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aociety jfsl
; " 1 - -
Mrs. Linnie Lee
Again Heads
Mrs. 'Linnle Lee was again
. elected president of the Salem
Chapter No. 1. American War
Mothers, at; the Tuesday boslneas
meeting id the American Luther
' ait church. Other officers for
the coming year elected and in
stalled were Mrs. Mary E. Wat
i kins, rice president; Mrs. Carrie
; Beechler, recording 7 secretary;
Mrs. Minnie Humphreys, treas
i urer; Mr. May Myers, corres
ponding secretary; Mr. Addle
Curtis, historian; Mrs. Mabel
Lockwood. custodian of records;
Mrs. Mary Ranch, auditor; Mrs.
Rose Hagedora, chaplain.
A beautiful memorial service
was held in memory of Mrs. Jen
ale Landegraf, gold star mother
who passed away recently.
' At the business meeting, Mrs.
Emily .Hendricks suggested that
$25 be sent to the Red Cross for
drouth relief and this was voted
to be done by the organization.
Special, music was , given ! by
Miss Margaret Schrleber and Miss
Elizabeth Odgen, ot W lllamette
' university. - j
Mrs. Stella M. Wilson was ad
jnltted as a new member to the
organiaztion. The committee to
call on the sick for the next two
"weeks was appointed and included
Mary E. Watkins, May Salsbury.
and Susan Balderee.
, Mr. Sarah Hobson, chairman
of the social committee appointed
- the following social committee" to
. serve for the meeting February
17: Sirs. Jennie Vincent, Mrs.
Norma Terwilliger, Mrs. Rose
Schaffer, Mrs. Mary Mohr. Mrs.
Minnie Gabrielson, Mrs. Laura
Clatter, Mrs." Russel Catlin, Mrs.
Katherine Bernardl, Mrs. Mary
Crashow, and Mrs. Elisabeth
A tea hour closed a very suc
cessful and pleasant meeting for
the Mothers.
" "" i ' ""
Mrs. Ralph Kletzing
Lioness Hostess
, - . One of , the social meetings
'which are being sponsored this
' year by wires of members of the
Lions club will be held at the
Ralph Kletzing home Thursday af
ternoon with Mrs. Kletzing as
hostess, assisted by Mrs. Newell
Williams, Mri Harry Scott and
lira. George Lewis.
. The party has been planned in
unique fashion from the social af
ternoon to the refreshment hour.
St. 1 Valentine's day has offered
several motifs for the originality
of the plans.
Mrs. Roy Keene assisted-'.
Mr. Richard slayter entertained
members of the Kappa Alpha The
ta alumnae at the Keene home
Tuesday night. Sewing for Salem
general hospital -occupied the at
tention of the alumnae members.
. 1 . . .
. There are many delightful ver
sions oi me tunic dress, some tai
lored and some decidedly femin
ine as the model sketched inAv
The soft, flattering shoulder cape
lets are the essence of femininity.
The tunic Skirt nrf th nnrtar
skirt are moderately flared to
acuieve just me ngnt degree of
chic The frock is belted, and
worn slightly bloused. ,
Pattern 2074 may be made ot
sua or wool ror equally smart ef
' feet.' Wfl SUrrest Ctntnn ir.n.
satin, marocain. wool erenc wnai
georgette or one of the many nov
elty rayons so interesting this sea-
' a . . . .
son. a piaia coior, a mixture or a
print mar be used successful! . i
May be obUined only In sises
as, u, se, it, 3. is, e and 2J
Size If requires 4 H yards of 1-
mcn material. .
H Sriaak1as rprae to
seSMry u mk tkia Bodt vrts
or pktttra Ysrdtcs fsr'tvtry
iM. d iimi. xsei Uatrse
tiaoa ar sivcaw - ;.
8a4 t it ta 'east - is aolaa
fallr mpr4. r ttaapa (ar aacb
sattera. Write slaiaty Taar ea ma.
a4oasa sad atyta aaabajr Ea aara
to atal aixa arastad. .
Oar m4w fad. sad wiatat taakios
k contaiains axaaUita ao4al
for adults aad childres sad as
axeallaat sortmeoi sf traaifer
paUaraa aad atampad BOvalti. is
aaw adr. Prtea fiftaa aaata.
