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    The OREGON STATESMAN, SaltSL Oregon, Sunday Morning, ilay 21, 1933
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Many Bujr Licenses The de
mand : for renewal ot f motor -vehicle
operator's license hits " in
creased; materially daring ' . the .
paat few days, William Hammond,
In charge of the examination bu
reau, declared Saturday. Ham
mond . said that " approximately
2000 license were being. Issued
dally. Under the present law the
cost of the examination and lic
ense renewal is . 60 cents. The
price ot the renewal will be in
creased to tlnnder a new law
which becomes effective Jane 9.
Offices are now being maintained
in both Portland and Salem,
while examiners are being sent to
other parts of the state.
Mum plants 69 rarleties to choose
from. Olsons greenhouse. Pacific
Insurance Asents Meet A reg
lonal conference of Provident Mu
tual insurance agents was held at
the Gray Belle here Friday night
with Joseph, Broleen of Portland,
- state manager, and Lewi Lund
ford of Salem, district agent. In
charge. The program ; consisted
of 'sales d?jnstrations and talks
on lasurs-ttce topics. Fifteen
agents, nine ot them from Port
land, were present. j
Douglas Winder - Vernon
Douglas ot Klamath Falls, and
president of the student body at
Albany college, won the Albert
prise there this weekend, as the
student making the greatest pro
gress during the year in scholas
tic and extracurricular activities.
The prize is siren annually at
the college as well as at . Willam
ette university here, by Joseph
H. Albert ot this city.
Balm ConfersVerne D. Bain,
superintendent of schools at
Woodbura, was here yesterday
for a conference with Charles
Howard, state superintendent of
education. Bain and bis family
plan to live next year in Seattle,
: Wash., where he will take ad
vanced work for bis doctor's de-
gree at the University of Wash
ington. '
CongeR. the P.rinter still open for
business at 370ft State.
Allowance Granted Ten dol-
lars monthly for support money
was allowed Minnie Hampton in
an order lssned in probate court
Saturday. She is the principal
heir to the estate of the late J
H. Hampton, bow being admin
istered by the Ladd and Bash
Trust company. The estimated
value of the estate Is 18172.
Anditor Called -ConnoU Ward,
auditor of Marlon county's books,
has been subpoenaed for the trial
of Hugh Black, former Polk coun
ty elerk, which starts Monday In
tW1l Wf A. J
Club Elect Offioera-The Com- niST;.
merclal club of Salem high school j Black, by Marion county for the
elected officers for the next school I Joint operation ot the ferry at In
year at a meeting Friday, Those Uependence.'l31ack is tinder indict-
Program Planned Young
people from Salem took part in
the musical program put on
Tuesday Bight at the commence
ment exercises for the Sidney
school, held in the grange hall
at Ankeny. Dr. Emery Petticord
delivered the address. Jessie Ru-
din has been reemployed as the
teacher for the next year.
Free: -Will give tree with every
purchase of 21.5S or. more, Wil
lamette or high school Co-ed bag
Hartman Bros. Jewelers. "
Gideons at Argo Fifty Oide
ons. who 'are appearing in Salem
churches today, will bo at the Ar
go hotel dining room at 1 o'clock
this afternoon and sing several
elections. The group, which
works toward placement of bibles
in hotel rooms, is making its an
nual visit here.
Ranch Incorporated The- Mi
toma Hop Ranch, one of the well
known hop acreages in this sec
tion, has filed articles of incor
poration with the county clerk.
Capital stock is placed at $22,
000; Incorporators are Frank W.
Durbin. St., H. A. Cornoyer, H.
11, blinger and Sam Adolph.
To Name Officers The
' Young People's forum of the
lirst Methodist church is to elect
'Officers at 6 o'clock tonight. The
meetinx: will be in charge of
Hazel Shutt and Barbara Arnes;
ne of the features win be the
BTesentation of a dramatised
Mod. danee Mon., U Park, 10, c
Air Show Postponed Because
of the softness ot the rain-soaked
field, the stunt airplane ascent
' from an automobile top, scheduled
lor Salem airport this afternoon
has been postponed. It is expect
ed Dick Rankin. Portland aviator,
- instead will perform nts feat aere
; a later date.
