The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 10, 1931, Page 9, Image 9

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The OREGON STATESMAN; Sato, Oregon. Sunday Morning, May 10, 1931
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Plans Wade for. Celebration
Of Dedication of flogue
Bridge at Grants Pass :
-;. . V'
An all-Paclflc Coast conference
of eovernors and , stats officials
coast-wide law enforcement pro
gram, will be one of the outstand
ing features of the dedication of
the new Grants Pass bridge at
Grants Pass, Oregon, Saturday,
May 2.
Major General Smedley D. But
ler; United States Marine Corps,
has accepted the inTltatlon of
GoTernor Julias I. Meier, of Ore
gon, and the Grants Pass Chamber
of Commerce to officiate at this
The famous Marine officer wll
be In Oregon at-the time of the
bridge dedication for the purpose
of making survey and adTlsing
the state government upon the
organization of a state constabu
lary along lines laid down recent
ly and authorized by the Oregon
"state legislature.
Participating In the conference
-will be Governor Meter, Governor
Roland H. Hartley, of Washing
ton and, probably, GoTernor
James Rolph. Jr., of California.
In order to Insure the presence
of GoTernor Bolph. President Ed
ward Morris, of the Redwood Em
pire association, which- with the
Grant Pass chamber of com
merce, the Oregon Highway com
mission, the Josephine county
court and the Oregon Caremen,
Inc., la sponsoring the bridge
fete.-naa arranged for an airplane
to convey him to Grants Pass.
President Morris will personally
accompany Gorernor Rolph on
the flight from-Sacramento to
' Grants Pass.
Many unique features are being
arranged in connection with the
bridge -dedication. Including an
Impressive ceremony to be on
" ducted by the Caremen at the
nr,rnn mTei national monument
and one of the outstanding at
tractions or the Keawooa empire.
A great delegation of leaders
from all nmrt of the RedWOOd
Empire will go to Grants Pass by
motor . caravan, orisinaune at
Ukiah Thursday morning. May 21.
Th caravan- Will follow the
semi-annual meeting of the board
of directors or tne association, io
be held at Lucerne, Lake county
the preceding aay. ,
Second Prize Essay Tells ?
How to Reduce Accidents
. Education for courtesyl That U
exactly what Is needed. Education
in elementary courtesy, as it
could be applied to drlring' on the
' streets of' our cities and highways
of our state. For example: It two
men met in the doorway of a
. building. It is highly Improbable
that each one would give a warn
ing signal and try to pursa
through ahead of the other; but
they would each stand aside and
offer the other one the privilege
of passing first, and would conse
quently get through the encount
er with a minimum of confusion.
On the other hand, if these
same two men met In their auto
mobiles at an intersection, they
would more than likely each honk
his horn and try to crowd by first.
This lack of courtesy of one driv
er toward another and of a drtrer
toward a pedestrian Is the cause
of Innumerable accidents that
1 couldery easily be aroided.
Of course, you : may say that
courtesy is absolutely optional on
the part of each individual driTr,
and that most of them would not
, accept such a doctrine. But as I
said before, what they need is
education. This could be given te
them in a small degree .througn
the schools and like means, but
the best way. I believe, te instill
this thought into the minds of
the general public.' would be to
carry on an extensive advertising
. campaign through the newspapers
and various other channels that
would be open to the use of the
. .state. :-:
'Prosperity; Six
As Graham Low Priced
, 3 Graham yesterday set 1 at" rest
the. rumors and conjectures that
have been prevalent in automotive
i .: drcles by unveiling a large hlgh
I : powered low-priced new model.
1 the Prosperity Six, which "bad
: been heralded, by name only, in
a preliminary mystery campaign.
The new six, although larger
and more powerful than several
previous Graham sixes, is offered
, at the lowest price by Tar in Gro
ham history, the delivered price
of the four-door five-passenger
slx-wlndow sedan being $1S5 low
tr than that for the standard six.
the next lowestpriced Graham
- 1 Has All Graham .Featarrs
i v The Prosperity Six Is typically
; Graham in form and style, and
-: j adheres to the Graham - standard
i design in construction and me
' chanical equipment, . baring tail
N the most important features of
the Special six . and the two
eighths except the synchro-silent
four-speed transmission. Ia short.
It is a three-speed companion car
to the four-speed models.
Four body styles comprise the
'Prosperity six series the busi
ness coupe, list price $785; rumble-seat
coupe, 125; the two
window four-door sedan, TI5;
and th sedan, 8t5.
