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rain .42 inch.
Salem, Oregon, Wednesday Morning, May 24, 1933
No. 50
mb . .l. u m m at i ma
w- m m m - r w anas awan at . r n
srtrfitRiiin nfWn
Warrant Debt not Equal to
Taxes Levied, Stated;
Deficit Explained
Chamber, of Commerce to
Make Irivestigatiorf of '
Entire Issue, Plan :
Water Pollution at
Silverton Reported;
ion is
Carcasses of Cattle on Ed Porter Property are
Held Dangerous to Health; Official of
State Sends Ultimatum, Word
BILVERTON, May 23. (Spe
cial) First official statement on
the present school fight at Silver
ton to be made by the board was
given by H. R. Irish, chairman of
the board, at the chamber of com
merce meeting held Tuesday night
In the. Christian church social
ib siaiemeui reaas;
To the patrons of school district
No. 4: .
Because of the fact that many
misleading statements concerning
the financial condition of this
school district are being published
In the papers and spread about the
community by those misinformed,
the school board feels that the fol
lowing statement should be made
to the patrons of this district.
1. During no school year have
actual school expenditures exceed
ed the amounts budgeted for dur
ing that period.
2. In keeping with the times the
budgets for the three years Includ
ing that of the present upon which
the board is working, have shown
progressive decreases in spite of
an increase In attendance of about
100 pupils.
t. The reductions in past and
present budgets will represent a
total decrease of over 120,000.
4. Greater reductions were
made but were wiped out by add
ed expenditures forced by changes
in school laws, supreme court de
cision, or slower tax collection due
to the economic depression over
none of which the board exercised
eontrol. The total sums so added
to the budget ara as follows i
free textbooks
Change in tuition law.caus
lng a deficit .....'2300
Added warrant Interest due
to delinquent taxes 3200
Losses of Company In Last
Two Years are Given as
Cause of Failure
SILVERTON, May 23. (Special) It was learned here
offices to the effect that many dead cattle on the Ed Porter Zl Millions in red Snown
property tributary to Silver creek and above the Silverton I When Reorganization
city water works intake have not been properly buried or
burned and are dangerously polluting Silver creek waters.
Effected in 1931
T Ml
O Accoramg to tne report tne
state health officer. Dr. F. D.
Strieker, notified Mr. Porter that
"To allow these carcasses to re
main and pollute Silver creek wa
ter is in violation of state law and
must be corrected at once. Tou
have previously been asked a num
ber of times to properly dispose
of the carcasses. If you do not do
mn tmiyioIH falv rnnpf antrn will
Medford Youth Worried at be taken."
The matter first came to the at
tention qf health authorities early
in April and Mr. Porter was noti
fied April 3. Dr. Vernon Douglas,
county health doctor, and J. E.
wp?t pniMT v v a Blinkhorn, sanitary engineer, were
WtoT POINT, N. Y., Way 23 -t RnT(irtft- fhA rint n. ,, wv
May Dictate to
U.S. Industries
Exam Time; Note Left
Threatens Suicide
at Silverton the first of this week.
and together with Elgin McCleary,
det, was Intensified today when frtti- inanatnn f nno,
state police announced he had and reported that several cattle ln 1930 was about HM00 an(1
(AP) The search for John S
Conner, missing West Point c
A senate investigating commit
tee was told today that none of
the 20 members of J. P. Morgan
and company paid Income taxes
for the years 1931 or 1932 be
cause of losses reported by their
Senate banking - currency com
mittee Is inquiring into the Mor
gan company as part of an investi
gation of the nation's financial
J. P. Morgan, senior partner of
the firm, and Leonard Keyes, -office
manager, testified at the op
ening of the Investigation by the
banking committee that the total
income taxes paid by the partners
r I
- - '
f w Vr
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left a note Indicating suicidal in-
Officials at the. United States
military academy, from which
Conner was to have graduated
with honors ln a few days, said
a note was found but declined to
say whether it mentioned sui
Conner was last seen at the
academy Sunday night. His ab
sence was noted yesterday morn
ing ai reveiiie. wesi romi om- amk.. r j
clals, directing a search of the Compromise EffOrt tO end
reservation's 2500 acres, said he
had no money and asserted there
was no train out of West Point
Sunday night.