Bk vita aattcra. caau. ad
draas Bail aad rdera to Ctataa
"a Pcuera DvatrtmeM, ttt
Wc lTik atrMt, Haw Tors City.,
( 1 ! '
rr. . . :-.f ; ;
ews ana
l Wednesday.
Salem Dakota -xlub, basket dinner and program,
"riO -o'clock, American Lutheran. church.
Woman's Home Missionary society of First M. E.
. church, church parlors, 2: SO o'chxk.' -
t Missionary society of First Congregational church,
Miss Constance Kantner, &3 North Commercial street,
"7- t:tO o'clock. - 7". j. -lv
; if. Woman's Missionary-.; society,' First Christian
- church, t:30. o'clock; church parlors. - 1 7.
- j Spring Valley missionary society, Mrs. Charles Me
' Carter, 2:30 o'clock. " -7."f, i '
f Aid society of Knight Memorial church. Mrs. E. L
Powell, 2160 Trade street, 2:30 o'clock.
t Maccabees social ctub.j Mrs. Lottie Smith, 1245
Market street. ': - - ! r " '"' . ' . J
St. iVIncent de Paul altar society,' 2 o'clock, parish
hall, business and social afternoon. ,
'i St. .'Paul's Senior guild,) 2:30 o'clock.
- If Salem Primary Teachers council. Grant school, 4
-'o'clock.--!'.'", - j '". 7 ' " r'"'-: - - -j
-Ladies aid of Leslie Methodist church, 2 o'clock In
church parlors. Tea meeting,
-';;!.;,:. j 'p Thursday, February 5
! J Hayeeville Woman's club, 2 o'clock, Mrs. W. H.
Kay, 2461 South Commercial street.
; .! North Salem W. C. T. jC. 2 o'clock, Jason Lee
church, (business session?' " . " "
7 j Mrs. R. O. Lewis hostess to members of the Brush
rn) Intra TTolnorX I '
v v - p. v -
Chapter G. or P. E. u. guesi oi airs. u. &napp.
Friday, February 6
v v r.. A. nroeram.: 8 o'clock In auditorium of V;
Children giring program; public inited.
! I Mrs. W. C. Joues, nosiess 10 x s xviineiies ciud, ivvv
Caoitor street. Apt. 12; 2 o'clock; Mrs. Ralph Winn,
speaker.-. t-:. !
1 j First Spiritualist church circle, 8 o'clock, Mrs. Lu
cille Baker, 630 Union street, f
f Brush College grange at ! Brush College school
house; representatires ol Dallas chamber of commerce
present. ' i '' ,
t United Spanish war reterans auxiliary. Tegular
meeting; Friday, Z: 30, armory. - .
I Mother's meeting. 3 o'clock; ; Leslie Junior high
school, x ' 1 I " - ; : :
j Saturday, February 7
Illihee country club Will sponsor Valentine dance
at club ; house. ' .
I D. A. R. will meet at
Woman's Relief Corps,
Mrs. Wallace Carson
Compliments Father
Mrs. Wallace Carson win com-
pliaent tie birthday of her fa
ther. E. El Bragg, within inform
al dinner) party tonight at
o'clock at the Carson home.
Corers (will be placed for Mr.
and Mrs. ; E. E-j Bragg, Mr. and
Mrs. Dan McLellan, Mrs. John A.
Carson, and from Monmouth,
Miss Jessica Todd, Miss Bertha
Bralnard. Miss Maud McPherson,
Miss Katherine Arbuthnot, Miss
Laura Taylor, Mrs. R. D. Parker.
Hazel Green A group met at
the home j--of Mrs. Alvin iVan
Cleare Thursday afternoon to or
ganize a sewing club. The offi
cers elected are: president, ' Mrs.
Alrin Van Cleave; Tice president;
Mrs.. Herman Wacken, Jr.; see--retary-treasurer,
Mrs. R. H.
Wacken. 1 1 ' . f
The club was named the Sun
shine sewing club. Mrs. Thomas
Van Cleave will be hostess for
the next meeting.' February 12.
The charter members 'I are: , Mrs.
