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    the OREGON STATESMAN. Salon, Oregon. Sunday Morning, May 24, 19Sf
nnnDim . nnv
UlllilL Ufll
Preliminary G. A. R. Event
At Unitarian Church;
Program Saturday , :
(Continued from pas 1)
in automobiles: Salem band.
Second flection Major Edward
D. Hamilton, commanding; com
nanr B. l2nd Infantry. O. N. O.;
headquarters battery, 249th coast
artillery and medical detachment.
, Third section ' Captain Benja
min F. Ponnd. commanding.: G. A.
R. members in automobiles; La
dies of the G. A. R.: W. R. C.
War Mothers: Spanish American
War .Veterans and auxiliary; Vet
erans of Foreign Wars and auxil
iary; American Legion and aux
iliary: Sons of . Veterans and a ax
illary; Daughters of .Veterans, and
other - Teterans' -organisations.
Fourth section O. p. West,
Boy Scout executive, commanding;
Salem high school band; Boy
; Scouts; Salvation Army and other
patriotic and fraternal organlza
Jin Innovation will be introduc
ed this year, when the four sec
tions of the parade will march and
stand abreast each other on High
street, between Court and State,
for the ceremonies to be held at
the monument in front of the
. courthouse.
- Final plans for the meeting at
the armory hare not been com
"Know Oregon
Brings Variety of Gifts to
v Convention Guests Here
'The cleverest thing that
ever been stagod in - aiem
the Terdlct Tegirding the
Your Oregon" luncheon
the Masonic temple on
Combined forms for making
Intangibles and personal income
tax returns have been mailed out
by the state tax commission, but
failure to receive a blank will
not excuse any taxpayer from fil
ing a return. Returns are due
on or before June 15.
The forms are to be used for
reporting Individual Incomes
from all sources, including in
terest, dividends, salaries wages,
rents, earnings from business or
profession, or profit on the sale
of property.
Individuals who receive no in
terest or dividends must file a
return if their net Income ex
ceeds 11600, If single, or J2500
It married. Individuals who re
ceive their entire Income from
Interest and dividends, must file
a return If their gross Income
exceeds $500, If single, or $800,
If married.
held In
ii m. nart of the annual convention
of the Oregon Federation of Busi
ness and Profusion al Women's
clubs, r ? :-; "
-r- Miss Dora Sexton of The Dalles,
state forward chair tn an, presided
and each .club , presented a stunt
depicting the ' products and re-
1 sources of the' community repre
sented. ; '. l ' -
Klamath Falls presented glass
ine bags of potato chips made of
the famous KUmath Fall pota
toes. Portland presented each
guest with a rosebud and showed
the crown of Itosaria which was
purchased by t be I Portland B. P.
W. C club. j ! . ! ' -
f Coos Bay presented small pack
ets of aeed-ot Its famous Port Or
ford cedar and slices of its "Mel
lowest" cheese. Oregon City ad
vertised their paper and woolen
mills with a elever stunt giTen by
girls in paper costumes.
Eugene presented each guest
with a, packet of the famous Eu
gene filberts. Gresham advertis
ed raspberries. 1 Hlllsboro re
sponded with "Raspberry, you
raise 'em and we? Can 'em" and
elaborated on the fruit and milk
canneries at HMsboro, then pre
sented small cans of thetnilk.
Roseburg's prune were pre
sented to the guests In neat pack
ets and a tiny girl In a purple and
green costume gave a short dance
number. Grants Pass presented
"Glad" bulbs of the Virginia rari
ety. . -
. The Dalles lauded the merits of
the flour made there and girls In
costumes made of flour sacks pre
sented small bags of flour to each
, McMInnville claimed the honor
of being the "Walnut City of Ore
gon and presented salted walnuts
to the guests. Girls In Indian
costume advertised the pageant
"Red Pioneers" which this club Is
sponsoring and Miss Dora Ward
sang two Indian songs, accompan
ied by Miss Esther Smith. :
Heppner advertised the - wool
and lambs which are an important
crop in that district. Bend pre
sented small trays of Juniper wood
and Mrs. Florence Silvia did a
clever musical chalk talk Inviting
the guests to enjoy the scenic at
tractions of the Bend district.
Corvallls members in beach pa
Jamas and wide straw hats invit
ed all to Corvallls "The Gateway
to the Sea." Coquille presented
twigs of the famous myrtle wood.
