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The ORECON STATESMAN, Salem Oregon, Sunday Morning, May 21, 1933
''mammmmwmmm )---' t . - - ,:
Everybody , out With Tincup
;Jn View of big Public
Work's Prospect
' (Continued from Px I)
ot control meeting Monday and
there It no likelihood - that he
irill retain' In the near future.
Governor, Meier Is not aver
aging more than one day a week
Increasing amount ot state busi
ness from his Portland office
In Salem and " transacting an
' which doesn't please Salem dtf
tons and other Oregonlans who
want Salem to he the capital in
' fact as well as In name.
State Treasurer Holman Is
here and yon, mostly the latter,
i with 'a number of speaking en
1 gagementa taking his time. To
day he speaks to a church and
grange meeting In Clatsop coun
ty. Jane 14, Holman Is scheduled
I for a major address before a
I grange convention at Pendleton,
i It Is' reported that he will there
come out against the sales tax
. and at the same time assail the
Meier administration for failing
f to lire np to the Joseph program
r- on which, the governor stood
for office. Holman apparently
. win ta grange support In- 1134:
so also -does Ray Gin. grange
master, who la going to be oft
- to the political races in 1934.
Commissioner Thomas has sa-
, nouneed new and more extend
ed inquiry into the Northwestern
Electric company and its rates
in rPortland. The oommisaloner
knows that the fsent unfav
orable earnings of that company
make securing of a 10 per cent
rate reduction- more difficult
than 13 months ago bat he wants
the : fires ot attack to be .kept
' burning. Public utility control
or operation is certain in 1934
to b a major issue in the state
as it was in 1930; Thomas is best
Qualified to be tne oanner car- fContlnoed from oaa 1)
Ttr Klrl L.r.!5 and -other incidental expenses.
- I '
4 t
Talk about carrying coals to Newcastle. This seem to bs a paraBsL
Sirs. Ruth Bryan Owes, America's first woman Minister, is pictured en
Mew xe
she sailed from
fork to take sp bar afidal duties to
Accompanying? hex are her children sad grandchildren, the latter betas
of the shade that gentlemen prefer. Left to Tight la this photo, mads
aboard the liner Scanststa, are: Mrs. W. P. Heeksr.Urs. Owen's eaagV
er; Minister Owen, holding little Kswin Meeker. Bryan Owen. son. In
front are Helen and Ruth Meeker. . .
CUE 500
of the numerous gubernatorial
Henry Hansen, budget direc
tor, is in' Idaho and very still as
far; as political medicine mixing
This will be $3,864,000 a month
or 323,184.000 for the six months
to the Pacific northwest.
Northwest business men and
merchants, it was said, must bid
goes.: The 1933-1934 budget out for their' shara of this trade in.
of the way, the big concern in competltloJ1 witn tiTma througb-
Hauxen'a mind is the 1934 cim- out the atry. n was pointed
palgn and the man to groom to ott n(meTer( that being near the
succeed Meier if the goyernor foregt camis. they will have the
does not choose to run again, a I adTantage of transportation costs.
eirenmstanco which seems more
likely as the months go on.
The first half ot 1932 taxes
from the counties continue to
roll in and every few days tne
when a group
longing to th
Final preparations for sending
Marion county's quota, of men to
the conservation corps camps will
roi m ana ever, w t nnderiray here tomorrow
state is Uklng up Its when a of physicians be-
warrants. While the counties are . nff,.ont
J" ratiol irchae ol i Y-
staiers "nnci Douglas, will begin glv-
runnlng tide toyarfs the sale. I physical examinations to the
-.0t- I ..-"I :C recruits. The men listed for the
L -VotC. in tii nwi utM tax huildinp for this examination
the " alD.; Ba. " I That the county'a quota
camp IS dissolved nuu .m irnri,
popular ease made for the pro
posed tax than has thus far been
outlined, the referended meas
ure from the last session is cer
tain of defeat. No
minded public leader in the state.
with the exception of tne legis
That the county'a quota has
been Increased by 92 men became
known' yesterday with the an
nouncement at the Red Cross of
fice that the county is to supply
iin,iw I 91 men experienced in forestry
men in the camps. In addition.
