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The OnilGON STATESMAN. Safest Oregon, Thursday Morniajr, March' S3; 1931
pagc five
Eocal News Briefs '
Named T. B. DirectorsThree i Club 2et Aadltoriana Per
Salem medical men. Dr. O. C. Bel-1 mission to use the Salem high
linger. Dr. W. IL Morse and Dr, I school . auditorium the aljtht of
Vernott A. Douglas. - were elected i April 25 has been granted to the
directors of the Oregon Tubercu-1 Marion oounty Federated dabs,
losls association during the an-J At that time the organization will
nnal session at Portland Tuesday. I hold its musical tournament, with
Marked. Interest was displayed in I bands, choruses and other rrouoa
tuberculin testing dona In.. Marion from Tarious schools participate
county schools, according to Dr. ting in the competition. The
Douglas, 'who eendueted a, discus-1 chamber of commerce auditorium.
aion period on .this subject. These I used in former rears, was : die
tcjU :in the past yar haTO been I carded this year as too smalL
aAminfatarad ta - iDnroxtmatelv I '
son aiadenta in the county. I Broken lines in hosiery values
Among! Marion county .residents P to $1 50. special, 59c. Howard
auenatng in meeimsa . wjo
Mrs. wuiiam . wnuui ui Ubby Clnbs' Speaker Dr.
Mrs. John Ballantyne ot silver-1
ton, Miss JuaniU Johnson pt Sa- Ljretary of the national council for
lem. Miss Irma LeRlcbe of S- preTention of war, will speak at
verion, ur. V"-"U.' two club meetlngstoday at the
Bellinger, ana vr. i . . bewray- Llons club luncheon the Mar.
er- I ion hotel at noon and at the Fra-
a..v x innm a eneral I ternis club dinner meeting at The
denial of the charges of a com- Spa at 6:15 o clock tonight. At
plaint recently filed against him 7:30 o clock he will speak af a
is made by J. A. Starker in it re- Public gathering ia the First Me-
ply filed in circuit court Wednes- thodist Church.
. v.. V ...... . J V W.itlr I
n'-uft;. "-ited two
v ' 7, "l.V " ,a eounty council meetings of the
"TV r Iti:, III I American Legion will be held in
V i ti. .M,B in. district soon, one at Inde-
dr lying and says the accident ift . ' . t. .v
which she was severely injured ??ttden?? Ji"'.! Tfcl
.HrihniiMA to hr ner- bottt n middle of April. The
. I district wreck of the 40 et I,
ugeuc.. 1 postponed from mid-March, will
Woodmen of the World minstrel be held at Albany in about three
show will be given Friday evening weeks. A Marion county voiture
at 8:30 at Fraternal temple. Pub- will be organised early in May
lie invited. No admission.
Choir to Dine A dinner and
Franklin Honored Dr. F. G. social event for members of the
Franklin, member of the faculty choir of the First Presbyterian
at Willamette university, has been church will be held at the church
elected secretary ot the Associa- I parlors Friday night, starting at
tlon of Independent colleges ot I 6:30 o'clock. Prof. Frank Church-
Oreron. The group met last wees:- I m is director of the choir, ana
end at Albany. Dr. Elam J. An- a. Kenney is . president ot the
derson of Linfield college is the group.
newly elected president. The asso
ciation is urging greater study ot
international relations In the col
leges ot the state.
Girdles 12 and 14 inch width.
special 89c. Howard Corset Shop.
Ask New Administrator
S7000 in Estate Emil Krens
left an estate ot $7000 value, a re-
tlon was filed yesterday in pro- port filed In probate court Wed-
bate court here asking the ip- bmojt rBYou. Aiucn. u
" i-f f . i,.w Administrator to be administrator. Appraisers
for the estate of the late Maud named by the county JudKe are
Mlahler W. T. Kigdon Sc Sonttoy uuriuu, wiiiiaui mtuiumui.
filed the petition; Guy A. Smith is Jr., and LeRoy Howlett
tne present umiu...i.. fihlri. StolenHalf a dozen
Against the Zl hve not beTn Lirt, were stolen early Tuesday fewer new cases orcommunicabTe
against me eat u from a line on the back porch of aP ronnrtaA ,r
Brnsber HeUrej Chariee W.
