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Bluabird Flito to Ne7" Escsrd
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Frcs Textbook : Bill Given
Favorable Report With
Vote Slated Today V
' nigh school students of Ore
gon -vere eliminated from receiv
ing free textbooks in an amend
ment reported favorably when
the house committee brought out
4he controversial bill onto' , the
tloor yesterday. The measure will
be up tor rots . today. The bill
- providing for state- loan of itext
- boot to public school students
heralded the first step in-lesisla-
tloa by receiving the -vote of th
committee but th henef itr of
the ' measure, was confined to
elementary school pupils only..
Two matters -which have j held
the spotlight during the past two
-.weeks were placed ea special or
der of "business fortho next two
days. The Port of Portland bill
' & scheduled far vote la the,
ftouse this afternoon and tha old
-m session . law' for . th seme
timM tfi. noii dav. r
The senate passed the Aagell
provision for naming in Sm"
mlaalom to-reflate port activities
"nd finance Monday, but Jd it
tret a -day before retaraiagJirio
h bouse for approval' or Its
amendments. A debate- on 1 the
amendment designating four men
to tin vacancies thia yea tax ex
pected; and observers predict a
Sosslble deadlock la th house on
i Issue. The emssuro as it bow
tends has the approval of Gov
eraor Julius Lb Meier.,' ,
DU Age Pension
.Vote Itae Sooa
The old ag pension law, pro
viding payment: by the atate- of
i J 39 to every eligible dependent
43Ut-the-ge of C5 years.. wjref
ported ,mt at r tie committee;-f a
verafclr last week.-; stud" was I de
cayed oatil Thursday-for- final ae--lion,
Thia measure also Is a con
troversial one, upon' which a-pub-lk
hearing waa recently held.
A. more to reconsider the bill
defeated by the house which
would allow Multnomah ' county
-to provide for aa art association
xfn Portland, waa made, and the
measure will appear- on the jcal
endar for early revote. Another
measure directed at the oleomar-
earlae business was Introduced. ;
thH one providing a payment of
15 cents a pound excise tax to
-the dairy and food commissioner
of all product of thia class sold.
" A "permit" 1 also required r by
dealers, to eel aeomargarlne or
butter .substitutes. '
Preservation., of . " lakes: and
-streams was approved In . three .
r proposals" passed. .'A, memorial
to - congress asking; an appropri
ation of $59,000 to improve Tak
enlsh and Siltcoos lakes a- west
ern Lane, and Douglas counties,
-and! preserve these lakes' ass re
sorts was given favorable , votei
t " Prohibiting boat fishingv1 on por
tions of thb McKenzie and TJmp
F oua ; rivers, . while Lake of -.ithe
-Woods river in Klamath county
was preserved as a resort were
provided in other measures lap-
proved. 'S
Attention I Statesman ' subscrrD
rs. In giving a chance of address
tor your subscription be sure t
iv your former address as well
as your new address. j
That I. the undersigned as j As
signee for the benefit of creditors
t Kenneth J. Brown, insolvent
, vropose to sell through sealed
-fcids th. following described prop-
ertv. to-wlt: - . .1
The entire stock of merchan
dise now located in Ken. Brown's
fjoortinr Goods store at ;S72
fctate Street,? Salem; Oregon; also
ail fixtures and equipment n&ed
In connection with said basinets;
also all accounts receivable jdu
and owliurto said fir nr. . r
Kids will ie considered for th
entire asset? of the business j in
cludinr accounts, or separately
for 4h stock fixtures or ae-
couats. . '- 1
, I retierve the right" to reject; any
er all bids. . !
All bids must b presented at
the office of the undersigned St
Booms'1 JO-XI Xadd Bush Bank
Buildiar. Salem. Oregon; on or
before Saturday, . February 14.
l31. at 10:0d a-m.
E. L. CRAWFORD, Assignee
for Ken, Brown, Insolvent. F. 19
ii-is-is. . ;
Notice Is Hereby Given, That
I, the- undersigned, as Assignee
for the benefit of creditors of
Kenneth 2. Brown, insolvent,
eropose to sell through sealed
bids th ' following described
property, to-wlt: i
Th entire stock 'of merctan
dlse bow located in Ken. Brown's
Eportlnr Goods .Store - at 'IT
State Street,' Salem, Oregon? at
ao all fixtures; and equipment
used la , connection with said
business: also all accounts i
celvabl due and owing to said
firm. - l
Bids will be considered ! for
the entire assets of the business.
