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The OREGON STATESMAN. Salem. Oregon, Saturday Morning; July 20, 1929
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Pretty Dinner Is
Compliment To
- Complimenting Miss Gertie
Capps, bride-elect, a group of the
young women in the secretary of
state's office entertained at a din
ner and phower in the Chinese
room at the Gray Belle Friday
evening, j
A colorful arrangement of um
met flowers between yellow tap
ers centered the dinner table to
carry out the color motif of yel
low and gold.
The guest group included Mrs.
Max Flanery, Miss Christine
Schmidt. Miss Fay Read. ! Miss
Ruby Wiedekehr, Miss Edith Lib
by. Miss Maimi Victor. Miss Grace
Tharp, Miss Cora Randle, Miss
Emma Dell Schwabbauerl Miss
"Rath Kuan. Miss Clara McNeil.
Mies Isora Templeton. Miss Grace
Gilliam, Miss Helen Busselle.
Mrs. B. J. Ramseyer, Mrs.; S. 0.
Burkhart. Mrs. Morris McKen
ney. Mrs. Tracy Hatch. Miss Nan
cy Savage. Miss Grace Holt, Miss
Katie Reinhart. Miss Velna Gil
liam. Miss Velma Rominger, Miss
Verda Olmstead. Miss Marcella
Caspell, Miss Inez Wood, Miss
Mabel Kilogre, Miss Leota Beall.
Miss Alice Albers. Miss Florence
Bnsch. Miss Florence "Waldo, and
Miss Llllle Vaughn.
m i
rS. Lpiey nonorea I
With Birthday Party
Mrs. Leo Lepley was surprised
by a group of friends who came
to honor her on her birthday
Wednesday evening at her, home
on Saginaw street. The evening
was spent playing "500" after
which a dainty lunch was served.
Prizes for scores were awarded to
Emery Hendrickson, Mrs. Hen
drickson and Mrs. Lepley. j
The guest group included Mr.
and Mrs. 'John Hendrickson, Mr.
and Mrs. 1 Ivan Lepley, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Gortmaker, Mr. and
Mrs. Emery Hendrickson,: Mr.
Lepley and Mr. Kronkey.
Douglas County Folk
Form Organization
Former residents of Douglas
county organised the Douglas
county association last night at
Hager's grove. Judge 0. P. Co
show was elected president and
J. C. Goodman made secretary fol
lowing a basket j dinner early in
the evening. About fifty former
residents of the county were pres
ent and anxious to make the event
an annual occasion.
, i
Dr. Miriam Griffin of Manila
has been a guest- at the home of
Mrs. L.J M. Scharff. 2037 Nebras
ka avenue. Dr. Griffin is return
in? next week on the President
Madison. She is medical director
of the schools of Manila.
Mrs. G. E
Ross returned this
xveek from the east where she has
been visiting
for the past six
weeks in Chicago and Detroit with
her mother. Mrs. Mary E. Ross,
and her brother, Lloyd Ross.
Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Babcock
and their sojn Bobby of Jewell,
Oregon, will irrive today to spend
the week-end' as the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. - M. D. McCallister.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wallace had
as their house guests recently Mr.
and Mrs. David Bottkder and
their two children. Dean and Joy,
Tacoma recently.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Gordon Simp
son (Charlotte Orr) are spending
the summer with Mr. and Mrs.
John Orr. i
i i
The regular meeting 'of the
Knights and Lady Macabees will
be held at 8 o'clock this evening
in the Fraternal temple, r
Mrs. Sam Laughlin and her
daughter 1 Roby are spending the
summer at Rockaway.
Mr., and Mrs. Paul Boring left
Friday morning to make their
home at The Dalles.
News and Club
3)uvi M. Doax.
R- C. Kinney Marker
Dedication Today
An interesting event of histori
cal note is the unveiling and ded
ication of the R. C. Kinney mark
er which will be held In the He
Minnrille city park this afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock. Daughters of the
American Revolution and families
of pioneers throughout the vail
are expected to respond to the in.
ritatlon issued to them by Mrs.