Albany advertised her strawber
ries and agricultural resources.
Astoria presented : Jars of a
mayonnaise dressing manufactur
ed there and told of the wonders
of Columbia river salmon.
Pendleton invited all : to the
Roundup and resented a gift of a
small leather case to the holder
of the lucky, number. Salem ap
peared as the "Cherry City' and
Miss Rosalie Nusmbaum as the
Human Cherry sang "Dream Boy
of Salem High" and gave a short
tap dance.
Single persons who receive in
terest and dividends and income
from other sources must file a
return it the net Income from all
sources exceeds xiooo, or tney
must , file if the j gross Interest
and dividends exceed $500.
Married persons who receive
interest and dividends and in
come from other sources are require-
to file a return if their
combined net income . from all
sources exceeds $1700,, or they
must file if their; gross' Interest
and dividends exceeds $800.
Children Crowd
Capitol to See
. Mickey Program
from Salem and vicinity crowded
Into the Capitol theatre yesterday
morning to see Mickey Mouse and
to hear plans announced by War
ner Bros, for making the Mickey
Mouse club betters than ever be
fore. The youngsters were told
Cross -Word Puzzle
" 35 H 36 Www
3 3? y HI H2 H3 HH
HT r Hi, hT HQ hT
: m" 1 .1 1 mAm
. 1 Exclamation. -4
What Aairiui poKtieiaa w
hot of Bolorioaa "ring" iu
Nw YWrlf atil bia arrt la
. 18737 t-.- -
11 Wko wr.U the "FUgAm
Prea-reaV white In prUa? I
18 Tool with- sv cutting- tdf. .-!
15- Half an em..v -
16 Funeral 'songs." .
-It -Egyptian sun god. t ; "T
.19 Towards.
. tl Seise with the teeth.' ."
12 Man's nam. '. , M .
t Only this and nothing more.
ZTm what lty dU h Cmkm
Wrif a famwJ be!
tt AccMdiag t the B'thU, wk
VH crMte4 freas the rib f
'.. Aasr ' -
a stn .a m
was u r
ry self7 r.. ;
tl Talk Idly. v: V-
83 Man's nickname.
84 Ardent affection.
38 WV wm the fvaaiaW t'rr
88 By. -
40 Nominate.
42 Wear away. ' " ' . '
4S Extinct flightless bird.
47 Wk. u the MOthar f HtUm
! Tryl .
49 Regrets. " J 'v.
80 Girl's name.
62 Frees from something obnoxi
64 Royal Navy (abbr.).
65 New Testament. (abbr.Y
' f Who i eai4Urd the father
f sadra htriIofy?
69 Six in Roman numerals.
1 What SpaatUh city en the
: ; Hirer Tagws U fasMs for lU
' Uather ' geecb mmd swerd
2 Rated highly."
65 Person of arrested mental
growth." - , 1
tt Symbol for tellurium.
7 Anglo-Saxon money of account.--
. -
1 Man's nickname.
2 Whe becaaMraUMal 13. 8.
Udor tMBk siagUe hi.
- - U lat 1930?- ;
,8 One; - ;
4 Wh. UawhiW the f tmrnim
t the thtUh scheet of sjear
.- palirtere?
ConcernSnjf. . V -
What U aaother mmmm for
Libya? r. , . ;
7 Very smalL !
8 Comfort. -
9 Printer's measure.
10 Receive from a source.- - :
12 Biblical pronoun.' - -
14 Entered . a - competition of
speed.' . . . -
17 Clothe. i
20 Verbal. . j ' V; '
23 Note f the musieal seal. '
Z 4 Myself. ,
25 Famous English public school.
27 la what ! AaMriua
Uamnity U L the Sbf fWM
SUri(U Sbal7 .. ...
80 ErT-ehaped. '
32 What ' AaMrlcaa VWrrak
t fawght a f aaaaaa
with Alaaaaalar Hnilt.T
35 Wka waa tb "Sag: f Caa.
- cw
87 Bitt to the tast. -
88 Catkin. t
89 Kind f drum. ' .
41 Prepare for publication. "
43 Waas U tba capital af Calo
- rai7 i . .
