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Th'i OREGON STATES31AN; Solent, Oregoti. Snnday Morals. October 16, 1932
Fannie 'Hurst Story With
Irene Dunn and John
Boles Featured
One of the outstanding screen
dramas of recent years comes to
the Elsinore today.
The picture la "Back Street."
adapted from the widely read no
Tel by Fannie Hurst, with Irene
Dunne and John Boles in the fea
tured ' roles, and directed by the
master of human, domestic dra
ma, John M. Stahl.
"Back Street" tells the story of
a woman who considered no sac
riflcik too mat to make in the
name, of love, and a man who
gave freely of his love but at the
same time retained his social po
sition as a husband ana lamer.
The story covers a span of 20
. -vnra And l said to zive an espe
cially affecting picture of the
trials of two people wnoee love
is outside, the law, notwithstand
ing its sincerity and depth.
)It is Universale most ambitious
nrodnritnn of the season. "Back
Street" presents"' to Miss Dunne
and Boles the most sympathetic
roles of tneir careers.
'The Last Mile." as a stage
lay, was laid entirely within the
one setting of a great prison -death
house. It's the story of the
doomed men faced with the in
evitable, yet hoping; their last
fight made, and lout, yet watch-,
ing, waiting, dreaming of a chance
to fight again.
The world wide film at the Hol
lywood today, "The Last Mile," in
motion picture form, is a faithful
reproduction of this sensationally
gripping play: It's action laid al
most in it3 entirety within the
same setting as the play, its char
acters practically the same.
With the added scope of the
motion picture, the film version,
naturally augments the produc
tion with more realistic sets,
greater and more effective light
ing, fof the action which lays bare
the quivering souls of seven con
demned men.
Sam BIschoff directed the film
at the California Tiffany Studios,
with Arthur Edesoa at the cam
era. The convict roles are handled
' by Preston S. Foster, Howard
Phillips, Alan Roscoe, George E.
Stone, Paul Fix, Al Hill and Dan
iel L. Haynes. And the prison of
ficials ate played by Frank Sheri
dan, Alec Bi Francis; Edward van
Sloan; Albert J. Smith, Kenneth
MacDonald and William Scott.
Budget Committee
Will Work Monday
SItVERTOX. Oct. 15 The cit
izen's budget committee will hold
its meeting Monday night at the
city hall with members of the city
council. At that time the needs of
the city will be outlined and ap
proved or disapproved. Serving on
the budget committee are H. B.
Latham, P. L. Brown, R. B. Dun
can, M. F. Conrad, H. W. Preston
and L. SI. Larson.
RICKEY, Oct. 15. Plans for
the coming year were made at the
first regular meetlrg of the Rick
ey Sunshine club which was held
at the home of Mrs. C. C. McNeil
Thursday afternoon. Present were
Mrs. O. Binegar, Jlrs. C. Court
nies, Mrs. J. Courtnies, Mrs. F.
Minier, Mrs. F. Beard, Mrs. D.
Stewart, Mrs. William Carothers,
Mrs. C. C. McNeil.
Wife Was Fat
No Longer Attractive
The above headlines appeared
In a -New York newspaper of April
4 la connection with a divorce
trial that has attracted wide at
. tention.
"She was a beautiful woman."
one witness testified, -"but she got
fat - nnd is not attractive, any
- more."- ,
Thousands of women are get
ting fat and losing their appeal
just because they do not know
what to do.
If you are fat how would you
like to lose it and at the same
time gain In physical charm and
acquire a clean, clear skin and
eyes that sparkle with buoyant
And gain in energy And ac
tivity? Why not do what thousands of
women have done to get rid of
pounds of unwanted fat? Take
one half teaspoon of Kruschen
Salts In a glass of hot water every
morning before breakfast and
keep it up for 30 days. You caa
help the action of Kruschen by
cutting down on pastry and tatty
. meat and going light oa potatoes,
butter, cream and sugar. Then
weigh yourself and see how many
pounds yoa have lost.
