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    Events in the Social World and News of Varied Club Activities
xPhone 500
Society Editors
fApollo Club; Will
represent Splendid
'Good Music Week',
Show Sprightly
x- Sir:- W
' ""
Ac ? v '
n f
- ' The appearance of the Portland
Apollo dab at the Elsinore theater
; : Monday, April 29. dUrks their sec
ond appearance In Salem, i They
gare a concert at the armory 12
-years ago aa one of a series
i brought here by Mlas Minnetta
' " Wagers.
? Such soloists as Julian Clausen.
Charles Hackett, of Chicago grand
'epera. Nina Morgana ot Metropol
itan opera, and Anna Case have
:ifppeared in concert with this club
,' fearing one with the impression
: that much may be expected from
!: the Monday night concert at which
time Harold W. Moore, bass. F.
' George Anderson, tenor, will be
" the soloists for the following pro-
ftT MMto DudW BotV
,() Bll of ShandOB Or. H. V5-
,.h) In My Tim J. Bnietw
' Moonrle . Johnne Pach
' Vihn U S?Wi Srhufcert
) BesiCe Thy Door Snodjr
F. George Andrrson
Jftbberworky S;n:und SoaftU
My I.ry Chloe H. Cloufh lighter
fimrlw Th. Podbertukv
- "t? th Wind David
(b) Ho. Jolly Jenkia (from eptra "iran-
hot") . SalTiTsn
Harra W. Moor
JrfrT . King-?rotfcroa
() Mormnring Zephyr C.... . -M!f Jb
b) Sl!y n our Al'e ' .. .. 0!d Eb?1:s1i
t. by VT. H. Bow
Twrirtnn .. i- a... Kruno Tlohn
th Lett CborC Sullin
,- W. H. Boyer, has been director
of this o:'"ri'.riition ev-.- sir.-e tM
origin SI years aso. Local rneu
; who havt ' be n f eupr i members
(;of the tf ar E.r, D. Q.
1 " Robert?,, RJih d Robertson, and
Jack r.:cl:.
f The pcr:.-r:i. ! club i:
j Frst Tenors
, j Oeora P. An lr-vcr Il-r'irf J. Ander
4ob, WiliiiM I'. Bjyer. Carl B. Brown.
Andrew Cotnr-? HTnr't ikM, Jonn A.
K. Dentler. JC-r'. 'I'ri)r;Tl, Silnv O. Iji
throp, J. J. iVi, N. K. Matthew.
Jnlea XoaV. M. L. Peter, Walter E.
j Rose, C. B. S:ei.
"W C. Ad . .'aeV Bi:.Vi , rec"- A.
Farias. .7..1in f.:. Jo. W. Gill. Roger
i Hase. Ro'eri ILttcMn. Arthnr Johnson,
r W. M. -. C.-iT.Ile forsan. J.
. McMirian . W. A. Pf ter, "onald B.
r Sharp. O arl t II. Punchy, Robert P.
"Wation. A. WHtifir.
Fiiit Ecitvev
P. T. A 1 - I . K. Barnctt. J. W.
' B'ekforfl, Rovi'. 3:s:iarii. Miles Bnrleiph,
? Tbo. P. rijir:., F;-ierno R. Gilbert, V.
- O. Hesse. D. V. JT'Cnrrsrh, Donald Mc-
Jatoih. An l f r Kilerl, Klmon G. Miller.
It. W. Mil . J. Scott Milne. Karl Plek.
W. F. Potts Harrey Tatro, A. Van
Ilaeltt. J. F, WalliB, Ceorje H. Ward
. er.TMarsha'l Wood.
y, . Rei-ooi Basset
AHti G. Adam. M. H. Astrop. Georre
T.. BtVer. Jr., M. I-' Bowman. Donald
Bornett, G. A. Charlston. B. ti. Crane,
' Merwin Unit. Kenneth H. Eat. A. A.
Easter. Martin A. Howard. Jas. Lawrence,
A. W. Ledbury. Stephen W. Matthien, Jr.,
v Harold W. Moore. W. A. Montgomery,
, Wil.'reff Tr.;nips. Werner Rax, A.