Accident Reported One minor
aitomobile accident was reported
to city police yesterday. Burley
Lavett, Brooks route ne, report-
ed his ear strVk at Commercial
' and State by a machine driven by
' an unidentified motorist, fto one
was injured.
Borer at Home V. G, Boy
er. county clerk, has been con
fined to his home the last few
davs with a slight cold which
gave him somewhat of a setback
from an , attack of influenza
from which he has been conval
esclng in recent weeks.
Frultland Gives Program
Members of the eighth grade
class of Frultland school, in
charge of Ef. B. Kletcher, will
' give a program, assisted by local
and outside talent, at 8 p. m.
' Thursday, at i the school house.
" - Friends and patrons are Invited.
elected, were: Florence Eshleman,
president; Ralph Wagers, ? vice-
president;. Erma Cole, secretary;
Ruth PendererafL treasurer:
Richard Blair, advertising mana
ger and Leander Erpelding, ser-geant-at-arms.U
The new officers
will , be installed at the annual
picnic to bo held at Hazel Green,
Thursday, May 15.. Miss Muriel
Wilson is advisor for the club.
Stamp Meeting Monday A spe
cial meeting ef the Salem Stamp
society Is set for 7:30 p. m. Mon
day at the Y. M. C. A. Everyone
who is over 16 years -of age and
Interested in stamp collecting is
invited to attend and bring
friends. Joseph Weber will rive
a talk -on some phase of stamp
collecting and collectors are ask
ed to bring albums. The Junior
division will, meet Friday night.
May 26, at 7: 30 o'clock.
Special prices on watches and all
Jewelry for the boy and girl grad
uate at Hartman Bros. Jewelers.
Conntiea Pay Taxes Multno
mah county yesterday remitted
to the state treasurer her 2124,
486.68, representing its final pay
ment of first halt state taxes for
tho year 1933. The first half taxes
for Multnomah county aggregated
S53MSM8. Columbia county
Saturday remitted an additional
SIM 90 of first half taxes, while
Lane county sent in $10,009.
15 Radio Sets Bought The
state police department has pur
chased 15 automobile radios
through the state board of con
trol, which will be installed as
soon as they arrive. The order was
placed following installation ot a
short wave transmitter by the Sa
lem police department, Tho auto
mobile radios will pick up police
reports both from Salem and
Woodmen Hold Meaaorial
Woodmen of the World will hold
their annual memorial exercises
at 3:30 o'clock Friday night at
Fraternal temple. Speakers will
be Rev W. C. Kantner and W. C.
Hawley. Community singing, rit
ual and numbers by a male Quar
tet will complete the program.
All Woodmen and their friends
are invited to attend.
Motts Go East Mrs. James
W. Mott and two children have
left here for Washington where
they will Join their husband and
father, who la serving as repre
sentative in congress from the
first Oregon district. Mrs. Mott
indicated that the family would
return to Oregon late in June to
remain during the summer.
having allegedly taken $1200 of
county money from a bank ac
count kept in his. own name.
Program Tweeday A recep
tion will be given Monday night
at the -Salem; chamber of com
merce for all persons who have
cooperated In tho last few months
in presenting community - pro
grams throughout the county. A
program will bo given with each
organisation presenting one num
ber, followed by the new-noted
"Haywire Quartet." The program
will be interesting and lively ac
cording to assurances of B. X.
Slsson, chamber president.
Knraler Nominated J. S. Kum
ler of North Howell has been
nominated by petitions as candi
date for director on the board of
education of the non-high school
districts In the county. Kumler
will stand for election in zone
two. He is understood to be in
faror of the. continuance of high
school transportation.
Hatching Monday morning. White
Leghorns. Red, Rocks. Salem's
Speeders Fined Two motorists
were arrested by city police yes
terday and fined when they ap
peared in municipal court. J. A.