Brasher, trill; retire from servict
at the Salem postoffice at Hie
end of this .month having .reached
the age of 15 March 7. and there
by, becoming eligible: to retire on
pension.' Brasher received bis ap
pointment on May 1, It 11 and
tor a while worked on rural route
number t; but for the past many
years has worked on route 7. in
the "Sllverton district.
TFoodmea Preoore Mlastrel
galem camp number .lit. Wood
men of the World, are working
on a minstrel show, tor be given
Friday .evening : at . Sil9 .at the
Fraternal temple. The public is to
be -Invited- free rof-charge. The
event Is to be given mainly for the
purpose of engaging Interest ia
woodcraft in this locality. Edward
Crawford is in charge of the plans
for the show.
Discuss Celebration The Am
erican Legion On-to-Chicago com
mittee promoting the Salem drum
corps' projected trip to the 1933
national convention convened last
night with Chairman J. T. Delaney
to discuss new plans. Some scheme
of raising extra funds during the
July 4 eelebratlon probably will be
worked out '.at ensuing . meetiags,
it was announced after the meet
int.' -:- ' .
sprinkler System Opens City
firemen were, called to the Fire
proof garage, 251 South Liberty
street, early yesterday morning
when the automatic sprinkler sys
tem was set off. There was no
tire, it developed, and the sprink
lers were turned off before the
water in the air-pressure system
reached the jets.
Poison Beady County In
spector Van Trump has prepared
another ton ef squirrel poison
for distribution among the farm
ers of the county to carry on the
work of eradicating the pests.
The campaign was started two
years ago to do away with
squirrels, gophers, moles and oth
er rodents.
Invite Visitors W. R. New
meyer, president of the Salem
Lion's club, is Inviting all who
care to attend to be present at
the dub luncheon at noon today.
The feature of the meeting will
be a talk by Frederick Libby, ex
ecutive secretary of the National
Council for Prevention of War.
k fr 'j
a f 9!
Relieved of the strsJn dnder which he labored daring four of tits stormiest
years of oof historr. former President Herbert Hoover looks as healthy
'and happy a he did ta 192S before he took on the Job of piloting the'
natiea. tie i shown after his arrival at ft is raio auo S-i noma.
With him ar Mrs. Hoover and bis soa, Allan. The foraser Chief Execu
tiva announced that ha has made bo plana yet for the future.
Disease Caces Fewer Ten
the George Cotton residence, 20$ lon count ,Mt WMk according to
Bush street, according to reports th. uu department ot health
to the police. KnHM nrM.i.
43 to SC. Others were, tubercu
losis seven, and pneumonia one.
Refrigeration history! Watch for
the new Frlgidaire next wees
Eotf Electric Co.. $47 Court St.
Printa Booklet As part of a
. in
eamnaizn to bring new sewers i a r-v i r 11 n lr a T II asnnA I ftm Th o.t.f. Ar
and tourists to Oregon, me ouiu-1 v- t I UUl y the late Owen Cotterman has
.m Pacific company has just pup- i iitnnn !a personal property, ae-
llshed a 11-page booklet, "Oregon Tta- cording to an estimate filed here
Outdoors" according to informa- wv yesterday. Linda E. Cotterman Is
tion received here by A. . wom, - ' .. to be administratrix and anprals-
TI,. hnnklat ia Drill t- i .v.auu. o -o I v. t m nviw.