Thomas . Van Cleave, Mrs, Bar-
net t, Mrs. Joseph . Cook. Mrs.
Herman Wacken Jr., ' Mrs.
Charles ZellnskI Jr., Mrs. Archie
MeCockle, Mrs. Ralph Gilbert.
Mr.- Charlie Kobow, Mrs. Ru
dolph Wacken, Mrs.. Alvin Van
Cleave. Children present . were
Barbara and Delmar Kobow, Ro
salie Wacken, Dafyl Van Cleave.
Hasel .Green Mr. B." C. Zet-
Inskl entertained with 'a dinner
Sunday honoring " ker husband's
birthday. Covers were laid for the
honor guest and Mr. and . Mrs.
Charles ZellnskI Sr., Edward and
Paul Zellaskl,r Mis Ann Meimit-
ry.' Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Domo-
galla. - Alfred, Herman and
Charles Domogalla, all of Salem,
Mrs. ZellnskI and- children Lewis,
Quentin and Helen. ;i
Mrs. Ralph ! Winn will address
members of the Dakota dab at its
regular meeting tonight-In the
parlors of the American Lutheran
church when It. meets for its regu
lar monthly meeting. .She will dis
cuss some phase of -Russian life
as she has known It. The program
for the club win be prefaced by &
:jb o cjoca- dinner i
Today's Menu
Chicago Chicken For Dinner, j
' j " Breakfast V '
i Oranga Joiea '
. Wbtal Cral aad Craaaa
FraBek Taast - Sjrop .
, - j. -Caffea-- ; i
, Lnncheon . f J
Craamed Oyttara , , ; - Sveat FieaScI
. erea ! Float Jelly,
Frait Cooktea Ta '
t ' . IHnner
ducajo Cliek Bakad FoUtoa
; - tsaiteraaV Caa;a : -'
( Braid Battar
Bakad appla Pnddiac , Craaaa
- .. : jCMfaa : .
French Toast. Servtoar 4 -
S piaees ttala. bread or taaxt
H tpoa salt
4 taaapoos paprika r
1 teatpoea.Mgar - t
1 ana aailkf i . ' .
4 tablatpoona f at T t "
Beat tae eggs in shallow bowl
or deep soup plate; add salt, pap
rika, sugar and milk. Beat with
fork. Quickly dip bread Into mix
ture and while 4 dripping" place
in frying pan in which ,the fat has
been heated. - Cook over moderate
fira until well browned-.
. Creamed Oysters
-i- - (SerriBf C)
l- rap butter J -
4 imp flaar - '
l.tuMa aaH . v t
H Vep paprika .
ihb aapa milk .
Ihk capa-aaaali syatcca '
Melt butter and add flour, salt
and paprika. Mix well and add
milk. Cook slowly, 'stir constant
ly until very thick, creamy sauce
forms. 'Sauce must be very
thick.' Heat oysters one minute,
add sauce, mix welL Serve . at
once poured ' over toast, crackers
or patty ases. . " , I
Scrtcf 2 Editor
February 4
j . .
I ( ' '
Woman's clubhouse; regular
1.... ; ' . . . ' .
Miners nau a z o ciock.
- !
Mrs. W. Greenwood
Heads P. L. E. & F.
Mrs. . Wayne Greenwood was
elected president of the P. L. E.
and;F club at its regular meet
ing Tuesday afternoon. Mrs.
Laura Johnson was elected .vice
president. .Mrs. Mary Pugh, sec
retary; Mrs. Pearl .Kinzer, treas
urer; and Mrs. Florence Shlpp,
press correspondent.
J After the business meeting a
social afternoon was .enjoyed
with, refreshments ; served , . by
Mrs.' Greenwood assisted, by Mrs.
A. R. Ferguson. 4 - . .
1 .Those present were Mrs. A. R.
Ferguson, Mrs. L. B. Hixson, Jr.,
Mrs.; W. L. Calloway, Mrs. W.
Lansing, Mrs. : M. A, Callaway.
Mrs. Lettie Hanson, Mrs. Alice
Davles, Mrs. Hester Horaa, Mrs.
Laura- Johnson, Mrs. -Mia? Vin
son, Mrs. Pearl . Kinzer, Mrs.