Dollar ot Lebanon paid a $7.50
fine and H. E. Tueten ot Taeoma
a $5 penalty.
Grand Jury Called A new
grand Jury has been called for
next month by Judge L. H. Me
Mahan and the first meeting is
booked for Tuesday at the court
house. Aloll Xeber of ML Angel
la to bo foreman. Other members
named are Albert F. Walker, Ed
ith R. Philllppl, Mariette R. Da
vis, Edna M. McKay, H. F. Butter-
field, May P. Meyers. The last
grand Jury served only one
month; the one preceding It had
is months straight service.
Receive licenses Two mar
riage licenses were issued Satur
day at Reno to couples who gave
addresses here: Allen M. King, 23,
and Berniee Irene Overholtser, 19,
both gave Salem, Ore., addresses
but are from California. Ernest
G. Aschmann, 33, and Retta
Hanks, 24, both from California,
but gave Salem, Ore., addresses.
Tho Salvation Army would ap
preciate clothing, furniture. Jars,
canned fruit. Tel. 9437.
Candidate Files N. F. Reed
of Burns. Harney county, yester
day tiled with the secretary of
state as a delegate to the proposed
constitutional convention to vote
on repeal ot the eighteenth
amendment .to the federal con
stitution. Reed favors repeal of
the amendment.
Visit "Bremerton Mrs. H. L.
Martin of S92 North Front street
with her sister, Mrs. P. W. Rey
elts, recently enjoyed a week's
sojourn In Bremerton, Wash
visiting her son P. L. Doddridge,
who Is a eadet on the U. S. 8
Cox to Speak Frank Cox of
Salem will speak at the Open For
um tonight at 8 p. m. at the Vet
erans' hall, 433 Ferry street.
on tho topic, "Political and Eco
nomic Situation." Everyone is
invited to attend.
$4253 in Estate The estate
of the late Ida B. Peterson has
assets valued at $4253 according
to an appraisal filed in probate
court Saturday. Mae McElhaney
is executrix of the property,
$3400 of which is cash in
bank hero.
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'T-?- ... r r; ftrv . : -
i- - , e x-1-:-. moW :- -'-v - x ' .4 -
fere la one of the most recent pictures ef Mahatma Gandhi, India's
olitkal leader, aa be appeaned at prayer during his taearcarattoo In
feroda JaiL Desnita hia relaaM hr British authorities. Gandhi eontlmwd
his self-imposed fast as a protest against the treatment of the "Unteoeh-
11 is doctors tear for his life, bat uanant ruceratea ms aeiernu
nation to starva for three waeka.
OrganlUtlon of the Devil-DT-
ils,- an. organisation which aspires
to rival Oregon Cave Men for
boosting their especial section,
is under way at Delake. accord
ing to E. L. Menitt of Ocean
Lake who was in Salem yester
day arranging for a visit of the
new group hero at an early data.
. The new organization is to be I
garbed in red . suits and each
man will carry a three-pointed
Recently a visit was made to
tho Lions' club at Newport and
an early excursion to Portland
is contemplated. Representative
John Cooter ot Lincoln eountyl
Is scheduled for Initiation into
tho order.
The Devil-Devils will give pub-1
lieity to the first annual regatta
to be held on Devil's lake Lin-
coin county. Dates selected are
July 28, 29 and 39. The cham
ber ot commerce at Delake is
already planning for the regatta
ana aas named Mr. MerrtU as
chairman. -
Conunz Eventi
- . v v
' . - Hay SO Final concert of
aeaaon of Symphony ercbea-
- cm hers; WiUametU rhlU
harmonic choir assisting;
May 0-27 Oregon State
Association of Master
pi ambers, annaal meeting.
Sum 1-4 Evangelical
.conference. First Erangeli
cal chnrcfaw
Jwm S-4 Fomrth Aaamal
"Willaatetto Valley Flower
Show. ;
Jnn 7 Marion coaaty
Jersey Cattle dab, Xair
groonds. Jaao It Wfllamette aai
versity eonasaencement.