Kruschen Salts are a blend of I
mineral salts most helpful to body
health. Best of all, a bottle of
Kruschen Salts that will last you
for 4 weeks costs but a trifle. Ask
Perry Drug Store, Capital Drug
Store or any. druggist for a bottle
and start to lose fat today."
" It'a the aafa way to reduce but
be aura you get Kruschen your
health cornea first and remember
this If you are not Joyfully satis
fied with results money back.
Adv. " - -
" 111
strong wn
L -) g"-!nn l.iwi fiyiu . iijiji n fuiwtsi..7V
H,v - $ y
14' - ' w
li " '
it ', ' i '
i :
.il : j. v. J
'.v. v. ;-; . :". -a. .w4 - - : -
An attractive pose of Irene Dunn in Fanny Hurst's novel in
picture "Back Street" now showing at the Elsinore.
' :"?i
tJ""'-t I--
Here is one of the tense moments in the feature "The Trial
of Vivienne Ware" now being
umenarx ana Lilian Bond are
V :'SJmm i VMiuiiiiiiMir-,i;;rii ).1':7:ii:
A glimpse of action in "The Last Mile" a dramatic produc
tion now being shown at the Hollywood with Howard
rmuips ana rreston foster
42d Street" Big Picture
To Be Produced Soon With
Nine Stars;
The, biggest and most preten
tious all-star picture siaee : M
tro-Goldwyn-Mayer made "Grand
Hotel," will be started within the
next few weeks at Warner Bros.
Flrst National studios, when
"4 2d Street," a musical drama
with nine stars, goes Into pro
duction. The nine stars who will appear
in this, the biggest picture of
the year from this studio, are
Warner Baxter, Bebe Daniels,
Ginger Rogers, George Brent,
Dick Powell. Ruby Keeler, Guy
Klbbee, Glenda Farrell, Frank
"42d Street," according to
Jack. L. Warner, president of
Warner Bros., pictures and Daryl
Zanuck, Is a unique picture in
that it brings to the screen aa
entirely new departure in motion
picture entertainment, being a
drama with music and quite
apart from the usual musical
It Is also unique In that prac
tically every one of the nine roles
are of equal Importance.
In addition to the nine stars,
there will be a cast of four hun
dred of the most beautiful girls
to be found oa both Atlantic
and Pacific Coasts. A special pho
tographic crew with sound re
cording apparatus will tour the
Pacific coast from San Francisco
to Coronado, and a second crew
will make a search of bathing
spots oa the Atlantic Coast, from
the Maine resorts to Miami. Girls
who are chosen In these nation
vide tests will be given roles In
the picture. .
?42d Street," is an original
story by Bradford Ropes and
will soon appear as a novel, as
well as a Broadway stage play.
The melodies of "42nd Street"
will be written by Harry Warren,
who has many famous song hits
to his credit, The story of "4 2d
Street" is laid largely in the old
theatrical center of New Torkr
and much of the action deals
with backstage life.
42d Street,."- in - addition to
having a cast of nine stars, will
.. ..'::-..-..,'. V,-.' :vi V '
.t. i .jr
4 f
shown at the Grand. Allan
playing the leads.
on Warner Lot
be the first motion picture ap
pearance of Ruby Keeler, former
Broadway favorite and interna
tionally known tan dancer who
Hn private life, is the wife of
none other than AI Jolson.
"4 2d Street." will be bonkd
for an engagement at Warner
Bros. Elsinore theatre as soon as
the film has been released for
snowing, it was announced.
nome or 25c Talkies
'.. Today, Mon. and Tues.
: Special Matinee Blonday
and Tuesday
First showing in Salem of the
picvore mat na aroused the
- J
"Trial of Vivienne Waren
Murder RJystery Based
On Ellis' Novel "
Joan Bennett plays the leading
role in "The Trial of Vivienne
Ware," the Fox picture at the
Grand today.
