl tumbler" and
urPe arusu.
UefrC l
r rv "'""Z
- '"V "
i w v
race waca: ana a aance in me
iwv.mi wiui uwn
f Dn n m" u ,c- . ,
loaa7 uie American region an-
llmS f-C",io?:3i vl
S?"? lSSU 1 1
tln7- m; w jlJ SS
T ? ??l'7LCn?l
7' o-iTi kT IS..- Z
Jerry owens will be master of
ceremonies. A dance in the grand-
stand building will end thl 1947
celebration of which Rex KimmeU
I ceremonies. A t
I stand building will end the 1947
jnd H. C. (Hub) Saalfeld have
wnt't" -"'- -
(Legion show racing award
winners on page 3)
Felton to Be Sworn in
As District Judge
Joseph B. Felton, Justice of
peace, will be sworn in as Marion
county district Judge Monday at
9 am. by Circuit Judge E. M.
Page in the Utter s courtroom,
Legislation by the recent session
r ium i-uiaM o.-o
trict courts for certain areas of
Oregon, and Fel ton's former Justice
court will now be a district court,
second group of B-29 Superfort
resaes is being deployed on the
west coast. The new group has
been ordered to the Spokane,
Waanington, army air field.
Saucers Stiage Show
Over Portland Area
PORTLAND, Ore., July 4.-UP)
-The "flying saucers" - - or may
be they were something else - -staged
a wild Fourth of July
celebration today that aroused
more hullabaloo than 10 years
of firecrackers.
Scores of citizens--Including
every branch of - police in the
area - - reported seeing what
they thought were silver discs
sporting madly about overhead.
The reports came shortly aft
er a flight of B-29 bombers, fol
lowed by P-80 fighters, passed
over the city.
The first saucer reports, came
from southeast Portland, where
residents said flying discs were
sporting above the Oaks amuse
ment park. Two police patrol
cars said they saw these, too,
"up by the sun, going east."
A few minutes later Sheriff
Martin T. Pratt's deputies re
ported seeing "20 in a line go
ing like hell to the west." Offi
cials of the state police, the Van
couver, Wash., sheriffs office.
"Vesuvius" fire-makers ervot as
his hands Is a sky racket which later added Its brilliance to those of
ethers streakinr thronsh Balems skies In the first real postwar ab-
serrance of the Fourth. Fireworks dealers reported that many
youngsters, twelve years old and yeanger, did net know what many
of the various fire fountains, pin wheels or flash bombs were be
cause of the six war years' lack of fireworks. (Photo by Don Dill,
Statesman staff photographer. ...
Nation's Accident Toll
Climbs to 125 Fatalities
By The Associated Press
The nation's violent death toll climbed to 125 Friday night, lnclu-
din two fatalities from the Fourth
of the three-day holiday drew to a
I r.fri ...KU.K
deths by Sunday midnight,
mgj were second with 47 miscellaneous mishaps, including plane
crashes, totaled 25.
j Th firft two jirework, deaths
resulted from an explo-
,ion fo skyrockets at a family re-
0,, ln Ekton. Md. The dead
MrST' "
The Ubulation did not include
10 deaths caused by a tornado in
North Dakota and Minnesota,
Most spectacular was the death in
DecorahKIa, of Miss Marge Hurl-
hurt of PainesvlUe, O, worlds
champion speed flyer, whoso
Plane crashed before thousands of
lL--- ..u,
Spftff J.", " nlLn hu, and
n , T't! to
I periodT An estimated
130 000.000 utrrmoblles wera on
the roads, '
Ernest Bevin Cites
Russ Provocations
LONDON, July 4 -(P)- British
Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin,
discussing Britain's desires for
o-.-. warned Russia tonleht
.-m. am
against provocaUona and carry -
I provocauona . io w.
In an address before the Amer
can society, he said that "a lot
of our friends in the world seem
to think that the British obses
sion for peace entitles them to
make provocations."
