The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 28, 1933, Page 3, Image 3

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The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, Oregon, Thursflay Morning. September Z8, 1933
Grower Advised to Contact
; Local Representatives
On Allotment Scheme
There ceems to be some confu
sion la the minds of .the -wheat
growers In Marion county relative
to those who are eligible to re
ceive A.A.A. benefits. Individual
growers are requested to get in
touch with members, of the com
mittees la : the various , districts
jwho are able to give assistance by
supplying information concerning
he workings of, the plan, The
committees are:: -'
Sllverton Dr. A. W. Simmons,
-tbafrman, 411 N. Water, Silver
ton; ty. G. Gunderson, Route 2,
Sllverton; Henry Jaquet, Route 3,
St. Paul Henry Zorn, chair
man. Route 3, Aurora; Ross Cole
man, Route 2, Gervais; F, L. Mat
thieu, Route 1, Aurora.
, Woodburn t-? Frank Saalfeld.
chairman, Route 2, Gervais; Irven
Magee. Route 3, Woodburn; C. T.
Brixey, Route 2. Gervais.
Mt. Angel Ted .Hobart, chair
man, Route 1, Sllverton; Fred
Klein, Route I, SiTverton; Joe
Fitts, Route 1. Brooks.
Stayton --.tJoyd Keene, chair
man, Shaw; P. T.. Etzel, Sublim
ity; 0, W. Humphreys, Sublimity.
Salem - F. B. Simpson, chair
man, Jefferson; Ed Du.nigan. Jr.,
- Salem; A- E. Zimmerman-,' Salem.
IL A; L,indgrenIn pharge in
this county, says i-V-j
"It Is veil tfliiremfeMber-that
any wheat grower who'" has pro
duced wheat during any. or ail of
the three-base years, namely 1930
to 1932, is eligible. If he has in
addition produced wheat during
1933, he may receive the bene
fits for the entire period of the
contract. It he has not produced
wheat during 1933, be may take
part and receive benefits for the
years 1934 and 1935. Growers
should remember that the allot
ments are established for each
"farm regardless of who produced
the wheat on that land. It is not
possible to transfer an allotment
from one farm to another.
"In determining an allotment
for a farm, the total bushels pro
duced during the three years are
added together and divided by
three to establish the average pro
duction. The allotment then is 54
per cent ot this figure on which
the benefit payment is made-. In
return for this benefit payment
the grower agrees to reduce his
acreage planted . during the fail
of 1933, and the spring of 1934.
by 15 per cet, and whatever the
government asks up to 20 per cent
during 1934 and 1935.
"In determining the average
acreage for a farm, the acres pro
ducing wheat during the years
1930 to 1932 are added together
and divided by three. Fifteen per
cent is then taken from this fig
ure ia determining the acres to be
planted next year.
"Where several farms under
tone ownership are operated by
the same person as one farm or
one enterprise, it is possible to
establish one allotment, for the
entire holding. Where there are
several owners involved in such
an enterprise, it is necessary to
file a separate application under
each ownership."
made out in duplicate. Few or no
notaries are available In the gold
producing mountain and river sec
tions near here, while rarely does
a prospector have two ounces be
fore he must sell bis dust for
food and supplies. :
Members -of the county court
are considering both the general
effect of the old-age pension law
on this county after, January 1 as
well as the specific procedure the
county will follow in determin
ing what applicants for the pen
sion are entitled to it. The pen
sion board will consist of the
county court and the district aU
According to preliminary plans,
not formally agreed upon, each
applicant will be required to fill
out, with the help of the board,
an extensive blank, ' which will
show detailed information on all
the points about which the board
seeks knowledge.; Probably the
board will ask for; the services of
an investigator to check up the
hundreds of applications which
are expected.
-. Ah Ming Toy, route seven, box
5, has received a citation -for
heroism, but there is little dan
ger of the honor going to her,
head. For Ah Ming Toy is a Chow
dog. She saved her owner's home
September 19 by barking out the
alarm of a fire.
Elpise Smith, Ah Ming Toy's
mistress, yesterday reported re
ceipt of the citation, a handsomely
engraved International certificate,
reading as follows:
"For- barking frantically until
she had awakened a member of
her mistress' family who investi
gated and discovered the back
porch a flaming blaze. The floor
of the porch ani the wall of the
house were burn ing. The fire was
finally put out, but if it had not
been for Min; Toy's insistent
barking, the house would have
been entirely desaroyed."