E. C. Apperson. state regent of
the D. A. R-, and Mrs. T. B. Sack
ett, regent of the Yamhill D. A.
R. chapter 3, which is in charge
of the dedication and unveiling.
The R. C. Kinney marker is
made of two millstones taken
from the old Kinney mill which
used to stand near the site cho
sen for the marker, just west of
the park road.
The marker was made possi
ble through funds presented to
the D. A. Ri by Mr. and "Mrs.
James C. Walker, Jr.. of Portland
who are relatfves of the old pio
neer family.
Miss Spooner Honored
Thursday Evening
Miss Phebe and Miss Ruth Mc
Adams entertained Thursday eve
ning in honor of Miss Julia Spoon
er, president of the Oregon state
teachers' association, who is in
oaiem ior ine aurauon 01 ie
Monmouth normal school session
nere. Bassets or summer flow
ers made the drawing room quite
Among those who were present
to honor Miss Spooner were Miss
Margaret Cosper, Mrs. LaMoide R.
Clark. Mrs. Mona Yoder, Mrs. Lola
Newmyer, Miss Lois Tipton, Miss
Lou Tipton, Miss ' Gladys Tipton,
Miss Anna Miles, Mis Dorothy
Taylor, Miss Isara Templeton.
Portland Luncheon
Honors Mrs. McNary
Miss Mabel Withycombe enter
tained at a luncheon honoring Mr.
C. A.. McNary at the Town club
in Portland Thursday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. McNary are spend
ing the summer at the McNary
country home.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett and their
daughter Helen and Mr. land Mrs.
Clifford Parker and their daugh
ter Shirley will return today from
Tahats beach where they have
been spending several days. Mr.
and Mrs. Craven and their daugh
ter plan to return to Portland
Monday after spending most of the
last two weeks with relatives here.
Miss Margaret Morehouse has
returned from Tacoma' where she
has been visiting for' the past
week. Miss Morehouse motored
as fare as Tacoma with her par
ents, Dr. and Mrs. W. G. More
house, who are making an ex
tended motor trip through the
Mr. and Mrs. IT. G. Shipley are
home from a vacation trip which
Included visits in Victoria and.
Vancouver. B. C, and a week at
Foley Springs.
Mrs. Fred Thielsen and Mrs.
Otto K. Paulus have been spend
ing the week at Newport. Mr.
Thielsen and Mr. Paulus will mo
tor down for the week-end.
Mrs. E. E. Ling returned 're
cently from a month's visit with
her mother. Mrs. J. B. Russell, in
her home in Yreka, California.
Dr. and Mrs. B. L. Sleeves are
entertaining Miss Elaine Hunt of
Spokane as their house guest at
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hanson
spent Friday at Cody, Wyoming.
They are on their way home from
Washington, D. C
Mr. and Mrs. Roy S. Kecne will
motor to Ashland this weekend.
Taxes are levied in the form of
copra in the Gilbert Islands, a
little known group of the south
seas. "
There are nearly all sues in the lot but we would sug
gest early purchasing for good selection.
Short and long coat ensembles of flower and design
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Crepe de chine in
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Beach Pants
Socktv Editor
Masonic picnic at Hazel
Green park. t
W. R. C. regular meeting
at 3 o'clock. Miller's hall.
' Knights and Lady: Mac a
bees regular meeting at 8
o'clock In Fraternal temple.
Interesting Guests
Visit Here
Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Clark, have
had as their house guests re
cently Miss Rilla Jackson of the
School of liberal arts at Syracuse
university, New York, and au
thor of "American Art," a hook
which has been very kindly re
ceived by the critics; Mrs. Lnln
Sheldon, who was art supervisor
here for several years; and Pro
fessor Arnold Scheele, head of the
art department at Michigan state
college at Lansing. Miss Jackson
is & visiting professor at O; S.
C. this summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark entertained
their guests with a trip around
the Mount Hood loop last week
Ladies Aid Board
Will! Meet Monday
The executive board of the La
dies Aid society of the First Meth
odist church will meet in the
church Monday afternoon. Mrs.