Based oa Kenneth X. Ellis' ra
dio drama and widely read novel.
The Trial of vivienne Ware." de
picts the thrills of a murder trial
and ahowa to what extent circum
stantial evidence may be employ
ed la convicting an innocent per
son. As Vivienne Ware, the beau
tiful society, girl and heiress, Mls
Bennett Is tried for the murder of
Damon Fenwick, the millionaire
architect to whom ahe was affi
The circumstantial evidence is
so convincing that conviction
seems certain. But the girl's in
nocence is finally established aft
er the district attorney has de
manded her life and her own at
torney advises her to plead guilty
and aceept a life sentence.-
How all this la brought about.
forma the basis et what is said to
be one of the most powerfully dra
matic and tensely absorbing pic
tures to "reach the screen la many
Donald Cook, dark and hand
some, appears as counsel for the
defense who Is la love with the
fair prisoner. Allan Dinehart Is
the prosecutor and Herbert Mun
d in, the star witness. Others con
tributing to the success of the pic
ture are Lilian Bond. Skeets Gal
lagher, TWaude Eburne, Ruth Sel
wyn, Noel Madison, William Paw
ley and Jameson Thomas.
Besides the court room scenes.
the backgronds include a preten
tious and ornate night club, a
hockey rink, a furniture store and
street scenes. More than a, 000
extra players were required In
transferring the story to the
screen. William K. Howard di
The Call
Board .
Today Howard Phillips and
Preston Foster in "The Last
Wednesday "Make Me a
, Star."
Friday "Whea A Feller
Needs a Friend".
Today Joan Bennett In "The
Trial of Vivienne Ware".
Wednesday Edward O. Rob-
- iason in "Two Seconds".
Friday Buck Jones In "White
Today Irene Dunne and John
Boles In "Back Street"
Wednesday "New Morals for
Old", with Lewis Stone and
Laura Hope Crews.
Friday Rlcardo Cortes la
"The Phantom of Crest-
v w
HUBBARD. Oct. 1 S William
woirer will he honored Sunday on
his 85th birthday at the home of
his daughter and son-in-law. Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Spagle. His three
cnuaren, Mrs. Albert Spagle, Mrs.
G rover Hershberrer And Vta
Wolfer will be present besides
otner relatives.
George Graves has been confined
to his home for the nait fw Amvm
with an acute case of appendicitis.
An operation may be necessary:
Get The Inside
Story of IVha
m M5M
Threw Tills Knife!
Huriad of Htm baouti
ttf Mlsias)e to sJtvncv
bar forpvari
Hwsjt wrery rkr2g
datalt of th tiryttwy
that rhrdad yoo en
th radio! From rb
Miuatloaal err
to th Motional
f oa
" " . : . ' iwaassl'ssBssjBBSMaiisiss til - MMrniwiwiBawBJsss
Community Club to Sponsor
Food Idea; Newcomers
Are Introduced
KEIZEH. Oct. IS A most In
teresting and entertaining meet
ing of the Keiser community dab
was held at the school house Fri
day night. C. a Cole, the newly
elected- president, 091 ducted the
business meeting, with Dorothy
Ackraan secretary. It was decid
ed to again, serve the hot lunches
tor the school ehildrea during the
winter months, a committee to be
appointed to devise the plana for
It was also decided to have aew
committees appointed for each
meeting instead of the routing
system formerly used. Roy Mel
son introduced ethe new teachers,
Mrs. Purdue and Miss Mildred
Kirk, also the former teachers,
Mrs. Sva Kelso and Miss Bernlce
Mrs. Thompson, chairman of
the courtesy committee, thea pre
sented the. Keiser newcomers who
were present: Mr. and Mrs. Bun
nell, Mr. and Mrs. Putnam, par
ents of Mrs. Bunnell, Mr. and Mrs.