Mary Marshall, ; Mrs. Mary , Pugh,
Mrs.' Florence Shlpp, - and Mrs.
Greenwood. i - -
A prize was given for the
most original Valentine present
ed and Mrs. A. R. Ferguson won
this.: I y '
Hazel GreenMrs.. Rudolph
Wacken entertained :' Friday eve
ning with a party honoring her
husband's birthday. Contest
games were played in which Carl
Stettler won first prise and Miss
Marie Klsh ? consolation prize.
The guests were honor guest, Mr.
Wacken, Mr. - and Mr. .Charles
Kobow and children Barbara and
Delmar, Mr. and Mr. Virgil per-
tine and daughter Alice 'Helen,
Mr. and Mrs. ; Herman - Wacken
Jr., Carl Stettler, Elmer Wacken,
Miss Marie Klsh. Lauren Stet
tler, Irene. .Lois 'and ' Rosalie
Wacken " and -I hostess, -Mrs. Ru
dolph Wacken. Delicious refresh
ments were served at a late hour.
The hostess was assisted by Mrs.
C A. KODOW. - . . ; ,
Slrverton.- Mrs. Sarah Adam-
son, a i native Oregonian, ;. cele
brated her seventy fifth, birthday
Friday at her. home, on South
Water street. A number of rel
atives gathered te . assist in the
observance. Among those were
Mr.; and Mrs. Frank Holmes and
George Holmes of McMInnvllle,
Mrs. Tom Riches and Tom Rich
es, t Jr.w ot Salem, Mr -and Mrs.
Jack Riches, Mr. and Mrs. C R.
Riches. Mr. and Mr. Mae Mal
key, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Giv
en,, Mr. Alice Terry, - Billie
King and. Miss, Emma Adamson.
iss Aimee Porter of New
Zealand, traveler, who "will
present a travelogue, "The
Bottom cf the World" tn.
night at the First Methodist
OREGON STATESMAN. Salem. Oret?oiW Wednesday Horning. Febraary 4,1931
Encinitis Club '
Plans Coast Trip
. The Encinltls club held Its reg
ular dinner meeting Tuesday eve
ning at the Argola.
Miss Mildred Judsoa, rice-president
of the northwest council of
business girls,, reported on the
meeting held at Seattle last week.
Plans were made- for the mid-winter
conference to be held at Cen
tralia March 7 and . ;
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Purrine of
fered the use of their house at the
coast and a number ef girls are
planning a trip this week end,
Those present were Mrs. W. M.
Hamilton, advisor; Alice Falk,
Margarita Farmer,' Helen Richard
son, Betty Elafsen. Dorothy
Franks, Ruth' Waterman, Mildred
Judson, Mabel Currle, Lavada
Carter, Jewel Cox, Gertrude
Chamberlain, Mabel Wiederkehr,
Evelyn Poulsen, Marie Waldorf.
Mildred Wyncoop. ' Elizabeth
Welch, Bessie Tucker, Anona
Welch, Olga Gath and Leila Park.
- i . - - ' - - - ..
Symphony Orchestra
Plans Program -
An announcement has just been
made-that the Salem-Symphony
orchestra, whose jdirector is Dr.
R. W. Hans Seltz, will present a
symphony program in the armory',
February 17. t - ' . ; ,
The orchestra was organized
last fall and hard practice has
been in progress since that time.
The personnel numbers about S
instruments. .The! number to be
played have not ! yet been an
naunced. , . -i
lVrs. George Weller
Is Hostess Today
Mrs. George . Weller will enter
tain with a luncheon and bridge
afternoon at her home today in
compliment to her club members
and a few additional guests.
Mrs. James V Elton of Port
land, sister of Mrs. Weller and her
house guest for a few days, will
be a special guest as will Mrs.
Bertram Thompson and Mrs. Gor
don Hadley.t ii "
Club members i are Mrs.- Rex
Adolph, Mrs. Wlilard Marshall,
Mrs. Wallace Carson, Mrs. Frank
Chapman, Mrs.. John Caughell,
Jr.;, Mrs. Walcott Buren, Mrs.
Kenneth Power, Mrs. Jerald Back
strand, Mrs. Milton Stelner, Mrs.
