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    The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem. Oregon, Saturday Morning:, September 12, 1931
Local News Briefs
Tot is Stowaway That .there
ean be stowaways on. land aa well
as upon the sea and in the air
was proven yesterday -morning
when Alvin Madsen, former Ore
gon Stat collegre wrestllns cham
pion, who Uvea in the Spring Val
ley district about eight miles
north of Salem on the Wallace
road, arrived in Salem, He hap
pened to look in the back, of his
ear and discovered his three-year
old son, Robert; sound asleep.
The little fellow's plea to accom
pany his daddy had ueen refused
bat he went along anyway: Mad
sen .immediately telephoned his
wife to inform her. of her son's
whereabouts., so that the would
not think him lost. h -
. - - - ) .
: Dance Kenti hall Sat. nlte.
Symphony Meeting Monday
It. E.'Lee Stetaer. president of the
Salem Symphony Orchestra, asso
ciation, has called a . meeting of
the board of directors for .next
Monday night at 8 o'clock at the
T. M. C. A. Plans for giving the
organization financial backing will
be discussed. Director R, W. Hans
Seits will conduct the orchestra's
first rehearsal of the season next
Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
All members of the orchestra last
year are urged to attend, as well
as any other persons who would
like to join -the group.
i Those big black grapes now
ripe at Fiala Vineyards. Cheaper
than ever before. Bring 'boxes.
T Eight Student Ref-later 'An
other batch iof new students reg
istered at the senior high school
principal's office during- the past
few days. There were eight of
them: Lorane Hickman, junior,
Springfield; Joseph Baker sopho
more, Cottage GroTe; Ralph
Brown, sophomore, Cortes. Colo.:
C. Sterling Hicks, sophomore,
Greenville, Mich.; . Burneitta Pen
rose, senior. Amity; Lucia Robin
son, senior, Medford. and Eldon
York, sophomore, Klamath Falls.
Dance Kenti hall Sat. nlte-
Norbys In City Mr. and Mrs.
Theodore J. Norby were visitors
yesterday at the county court
house, discussing school plans.
They are both, to jach this win
ter in the Staytoh school system.
Mr. Norby is principal of the
grade school. His wife is. to be
teacher of home economics in the
high school. The Norbys are new
lyweds, having been married this'
summer. Before her marriage Mrs..
Norby was Miss Margaret McCoy,
Her parents live in Ashland.
Health Offices Inspected The
Marion county health depart
ment's planfat 4 34 North High
street was inspected yesterday by
Mrs. Glendora Blakely,. state su
pervisor, of nurses for the state
department of health, and Mrs.
Marion Crowe, supervisor of the
visiting nurses association. Port
land. They also conferred with
Us Elizabeth Freeman, super-
Tisor of nurses for the local de
partment. 1 it
Stocks, bonds and most any
kind, of property may be lost,
stolen, or depredated In value;
not so wlih a business education-.
It will stand the possesser in good
stead when: adversity coraW.
There la no better investment ,for
nnnv man or ' young woman
than a. thorough training at the
Capital Business College. ;
th. ruHU Sneaker Dr. Fran
cis D. Curtis, member of the edu- itAnnrtment at the l-nlver
Ity of Michigan, will be the prin
cipal assembly speaker at the an
ai toachers' Institute here Oc
tober 5 and 6, Mrs. Mary Fulker-
Annntv school superintendent
.nn'n,.nci..l vesterday. Mrs. Fulker-
eon is busy this week completing
plans for the Institute,
t?.,i nrn on Vocation Road-
master Frank Johnson and Coun
ty Engineer Hedda Swart are
utilizing the weekend for m brief
v..,tMn at the coast before the
loannn road work for fall Is end
a Thn two men have been very
ii simmer with a heavy
program of construction work.
i Rusa' Smlthi Center and Church.
for tire Dargams.
i rtt-r Sutherland A
t -hHff leaves Salem this
rntnr to eo to St. Helens where
...thnritlM are hold Vance L
c..ii,iaiii nrrMted on a non
support charge in that T-4sh-erland
will be brought to justice
v rnr trial. He has a wife
VUUib UCt V avw -"
and a young daughter.