"l"10 -a-" I v..r. survival h vtitnw. Vlnla- 1 UM
ed in four colors ana c , dlnrhter Mm Buens Ktim mi 1 Pgo and Irene Roemhildt.
manv large photographs and brief 5auf ntir. ra; uena Kvans. son.
descriptions of the state's scenic ene u. "CKson, au 01 nu 14700 ia Estate Personal
..Undnn lAtov nuifiTca uj OrSHrtT fUBtl St II7B1 IBd Till
I uimuo ui. vuiuiMVi viviucif I property vaiuea at szooe com-
Wbitmaa Had sssao m unaries jaexson 01 uoioraao. 1 orlse the estata of tha lata D. Van-
estate of the late v. r. wnuman, f Funeral services Friday, March derbflt aecordtnr to a renort filed
Woodbura merchant, has an ap-I 31, at 2:30 p.m., from the cba- in probate court here Wednesday.
nraised value of 1SJ50, accoraiag t Dei the Salem Mortuary. 545
to a report filed in probate court I North Caoitol street. y $5 Fine Ernest D. Hois-
ington pieaaea cuuty la luxuce
Trotter courx yesceraay - to operating
yesterday. Of the estate. $8000 is.
a hardware- store inventory of
goods and fixtures at Woodbarn.
Appraisers were George ueacn, is.
T. Sims and Glenn Gouiet.
In this city March 28, Mrs. mr Tahiela without a tail lighM
Annie Trotter, aged 84 years. was nnea i ana costs
Survived by brother, David Bell
of Wisconsin: sister, Mrs. G
Have Own Post
Wanted, used furniture. Tel "10- 5---,. ters. St Salem tO
$3000 To Be Distributed AU- airs. isaDeiit reruns 01 Buver-
thorlty for Owen Meyer, executor ton, Mrs. Inez Willis of Salem,
of the will of the late Magdalen Mrs. Anna McDonald of Wlnfred,
Meyer to distribute 85000 in cash Mont., Mrs. Jessie Knouse ot Pa-
to the heirs, was granted in pro- cific. Mo. . sons, Charlie of Rock-
hatftT court weanesaay. neirs, iora. wasn., i-.. j. 01 lynuau, o. -rMn .f if. .
each of whom will receive $1000 I D., C. H. ot Scotland, S. D.. Clyde Ur tomorrow ni-nti At that tlme
are. Bertha Lichty. Charles Mey-1 of Salem, E. D. ot Wlnfred, Anmanm n, t
er. Oscar Meyer, the heirs of the Mont., Ben of Jordan, Wise; lo eluding several state officers will
A 9 i auuvuiiui cii auu baa. icar
grandchildren. Funetal serrlces
from the Clough-Barrick chapel.
i"riJ' Jt?J"h " lUlJtln cessary 'to permit estab
Election of officers, reports ot
all committees and general busi
ness discussion featured an en
thusiastic annual meeting of the
First Baptist church, held Tues
day night at the church.
"The church has had a very
prosperous year, with attendance
filling -the auditorium at nearly
every meeting, and especially on
Sunday nights, when extra chairs
have been needed for the crowds,"
Rev. Britton Ross, pastor, states.
Reports showed 110 additions
in the year, with a net gain of
105 members. There were 61 con
versions, had from Sunday to Son-
day, as no special meetings were
held in the year. The year closed
without a deficit, and with all bills
Officers eleeted for the new
year are:
Deacons Joseph Johnson,
Walter Lotis, Dan Schirmaa and
Rer. J. W. Cabeea. Trustees
Joseph Graber and A. S. Smither
Deaconess Mrs. Ed Lucas.
Church elerk, O A. Davidson;
treasurer, W. H. Morley; finan
cial secretary, Frank Struble:
treasurer benevolents, Mis Gall
McClain; Sunday school superin
tendent, Fred Broer; head usher.
Floyd Miller.
Committees Musie. Mrs. Daa
Schirman, Richard Dierks. Fred
Broer, waiter Lotls and Mrs. Mar
vin Roth; missions, Mrs. Fred Er-
ixon, Mrs. Joe Graber and Mrs.
W.' H. Robinson; evangelism. T.
Kllngsporn and Miltoa Dierks; fi
nance, Mrs. T-. D. MeClain, Mrs.
Fred Broer and Mrs. E. J. Ayers.
A large crowd was out for the
annual business meeting.
late Alfred Meyer and the heirs of
the late Lena Schutt.
West Salem will have an Am
ass 1st in the installation ot the
new Klngwood post. Capital post
No, 9 of Salem, whose approval
Portland Speaker Here Rev.