Kenneth - Wilson, I Mrs. - Frank
Deckebaeh and Mrs. Weller.
' v .;-). e;;X - v.
Large Church Meeting
Planned for Friday
v-; A'mass meeting of the women's
departments of the First Congre
gational churches of the state will
meet in the parlor ot the Knight
Memorial church Friday for an-all-day
meeting. There are ex
pected at least SO women from
Portland and there will be repre
sentatives from churches from as
far south as Klamath Falls on up
to Portland.
A ; full . program; has " been " ar
ranged for , and a luncheon hour
has been ' planned- for 12:20
o'clock. Mrs. Bert Adams la chair
man of this; committee.' Mrs: Nlua
Mclntire is general chairman.
Central Howell Mr.'and Mrs.
Bert Bye entertained with a
u0" party SatnTday evening.
The guests were Mr.'and Mrs. A.
A. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J3ye,
Sr.. Mr. and MrsJ Robert, Janx,
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Simmons,
Mr; and Mrs. .Lloyd Bye, Mr. and
Mrs. s, Horton . Hughlett. Henry
Bye, Perle Bye. Gladys Hagen,
Ruth Simmons, Lucille Hall, Mar
garet and Ruth Hughlett, Phillip
Simmons. i - '
:- Mr; and Mrs. Clarence Simmons'
won the. prise for high score and
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bye won low
score. " . .. 1 . "
1 Scotts Mills, Miss. Grace Dunr
agan . entertained at her home
Saturday evening; with atf old
time dancing . party - - and cards.
Refreshments were served .at -
late hour. - Those : invited were
Misses Norths, Shepherd, Vanetta
Haskins. Doris , I Hogg, i. Leona
Korb. , Stella and .Evelyn . Taylor,
Margaret, and Paddy . Beck and
Jeanette Carlson - of - Corvallis.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon - Woodford
of St. Helens, Mr: and Mm. Jes
sie McKlllop and son Earl, John
Taylor, John and Ray, McKiuop,
Ray; Telfer, , Jack Taylor,- Carl,
Glenn. Otis and Frank Shepherd.
Averitt Dunagan, -' Dale Magee,
and Harlow Hickox of Corvallis,
Ambrose: Gerseh, . Pearl Reed,
Mrs. CA'Reed .and; Mrs. C.. A.
Dunagan. i -
. Aurora Mrs. Christina Sny
der. - pioneer who crossed the
plains In 18(7, . passed another
milestone Tuesday ;wben she ob
served the anniversary of - her
eighty third . birthday. : Her chil
dren :' and grandchildren f paid
their respects -o her . throughout
the day. and evening." Those call
ing from out of town were Mr.
and. Mrs. Rupert' Anderson, Mr:
and Mrs. Henry Snyder, Oswego;
and : " Mrs. - Clyde Cammach - of
Portland. Many gifts were pre
sented, and in the evening birth
day' greetings wete received over
the air- from Tommy - Luke and
hi flower girls, f , .
.. -.:?rt- t;v-'
' Mr and Mrs. Leslie W. Skugie
and Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mont
gomery, who were- married recent
ly in a double wedding ceremony
hare returned: to Salem . for a
brief visit and are at the home
of i Mr. and Mrs. W. N. 'Ash; par
ents -of Mrs. Skugie, nee Harriet
Ida May Ethrldge. Mrs. Mont
gomery was Miss Pearl E. Mack
of Monroe, Oregon. . The young
people - expect to leave soon for
southern Oregon where they' will
be located for some time.
- Hazel Green Mrs. Charles
ZellnskI gave a 1 birthday luncheon-'for
- her daughter Charlotte
Saturday afternoon; Games and
music were enjoyed. '.The . birth-'
day cake has .seven - candle. " The
guests were the - honor guest,
Charlotte and - Shirley Johnson,
Helen and Dorothy Huf ford, -Caroline.
