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    TTf OHEGON STATES!JA1T, galea, Oregon, Sunday Morning, May 21 j IS S3
dlsQweli loir : - Sfii&if li
Fire . iVeic . Records setms'iWasMhgtdii-W
PACT? n.olTH? .
: ntnfiPn:iliniP1
... 5 " - (S '
Solons In Same League, as
Previous Year, First
, Time Since 1926
This afternoon t 9:30 o'clock
'.ho 8alem Senators will break a
record. They will start play for
.ho second' con-"-ecutlve
year la
. :.h ; ame league.
, ior,J. t h first
?lme . In . seven
-eanr; or more.
rh ';, i r e u 1 1
7hleh'won their
allegiance t w
rears . In suece--,-,Ion
ts ; the Ore-
o o 1 a y
league,' . an or-
sanlxa 1 1 o n In r Broks
thick the younger ball players
are avowedly, "given a break.
Practically all ol the Senators
are local boya Just out of high
school or college or still students
one ttP a high school student.
And the same In general Is true
of Ike Wolfer'a Federals, form
erly known , as the West Side
" Babes and last year'a champions,
who will furnish the opposition
today. Though the renowned
Wolf er is sponsoring the team,
It is still under the command of
Ray Brooks.
None of the time-honored
"opening ceremonies" hare been
arranged, but additional interest
to lent to the contest by the list
of prises hung up by. local mer
chants for the home players: 20
prises In all at latest report with
more " merchants threatening to
join the crowd. The game will
hare all the modern inventions
to supplement it. Including the
loud speaker, to be presided orer
by Gardner. Knapp, the equip
ment being furnished by the
. Cherry City Baking company,
This opening game is to be a
battle of southpaws, for
"Squeak" Wilson of the Senators
will be opposed on the mound
by Ed Demorest, of Legion Jnn
lor fame. Demorest held Hood
Hirer hltless and scoreless ser
eral Sundays ago.
Manager Frank "Burly Bash-
or of the Senators has announced
his batting order as follows
Foreman, If: Adams, lb: Keber.
2b; Scales, ef: Gibson, ss: Mason.
2b; Colgan, rf; Bashor, e; Wil
son, p.
W. L. Pet
.20 10
.17 11
New York
.13 12 .620
St. Louis
.18 15 .til
14 IB .483
1 IS .471
.13 17 .433
.10 21 .323
ST. LOUIS, May 20. (AP)
Diszy Dean was batted freely
bat tightened up in the pinches
and fanned 11 to gire the Card
inals a 4 to 1 Tictory orer the
New Tork Giants. Jim Collins hit
a hosier for the Cards.
New-Tork V. 1 11
St Louis 4 t
BelL TJhle and Mancuso; Dean
and Wilson.
Brooklyn 1 '
Chicago 3
Benge, Oaten' and Lopes;
Warneke and Hartnett.
Boston 4 7
Pittsburgh 2 t
Cantwell and HargraTe; Melne
Chagnoa and Padden.
Boston . . . . . . ........ 0 11
PitUburgh 7 10
Betts and Hogan, Hargrare;
Swift Harris and Padden.
PhlUdelphla V. . . . . ... ,7 t
Cincinnati .-. It
Pearee, Moore. Collins and Dav
is; Kolp, Quinn, -Johnson, 4mith
and Lombard!.
Salem Juniors
To Clash Again
I With Woodburh
- WOODBURN. May 20. The
Woodburn and Salem Junior Le
glon teams will play, a second
, practice-, game here Sunday after
noon at 2:30 at the Legion park.