"George Pollard, of Portland, will
speak at the fourth lenten fellow
ship supper, Thursday night at
First Congregational church. The
meal wjll be a potluck one and
will be served at 6:30 o'clock.
Those attending are requested to
bring dishes and silver. Mrs. Jay A,ma McKitrlck of' Eugene.'
winrriH 1 h rn.irmin . i i rin rum I . . h a
"" . 1 UM Ua,.narif. MVAIt r KJ. I HTT1 . 1 M ' . . .
i ...j rnurntu iarac v;. i rau-
lishment of the new post will
send a large delegation. Instruc
tions are out for veterans attend.
to wear their
In this city March 27 Vincent , h meetIn-
7 aer' official legion caps.
ourviveu uj aicuiat mi. uu imm
O. Farmer of Salem; sisters.
No. S7
SyaoMi ot iuul 8UUaaBt ot tk
Tnrlror starter advertised at SI. 39 of Clough - Barrick
and Ui Tuesday sbeuld have mursaay, jnarcn o i
been $2.39 and $2.29. Farmers
Public Market.
m. witn Kev. is. uoenran oiiici- 1 1 iw
atlng. Interment Belcrest Memor
ial park.
company I " thirty-nm eUy of
10.30 a.IiBar a( tk 8t4.U trf One
Aaoaal cspitol itck paid p.
Vt sraiBiaae rciT4 4ariac tbe
mr. SA.SSS.01.M.
lafmt, emeuec hi mil welvea
Appraisers Named Judge John
Stogmund yesterday named Koy Aldermaa
Rafnn J. T. Ulrlch and E. V. An- I Tn hu rftv Marh S7 James
derson appraisers of the estate of I v. Alderman, aced 91 Tears. Bar-1 ttnriaa tks yr.
tm lata Kdwln E. Denlson. H K Mra Jark Pntlar I . 1 " " aVr mirh BiTo4
-- i hi oicm,, I Yotai lacoaa, 3,z,lWT.S
faanev and E. V. Anderson ap- a Alderman of Salem. Fnseral I DlftBDESKJClKTS
j hum sm ttanac taa ytmr la-
Life insurance policy holders in
Oregon are not affected by report
ed moratoriums on dividend pay
ments and cash surrender values
and loan privileges, reported re
cently by the New York State in
surance commissioner on company
ies operating under a charter
from that state. Such is the opin
ion of A. H. Averill, state insur
ance commissioner.
Mr. Averill said yesterday that
Oregon has granted no morator
ium on contract fulfillments by
life insurance companies. He de
nies the right of eastern commis
sioners to grant moratoriums ef
fective outside their own states
During the banking crisis, mor
atoriums on cash values and div
idend rights spread to 21 states,
Averill reported, but a number of
Hoover New
Shipments. Classified, Case
Of Various. Companies .
Against Railroad -
Paving the way for a refund to
shippers of about a-halt million
dollars paid to rau roads m exces
sive' rates,; Charles . M. Thomas,
public utilities commissioner,
Wednesday Issued an order clas
sifying intrastate and Interstate
Shipments la the ease of the Was
eo Warehouse Milling company
and others against the Oregon-
Washington Railroad & Navlga
tlon company and others.
The order, considered by utili
ties commissioner as the most im
portant Issue the past two years.
was made upon complaint of
about 94 individuals, firms and
corporations enraged ia shipping
over the rail lines Of defendant
firms grain and other commodi
ties, wbicft was tne repruary
29. 1919.'..
In issuing the order, Thomas
stated that the Oregon Intrastate
rates .were less thaa interstate
rates, hut that tn many specific
saipmeats tne railroads were
charging the higher rates. He de
clared the order was the first step
toward a-rebate to the plaintiffs
ot about $500,000.