Cecilia,' and Stella Kosper,
Mildred - and -.Earnest - ZellnskL
The latter-sister and brother of
Charlotte. - : - ,
Rainooiy CluJ Plans f
To Sponsor Dance
Miss Lillian' and Miss Louise
Kayser . were, hostesses for a few.
special guests and members of
L the Rainbow dub aL their home
Monday night A business meet
ing preceded the social hour; At
the business meeting it was de
elded to sponsor, a benefit dance
at Tew Park; hall .February lCTf
Arter a pleasant social hour re
freshments were served. -:
Sr-cial guests were Eunice
Sturges, Ef fie Wlnchoomb, Let
tie Ray; and club member pres
ent were Pearl Bairey, Florence
Bressler, Pearl Harris, Nora Bus
sey. Bertha Ray, Delia Steward.
Dorothy-Stafford. Velma Teeson.
and Lillian and Louise Kayser,
nost esses. -
f , " .
Mrsf J. Coburn
Entertains ,
Pringle Mrs. J. M. Coburn
was hostess at dinner last. Thurs
day la her home at Pringle, hav-
Ing as her - guests,' member of
the Pringle-Pleasant . Point social
club. ; o;
Mrs. C -H. Kemple, Mrs.
George Guernes, Mrs. George
Wilson, Miss, Evelyn Coburn,
Miss Hallie Kemple. Mrs. Shirley
Duncan, Mrs. E. P. - Anthony of
Albany, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ward
and Mrs. B. H. Ruby of McMInn
vllle were special guests while
the club group included Mrs. W
M. Coburn, Mrs. V. E. Meek,
Mrs. John Yates, . Mrs. Harry
Wechter; Mrs. George Graben-
horst, Mrs. E. S. Coates, Mrs. Ho
mer , , Harrisor, Mrs. , Clifford
Jones, Mrs. T William Propst, Mrs
A." Cassellins,; Mrs. -J. R. Clarke,
Mrs. W. H. Grabenhorst, Miss
Margaret Jones, Mrs. L. W. Pot
ter, Mrs. O. T. Sealey, Mrs. Wil
liam McCarroU. Mrs. E. Clarke.
Mrs. George Adams and the hos
tess, Mrs.. J. M. Coburn.
- The club4 will meet again on
Thursday, February. 12 at the
home- of Mrs. W. M. Coburn of
Pringle. ; -- v
. i
Hospital Auxiliary
Starts Activity
The Salem General Hospital
auxiliary met Tuesday morning at
XKomock in the chamber of com
merce grooms to make plans for
the work of this year. Mrs. Harry
Hawkins, newly-elected nresident.
presided for- her first time over
this group. '..; ' ;
Informal plans were made to
take un the problem of resunnlT-
lng the hospital with needed lin
ens. Plans were also made to be
gin at once to increase the mem
bership of the organization. Two
Classes of membership are avail
able, the regular membership of
91 which covers dues for a year.
and the sustaining membership of
Mrs. Keith Powell
Tuesday Club Hostess
. Mrs. Keith Powell of Woodbum
entertained members, of the Tues
day club and two additional guests
at her home Tuesday., A one
o'clock luncheon was served and
this was followed with-an after
noon eXbridge. W' w ,
Mrs. Save Eyre and Mrs. Archie
Jerman were special guests. Club
members present were Mrs. Harry
Hawkins, Mrs. Arthur Rahn. Mr.
W. Connel Dyer. MraFrits Slade,
and Mrs Ercel Kay.
Mrs.. Dan.Fry, Jr., wno under
went a minor operation in a Port
land hospital Tuesday ' morning,
was reported as Xzt a satisfactory
condition Tuesday night.
I . . ...... . r ... ..; ,, - ; j' ... ( v; i. ' . .. i . ; : . ...j-
-r. : - . - ' 1 - : Jin ' .
r Ml ID E R . : . an t ' r 7 '
z : V;: i.v" 1 v , - rfccsr
. H-:z ;:-j:;:';;; v r-v-r-
1921,Lkcxtt k Urzas Tobacco Co." k - . NCw 7 . . . 1
, 1 '
Oil; . " . . - u ,
Palentologists expressed great interest in the discovery in a hillside
near . Los Aiigelea In rock, day and sand, of the perfect remains
of an. 18-foot -beak, whale, which Is said to be mora than three
-million year old. The find again proves that all of the land front
the Pacific ocean to the Rocky mountains, was once the ocean's
floor," said Dr. William A. Bryan of the Los Angeles museum.