Including accounts, or separate
ly tor the stock fixture or ao-
counts. - " - .-! ,'.).
I reserve the right to reject
any or ait Bias. i
All bids must be presented at
the office of the undersigned at
Rooms 10-11 Ladd & Bush Bank
Building, Salem, Oregon, oa or
before Saturday. February j 14
1131. at 10:00 A. U. j
Assignee for Ken. Brown. Insolv
eat. Fl 0-1 1-12-11
-T- .
- KOTICa i
-: Notice Is hereby given thkt
jbave impounded th following de
scribed dog In compliance with
Ordiuanc No. KOI, to-wlt: One
black and white pointer dog. 'The
shore described dog will be killed
it not redeemed by owner, oa or
iefsrs, February 14, 1931, as pro
Tie J la tail ordinance. "V -J7i.
g. LOW, Street Commissioner.
S"bruary 10. 1131.
F. 11-12-13-14-15
: h mrtrm mt th
tone Beach, JFbv, Captala Malcolm GasnpbeM. RritUb. teeing ace,
reoord by roering- down the ocean speedway a sue wwiMsg speea.
1 " rcoataaed ..from pas- JLi " 3 ' a- t
frew swggeatlens. orea ' ac
nrantauts . masldaas. or! dress
makers are always looking . for
new -and; improved way4ot per
fbrminr their work. Thar are
so- BMtnr ways- ef serving foods,
so--many different, ways ef com-
binrnfr them, aad rarious ways
of easonlng that we can-i always
have-wnlimUed 'varieties of aerv
inx teem. This- is enly one of the
reasons why yea -should ! attend
these Cooking ISatinees.
Uacarfor Oveaf
To- tie -Disclosed : '
There are many delicious d lan
es which can be -prepared in the
ores things - which wo ! always
thought had to be cooked ton top
ef the stove, t All we have to do
is -to prepare Che various dishes,
put them - la - the oven,, set. the
time control properly and: forget
about them -asitil it is time to
err. :thenu "No more ;basting"
aad steamed up every
fifteen saiautes : by- having . to
open- the oven door. Our tem-
cature is. all set properly, ao
we don't have to look. . as there
la no possible danger of burning
if we - go according, to Instruc
tions for the dish we are preparing.-
"The speed, ease, and econ
omy iwitbi -which an oven . meal
can "-be- prepared - is almost nnoe-
lievable. ; ! " "
Oven- meals- may b of: th
long-time type which Tcqulre ser-'
erai hours o cooking, or they
may be the even more popular
short-time meal, which is ready
to serve an- hour after it -goes
Into the oven. The neat control
which regulate the. temperature
ef the .even make it possible to
place an entire, menu, inclndln?
dessert, in the oven and leave it
to work out its- own desUny. Re
turning- several hours later the
feed will be cooked and ready to
serve.- ' !; '
Some forethought and care
should -be expended in planning'
the-eearblaauons .suitable for the
ength t)f time the meal Is to re
main in the oven, as tome foods
are better for short periods and
others Tor longer' periods.' I
Xti-is wise and economical to
fill, the '-oven to capacity, it pos
sible. Dried fruits, pujddlngs.
and vegetables may be cooked
for a future- meal If the menu
prepared doe not require .the
entire oven space. 'Considerable
space may be -saved If necessary
by using : tux top. uos- to corer
food, thus making It possible to
place- one "food on top of the
other. If the even is crowded
unusually full, the temperature
given may: have to be i raised
slightly to obtain results . la the
length of time given. In th di
rections. These and other cook
ery problems will be discussed
at the cooking school I
Harr Steinbock
Leading Tourney
'Harry Steinbeck, a brother of
Sammy, of local bowling tame
and prowess, led a field of 142
entrants In the opening Ave
games of the Oregon Journal's
diamond medal bowling tourna
ment at Portland Monday, ac
cording to word ' received here.
Harry rolled the five games tor
a score of 1013. He was! one of
three plarers to make over 1019.
The other ruaners-up chalked to
tal of 1911 and 1011. i
O i &
No longer is it aifUcuIt for the
Pasha to remember the names of
th beauties who adorn his harem.
For according t Mrs. UaLd Edib,
rioted YYirVlsH ttSat nn a vrlcf
to th United States to conduct a
series oz lectures at narnard Cel
tege. polysxmy was never very
reaeral in bar country.; 1
added: "If hard enough to man
age one woman, let auoaa two.
three or four. .