Utoralwho"forghT the 'sales t "T Toung men will he sent out
. v - t . i irom ibis cuunu. uiutmia
lous to be found carrying the
sales tax banner.
the Red Cross office expect to
; receive specific orders for mob
ilization ot the county's quota
as soon as all have passed the
physical examinations, which
should be by the end ot this
, D. C.
o:i stiidie
Generally Speaking; "the mora
education, the less crime." is the
conclusion of Matthew R. Thomp
son, Willamette . university '38,
made this week after the comple
tion of a stady of the education ot
the men la the Orego n peniten
tiary. Thompson, who is principal
elect of, the Sweet Horns anion
hlgn school, studied SOO committ
ments mads between January 1,
1938 and March. 1988. 81xty-eight
per cant of the men committed,
had not to exceed a grade school
education, aa found.
' Other- conclusions mads by
Thompson, were: .
,"No particular age or educa
tional groups seam to ' lead la
Tha prspondsraaes of erims
was committed against property.
"Adolescents excepted, young
men committed more violent
crimes, proportionately and la ac
tual numbers, than older man.
There seems to ba a "danger
ons ago of men over 40 for sex
erimes 88 per cent at sex crimes
were la this group.
"Many over 40 were convicted
ot liquor crimes, some being
Quito old and evidently foreigners.
"Tha higher thea ducatlonal
status tha less violent tha erims.
"Similar figures' from Sing 81ng
prison fa New Tork paralleled
Oregon's axeept la higher holdup
rata at Blhg Sing and absence of
llqulr lav convictions there. Ore
gon's holdup rate was half that
ot Stag king, but Its murder rata
"Only twoper eeat et the 108
claimed college graduation aad
three par cent mora claimed some
college attendance. Tha college
men seemed to prefer "higher
class erimes, such as forgery and
were tatooed. A psychiatrist might
tell why."
A total ot 253 down aad oper
ating mills whleh reported to the
West Coast Lumbermen's associa
tion for the week ending May 18
produced 74.S29.512 board feet of
lumber. This was an increase of
4,831.570 feet or f.I pe rcent
over their cut In the preceding
mm FeafcLiloed' ;ffafjs
He mm
Masquerades as fisherman.
Saves Rival's Family,.
In Elsinore Play ,
It is a new and somewhat dis
heveled George Arllss. usoally so
immaculate, who appears la the
Warner Bros, picture, "Tha Work
ing Man." which - eomea to tha
serosa sf the Elsinore theatre to
day. .
for George Arliss let bis hair
grow for six weeks before begin
ning work, on tha production. la
tha story, a long fishing trip Is
interrupted y a ahaaea ta de an
old friend a good turn tn disguise
and tha seedy appearance ot the
character Mr. Arliss portrays, is
th disguise.
Ordinarily. Mr. Arliss. while in
Hollywood, has his hair trimmed
every two weeks by the studio
barber. With four weeks ot extra
growth and a careless combing,
the usually sleek Arliss head was
changed ts a rough grey thatch.
No wig or hair piece was neces
sary to complete the makeup. At
home. Mr. Arliss combs tha same
hair tightly to his head and ap
pears fairly normal.
The Working Man" Is a de
lightful and highly entertaining
comedy drama la which Mr. Ar
liss. a wealthy manufacturer, mas
querades as a small towa fish
erman In order to. save from ruin
ths children ot the man who had
been his bitterest rival in both
business and love.
A notable supporting east in
cludes Betts Davis as his leading
lady. Hardia Albright In ths ju
venile lead. Gordon Westeott.
Theodore Newton and J. Parrell
MaeDonald. The screen play by
Charles Kenyon and Maude T.
Howell Is based on a story by Ed
gar Franklin and directed by
John AdoIfL
A large delegatl.n from the
Salem Rotary club has gone to
Victoria to attend the annual
district convention which starts
in that city tonight, William Mc-
Gilchrlst, Jr., district goyernor.
will preside over the convention.