The -Woodburn team scored over
' the Salem Juniors last Sunday, 14
to 3, and prospects are that when
they commence playing the sched
uled games they will he in Up-top
shape. The first game for Wood
burn on the county schedule will
be played here June 4 with the
Salem Juniors. -
- I Salem Armory, Tuesday, May 23, 8 :30 P. M. ;
- 't ' :-r -(No Time Limit) ' ,
; i ; : toby walla(sfred sluucci '
rp-r;-;..'!? :"rV-( 0-Mlnut Preliminary) ,;i4 " ,- '
Admission. Uin 85c. Balcony 55c, Ladies, Students 40c :
Starring in New Uniforms
5-22 tm.IU fumlxAiN. h.Cmi Imfmnmri
IT is a well-known fact in base-
ball circles that a change in sur
roundings will often cause a
bis; improvement in a player, and
this spring has furnished several
noteworthy examples of the bene
ficial effects of being traded to new
In the American League the early
season batting sensations have been
none other than Sammy West of
the Browns and Fred Schulte of the
Senators, both leading; figures in
the Washington-St. Louis trade of
last winter. Since changing their
uniforms both West and Schulte
have played far better ball than
they exhibited in their old sur
roundings; and while nobody ex
pects them to keep up their early
spring pace, it is nevertheless un
deniable that the shift has been a
tonic for them so far.
In the National League there Is
Webfeet Tie Up
States? Series
By 14 to 6 Win
CORVALL1S, Ore.. May 20.
(AP) The University of Oregon
defeated Oregon State college, 14
to 9, in a baseball game here to
day, after the Staters had won the
first of the six-game series, 11 to
3, yesterday at Eugene.
The visitors started scoring
early in today's game, getting
three runs in the first inning.
Oregon 14 19 1
Oregon State 10 4
Bearcat Netmen
Beat Reed Team
4 Matches to 2
The Willamette university ten
nis team continued its -winning
stride Saturday, ' defeating the
Reed college racqueteers in Port
land four matches to two.;
' Maecaby, Reed, beat Hagemann
7-5, ; 0-0: Bennett Willamette,
beat Morrison -&, f-0; Goyne,
Willamette, beat Falsa 0-2, 2-6,
0-4: valentine. Reed, beat Har
mon 0-0, 3-0, 7-5. Hagemann and
Bennett beat Maecaby and Satten
8-3, f-1; Harmon and Goyne beat
Valentine and False 0-4, 7-5. -
Oregon Normal .
Beats Badgers
MONMOUTH, May 20. Ore
gon Normal' school defeated Pac
ific university here 7 to 8 in a
fast game completed in one hour
and 25 mlutes. . , -
Pacific 8 I 2
Oe W 8 ,' 7 ; S ,..1
the noteworthy case of Owen Car
roll, who was pretty much ox a bust
with the Reds last year, and who
has now blossomed out as one of
Brooklyn s most dependable hurling
aees. A chance of scenery has cer
tainly seemed to work wonders with
the erstwhile Holy Cross marveL
who has come through splendidly
this spring for Max Carey.
The West-Schulte exchange seems
to have turned out well for both
Washington and St. Louis. Lots of
critics shook their heads when
Clark Griffith let the speedy West
go to the Browns, but Schulte's sen
sational slugging has vindicated the
Judgment of the Senators' Silver
Manager Cronin has pointed out
that one of the reasons why the Sen
ators had to let West go was be
cause ther needed a rieht-handed
hitter to lessen the hold that south
paw hurlers have exerted upon the
W. Im
New York 18
Washington 19
Cleveland 18
Chicago II
Philadelphia 14
Detroit 12
St. Louis ; 13
Boston 9
NEW YORK. May 20 (AP)
Wally Hebert held' the Yankees
to six hits and batted in two runs
to give the- St. Louis Browns a
to 2 victory over the Yankees.
Tony Lazierl hit his seventh hom
er in the ninth inning.
St. Louis ............ 4 9 0
New York 2 10
Hebert and Shea; Ruffing and
Dickey. -
Cleveland 2 0
Philadelphia ;. .;. . , . 11 .
Hudiin, Harder, craghead and
Spencer; ,Cain, Grove and Coch
rane. .. " . -. ,
Chicago ....... . . 08. 1
Washington . 714 -1
Lyons, Heving, . Frasier; and
Grnbe; Weaver and Sewell."
Detroit .',.";;.. 8 I t
Boston v.'. . . '. ". . .'. . 8 . -
Bridges. Wyatt, Rowe and Hay-
worth; H. -Johnson and Ferrell.-
Ben Eastman is
In Shape Again
Cisco. May 20. (AP) In the
comeback the - track and , field
world has been waiting for. Big
Ben , Eastman, Stanford's famed.
footracer, paced two easy laps to
day to win the 8 00 meters run of
the Pacific association champion
ships and reveal he has recovered
from the injury that toreed him
to the sidelines- two. months ago.