W. C. Young, the president, will
be in charge.
The board consists of the gen
eral officers and the presidents
of the seven circles. Those who
attend are, Mrs. W. C. Young.
Mrs. I. L. McAdams. Mrs. P. V.
Stolzhiese. Mrs. J. W. Phenecle,
Mrs. G. W. Day, Mrs. E. T. B.
Hill. Mrs. H. M. Southwick, Mrs.
M. R. Gallaher. Mrs. Ida Shade,
Mrs. A. M. Lausch and Mrs. F. A.
The Chautauqua at Champoeg
will close Sunday with Oregon
Press association day. Marshall
Dana of the Oregon Journal will
be chairman of the occasion.
Hal Hoss will give the address
of welcome, to which Dr. P. O.
Riley of the Hubbard Enterprise
will make the response. R. J.
Hendricks of Salem and Attorney
Martin Pikes of Portland, the
first president of the association,
will make addresses. Several oth
er editors will also speak.
Hubbard community band wiil
play. Several other selections will
be given by choruses and soloists.
Dawes To Spend
His Vacation In
London District
LONDON. Julyg 19 (AP)-r
Ambassador Dawes Is so enamor
ed with ancient and historical
London that he has decided not
to go away for a summer vaca
tion. He brefers to stay here
and peer into the musty old mu
seums, art galleries, and other
places of interest.
Between official duties the Am
erican ambassador has already
found time! to explore the British
museum with old cronies of the
British army with whomjhe serv
ed in France during the Var.
Pago Pago Will
Have New Oiiicer
(AP) Captain Gate wood S. Lin
coln, for the past year coordinator
of the San Francisco naval dis
trict, sailed on the liner Sierra
today to become commandant of
the United States naval station at
Pago Pago, Island of Tutuila, Am
erican Samoa. The post Includes
the governorship of the islands.
Catalina, and
Pel ton Brassler-ln
Also other makes
1.95 to 5.95
Caps 10c 19c
Belts 15c 25c
JL :
MT if
Sunday Rides Popular
With Hunt Club
The exhilarating Sunday morn
ing rides seem to have become an
extremely popular form of re
creation with the members of the
Salem Hunt club who are de
manding them more and more fre
quently, especially since the sum
mer quarters are convenient to
the shady trails that wind through
the West Salem hills.
Sunday morning the members
will again ride forth from the
West Salem stables at 8 o'clock
for an hour's ride.
Among the members who plan
to ride are Mrs. .Eva Hansen,
Mrs. H. P. Hughes. Mrs. F. M.
Moore, Mrs. Mabel Rutherford,
Miss Catherine Hartley, Miss
Charlotte Zeiber, Walter Fuhrer,
Amer Stolp, Rich Reimann. and
Sargeant MaeManus, who will be
in charge of the ride. Douglas
McKay and -A. C. Eoff have also
been invited to Join in the ride.
Marriage License
Business Better
The business of granting mar
riage licenses picked 'up Thurs
day when County Clerk Boyer
issued permits to wed to three
couples. They were: Wm. R. Sny-
oer or Turner and Helen Rohde
or Aumsvllle; Stewart Thomas
and Elsie Egans, both of Salem
and Leslie D. Keuscher of Salem
and Alta Gllham of Macleay.
Use this knowledge for better cookery
"3J Many people might thmk of sugar only as a
sweetener. This is to miss at least half the value
and berries by softening the fruit acids.
A little ugar makes bitter chocolate mellow and tasteful
If cereal is cooked with a dash of sugar, an entirely "new
flavor develops. This is the delicate flavor of the cereal that the
sugar has brought up so that it can be tasted.
Add a dash of sugar to beets, peas, string beans, lima beans,
corn, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, squash, onions, tomatoes, '
cucumbers, spinach, asparagus, beet greens and celery While they,
are cooking (preferably in little water). Tou will find delicious
flavors rarely tasted in vegetables before. These are the natural
delicate vegetable flavors developed by the sugar. Use sugar
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ire more delicious and nourishing
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Ont of consideration to
Anthony Skonetinf repeatedly
assaulted and beat her is the
charge of Cecelia Skonetznl who
asks for a divorce from her hus
band and the custody of the four
minor children. She also asks for
$25 per month for the support of
the children.