.kiwi of hi TOut-bird racing car. At
Today Robert Montgomery ..
i'- la "Love in the Rough." :
Friday Bob v Steel la
J Hadln Korth.- , . . . ,
1 '. Tim GRAND ' . N
. Today Douglas - Fairbanks,
I Jr., In -Way of All Men.
Friday Double. Bill Bessia
j Love In "Conspiracy and
) 'Hoot Gibson, la Spurs."
r - . e
Today 4chard Dlx la Tla
-! ,- arron. t , - .
Todajr Grant Withers, la.
! "Sinners Holiday." :
- . ; . - - : . k- ' e
It is my. personal opinion that
if Grant Withers had really
good director, he- would-be cap
able of some acting that woald
make one remember his work
with a thrilL As it is he paly
shews, glimpses of fine work, and
then become very mediocre
like a candle that flames up only
to die down to a small flicker.
In -Sinner's Holiday." which is
now showing at the Capitol.
Grant Withers has an appealing
parr to play and he does it very
well but one wishes that some
how the edges could be smoothed
down. T: . ' . :
'Sinner's 'Holiday has some
unusual acting in it. .The people
are not the type that Is ordinar
ily, known. They represent th
folk who manage, and own, con
cessions in carnivals. Their con
versation, their mode of living.
their outlook on life is all so dif
ferent that It offers much to the
audience In point of interest.
The plot has to do with the
lov affair of ' Grant Withers, a
tramp barker, aad EvalynKnapp,
and the murder of Noel Madison.
Bits of excellent acting is alL
through thia dramatic episode In
the Uvea of people's whose exist
ences are nard. - :r f;
(Continued from page 1) ; ' '
Jffct- will be threslled out at the
eouncll meeting next Monday
night, " " - . .
There ts division of opinion as
to the city's chances on an appeal.
Some think the point ' used by
Judge HU1 to Invalidate the deci
sion 1 in error and that he would
be reversed on appeal; others are
not so sure about the matter.
The practice in the secretary of
state's office, according to Coun
cilman O'llara, is opposite t o that
which Judge Hill seems to require.-
There the petitions are
considered filed when deposited
with th secretary of state, and
time dates from that moment.
The checking" follow later at the
convenience of the office, " -
President Elliott will remain In
Salem today checking over busi
ness at th office of the company
bar. Hla heaquarters are In San
Francisco,' -
Beartat Frosh
Beat Sheridan
Hoopers 33-20
The Willamette freahmAn Am.
feated the Sheridan town basket
ball team, 11 to 20, at the Willam
ette gymnasium Tuesday night.
Superior team work and passing
of the freshmen brought the vic
tory. The scoring tor th locals
was passed around, with Swet
and' Braasfleld each seorlng 19
points and Burdette getting f.
Crawford played a good game at
guard and handled the ball nicely.
Fournler was high scorer of the
game with 12 points tor Sheridan.
Frosh u Sheridaa .
Sweet 19 i....F......i Hitml
braasfleld 19 ...F.........1 Too
Burdette 9 U...C.....lLorelett
Crawford, 4- G.H. Wilson
Cook .....rfi..o.;.liFoumlar.
William S..,.. J, Belzer
Gopde . .8. ... ..Rugs
tndependence The Christian
aid society met at the horn of
Mrs. Ellen Robertson ; Thursday
afternoon. Conversation .and
fancy, work kept every guest busy
during th afternoosv
dainty lunch was served by
Mrs. itoDinson assisted bv her
daughter; Mrs. Alt Craven.
1. 1
Too Late to Clascify
! ...... -n - - -
. 1XST Whtte rold dinner- rlnfc T
diJimond at Lateral reward. Tel.
11. t - -
the end ef another trial at Day-
broke the world's automoLUo speed
ox wj.w mw ma wm.
mm TO -bsbt
I -. - . - .
C Continued froca page 1 .
The plans oa beta wings call
for outside entrance to the audi
torium, making it possible to fthat
off the rest of the building in
cases when, special gatherings are
held. -
While the building project Is
not- assuredU It was pointed ant
that at the end of the present
school year would be an ideal time;,
to build these additions, which are
needed bow and will be imperative
in a few years, what with, the eost
of b silling materials low and the
unemployment situation somewhat
Both Highland end Engtewood
are mora than comfortably Tilled
thia year, with about 119 students
at the latter building. Wall the
grade and Junior high school ea-
rollmcntla' th city la slightly teas
than last year, enrollment at these
two schools is greater because ef
increased population in the south
section of lews. i !