H. Steirm'''. t. P. Town, Alei Wagner,
Leslie A. Valrad.
Miss Varley Hostess
; To Hfeh School Group
Miss Emma Varley, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Varley, en
; tertained a group of High school
: friends at her home Thursday ey
l ening. The rooms were decorat-
, ' ed with Spring as a motif.
After an evening of dancing
and cards, the hostess, assisted by
Miss Dorothy Tucker and Miss
Daisy Varley, served refresh-
; merits.
The guest group included Con
, stance Krebs, Roberta Varley,
'I Francis Reid. Georgia Nash, Lot
'.: tie Nash. Kathryn Rowc, Merle
; Thatcher, Dortba Cannon, Faye
Henderson, and Truxton Fareman,
Elmer Suing, Wayne Blacco,
' Maxie Langfard, Frits Ammon,
I Glenn Sanford, Glen Rollins, Bill
Backe, Glenn Wilbur and Paul
' Rockenfeller.
Mf. and Mrs Harry Toung were
hosts to the Happy Dozen "500
club In the Young home Friday
' evening. Tulips in shades of
I rose were attractive as decora
tions. '
After a few hours of "500", the
hostess, assisted by Mrs. Haag
and Mrs. Kitchen, served a dainty
The guest group included Mr.
and Mrs, A. C. Haag, Mr. and Mrs
F. Kitchen, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Boles, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bars
neff, and Mr .and Mrs. Frank Ha-
Mrs. Kitchen and Mr. Barsneff
i won the high score honors of the
!-- evening.
j- : Mr. and Mrs. Haag will be hosts
- to theclub this Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Creigh Long were
hosts Friday evening for three
tables of bridge, in honor of the
birthday of Carroll Long. Guests
Jnyited for this affair were the
honor guest, Carroll Long. Mrs.
Carroll Long, Mr. and Mrs. Les
ter Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling
Smith, Mr. and Mr. Sheldon Sack-
et, Mr. and Mrs. R. Johnson.
The W. T. M. 8. of the Jason
Lee Memorial church: will .hold
their monthly meeting at the
home of Mrs. A. J. Vick 1495
North Liberty street, Tuesday
evening. Mite boxes will be open
ed at this meeting. Mrs. Marie
Putnam Is chairman of the pro-
.gram eommittee for this meeting.
The general Ladies Aid of the
, First Methodist church will cpon.
sor a rummage sale and a. paper
and rag drive Friday and Saturday
May 10 and -11. The place will
be announced later.
f -. ; ; GRAND
S. S. 9:45 a.m. Classes for all ages.
Preaching services 10:50 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
B. Y, P. TJ.'i 6:30 p.m. WELCOME. Young People.
Morning: Anthem : ' "Give Unto the Lord," Cadman.
Male Quartet Baptismal Service
y .
ft V
- r I
Mrs. J. B.
Dinner-Bridge Group
Entertained Thursday
The Impromptu Dinner Bridge
club 'members were guests at an
attractive dinner for which Mrs.
J. E. Godfrey was hostess last
Thursday evening. Following the
dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Vera Suko
entertained the guest group at an
evening of bridge in the Suko
home where the rooms were at
tractively decked with wild flow
ers. The club members Include Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Laldlaw, Mr. and
Mrs. Hal Wiley, Mr. and Mrs.
Warren Jensen, Dr. and Mrs. E.
A. Lebold, Mr. and Mrs. R. D.
Wood row and the hosts, Mr. and
The high score bridge honors
Mrs. Vern Suko.
of the evening were won by Mr.
and Mrs. Wiley and Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Byrd is Hostess
To Spokane Visitors
Mrs. W. H. Byrd entertained at
a six o'clock dinner in her home
on Liberty street Friday evening
for Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Byrd and
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Byrd.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bjrrd have
been the guests of Mrs. Prince
Byrd while visiting here on the
return trip to their home in Spo
kane after spending a time in
Honolulu with their daughter.
Mrs. John Nelson.