44 Plural suffix. '
46 Part f the verb "te be."
48 Expert. i ;
51 Imitator. - .
68 Certain.
67 Fuss.-' -
88 Whkky U tka aaaallaat Stt. la
tba U. S.7 rl.k.
nn s;t.i' '
62 Behold 1
64 Make.
Herewith is the aorntion in
urdays puxxle. . j ,
about new membership buttons
each one will receive next week.
New officers for the club will
be chosen soon including a song
leader, a cheer leader and Chief
Mickey Mouse, Chief Minnie
Mouse. Yesterday the youngsters
sang the national song and gave
the flag salute, two features of the
program to be given each week
at the club's meeting.
Continued from page 1)
dum court approval, friends of
the game group, launched a
friendly suit through Chris
Kowlts who yesterday filed his
suit papers with the supreme
Thursday Morning
Date For Hearing
Countering, Custer - Ross, at
torney for McDonald, f said he
would' raise more points against
the ballot title than Kowltz pro
poses, when his "own client's Pe
tition is filed i tomorrow. Ross
wanted to hold off a hearing be
forethe supreme ''court until late
in the week but Kowitx demurred
and the court set Tuesday morn
ing as the time for hearing the
arguments pro and con on the
referendum ballot title prepared
by Attorney General Van Winkle.
It is understood that the su
preme court will hurry its deci
sion in the . matter, probably
handing down a opinion Wednes
day: This will leave the referen
dum petitioned nine days to get
10,600 signatures provided the
Supreme court holds the ballot
title valid. -
AVerill has stated in Portland
that he thinks only . three days
will be' necessary to get the need
ed signatures. This will . provide
adequate time for checking the
signers since only names of prop
erty owners are acceptable. The
Multnomah county . clerk allows
the referendum seekers to provide
their own deputies to check the
names against records in his of
fice. Kowitz said yesterday that
some petitions were already cir
culated in Portland although
these may not be of anr avail If
the ballot title being used is de-
ciarea invalid. A number of peo
ple have asked him , to -be- al
lowed to circulate petitions
against the state constabulary,
Kowitx declared. - :
v v-oimnuea rrom page
from war, and war
Ha referred . to bridges .as a
product of a great imagination,
and "without imagination great
things cannot be done". -
Earlier in the day the general
drank from the "bucket of blood"
and gnawed Taw meat to qualify
for membership in the Grants
Pass Cavemen. The Cavemen
men, - clad in crudely 'made fur
garments and followed by their
Cave women, similarly attired.
met me train that brought the
marine leader hero and eseerted
' iw me cuamoer ,r or, com
merce Duiiamg for; the initiation.
1 SA
rsaar-w i.a,' i W
rida. mi. Kaat
. (Continued from pas t) t
rallis, state deputy. '
Mr. Edwards gave a talk on
general grange conditions during
the- lecturer's program. The state
grange has added; 34 new units
since last year, he reported. Mrs.
Edith Toiler Wetherred of Oswe
go grange gave an Interesting
talk on Oregon history, including
comments on th first state fair
ana the early Indian fairs held In
tha state.. -. ; -
A number of outside fuests. be-
Too Late to Classify
WiKTED Tfl ai S rm
bouae. furo, fireplace, in nice district,
rnt Mt too'blfh. WIS Imk. Box
IMS.' Senator Is Native of
This County; National
; Outlook is Topic
Marloa county's own senator.
tha" Hon. rrederick Bteiwer, will
be guest of ' honor and speaker
Monday noon at tha Salem cham
ber of commerce. ' Senator Btei
wer's topic will be HJreon's Bit
nation at the National Capitol."
The senator has. baen horn for
nearly a month since congress ad
journed and has mad numerous
appearances throughout the
Stelwer was horn in Marlon
county on the Stelwer farm 16
miles SOUth of Salem - ant naar
Jefferson. He attended tha Ivinn-
ey Butte school and -later studied
at tne university of Oregon where
he received a degree in law as
well as in liberal arts. He was ad
mitted to the bar in 1908. Sen
ator Stelwer also atndied for a
part of his undergraduate: per
iod at Oregon Stat college.
' Stelwer later practiced law at
Pendleton and while there was
elected state senator and ae.rred
one term. During the war he serv
ed in the army one and one-half
years. . . .... ,.