Kunze, Mr. and Mrs. Webb, Mr.
and Mrs: Hicks and Mrs. Lobdell
of Chemawa. Mr. Cole Introduced
Victor R, Griggs of Salem who
gave a short talk on "Unnecessary
Mrs. Melson had charge of the
program which foltawAd? piann
selection. Miss Irma Keefer. B. E.
cooper, Salem sanitary health In
spector, gave some Interesting and
timely information en "Rat Con
trol". Two vocal trios given by
the Savage brothers, with Miss
Keefer at the piano. Rose Mary
Hicks gave two readings, and the
Saucy brothers gave two Yodel
ling selections.
Herman E. La fry of Salem was
a guest. Refreshments were serv
ed and a social time enjoyed. Mrs.
Reynolds and Mr. and Mrs. Ack
man were la charge of refresh
the first meeting of the women of
ine u rowers' club Thursday after
noon It was decided to hold the
bazaar on Saturday, November IX,
at the West Stayton school. This
will be the second basaar ever
held here.
Mrs. Elmer Asche, president,
appointed Mrs. Weston Lacy, Mrs.
Bell Woosley, and Mrs. William
Royse oa a novelia committee,
and they will probably have a
very pleasant surprise In store for
the next meeting. The next meet
ing will be held at the office Oc
tober 27."
A small group assembled at the
Elmer Asche home Thursday eve
ning to prepare IS quarts of beans
for canning. The beans were to
be canned for the Aumsville
school's cafeteria lunches to be
served during the winter months.
Those who helped were Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Hendry. Mrs. William
Royse, Harry Rishel, Mrs. Elmer
Asche and Miss Velma Royse.
'USEilif IS
At the Salem heights school, a
short nerlod will be devoted h
Friday afternoon by Cecil Wie
gands, seventh and eighth grade
pupils on how to do or make
something useful. Mable Walters
and Francis Ball demonstrated
this week how to make a "De
pression flower" also Muriel Rob
inson and Irene Fischer showed
the class how to decorate vasaa
and other ornaments with a paate
made from crepe paper. Miss
Wanda Phillips who is conduct
ing a violin orchestra for the
pupils, this, week gave the first
leesoa to the organised group and
the yorrnxf oik are showing ' a
high, f degree ;ef - enthusiasm -for
the, work. ThiaaronUt and oighUi
grade beys; this week- erected
new Indoor baseball backstop. 4 "
Dorothtt P?ttoa " Hft
sixth : grade pupils this week; er
CanUed s rTMiscellaneoua Club "
Hylda Foster la charge , of ath
letics, has fcar aaVthlt tn
fully Organised and Is practicing"!
MONMOUTH, Oct, 15 An
open meeting was held by Rlck
reall grange at the hall last night,
of f aria g opportunity tot discus
sioa of measures to be .voted on at
the November election. A repre
sentative of the Marlon county tax
league epoke In favor of the Zorn
McPherson bill.
H. W. Morlan and C. F. Gillette
of Monmouth each spoke against
the proposed measure to move
higher institutions of learning.
There was a large crowd present.
Others from Monmouth who at
tended were, O. A. Wolverton, R.
B. Swenson, I. C. Powell and E. C.
The Business and Professional
women of Monmouth and Inde
pendence win sponsor a benefit
card party Monday night, October
31, In the Legion hall, proceeds to
be utilized for club activities.
Youth's Publication
Is Eagerly Awaited
new newsnsDer mad a it nnr.
ance In the neighborhood today.
us name is the Centervlew
Weekly Times and it is published,
at the Centervlew school. Th A-
itor Is Janet Comstock and gen
eral reporters are Mabel Lord,
Fern Ray, Norman Rice. Each
grade has a representative report
er: second, Wilms Hobbs; third,
xorma Wilson; fourth, George
Haberly; fifth, Harry Cutler;
sixth. Martha Lord: aATanth. Pau
line Cutler; eighth. Helen Good-
xnecni. miss Edna Goodknecht is
the teacher.
