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Different Community Organ
izations Participate in
Social Affair
MONMOUTH, April 24. Mon
mouth post of the American Le.
gion, assisted by the Lions club
and Ciric club sponsored a ben.
efit program of vaudeville at the
high school gymnasium Tuesday
evening to obtain the budget for
the support of the Monmouth boy
scouts. About 150 persons attend
ed the affair which was well pre.
sented. The first number was by
the harmonica band of Monmouth
high, followed by a solo by Miss
.lune Thiering with Margaret
S: ruirgs at the piano.
Leslie Davis and Jimmy Bush
in a tumbling act showed a good
amateur performance. Miss Ethyl
Rae Davis, was heard in a vocal
number, accompanied by Margaret
Scruggs. Mrs. Bernard Sellers
pleased with a reading.
The Lions club quartet com
posed of L. B. McClendon. O. C.
Christensen, S. Dietrick and Dr
A. S. Jensen were encored enthus
iastically on their numbers. Mrs
Dietrick was their accompanist.
A trio from the La Danza organ
ization of Oregon Normal school
were well received in a clog dance
number. The program finale was
a comic effort by the American
Legion quartet: Walter Smith, C
C. Powell, L. B. Howard and Dr.
C. G. Stem with Chester Kurtz at
the piano. The entire evening was
a popular success.
m mm put
PERRYD1LE. Anrll 24. Two
beautiful playlets were given Tues.
day night at tne monthly club
meeting or tne public sciroois.
"The Prairie Princess" and the
"Romance of Spring Time" made
a most charming pageant.
- Captain R. C. Mitchell accom.
nanied the Perrrdale minstrel
club to McMlnnvllle Friday night
and gave the Elks an entertain
ment in their hail. After the per
formance the "antlered herd'
sDread one of their finest feasts.
Misses Elliott and McMillan
chaperoned the high school girls
at a slumber party at "Tne tjoi-
lipa." sDonsored bv Mr. and Mrs
A. M. Campbell in their fine coun
try home Friday night.
The high school senior play.
comic drama, will be presented
Thursday night at the high school
The. north section of the Polk
ronntv unelline contest, consisting
of six districts, held Its elimina
tion contset Friday night at Per
rydale. McCoy ranked third, with
Ilroadmead second, and Perrydale
The grade and high school
teachers plan to attend the state
educational conference at Mon
mouth, Saturday, April 27.
HUBBARD, April 26 Mrs. Ed
ward Wolfer was hostess for the
Tinir nt T.vender club wbicn
met at her home Thursday after
Questions on current topics
vam suited and answers givea.
Miss Marjorie Wolfer and Miss
Bessie Rector favored the club
with a niano duet. Piano solos Dy
MLss Anita Bevens and Miss Bes-
io Roptnr o reading by Miss WH
ma Dick, and a planologue by
ui Velma Dies: were enioyea
Members present were Mes-
dames Reichel. stauiier, ttecior,
Wells, Kidston, Bevens, Smith,
Coffenberry, Adams, Jackson,
Dimick, Paulsen, Schoor, Sewell,
Kromllng. Overton, Riley, and the
Misses Mary Goudy. Rose Jordon,
Anita Bevens, Leah Kromling,
nii ntnr. Mar iorr Wolfer.
Ruby Crittenden, and Ruth Cal
vert. Visitors were Mrs. G. Vo
get, Mrs. P. Knapp. Mrs. A. Hoi-
f j war
den. of New.Hampsmre, ana bits.
Woodruff of Portland.