Jim go S3 -G. A. R. and
affUlatins; bodies annual en
caiapment. Jane 23 MlMoari An
nal picnic. Municipal aato
July 24-20 Annaal tin
eampmeat, Spanish War
Veterans. '
Sept. 4- Oregon state
Gideons Appear
In Churches of
elks club mo:;day
: ' '
Capital post, American legion,
will mobilize at the Elks tempi
Monday night to undertake an in
tensive membership drive la an
effort to bring the paid up mem
bership ot tho post to as present
able a position as possible by Jane
when Louis A. Johnson, national
commander, will make bis offi
cial Oregon visit here. Finan
cial conditions this year have held
up payment of dues to such an ex
tent i that over 909 . members are
la arrears. Pal dup membership
at present totals around 290.
Giving legionnairiee chance
to earn their dues, Carl Gabriel
son and R. H. Basse tt. directors
of the campaign, bave worked out
a plan whereby members mar
obtain their 1933 cards by aiding
in tho collection ot dues from
At one time Capital post had
the 14th largest membership In
tho world and tho largest for a
house-warming. They will do eity tho slso ot Salem. When
some repair work and put the en National commander SpaRord
bin la order to serve as a Cheme-I visited Salem la 1922. 2500 le-
ketan lodge. 1 gionnalres greeted him.
W. M. Hamilton will act as boss
ot the works. Tho party will
start from the Jenny Llnd next
Saturday at 1:30 p. m.
Continue Program; Drive
To be Started on Tuesday
This City Today Annua Meeting
Held, Chemawa
A concerted effort to continue
the Quiet finance drive whieh a
number of friends of the Y. W.
C. A. have conducted Intermit-
To Marry A marriage license
was issued at Portland yesterday
to George C. Belleu, legal, ot
Lafayette, Ore., and Goldie
Weather, legal, of Salem, accord
ing to an Associated Press dls
Sues to Qaiet Title Suit to
quiet title was filed Saturday in
circuit court in the case of Pe
ter Feller against Caroline El-
len Fachler and a number of
other defendants.
Funeral services for Thomas
Crowley, 87, who died at the Dea
coness hospital here Friday, will
be held from tho chapel of W. T.
Rlgdoa A Son Monday at 1:30
p. m. Interment will follow in the
City View cemetery.
He is survived by two daugh
ters, Martha Bevens of Medford,
and Matilda Boyer of Turner;
eight grandchildren, IS great -grandchildren
and two great-great-grandchildren.
He was born In Polk county,
Missouri, In 1845, coming west by
ox team with his parents one year
later. His mother settled at Crow
ley station on her donation claim
which still bears that name. His
father died shortly after reaching
Crowley was a civil war veter
an and served as a private in the
Oregon infantry. Ho was a mem
ber of the Baptist church.
Members ot the Gideon orran
izauon in roruana, Z0 In num
ber, will be in Salem today to
pan ai morning ana even
ing services in a number of chur
ches. Contrary to first announce
ments, the Gideons will divide
their party so many church con
gregations may be addressed. A
rally ot the group will not be held
in on church tonight.
The Gideon organisation is now
International. Its outstanding ob
jective Is to place a copy of the
bible la each hotel room in this
tently since April, will 'get under
way Tuesday of next week, start
ing with a luncheon rally at the
Y. W. C. A. at 12 o'clock that
noon, it was announced yesterdsy.
The workers going out Tuesday
will attempt to raise tho $1800
yet needed to complete the year's
v .a v . .1 . .
tor the enure amonnt in a short. netlieKetanS ZO
Tho y. w. c. a. has eat its Ktnair ilahm
budret varr aererAlv hnt at ua i ---r""
sacrifice to the work doae. In
fact, tho program has been in
"Our women have met every
emergency that they possibly
eould, both In employment, hous
ing and in cooperation with relief
agencies of the city," Mrs. Elisa
beth Gallaber, secretary, stated
The original budget at which
the woman aimed when they
started the quiet solicitation in
April was $4500, but several
hundreds have been sliced from
that since that time.