- The aehoAl clerk still hasum the
books-149.099 unexpended ef th
1699.090 bond issue, for building
aad reconstruction floated about
seven years ago, and it is proposed
these -funds be utilized la the eon
structionr This would not need to
be voted upon by the people, and
Would make ao added burden at
tail time.
- A delegation of 19 persona. In
cluding seven women, appeared
before the board to present a peti
tion requesting that the boundary
line between the Lincoln and Me
Klnley school which lies west of
High street be , changed ; from
Washington street to Superior
street, end that the change be ef
fective immediately. The petition
was signed by XV fathers and
mothers. Walter . Minier - waa
spokesman for the group. . The
board allowed the petition. '
The petition waa circulated af
ter the McKinley and Lincoln
school principals, witniacking of
th superintendent, gav notice
mat fail that at mid-year school
boundary lines would be adhered
to, ! thus making several poplla
who aad been attending Lincoln
school on special permit from
doctor go back into their own, or
the McKinley, district.
Parents objected to this oa the
ground that the Lincoln school
was closer At the meeting last
night they declared they did aot
object to the tact that a few class
es at Lincoln would be unduly
targe If their petition war sanc
tioned. The; attempted change
was a move to equalise enrollment
thine two buildings.
Resignation of Pauline Rlckli.
English teacher at the senior
high school, was accepted by th
board and -Ague Derry, who
taught at Klamath Falls last year,
was elected to-the vacancy. Gar
nee! Cranor, Willamette student
and assistant In the chemistry lab
oratory there, was elected to 'the
vacant high school chemistry post;
and Ellen Sirnlo, Monmouth grad
uate, was elected to . the fifth
grad pott at Lincoln.
Nichols Admits
r Larceny in Bank
19 (AP) James - Q.; Nichols,
former Chjloqala state : bank
cashier, waived indictment la cir
cuit court here today and plead
ed guilty to grand larceny.
He will be sentenced Friday. :
Nichols admitted tooting the
bank of 138.099. '
I Liu,
,3"C-tCn Still D.w!nd
To Turn cut "Stra!ct
Stuff Discovered "A.
(Continued from pag 1) u
sions gained In the swoop made
yesterday, ; that the still had not
bees In operation for a long per
iod of , time. - ; ' . i - - . t
No attempt wag taado to dis
mantle the still, yesterday, and a
guard was' kept constantly fol
lowing arrest of the trio. Off i
eerr were la hope that on or
more ' truckloads of uppUea
would b brought In last night
under cover of darkness, and for
that reason- dTl not disturb the
apparatus yesterday.;, j
The stlU7 will be taken down
today. witath deputies sehed-.
uled to leave oa th Job some
time this morning.
: Th arrest was mad shortly
after 1 o'clock. --.I v .
It Toad not been ! detatmined
last night when the trio lodged. In,
the .Jail her would be given
their first Innings, before the law.
WASniNaTON. Feb. 19. T
(.) Communist sought to
day to Invade the floor of the
house oL repTesentatlve. and re-
buried in this, wound up ey cre
ating a series ef aistnrnances m
the publla gallery, j
Fourteen persons whites and
negroes, mea and i Women -
marched vp Capitol hill ahortly
after noon as a committee to de
mand a nearlng on the floor oc
of the house or from 8peaker
Longworth, oa unemployment In
surance.' . i 1
They failed - and : marched
away. . i - -
A group of tympathlxers.whe
had enured tfce publl gallery of
the house while the leaders were
in the office of Sergeant at Arms
Rodger an hour later tried to
address the house from that
vantage point. Four were
elected. : - . 'V ;
Bert Kennedy, house doorkeep
er, brought about th ejection- of
the first man who had Just
moved into the front row of the
gallery, when seized j by detec
tive. Kennedy took from him a
newspaper on the border 1 of
which was scribbled "You are to
speak after he finishes. . ;
scons mills a
sii to era
Parrlsh Junior , bigfe bssket-.
ball -team srUl meet Scott Mill
her tonight. ' ' .
1st a game played 1st Seotts
Mills in January, parrlsh won 14
to 11. However the Scott Mills
tun is Improved now and will be
able to glr a good gam her to
alght. Parrlsh win b weakened
by the absence of Kill at guard.