The search was expanded in
scope when state police broad
cast an alarm over the tri-state
Fishermen's Strike is
Noted at Astoria
none had been paid since.
They said that in reorganizing
the firm January 2, 1931, a loss
of 321,000,000 was established
but had not been used to get out
of paying income taxes because
it was not needed, and now by
virtue of a change in the law
can't be used ln 1933.
The Income tax testimony fur
nished the thrills that a huge
crowd had waited for through
long hours of questioning the
senior Morgan partner and his of
fice manager, questioning that
had opened to view hitherto
closely guarded secrets of Mor
gan operations.
Total i ,39700
S. That all schools have always
operated upon a warrant basis at
gome time during the school year
because the monies expended ac
cording to the school budgets are
aot paid ln as taxes until about
10 months of the school fiscal year
have expired.
t. The oldest outstanding war
rant of the district is dated Sep
tember 1, 1932. AH outstanding
warrants of the district are fully
covered by taxes levied.
7. That during the past five
years 58,140 of the voted indebt
edness, of the district has been re
tired through the budget. The law
prescribes that school bonds must
be retired annually.
8. That at no time have the
educational standards of the
school been lowered.
T. T. Leonard brought the
school situation up at the cham
ber, remarking that It was
through an action of the chamber
of commerce that the present
school difficulties bad arisen and
he was of the opinion that the
chamber should in some manner
, get all of the facts of the situa
tion and lay these before the tax
payers. A motion was made and
carried that the president of the
chamber, Ernest Starr, appoint a
committee to investigate the sit
uation and advise voters of all
pertinent facts. T. Preston, T. T.
Leonard and H. B. Latham were
asked to serve on this committee.
Dr. P. A. Loar brought up the
question of a sewage . disposal
plant at Silverton, saying that
"according to the law we cannot
dump the sewage into the creek
ASTORIA, May 23. (AP)
A compromise effort to end the
telegraph system. After descrlb- I strike that has tied up the fishing
ing the missing cadet the alarm 1 and canning industry of the Col-
g42QAjsald, "He left a note that ne I umbla river since the season open-ist'-rfa'M
going to commit suicide. , ted May 1, Astoria packers tonight
Army Information headquar-1 offered a price of 7 cents a
ters at the academy said Conner I pound for Chinook salmon until
was "probably suffering from I July 31, with the guarantee that
strain due to the final written I the price would not be less than
reviews which have been under I 3 cents a pound from August 1
way for the last three weeks." to August 19.
Although he stood high in his While the packers' offer does
class Conner wrote l is parents in not meet the price of 8 cents,
Medford Ore., last week he was the gillaetters have demanded, it
worrying over his studies, but it Vt cent better than their high-
did not lndi:ate he was despon- est previous offer, and was said
dent. His parents. Mr. and Mrs. to mark the first time since the
Guy Conner, said they promptly strike started that the packers
despatched a cheering letter by 1 volunteered a compromise offer.
In a quiet, all day recital of
the two continent activities of bis
bankin firm, J. P. Morgan open
ed the cloistered portals of the
House of Morgan for senate fact
finders today and they were told
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fib union in
Last year the price was I cents
until July 15. 5 cents until August
1, 3 cents until August 7, 2 cents
until August 20 and 1 cent until
the close of the season, August 25.
The packers made their offer
in a communication signed by K.
Bendstrup. secretary of the local
packers' group, representing a
majority of the, canneries on the
Columbia river. It was addressed
DALLAS, May 23 (Special)
Several hundred delegates and
visitors attended the opening ses
sions of the three day convention
of the Farmers Union here today,
The morning session at the Dallas
Christian church was open to the
public and included the calling of
the convention to order by State
President L. H. McBee, an invo
cation by Rev. K. E. Burke, ad
dresses of welcome by Mayor
Brigidier-General Hugh S. John
on, lawyer and manufacturer.
who has been tendered the poet
of administrator of industry an
der the "recovery bill" now be
fore congress. The bill givea the
administrator, through the
president, almost unlimited
powers over American industry.
