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The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, " Oregon, Tuesday Morning; November 17, 1931
.Mews and Club Affairs
Ouvs H. Doak, Society Eliiwr,
Bridge Tea Will
. . Be an Event
- A flellgbUully informal after
noon, ot bridge with tea aerved
at 4 o'clock will be the bridge
tea at the a I Newman home,
"with Mrs. Newman as hostess, this
V Mr. Alfred, Grag. Mrs. R. A.
'Meyers and Mrs. Kenneth Bell will
assist Mr. Newman in receding
and at the tea honr.
" Inrited guests include Mrs. Ice
land Smith, Mrs. Howard Hulsey,
Mrs. Wallace" Bonesteele. Mrs.
Merril Ohllng. Mrs. K. M. McKey.
Mrs. Miles McKee, Mrs. Jack
Johnston, Mrs. Edwin Armstrong.
Mrs. Carl Armstrong, Mrs. Prank
Needham, Mrs. C. C. Gabriel. Mrs.
E. B. Gabriel. Mrs. Otto Hopp?s,
Mrs. T. A. Wlndishar, Mrs. George
Rossman, Mrs. S. W. Nelson. Mrs.
.-'John Hnnter, Mrs. E. H. Kennedy.
Mrs. Reet Rowland, Mrs. F. E.
Halik, Mrs. Wllllamw Brown, Mrs.
G. -I Forge, Mrs. Gene Graben
horsW Mrs. Charles McElhinny,
Mrs. Lee Cantleld, Mrs. L. V. Ben
soa. Mrs. L. W. Emmons and Mrs.
James Imlah.
W.C. T.U.Will
North Salem W. C. T. U. will
' entertain in honor- of its new
and honorary members "Wednes
day 7:30 o'clock in the fireplace
room of Jason Lee church, corner
of Jefferson and Winter street,
The program will open with
community singing, Mrs. Maude
Roberts at the piano. Rev. Hugh
B. Fouke will offer the opening
prayer. Mrs. Helen PTescott,
president of Marion county W. C.
T. V., will welcome the guests of
honor. Mrs. Edna Lively will r.e
: spend for the new members and
. Rer. Fouke for the honoraries.
Mrs. Cobb. W. C. T. U. organ
izer from California, will be in
trod need and give an address.
' Mrs. Jessie Gles will furnish in
strumental music and Mrs.
George Lewis a vocal solo. The
. program will conclude with a
.play "Mrs. Jackson Sees the
Light". Mrs. Voth," Mrs. Fallon
. and Mrs. Buck will give the play.
Light refreshments will be serv
ed and a social hour enjoyed. Ev
eryone interested cordially in
vited. Mrs. Thomas Burrows became
the bride of Joseph Jerome King
of Portland Sunday morning at
la o'clock in a Quiet ceremony at
311 Leslie street, read by Rev.
Martin Ferrey. Mrs. Fred Waters
served a- wedding breakfast at the
Waters name and Mr. and Mrs.
Percy Cupper entertained with a
wedding dinner in the late after
soon. Mr. and Mrs. King will be
at home in the Mallory hotel In
Portland after December 1.
I Pattern .
I 1
K ; II i
Tuesday, November 17
O. N. S. club, regular meeting with Miss Lois Redd,
315 North 20th street
Beta Chi Mothers club meettng. i:30 o'clock, in
sorority home; all mothers , of Beta Chi members wet.
come. '
Mrs. Robert Brady, hostess to members of Drama
class of Mrs. Robert Gatke.
Woman's Christian Temperance union, in Union
hall, 2:30 o'clock; Mrs. Elva Duncan in charge of pro
gram;: special music; important business.
Salem Woman's Press club. Mrs. Clayton Bernhard.
289 North 14th street.
Mrs. Claude VanSlyke, hostess to Etkota club; Mrs.
J. Ray Pemberton, assisting hostess. Mrs. W. E. Kirk
will speak on her recent European tour.
Monthly meeting of American War Mothers, 2:00
o'clock In social rooms of American Lutheranehurch.
. Writer's section of Salem Arts league with Rev.
and Mrs. Fred Alban Weil, 8 o'clock. - ' .