The Y. W. has filled a needed
work in giving beds free or at ex
tremely nominal cost to scores of
transient and needy women who
have been brought to the institu
tion by the police matron or re
lief agencies in Salem.
QUINABY. May 20. The an
nual R. N. A. district convention
will be held at the Modern Wood
men hall at Chemawa Wednesday,
May 24. A school of instruction
will be held throughout the day.
A banquet will be served at 8:30
p. m. by the Home Economics club
of Chemawa grange, the social
evening to begin at 8 p. m. Offi
cers ot the convention are: Presi
dent, Alice Zlelinskl; vice-presi
dent, Helen Persons; secretary
treasurer. Myrtle Beckner.
At Breitenbush
Chemeketans are planning to
put in a working session next
week end at Breitenbush. Dr. La-
ban 8teeves has tendered the or
ganisation the use ot his cottage
there for a long term, and the
members are going up to have a
We repair them
when others can't.
Guaranteed Watch
Repairing or money
'Graduation Special'
rusa wavk
ftfagHt EaSa
Open Frl Bvenlnts
M7 1st Katl Bank Bldf. SSS3
Bimaeh f Cutlc rtooeer
Wavem, rertteae
Do You Know . .
That a New York bank
saves all waste paper
for a year to prevent
the loss of valuable
Do You Know ...
That in Schaef era pre
scription department
there are over 1100 po
tent, basic drugs and
chemicals with which
we fill your prescrip
tions? That means ac
curate, thorough serv
ice. Schaefer's
Drug Store
1S5 X. Commercial - Dial 5107
Tho Original Yellow Front
Candy Special Store of Salens
In this city May 20, Mary a
Mitchell at the age of 60 years.
Leaves widower, Roscoe Mitchell
of Hubbard and two sons'; Mil
ton and Ira, both of Hubbard.
Funeral services at 2 p.m. today
at the Christian church at Wood-
burn with interment in the Belle
Pass! cemetery.
Judge Bagley
Opens Black
Case Monday
Eraeat H. Meyers of Rock
Springs, Wyo., passed away at
Denver, Colo., aged 49 years.
Survived by widow, Gerda Mario
Meyers; son Burdette; parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Meyers ot
Salem; two brothers, Paul ot
Valley City, N. D.. Henry of
Rochester, Minn.; three sisters.
Mi's. Wm. Kraushaar of San An
toaio, Texas, Miss Mae Meyers,
and Mrs. V. Margaret Huth of
Salem; two nephews, Phil M.
Huth ot Salem and Slegmund H.
Huth of Aberdeen, S. D.; three
nieces, Ruth, Dorothea and Gret
chen Kraushaar of San Antonio,
Texas. Funeral services will be
held Monday, May 22, at 2:30
p.m. from the Clough-Barrlek
chapel with Rev. Erlksen and
Rev. Hinneman officiating. Inter
ment at Belcrest Memorial park.
Fourteen pupils will complete
their work at Sacred Heart acad
emy this spring, this number com
paring well with previous graau
ating classes and the largest since
1931 when 15 students finished
their academy courses. Commence
ment exercises will be held Fri
day. June 2. at 8 . m. at St. Jo
seph's hall, Winter and Chemek-
eta streets.
Graduates this year are Lor
raine Bouffleur, Alena Xlmena
Bremmer, Ruth Leah Dickey, Ber
niee Frances Doerfler, Bernard
Harold Gentzkow, Mary Elizabeth
Gearin, Mary Ellen Hammond,
Helen Marie Hickman, Ray Char
les Panger, Pauline Margrath
Primus, Charles Aathony Saalfeld,
Barbara Maria Schottoefer, Marie
Magdelene Weniel and Beatrice
Lauretta Welsner.