Damaging High Winds Come
As Aftermath to Death
Dealing Tornadoes
SPARTA. Tis., May 23
(AP) Reports reaching here
tonight said five persons were
killed at Norwaik and two at
Kendall when a severe wind
storm swept parts of Monroe
county late today.
Official Confirmation of
Agreement is Made at
Tokyo war Office
New York Sixth State
To Support Repeal of
U. S. Prohibition Lav
Japanese Will not Occupy
Peiping but Chinese
Troops Must go
PEIPING, May 34. (AP)
Despite reports of a truce between
Chinese and Japanese ln north
China, reports from missionaries
at Tungchow, 13 miles east of
here, said today there was renew
ed fighting last night on the out
skirts of the town, with 10 Chin
ese easaultles.
TOKYO, May 24. (Wednes
Ja) (AP) The foreign of
fice confirmed today reports that
an agreement for a Chinese-Japanese
truce in the north China
war tone had been reached, at
The agreement provides, the
announcement said, that Chinese
troops will remain southwest of a
line running from Yenkins to
Changping, Shunyl, Paoti and Lu
Formal signature was sched
uled to be affixed at Mihun
Coos Bay Lumber
Firm Will Raise
Worker Wages
Only 25,000 in Great
City dry, Million
Take wet Side
MARSHF1ELD. Ore. Mar 23.
(ap) The coos Bay Lum- Farley Askt Bourbon
Workers all Uver
that an increase in the wages of
its employes would go immediate
ly Into effect. Notices were posted
ln the plant yards that eommon
labor would bo given a 20 per
cent Increase, from $2.50 a day to
S3. The mill has been closed for
a few days because of snow ln its
Eden Ridge camp and a shortage
of logs. The company has orders
to keep the mill running steadily
for several months, it was said,
and new business is being offered.
Nation to aid
ALBANY, X. Y May 24
(AP) Returns from S.831 of
the state's 8,837 election dis
tricts, compiled early today by
the Associated Presa, gave -the
repeal slate of delegates to the
Afw York convention a total
of 1,450,677 vote. Tbo slate of
ISO delegates against repeal re
ceived 119.284 votes. In New
York city the vote was: For re
peal 1,047,068; against repeal,
TOKYO, May 23. (AP)
An agreement for a Slno-Japan
ese truce which leaves Peiping
free from Japanese occupation.
was signed at Peiping today, ac
cording to news dispatches to the
Before receipt of these reports
official Japanese quarters fore
cast the early conclusion of a
north China armistice.
This truce, whose conclusion
was reported by the Rengo (Jap
anese) news agency, provides that
Chinese troops shall evacuate
Peiping and remain behind a line
running from the Great wall to
the north of the ancient capital
in a southeasterly direction to the
Meanwhile, the news report
said, negotiations for terms of a
ALBANY, N. Y.. May 24
(Wednesday) (AP) On a tidal
wave of wet votes from populous
centers. New York yesterday be
Testimony About Weapon in cam tn th tat to approve
PreSCOU S HandS Said Returns from more than ore
third of the state indicated New
York has elected 150 delegates to
a repeal convention pledged to re
peal of the prohibition amend
ment. New York city took tho
lead in demanding the elimina-
False; Plan Probe
MEDFORD, Ore., May 23
(AP) George Codding, district
attorney of Jackson county, an
nounced here today that the "on or me ary law. wun an eni
Lane countv crand iurv and dis- 222 of the city's 3.794 district
trict attorney, the state of Ore- reported, the vote in the metropo-
gon and Jackson county will in- siooa: ror repeal. 54,S53;
wMtlffata allerorilv nr1nrn1 ten- "RJiinsi repeal,
timony presented by defense wit- ia Aioany. uunaio. nocnesier,
i flMt Hr mnHr Syracuse and virtually every city
trt! f M.wllvn A. Ranks, and of the state, the repealists scored
his wife. Edith R. Banks.