LEIPZIG, Germany, Sept. 27
(AP) ' Supreme court justices
hearing the trial of five men
charged with burning the riech
stag threatened today to expel
one of the accused, Georgl Dim
.troff, from the room "if you say
another word."
The threat was made after po
lice had been called to restrain
the prisoner, who bluntly accused
an examining Judge of false state
ments and Dreiudlce.
The examining magistrate,
Jnrtrrfl Voet. was on the witness
stand when Dimitroff, former
leader of the Bulgarian commun
ists, irose from his seat and said:
"Did you cause the publication
that the three Bulgarians arrested
in the relchstag fire were identical
with those participating in the
Sofia bombing In 1924?"
The gpectattors laughed as he
I flatly asked: an answerpf "yes"
or "no." -
Vogt hesitatingly replied:
"Yes, there were certain inac
curacies, but they were not mine,
and It may be the future evidence
will i prove the Bulgarians, had
some connection."
Sweet Tooth is
Bear's Nemesis
GRANTS PASS, Sept. 27.-
(AP) A black bear's insatiable
desire for honey proved his undo
ing. The bruin raided the J. F.
Cox farm near here and started
an epicurean inventory of the bee
hives. The swarming bees attract
ed neighbors, who discovered the
raider, chased him into a tall tree
and shot him down.
Thirty -one members of the
Marion-Polk Reserve Officers as
sociation met at the Gray Belle
restaurant last night to talk over
plans for the winter months with
Major James Tierney of area
headquarters, Eugene. Formation
of a rifle club will be one of the
year's projects.
Artisans will meet tonight at
6:30 o'clock-for their regular pot
luck dinner at Fraternal temple,
Securities of Home Owners
Loan Corporation are
Held to be Sound
Mortgagees who have delayed
signing provisions of the Home
Owners Loan corporation blanks
which permit mortgagors to trade
the corporation's bonds for the re
lease of their obligation, should
not fear the government's obliga
tions but should accept them as
good security, it was urged here
yesterday by oliiclais of the cor
poration, following the visit oj. H.
E. Walter, assistant state man
ager to Salem. , . I
Walter pointed out while here
that interest on the bonds .was
guaranteed at the rate of four
per cent annually jfor 18 years.
He said a large portion of the
bonds would undoubtedy be called
for payment long before that time.
Walter said federal reserve banks
would accept the bords I as col
lateral up to 80 per cent of their
face value while the loan corpora
tion Itself would accept the bonds,
dollar-for dollar, in payment of
mortgage obligations to the cor
poration. Announcement was made yes
terday that J. F. Ulrich, Salem
realtor, and A. N. Dalrymple, dep
uty in the sheriff's office, will
handle 'the corporation's appraisals-in
this county. Dalrymple at
first said he would not serve Dut
subsequently, when he found he
could do considerable- appraising
while on his vacation," he accept
ed Dart-time work as an apprai
ser. In evaluating property for a
Home Owners' loan corporation
advance, appraisers ' are -instructed
to consider the replacement
value of the property, thQ'origlnal
price paid-and the average value
for rental purposes OTer a 10
year, period. -.' .
Savings and loan, associations
are not authorized to Invest any
part of their assets in the pur
chase of bonds of the Home Own
ers Loan corporation; Attorney
General Van Winkle held in an
opinion handed down Wednesday.
The opinion was 'requested by
Charles H. Carey, state corpora
tion commissioner.
Van Winkle held that bonds is
sued by the federal Home Owners
Loan corporation are not bonds of
the United States in the sense In
which that term Is used ' for the
reason that the United . States is
not under any obligation tq-jay
the principal thereof. n. i
Of vil Allen and
Gladys Miller of
Suver Are Wedded
SUVER. Sept. 27, Miss Gladys
Miller and Orvil AUen were mar
ried Safrday at Dallas.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zehr, who
have occuDied the Earl Smith
place near here, moved to Albany
last week. Mr.' and Mrs. Ray Rich-
ter took their place.
Elmer Fredrickson Is reported
to be not very -welL Ralph Kester
Is building a milk, cooler near his
4alrj barn. ; -
Ringlet Ends
Castle Permanent Wavers Co.