- "They must not be surprised
and indeed the evidence of the
last two struggles indicates that
I you can cany provocation too
and the Vancouver city police
said they, too, saw shiny, flash
ing discs flying very high.
Mrs. G. R. Graen, 3115 D st .
reported at 6 p. m. Friday that
she and her husband had seen
what they believed to be a "fly
ing disc" passing over Salem.
She said tnat the object was tra
veling south at a terrific speed
and appeared to be oblong in
shape when directly over them
but quickly became a mere
round speck as it p;sed out of
sight in the southern rky. She
and her hnsband estimated the
object's heighth to be about 10,
000 feet
BOISE, Idaho. July .-JPt-Capt.
E. J. Smith, United Air
Lines pilot, radioed the CAA
traffic control tower here tonight
that he and his copilot. First
Officer Stevens, had sighted
from "three to five" flying discs
at an altitude of 7500 feet 15
miles southwest of Ontario, Oreg.
(Additional details on page 2)
'I "i-'L?:
be celebrated IndeoendcBee day. la
of July fireworks, as the first day
Ik. n.lUn.l oM. .mmi.ll nrllrlJ
accounted for M of the 123. Drown
8500,000 Fire
In Columbus, Ohio
COLUMBUS. O- Julr 4 -PV-
Eleven Columbus fire companies WASHINGTON, July 4
still were on duty tonight at the T agriculture department re
smouldering ruins of the seven- Ported today that meat animal
story Gwinn Milling company fees -veraged about 50 per cent
whera fir .r1v tndav rfHtrnvrf
property valued at $500,000.
Reconstruction work from a fire
which did an equal amount of
damage 20 months ago, was still
incomplete but new machines re
cently stored la the warehouse
were destroyed.
Marion County Office
Hours Change Monday
All county officers remain
closed today for the holidays, with
the exception of the sheriffs of-
fice. Beginning Monday the coun
ty offices will open at S30 a. m.
instead of the ususl 8 a. m. due
to the new 40-hour week. New
hours will be 8:30 a. m. to 5
p. m. daily during the week and
8:30 a. m. to 12 noon Saturdays.
- S3
San Francisco
Chicaco as
New York SI
FORECAST, I from U.S. weather bu
reau. McNary field. Slm: Partly
cloudy today and Sunday with scat
tered ihowtrt. Hishmt temperature to
day 73. low S3. Weather favorable for
all farm work except for winds which
may Interfere wftn dusUng.
2 Holiday
Deaths in
Only two violent deaths were
attributed to the Independence
day holiday in Oregon by late
Friday night though traffic wa
reported by state and city police
to be the heaviest in ears.
At Junction City. Associated
Press reports that William Henry !
Kincart, 79, whoe truck was
struck by a Southern Pacific
train was fatally injured, and at ,
Florence, Donald Bruce Ilonai,
5 months old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Leonard J. O. Bonar. Eu
gene, met death by suffocation
while within the family car.
In Salem one traffic injury,
only two minor accidents, and i
very little complaint attributed
to fireworks was reported by i
city police. The fire department
extinguished only two blaze Fri
day in the city, neither directly
attributable to Independence day
celebrations. First aid men.
though busy, had only two cases
of fireworks burn, both of minor
Aatecaebile Accident
Joyce Sealey, 5, 904 Jefferson
St, a pedestrian, was reported
by hospital officials Friday to
be "in good condition" at the
Salem General hospital after an
automobile driven by E. Merle
Rhoten, 1845 S. Church st, struck
her Thursday at S p.m.. police
said. Police reports said that the
little girls had been sitting on
a curb in the 1600 block on North
Summer street when she sudden
ly Jumped up and was struck by
the Rhoten car.