Jean K. Stacy charges that his
wife Violet M. Stacy deserted, him
July 9, 1928. and asks that be be
granted a divorce from her.
Leslie L. Henry-alleges that his
wife, Hattie W .Henry belongs to
a peculiar religious cult which
does not permit the use of meat,
tea or coffee and that after work
ing bard during the day he de
sired these foods which were de
nied him. Also his' wife insisted
upon sending their four childran
to a school maintained by follow
ers of her religion and that even
though he objected and could not
afford the tuition charged, the
children were sent to the private
rather than public schools.
He further alleges that his wife
has now deserted him and taken
the children with her. He asks
that a divorce be granted to him.
Duce Writes
Fletcher Letter
ROME, July 19 (AP) Pre
mier Mussolini, in a letter of fare
well to retiring American Am
bassador Henry P. Fletcher pub
lished tonight, says that he had
had in him "the best and most
sincere collaborator" in strength
ening the ties between Italy and
the United States.
know this about
01 sugar tne ocveioper of natural flavors in
good cookery.
If a dash of sugar is added to unbeaten egg
whites, and the two beaten together, the meringue
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Farm Board Devotes its i
Attention to Fruit Fly
Emergency in Florida
The fruit fly emergency In Flor
ida gained attention of President
Hoover and the newly organised
federal farm board.
The board for the first time
turned aside from Its task of or
ganization to hear an appeal for
relief from the Floridans. Chair
man Legge indicated at the close
of the day that serious considera
tion was being given the case.
i Mr. Hoover announced he
would recommend to congress an
appropriation to meet the cost to
the fruit growers of crops which
were destroyed by federal and
state agencies In the drive for ex
termination of the fruit fly. This
appropriation will be in the mil
lions but Just how much it will
amount to has not been deter
mined. It was explained at the White
House that the government had es
tablished the precedent of meet
ing these costs after the question
arose during the fight against the
hoof and mouth disease.
Establishment of a new policy,
Ift9 Surpris
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however, whereby the fruit will be
permitted to be shipped from the
infested areas under certain con
ditiona is expressed by Mr. Hoover
to cut down the losses from dam
age tremendously.
Failure of a number of Florida
banks appears to have added to
the woes of the Florida citrus In
dustry, and because' of the situa
tion the farm board heard the plea
of Floridans for a share in the
S15O.OSO.OO0 fund available tor
loans to cooperative marketing
Senator Connolly, democrat,
Texas, also appeared before the
board today, and suggested consid
eration of the cotton situation. The
Texan urged the 'board to set up a
statistical arrangement whereby a
close check would be had on cotton
conditions at all times.
Chairman' Legge said the board
would accede to a request made
that it receive a committee- from
the Texas legislature respecting
cotton. Otherwise, he said the cot
ton situation had not been taken
up by the board.
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i - ,
Legge and Vice Chairman Stone
called at the Whiter House to in
form President Hodrer, of the
board's operations I during the
week. I
It was announced that Chairman.
Legge, Carl WUliamaV representing
cotton, C. C Teagnifc. representa
tive of fruit, Chris If. Christensen,
secretary, and Secretary of Agri
culture Hyde, would . attend - the
meeting of the American Insti
tute of Cooperation to be held at
Baton Rouge, La., July 29.
Mr. Christensen announced that
all appointments in the board's
organisation would be under civil
service!. ' .
r ? T
STAYTON, July If. Lloyd Ap-
let, while riding hi motorcycle,
was hit by an automobile. . His
arm was broken," federal teeth
were knocked out lid his nose
&1BO) U WCe A wr"-"- ar
pened near the grU' training
school on Monday mbrning.
Ray McLoughlif happened
along in hia car after the accident
and took Aplet to the, Salem hos
pital. He had ownjd th motor
cycle but a short tinte.
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a inst
i -
em It ,s
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