The order commands all the
railroads operating in the state to
"desist from the violations, and
further abstain from demanding.
collecting or exacting for the in
trastate transportation of grain,
grain products and other com
modities taking soma rates, char
ges tn excess of those found (in
the 18 page olaasiflcatlon) as
Complainants and interveners
were ordered to prepare and file
within CO days statements of de
tails of shipments on which rep
aration is claimed la order that
the rebates may be determined,
Following the detailed specifies
tioas subsequent orders will be Is
sued directing rebates by the de
fendant railroads.
sheets bo;;d
Herbert Hoover, former presi
dent, is a vastly improved looking
individual aver Herbert Hoover,
president and defeated candidate.
Leiana uaapw, staniora univer
sity debate eoaeh, reported here
yesterday Mr. Hoover, bow liv
ing In hia home , which Is located
on the Stanford campus under a
99-year lease, appears rested and
refreshed, Chapia statedwhiU
ha was tired and haggard when
he came homo to voje last No
vember. The former president is
quite often seen about the cam
pus, ot tste having spent some
time In the war memorial library
which he helped found. 1
Mr. Hoover is a Stanford un
iversity trustee and thus is entit
led, along with the faculty, to
lease lands from the university
wuayiu o b iviiucr 3.tcui. resi
dent, having been a student at
Willamette university and later
having been a. part-time instruct
or at tbe university. He is now an
Instructor in public speaking at
Stanford and has nearly com'
pleted his work -for graduation
from the law school.
Elks to Install
New Officers at
Meet Next Week
Next Thursday night. April C,
will mark the time for the instal
lation of the new officers for the
local lodge of the B. P. O. E. Ai
interesting program Is being ar
ranged for that evening.
All members are urged espe
cially to attend tonight's meeting
whleh win be the last time which
the present exalted ruler, Leroy
Card, and his fellow officers will
be in charge. Gard has been with
the local lodge for seven years
and the members are planning a
large time in his behalf. Warren
omvwm. ...... . . '
x 1
Highway and i Veterans', aki
Sums due are Ready is ;
Word at Capitol' ::
Arrangements weretag eoar- -t.
pleted yesterday for ho State of .
Oregon io'nret.fS fill, priaclpe .y
aad Interest on bonds duo April I , ;
In the sum If $t,l$.17J. V:
. Highway fconds totalling $927 -590
will be retired Saturday an 1 - -interest
on outstanding bonds ar .
gregaUng $S37.72S wfll also b-j
paid on that d ate. .
The state treasury win auo pa
2500.000 In principal on state bo
nus commission bonds and $541,-
944 in intemst. Aggregate higb-
. . i in i
way douq paymeau wii no
574,228 and aggregato oonu
commission bond payments will .
be $I,0il,94. - . " ' '
The state highway department ,v ,r
fulfilled it bond obllgatlo5 v-
through the placing of $1,599,090 r,
of short-term bonds with Pert-
land banks. Stepayment of $799,- . -.
900 to the bonus commUsioa from - v
the general und permitted that , : v '
department to fulfill its bond ob
ligations. Outstanding bonded debt of the
highway department totals $28,
079,259 after the maturities due
Saturday have been met. Pay
meats due by December II, 1984.
will reduce? the total principal'
owning to lees than $25,009,009.
Payments i are made through
Portland banks to the Chase Na
tional bank. New York City,
which Is the fiscal agent for the
State of Oregon.
KEIZER, ;March 29 Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Norris and son James
of San Diego have eome hero to
live, aad are located on the Ar
thur Holden ranch lust west of
the school. fShe has two sisters
Jones is the new exalted ruler to here: Mrs. John J. Bloom ana
be Installed. Mrs. Bernard' A. Peterson.
The state supreme court this
insurance commissioners have now week reversed the decision of
retracted their original morator- Judge L. H. McMahan in the cir
lams. cult court here in the case of
Averill advised policy holders Frank Rauch against John Steck-
of fire insurance companies whleh lin. The suit involved damages
are in a conservator's or receiver's claimed for the estate of a minor
hands to secure temporary protec- child killed in aa automobile ac
tion until the status of the affect
ed companies is determined.
The plaintiff in the case was
awarded a verdict or $599 in the
lower court, presided over by
Judge L. H. McMahan. The opin
ion written by Justice George
Rossman reversed the judgment.