Junior Guild bridge tea with Mrs. Hal Patton, 2 to
4 o'clock; 4 te 5:30 o'clock tea hours. Invitational.
Mrs. Assel Hlxon, hostess to P. L. E. and F. club
at her home 2175 Myrtle avenue. Bring thread and nee
dles. - . ;
Mother's club of Alpha Phi Alpha sorority, with
Mrs. John B. TJlrlch, 147S Saginaw street, 2:30 o'clock.
Wednesday, November 18
Salem Symphony orchestra, 8:15 o'clock, In ar
mory; Miss Barbara Thome, assisting soloist.
Reception for new members and old members of
the North Salem W. C. T. TJ.. fireplace room of Jason
Lee church; program, social hour, refreshments; 7:30
The South Circle of the First Methodist church,
with Mrs. B. Earl Parker, 2:30 o'clock. Special guests
will be entertained.
Naomi circle of First M. E. church, with Mrs. J. W.
Beckley, 16 North 21st street.
Woman's Foreign Missionary society, Leslie M. E.
church, 2 o'clock; Mrs. Anna M. Shank, 1550 South
Liberty street.
Sweet Briar club, with Mrs. Karl Kugel; meeting
date advaneed one week on account of Thanksgiving.
South circle of First Christian church, wjth Mrs.
F. A. Philpot, 1160 S. Liberty street; all-day meeting,
with covered dish luncheon at noon.
Mrs. Wayne Barham. hostess to Woman's Union
of First Congregational church; 2:30 o'clock.
West Way circle of First M. E. church with Mrs.
Ronald Glover, 635 North Winter street; 2:30 o'clock.
Thursday, November 19
Members and wives of El Kazar Grotto, card and
social evening at Masonic temple.
Rural Woman's club, at Rickreall; election of offi
cers and business meeting in morning session; C. A.
Howard, state superintendent of public instruction,
speaker in afternoon.
Federated Patriotic Orders banquet, 6 o'clock, in
T. M. C. A. Election of officers; program.
"Chapter O of P. E. O. Sisterhood, one o'clock lunch
eon with Mrs. A. A. Schramm.
Faculty Women's club of Willamette university,
with Mrs. W. C. Jones.
Hayesville Woman's club, Mrs. Burr Teal.
Mrs. Russell Catlin, hostess to members of the O. T.
Brush College Helpers with Mrs. Oliver Whiting.
Women's society of Calvary Baptist church, in
church parlors, 2:30 o'clock. Meeting changed from
Past Presidents club with Mrs. Bertha Loveland,
405 South 25th street; large attendance is urged. Guest
day. Roll call with Armistice day or Thanksgiving quo
tation. Fidelis Sunday school class, entertained at home
for Mrs. T. W. Davies, 941 Cottage street. 7:30 o'clock.
All members urged to be present. "
Mother's club of Leslie Junior high school Parent
TeacheY association, 2:45 o'clock; tea at 4 o'clock.
Friday, November 20
Mrs. A. C. F. Perry, hostess to Woman's Auxiliary
to St. Paul's Episcopal church; Miss Elizabeth Baker,
national council member, will be speaker.
Mrs. George Smith, luncheon hostess and social aft
ernoon for members of Grand Army of Republic, U. S.
Grant circle, at her home on North Fifth street; date,
changed from Thursday.
- "A novel treatment of the scarf
' hecklina tons a nanelled skirt that
H quit lovely. At the bottom of
eacn panel seam is an inverted
pleat that tends to graceful full
ness wen be tow the knee. The
scarf is pulled through a slash in
the bodice and tied into a pert
bow. Battons clererlv nimnlata
side effect. You'll like this mod
el in '.canton or Roshanara crepe
sheer wool or satin. Black with
white or xreen. brown with mat
green or cold, dull red with black
or Dale bine.
. Pattern 21 9 6 is obtainable only
la sues II, 18, 20. 34, 36, 38, 40
42 and 44. Site 16 requires 3
yaras of 3-9-inch fabric. 4 yard
contrasting. No dressmaking ex
perience is necessary to make this
k model with onr pattern.,
" Step - by - step instruction dia-
N grams given with this pattern.