Mrs. W. S. Mott has had as her
house guests during the past week
Mrs. Thomas Sims of Los Angeles,
Mrs. Mary Mcintosh of Berkeley,
Mrs. John Clark of Portland, and
Mrs. Dan Shaw of Beaverton.
Mrs. Jesse Walling and Mrs. C.
F. Merrick entertained at an at
tractive afternoon bridge party in
the Walling home Friday after
noon. Four tables ot bridge pro
vided the center of attention dur
ing the afternoon for those who
wished to play. Other guests spent
the afternoon in conversation.
The drawing rooms were attrac
tive with arrangements of Japon
lca, narcissus, and the flowering
quince and currant.
. Mrs. Ralph Allen of Salem won
the prize for high score of the af
ternoon. The guest group Included Mrs.
V. L. Gibson, Mrs. Charles Mc
Carter, Mrs. W. W. Henry. . Mrs.
Ralph Scott. Mrs. Walter Hunt,
Mrs. Jesse Worthington, Mrs. W.
Frank Crawford; Mrs. Wayne B
Henry, Mrs. W. N. Crawford, Mrs.
Alvln Madsen, Mrs. James A.
French, Mrs. J. D. Walling, Mrs.
T. J. Merrick, Mrs. Roy E. Barker
and her son Sammy, Mrs. F. H
Barker. Mrs. L. F. Matthews, Miss
Jesse Smith and Mrs. Ralph Allen,
Mrs. L. M. Purvine and Mrs. Mary
B. Crawford, all of Salem.
Miss Alma Weller will entertain
with a musical beginning at fonr
o'clock this afternoon at her stu
dio. The affair Is given for her
advanced students. Victor Wblf
will assists with this program
Saturday afternoon Miss Weller
presented her younger students
la recital.
Miss Elizabeth Lord and Miss
Edith Sehryrer are at home again
a tier -a visit of a few weeks in
Seattle.- '
Baptist Church
- . V-1;
4 "r
Yo-rlVJar-Co Group
GuestSln Byrd Home
- f
Mrs. Prince Byrd and Mrs. Paul
Johnson were hostesses to the
members of the Yo-Mar-Co gToup
Friday afternoon at the Byrd
After a brief business meeting
at which the president, Mrs. By
ron Herrick presided, Mrs. E. C.
Cross, Mrs. Byrd's mother, -spoke
to the group in a most informing
and Interesting manner of her
trip through the Holy Land last
year. Mrs. Cross' discussion- was
made doubly Interesting by a
number of curios and art objects
from the Holy Land which she
showed and explained to the
Mrs. Cross was one of a num
ber of special guests of the group
which included Mrs. Johnson's
mother, Mrs. M. T. Graham, and
Dr. Byrd's mother who has been
visiting here from Spokane. -
At the tea hour Mrs. Cross and
Mrs. Graham presided at the
beautifully appointed tea table.
They were assisted in serving by
the dainty little Misses Betty and
Janet Byrd.
The tea table was centered with
a lovely arrangement of snap
dragons, petunias and carnations
in pastel shades.
The hostesses for the next
meeting of the group will be Mrs.
Walter Minier and Mrs. J. D.
Piiscilla Club Group
Guests of Mrs. Craig
Mrs. John Craig entertained the
members of the Priscilla club at
an attractive, afternoon affair in
her home last week. Spring flow.
ers were artistically arranged
about the drawing room.
The club group included Mrs.
Dan Fry, Sr., Mrs. W. S. Mott,
Mrs. Fred Steusloff, Mrs. C. M.
Epplejr, Mrs. Walter Buckner,
Mrs. S.v S. East, Mrs. Kittle Graver,
Mrs. George Dunsford, Mrs. A. T.
Wain, Mr 3. Ida Babcpck,' and Mrs.
A. L. Brown.
The Lincoln community club re
ports a very excellent program re
cently. The main part ot the pro
gram was musical. A four-act
dramatized eong was presented by
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Scott, assist
ed by Roy Barker. A copy of the
"Bugle" published 30 years ago
by the Lincoln community liter
ary society was read by Frank
Boehringer. Guests for the even
ing were Col and Mrs. Abrams,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gerth, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Boeing, Mr. and
Mrs. John Spong.