The defendant m the case, a
resident of Mount Augel, is an
orchestra leader while the soa of
the plaintiff, Paul Ranch. 19, was
a member of the orchestra. Auc-
Evangelist Gray, who has trav- ust 11, 1929. the orchestra was
eled throughout the country, has being taken to a ptcnie when the
just organised Bethel Mission, automobile accident occurred In
with meeting quarters in the which Paul was killed. The su
W. C. T. U. hall at Commercial preme court held the defendant.
and Ferry. Meetings will be held driver of the car, was not liable.
every night at 7:30 o'clock and
0 Iff HERE
Referendum of
Regulation for
Initiative, Plan
Preliminary petition for refer
endum of the 1933 legislative
act providing that sponsors ot
Initiative and referendum meas
ures shall file with the secretary
of state their names, addresses,
contributions and expenditures,
was presented at the state de
partment Wednesday The law
carries a penalty of $199 or max
imum of 39 days ia the county
Jail. The preliminary petition was
filed by Ray Gill, master ot the
Oregon state grange. Ia case 18.-
887 signatures are obtained to
the petitions the referendum ma
sura win go on the ballot at the
special election Jnly 31.
Sunday school at 2 p. m. Sunday.! A v rj
Various department leaders flIiIIUdI r lUgLcllIl
For Children is
sre: Young people. George Har
nett; prayer band, Mrs. Lebold;
evangelistic team, Frank Bales;
song leaders, Mabel Seissen and
Mr. McFee: secretary of mission.
Miss Ruth Shuey, with Wanda
ounpsoa. assistant; grcnesira, will be the feature at the
nave nuey; ssunaay scnooi su- Y. M. C. A. lobby Friday evening,
perintendent, Mrs Barquist, with Tna program, arranged by Mrs.
praisers of the estate of the late Btr,cM Friday, March 21 , at
Ida B. Petersen.
Trust Company Reports An
nual report ot the guardianship of
the Ladd & Bush Trust company
ot the estate of Leslie N. Stewart,
incompetent, was filed in probate
1:20 o.m. from the chapel ot W. Ios4.ts:
Interment 1. 1 Xivlaa pM ea rapiUl stack ear-
Cowucaioaa aaa aatavUs paid eatlaf
tk yaar, $1,S3,7TT .08,
Tazat, lieaai ni Imi paid anrinf
tba year, 249,5&a.7.
Amount of I1 other expaaditarct.
Rigdon & Son.
O. F. cemetery.
At the residence 110 Hoyt
rort vestardav Income for the street, March 29, Chris Nelson. tea7.7eo.T.
JllfffSMfnii 79 yean, Survived I by bro- Xatai .ttjx
t the estate is $1554. I jama r. "- .V . IWawaae. TmrmbH aapaid lottos.
i alia. HIBIOI. niOi A Cui wa-arwaa w i
RnMKlliia- Chanreo L 1 1 1 1 a n I Wisconsin: niece. Mrs. "Martin 7' .t-1 owaa (atarkst
Black of Chemawa was arrested Jensen of Salem. Funeral an- Baita e taiSSias: Boada AatorUs
. m .a I m a a . a wv m W a I -
here yesteraay on a cnarge 01 1 nouncemems later oy w. i. mg-ita: stoek. coaTeattoaai.
speeding, according to city ponce i don and Son
' . . ; - niggens
Doner to rortiaaa ur. can u. --.Mn-A soss Eaat
Doney, president of winamette j,, Hm st March 29 AlTin P
amversiiy, maao a Higgens, husband of Sarah Han
yesteraay iu ruuwiii
Coming Events
April 10-11 Opera, "The
BohemJaa. Girl."
April 16 Easter services
in all local churches.
April IS Zone Rally of
Kazareno youth. , ; .
April IS-SOiQmilt exhi
bit. Knight Memorial,
cbmrch. -
" May M Ashmui! May
fesUritiea, WiUaaeetto bJ
versity eampwa. - " .
Hay 7 Maeic sreek opeas
la Salem. Fiaal rhnbarmoB
le coacert today.