Hollywood Club
Hollywood Mrs. C. S. Thomas
was hostess to members of the
'Same Over Here" club at their
regular meeting Saturday night.
W. W. Fisher and Miss Florence
Kleeman lost their honor badges
to Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Ward, re
spectively. J. J. Kleeman and
Mrs. C. S. Thomas Dassed their
consolation awards on to T. Olsen
and Mrs. O. A. Forgard, respect
ively. Refreshments were served
by the hostess assisted by Mrs.
J. J. Kleeman. Those present
were: Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Ward,
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Kleeman. Miss
Florence Kleeman, Mr. and Mrs.
O. A. Foreard. W. W. Fisher. T.
Olsen. Earl Thomas and Mr. and
Mrs. C. S. Thomas.
Pleasant View Mrs. John
Shelling and Mrs. Nettie Morris
entertained Friday night for Mrs.
Lloyd 'Jarman and Miss Grace
Smith. The occasion being their
birthdays. The evening was spent
In playing "500".
Those present were the honor
guests, Mrs. Jarman and Miss
Smith; Mrs. Johnson, Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Morris. Mr. and Mrs.
William Morris: Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Miller. Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Al
Hennies. Anna Johnson. Leone
Cook, Gene Shilling, Marion Cook,
Jessie smun, Mr. ana Mrs. John
Shilling and Lloyd. Jarman.
of the brethren. After the closing
of the ceremony and partaking of
the banqnet they returned to Sa-
Of Wednesday
Luncheon to be Event
One of the annual vnnti inni.
ed forward to by the women of the
nrst Presbyterian church is the
luncheon held in the oh Iirrh lin
ing room.
This affair will be an event of
Wednesday afternoon at i
in the dining room of the church.
ah women of the church, whether
they be members of long or short
standing, are invited to attend thia
affair. Each is requested to bring
n coTerea aisn.
The committee in rharr fa f
L. M. Purvine. Mrs. filpn im.'
Mrs. Byers, Mrs. Prosser. Mrs. L.
K. Siegmund, Mrs. W. H. Byrd.
Mrs. Stratton and Mrs. F. M. Er-ickson.
bat fiftaaa cnt la calaa
itampa (eor.i arafatTa). tot tack
- Batten. Write plainly yaar aaaa,
addrast tad atria aamaat. Ba
te state alia wanttd. ,7.
. Tit ii fait catalog- l aoV
. ready.- It (eataraa tba aawatv
afWraaea, ; aaorta I aad s.-oaa:.s
dretaaa..Uaari pa Jama i and kld-
, W cletfeav Ala datifatfar fit i
, Mffatioa iaeaaaory-aa tram. 1
: patten. . Prtea of eatalov.
. Wtee aaata. CataUg with hV
twaaty-Oa miu. Addraaa
U Bull aadardera to Tfce State.
2r'V Jtn, DwtmV 1U
. XTt . w Tars City,
Hubbard Eight tables were
in play Saturday night at the card
party given by the Knights of Py
thias at the Pythian hall. High
scores were won by Kathryn Will
and Cora Smith; Elmer Staufter
and Charles Ktnrei, door prize
was won by W. G. Saunders.
Hostesses were Anna Stauffer,
Kathrvn Will, and Rnth Stauffer.
The next party of the series will
be given in two weeks. Saturday,
xsovem oer zs.
Dallas Amonz Dallas enthusi
asts motoring to Eugene for the
u. or o.-o. s. c. football game
Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. Os
car Hayter, Dr. and Mrs. V. C.
Staata, Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Star
buek. C. W.-Hinkle. Dr IB. C. Uc
Callon, Miss Margaret Friar, Miss
Augusta Gerllnger, Mr. and Mrs.