He was elected TJnltMl Rtatoa
senator In November, 1926, de
feating Bert Haney of Portland in
me general election and a large
field of contestants In tha nri.
maries Including Colonel Alfred
uiart and Senator Robert N.
sides the two speakers, were pres
ent: sirs. Edwards of Corvallls;
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Lambert of
Stay ton; Mr. and Mrs. George
Farria of Turner; Mrs. Daisy
Bump, master of North Howell
grange; and Mrs. Harland of
RIckreall grange.
o o
Ay .wh
o are news
f (Continued from pas 1)
questions, usually closes with an
Invitation to stay for lunch with
one of the. executive staff and to
be sure to eome again."
Sometimes it is an invitation to
inspect th early American Til
lage, his real hobby. He has spent
many millions on this "village,"
and many more are to be expend
ed before the collection of histori
cal buildings and objects of early
American life is completed.
Of slender, wiry physique.
Ford, nearing his 68 th birthday,
frequently demonstrates his agil
ity and yisor by "chinning" him
self to a tree limb or by snapping
a leg two or three times over the
back of a high chairT His keen
eyes twinkle as he remarks: "I
feel pretty good.''
He never worries.
;: priuig -runs
State Shops at r Corvallis
and Eugene Possibly
To Come to Salem '
Feasibility of oonsolidation of
printing plants now operated by
th University , of Oregon and
Oregon fitate college with th
state printing department in Sa
lem, lg to be investigated by Ru
fus H. Holman,- state treasurer,
and member of the state board of
control, according to announce
ment made Saturday.
! Mr. Holman aald he already
had discussed the proposal, with
persons connected with the col
lege and the state printing de
partment. Although the investiga
tion has not proceeded beyond
the preliminary stage, Mr. Hol
man declared that such a consoli
dation might save the taxpayers
of Oregon . a large ' amount of
money. .-.;. ; , ' .;
I In event tha consolidation
should be approved by the state
board of control, sufficient print
ing equipment probably would be
left at the university - for the
printing of the student news
paper. The publication - of this
newspaper is a part of the prac
tical instruction received by stu
dents in the department of Jour
nalism. Arthur Brock, foreman of the
state printing plant, is assemb
ling a large amount of data deal
ing with printing costs, which
will be placed in the hands of Mr.
Holman early . next week. State
ments showing the costs of oper
ating the university and state col
lege printing plants also will be
filed with. Mr. Holman, according
to present plans.
In case the consolidation is
found to be feasible, Holman
said he would ask approval of the
proposal by the board of control.
Most of the equipment in the
Corvallls and Eugene plants
would be moved to - Salem and
merged with that in the state
printing office.
H 'I
Personalities and Events
at Convention of Oregon
B. & R W. Clubs
" -She U Che doable of Mr.
Herbert Hoover" was the opin
ion of. those" who saw Mrs.
Jane Ogle, Rational field sec
retary. ;Hea quiet smile, calm
grey eyes and poise of man
. ner were todeedt suggestive of -the
first lady of the land. i
-It these women told all they
knew It would start a riot and a
revolution," declared Hal Hoss.
At any rate delegates to the state
B. P. W. C. convention were wel
comed toT the, capital city in a
cordial manner by the secretary
of state Tend! the welcome was
couched in such a manner as to
bring many a hearty laugh. -
y,i .-'.: -r
"Call aV tlray to move oar
present; to the hotel" was the
plea of j those i delegates who
attended th'Know Tour Ore
gon luncheon on Saturday. At
least one -souvenir and - often
several were; presented by each
. of the 22 dabs in the state.
Everyone represented a pro
duct of the town from which
the club presenting It came.
, fifrlctly. according to Roberta
was the rule of the business ses
sions of the annual convention,
of the B. P. W. C. The effi
cient work of Miss Grace Eliza
beth Smith, of Salem, state par
liamentarian, received much
praise, as did the work of Miss
Martha Gasch, state president.
: The matter of a national .
headquarters building was dis-
posed of in short order when
It was unanimously votedj to
favor a club house somewhere .
In the middle west at some fu
ture time but not immediately.
A note of sadness crept Into,'
the meeting when It 'was voted ;
to send a message of condolence
to Mrs. Alice , Maloney formerly
of Marshfleld whose husband re
cently passed away. . ( j
Silverton High
: Over Corvallis
SILVERTON, May 23.-rSllver-ton
high school's tennis team de
feated CorvalSs high four match
es! to three here today. ' The lo
cal -tennis and golf teams will
wind up ibeiifj season next Satur
day in matches against Albany
high at Albany. : .