HO. 123
f Ctiieaff, n Stat I IUiuoia om
the thirty-firat day of Iee!r. 1928.
male to the Inauranta Comnmiionrr !
the SUM of Orrron. pnriuant to law:
Aaoait of capital stock paid op --
Net cramhims reeivd during- tho
yea? - 8611.903.12
Intcreit, dividends and renta received
Curing tho year - 24.695.75
Inrnae front other source rewved
during the year 509.830.17
Total income 81.146,529.04
Ket loi paid during the year i-lJ-
inf adjastment expense- fl04.222.4S
Dividenta paid on capital atock during
Commissiona and aalanea paid during
the year - 1 11.459.00
Taxes, licene and fee paid during
the year 5.251.91
Amount efal lother expenCiturea
Total expenditure $234,328.09
Value of real eatate owned (market
value) - ,
I Value of stocks and bonds owned (mar
ket value) - $1,299,570.00
Loans on mortgages and collateral, etc.
rush in "banks and on hand 189,688.04
premiums in course of colection writ
ten fine September 30, 1928
Interst and rends due and arerued
Total admitted ansetn $1,638,837.50
Grosv claims for losses nnpaid . .. ...
$ 89,423.00
Amount of unearned premiums an all
outstanding risks 156.084.70
Iue for commission and brokerage ...
, 25,313.65
All other liabilities 22.096.09
Total liabilities, exclusive of eap-
intal stock of $350,000.00
business nr obeooh ron the
Net premiums received taring tne year
LoaaeVpaife daring tho year - 237.15
Losses incurred during the year 737.15
' Name of Company American Motorists
Insurance Company.
Nam of President James 8. . Kemper.
Kama of Secretary Edwin E. Hooper.
the year
vice J. Gordon Baker, McMian villa, Ore-1
aon. i. I
" .
I I 1 I . , r v
Fall Grain Grows
Fast at Auburn;
Trees Blooming
Al BURX, April 2. Pall
grain tn this district is grow
injc well and fruit trt-rsrv3
well filled with bloom, and
the fanners are busy prepar
ing the fields fop corn, with
the exception of one farmer,
who having recently moved
here from California, ha
had his corn planted for six
weeks. He reports however,
that he has found the corn
sprout!, where he has ex
amlned the hills.
WOODBURN, April 24.
A large number of Salem folk ac
companied the West Salem Com
munity club minstrels to the state
training school here where they
entertained the boys of the school
and several guests with a minstrel
show Wednesday evening.
The program follows: Opening
chorus, entire company; "Let Me
Call You Sweetheart." Ward
Wolfe; "When the Snowbirds
Cross the Valley." Robert Patti
son; "Hear Dem Bells." Jack Gos
ser; "Don't You Cry Ma Honey,"
R. A. Raymond; "Carolina Moon,
Charles Know land; "Down Where
the Cotton Blossoms Grow," Bil
lie McAdams; "Golden Slippers."
Jack Summers; monologue, Billie
McAdams; whistling duet, "Mock
ing Bird," Mr. and Mrs. Wood;
"The Yesterdays," Messrs. Know-
land, Kelso and Hull; and- clos
ing chorus, entire company, and
special number. "I'll be Back in
a Minute. But I Gotta Go Now,
Dr. Epley.
Betty Bedford, pianist, and Mrs.
Blaine Hanks,' of Twin Falls. Ida
ho, violinist, accompanied the
vocal numbers.
After the program refreshments
were served to the company, their
families, and a few special guests
from Woodburn.
Miss Emily Cllne and Nick Rich
ter were married Tuesday morn
ing in Silverton. They will make
their home on the Keber farm In
North Howell where the groom
and his parents have lived for
several years.
The bride is. the charming
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
Cline and both young people are
well known in the community.
An old fashioned charivari was
given the young couple Wednes
day evening and congratulations
and best wishes expressed by all
A new sewing club in the handl.
work division has been organized
in our school under the able lead.
ership of Mrs. Florence Oddle.
The eighteen members are as
follows: Myrtle Kurre. Eleanor
Rutherford, Doris and Mary Helen
Rlckard. Lois and. Evelyn Coom
ler. Blanche Pickens. Helen and
Clara Smith, Freda DItchen. Dor.
othy Bump. Ellen Vinton, Celia
Jefferson, Ida May Summers, Alice
Dunn. Margaret Woelke and Pearl
and Nellie Colyer.
Cappy Ricks?'