Earle -Richardson. Carl and, AK
.'red Gerllnger
. . -Frank
G. Jewett and C. Phlifp"
Weeks attended the 65th semi-annual
reunion ot the Ancient snd
Accepted Scottish Rlr ot Free
masonry, at Portland, and witness-
S0.1??""!" t the 32d
degree. cooftTfapon sTaombsr urday. -,-'if--
The Woman's Foreign Mission
ary society of the Leslie Methodist
cnurcn win meet Wednesday af
ternoon at 2 o'clock at the home
of Mrs. Anna M. Shank, 1550
South Liberty street. Mrs. Lowry
auu mtn. uonner.wui be assistant
uusiesses. airs. a. S. Mulligan will
lead devotions and utrm tt-
White will have the lesson.
Mrs. Charles Low
with a dinner in
the birthday of her brother. Fred
Bynon, Jr.. Sunday evening at
the Low home. Covers were
Placed for Mr. Bynon, Mr. and
Mrs. Irl McSherry and Mr. and
Mrs. Low.
The St. Vincent de Paul Altar
society will have a card evening
tonight in the nariah hall -n,.
first part of the evening will be
spent in "600" and then refresh
ments and old-fashioned dancing
win uts eujoyea.
Mrs. Ariel Rimn win k.
ess to members of th t t. ar
F. club at her home, 2175 Myrtle
Taoe. Mrs. Nellie Aplln will be
assistant hostess. Sewing will be
done and members sre asked to
oring needles and thread.
An attractir nart tn tk, i.
ginning of the week was -the 18-
laoie-Dnage tea for which Mrs.
Lee . Canfield and- Mrs. Howard
Holsev were hnstipa r f rir
Belle Monday afternoon.
Mrs. D. B. Hill has as her week
end guests Mr. and Mrs, Mae Hoke
of Pendleton. Dr. and Mrs. Hill
and Mr. and Mrs. Hoke attended
me rostball gams la Cogens Sat-
Salem Young People
To Sing in Chqir
University of Oregon ' Among
the outstanding-musical events of
the year at the University or Ore
gon will be several concerts by
the huge Polyphonic Choir, com
posed of more than 200 tndents,
of which eight are from Salem..
T.nMllA " rnmmlnri Uirrarat
(Slmms, and Margaret Heltxel will
all three sing alto In the first di
vision of the choir. Edward Fish
er, who has-been a member -of
the choir for a number of years,
will sing basso la the first divi
sion. La r kin Williams. , David
Eyre and Wallace Hug are all
members of the second division,!
Williams singing baritone, and.
the other two singing basso. Nan
cy Thielsen -who is a member bf
the board of directors of the
choir, and who has snag soprano
in the first division for a number
ot years, will do so again this
year. .
The opening, program of the
year will be held on Sunday af
ternoon, December 13, when, both
divisions will Join to sing Han
del's "Messiah," one of the most
beautiful choruses ever written.
Mendelssohn's "Hymn of praise"
will be given sometime in Janu-
a .
Bride-Elect Will be
Miss Mary Kafoury, whose
marriage to Frank E. Shafer will
be an event of November 29, will
be the inspiration for several par
ties for the next two weeks.
This Wednesday afternoon
Mrs. Karl Becke and Mrs. F. W.
Poorman will entertain at the
Becke home between the hours
of 4:30 and 6 o'clock with an in
formal tea for the intimate
friends of Miss Kafoury.
Mrs.. William Buslck will be
hostess for a luncheon Thursday
in compliment to the bride' elect.
Miss Vivian Eiker will also be a
luncheon hostess to Intimate
friends of Miss Kafoury Novem
ber 27. Luncheon will be follow
ed by a lln party.
Other things will be given in
addition to these affairs. Mrs
Henry Cornoyer, Mrs. L. F. Le
Furgy and Mrs. Homer Smith
were tea hostesses in compliment
to Miss Kafoury Saturday. The
latter party, waa one of the most
charming of the fall.
Mrs. John Ulrich to
Be Hostess
The Mothers club of the Alpha
Phi sorority will meet Tuesday
afternoon. November 17, at the
home of Mrs. John B. Ulrich,
1475 Saginaw street, at 2:30
p. m.
All mothers, honorary mem
bers, and patronesses are cordial
ly Invited to attend.
An Interesting display of books
for children will be On exhibition
in the story room of the city
library beginning today between
the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock all
through the week until the week
end. Criday and Saturday the
display will be on exhibition be
tween the hours of 7 and 9
o'clock in the evening as well.