The trial held at Eugene, end
ed Sunday when Banks was con
victed of second degree murder
for the fatal shooting March 16
of George Prescott. Medford con
stable. Mrs. Banks was acquitted.
The officer was shot when he at
tempted to serve a warrant on
Banks, former editor and or-
Tornadoes which killed 19 per
sons la the midwest were followed
today by damaging high winds in
Iowa and Wisconsin.
Falling tree branches injured
two Des Moines school girls.
Four barns were'demolished by permanent peace settlement will J eDardist, at his Medford reel
a smau iwisier wmcn iruc. ucur De opened soon in reipmg. i ,jeiiCe.
Marsnaiitown, ia., ana property Japanese army leaders were re- Four witnesses testified for
damage of $10,000 was done at ported to have given the assur- tn aefBM that they saw a re-
Sloux City. Dust tinea tne air. ance that their troops would not T0iTer drop from Prescott's hand
Tnree cnuaren sunerea cum enter the old imperial city of the M he slumped mortally wounded
WOVD W1UU BUlH!i fiuuwma vl I MiaCOttl, Bill CO U Islljaese ill
the Sparta, Wis., high school. peacefully retired therefrom
Sparta's World war memorial Tokyo officials who forecast
arch was felled. The Jefferson the signing of a Sino - Japanese
Leake Tobacco company building armistice said that certain high
in which 200 persons were at Chinese authorities had offered
work, was unroofed. A hotel and terms of peace which the Japan
a hide company's property were ese were willing to meet halfway,
to the porch. The state Introduc
ed rebuttal witnesses who said
that at least two of the "eye wit
nesses" were not near the Banks
home when the tragedy occurred.
The state brought out that each
of the four defense witnesses
who said they saw the officer's
decisive victories. All of the 11
counties heard from early this
morning were in the wet column.
Yates, in central New York, was
the exception. The vote there
from IS of the 29 districts vtl
for repeal 1346; against 1732.
As his home state was elect Irs.
repeal delegates to the state con
vention. Postmaster General Far
ley in Washington announced hi
would send a letter to all cim
prign workers urging them (4
work for the removal of the lltl
amendment. Mr. Farley also II
national chairman of the dense
cratic party and New York stats
President Roosevelt's home dis
trlct in Hyde Park returned
substantial wet vote with 271
votes for repeal and 47 against.
New York in taking its stan
as the sixth state to demand r
A preliminary survey Of the Columbia River Fishermen's Pro
number of country girls and boys tectlTft nnion.
to Arvid Mattson, secretary of the I Lelf S. Flnseth and R. W. Hogg.
a response by G. W. Potts, and
who think they will attend Sa
lem schools next year is case no
school busses are operated was
presented to the school board last
night by Supt. George Hug, and
shows that 184 students ont of
292 who responded, indicated In
the affirmative.
The segregation follows
Leslie Junior high. Yes, 25 or
67 per cent; No, 12 or 33 per
El wood L. Clark, 54. former
state department commander of
Parrish junior high, Yes. 54 or the United Spanish War veterans.
died In his store at LaPine today.
63 per cent; No, 32 or 37 per
an address by Max Gehlhar of the
state department of agriculture.
At the afternoon session Presi
dent McBee made his annual re
port. He endorsed the state fair
and urged the members to back
Gehlhar to the limit. He stated
that four new locals had been
started and that membership had
been maintained despite condi-
BEND. Ore May 23 (AP) federal faJm marketlng act and
stated that he believed this had
great possibilities. McBee com
mended the board on the manner
in which It had proceeded and ex-
Former Leader
Of Spanish War
Vets is Called
Senior high school, Yes, 105 or attack. He enlisted In the 2nd
.62 per cent; No, 64 or 38 per Oregon infantry and served In
ent. the Philippine Islands during the
Total Yes, 184 or 63 per war with Spain,
cent; No, 108 or 37 per cent. He Is survived by his widow.