Mr. acd Mrs: Barkus has had
as her; house guests during the
past week. Ernest Summerfield of
Tacoma and Oscar Wolf of Cus
son, Minnesota.
Spring Fever
. Sunshine at lastand Salem's little world
shows the effect of it-cleaves have bursted their
" wrappings, blossoms are in profusion and there is a
lure in the air that calls to the beach, the mountains,
. the golf course, the tennis courts and the bridal
! paths. Salem folk are lucky who can within three
easy hours humor any one of these calls. Already
there are picnic parties, and on Friday the woman's
semi-finals will -be played off on the Salem golf
course. There are riding parties from six A. M. on
: , through the day, tennis "tournaments, weekend
5 beach parties, and for those who like the soft spring
flower air of the drawing room there is plenty of
interest. Parties last week were many. Mrs. Frank
Spears and Mrs. Russell Catlin entertained with two
afternoons; Mrs. F. E. Halik entertained with two
afternoons; Mrs. Hollis Huntington had a luncheon
"bridge, and the Willamette university May Queen
and her princesses were entertained with a formal
tea at the Alpha Phi Alpha sorority house. Add to
this the regular club parties, the plans for "good
music week," The Piper," and the auxiliary's work
for "Hospital day" it must be said there is "spring
fever" in the air true enough but socially it has none
of the elements of ennui so often attributed to it.
Miss Miller Appears
In Interesting Program
A program of unusual interest
was given Friday evening at the
Robert, studio by Miss Mae Miller,
organist lot" the First Christian
church. Miss Miller was asssited
by Ralph B. Patterson, baritone.
The -studio was attractively
decked with tulips, lilacs and ap
ple blossoms. Guests were greeted
at the door by the Misses Lolita
and Lorita Robinson and Miss Ed
na Miller, sister of Miss Miller.
The varied program opened wiht
the "Third Sonata" by Borowski,
and "Dawn Enchantment," by
Dunn, followed by "Ball's Littel
Road," and "Rockin in De Win',"
by Nudlinger, sung by Mr. Patter.
Ron. The nroeram continued with
"May Time," by Lemare, "In Sum
mer." by Stebbins, and "Sea Gar
dens" by Cooke, & group ot organ
number which were rendered in
splendid style by Miss Miller. Mr.
Patterson's other three numbers,
"Invictus" by Huhn, "The Old
Road." hx Scott and "Schubert's
"Serenade," were greatly appre
ciated by the audienee. The Sere
nade was especially beautiful with
both orran and niano accompani
ments played by Miss Miller and
Prof. Roberts. The closing organ
nnmlwr. "Polonaise in C Minor"
by Stebbins was a splendid climax
to the program. Both artists were
at their best throughout the eve
ning and graciously responded to
numerons encores.
The numbers selected brought
out the beautiful tonal effects of
Tmf. Roberts organ. esDecially
the "Polonaise in C Minor" in
which the powerful and majestic
tones of the organ proved their
true musical value.
Mrs. Fred Gordon
Bridge Club Hostess
Mrs. Fred C. "Gordon enter
tained the members of her bridge
club in here apartment at the
Glendora Tuesday afternoon.
The high score awards of the
afternoon .were won by Mrs. Vern
Suko and Mrs. Stanley Burgess.
Amone the sruests who were
present were Mrs. R. D. Wood
row, Mrs. Donald Madison, Mrs.
R. O. Koent. Mrs. Hal Wiley. Mrs.
Roy F. McGee, Mrs. Stanley Bur
gess, Mrs. Vern Suko and tne
hostess, Mrs. Gordon.
Mrs. E. M. Laird was hostess to
the Fifty-Fifty five hundred club
Thursday afternoon. Mrs. A. J.
Nixon, won high score and Mrs.
Will Hunt second. Guests for the
afternoon were E. L. Gray, Mrs.
L. W. DuBois, Mrs. M. McDowell,
Mrs. A. J. Nixon, Mrs. Will Hunt.
Mrs. R. A. Erixson, and Mrs. E.