This Is in observation of book
week and especial appeal is being
made to Parent-Teacher groups
as well as to any one Interested.
Surprise Party Given
For Birthday
A group of the intimate
friends of Mrs. George Camfleld.
"Grandma", as she Is Intimately
known, surprised her on the oc
casion of her 78th birthday Mon
day afternoon. An informal aft
ernoon of conversation and group
singing with Roy Camfield at the
piano, spent the early hours and
then tea was served.
Flowers and remembrances
along with many good wishes
were sent to Mrs. Camfleld.
Those who called to surprise
her were Mrs. B. M. Woodworth.
Mrs. S. F. Johnston. Mrs. Wil
liam Kingston, Mrs. W. E. Sim
ons. Mrs. O. B. Bower. Mrs. G. F.
Boyer, and Miss Ella Johnston.
Mrs. Russell Catlin will enter
tain members of the O. T. club at
her home on Chemeketa street
Thursday afternoon. The club usu
ally meets on Friday but an ex
ception Is being made of this
Mrs. Van Weider is 111 in the
Salem General hospital where she
has been for several days.
W. C. T. U. PlUIffl
WOODBURJf. Nov. 16 Plans
for holding a eounty convention
of the Woman's Christian Tem
perance Union in Woodburn in
April, were made Friday, after
noon at a regular meeting of that
organization, held at the home of
Mrs. Aline. The convention will
mark the 40th anniversary of the
W. C T. U. In Marion county. The
first unit In Marion eounty was
started in Woodburn 40 years
Reports on the state conven
tion of the W. C. T. U., held in Al
bany the latter part of. October,
were made to the 14 members
present by Miss Ida Brennan and
Mrs. Eva Landon. With Mrs. Trul
linger in the chair, the meeting
was opened by singing "Faith of
Onr Father's". Mrs. C. J. Rice led
the . devotional services, her text
being the seventh chapter of Mat
thew. Mrs. Eva Coleman led In
Assisting Mrs. Aline as hostess
for the afternoon was Mrs. Aline
The. next meeting of the Wood
burn W. C. T. U. will be held at
the home of Mrs. J. H. Livesay on
xoung street December 11.
11 MB
LAKE LABISH, Nov. 16 The
brisk activity in the onion mar
ket continued the past week with
prices generally a nickel higher,
most prices being reported as Sl.
65, sacks and twine. Among those
selling were Hayes Lablsh Farms,
W. Hornschnch, Ed Weinman,
Frank Weinman, D. H. DeGrosse,
and H. Bibby. Several of these
sold as many as three cars each.
Local growers are reluctant to
hold their crops until midwinter
for the possible higher price for
the spoilage is great and the
higher price Is no certainty.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Weinman, Bill
Lensch, am'. W. R. Gwinn were
Sunday visitors at the Lenseh
home in Poitland.
Unemployed in this vicinity
are finding little to do. Aside
from woodcutting Jobs, which are
scarce and unremunerative, there
is nothing save an occasional day
or two topping onions. Practically
all outside field work is com
pleted. Most of the carrots are
harvested, all of the ditching
done, and all of the potatoes dug.
The Soiia Vallev eotnmnnltT
cluh meeting which was the first
or ine season was a deemed suc
cess, a good crowd being present
and a fine entertainment given by
a group of -mnslcians from the
Portland office of the Artisans.
The group Included Jerry Baylor
as leader. Mr. and Mrs. Frank
D'Arcy, Harvey Hudson, Eddie
staples, singers ana Miss Naida
Palmer as pianist. Mr. and Mrs.
Frank MeFarlane of Salem, were
also present.
. After the. program, a cafeteria
lunch was served by Mrs. Yungen,
Mrs. Ebbert and Mr. Winsor. The
next program will be given Joint
ly with the teachers' program at
Christmas time. A candy commit
tee is composed of Chris Yungen,
Ben MeXlnney and Frank: Mat
thews. - -
Mrs. Vietta Harris of Dallas Is
a visitor this week at the horns ot
her ancle H. N. Alderman. . - ,
STATION, Nov. 16 Miu
Gladys Weddle, accompanied by
her friend. Miss Iris Jorgenson, of
Salem, went over to Corrallis Sat
urday to spend the weekend with
Miss Beulah Weddle, a student at
O. S. C. The young women later
all went to Eugene to witness the
O. 8. C.-Oregon game.
HAYESVILLE, Nov. 16. The
Lox died at his home on the
Fruitland road Thursday. He had
made his, home in the Auburn
community since 1919.