Ellis was out of thai Chemawa
gam on account of Illness and
will not be ready to play tonight.
Friday and Saturday of ; this
week Medford Junior nigh will
play Parrlsh her in a aerie to
help determine the state junior
high championship In basketball.
Much interest is being shown in
the game aa this is the first
Urn that a junior high basketball
team from southern Oregon, has
Invaded . Salem. Medford was
easily winner of the Southern
Oregon championship, j ' .
The atartlag lineup! for to
night's game will b Perrine aad
Wintermate forwards, DeJardin
center, , and Hobbs and Clark
guards. , j
..- J j 1 .
Oregon Pioneer ;
Dies at Age 93
EUGENIV Ore.; Feb. 10 r
(AP) Captain John" O'Brien.
IS, Civil war officer aad former
Oregon newspaper man, died at
hi home on th 8iuslaw river to
day. - .
O'Brien for several years was
state president of thai American
Federation of Labor, j :
Grand i hoQtra
Jiiaa D. cef the XJiivrtz'.'-rr. cf Creeo, la aewsi tcre tallss
cewai Cpasi. Xix fa'a fee ,r:ertj on recess tr!- t Cjanba ettl
meats La southern Colerai. and eortern -Now fclexlce, where te
eeex-lellve tsiay astlcia aaccsters 11 ZZ3 year age, -
r-i riv-i ir
WAEnmCTON. Feb. 19
CAP) Senate republican inde
pendents waged an all day attack
upon; the compromise relief legis
latloa today and a rot went over
until tomorrow. - I
; Senators LaFoIletteSuid Elaine,
of Wisconsin, and Norri. of Ne
braska, led the oratorical assault
on th 120,009,999 drought loan
fund.; They asserted It was e
surrender to President Hoover by
the senate coalition. ;s .-. : r :
i Anxious to' get the funds ap
propriated tor prompt relief, dem
ocratic and republican leaders
who her endorsed the compro
mise left the talk to the opposi
tion. ! They are confident of. votes
for adoption. A roll call waa be-,
lleved la alsat for tomorrow.-
, The republican insurgents con
tended the f 19.999.099 loan.
chest; would .be of no benefit to
those most in need of aid because
of Inability at many sufferers la
the drought, area to put np secur
ity. Benator Co Poland, democrat.
New York, expressed the "belief, J
however,, the-Red Cream, would
supplement the federal loans ade
: f:S dulls atu
NEW YORK. Feb. 19 (AP)
Feverish speculation such as Wall
street had not aeea : in months
swept through the stock market
today,, boosting . aggregate share
values to the best level since mid
October., : .?:- ,-. - J -'N' .
. The more popular shares ended
the day. $1 to 114 higher, and the
day's transfers la the stock ex
change swelled to j f ,199.090
shares, '199,999 more than yes
terday's and the largest sine De
cember 17. The sweeping advance
met more resistance than It did
yesterday, however and' the net
progress, as measured by the price'
index; of 99. leading. Issues, was
only a lit" mora than half as
wide. f : v ."-" . . ' i .,
: Th advance, which started
with aa unexpected, explosive bull
drive late in Saturday's' trading,
haa in three day added more than
11.000,000.000 to the aggregate
quoted value ef all aha res listed
on, the stock, exchange, -or more
than; the total gain of the month
of Jaauary.
BROWNWOOD, Tex Feb. 19
(AP) A poverty-pinched tenant
farmer and two of his children are
Home ef Taliics
; ; Today nd Thtrrsiay '
. 9 P. MC
r ' TonlsM la Davenport
i-i-vf.-:.--NIslit-:-v! 'r-i
Brinj Yonr Tickets
The'Sinllo a llinnto ' Tallies
: - wifb. Song Hit Galore
Pep, Leatgh- aatd Love ,
with. Robert Montgomery,"
Dorothy Jordan, Benny Rubin
and J. C hTngent. -
AIM 1 Talking . Comedy, News
DaYcnport zi 9 P. IL
1 1
dead and hi wife and three other
ctiLren were critically ill tonight
from poison which authorities
said was contained ia homemade
bread th last food left in the
family larder.
. CTTiclals were attempting to de
termiae whether the poison was
used by design to wlp out the
family la the face of starvation,
or. whether it became aa Ingredi
ent of -the bread by.accfient,
- The dead are II. A. Jones, 40,
Hilary, . and .C C. Jones, C.