Tire Prices
NOW is the
DALLAS, May 20. Selection
ot a jury to try Hugh G. Black,
former county clerk, on a charge
of larceny of public money, in
volving a sum of $2211, will be
gin Monday morning. The case is
scheduled to begin at 9:30 a. m..
and before Judge George R. Bag-
ley of HUlsboro.
roe inaicimeni buck ii m d i 0 j- yy
tried on is one of tour returned do JD31CS Ot HODS
Polk county grand jury. Tho
charges were made following an
audit of a special account carried
by Blaek in the Dallas City bank.
which revealed shortages totaling
22552. Black paid tho county
treasurer the sum of 2440 shortly
after the audit and since that
time the surety company which
carried his bond has paid the
county the balance ot the short
Black will be represented by
Oscar Hayter while District At
torney Elmer Barnhart is handl
ing the prosecution.
Forty-one Jurors have been
called to report for Jury service.
Tire prices have gone up. More raises can be expected.
We cannot guarantee present sale prices after this week.
Stock going fast . . .You must act quickly to save money on
Sell at. 73 Cents
Twenty-three bale sof bops sold
here yesterday at 13 .cents
pound, it was reliably reported
last night. One hundred twenty-
five bales also changed hands at
SO cents a pound, the hops being
a carryover of the 1931 erop.
Both transactions were sales by
speculative holders to dealers.
Lewelling Hero Tomorrow I
Judge L. G. LeweHing of Albany I
is expected here tomorrow to
conduct court in department
- Why Not? : y
i . Dinner at the Spa today. 5 Oe
" . and .TSe. . . - - -
Tho Gray Belle, 440 State, TeL
' Sunday dinners, 50c and. 7 5c
I The Araro Hotel
Famous chicken dinner with
fresh strawberry shortcake, 45c
Ben's Cafe, 15S S. Commercial
Special chicken dinner, 30c
At a local hospital. May 19.
Thomas Crowley at the age of
87 years. Survived by two daugh
ters, Mrs. J. E. Boyer of Turner
and Mrs. Martha Bevens of Med
ford. Funeral services Monday.
May 22 at 1:30 p.m. 4rom Rig-
don's mortuary. Interment Clty-
vlew cemetery.
. At the home. S7C North Li
berty street, Friday, May It,
Lial F. Randall, aged 39 years
beloved husband of Daphne
Randall; father of Clyde, Gordon
and Horace, all ot. Salem and
Phern of Fort Hancock, N.- J.
Funeral : services will be held
Monday, May 22, at 2 p.m. from
tho chapel of the Salem mortu
ary. : 545 North . Capitol street,
Rev.H. N. Culeh officiating. In
terment Murphy cemetery. . ':
Brendon is President
Of Community Group
Arthur Brendon was elected pre
sident ot tho Evens Valley com
munity club at its annual election
ot officers. Others chosen were
Ben Funrue, vlco president; Ber
niee Langs ev, secretary; Albert
Funrue, treasurer; Andrew Pe
derson and Oscar Loe, sergeants-at-arms;
Oscar Johnson, execu
tive board member. .
Dr. B. H. White
' No Charge tor Consultation , -Night
and Day Calls
Osteopathic Physician and
Office: 255 North Capitol St
Telephone 5030, Salem, Oregon
KGW 1:45 every after
noon. A good program and
important information
The Natural Mineral Water
225 North High Stnvf
Salem, Oregon
. Wltkeit OpariUoa r Lots at Tin
? Oraron Bide Poa (SOS
for constipation, rheumatism;
appendicitis, colitis, and blood;
gland, stomach disorders.
Chinese Medicine Co. -
122 N. Coml St,
Hours Daily Sunday 9-12
Card Tables and
CKairs to Rent .
Call OHIO, Caed Furniture
. 151 North High
While Present Stock Lasts
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extra trade-in allowances quoted at the start of our
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the sale. Some taken oS
brand new cars we
changed-over to
. Generals. Others partly
worn and reconditioned
:;all sacrificed for
j quick action. .
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myiTT If
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i ;.