FALLS CITY, Nov. 16 Mrs.
Mlna Hubbard passed away at her
home here shortly before noon to
day. Funeral announcements will
be made later.
.... : ' . - .- " - - 1-. -
nnucnon job
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. 1 Lamb have
gone to Medford where Mr. Lamb
has contracted te build an Ice
plant for the Medford Ice and
Storage company. Fifty men will
be employed under kis supervision
and the present construction work
will Increase the capacity from
10.800 tons so2JM0t?ims of ice.
This company wsed 2 6.0 00 tons
ot ice this year-ta theprocess of
freesing trait sack as pears and
peaches; 120 tons of ice per day
is made at the plant and when
fruit season opens next year 20,
000 tons ot ice will be on hand.
This work will require about
four months. Lambs; will not re
turn to their home here until pos
sibly the latter part of February.
The Lions club will entertain Its
ladles Wednesday night at the
Gray Belle. A banquet will be
served and a short program of
amusements has been arranged by
Leslie H. Springer, general chair
man, assisted by John Marr and
Lloyd A. Lee.
Miss Alice Crary Brown was
among the Salem people to motor
to Portland for the Monday night
symphony concert.
Members of the Tuesday club
will motor to Portland today to
be guests at the home of Mrs. Max
Hofer for luncheon and an after
noon of bridge. '
Mrs. Harry Hawkins will enter
tain members of the Thursday
club at the Marion hotel.
cp&AE PRq
- J.
Guaranteed pare
and efficient,
lets than of hish
priced brands.
PERSONALIZE your bolidar greetings by having
your name engraved or embossed on cards of your
own selection from onr smart variety. Also a smart
variety of Christmas and Yew Year's greeting cards.
Commercial Book Store
1 163 N. Commercial St,
A A. Goef f roy
Men's and Boys' Department
Men's knit union suits. Light weight, Munsingwear. Odds n f
Values 11.50, now U47C
One4ot men's coat sweaters in tan, brown, blue. dQ QQ
Good quality. Now .. . tpOeaO
One lot of men's dress shirts. Attached collar styles. J -j QfT
Regular $3.60. Now 3et7D
One lot men's wool flannel and Beacon bath robes, (j0 fC
Values to ?7.60. Now $Oe70
One lot of men's smoking jackets. Good quality. Sizes fl0 AO
36 to 42. Now ; PiVO
One lot me.n'8 pull-over sweaters in tan, grey, black, (J- 4Q
etc. Now .?3Xe4te7
Boys Kaynee shirts and blouses. Odd lot. (JP
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One lot little boys' Oliver Twist suits. Broadcloth and wool. fA
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One lot of Gordon fine hats for men. Regular $5.00 $Q AO
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Oregon wool fringed auto robes. Handsome plaids. iflJO OQ
Excellent quality DUee70
Dry Goods Section Main Floor
Salem made linen huck towels. Fancy weave. Colored
borders. Now
70x80 double sheet blankets. Grey and tan with fancy (-j CQ
borders. Now .tpXeOal
70x84 all wool made in Oregon bed blankets. QQ QQ
Sateen bound. Now tpdOt
Oregon comfort size all wool batt. Only one (J- i"V'
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Chiffons and Georgette crepes. Odd pieces, values to AA
$2.95. Now, yard tPleUU,
Brocaded linings, blue and grey mixed. Regular
$2.25 yard. Now, yard
Tan and grey suitings, values to $3.95 yard.
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Gruen fabric gloves. Tan, grey, beige. Values
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Hand tooled steerhide hand bags. Excellent quality group at half priee.
Suede, antelope, calf hand bags in odd groups now selling at half price.
. 98c
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iu w u - i-- wt, ..i iJn.fc;
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