Beside an Interesting program
of addresses and conferences
which has been arranged by Gov
ernor Bill, many delightful soc
ial affairs are planned with the
Victoria Rotary club as hosts.
1U ia llcuBtZL"u """ over their cut In the preceding Members of the conntv eon
SfvJ?. t! xY- " vrtT I week- Tn average week's pro- State Highway Engineer Baldock
uuvunaw "" auction of this group of sawmills and Federal Engineer Buck telan
in 1938 has been 59.858,593 feet; an inspection trip over the North
during the same period of 1932, Santiam highway as far ss It is
their weekly average was 66,637,- constructed within the next few
i feet.
The new business reported last
Court; Engineers
To View Santiam
Change in Grade
Ham McGllchrist, Sr.. Mr. and
Mrs. W. L. Phillips, Dr. and Mrs.
H. C. Epley, Mr. and Mrs. V. P.
McNamara, Mr. and Mrs. Homer
Smith, Sr., Mrs. Margaret Le-
rurgy, Mr and Mrs. W. H. Dan- ,k v, -iq0 mnj wi. iis7.
cy, Mrs. Frank Snedecor, George 158 board feet afalnst a produc-
ArDUCKie, waiter jenas, waiter tion of C8.547.35j feet and shlp-
jumier, isnc uuiier.
The party made the boat trip
weeks. Baldock promised to make
the trip at the highway com
mission meeting held in Port
land on Friday.
One of the objectives of the
- - f
u 1'.
, k 4
- : a
"Ths Warrior's Husband'
comes to ths Grand today. Ad
vance reports establish this film
as one ef. the most novel snd
most hilarious comedies at the
screen season.
Ths story otths pietars is set
I in that mythical period ef world
history wheay eountrlss were rul-
ed by Amasons, when womeo did
tha providing snd ths flrhtlnr
snd the men devoted themselves '
to ths less Strenuous elements nf
life. Reversing tha accepted or-
aer or things, "The Warrior's
Husband"" takes fall advantan of.
ths comic character of tha situ
stion. Women are seen as politi-
Hera ia m rlhnnse of Georra Arliss and Betta Davis in K, ""'" ".5. luu"
I heir latest picture, ' me worauny nun ' bow anowm principal place Is in ths horns and
the Elsinore.
i. ' V ' (' y i
: - rz . 4 v - i J.--., ' Z -x jt a
1 jk r -A, -t. m v i
t- "
L . .- -
I 7 fr,, IMMMTTI rwTT I I ' ' " ' t
Hailed as the rreatest romantic
team in motion picture history.
Janet Gaynor and Charles Farreli
are said to bs winning new lau
rels with their latest Fox Films
vehicle. Tees ot the Storm Conn-
try," opening today at the Hollywood.
Miss Gaynor enacts the part of
an elderly sea-captain's fiery-tem
pered daughter and Farreli that
of a millionaire's son who first
meets her when she saves him
from drowning oft the Maine
coast. With Its picturesque New
England backgrounds and
Teas of the Storm Country" from which this scene was table supporting0 cast, the fnnu
- v
whose chief duty it Is to keep the
traditional horns fires burning.
Ths fact that romance between
men and women must suffer
some sort of Jolt under such sn
arrangement is said to be only
ons of the many humorous situa
Elissa Land! has the leadlnsr
role and Marjoris Rambeea is
seen in aa Important role. - -
taken is the feature at the Hollywood theatre today.
from Seattle. - and will
the middle of the week.
ments of 73,963,668 feet. Their Junket will be to look at a pro
shipments were over their pro- posed new grade from Mill City
uucuuo uy t.9 v per cent ana xneir towards Dayton, the new route
current sales were over produc- to extend seven miles on the
tion 1 by 70.7 per cent The orders opposite side of the Santiam
booked last week by this group of trom tne preaent road-
X , . .v T ty court thinks a new location of
their orders of the preceding week thA r t k.
'VfflUder K.'ff . ' Present bridg
mi7li .tJ S SIS ?sse XSt at MIT1 CltT eould T0e1
milU stood at 319,564,539 board v.n, .1.1,.
feet, an increase or 39,908,163
feet from the week before.