S07 Est Nat l Bank Bid.. 3063
GRANTS PASS, Sept. 27 (AP)
-To make the increased world
price for gold available to thous
ands of miners and prospectors In
- southern Oregon Senator Charles
L. McNary and the southern Ore
gon bankers association-today
joined in a'drive to request (modi
fication of the U. S. treasury's
gold decree. ' '; ' r. "' ''
The bankers' association, meet
ing Tuesday night at Ashland, d-
- opted a resolution; asking L.tjhat
shipments of go!d!may be made
to the mint accompanied only by
affidavits of the purchasers:
C. H. .Demaray, presiaent oi
the local chamber ot) commerce,
todav received a telegram from
Senator McNary that he had called
. the attention of tha treasury , ae
nartment to the reauests. '."'!
; Under the present Tilling, ship
ments must be two ounces or more
- ami fnn sworn affidavits that, the
metal Is -newly; mined must bo
Too Late to Glassily v
. - tr- e 4 - " " "
istiiiMw immm mmm
In any direction
Nothing docs so much, so diligently, for so little.
Takes messages. - Brings back answers. Relieves
anxiety. Gathers information. Makes appointments.
Searches out business. ' -
Nothing in office of home can do so much more
It is ready. 1 , ... .
The Pacific Teuphone and Telegraph Company.
;. Business Office, 740 State SU Tel. 3101 , ;
Joe Lonergan, past national
chaplain of the American Legion,
last night added his plea to oth
ers that the Salem drum corps be
sent to Chicago, In a telegram ad
dressed to Commander Allan G.
Carson of Capital post here. Lon
ergan is a brother ot Frank Loner
gan, state representative from
. "It would be unthinkable that
the Salem drum corps, the na
tional champion, should he un
able to attend the national con
vention at Chicago," Lonergan's
message read. "Now that the Bon
neville dam has been settled, there
is nothing as important as that
Oregon, last year's host and last
year's champion, should go to Chi
cago upon the occasion of the na
tional convention of the American
Legion and a, gathering of mil
lions of Americans at the world's
fair, to defend Oregon's cham
pionship, to return Oregon's re
spects to the American Legion and
Chicago at the biggest convention
in American Legion history
Keep Young with
Ydur Children
Don't give them a cross nagging mother
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HAYESVILLE, Sept. 27, The
Hayes vllle school opened Monday
with S3 pupils In the advanced
room and SI In the primary, bnt
It Is expected the total will reach
about 75 before the week is past.
Some ot the children are still In
the prune orchards.
There are a number of, new
children In the school. Howard
Smith, whose! parents moved into
the Zimmerman place- Monday,
will enter the fourth grade and his
two brothers will enter the sev
enth and eighth grades. Mr. and
Mrs. Verhagen, who haTO recently
moved Into their new home on the
highway have two children in
school. Daniel is in the fifth
grade and Dienle Is in the third.
Charles Love has come from South
Dakota to spend the winter with
his grandmother, Mrs. Barbam,
and will attend the school. Other
new members are Betty Ann Wil
lis, Clarianna Harpst, Armand and
Varrian Carrow and Jackie Long.
First grades are: Ruth Yoshida,
Betty Ann Willis, Ann- Elizabeth
Schroder, Varrian Carrow, Marvin
Ritchey, Lloyd Cooley, Bobbie
West. Clarianna Harpst, Irma
Martin and Jackie Long.'
Mr. and Mrs. Archie McCorkle
left Monday by motor to attend
the world's fair at Chleago. They
expect to be gone about a month.
Mr. and Mrs R. Hartley were
agreeably surprised Sunday ""when
Mr. and Mrs. K. Carver of Myrtle
Point paid them a Tlslt and an
nounced that they had been mar
ried quietly In Salem a short time
before. Mrs. Hartley also hat her
mother, Mrs. Kathryn Arnold, of
Myrtle Point with her for a visit.
Arms Agreement
Needed to Help
World Recovery
GENVEA, Sept. 27. (AP) A
prompt disarmament agreement.
Sir. John Simon, British foreign
secretary plainly told the league
of nations assembly today. Is a
vital necessity for worll political
and economic recovery. .
Chancellor Englebert Dolfuss of
Austria staunchly proclaimed Aus
tria's right and "duty" to main
tain her independence. This state
ment, accepted by his hearers as
a hint to Germany, brought a wave
of applause in the assembly meeting.
Mrs. C. N. Needham was called
to Seattle Tuesday night follow
ing the death there of her brother.
Bert Hasbrouck, former S a 1 e m
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