W- T.n . Rand . S5O0 Gordon
hnnnd overto the
inrr -resterdav afternoon af
?- . nitmtnarT hearing before
Atnir B. Harden. Allaway
7 X-1a with Jssulnr a forged
i. iT,hu tn furnish bail of
$500, he was lodged in Jail.
-TnterTievred Roy S
-,- ciilametto university
,na,V and Dwight Ad
riVrwv;VDorts star there,
fVvlRw a number of prospect
ive students for the university.
t ut tn lMT C. Scheko
who was arrested nearly Friday
mining and held at the ci ty Jail
for investigation,
later In the day
leave the city.
was . reieasu
ahd advised to
Double Stamps Saturday
Carson Pharmacy
: Wo DeUver
501 Court Phone 54C8
Dr. Chan "Lara j
M Chinese .Mediclno
, 1 180 N. Con merclal;
w5 - . - j
or nee unn
16 Become Nnrse-i Teresa
Hecklnger, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. H.i A Hecklnger, 476 North
.Church street, yesterday! notified
the higa school principal's office
that she Intended to enter 8t
Vincent's school f of nursing at
Portland In May.;! Her: credits
will be sent there today. Miss
Hecklnger graduated from Salem
high last June. Following her
three-year course at. St. Vincent's
she will probably i transfer her
credits earned there aad com
plete a college coarse.
Accident" Driver Arrested
Kenneth Bayne, route 9. whose
ear was ; involved In a j collision
Thursday night, was arrested yes
terday on a charge of reckless.
driving.- Bayne stated in his re
port of the accident that when a
car crossed the intersection of
Court ; and ' North Commercial
streets, he was unable to stop his
car in time and drove It
Into one
operated by Samuel
North 20th street.
Toevs. 275
Dance Kent! hall Sat. jnite
New' Teacher ArrlTest Martin
, Elle, who was elected by the
school board Tuesday night to
teach biology at the senior high
school this year, reported at the
principal's office"! yesterday. As
Elle was a track star at Oregon
State college, from which he
graduated last June, it is expect
ed he will be able to give valu
able . assistance to Vernon ' Gil-
more, high school track coach.
' i I !
Douglasses Return Dr. and
Mrs. Vernon A. Douglas 'return
ed Thursday evening from a va
cation i trip through southern
Oregon. They visited! Crater
lake. Dr. Douglas sPent yesterday
in Portland. He will resume his
duties as county! health officer
on Monday. 1 .1
Otto C. Buff now in his new
auto repair shop at 236 StatSt.
School Opens September 28
The Hayesville school opens Sep
tember 2& according to announce
ment made yesterday at the coun
ty school superintendent's office.
Miss Hazel K. Marshall! Is prin
cipal and Miss Wilms E. Evans
Is the second teacher in the school.
Smalley Back Monday
-G. W.
the Sa-
Smaller, head janitor fori
lem school system,: will
his duties Monday He has been
on a two weeks' vacation!, a part
of which he spent at Seattle, and
the rest here.
Dance Kenti hall Sat. nite.
To Washington Mr. in d Mrs.
Robert Schmuts. route a. are
leaving for a three weeks' Vaca
tion trip On which they will visit"
Mr. Schmutz' sister, Rose Hazel
ton, at Bellingbam. Wash. They
expect to! visit friends at Seattle
and Tacoma. T
Mlrhelsons Itcturn Expected
Mr. and iMrs. August Michelson
Will return to their "Salem home,
431 South 12th street, today, af
ter being away on an extensive
vacation trip. They visited their
children who live in the! eastern
states, i I' !
Plates Switched F$r driv
ing a car with Impropers license
plates, Ed Reiner, Salem, was
fined five dollars j yesterday toy
Municipal Judge Pouiaeim Rein
er was arrested the same; day on
charge of switching license
plates. i
Students nlanning to begin a
course at the Capital Business col
i?e Monday, should register to-
day If possible to
Monday morning.
1 To Enter Willamette Richard
Devers. who graduated irom sa-
lem high school last June, yes-
nltT reauested Miss Myrtie
MeClav. clerk in the principals
effice. to send MS creau siaiu-
ment to Willamette university.