The aggregate 1 nventories of
130 mills are 18.8 per tent less
than at this time last year.
in Marion eounty.
-Mai i.iiimniiT In the Investi
gation Of the rates, charges and
servteea of the Northwestern
Electric company will be taken
at a hearing to be held In Port
, land June 19, C. M. Thomas,
stale utility commissioner, sn-
f API Seattle will continue ss
nounced Saturday. Two tempor- a honj0 club of thft pacific coast
ary orders, based on partial tea- iine and will play games for
tlmony, were issued . previously, tne next two weeks In the
but these were attacked In the Seattle elvlc stadium, directors of
courts. the league announced -today.
j Thomas said the effect of the The announcement "was made
current economic conditions and afteT William Klepper, president
pries levels upon the operating Cf the Seattle club, Informed the
expenses, revenues and general directors that twilight games will
financial conditions, would enter Da started on the civic stadium
prominently into this hearing. He field Tuesday. All games, except
declared that this Information those on Sundays, will bs at
Would be used in determining night, Klepper said.
le amount of salaries that The Seattle club returns horns
should be paid to officials, and I Sunday snd will meet ths San
the;: reasonable costs for execn-1 Francisco Seals snd Los Angeles
ttve,and administrative overhead.
Business Women
t$Ieet at Coast;
: : Picnic Enjoyed
i--. ' .
COQUILLE, Ore, May 20
(AP) Ths annual state conven
tion of ths Business aad Profes
sional Wome not Oregon was held
hers today with more than 100
delegates in attendance. Busi
ness sessions closed this after
noon and the delegates and guests
Went to Bandon tonight for a plc
ntQ at the beach. The social part
of; ths convention will close to
morrow with a breakfast at Sun
set beaeh. when the Coos Bay
club ot Marshtield will be hostess
: '.An emblem of appreciation
from , the , executive council - was
presented to ths state president.
Mrs. Edith Falbe, with Dr. Helen
Louise Crosby ot Salem deliver
ing the presentation speech. Mrs.
Emma Tearian of Lemhi, Idaho,
national representative, delivered
the main address tonight,
Building Picks Up
During Past Week
Y Building activities speeded up
last week sufficiently to double
the value of permits over those
of ths previous week. Altogether
12 permits wars Issued last week
for. jobs to cost a total ot $1477.
bf this . sum $1192 was for re
pairs and alterations and $285
Jor construction Of three private
yious week's permits was $867.80.
Angels -In regularly scheduled
series during the next two weeks.
Hyland Baggerly, president ot
tha league, said assurances hsd
been received from stockholders
of ths Seattle club that financial
arrangements were being consid
ered for reconstruction of the
Indians' park, which was destroy
ed by fire last yesr.
PARIS, Msy 20 (AP) Be
lief that France will default on
her debt payment due to the
United States Juns 18 approach
ed certainty tonight in quarters T"l.; TUI.AlK-
close to the government. i-'Wlld iMbUJJdlCl
In the same quarters it was O; im Af
expected that Great Britain and UJJJga VS VCI aulU
other debtor nations would also T..-
fall to make their debt payments KJll A UC&UdV IVIit
to the united states June is.
Premier Edouard JJaladier OREGON STATE COLLEGE.
was described as being convinced I CORvALLIS. May 20 Miss
President Roosevelt will not I Doris McAllister, freshman tn
modify his demand that Francs! home economics, and Miss Mar-
must pay the interest installment I garet Turner, junior in corn-
defaulted last December before merce, at Oregon State college,
the American government will will sing with ths Madrigal club
make any move for a new set- under ths direction of Professor
tlement Paul Petri, over station KOAC
The head of the French gov-1 Tuesday, May 23, trom 8 to 8:30
ernment is likewise convinced I o clock.
It Is understood, his parliament I The muslcale win include many
will decline to pay either the I numbers. Carl Lalne, a music
interest or ths principal, since student at Oregon stats and a
it no lonzer ha anr honea for i Finn from Astoria, will sing sev-
the declaration of a moratorium. 1 lo. among which will bs a
group of Finnish songs.