He coasted .home in the slow time
of 1 minute 89 seconds.
Flying Stunt
p Airport Delayed
-.'i-. x -..-.r: -
The stunt planned at th i
porr. today . when; Dick" Rankin
r it-"
with b'klyal
Washington team, with its array of
left-handed batsmen. Schulte Is a
right-handed slugger and a good
one, and he has been a big factor in
a . f a
ui Dcnators gooa cany season
Meanwhile Sammy West has been
lust as big a help to the struggling
Browns. West is not only a danger
ous batsman; he is also one of the
greatest centerfielders In the big
leagues today. A veritable ball
hawk, he covers more ground than
any other centerfielder in the ju
nior circuit, his one weakness on the
defense being a rather poor throw
ing arm.
At any rate. West, Schulte and
Carroll have ail become better and
more hustling ball players since
they were shifted to new teams,
ana their sensational work this
spring has added a lot of interest to
the current baseball campaign.
OrvyrMkt IMS. Ktef Ctttta Snxllat, Im.
was to take off In a plane
from the top of a moving auto
mobile has been called off. It
was found that the ground was
too wet for pulling off the per
Crop Production
Loans Extensive
Loans made for crop produc
tion in Marion county this spring
by the federal government total
4442 in number and 149,138 In
amount, according to figures' re
ceived Friday by P. H. Bell
who supervised the making of
many of the applications here.
Marlon county's loan . totals
were the largest of any county
in the state. Applications are now
being made for summer and fall
SSKiSf.1- - I ' ... i ii -'x. i.
i ' ' .". " . - :
Training hard for his approaching bout with Mas Schmeling. German
champion. Max Beer, California heavyweight is shown in a brisk work
out with a sparring partner at his headquarter ia Atlantic City, N. J.
Incidentally, if the sparring partner happened to get ia aa uppereui
wnea uua piccara was xnaae, jux
"'''r' v tongue. - -Tne big scrap comes off at Kew xor ea un .--
Salem Club's Spring Event
And Elks' Play are to
Rnlsh This Week
The spring handicap tourna
ment at the Salem Golf club was
rapidly shaping up for the semi
finals Saturday and a number of
the semi-final matches will prob
ably be played today, under the
program whereby officials' of . the
dub hope to have all of the flights
terminated by Saturday prior to
the club team's trip to'. Eugene
next Sunday.'.' V " J
Men who reached the semi-fi
nals in the championship flight
Friday and Saturday were Scott
Page aad Walt Cllne. Page de
feated Glen Longren and' Cllne
won from Don Hendrle, S and 1.
Bob Taylor had previously ad
vanced to the semi-finals, but'the
fourth man la not yet certain.
Other matches late In the week
were: First flight. Walker de
feated Eyre, Merchant and Mtnto
tied and will play 18 holes more
today, MeKlnsle beat Sheltom
Second flight, Mlchelson beat J,
D. Sears. Third flight, Pilcher
beat Mills. Miller beat Kuhns.
In the Elks' tournament Cllne
defeated Eyre to reach the finals
of the championship flight. Wood
and Lynch are to play in the oth
er semi-final.
In the second flight Page reach
ed the finals, defeating Bernard!
0 and 4. Starr and Bureh are to
play the other semi-final. In the
third flight. Sears vs. Stiff and T.
J. Brown vs. Goodwin are semi-fi
nal matches, and in the fourth
flight Needham vs. Wassam and
Gustafson vs. Aiken.
Salem high school's tennis team
settled the dispute raised by Uni
versity high of Eugene over the
Willamette valley championship,
by defeating the campus preppers
three matches to two on their own
courts Saturday. Salem had pre
viously won here but University
high refused to concede the title
until a return match was played.
Robbing. University, beat Corey
8-3, 8-2; Tyson, University, beat
Beall (-3, 8-1; Bahlburg, Salem,
beat Roberts 8-2, 8-8, 8-3; Win
termute, Salem, beat Stafford 7-5,
7-5; Corey and Beall beat Rob
bins and Tyson 2-8, 6-4, 8-2.
