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    The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, Oregon, Sunday Horning, Jane Z, 1929
1 1 i
N 0 W
1928 Record Not Reached
But Hope Looms For
Rapid Spurt
-Bonding' record! for 1929.
which up to this month hare
trailed benina me maris sei in
corresponding months of 1918.
wjll Vnow plunge ahead of last
year's figures provided the actlv
Itjr remains at the leTel set in
April and May.
There are numerous evidences
that those months will be exceed
ed, bat if building merely holds
its own for the next few months.
It. will make rapid gains on the
19 a inM. I
Last year the peak was in Ap
ril, when permit figures reached
a mark or azeu.&is. ai.
.wa ihln1 with 1250.985, but
after that construction actiTitr
dropped on ior mo iciuwuuci
w Jniv s&w a slleht reviv
al, the total being $138,475. The
figure for April of this .year,
$132,532, was the highest since
Jiiy. , ,
:niMl activity was noted In
December and continued into the
.r taVtnr Into considera
tion the winter season. -Tbo
heavy construction of Mirth,
April and May. 1928. save that
year a big start on 1929, but the
present year has a good chance
to surpass 1928 even yet.
iMay fell only $373 below April,
aid these two months were only
w sightly below the 1928 average,
counting the lean months along
with the strong ones. The year's
total was $1,605,643.
' June is certain to surpass both
April and May, as the Pacific
Telephone and Telegraph com
pany building will be Included in
this month's figure, and possi
bly the state office building,
which would throw this month
out of all 1 comparison to those
Which have preceded it.
While new business accepted by
West Coast mills for the week end
ing May 25 was $.57 per cent in
excess of current production, the
favorable showing is the result of
lessening production rather than
increased orders, reports to the
West Coast Lumbermen's associa
tion indicate. Production at 203
identical mills for the week end-tag-
Mar as wmm 17,401.970 feet
and 191,780,752 feet during the
week previous. Orders for the
current week were ten million feet
less than the week before as re
ported by these same mills.
; The average of orders in excess
of production since January 1, as
shown in the reports of 112 iden
tical mills, is now 6.56 per cent.
Inventories are low and unfilled
orders high. The position of the
Industry is relatively strong. Pro
duction since January 1 has aver
aged 4.96 per cent below that of
taat Tpur and orders dnrinr the
first twenty weeks of the year
hava been 7.4$ per cent below
those reported lor the similar per
lod of 1928.
i On or about une 5, the Salem
Automobile company moves Into
ft new i headquarters at 43 N.
Commercial street. This new home
of the Durant dealers in Salem is
$45,000 building planned to be
one of the finest automobile sales
and service concerns In the state,
The building which is of con
crete wil have a showroom with
J 600 square feet of floor space.
p II. E. Shade, secretary of the
company, says that fine, new
equipment la being added to that
which haa been used In the old
Quarters on North High street.
An electric brake tester, hydraulic
Jack lifts, and other mechanisms
wil make the service department
as modern as the fine salesroom.
Postal Clerks
y Perform Tasks
Amid Big Noise
i '
f Since Friday morning, postof
fice employes here have a Job and
a- half: doing their regular work
and trying not to hear the inter
mittent rasps from the power drill
which is cutting away the rear
wall of the original building pre
paratory to setting In the new ad
dition, in course of construction
for a week.
With work this far along, the
Incoming mall department and all
carriers will be moved to the
basement, the move to bo made
Saturday night. ,
Fruitland Plays
Oregon City Nine
m Frultland, leaden of the Son
ley school baseball league, will
meet the leaders of the twilight
league of Oregon City in a return
tame Monday. The game wilt pro
bably be played In Oregon City.
Frultland won their previous en
counter i to t alter a hard-fought
contest. f
10 COil TO
Cozy Little
The Bureau of Mines at the
State College Should
Have Ample Funds
The Oregon bureau of mines,
nowat the Oregon State Agricul
tural college. Is such largely In
name only. It has no working
funds worth while.
This is a lack that ought to be
remedied. A reasonable sum
should be provided, and made de
pendenable, to last Indefinitely.
The mineral wealth of Oregon is
great, but It is not developed or
even marked out so as to be
known as it should be, in order
to attract capital for its develop
A Case in Point
The Mining Congress Journal,
in its current Issue, gives the fol
lowing: "The Industrial development
development conference, recently
held by the American mining con
gress, was marked by an excep
tional attendance of research
csientlsta and men actively en
gaged in Morag things.'
"Among them waa Mr. B. G.
E3ugh, of Birmingham, who spoke
on the necessity for extensive re
search, and who quoted one clas
sic instance of results of German
research on American industry:
" 'A certain German company
buya phosphate rock in Florida,
ships it to Hamburg and then 145
mile rail and, canal haul to Ples-
torits. At that place they are min
ing lignite of only 4,000 B. t. u.
hauling It direct to the boilers,
generating steam electric power,
which la used In four 10,000-K.
r. a. furnaces, with which along
with the phosphate rock, they
manufacture both prosphorus and
phosphorie acid. At Leunawerke,
is the largest synthetic ammonia
plant In the world. This ammonia
has Ita hydrogen produced from
water gas by means of coke which
has already stood a 250 mile
freight haul The. hydrogen la
combined with ntrogen from the
same kind of air we breathe here,
Ii:lyir ;.y, ....