Old School Idea is
Theme For Program
SDLVERTON. Oct. 15. The
Pythian Sisters will hold an in
teresting meeting at the Pythian
hall next Tuesday night with "Old
Sch6ol Night" as one of the fea
tures. Conducting the school will
be Adah Ekman, Ethel Kleeb,
Henrietta Loe and Chloe Staynor.
Members of the order are asked to
some dressed as school girls. Fam
ilies of members are specially in
vited guests.
STAYTON. Oct. 15 The Mike
Wendt family, who have been
living on the Tom Ruet place,
east of town, hare moved in the
Harry Rumphreys house opposite
the high school.
5coGe mils
seu mm
7 SHELBURN. Oct, IS Mrs;
Roy Bates was taken Tuesday. W
Willamette sanitarium, where ahe
underwent an appendicitis opera
tion. Mr. and Mrs. George Odeathal
and three children are moving on
to Russell place. This will add
two new pupils to the Shelburn
sehooL Lowell Fox and fanfily
are moving to a farm near Mon
mouth. Mr. Fox has been living
oa the Fred Roadarmel place for
the last two" years. Will Dono
van and family are moving to the
Mt. Pleasant. Neighborhood. The
Donovans are taking three pu
pils from grade school and two
from high school.
A number from Shelburn at
tended the recital given In Scio
Friday night by Frank Nadvor
nik. who demonstrated his ability
by playing on 12 different musi
cal Instruments.
Weekly Activity
Schedules Made
For High School
Weekly activity schedules at
the senior higti school have now
been arranged for the winter to
become effective next Monday.
The schedule Is arranged cover
ing a period . of four weeks at the
end of which time it will be re
peated. Following Is the schedule for
the week beginning Monday, Oc
tober 17.
Monday: Girls' League cabin
If you are. perhaj
extra help whi
tyt txamine&j
ask us about khe
vue bifocal, hatl
voiding rainbow!
Pomeroy & Keene
- . . V. -
v 4. t -
. .- . . i v- i
" ....
': i r 1 v ,: : " : - ' '
et meeting, in room 21; atadent " :
council, meeting in . the : office:
Crescendo clab .in room 41:
home room work;' Tuesday:
Girla! '. League assembly? : Future
Craftsmen of America meeting la
machine, shop; boys" double quar
tet meeting is room 4 A; Wednes
day: French dab assembly; S
clab meeting la room IF; mixed
nia elnh la room 4Ar Thursday:
Sophomore class meeting; Fri- '
day: scienee club meeting in
room JC; girls' double fuartet
Lin room 4 A.
Work in Yakima
Fruit Harvest is
' Available, Word
Contrary to previous warnings
that no work for outsiders ex
isted ia the Yakima, Waslu. fruit
district, a telegram was received
at the U. 8. - Y. M. C. A. em
ployment bureau hero Thursday
stating that 2S0 apple pickers
were needed la the orchards
there for a 10-day period. Pickers
should have automobiles or camp
ing equipment, the telegram said.
Wages offered are two and one
half cents per box.
Onion growers entered the la
bor market Thursday aad em
ployed 24 .persons through the
bureau. Twelve others were put
to work on the highway, three
at common . labor and one each
at soliciting, powder and bakery
Monmouth, Oct IS Louis
H. Blackerby of Oak Grove, has
been elected president, of the In
ternational club at the Oregon
Normal school. Other officers
chosen are: Vera H. Graf, Shedd.
vice president; Charlotte Martin,
Portland, secretary; and Mary Jo
Stalker, . Silverton, treasurer.
are crying out for
-will help yoq,
so much mora
modem. Ful-
imcornf on able
ary bifocals and
your eyes.
at 2 p. tn.
. .. .
rn you reaa nnexmn
LTnen, if plfocah
type that ii
tfor vnir tm thi
An found irrbfdin
"Snuuh Your Bagssge "
Maskal Comedy '
"I WUh I fled Wings- .
Warner Hros. Carrent Sreata
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