Staynor, Siiverton, beat Law
rence 6-4, t't: Moe, Corvallis,
heat Coffey V1, f-2; John
son of Silveribn beat Batcbeller
C-2, C-2 .:. Brandt of Corvallis
beat Almquisi 108, -4; Rycraft
of Corrallis beat Tate 2-C, t-3,
7-5. . i J
StaynoS and Coffey beat
Brandt and (Rycraft 8-0, 6-2 ;
Johnson and flAlmquIst heat Moe
and Batchellor -4. 3-6, 6-2.
rrzsa a
Popeye is the principal
character in Thimble Thea
tre, Is the funniest yet!
He's seen here with Olive
Oyl, his sweetie, and with
A notice of intention to erect :
a project for the generation ofT
7,755.68 horse pwwer of electric-,
al power on the north fork of the
Santiam river was filed with the
city recorder, Saturday. O'Neill !
Brothers and the Callaghan com
pany, San Francisco, who propose .
the project, say they will use 650 '
cubic feet of water, per second;
this will be returned to the river, j
The purpose of the application
for the preliminary permit Is to
give a chance for protest or re
monstrance on. behalf of the pub
He or district organisations f n -public
purposes of private per
sons. f
Two colors! This sei'lfice in
the Sunday comics ! jjis af
forded Statesman . Readers
by the modern
lties in The
presfl facil-
nnouncement . . . .
. . , !
ii i
Toots and Casper, their dog and their
baby, all bring a dally laugh. You'll want
to see them Sunday, too, look in the new
comic section of The Statesman.
e last
- !
V I 'HE STATESMAN is pleased today to announce the
I est single improvement to its feature service lri th
; three years a tour-page, two-color Sunday comic s
The first release will begin next Sunday, May 1 1 ! '. , !
Tfiia tibmilar addition! to the oaoer is in line with The States
man's policy of a consistently better newspaper. In producing
the Sunday comic, those characters who have become Jnown
to Statesman readers through years of acquaintance will be car
ried along, with two additions which are sure to prove popular.
Polly and Her Pals will go on with their ever-interestjhg ad
ventures, as will Toots and Casper, their baby and thei- dog.
Then the redoubtable Popeye, who has risen to national attention
faster than Bobby Jones or Will Rogers, .will be seen ach Sun
day as well as each publication day of .the week. As a splendid -
. r . r .1 i. ' n a ci 1,; .
comic reature ror tne Kiaaies, tiiiicr is iu uc duueu un uuuojr
to the family of The Statesman. . "r- V
'0 01 i
.11 aBl.
the stere-
n and
These comics, prepared irt
otvpe rooms t'"of TheStateSm
printed on the paper's owr largfe? two
color press, mark : the very finest work
of America s best artists ; I he same,
characters afforded to millions ir$f read
ers of large metropolitan aers on
-Sunday will be brought" to Salem
through The Statesman. i C,
'-.''-:-' : -. ::. . '!; '.'y' i-
This service is available without ex
tra charge to Statesman readefs. Re
member, The Statesman is Salem's
only Sunday paper. If you don't take
it regularly you'll be-wise td subscribe
now. ' ':yy.- ''y:-A :" '.'--
ELMER is the boy
you used to know
full of life, mischief
vous, impatient of
school, gifted in boy
craft. He'll be a tonic
for you as you follow
his antics in The
Statesman. ' . '
His dad- is the sort
you - know, a village
merchant,- set' in his
ways, dignified in his
business' and in' his
home:'. How he some
times 'shows . a sense
6tr hunior but 'usually
lie . rules with the old
"rod;""'' - ". - - ,
- . ...... ,
i . . - '
'Ma,'too,has a slipper,
and; sometimes Elmer
reeei ves it but she's a
character to watch. I
AH; in v ail this new.
comic . will " be one
Statesman readers
will welcome to the
funnies already print
ed by this paper. ,
What a riot is the Perkins
family 1 There's tashlonanie
Polly. - comfortable old Pa,
skeptical Ma, Ashur, tne n-.
nanclal wizard ?) and De
licto and , Aunt Maggie.
What a family.
r tin