Mrs. Jones and three other chil
dren were seriously ill but physi
cians expressed -hope they could
be-aeved. Hubert, IS, was la the
most dangerous condition.
Jones told officers before his
death today that there was poison
in th house: purchased two years
age xor extermination ef grass
hoppers. 1
Mrs. Jones, recovering suffici
ently to converse with officials.
said her husband had not been de
spondent and had. talked with ber
recently about their plans for the
year. '
CAP) Bread was described to
day a? a, price aristocrat when
compared to It ancestors, wheat
aad flour. - .
Ethelbert Stewart, commis
sioner of labor statistics, said it
cost more than, tt should in view
of the cheapness of Its materials.
He presented statistics to show
the price of bread in 61 cities is
higher relatively than the wheat
price and also higher -than the
average' price of aril other food
products. .. " "
- The costs f virtually all In
gredients of bread, except , con
densed milk, have dropped re
cently, Stewart said,
j A mass of statistics was pre
sented to the senate committee
y representatives of miller and
government departments to show
the price of wheat aad flour to
day are lower than for years.
Staytoa Th seventh birthday
celebration ef the Woman' Com
munity club Thursday evening at
the clubhouse, was attended by
about T9 persons. The long tables
were laden with food and at the
president's table was a birthday
cake with sevea candles. Th club
room and tables were decorated
with red tapers, red hearts, holly
and pussywillows. During the din
ner hoar tausie was famished by
a group of high school stuents,
Deris Champ, piano; Patsy Mayo,
violin; Dixon Perry, banjo, and
Stewart Mayo, saxophone.
Following the dinner a program
and business meeting waa held.
' I 1 1 1 !v - 1- .,4 V, 1 1 Jj.-f
eruirr vm i ai tVAtni
- J SBSSSS? SsSaTSai OafSsfl VIsBspsWssBj MsjBBsssa
I 1 1 . X.
( 1
t a t j i u i si , r
L , -N, ... .wVJU
:, ' V ...
nil -'.r--fij: -r
if"-f nr" f,ttf.
Li!cc!y to t3 up fcr
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which places pending application!
under this act but preserves for
such, applications any prior rights
they may possess, .
Th hearings which were hell
ia tii "morning and afternoon
brought controversy between
Kenneth. Harlan and Os West on
the question cf jurisdiction. Har
lan went tack to 1911 and read
front a voluminous scrapbook,
which Os called a Sears Roebuck
catalog, clippings from- the Ore
gonian upholding state sover
eignty. West rejoined that the is
sue had all been settled fa fa
vor of. federal, authority because
of the- federal power act and the
Utah case decision.
' lis aw
L03 AXCLZ3, Feb. 10
(AP) A five year term of pro
bation. 11 month ef which must
be spent In-the county Jail, was
granted to Daisy Do Boe by Su
perior Judge William Do ran at
th close of ber trial for the
theft of 1125, from Clare Bow.
; Th . declsioa of i the court,
which saved her from a possible
terra of one to ten year In prison
was- preceded by a ' stern repri
mand. Deran, speaking culetly
and addressing his remarks
directly to the blond young
woman, told tier ah was not only
aa 7'embexaler but had commit
ted a serious breach of trust.
As secretary to th film act
reas, be told her ahe had held "a
good position at a. substantial
salary and had been entrusted
with - funds. You conducted
systematic raids on these funds
for some length of time and th
Jury was Quite generous la the
I verdict finding you guilty of only
Inn. miihI 99
Miss -De Boe originally i was
charged in 17 counts of grand
theft with stealing more than
119,000 over a period of a : year
and a half. "Th vldence waa
sufficient." th court continued,
"to support a conviction oa all
counts. f . . ir .' i
Amity Hoopers
May :: Challenge
Salem Quintet
AMITY. Feb. ,10 The Amity
high basketball players are still
practicing every day. They ar
out! after more galpes. Coach
Summrvtlie tated that they
would have to 'f f six
more games In ; order to have
enough money to start basebalL
The boys need' new eQulpment
this year so the basketball team
Is going to try ! to rais their
money for th athletio fund.
They are In hope of getting
game with 8alm, Bethel and
Independence. r
. Amity high lost four baseball
Iettermen, last year which they
will miss very much but they are
hoping for a successful year.
A' topographical survey' of
Cheyenne Bottoms la Kansas,
10.009 acres of which: will - b
mad Into a gamrefug, la vir
tually completed.
I:,ri !jfh r Till L
Biggest Shcx Vdzs!
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