- Other minor accidents Involved
ears driven by James Edward
West, 1650 Yew st. and a parked
car owned by Gerald Tucker, 356
Union st, which collided in the
1500 block of North Capitol
street, and cars driven by an un
known driver and Charles Wil
liam Hedges, 2330 Hayden st,
which collided at South- 12th and
llines streets, police said. Both
accidents, police added, occurred
Thursday night, and Melvin
Charles Whiteside, route 8. Sa
lem, posted $10 bail in munici
pal court on a drunk charge in
connection with the latter acci
Blase la Parked Car
ury nremen extinguished a
blaze In a parked car in the 500
block of Center street and a minor
damage roof fire at 1190 Nor
ay st, both on Friday. The fire
;n the car was on undetermined
origin and was confined to the
upholstery, firemen said. Em
ployes of the Columbia Metals
corporation extinguished a grass
re which started on Cherry av
nu nd spread through a fence
on the company property, ac-
cording to company officials.
First aid treatment rendered
by the Salem first aid squad Fri
day included: Frederic Roberts.
Portland, minor fireworks burn
Leo Weaver, 255 Park ave., minor
fireworks burn; Richard Cham
bers, 843 Market st, steel particle
under finger nail; Alvln Mes
chelle. Turner, for a lacerated
foot while swimming in Mill
creek; Bill Roth, 640 S. Capitol
St., burns on face and hands from
gasoline fire; and A. C. Miller
100 Highway ave- for lacerated
fingers received while working
on a dump truck.
The war assets administration
soon will offer for ssle 1.938,982
raise teeth, declared surplus by
the army. Dentists and their sup
pliers are the only likely buyers,
as the teeth sre to be used In
making setn.
mncr aunng me iirsi nail
1947 than under price ceilings of
year earlier.
Truman Attacks 'Fallacious'
Arguments Against Aid Plan
4i?)President Truman pleading
for barriers down among all na
tions of the world, took Russia to
task in vigorous and unmistak
able terms today for "fallacious"
arguments against Secretary Mar
sha Us plan for economic recov
ery In Europe.
without mentioning the soviet
union by name, Mr. Truman left
no doubt of his meaning when he
declared in an Independence day
"Certain nations are withhold
ing their, support of reconstruc
tion plans on the ground, that this
would mean interference by some
nations in the internal affairs of
"This is as fallacious as the re
fusal of a man to enter a prof
itable business partnership on the
ground that it would involve in
Charles Irlfl. Salem and Port-
' Urxl traitor sought mx-r early me iwrmmmu promptly art- Uoo to the IM7 r alatwr'
1 June, was in the custody of the naunced their frrrptanre. rigaiet tag Law enj (tow 111
Multnomah county shenff s office No official replies had yet been 99 amrndUr the ala'.s h y 3rv W
today after having been arrested submitted, but announcement of trie rtentmasiue) lasr vr f.'j4
near Salem late Thursday by acceptance of the invltatton fif in the state department TurxUy
Sheriff Ienver Young of Marion made in Denmark. Greece. Tre and Fivday to meet reqair4
county. He is to be biouftit b k Nether lands. Portugal and IW.y. di!rr
to Salem for arraignment M.Niday , while official rnmrtit in F- re, I The rUtioM U k.l the -.-before
D.Mr.ct Judge Jureph Fe - Switzerland. Turkey and Be' . srr1 Urn were Ut at n.n Frv
on on a rharge of greeny by bat- , .trongly Indicated their rertet- Uy. f.w hcurs la ane
The arrot was nwde near the
penitentiary annex at 1 1 JO p. m
Thursday after Young said he
recognized the occupant of a
Chevrolet panel truck as Del (el.
whom he had known 20 years ago.
despite the man's insistence that
he was Everett Tillman of San
"ranewco and never had heard of
the Oregon realtor.
With him in the truck, beating
California license, was a wom
an who showed a driver's license
iwued to Lois Tillman, the sher-
ff said. The woman was dnv-
ng The man carried no identi
Admitted loeotlty
The man. Young said, admitted
ho was Del fel after being brought
to the courthouse by the sheriff
and Deputy William Duvall who
aided Young in the arrest. The
woman drove the truck back but
was not held.