The Salem high team, coached
by Wesley Roeder, will go to Port
land next Saturday to play Grant
high, Portland champion, for the
unofficial state championship.
AUBURN, May 20. The grad
uation exercises .were held at the
schoolhouse Thursday night. A
varied program was presented to
a full house.
Presentation of diplomas was
made by Ben H. Hawkins, chair
man of the school board. 'Lenthol
Holman presided capably as an
nouncer. The Auburn orchestra was the
guest of the leader, Mrs. Ben H.
Hawkins, for a dinner Wednesday
night to close the season of their
activity. The evening was spent In
working Jigsaw pussies.
Present were Leslie Taught,
Harold Bressler, David Johnston,
Ernest Meyer and Susanna Haw
kins. Mrs. Hawkins was assisted
in serving by her daughter, Jean
Hawkins, t
- -
wouia nav msv aooui aaix ex. aia
Two Salem Runners Place
And Win Six Points; Indian
School Relay Team Fourth
HAYWARD FIELD, Eugene',- Ore., May 20. (AP)
Washington high school won the Oregon interscholastk
track and field championship here today in a meet thafsaw
five old records fall by the wayside. Washington, led by
Brady and Brack, scored points.
'McGaughy of Roseburg won the Paul Starr permanent
Nomerooa ; sport - eventa . dot
' th caleadar . . for this . week,
bat the bamiest season of the
year la almoet at aa end, for
schools will be dosing, or at
least immersed 1m final ex
ams, the following week. For
today, the paraasout event la
the- State league opener here,
with the Senator trotting eat
to clash with Ike Wolfer's
Federals from Portland, oa
OUager field at 2:S0. The Sa
lem Lrgkra Joalora will play
aaother noa-leagwe game at
Woodbvrn, and the Elks go to
Amity for a Mid-Willamette
leagne game. The golfers will
be cutting dlvota with great
rapidity, hoping to pat two .
toarnaments la shape for com
pletion before next Sunday.
Monday the 8aiem high school
baseball team will go to Albany
for that twice-postponed game,
and the Bearcats may play the
Webfeet at Eugene, while w
rather expect Parrlsh and Leslie
will finally get together on din
ger field. There will be a high
class golf mateh on the Salem
club course starting promptly at
noon, but we won't say much
about that until it's over, and
then maybe nothing.
The wrestling show is the
big event Tuesday, aad althoagh
we have heard nothing from
the promoters, placard we
have obeerved tell ms that Ro
bin Reed and Jack Kennedy
will be the principals In the
main event. Two weeks ago
they battled In lively faahion
and Reed won bat many of the
fans didn't see how he manag
ed it, eyeing Kennedy's bulg
ing muscles, and they want to
see It tried again. This is a
no-tlme-limit affair. Herman
Olson and Matt Eddy wfll
mix for an hoar and a half,
the management apparently
falling to realise that people
mast hare some sleep. Toby
Wallace is back after a long
absence to meet Fred Marcassi,
a total newcomer here who haa
been winning some bonfcs tn
A bang-up ball game Is also
on schedule for Tuesday after
for Tuesday after-
Held. The Willam-
noon, Salem
on Olinger field
ette track team will go to Me-
Mlnnville for a delayed dual
meet with Llnfleld. Wednesday
the Webfeet are supposed to nlav
the Bearcats her. Look out for
another Parrlsh - Leslie game
Thursday or Friday. And on Fri
day we note that Salem high Is
scheduled to play Molalla here
and Willamette Is slated to play
Llnfleld, and they'll have t
arrange about the hours on the
diamond; maybe a doable head
er. Saturday is the date of the
Northwest conference track and
field meet at Forest Grove.
We dont nsaaDy puh on
into the next week in this
summary, but ft 1 worthy of
aofe that Bobby Jones new
golf aeries, "How to Break
Ninety, will open at the Elsf
nore next Snnday; more ele
mentary Instruction than was
contained In his first series,
aad more comedy, we are told.