Given At Church
SILVERTON. April 2fi The
Epworth League of the Methodist
church nresented "Canny Ricks."
by Peter B. Kyne In the Eugene
Field auditorium Friday evening.
April 26. The cast of characters
was as follows: Ellen Murray,
Marie Iverson; John Skinner,
Robt Stranix; "Cappy Ricks,"
Harold Alfred: John Singleton.
Roy Brady; Florence Ricks, Mrs.
Lee Alfred; Matt Peasley, Lee Al
fred; Lucy Ricks, Frances Keene.
SILVERTON, April 28. The
Willing Workers Circle of the Im
lnuel church served a chili con
carne dinner In the church base
ment Tuesday night. The dinner
hour was from five until eight
o'clock, which was followed by a
program. The affair was well at
no. so
BTwovaia or the AinroAif itate-
of Detroit, in the State of Michigan, on
the thirty-first day of December, 1928,
made to the Insurance Commissioner of
the State of Oreron. pursuant to law:
Amount of capital ttoek paid up -
Ket premiums received during the year
: $603,184.27
Interest, dividends and rents received
durinr the vear 83.621 T59
Income from other sources received tar
ing the year 2.810.90
Total income $639,616.86
Net losses paid during- tho year Includ-
mr adjustment expenses 9zee.vvs.03
Dividends paid on capital stock tnrinit
the year 85,000.00
Commissions and salsries paid during-
the rear 281.745.74
Taxes, licenses and feet paid curing
the year 20,460.74
Amount of al lother expenditures-
, ,. 71.40O.73
Total expenditures .$ 656,7 65.88
Value of real estate owned (market
value) $160,000.00
Value of stocks and bonds owned (mar
ket value) 513.470.00
Loans on mortgages and collateral, etc.
. ao.ouo.uu
Cash in banks and en hand 9,782.50
Premiums in course of collection writ
ten since Sentember 30. 1928
Interest and rents due and accrued
$$ 8.932.73
Total admitted asaeta $701,185.22
Gross claims for losses unpaid $53,569.09
Amount of nnearned premiums on all
omtstandinr risks 44.3s.
Due for commission and brokerage
. , 4,000.00
AD other laibilities 85,853.84
Total liabilities, exclusive of capi
tal atock of $350,000.00
Net premiums received during the year
Losses paid during the year 5,433.01
Losses incurred caring th eyear
1 S.STS.27
Xama of com pan? Federal Casualty
mm 01 iresioent v. u. vim.
Kama of Secretary H. A. Cliff.
Statutory resident attorney for ssr-
vieo Hon. Insurance Commissioner.
Sonnyson Unhurt by Smash-
up on Main Street Fri
day Morning
SILVERTON. April 2. The
entie front of the Herigstad Tai
lor shop on Main street was de
molished Friday morning, when a
car driven by P. C. Sonnyson.
rammed the window and door of
the shop. ' In backing the ear,
which had been parked diagonal
to the curb, Sonnyson lost controt
of the gears, and instead of back
ing, the car lurched forward,
striking the building before he
could gain control.
Sonnyson, who was alone in the
car. lives in the Scanty district,
IVt miles northwest of Silverton.
He was not hurt. The car was nn
injured except for a bent fender.
The Marsh Construction Co., of
Spokane, Wn., has a crew of 15
men at work opening up the quar.
ry and installing crushing machin
ery on the Oregon Lime Products
Co. property on the cement spur
near Falls City. The Oregon Lime
Products Co. has entered into' a
contract with the concern to in
stall and operate a lime plant.
It is 'expected that the plant
will be in operation within 30 to
60 days and a erew of SO men
will be employed, according to Ar
nold Muck of Falls City. , ,
Opens Quarry
The opening up of the lime de
posit has been a project of A. A.
Mock, Falls City business man,
for the past three years or more.
The company was organised some
time ago, but had never opened
up the quarry, although a spar
trackage was put 1b several
months ago. Mr. Muck and Dr.