May 13-13 Oregon State
Assoelalfosi of Master
Plambers, asmoal TneeUng.
Jane 2-4-FortB Anaoal
Willamette VaUey; Flower
Show. , . - ;,r --. ...
. July 24-28 Annual En
campment, Spanish War
Veteraaa. "
Vtlaa ef ttaekc and bands
(ntrktt ), $13,120,710.80.
Leaaa aa aortsafes aad CQllateral,
tie- S1.71S.SS.
Calk ia basks aad oa ktnd, $S88,3S.
21. Prcmisau ia eaartt of collation writ
ten tiaeo 8eptmbr JO. 1932. 1790.-
nah Hlggens. father of Mrs. Lib- 18?1- . . ' 4 . . .
bte Llngenfelter ot SeatUe. Mrs. LS7$S3V"4 MU "
Minnie King and Mrs. Ethel Mc-1 Total admitted . $ii,52i,l33.0S.
Intire, both of Salem, Mrs. Ruth , , liabilities
Brown and Mrs. Jennie Pahud, 28700 " ' T
both Of -Portland, and George S. I Amoant of vaearsed premiams oa all
Hlggens ot Aurora, Nebr. Brother oatttan,ar ntaa. s5.533,os,.32.
, ,. . . . ' . I Daa foi eomauttioa and broktrage,
of Walter of Indiana and Mrs. I 23 sso.oo.
Lillie Catt Of Glendale. Calif. All otker lUbiUUet (See Koto balow).
Also survived by 18 Kchndrea 1' Me8pt f,ptt,u
aad 19 great-grandchildren. Aged j
84 years, 1 month and 14 days.! capital paid ap,
A. native of Marion, Ohio. Funer- ,?u,?lM. ow ,u ft'"t,fe:
at services Friday. Marca Jl at 1 Sarpla as trcard lirrkaUrn.
l;39 .p,m. iroru tne Terwuuger i e.B7.7o.Ts. v
W aa4va e avaaa. wa vw, w
SAraK Downing is
Honored on 80th
Birth Anniversary
RICKEY, March 29. Mrs. Sar
ah Downing of Salem was honor
ed Sunday when a group of near
relatives and friends remembered
her on her 80th birthday. Mrs
Downing Is the daughter of W. T.
and Anna Dickens Patton, pio
neers. She was bora in the Waldo
Hills aad has lived in Marion
county all her life. Mrs. Downing
does her own housework and has
crocheted two bedspreads in the
past two years.
Guests were Allee Patton. Mao
Patton. Mr. and Mrs. J. Amort,
Valeria Amort, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Mader, Howard Mader, Donald
Mader. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Jones,
Thomas Jonea, Mr. and Mrs. Har
vey Myers, and Mr. and Mrs. Har
ry Patton of Portland.
Planned at'Y-M.
The annual children's program
Louise Maw, assistant.
Lora McGregor
Services Held;
Long in Oregon
C. A. Kells will bo as follows
Violin solo. Ruthyn Thomas:
violin solo, Wallace St6ed; vocal
solo, Charlotte Hill; piano solo.
Betty Steed; reading, Billy Utley;
vocal solo, Mary Elizabeth Kells;
piano solo. Charlotte Hill; read
Ing, Billy Mudd.
Piano duet, Dorothy Butte and
74, Elizabeth Lewis; piano solo. Elea
nor Aapinwan; reading, graydon
Mrs. Lora F. McGregor.
died at her home here Tuesday.
Funeral services were held yes- Blodgett; piano solo. Alice Chand-
teraay aa the remains taken to ler; trumpet solo, Margaret Ana
taw Masoaie cemetery near Al- Kells.
bany for la torment.
She was horn in Guthrie, Mo.,
March 19, 1259, and came to Ore
gon ia 1SS5. Mr. and Mrs. Mc
Gregor located on a ranch near
Albany where they lived for many
Surviving are two daughters,
Try CAL-O-DLVE a Natural
Miaeral Water. Nature's gift to
Ura. Vaarl if. RAnkart anrf lira I man-kind. For that tired feeling;
Arthur S. Benson of Salem; one Th nervousness that does not
SILVERTON, March 29 Rev.
and Mrs. C. J. Hall have returned
to Silverton from Camas, where
they were called because ot the
death ot the 22 year old son of
Mrs. Hall's cousin. The funeral
was held at Camas Monday.