DALLAS, May 20.' Members
of the Dallas school hoard have
called a special election for Men-!
day. May 22, -to vet an th pro
posed levy for th. local school for
1938-34., Th amount to b voted
upon is $12,229; th amount ask
ed for In .the budget above the 8
per cent limitation.- This special
election will bo held in. the Junior
high, school bulldag from 2 untir
t -Th epecial election was called
by th .board in order that a def
inite decision could be reached
regarding the budget befo'e the
board grants .teachers contracts.
tor th following year.' . J
' . Expenditures called 'or In the
proposed, budget amount to
89 5,' of which 924,728 comes from
source other, than direct tax and
223,870 from a direct tax. Accord
ing to the' 8 : per' cent, limitation,
the board (.an only levy a tax of
921.840.04 without Vvotaof .th
taxpayers.- This . leaves a . balaaco
of $12,229.94 to be aubmHted at.
the election.' t ' t ; , :. ; .-
. SCIO, May 20. If the weath
er permits, th baseball games
scheduled, with: the "Tangent
teams- tor May 8 will bo . played .
at Tangent Tuesday. May 23. Th.
I starting Jiaeup win probably .be
r th sama at in- th last game.'
ElECTIflS BAT Y ' 7 1
trophy, for high, point man wun
10 points, aad led his school to
second place with a total of it1
points. .
Brady set a new 220-yard dash
mark of 21.1 seconds. 8aeH, also
of Washington, broke the 440-,
yard ran. record with a new time
of 11.4 seconds, r
Summary; -
100-yard 'dash: WoodeH, La
Grande; Brady, Washington;
Broderick, Grant; Dana, Benson;
19 seconds. - , - .
Mil -ran: McGaughey, Rose
burg; Moody, Seaside; Shepherd,
Salem; Sheehy, Chiloquia; 4.29.1.
220-yard dash: Brady. Wash
ington; WoodeH. La Grande;
Dunn, Benson; Miller, Oakland;
21.S, new record, old record was
120 high hurdles: Palm, Rose
burg; Hannefleld, La Grande;
Shulty, Forest Grove; Fllsingef,
Salem; 10.4.
High Jump: Holloway, Wash
ington, and DeFresne, Roseburg,
tie for first; Harrison, Marshtleld;
Palm, Roseburg, and Parsons, HU1
Military, tie for fourth; ff 'eet H
inch, new record, old record
Shot put: Walker, Washington;
Berry, Klamath Falls: Peters, Lin
coln; Brannls. Hill Military; 49
feet 1.1 Inches.
440-yard run: Snell, Washing
ton; Thurston, MeMinnville; Laf-
ferty, Seaside; ZancollI, Wash
ington; 81.7, new record, old rec
ord 62 seconds.
220 low hurdles: Scruggs,
Grant; Fllslnger, Salem: KIncatd,
Pendleton; Freeman. Washing'
ton, and Hamilton. Grants Pass,
tied for fourth: 20.2.
Half mile: McGaughgy, Rose
burg; Maxwell. Klamath Falls;
Krumb, Washington; Verllcka
Beaverton; 2:01.5.
Broad Jump: Collins, Washing
ton; Miller, Oakland; Brack,
Washington; Eagan, Grant; 22
teet ihi Inches.
Discus: Brack, Washington;
Helmkln, Port Orford; Vogt. Til
lamook; Gilbert, Grant; 129' feet
44 inches, new record, old rec
ord 129 feet 2 Inches.
Pole vault: Carey, Washington;
Maywood, Roosevelt: Clark, Sea
side; Simmons, Forest Grove;
Brook of Benson; Kinkaid, Pen
dleton, and Klser, Vale, tied for
third; 11 feet 11 H inches, new
record, old record 11 feet 10 9-1
Javelin: Knauss. Chiloquin;
Koskella, Astoria; Brack, Wash
lngton; Lowery, Lincoln; 179
feet 4 4 Inches.
Halt mile relay: Washington,
Grant, Eugene. Chemawa. Win
ning team, Harrow, Snell, Grant,
Collins, Brady; 1:31.3, new rec
ord, old record 1:33.