W. L. Pemberton of Dallas are the
principal stockholders in the Ore
gon Lime Products Co., the former
being president and the latter,
Under the present plan the com
pany will handle the Bales end of
the work and the Marsh Construc
tion Co. will take out the rock
and grind it. It is planned to man
ufacture agricultural lime and
chicken grit. An outpuUof 300 or
400 cars is anticipated for the first
year of operations. Sales activities
will begin within 30 days in order
to have orders to handle the out
put after operations begin.
Mr. Muck underwent a serious
operation at the Dallas hospital
Saturday and has been in a very
critical condition since.
Lime Deposit Good
The lime deposit, which Is sim
ilar in nature to the rock taken
out nearby by the Oregon-Portland
Cement Co., for use In manu
facture of cement at its Oswego
plant, has been tested by the
state and various attempts were
made to have this supply used to
operate the penitentiary lime
The use of agricultural lime has
been increasing by leaps and
bounds, and an almost unlimited
market is expected for it In the
Willamette valley.
37 Lodge Members
At Canby Meeting
SILVERTON, April 26. Thir-
ty'-seven members from Triphena
Rebekah Lodge, Silverton, motor
ed to. Canby on Thursday, to at
tend the 21st annual Rebekah
convention of district No. 4.
During the evening session, the
Silverton lodge gave the memor
ial exercise, in memory of depart
ed members. Mrs. Leon a Krenz
sang two vocal solos during the
ceremony, which was penormea
by Mrs. Mercy Sylvester, Mrs.
Ruth Kottek, Sybil Weils, Giaays
Whitlock, Alice Thorburn and Vi
olet Crofoot. Election of officers
of the next -convention which will
be held in Aurora, Included Fran
ces Gourlie and Frances Gehrke
both of Silverton.
SO. 124
Of the Atlantie Mutual Fire Insurance
Company of Savannah, in the State of
Georgia on the thirty-first day of Do
camber. 1928. made to tho Insurance
Commissioner of the State of Oregon, pur
suant to law:
Amount of. Guaranty Vnod paid up --
, isu,
Net premiums received during, the year
Interest, dividends and rents received
during the year .
Income from other sources receive
during the year - b,bh.s7
Total income $371,080.19
Ket losses paid during the year includ-
inc adjustment expenses of, ova. 11
Dividends paid on Guaranty during the
Tear 14,Svl.S0
Commissions and salaries paid daring
tho year -
Taxes, licenses and fees paid during
tho rear - o,7 0.iv
Amount of all other expenditures .
. 13,7UZ.1Z
Total expenditures $330,805.34
Value of real estate owned (market
value) .
Value of stocks and bonds owned (mar
ket value) 337.036.72
Loans em mortgages and collateral, etc.
Cash in banks and en hand
Premiums in ranru of celleetio writ
ten since September 30, 1928
Interest and rents due and accrued
Other Assets 1.891.67
Total admitted ansets 1634,033.34
Gross claims for Idases wnpaJd
Amount of nnearned nteminu on all
ntstaadiar rtitt . ,j io.oa4.f
Iuo for commission and brokerage..
- , ,ri1 '. l.OUO.OO
All other liabilities . S3.096.09
Total liabilities, exclusive or capi
tal stock 8191.O01.vw
Tjgnnus or osxoox rom thz
Set premiums received during tkt year
SZ.8 7 7 .3
Losses paid during the year 413.83
v r " j : ,k. m m i a m
Name of Company AtantM - Mutual
Fire Insuranew Company.
name of President O. H. Kenemema.
Name of SecretoryFred Weasels.
Rtatntorv Mtklant Itaruv far aarviee
W. C Bagerty.
The New OREGON STATESMAN, Saleac, Oregon, Saturday Morttirg, April
Garden Club To
Meet April 29
At Silverton
SILVERTON. April 2 The
Silverton Garden club will hold
its May meeting In the city hall
Monday evening, April 29. Elec
tion of lfficers will be Included In
the business meeting. In order
that the new officers may start
their year's work at the begin
ning of the "fiscal year of the
state Federation of Garden clubs.
Oscar Lo, of Silverton will
speak on "Flowers of the Month."