The Call
George Arliss and Bette Da-
vis in "Ths Working
Tuesday Ramon Novarro la
"Ths Barbarian.'
Friday Double bill: Clyde
Beatty in "The Big Cags";
and. Nancy Carroll and
Paul Lukas In "The Kiss
Before the Mirror."
Ohling Named by
r s 1 ruttiuanu, ure., May as
insurance KJIUUD (AP) Earl m. Drew at Eugene,
Today Janet Gaynor in
"Teas ot the Storm Conn-
Wednesday Ann Harding
and Leslie Howard In "An
imal Kingdom."
Friday - Wallace Beery In
Today Elissa Land!
"Warriors Husband.
Academy Students
Plan Annual Party
MT. ANGEL, May 20 Rev.
Alculn Heibel snd Rev. Vincent
Koppert wert guests ot honor at
a program given for them Thurs
day afternoon by the Btudents ot
Mt. Angel academy.
Monday evening, May 22, the
undergraduates will give their
annual party for ths graduates,
Entertainment will take the form
ot a program, lunch and dancing.
On the following Thursday, a
muslcale will be. given in the
academy auditorium at 2 p. m.
II 1 . 1 - r J
; Don't Neglect Your
: Eyes To Do So
May Mean Trouble
We will test your eyes and fit
ths "proper prescription into
smart looking frames for an
extremely moderate cost Con
sult with us today It will pay
JOB, ';;::
EUGENE. May 20. (AP) I congress, met here today with tha
T V Trft w. m.1 a promotion oommuies os bis
' 0 " I nrranlntlna m. m mm ill
elected national counselor of tne Tir.TTI : v.7. . V? . I Thandar Kltasa Landl in
Fire Insurance aaieclations of jt,t" I "St.t. Wlr7-
the state at ths annual con van-1
Julius L. Meier's rseonstrnotion
,i . . . jt 1 . .... 1
Paul O. Landry of Klamath 1 ta nwt Uw a,
Fans, was elected stats presi
dent and M. P. Ohling ot Sa
lem, chairman of the executive!
A resolution was adopted op
posing ths writing of insurance
by banking companies outside ol
local communities.
expected to prove popular with
Salem audiences.
Dudley Diggs and Claude Gil-
ilingwater portray the two fath
ers, with June Clyde, George Mee
ker, Edward Pawley. Matty
Kemp and DeWitt Jennings in
prominent roles. Alfred Santell
directed the production, which It
based on Grace Miller White's
novel and ths dramatization by
Rupert Hughes.
first sf
his MEW
s c r s
aa rles
Mar jo rie Rambean and Ernest Truex from a scene in
the hilarious comedy "Warrior Husbands! now shovdns at
the Grand.
X Next
1- n jt
Circulation Man
Given 8 Months;
Fraud Admitted
PORTLAND, Ors., Msy 29
(AP) Clare Williams pleaded
guilty la federal court here today
to a charge of conspiring to vio
lets the postal laws through a
subscription campaign ha. con
ducted for a Bearerton. Ore.,
newspaper. Hs was sentenced to
serve 8 months In a federal road
j. Lamborn Elder, owner and
publisher of the paper, and Jos
Marshall, who pleaded guilty to
ths asms offense, were paroled for
18 months on sentences of 8
months each tn federal road camp.
Edith Sexton. Jointly charged,
was given probation for one year
os a sentence ot two months in
county Jail.
We Do Everything
Let Us Recondition Your
Car for This Season
I -A wtw Ovned Tfteacer a
Today, Monday and
Continuous Performance Today
a to ii -
It is Magnificent Romance
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Auto Top Repair
. Upholstering
. Glass Wash-
tag . . Greasing
. . Complete Mo
tor Repair .
Storags . -. Day
and Night.
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- Track Requirements
Motor Co., Inc.
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VO ?
to thw lov-a
that triumphed
jiver tuspicios
ft' UhU SaaMl '
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