Jim Loder, manager ot. Loder
Bros., local dealers, declares that
the Prosperity Six represents the
. outstanding achiereraent of the
Silver eek Falls Loo One of Most
Meresting Trips in Salem Vicinity;
I Return is by W o
One of the most Interesting
loop trips out of Salem suggested
by the Chamber of Commerce in
Its 1931 issue of "Trail 'Em to
Salem,' Is that of d tiring to the
SHrer Creek Falls State Park and
returning by way of Silrerton
and the famous Howell Prairie
Now that the state highway
commission has purchased nine
of the ten falls In this small sec
tion of; two square miles, resi
dents of 8alem are within 21
miles of two of the most attract
lre falls, known as the North
Falls. 14 i feet, and the Upper
North. 65 feet. You will know
the Upper North by the big log
and the North by the descent of
water 14 feet, dashing on large
rocks below, ' . : -
To drire to the tails through
the Waldo Hills district, you go
east on ; State street, turn south
at the four corners two miles out
and then follow the signs 'to the
North SUrer Creek bridge, where
you park.
First, walk half a mile tip Sil
ver Creek to the east and enjoy
the Upper North Falls. Just plain
easy walking to this most Inter
esting one of the group.
Return to the road where your
ear is parked and then note sign
to Upper North Falls, about half
mile down stream. Before you
reach ' this most Interesting one
of the group of falls, you note
the gorge and efforts, rushing
waters are making for the 146
foot leap to the rocks below. '
To go under and around the
North Falls, you climb down
fairly, steep places, all of which
makes It the more interesting.
Then 'walk under the falls . and
A committee of representative
citizens that would meet at sated
intervals, should be able to very
successfully earrr out a campaign
of this sort. Of course this would
necessarily be a long, hard tight
against a rapidly growing spirit
of discourtesy among the modern
motor minded public It would be
touch better though, to kill it now
than to let it run on until It gams
enough strength to become un
There is also anoher point
that X consider very important. It
is the fact that the traffic officers
patrol the highways in such dis
tinctive cwlored cars or motor
cycles. I do not exactly understand
the reason for this, but I do
know that it is an Immense help
to a driver who wants, to break
any of the traffic laws. It Is al
most the same as giving a mur
derer a warning that In 24. hours
the police are going to pursue and
try to capture him. . A motorist
can speed, cut corners, disregard
stop signs," or almost anything
else he wants to do. and as long
as he keeps a dose enough watch
for white automobiles he can al
ways avoid being apprehended.
While It the traffic officers pa
troled their beats in ordinarily
colored ears, the , law breakers
would be afraid to violate the law
because they weald not know
but what the car In front of, or
behind them, contained a traffic
officer. iThey would therefore
drive more carefully and be much
less liable to bare aa accident.
three Graham brothers as manufacturers-
- . - - -6nl
a factory equipped to
make - complete cars engines,
chassis and' bodies entirely in its
own plants, and ft factory led by
masters' of modern production
methods." said Mr. Loder. "could
produce a full ' slsed automobile
at the prices set for the Prosper
ity Six while fully main tan ing
their high standards of quality,
workmanship, and owner values.
Larger Car, Lower Price
; "While the new model is by far
the lowest priced car in Graham
history, it is larger, roomier, more
powerful, and better equipped
than any previous Graham three
speed six in the low price bracket.
The Prosperity Six is as genuine
ly Graham in quality and work
manship i as 4 the costlier four
speed six and eights, and reveals
the advanced engineering - and
structural features, ia chassis
and body, that distinguish , Gra
ham cars.
This acaierement is made pos
sible by the Grahams' policy of
standardised design; under which
all their four different .chassis
models sre bult to a single gen
eral plan, under the same high
standards of design, materials,
and workmanship, and equipped
with Mn Ileal units. Only through
such standardization can a factory
effect the economes that permit
the production of quality ears at
fit SSsGf
note effect, of water tailing 14 S
feet on granite rocks below.
If yoa are a lover of seenle
beauty, yon won't want anyone
to talk to yon . when under the
Falls. Just absorb the beauty and
grandeur and then, if you bare
any patriotic feelings, think that
aU this and eight other falls will
be connected next year by trail.
so that you may see them all In
few hours walk. Some of the
tral work may be dona this year
by the state highway commission.
On your way to the Falls. Just
beyond Maeleay, yoa pass the 212
acre Lambert cherry rcnara.
largest of Its kind la the world.