Although Delfel was reported
to have given no satisfactory ex
planation for his return to Ore
gon, the Associated Press said he
told Portland reporters he had
come back to surrender. "I had
hoped I could straighten things
out and avoid the crash." he said,
"when things got too tight, I de
cided to take a vacation and see
if I couldn't round up some new
capital to square things away.
When I left Portland I had not
thought of staying away so long
. . I would have surrendered
Moodsy If I hadn't been arrested."
Cliaaaxed Hatch
The arrest climaxed a long
watch on the home of Mrs. Del
ict's sister on South 12th street.
Young disclosed. He said the pan
el truck had stopped at the house
Thursday evening for about 15
minutes and that the occupants
picked up clothing and two sleep-
insr bass before proceeding east
out Hoyt street and the old Tur
ner road to the annex, when the
truck was stooped, however.
Young said, the officers were told
that Delfel and the woman anew
no one In Salem and had not stop
ped In this city. They were quo
ted as saying they were en route
to BreiUnbush to find work.
Delfel was taken to Portland
early Friday on a warrant charg
ing larceny. emDeiiiemenu wiui
bail at $15,000. but will be brought
back here Monday for arraign
ment on the local charges baaed
on a Justice court warrant Issued
on a complaint involving proper
ty belonging to Walter Brera
hahn valued at 14300. It is re
ported that proaocuUon here may
then bo deferred ponding outcome
of the Portland case.
Salem Youths Win
Model Competition
Jim Noakes and Jim Uebel-
man. Jr.. of Salem shared honors
Friday as they placed high in the
Oregon state model car and mo
del coach contest sponsored by
the Fisher Body Cra ftsmans
guild, at San Francisco.
Noakes. 18-year-old resident of
13&8 N. Cottage st- won second
place In the senior division for
his model.
Uebelman. 19. of 17S N. High
st tied for third In the moc
division of the model rsr contest.
ah iirsi places were won
Portland youtha.
ter fere nee In his private affairs.
Coupled with this evident refer
ence to Russia's withdrawal from
tho Paris economic conference -
called to discuss Marshall's plan
for U. S. aid on a basis of Euro
pean self-help - - Mr. Truman de
clared In solemn and measured
"I sppeal to all nations and all
peoples to break down the arti
ficial barriers that separate them.
"I appeal for tolerance and re
straint in the mutual relations of
nations and peoples. And I sppeal
for a free flow of knowledge and
ideas that alone can lead to a har
monious world."
Speaking from the steps of his
toric "Monticello," the home of
Thomas Jefferson. Mr. Truman
declared his belief that "organ
ized mistrust' leads the world
"awsy from peace and unity."
22 Nations Asked
To Join England.
France in Aid Talk
PARIS. July 4-ttVT-nty-t-o
! nations of Europe were ataed by
Britain and France today to d
. rde within i days whether to
join in drafting the rtmtmer.lal
reconstruct) program tmder lve ;
Marshall prtfal and official nf
A Bnti.h foreign office ire-
man, ranrnrr, wimrg nJiut.
who had previously "warned
against the rrewequences" of uth
action, against "Influencirg" ary
state In their free choice in C
Canada Border
Tornado Takes
Eleven Lives
G")- A score or more farm fami
lies In the upper Red River alley
of North Dakota and Minnesota
spent the Fourth of July ptcktr.g
over debris left by tornado that
took eleven lives and enjured an
estimated 30 others aa it d:ooed
and rose in a grim game of hop-
scotch late Thursday.