B. Taylor. Tea was served from
a service table centered with
Mrs. F. G. Franklin, read
"Through California Art Galler
ies." a paper which she has only
recently prepared, before the En
glewood community club Satur
day afternoon.. In addition to
this she gave the high lights of
European galleries commencing
with the lake region of England
and tracing art and literature In
to Italy.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Molton
Gatke will be dinner hosts today
to Mrs. Virginia Bacon. Mr. and
Mrs. Sheldon Sackett, Dr. Henry
Kohler, and Leland Chapln.
See the new Spring .Models
..." -
Artistique Foundations
An inexpensive dress oyer a good founda
tion looks, far better than an expensive
dress over a poof foundation.
Be sureyou are correctly corseted for the
new dresses. - s:
" Special Attention Given to Fittings '
v ' ; , . . : . - :
165 N. liberty St.
W. Q T. U. Convention
Given in Resume
The recent Marion county W.
C. T. U. convention which met at
the Presbyterian church in Wood
burn, transacted much important
business under the able manage
ment of their president, Mrs.
Sarah Oliver, who was also re
elected for the seventeenth time.
D part in nt reports were given
as follows: flower mission, Mrs. J.
R. Presnall, evangelistic, Mrs.
Nellie Gunning, publicity. Lena V.
Robins, christian citizenship, Mary
Charlton; legislative, Mrs. J. J.
Nunn; child welfare, Mrs. A. H.
Deane; constitutions, Mrs. J. Wil
son; anti-narcotic, Mrs. Almara
Reed: Sunday schools, Mrs. A.
Hadley; circulation of official pa
pers, Ora Bear.
The general reports showed a
total active membership in the
county of 239, with 23 honorary
members, and all budgets paid in
Following the noon prayer, a
delightful luncheon was served 'by
the Woodfturn women.
The afternoon session was op
ened with "singing, followed by a
memorial service conducted by
Mrs. O. A. Condit. Mrs. Mary
Brooks then placed upon the ta
ble, a beautiful bouquet of flowers
in memory of the following: Mrs.
Retta Pemberton, Mrs. Emma
Hawkins, Mrs. Mary Newton, Mrs.
Dorothy Clamp, who have gone to
their Great Reward.
Mrs. Vern Bain, and Mrs. J.
Hanson sang a duet, and kindly
responded to encore. Mrs. Fran
cis Swope, state corresponding se
cretary, gave a short talk.
A vote of thanks was extended
Mrs. C. A. Swope for the efficiency
with wfiich she acted as manager
ot the White Ribbon Review. Res
olutions were passed expressing
appreciation to the various civic
organizations and individuals
whose assistance greatly aided in
makfng the convention a success.
A separate resolution made the
statement of aim for the W. C. T.
U. for the year in that It "urged
clean, wholesome pictures, that
will in no way reflect against
home life, or rjrohibition law en
forcement, and that the policy of
education as to the bad effect of
narcotics be promoted even as it
had been against alcohol."
The next convention will meet
ill Salem nest April.
Mrs. W. S. Foster was hostess
Friday afternoon to the women of
the Calvary Baptists Missionary
society. A program entitled
"Facts" was enjoyed by the 39
women present. Miss Mina Gile
and Mrs. O. Pickens arranged the
program. Mrs. A. J. Gile lead the
devotions. A special thank-offering
of $30 was taken for the
month of April. Tea was served
by the hostess committee, Mrs. C.
R. Gregg, Mrs. R. Sachtler, Mrs.
William Taylor, and Mrs. Mina
Gile. At the tea hour Mrs. George
King gave a reading and Mrs. Carl
Huber sang. ,
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Davis left
early last week for a motor trip
through the South. They plan
to visit as far as Arizona before
their return.
The study classes ot the Wo
men's elub wil meet at 3:30
o'clock In the clubhouse. The Rev.
Martin Ferrey will review "Sing
ing in the Ram" and Professor B.
F. Franklin will discuss current
' A.
, . )
' W. .-.v.