1 SL-yX
aiu i L
I j-atJa2 '
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$1000 loan start with $12.00 per month including
interest Payments each month decrease until both
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The Statesman.
into synthetic ammonia. This am
monia is taken to Pelstorits, com
bined with the phosphorie acid
Just mentioned, into di-ammonl-um
phosphate, which is made into
concentrated fertilizing materials,
a main constituent of which -Is
phosphoric acid, which ia !tben
shfpped back to the United States,
where the phosphat rock came
from, and sold at a profit' "
"This shows courage and vision,
and a proper valuation on con
structive research. We shall con
tinue to pay tribute unless we also
proceed with constructive indus
trial research to an even greater
The recent showers have been
good tor nearly all crops and for
the few fields of late sown flax
they have been especially bene
ficial. Title Game To
Occur Tuesday
On Local Field
The game on which the title of
the Sunday school baseball league
hinges was postponed from Friday
to Tuesday at 6 o'clock on Wil
lamette university field. Frultland
holds first place and First M. E.
can tie the score by taking the
The teams played to a 0-0 tie in
14 innings and have won by prac
tically equal scores from other
teams In the league. In the event
of a win for the Methodists, the
title will be decided by two games
of a three game series.
Two Salem Men
Head South For
Shrine Meeting
Bound for Los Angeles and the
Shrine convention, Oscar Steel
hammer, county assessor, and
Adolph Bombeek, both members
of Al Kader Shrine band, left Sa
lem at 5 o'clock Friday afternoon
and both men will be gone for the
next week. They took one of three
special trains which same through
Salem Friday on the way south.
Steelhammer plays the trom
bone In the Portland band and
Bombeek the clarinet. All ex
penses for the trip are paid by
the Portland organisation.
MOOR PARK, England, Jane 1
(AP) -Archie Compston, Great
Britain's best match play golfer,
took a bit of the shine from Wal
ter Hagen'a 1121 triumph In the
British open championship by
am Doing nun. eignt np and seven
to play, in a 86 hole match.
... . , . .1
Anm J Report Shows Fine
Advance' Over 1927;
Plant Growing
- Announcing production tcred
ulee for 120,000 Hudson and s
aez can during the second quar
ter and predicting that earnings
for that period would far exceed
any previous quarter In the com
pany's history, President W. J.
MeAneeny told stockholders of the
Hudson Motor Car company, at
the annual general meeting here
that this was by far the best year
in the company's history.
The optimistic statement was In
the nature of a birthday present
to the stockholders, for this is
the "coming of age" year for Hud
son. Roy D. Chaplin, who presided
as chairman of the board, the late
R. B. Jackson Howard R. Coffin
and MeAneeny, backed by J. L.
Hudson, started the company 21
years ago. It la now the second
largest Independent in the field.
Mr. MeAneeny said: "Since the
introduction of our present Hud
son and Essex models we have enb
Joyed & consistent and record
breaking demand. Shipments for
the first three moots of the year
were 108.048 cars. This volume
resulted in first quajter earnings
of $4,466,783 or $2.86 a share
the most favorable first-quarter
showing ever made."
They Are as Certain as the
Sun Hert, by the Very
Laws of Nature
EDITOR'S NOTE This article
was held over from the Sunday
slogan number.
H. 8. Rogers, dean of the school
of engineering, Oregon State Ag
rlcultural college, said in a recent
contribution: "If complementary
things can be superlatively com
pared, these water resources are
the greatest single permanent re
sources endowed by nature. Upon
their occurrence depends the de
velopment of rivers and harbors,
the Irrigation of arid lands, the
improvement of wet and swamp
lands, the supply of power for un
told Industries and the health and
happiness of cities."
Dean Rogers waa refererlng es
pecially to the water resources
of the Cascade and Coast ranges,
and the Olympic range in western
Dean Rogers says the water of
the earth passes through a cer
tain natural eycle. Beginning in
the oceans, it Is evaporated Into
the atmosphere where it is con
veyed by the winds over the land
areas. From the atmosphere it
is precipitated in the form of rain,
dew, frost, or snow upon the
earth through which it percolates
or from which it flows in streams
on its return to the ocean.
Reliable Rainfall
"Most of the rainfall of the
Pacific northwest, says Prof.
Rogers, "Is caused by the upward
deflection of the southwesterly
winds which blow In from the Pa
cific ocean, and striking the Coast
and Cascade ranges are raised and
cooled so that the air precipitates
its moisture upon the hills below."
This makes for a reliable rain
fall, rsinee our water resources
are brought to us upon these
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Heard Along Auto Row
C. H. Elspas. district represen
tative for the Ford Motor com
pany, tpent Friday at the Valley
Motor company. Mr. Elspas Is
spending a week in the Salem dis
trict. Two Cfcryslera of models new
to Salem are oa display tn the
show-room of the Fltzgerald
Bherwin oMtor company. The
Special Custom S Sedan has
beside the nsnal Chrysler fea
tures two fender-moiinted tires
foldgin trunk -rack tn rear,
and n special interior finish.