. : - 1
Hawkins FamUy i leaves M r.
and Mrs. Halbert Hawxtns ana
thru rhiidren who have been
visiting in Salem and Turner for
the pastj 10 days, left yesterday
for their farm noma near liuiei-
prise. r .' i j;' " J
Mrs. Hale 111 Mrs. Alniira E.
Hale. 595' Marlon street, is, seri
ously ill following . a paralytic
stroke sutlereti several ua a6u.
She Is the mother of Miss Laura
Haieand Miss May Hale, aaiem
school teachers. '
Liquor possession Charged -City
police officers yesterday, ar
rested James Murphy on a charge;
of being drunk and possessing in
toxicating liquor. He was lodged
in the city Jail. i
j .
Henderson Pays
j Fine For Beer
j Municipal Judge i Poulsen
nnta a $50 fine on R- H.
deraon. 1375 Waller street.
wa taken to municipal
yesterday with the charge of
eftsstori of beer plaeed against
iT,nHnrcnn wis arrested au
Established 1893 Tel. 8632
5 Conveniently Accessible' "
Perpetual care proviaeti tor
Prices Keasonaoie-
JL' 5 rtnrESAi. rtEECTona ,
T7S CBmcaeU ' TeL 6328
Oar 8rie la Persaaal
Oar Prleea Ax ReMoaabU
Oar Horns Is Modern -
J3eltret iHemorial
A Park Cemetery
With! Perpetual Care
L. O. Herrold, Salem contrac
tor, has been successful In a law
suit in Jackson county concern
Ins his ownership of a $40. w 00
paving plant and $15,000 In cash,
according to advices: received here
yesterday. Herrold was sued by
C. A. Hartley who declared he
was a partner with Herrold In
hla paving enterprise . and L was
thus entitled to . proportionate
share of the profits.;
.. Herrold contended Hartley was
simply an employe, receiving a
200 a month salary and a bonus
which-was to be "determined by
Herrold. The court sustained
Herrold. Hartley failed to offer
evidence other . than his own
statement to support his-contention.-
V - ., I::?-:"
Herrold is known here both "as
a contractor and as a mint grow
er in the Lake Lablsh country
where for a time be, managed the
Interests of Hayes' : tn . that dis
trict, h i : :.i ;:- ,
Three Licenses
To Wed Issued
Here oh Friday
Marriage license business at the
yesterday after a f two-day lull.
Three couples vcere granted
"glory tickets." UP
Charles F. DavieaJ 27, Visalia,
Calif, baker, is to j wed Lola J.
Duskey, 22, also ofi Visalia.
Clinton E. Field, 1 27, 830 Mar
ket street Salem, received a li
cense to wed Cora! May Larsen,
18, 2161 North Front street,. Sa
lem, j ' ''
Fred J. Tooze, 916 Mill street,
a statehouse employe, received a
license to marry Ruth E. Tlbblts,
1985 Fir street Both gave their
ages as legal. Miss Tibbits is a
stenographer. Her I father will
marry them today. "
Fowler is Held
For Grand Jury
On Theit Count
Tommy. Fowler, bharged with
breaking into a local; Piggly Wig
giy store at night i and stealing
goods, was bound over to the
grand jury late yesterday by
Justice of the Peaces Hayden. Un
able to furnish ball of $1000,
FOwler was placed In the county
jail. i
Orville Thomas who was ar
rested with Fowler) was also ar
raigned before Hayden but was
released , because the; justice of
the peace held the eHdence Insuf
ficient to show Thomas guilty.
Two Industrial
Fatalities Are
Noted For Week
There -were two fatalities due
to industrial accidents In Oregon
during the week ending Septem
ber 10. according td a report Is
sued Friday hy thej state Indus
trial accident commission.
The victims were E. B. Mires,
Pondosa. truck driver; and John
Goodman. Vernonlaj loader.