Not very famous now but it will
be. .i s. -
And sv mile before yon. reach
the North SUrer Creek bridge,
you' may note ft sign "Winter
Falls." Just step 10 feet from
your car and gas down In the
Seruice Manager Eoiigraiuktes Borris
Taulinsky Upon tepletion of Iriue
ff''vlJgg-Vlp.Vr jaSso ;? steer.
(teeter rJ?k? 'zV&y; So
' Tfi'"- ' X' rf jr -'1 I
The above picture sKow Robert Brady, service manager; for the
Valley Motor company, congratulating Moms Tavlinsky, chief driver
and manager of the Ford non-motor stop 10-day and .1 0-night drive.
The other two gentlemen standing by the fear of the car in the pic
ture are, R. D. Woodrbw, local representative for the Kelly Tire com
pany, and A. H. Hardin'cr local Veedol representative. The Ford
roadster used was equipped with Kelly tires and. used Associated
gasoline and Veedol. The speedometer showed 8056.3 miles for the
240 hours without motor stop. The car averaged 19.6 miles to the
gallon of gasoline and used 7 quarts of Veedol, The origixial Kelly
tires finished without a puncture or blowout. Morris Tavlinsky and
hit three driving aces
the stop, and staged
during all these stops
W. E. Bums .Dan Bums
; ! , ; Hot Brothers, the Scat Ilea "
Ferry at High
canyon and note the - slender
trail of water, dropping 14 feet.
In summer time It dissolves Into
a .spray. , . , :;0 '
' And this Is rery Important.
' m lit iiTll
There Is no charge to any of the
eight tans la the SUrer Creek
Falls State Park. The state does
not charge people te enter Its
own. parks. Return, by way of
Silrerton and the, famous HoweU
Prairie district. Only ft 7 miles la
this loop trip.
Miss Nellie Collins of Portland fa
making an extended Ttslt la the
home of Mr. and Mrs, Charles A.
Ferguson. She came Wednesday
in time to help celebrate the sec
oad birthday of her little name
sake; Nellie Ferguson.
exa.(K , : ftt.wT
- T
s udBm mm
'"'' '-4,
T- f f 11 1 1 f 1
made 3 1 stops per day
33 stunt shows. The
when the speedometer
Clever Program Adds to
Pleasure of ths
r PKRRTDALE. May t The
ladles of the Sew and Bew club
of Ballston put on a program and
served supper to their husbands
It was . hilarious : all the wait
through. The meeting-opened byi
an election of ofXleera, after nom
inations were closed, , the-two
nominated argued their :.'oi
good points and gave many reas
ons why tlvey should be elected.
This was just the ' beginning of
langns tor the erening. ,
, Mrs. Casste 8 echrlst . gave ft
monologue "Taken by Surprise,
wherein an old maid sets her
bouse On fire to attract the at
tention of ft bachelor whom she
admires ftnd who is1 with the- tiro
department. She succeeds.
Mrs. . Francis Gregg gave a
monologue At the ball'- game.
Mrs. Gregg scored a "hit" and
rery nearly cansea ! a lew . unex
pected "runs", j
Edit Lens and Mrs.. Logs ton
both gave piano selections
A three act playlet "Better
Never than Late. by Mrs. MarUn
Vaa Gross as the bride-to-be and
Mrs. O. A. Wood as the groom-to-be.
After 20 years of courtship
they decide to bo married, but ft
quarrel orer her dog and bis cat
ends it aU and they decide single
bliss is good enough. ,
The big number:! on the pro
gram was the quartette, consist
ing of Mrs. Francis Gregg, MaMo
Taylor, Mrs. Howar-Shafer and
Cassle S echrlst. They initiated
: . A'-Ww '" ptpt--VeVssBSss
- s? yssnz
averaging 5 minutes to
motor was left running
was not registering; -
We Carry a Complete Stock of
SPONGES, 25c to $2.50
CHAMOIS, 50c to $30
POLISH, 60c to $1.00 I
Salem, Oregon
the farmers anion quartette by
staging their songs wearing
ra : clotnlng and one ' lady
powdered her , balr. it was f a
scream and for! encore they sang
too Levee 'song ftnd second 4a
eorn The Bullfrog oa the Bank
The ladles served a delicious
supper to their ausoanas at dose
or tne meeting. ;
many mends of Mrs. Herman.
Wackea, Jr.. will bo glad to hear
she was Able to be takea to the
homo of her sister, Mrs. Virgil
Perrlno at Middle Grove. Mrs.
Wackea recently. . underwent - an
operation at the Willamette sanl-
tariura. Salem.
defoiie ycu Dinr amy teie i
7VTEVER take the chance of buying tires' on outside appearance.