Many of the bis pupils at- two daughters and three broth-
Death was attributed to a heart preB86d nimgeif as being in favor
of a graduated Income tax and
but as everyone has been doing it tending failed to give an indl- ers, including Ed M. Clark pre- Pott8.
against the sales tax.
Suggestions as to candidates for
the office of president for the fol
lowing year disclosed two possi
bilities: J. J. Sechrist. G. W.
no action has been taken so tar,
Dr. Loan Indicated that within the
next few years this law would be
enforced and that the plant could
be built at less expense now than
It will be likely in a few years.
Ho estimated that such a plant
could be built at Silverton for ap
proximately $60,000 and that
$30,000 of this could be borrow
ed at i per cent with from 20 to
30 years to liquidate and that the
other $30,000 could likely bo se
cured for relief work. However,
the matter; Dr. Loar : explained,
must come to a rot before the
people. "-,
Council members expressed
themselves much interested In the
matter and a vote was carried
that the chamber ask the city
council to secure an engineer to
estimate cost and operating ex-
. pens of such a plant.
, Norrla Ames, reporting on the
. industrial .committee, spoko of the
proposed starch ' plant ' company
-which was considering the Silver
ton, Food-Products cannery- it
. 'here.-'-'
cation, as they wished to talk sldent of the Glens Ferry. Idaho. other talks made during the
luo mr ""a ineir par-1 nana ana w. . uiarx. president afternoon were by Senator Peter
ents further,
of a Los Angeles bank.
School Grounds Benefit
Zimmerman of Yamhill county
and Representative Dean Walker
of Polk county.
Near Hoxle. Kas., eitisens
searched on foot and by airplane
for Verlln Timmons, 22-year-old
farm band last seen near the path
of a tornado which demolished
buildings on nine farms.
Damage estimated at several
million dollars was done crops
and buildings in widely scattered
localities ln Nebraska, Kansas,
Colorado. Montana, Minnesota PORTLAND, May 23 (AP)
and the Dakotas by the storms I Division of Oregon into four dis-
resterdar. tricts for the enrollment of the
Scores of others were seriously I remainder or the state s quota in
injured and many were homeless, the civilian conservation corps
The Red Cross dispatched work- was announced here today. Ray-
ers from St. Louis today to Lib- mond B. Wilcox, chairman of the
eral, Kans.. where four persons state relief committee, said be
were killed, 40 others were in I had received the information from
hospitals seriouslr injured and San Francisco headquarters of
numerous residences and business I the ninth corps area.
n1 tnlniul vlth ttialilM. V'
revolver drop suted under cross JergeTt Rhodft w,s'conMl
and Wyoming, ln favoring ellmin-
examlnatlon that he did not see
anyone else near the scene.
Codding said the investigation
would come before the Lane
countr rrand jury within 10
atlon of the 18th amendment.
The repeal convention will M
held in Albany on June 27. Gov
ernor Lehman will open the con
vention and former Governor Al-
"7?i1t-?ln?t!iA.! fred E- SmI wlU-b. Permanent
hospital at Eugene to regain his
strenrth taxed by the three-
weeks' trial. Sentence has been
deferred to allow his attorneys
time In which to file a motion
for a new trial, an action they
have declared they will take
Mrs. Banks frequently visits her
buildings rased.
Chemawa to
Close Down
McNary Told
H Skirt Ttnlini Wh Mril Water Bond Case
m. iumi xt,w rr viiv, XTtStvou 7P noJWd0n
' Report on the work that is be
ing done on Salem school
grounds' by county relief workers,
was made at the Tuesday night
session of the school board. Di
rector B. F. Pound reported that
about 18 men were at work,
paid through R. F. C. funds ob
tained through cooperation of the
city. Chairman dinger explained
that the city had lent its aid
because school grounds are used
as municipal playgrounds in summer.