There were 572 accidents re
ported to the commission during
the week. I -1
Miller's Day is
Well Patronized
Larger crowds than a year ago
and a similarly successful sale
was reported yesterday at .
ler'a. Salem; department store
which annually, conducts Its own
"M i 1 ler's Day." For several
hours during' the dy all busses
on the transportation system .opi
eratine in the city were charter-
ed by the company jSuperlnten-?
dent BillinersleT . reported s o
manr passengers fi number of
of the busses were forced to run
behind schedule. The special vai
ues available yesterday Will be
continued Saturday, ithe manage
ment of the store announced late
yesterday afternoon J
residence Thursday night by city
policemen and lodged in the city
jail . .
UUlCUiTo Eugene 75c
Depot. Cllgh Hotel
Independent Stage Co.
TeL 012f f
- ' ; ?
Visit our .
Used Furniture
,4K7 V:nrl St.
Louiae XUce, World famous eraphologlat.
dan Doaithrehr read tout taUaata, virtue
and faults in the drawing, words and
what nota that tou scribble when flost
Eend vourwacrbbluurs,or aVnaturs
Par aoaiyvU. KactoMtWpictttraef tWbiilnda
hud. nit fra a a box o Mikado awiriai. aaat
Ua cwta. Mdmm Loaka Rica, ear .
Under the
RTS'havo been mentioned at
times in this column, so : In
order to keen the balance a
little moist reading will be Inject
ed by discussion of the prohibition
department's annual report for
last year, just compiled. Marlon
county failed to lead In any phase
of liquor law violations which In
itself Is not sowet. ' r;
Harloa couniya rating In the f
annual prohibition report place I
t-her 18th In the list of 841 In the ;
mnmber of persona arreeted,
with 99 f Cleo! wtth Lane county
for sixth In Mmber of etUla -seized
with 18 ninth In nam-1
her ( days sentence in thn
oomnty jail -with 1U20; 12th In t
total linen assessed, with S8TSS. '
The county rated
low In
number of gallons
of mash
stroyed, or 23d with 570 gallons r
lth in gallons moonshine ' de
stroyed, or 111 gallons; but up to,
fourth place in gallons wine de-
stroyed, or 241 gallons; 18th-in,
gallons beer destroyed, or It gal
lons. Only one gallon of alcohol
waa destroyed, rating the county
la a tie with Harney county for
14th place. No, cars i were confis
cated nor men. sent ! to the peni
tentiary on liquor counts.
The next highway meeting,
tentatively set for .Thursday,
may be held in Portland, it was
Indicated here yesterday. It ts
doubtful whether amy advance
publicity will be give on the
meetlag, a . the commission
stated its desire to clean up
much unfinished business. An
advertised meeting, members
say, bring in lot of delega
tions to take up tins time.
Abraham Lincoln wrote checks
in his day, and at that time soma
form of check protector was usea.
nhostatie cony of a check writ
ten by Lincoln August 11, 1862,
was sent Rufus Holman by Jef
ferson Myers. The Check, made
on Riggs & company in. washing
ton, was written out to a "colored
man with one leg." ! It was for
five dollars.
The state treasurer was ab
sent the latter part of this week,
from his office. He attended the
western Douglas county fair at
Reedsport, and also visited
points in Coos and Curry coun
ties. He was speaker of the day
at the Keedsport affair.
Jerry Owen of the bonus com
mission says he will be at home
in his new quarters ; as soon as
they get properly settled. Mrs.
Owen and their daughter have
olned Jerry here, and are now
living on Kingwood drive In West
Salem. "William Einalg!, of the pur
chasing department, said he would
have his family here
before very
The approachinif football sea
son holds intense interest for
one member of the Office staff
at the state hospital. Miss Ger
linger of Dallas, who it was
Waitress Loses !
Driving License
Margaret Graham, local wait
ress who was arrested September
6 for reckless driving, waa, imea
35 and her driver's license was
suspended for one lyear when
Justice of the Peace Hayden yes
terday afternoon found her guUty
as charged. For 1 hours Hay
den had under considerable an
ordinance providing : that South
Winter street be a "slow" street.
Counsel for Miss Graham Insisted
that this street's I designation
made Natha J. Swain, driver oi
the car which Miss Graham hit.
We Will Remain
All Day Saturday
.-; ... ! I
In Observance Of
(Jewish New Yeart
Oregon Hardware
& Mach. Co.