Two Couples Get
. ,
weaaing rermits
Here on Saturday
Two marriage licenses were is
sued Saturday at the county
clerk's office.
Abram H. Wiebe 24. 41 1 North
Church street, a papermaker, re
ceived a permit to wed Ruby Nor
rls, 20, rout three, Salem, a do
mestic. The ceremony was per
formed Saturday by M. B. Hayden.
' Glen Cruson, San Mateo, CaL, a
linotype operator, received a per
mit to wed Dorothy Bjork, a clerk,
1S20 South Liberty street, Salem
The ceremony is to bo performed
today by J. H. DrlsoolL
SILVERTON, May 20. SUver-
ton high school baseball team de
feated West Una Friday after
noon at West Linn. The score was
IS to 4.
.,. r . . .. , - .. . .
I- . I -
: rt, A .,. -. ;
f?7K v . 1 -v V
r;vii!y"-'.. v . ' - " ii
: V. 1 ...
' ' : ' ' . .
2 - - .
"-- ' " . ' - ''-'-
Her are two of Canada's brightest hooes in th Davis Cup matches, fa -whkh
they are to oppose th .United States shortly. At lef t ia Gilbert
-Nasns, who shaped up well In th first gam of th Davis Cup alimina- .
-tkra trials at Hot Springs, Ya whea'h defeated Lorenao Nodarse, ef ,
the Cuban team. At right i Dr. Jack Wright, Canada's ace racqusteer; .
.'who victory orer Skardo Morales of Cuba. id th second cup, match
, alaeed ium ia th front rank ef dangerous threat to Uncle Sam. I .
Btiibtn nuns
That Upsets Tom Flynn and
Ducks wiii 7-2; Close
- To top of League.
. . . , W, L. Ftt.
Sacramento 27 18 .fro
Portland .. It 18 .891
Los Angeles 28 19 . .819
Hollywood ". 98. 20 .884
Oakland " 13 21 .822
Mission . " 24 22 .822
San Francisco , ,18 31 .324
Seattle " .18 28 .317
Fred. Berger smacked a kome
ran with th bases full In the
third and thereby rests the tale
of Portland's T to 2 victory over
Sacramento her today.
Th clout mnsteadied Tern
Flynn, th league's leading hurler
and he was rapped out of the box
in th next frame. Andy House
relieved and allowed but one run
th rest of th game. Th veter
aa Rudy Kalllo cam up with his
third straight victory since ale
belated start with the Beavers.
Portland .: 7 18 1
Sacramento -J 2 1 0
Kalllo and Palmlsano; Fljtv,
House and Woodall.
Sbellenback and Bassler; Frl-
tas, Stlne and Mclsaac
Hald, Sewell and Cox: Waltc,
Gabler, Fleber. and Yeltman.
Missions ; 1 4
Los Angeles -,.S
Plllette and Duggan;
Ward and McMulIen.
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program with an Instrumental trio
composed of Joseph Hartley, Edrfe
Greene and Dorothy Palmer play
ing several numbers followed by a
solo by Joe Garner, and several
numbers by the school band.
Installation of officers for th'
following year and presentation of
floral offerings to retiring ann
new officers 'came next in order.
The meeting concluded with drill
by teams from Albany, Corvallle
Silverton, Salem, Newberg, Dun
dee and Dallas, followed by an ad
dress by Mrs. Anna Hawkins ef
Toledo on "Good of the Order.
The convention here attract!
visitors from nearly every town
In the valley la addltioa to the
delegates. Over 150 delegates and
officers were ta attendance at the
business' sessions and this crowd
was swelled to nearly 300 when
th drill teams, musicians and
guests arrived for th doting
meeting. ...
Indian Students
Stranded When
Driver Arrested
Riding in a speeding automo
bQ with faulty brakes resulted in
a group of Chemawa Ind.aa
school boys being left stranded
her early yesterday afternoon an
they ,wer ea route to a track
meet at Monmouth.
City police, arrested Roland
Tacker, 1811 North Winter
street, at CapitoV-and Shipping
streets after he had narrowly
missed crashing into another
automobile. His ear was held la
Ilea of ball..-
iiir mm to
head won