Johnson ? 1 officiating. Interment
City "View eemetry.
1 O
! . Births t
o : o
KUe To Mr. and Mrs. Martin
; J. ICUe, 1275 North: 18th street, a
girl, Carol Ann, bora on March is
at Salem general hospital.
Whelaa To Mr. and Mrs. Roy
TtavM WTiftlan. ronta fanr. a bay. 1 8dS.S lepmantfar diffortaeo batwaaa
T1M fwtnt m UareniKaw Tork las. Dept. Basis af Talaattaa
Raymond David, bora a Marcn i aaa Ataai Market Oaotatiou a V-
Zl at' saiem general aospnai. t center si, l8l.
bcsisess is oRXufrs roe the
. VEAaf
Ket prratianc . iMeirod ' dpriaj tbo
year, $1.4T 07.
Losto paid dariag tk yer r. 934.372.
97.:: . - - - -
JjOfft laeurred. darinj tka,-, yonr,
91S.S37.97. - ' '
Kama of Campaaf, Ta. Praatytaaals
Ura la. Co. - . . , . .
'Kaato ot Preaideat, Corit T. Sballerats.
Naara o Secretary, Kofcert Kowboailt.
Btavatory roaideat arearney fo aorv
ka. H. X. Satitlu
HOTK: TkU aaioont laeladtt 951
son, Alex MeGregor of Albany.
Vettf Meeting at
Workers? Center
The meeting tor veterans an
nounced for tonight will bo held
at tho orkers center. Commer
cial and Court streets. Veterans
of all wars are Invited to attend
tor a local unit of the Work
ers Ex - Servicemen's league,
which has for its aims to oppose
redaction of Spanish American
war veterans' allowances, to ad
vocate Immediate payment of the
world war bonus, and to "fight
against imperialist wars."
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er valuable information oa care of
the body. Write, Phone or Call.
225 N. High St., Local Distributor.
Tel. 9729.
Albany Slaw Jailed City police
last night Jailed a maa giving hia
name as James Bow en aad his ad-
drees as Albany, on a charge of
being drunk. . .
We wish to tMnk our frien&t '
and neighbors for their kindness
aad sympathy during the illness
and death of our beloved wife aad
Creqa I a 1 e
Rtagjet Bad
4fsa aSl - 49 Jv aaaW
CiTaiH( V
20T First Natl Bank fildg.
- - TaL SIIS
Branch of Castle rioneor
Permanent Wavers. Portland
Dont Neglect Tour
Eyes To Do So
Bla? Mean TroubU
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the proper prescription Into
smart looking frames for an
extremely moderate oat. Con
sult with us today it wffl pay
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to Rent
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l J
I! Genuine
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Center at High
in. ill r
ui hi
in 1 1
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of Service
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for someone else 's
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walklaig vei ye easwot prevent accideata hap.
pening throogh tbo carcleseaeas of others. Yew
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yoen family against their consequences, provide
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yaw. Do this today with
.0 j-eo
Application For Insurance
(Age limit 15 to )
galem. Oregon. 1
You are hereby authorised to enter ciy subscription to
The Oregon Statesman for one year from date. It is under
stood that The Oregon Statesman is to be delivered to my ad
dress regularly each day by your authorized carrier and I
shall pay him for the same at the regular established rate.
I am aot now a subscriber to The Oregon Statesman ( ) .
I am aow a subscriber to The Oregon Statesman ( ) i
( ) Renew Poller ( ) NewPollcy
. " ' -
I am eaclosing a payment et $1.09 FoUcy feeu I am to
receive a $19,999.99 Travel Accident Insurance Policy Issued
by Cha Korth Americaa AecldeaKlnsurance Capaay at Chi
cago, niiaois. -. - - " ' . i-h'-i
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