283 Chemeketa B."
Schaefer's offer an assorted
chocolate In various flavors
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Occurrencej and Gt isfp ,
at tht center of Oregtmli
stat trorernmentr
noted In press dispatches
cently- annomnced her engage
mens t Johnny Kitsnlller, the
famous Oregon football star, is
now working at the state hospi
tal.' . :.. - 4 1 .::
Newspapermen at the state cajI-
tot have suggested an epportan-
Ity far a live wire radio salesman
to demestrate his produes. With
the foetball season approaching, it
has - been deemed necessary, to
hare : s. radio- In the press roost
for f the atire' capital building
gronp.' The only thing needed Is
a radio. . -! .
5 "
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P '
long and
i : ' i ' ! -
:' t;ir'"i,": : ll:-" v: " Si il:v --.
An even doeen clinics ara listed
on - the schedule of the jilarion
county health, department jfor the
coming week. Special derilal ex
aminations to be given at.' Gates
and Detroit and clinics for; choolj
children at SHverton constitute a,
variation from the program of thej
past two months. ; JU;.i j, ';; L."
The executive committee of the
department will meet at .the
health center Wednesday! night
at 7:30. o'clock. . j i?
iis mi;
Priced Tpday at
and short sleeves m new
House Frocks .
i , . w . I m
short sleeves,
The schedule of clinics ! as fo-
lOWSt ''. . - -v. ' : -".t
Monday morning, dental cor
recti veheafth. center. Dr..' EstU
Brunk. . . , ' ? '
Tuesday: all day, dental exam
inations at Gates. and Detroit; af
ternoon, chest cUnie, health cen
ter.' j --. . t: iv 'til 'i'
Thursday: morning; I school
clinic. Silverton. tt C. C. TJauer
afternoon. dentat- corrective,
health center, and I preschool, St.
Paul.!'; f ... ' I : nil , ' !!
- Friday; morning dental correc
tive, health center, and r school
clinic, Silverton, Dr. Dauer; af
ternoon, school, Silverton.'. Dr,
Vernon A. Douglas; afternoon,
pre-school, health j center Dr;
Dauer. i" SI ' ;f
Saturday morning from Sit 9 to
10 o'clock, regular i toxoid; and
vaccination cUnicS .foii' . 'i
very j o iir rices k. .
and Cottoii Pongee Froclco
. . . si?sesS16 to
- a 1 - i w-l.
5. -3:. -i-S -' If"-'
' '- r- , : - - It
S- irNrrf Regular $ 1 .95
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' :l V ; . I J I i- fti'4' ' J :
d white
last colors, an sizes 14
. ; -
i - - & 5
4! r
Regular $1.00
: t m i :
- if-'- t-: ' -1 i - u
;" i ; .- : ? V - - ' - ''-'
Chalmer George
Works on Royal
Teeth is Report
"i I - i- t'
y j : '" -v',-1-';-! -One
of ihe two Neir York den
tists who worked on the King of
Slam's teeth while that dignitary
was in this' country was Dr. Chal
mer George, until two years ago
a Salem resident. George wrote
to relatives here of . the king's
visit to the: offices of him and his
partner. ' - : ' :--r
Only the two dentists were per
mitted in the offices while the
king was I patient, and as the
king made the ride up on the ele
vator all other visitors to the
building were excluded from the
lift.. 6 . ij
52 .
e" I " ' . 1 J
m orchid
e - ' -f J
!' : l ' "."J . "i
r ."L - H ' ' i?:' .: . '- - i jt-
;Hr "f.f :'f:- i: i:; ' $ , '. ; ; -
i i' ?:f ! . -" : " 1 1 -Hir i:-"t ' ' ' fi' ' ' ;
:-:.-. If' i. ::.":. ,. : I " "
; 'i ' " - - ' - - :' . '
: - i - -'" . . - '
H :
't )
M !
- Vi
: r i
; if !
ji !
- . ;
! !A. i
V :
: ' A
i i
? -V
: W, A
s. . f
' : I-
' .
Pur" lay and Satur
ten minutes from
heart of town
day a to o:8t
; -Jr . .-....;,..,.......,' 1 ' T j- ,,, :-. I - : . i , I . ' . - ? - . i' ... u - -Mf,:. . i ' 1 i i; . yfl