Desert Sand, a very popular
sport shade, is the color of the
sport coupe .wtth a rumble
Hal Stacey, new sales-manager
BitS Of N e W& Gathered From AU
, , Parts of the Great
ror doortsmen State of Oregon
"The finest bunch of trout I
have ever seen." Such was the de
scription given by Matt Ryckman,
superintendent of hatcheries of
the hatcheries of the state game
commission, of the fish he recent
ly Inspected at the Oak Springs
hatchery in Deschutes county.
"We have more than a million
treat -Jess than nine months old
at the hatchery and they win av
erage five inches in length," said
Mr. Ryckman. "That Is is a phen
omenal growth and it is all due
to the hot spring at the hatchery
that keeps the water at a year
around temperature of about (5
While in Central Oregon Mr.
Ryckman visited the Crane Prai
rie egg taking station which has
produced eleven million rainbow
eggs this season. These eggs are
being eyed and distributed to va
rious hatcheries of the state.
The Willamette river has
been more free of law violators
winds we may truly say they are
as certain as the sun," concludes
Prof. Rogers.
But the variation of winter and
summer rainfall In the WiUamette
valley requires engineering ex
perts to develop the high sources
of water supply in the hills and
' In due time, they will direct Ahe
construction of great reservoirs,
to conserve the supply for both
power and irrigation.
But they will be able to always
depend upon the copious down
falls of the rainy season. In the
very nature of things, these will
never fail.
We will always have our rainy
season, as well as the summer
dryness, to mature and provide for
the harvest of our crops.
What Is Left
What is left for man to do is
to apply the knowledge of science
to the storing and use of the sure
This will all come about, as a
matter of course. Necessity is the
mother of invention. It is the fos
ter parent of applied Invention,
too. The foundations are surely
laid. It remains only for the fu
ture population of the Willamette
valley to move in and take posses
sion of what nature has provided
- to develop the water and Irriga
tion resources that have been here
since the hills were raised up and
the valleys laid down, and will per
sist as long as the tides of the
ocean ebb and flow and the winds
blow above the wares.
Mexico spent nearly 110,000,
000 on Irrigation projects In the
last 12 months.
120 N. Commercial St
1TS0 N. Capitol St."
for Fitxgerald-Sherwin, says that
the coming of these new summer
models marks the beginning of
what promises to be a very suc
cessful Chrysler year in Salem.
A. U. Peterson of Plenty
wood. Montana. is visiting
with E. W. Battleson of Cap
itol Motors this week. Mr. Pe
terson who is distributor for
Chevrolet in northeastern Mon
tana, ie Tery much impressed
with Salem and this part of
Oregon and says that he has
never seen finer roads anywhere
in the United States than can
be fourn in this vicinity.
W. 1 Phillips accompanied by
his family drove to Portland Wed
nesday on business.
this spring than during any per
iod since it was closed to com
mercial fishing, according to
Harold Clifford, state game
warden. A constant vigil has
been kept by game department
deputies and illegal fishing has
been almost nil. On June 4 a
law passed at the last session of
the legislature which makes It
illegal to be caught with a net
on a closed stream whether it
Is In use or not, will go in ef
fect. This will make the work
of the commission much easier,
it is thought. A patrol of the
Willamette and Clackamas riv
ers will be kept up until July 1.
The work of building a new Fall
River hatchery in central Oregon
has been started by the state game
commission. Its location Is to be
four miles from the old site and
the hatchery will be sufficiently
large to care for the increasing
nuumber of rainbow trout eggs
that are being taken from lakes
and streams of the district.
A cougar familiarly known to
ranchers west of Sheridan, Ore
gon as "Old Baldy" and one of
the most vicious sheep killers on
record was killed last week by C.
J. Smith, Jr. The Smiths, father
and son have accounted for 12
cougar during the last four
months, but they took more pride
in the killing of Old Baldy than
in all the others. On May 12 the
younger Smith saw the cougar
crossing the road and fired at the
animal, wounding It In the shoul
der. Dogs pursued the big cat,
treed it, and Smith killed it with
a shot In the head.
The recent activities of deer
killing cougar "on Sardine
creek, not far from Gold Hill
have aroused the indignation
of John B. Hammerly, famous
southern Oregon hunter. With
pack train and a pack of train
ed cougar dogs he has gone in
to the mountains to attempt the
slaughter of the big cats. One
cougar is reported to hare kill
ed nine deer in a week.
Harold Clifford, state game war
den and Ben F. Dorris, chairman
IN 1940
Salem Will Have
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happy later.
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582 Mm
of the game commission were In
attendance at the annual banquet
of the Jackson county Game Pro
tective association last Friday
night. banquet is one of the
most important events in the year
from the anglers and hunters of
the Medford territory.
The fbh Pullman" of the state
game commission left Portland
early this week to start its work
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of planting rout from the Oak
Springs hatchery. It will continue
its work through central and east
ern Oregon during a good part of
the summer.
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