1 J Insist on seeing cross-sections ... not alone of the particular
tire the salesman iseeks to sell you, but of competitive tires as Well.
Only in this way can you make comparisons and determine which
tire is Bigger, Stronger and Safer. INBUILT VALUES are never
visible on the surface. You must look inside to get the facts. With
cross-sections before yotij the claims made about various tires
either stand up, 0 they crumble underUhe truth. No amount of
explanation can ptlt more rubber volume, more weight, more width,
more thickness, ajad more plies, into a tire when they aren't there.
These EXTRA VALUES are inbuilt at the factory. .. never on the
sales floor or in public print. ; . j
HEI1E, Ma. MOTOniGT, 13 HO v 1
Come in today and ,lct us show yon
flreetono cross sections land croes-eec
i !iJ , .t.
uoos vi epccuii onura
Make your own com
parisons.Take npevery!
point and note the dif-j
ferenee. Yon will be uih
der no obligation what
ever to bur. All we want
is to have you get the
facta yourself so yon
can see which tire offers
yon the greatest value.
Erery tire
"Fires lone'
aaaaafectMred bj
bears the name!
and carries Flre-
stone's nali
isalled gnarsatos
Yoa are deahly
and ears.
ountuTrr j
sues nn ua rtrtH'
S.69 ll.f
6w6S SX.9
T.IO 13
7.O0 If-0
&S7 1.7
Tinns i' I
17.$ J4.0
S4S1 ... .S7
MkS .... f 7f
Sfeo . . . . X9.75
. f
JEFFERSON. May la ob
servance of Music week, a' pro
gram was girea Thursday even
ing , at the Christian church, at
the request of the Jefferson
Woman's dub. :
The program opened with two
songs, 'America", and "Old
Folks at Homo", by the assembly,
accompanied by Gilbert Looney,
violin: GUbert Spragg, sousa
phone; and Miss Durfee, piano;
sousaphone solo. Gilbert Spragg;
i p fin
Do yon recall any instance where you
were invited by sellers of special brand
snail order tires to compare cross-sections
mmu oruer urea.
7fT T7 TTTj A.
"M"M"ej cse-siTiKe 1 I a -t w. d. Tias
Mee Rybbcr VeL X7Z e- te. tete.ta. tSce.ta. X7 -,-
Sieve WeigM . . . gO.OO Ike. tf.TS Dm. XS.3 Um. SO.M lb
ter WMTb .7ta. 4.74
SaereTkickecM. . jZ1 im, ,9flm. .OeOia. ,.Oa l.
aserePUcsalTrceJ O piim S ptic Uc 7 Hie
Seaao rrioe. , . . CM IU4 IUQ
Wa Special Brand Mail Order tire Is made by some unknown
manufacturer and sold under n name that does not identify him
io the public, usually because he builds his Erst line tires under
r:u his own name.
fc r.a i? a Ei is pcncEcs
if & h a ;
cotMEa rm
en - ' tmua nana
SOOts . . . Sl.o7 7.74
Sls..... . e.98
4At4tl . . . 4.S 5 M0
4.S041 . . . ; S.IS
SJtl .v. 7-7f : 7.7$
UTaa vaujc w r
The Station with a Clock
iS3c3" "Sill"
Invite Us to Your Next Blowout
vocal solo by Harvey Thurston;
violin solo by Francis Gatchell;
group of old time songs, by Miss
es GeraldlnO Regester and Bertha
Dillon, W. F. Gatchell and IC 8.
Thurston, group of piano num
bers, by Maude purfee; ' vocal
solos. Those - at j Home", and
"Morning", by iifUs Regester;
group of violin solos. "Roses of
Plcardy", and "My Hero". . by
Gilbert Looney; the program
dosed with, A group of vocal so
los; -Little Mother of Mine",
and "Davey Jones .Daughter", by
Gilbert Spragg.
Harold "Red" Grange, former
Illinois grid star, has signed with :
S Chicago radio station to help
roadcaat the bomej games of the
Cubs and White Sox this season.
of their tires in each
price class, with Fire
atone croeesections7 It
just isn't being done.
We not only invile you
we urge yon, to make
comparisons because
we know Firestone tires
will back up every state
ment we make. J
abcbob rvrc
Seper 0tavy Dwty
. 0.7
20.1 S
,9.75 IS. 40
10J5 1.9
110 21.O0
UJOS 25.50
1S.7S 20.70
IUJ 29.50
17.1$ 33.30
21A0 S9.10
. . .
vr, &r 21 li u
popular prices. ' '
1 i