The torruKlo truck an area e- ' Twtr vther laws of tse 1M7
timated at 80 miles long, running leg live aewion are a!trd to
from Windy Gates, Manitoba, on go before the voters at the r
the Canadian side of the border. ' ctal elecUon th 3 p-r r.t
about 100 rrules north of Grand ' sales tax law and estaHJTct
Forks, to Oslo, Minn, 20 miles 'of a Uys ramp rtear Timber,
northeast of Grand Forks. ! Lawa Ufectree Todar-
Seven cf the kUn were kill-! All ether laws of the 2)4? Ue
ed when the. twister leveled a j blature. excepting thw.ptev
two-story house ln a grove of ' iously la effect by virus of the?
eottonwood trees near Auburn, emergency tlause, beexne efJec
N. D. 1 Uve utay.
Exact assessment of the dam- . On Thursday rjetit'.or.t attack irar
age caused was difficult because
of the nature of the storm which
levelled farm buildings, lipped
trees clean of leaves, and In one
instance ripped a 20-foot steel
bridge over the Forest river,
about two miles eoat of Mtnto,
N. D, from its concrete founda
tion. Twisted girders from the
bridge were plunged into the
ground, softened ty recent rains.
Jury Convicts
May, Garssons
"WASHINGTON. July 4 -4Jt-A
federal jury Thursday convict
ed Rep. Andrew J. May (D-Ky) J
and hat two co-defedanta. Henry !
and Murray Cartoon, on bribe eon- '
spiracy charges involving Mr;p:r TlfMitrnva 0
role as wartime chairman ef the r lCMrOJS U
bouao military committee. i 1 f
Tho Jury deliberated coe hour CalllOrnia llOniCfl
and 50 minutes In reaching Its er-
diet of guilty on all three counts
against each if the trio.
Maximum penalty would be six
years in prUun and $30,000 fine
or eacn oefenctaai.
May. in tears as the jury lore-
man intoned the word
subsequently tcld newsrnrn-
"I m sUll not dsunted well sp
peal 1L"
Proporials for Ukc
Of City Ind Asked
As Leases Expire
Due to the ex lira lion of leases
on city properly located in a half
block area at the southwest cor
ner of Trade and Liberty streets.
wU, prcnxmlt for
L reniAl of that nroDertr
: wrw sav.
?'1L!2Z Mu" -
The property, under supervision j
of tho water department and or- The corrp?r. llfih.
iginally granted for water de-1 1nfantry tegument, VVofirrr, te
pertinent use. is now occupied by j the 21st tmund unit ef the Ore
the Knight-re arry rrorsenes and j ron teticeia! guard e:-urat4 up
a parking lot operated by E. W. to ths time in the reorgaauxaikas
Stripling. The city council has ; pln.
mentioned the crcoerty In con- i The irapectxet lor feieral ree-
nection with a possible terminal j ocnlUon wa made Wirday
for city buses and also made pro- i with Ci. John V Thctrp
posals of using It for a downtown . Fort Lewis. VTakh, aenirg so
public parking lot
WILDWOOD. N. J, July --
At least 40 persons were reported
injured, two seriously. In the col
lapse tonight of a grandstand in
front of Convention hall where
hundreds were wstrhing a dis
play of fireworks, closing feature
of an Independence day celebra
ALBANY. N. Y, July 4 -dV
Cov. Thomas E. Dewey left to
night on a four-week western
tour during which he is ei peeled
quietly to enlist i ner rased sup
port of his prospect 1 e candidacy
for tho 1848 republican prcMdeo
Lai rumination.
Ccr( lrt4 rtitl's la
tax ties for the tnt beir.
Tho rotrtjuna, fr.r.,..ung lJTT
signature ao ogairtt ttw lljig
required by taw. w ere f.Vd -y
tL A. Tj adire. Port'anl. rete
enimg whtJeaale a-l fLa4 t j
aret deolera. If the commit w4
petit ore found regular, re-
Ue (.-!rt
fare ri 4ea
at the apecial electHn October 7.
Pending ruth eler; law
will be tnceirrstive. The tag
would te ru.' lifted in ear etert .f
a general aaWo tax ! FprtA4
Ocur 7.
Te CWk ticwers
Secretary c.f State Prbert Far
rell said tho sltnatra.wx.ld
checked formally Monday, tt
appeared alid.
Member cf tho ri'. tax rreo
milci ttfuwd to f(Jtnrr r
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