. . A road and the athletic ."bqwl".
at Leslie Junior high grounds are
being Improved, ground at Engle
wood is being graded' and -seed-'
ed, and work is also being done
at Grant. Principal E. A. Miller
of Grant, ln this connection, re
quested that paved basketball
PORTLAND, Ore., May 23 I court and tennis courts be built
lXP) A man who police said I there, contingent upon R. F. C.
ii Lewis Graham. 36. and who I funds being available for such
thev understood to ba an apart-1 work.
ment house builder and owner of i Protests from several Salem
Alameda, Calif., was found shot I dentists and druggists over an
to death today in aa apartment advertising campaign carried on
bar where "he had been living tin the schools by Dr. D. B. Hill.
for two weeks. The officers said brought a motion from the
ke had shot himself. I board that Dr. Hill be requested
to refrain from further use of
vuu or iuib purpose. c.,a ftf thA rit R.i-m
Letters signed by I. W. Lewis, I o,.TtrMnt
druggist, Salem Drug company, Water gerTlce company was post-
j '. ocaaeier, ponea aM,n ln ,Upreme court
druggist and the executive com- Testerday on motion of counsel
mittee of the tri-county dental for tne defense. Walter E. Keyes.
HHiutiivu, signea oy result rifnlnt nA r,nnn.
Brunk. president, were presented. .itrn. t,.. . w 111
each protesting that Dr. Hill was win tin nn fn
selling tootV brushes, carrying argument Monday, June 5. The
uis luius, ai nominal cost lOl r Ik. Knn AAA
school children.
The board gave favorable ac
tion, to. a resolution presented by
James Preble seeking endorse
ment of a move to establish a 100
watt radio station In Salem. Harry
Runyan and Robert L. Bureh are
backing the station.
The beard also bad under ad
visement a number -of routine
. Recommendation of Fire Chief
Harry Hutton that all motors at
Leslie school be placed on con
crete slab and covered with sheet
iron to stop flames was referred
to the building and grounds com
mittee to report back.
Clerk W. W. Burkhardt was la-.
(Turn to Pago 2, Col. )
bond issue approved ia Salem on
December 15, 1931, Is at issue.
He Was Glad to
Let Fish Escape
GOLD BEACH. Ore.. May 23
(AP) Don Cartwright of
Dayton fishing from his father's
boat oa - the Rogue - river reef
Sunday blinked twice at his
catch, then hastily surrendered
it to the sea. He had hooked an
octopus, variously estimated by
members of the boat party as be
tween 4 and 25 feet in diameter.
PORTLAND, Ore.. May 23
(AP) The Chemawa Indian
school will be closed and the pu
pils sent back to their homes to
attend the public school, the com
mlssloner of Indian affairs told
A ehange from the original
plans will make it possible to or
ganise the forest army recruits
In the districts whore they live.
Headquarters for the four dis
tricts have been established at
Medford, Eugene, Baker and Van
couver, Wash., barracks.
Marlon county, with a quota
of 127, is included in the Van
couver district.
Polk county, with 35 and Linn
county with 52 are Included in
the Eugene district.
Here's One Case
Police Get Busy
Upon Right Away
PORTLAND, Ore., May 23
(AP) Portland police glanced
at their usually routine bulletin
today, rested their attention on a
brief Item, and resolved to bend
every -effort to find a lost suit
Just an ordinary suitcase, the
report said, fastened with an odd.
old strap, but the suitcase was
lost by a Gold Star mother. The
strap was fashioned from the
belt her son wore before be
chairman. Other outstanding.
democrats elected to the delega
tion Include John F. Curry, Tam
many leader; John H. McCooey,
the Brooklyn chief; Joseph V.