: : :
V'v:-i':::-Vxv; X ':':'' w'Stv:-:-::::::::: .":
Miss Sigma
Mrs. Walton Hostess
To Thursday Club
Mrs. William Walton was host
ess to the members of the Thurs
day bridge club and a number of
additional guests at the Walton
home last Thursday afternoon.
The special guests of the after
noon included Mrs. T. A. Lives-'
ley, Mrs. John Carson, Mrs. T. A.
Roberts, and Mrs. O. F. Johnson.
The members of the club group
include Mrs. David W. Eyre, Mrs.
John J. Roberts, Mrs. Harry
Hawkins, Mrs. O. C. Locke, Mrs.
Henry Meyers, Mrs. George Rodg
ers, Mrs. Fritz Slade, Mrs. Dan J.
Fry, Jr., Mrs. John McNary and
the hostess, Mrs. William Walton.
The high score honor for the
afternoon was awarded to Mrs..
T. A. Livesley.
Mrs. Henry Meyers will enter
tain the group at the next club
Leslie Ladies Aid
Will Picnic Tuesday
Mrs. Fred Soptt will be hostess
to the members of the Ladies Aid
society of the Leslie Methodist
church for a picnic at the Scott
country home at Liberty Tuesday
afternoon. Unless the weather
proves inclement, a potluck lunch
eon will be spread out of doors at
the noon hour.
The committee In charge of the
picnic Includes the hostess Mrs.
Scott, Mrs. O. E. Brooks and Mrs.
Kate Holder.
The Book and Thimble club was
guest of Mrs. A. J. Krueger for
an Interesting social afternoon
program presented by Mrs. Fred
Kubin. Miss Mamie Hillman, a
bride-elect, was given a miscel
laneous shower. Following this re
freshments were served by the
hostess assisted by Mrs. Damrell.
Guests present for this affair were
Mrs. Charles Adams, Mrs. Mary
Beaver, Mrs. L. F. Brown, Mrs.
Elmer Cook, Mrs. Fred Kubin,
Mrs. Ray Lacey, Mrs. Charles
Schwartz, Mrs. Hettl Simkins, Mrs.
Ross Damrell, and Mrs. A. J.
Krueger. Visitors were Mrs.
George Grabenhorst, Mies Mamie
Hillman, and Miss Florence St.
The Mizpab class of the First
Baptist church met at the home
of Mrs. Fannie Campbell Tuesday
afternoon of last week. The
hostess eommittee for the after
noon Included Mrs. McCain, Mrs.
Ayers ana Mrs. camp Den.
2 P.
. Woman's club study class-
es mee tat 2:30 o'clock.
Missionary society First
Congregational church at
2:30 o'clock with Mrs. Steus-
loff, 607 North Commercial.
Leslie Ladies' Aid picnic et
11 o'clock with Mrs. Fred
Scott of Liberty.
W. F. M S. Jason Lee
church mite box opening
meeting with Mrs. Vick, 14 95
North Liberty.
W. H. M. S. of First M. E.
church meets at 2:30 o'clock
in the church parlors.
South Dakota club. 6:30,
American Lutheran church.
Carnation club meets at 2
o'clock with Mrs. W. D. Al-
bright. 1235 Division.
Piety Hill club meets with
Mrs. C. K. Spaulding.
W. U. May Day fete at 2
o'clock on the campus. Jun-
ior class play at 8:15 o'clock
at Grand Ronde.
May morning breakfast 6
until 9 o'clock on the W. U.
campus. Townspeople wel-
Mrs. Pierce Hostess
At Afternoon Bridge
Mrs. E. T. Pierce entertained at
an interesting bridge affair in her
home on North Summer street
Friday afternoon. Spring flowers
centered the tea table and decked
the drawing room. High score
awards of the afternoon were
awarded to Mrs. E. P. Thom and
Mrs. F. W. Poorman.
Mrs. Frank Powers entertained
at dinner for Mrs. Willard Seaton
Kaufman, prominent visitor from
Seattle, at her home Friday even
ing. Yellow spring flowers and
yellow tapers in crystal holders
centered the table. Covers were
laid for the honor guest. Mrs.
Kaufman, and Mr. and Mrs. E.
T. Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Baker, Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth
Powers, Miss Florence Powers,
and Mrs. Frank Powers.
Nathan Stelnboch, 14 year old
violin student of Miss Elizabeth
Levy won second place In the
class A. violin contest at Forest
Grove Saturday. He played the
"Maxurka de Concert," by Musin.
"Music hath power" to create
more interest In a cooperative
fashion "week" to be celebrated,
than any such "week" so far ob
served. The first such observance
was supposed to be of Western
origin having its beginning In
Boise, Idaho in 1919. Later In
the same year Dallas, Texas, St.
Louis, Missouri, and Sharon,
Pennsylvania held music weeks.
By 1928 the number of towns cel
ebrating this week was 2.26S.
In Salem every one Is partici
pating in some fashion either as a
willing listener or an active as
sistant. The schools speak through
Superintendent Hug, who says
"the schools have always endeav
ored to give the student full en,
couragefhenV in any and all lines
of music endeavor." From the
programs which they are offering
and that In addition to keeping up
full class work 6ne may well be
lieve the statement is according to
facts. t '-
Each school In town Is planning
something special. "Pinaforw"
will be presented by the high
school students at the Grand the
atre May 8. There will be a con
cert given by the graduating class
of the Sacred Heart academy at
St. Joseph's hall May 9. The Les
lie Junior high school will present
the opera "Bulbul" May 9. Con
certs will be given by the Salem
school bands. Parrish junior v.ill
give two operettas "Rip Van Win
kle," and "Hiawatha's Childhodd"
May 7. These are only a Dartial
list of what to expect from the
I school.
1 From now on it will be the en
deavor of this column to present
individual programs which may he
kept for reference as "places to
go" during the weeks activities.
Mrs. Steusloff Will
Be Hostess Tuesday
The Missionary society of tl
First Congregational church will
meet at 2:30 o'clock Tuesday af
ternoon with Mrs. F. W. Steusloff
in her home at 607 North Com
mercial. The Rev. C. E. Ward will con
duct the devotions. Leland ch;i
pin, who but recently returned
from the Orient, will be the main
speaker of the afternoon. Mr.
Chapin's subject will be "China".
The Ladies Quartet will furnish
Jhe special music for the after
The hostess committee includes
Mrs. E, C. Charlton, Miss Edith
Hazard, Mrs. John Bayne, Mrs. L.
H. McMahan and Mrs. Steusloff.
Dumb Doras Guests
At Evening Party
Mrs. Ed Kitchen and Miss Ruth
Kitchen entertained the Dumb
Dora club at three tables of "500'
in the Kitehen home Thursday
evening. After a few hours of
cards, the hostesses served a dain
ty lunch.
The guest group included Miss
Jessie Starr, Miss Hope Divine,
Miss Mildred Durgan, Miss Alta
Simmons, .Miss Anna Mclntyre.
Mrs. Arthur Jepson, Mrs. Harry
Young, Mrs. Robert Rubecl", Mrs.
Carl Fisher, and Mrs. Harry
The high score awards of the
evening, were won by Miss Mc
lntyre and Miss Divine.
Mrs. Jt H. Garnjobst, president
of the woman's team of the Sa
lem Golf club has announced the
pairings for the seml-finala of the
tournament which will take place
paired with Mrs. J. H. Willett, and
Mrs. Clifford Farmer with Mrs.
F. S. Anunsen.
Friday results showed Mrs.
Clifford Farmer winning from
Mrs. Curtis Cross, Mrs. Earl New
ton, from Mrs. Daryl. Proctor, ami
Mrs. F. S. Anunsen from, Mrs. H.
K. Stockwell. '
A "White Elephant" tourna
ment will be a feature ot the Fri
day events and all members of
the club are urged to be out. A
special 1 o'clock meeting has been
called by the president for dis
cussion of rules.
Mrs. Prescott's Drama class will
meet at 2 o'clock Tuesday after
noon in the public library. The
topic for study will be "The
Sbapespearlan Drama" with es
pecial attention to ' Othello" and
"The Tempest.
: is ."
. . - i