Mrs. D. M. McClellan
Luncheon Hostess
Mrs. : Dan McLellan ! will en
tertain i informally at her home
this 1 afternoon with 'a 1 o'clock
luncheonallqwed by bridge.
The : guest list Includes . Mrs.
Earl Bronaugh f of Portland, Mrs.
Frits Slade, Mrs. John Carson,
MrsJ Prince Byrd, Mrs. T. A.
Roberts, Mrs. W. Connell Dyer.
Mrs.' Carl Nelson, Mrs. Dan Fry.
Jr and Mrs. Harry Hawkins.
5- .mm. raui nauser, wig is saao-
. . vt . . r . .
clate grand conductress of the
r ; ,-.r. ;:nr:- -;-; t,-;..; .rl-.---- -j--.":
t -BUT
V:- ;
'.'r A "
f 'it.
r r
grand chapter' of Oregon, order of
Eastern Star, will leave today tor
her official visit to Clatsop and
Columbia counties.' She expects to
be gone two weeks.
- ,; -
, Aurora. - A merry party ot
young married people attended
a party given for Ray and Rex
Cattail at Newberg-recently. The
Caff alls: were' resident of Au
rora for a number, of years.
Cards were In play during 'the
evening. Those motoring over
were Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Ehlen,
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Ferguson,
Dewey Wheeler, and Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Stafford. ; . :-
Which Is bigger tho air
plane's landing whoel or th
getting sun? Guess first, then
check your guejs with a
I1D U TO i;u'.'J
An exhibit of unusual inter
est to Salem merchants is being
sponsored by the Salem Adver
tising club on Friday, February
B. This Is the Direct Mail Lead
er exhibit which Is being
brought to Salem by Harry Big
low Coffin, member of the advis
ory department of the Zeilerlacu
paper company of'Fortland.
At the noon. .Inncheon of the
Ad club wbich . will te. held in
the .Silver- Grille, of tfcje Gray
Bell at noon Friday, Mr. Coffin
will explain the outstanding fea
tures of this exhibit which in
cludes 'the best advertising of
1930. . . i - ,t ''
j The specimens for the exhibit
were chosen from! 234-outstanding
campaigns from all over the
United States. The purpose of
the exhibit is to stimulate inter
est, in direct mail adrertlslns, to
Improve its quality and to give
ideas that may be adapted to In
divid ual advertising problems.
Tho " meeting 1 open to all
merchants of the city and reser
vations for the luncheon may be
made by calling Gardner Knapp
at 2522 or Edwin Thomas at 81.
j The ealaibit will be on display
from 11 a. m. until 3 p. m. on
Friday. . "Z f ..
-4-States and counties -1 to be
served by the Farmer's Seed
Loan office at Grand Forks, N.
D., in the making tot loans from
the $45,000,000 fund' to farmers
who suffered serious crop losses
from drought last year, were an
nounced Monday by Dr. C. W.
Warburton, secretary of the na
tional drought relief committee,
j In Oregon, loans will be made
to aid farmers In summer follow
ing operations in sections where
drought reduced yields materially
in 1930. This includes portions of
the counties of Baiter, Gilliam,,
Jeftersoa,1 Morrow.. Sherman. Um
atilla, Union, Wallowa, Wasco
and ' Wheeler. In. " thpse v counties,
wheat, generally was -sown last
fall. .' - vi
JEFFERSON, Feb. 3. McKee
Bros, are making some Improve
ments in their camp cottages by
installing gas cooking systems
which will add to the conveni
ence of the campers. Heretofore
they have been ' using wood
j The high school club of which
John Lauderback is president
gave their first dancing party la
Myers hall Saturday evening..
The parents were invited as spe
cial guests. -Lunch vas served
at midnight. Guy Taylor, Al
mond and Arthur Rich and Ray
mond Kellis furnished the musle.
I Hasel Green Miss Hasel Huf-
ford and sister Miss Bell were
hostesses for a slumber party
Saturday night. The, guests, were
Iola- Luckey, Nora Rutherford.
Helen Davis, Alice, Hasel and
Stella Cook.
Miss 'Elizabeth Lord and Miss
Edith Schryver are expected to re
turn Friday from an extended tour
of California. i
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