McKee and Edward P. Mulrooney,
chairman of the state liquor con
trol board.
went "over there." And Its con-
BURNS. Ore. May 23 (AP) tents were valuable to her. A Bi-
Because of extended heavy ble and an album, family heir-
Senator McNary today, according ralns the 1933 wool clip has been looms. The mother, Mrs. M. A
to a special dispatch to the Ore- delayed ln this district. The Har-1 Reeves, explained the suitcase
goman tonight from Washington, ner branch experiment station I was lost sometime after April 12
D. C. Senator McNary, the dis- .id todav precipitation this when she wss taken to a bos-
patch stated, said he would fight spring has surpassed the 19-year pltal and her effects moved
tne commissioner rigm aown tnei average by 1 Inches. meanwhile to a new home
Commissioner Collier has writ
ten James T. Ryan, superintend
ent of the school that because of
federal ecenomy plans several
non-reservation schools, Chemawa
included, will bo closed.
The dispatch said that the plans
are to retain Ryan as superintend
ent and one or two employes to
take care of the plant.
Dollar Day Today Real
Op p oj t unity tor Saving
All dollars count with Salem
merchants today In a Salem-
I wide community dollar day. No
mlssloner Collier that ho will go whether you have gold
to President Roosevelt In aa of- dollars, depressloa dollars, lafla-
fort to prevent closing of the Che- ,on dollars ?
mawa school, the dispatch said. stamped oa them, they re good
lor mercnauaise ai rcai ucprv
aloa prices la a joint month-end
selling event sponsored by Salem
tores. Merchants . have used lib
eral space ln Tuesday's dallies to
set forth their offerings. -
As aa Inducement to get peo
ple down-town for early shopping
the Salem bus lines win haul
Late Sp
SEATTLE, May 18 (AP)
Improving as bo went along.
Fred Lenhart, Tacoma light-he
vy weight, handed a neat lacing I people free of charge downtown
to Larry Johnson, Chicago negro, I between the hours of 9 and
in an eight-round boxing bout I 11:20 in the morning. The free
here tonight. Lenbart weighed I faro applies only to trips down-
177 U pounds and Johnson lie. I. town and allows bo transfers.
Besides the bargains that mer
chants have listed ln their ad
vertisements, they have hundreds
of others which thrifty shoppers
may take advantage of. With
prices strengthening ln world
markets . prevailing retail prices
will not last very long. . Already
Increases have been noted la
some lines like cotton goods; and
If inflation gets under way. pres
ent prices will soon be a thing of
the past.
Salem stores have been zealous
la building up Salem as a trad'
lng center, attracting buyers
here from all over the. mid-Wil
lamette valley. Wednesday's dol
lar day Is 'a community selling
event which Is expected to meet
with -Very generous response.
DALLAS. May 23 (Special)
Examination of witnesses for
the purpose of entering docu
ments as evidence consumed the
entire second day of the trial ef
Hugh G. Black on a charge of lar
ceny of public money. The court
room was Jammed to capacity dur
ing both the morning and after
noon sessions.
Ralph H. King. Portland attor
ney, stated that under authority
from Black he had made settle
ment, on behalf of the Amster
dam Casualty company, of the
claim presented by Polk county
lor the shortage in the clerk's ac
William Boydston, present
county treasurer, was called to
Identify the treasurer's rash
book which Is a record of all cash
received by the treasurer.
C. C Ward of Salem, deputy
county clerk of Marion county.
was called and identified warrants
paid by Marion county to Polk
covering her share of the costs
of the operation of the Indepen-'
denco ferry and for the costs ef
the ' Empire Holding company
Otto Paulas, deputy state treas
urer. Identified warrants Which
had been Issued by the state of
Oregon to Polk county for -gas
funds and secondary - highways.
The mala feature of his testimony
was ino laeniiiying 01 me eiaie
warrant for $6)4.66 which waa
paid to Polk county oa September
10, 1931. as a gas refund. During
the recent audit of the clerk' ac
count It was disclosed that there
was a deposit of this same amount
in Black's special account at the
Dallas Citv hint, and the Warrant
the - endorsement of . Hugh O
Black and the Dallas - Cftv bank.