Several new books have been pur-
cnased by tne club will be shown
and loaned to the members. These
books deal with gardens and
shrubs and after the club has read
them, they will be donated to the
Plans for the May flower show
will be discussed, and the com
mittee In charge, Oscar Loe, Mrs.
Joe Winter and Mrs. San Ames
will give their report.
MONMOUTH, April 26 Lions
club enjoyed an interesting meet
ing Tuesday with luncheon at the
Monmouth hotel. The quartette
opened the program with vocal
numbers, accompanied by Lioness
F. E. Chambers gave a very in
teresting report on the meeting of
presidents and secretaries of the
various state organizations of
Lions who convened Monday at
ternoon at the Multnomah hotel.
Portland, to meet Ben Russln, of
Richmond, Va., international pres-
dient of Lions clubs. L. P. Cum-
isky. Dr. A. S. Jens, J. B. But
ler and F. E. Chambers were pres
ent from Monmouth.
These delegates were 'appointed
from th'e local den to attend the
state Lions convention at Tilla
mook, May. 17 and 18: Gay H.
Deming, C. C. Powell and L. P.
Cumlsky. .
MONMOUTH. April 26. Wil
liam Rlddell Jr., and son Eldon,
returned home Monday night from
San Francisco with 13 head of
Romney sheep which arrived April
1 at San Francisco from New Zea
land. W. R. Rubs of Eureka re
ceived IS head at the wharf, and
the remainder of the number were
shipped by freight to Hydesville,
Calif., in Humboldt county, where
ten head were received by D. N.
Gould. Of those which were
brought to Monmouth, these dis
bursements have been made: one
ram and one ewe to C. W. Gib
son, Corvallls, one ewe to Mrs.
George Schulmerick, Corvallis, one
to Orville Doerfler of Marion, one
ewe and one ram to A. H. Craven.
two rams and five ewes to Mr.
The trip was made both ways
via Ros$bJirg-Myrtle Point and the
lower Roosevelt hignway, wltn a
truck, and Mr. Riddell states that
the road is in excellent condition.
Mr. Gould, who has purchased a
large number of Romneys within
the past two years from Mr. Rid
dell, and A. H. Craven, accompan
ied Mr. Riddell to San Francisco
from his home at Hydeville.
Chapin To Speak
At Silverton On
Sunday Morning
SIIATSRTON, April 26. Leland
Chaplin, a former schoolmate of
Mrs. Catherine Woodard Ferrin,
who has spent some years in the
Chinese mission field, will speak
at the Methodist church Sunday
evening on China. During his short
stay here he will renew acquaint
ances with Mrs. Ferrin.
The full choir of thirty voices
from the Tmanuel Lutheran church
went to Monitor Sunday night and
by special request, repeated the
entire Easter cantata.
Mrs. J. Dullum. Miss Clara
BJontegard, Mrs. Conrad Johnson.
Elmer Johnson. Louie Larson and
Oscar Overland, carried the solo
Following the cantata, Rev.
Jensen spoke a few words, which
were responded to by Rev. Roken
of Monitor. Refreshments were
No. 2814T
In the Circuit Court of the State
of Oregon for the County of
In the Matter of the Estate of
Thomas Arnold Johnston, De-
To: Paul E. Johnston: James
Johnston ; Reginald Irvine
Johnston: Rachael Lafore;
Martha Jane Coffey; Mattie P.
Houseman, and to all heirs un
known, if any there be:
In the Name of the State of
Oregon, Ton are hereby command
ed to appear before the Honorable
Circuit Court of the State of. Ore
gon, in and for the County of
Multnomah, at Room S60, Court
House, fn the. City of Portland, on
the 27th day of May. 19ZS. at tne
hour of 1:30. o'clock in the fore
noon of said day, to show cause,
it any exist, why an order of sale
should not be made as in the pe
tition prayed for of the following
described real property:
Lot Five (5). Frullnger Acres,
Section thirty-four (34), Town
ship Four (4). Range On (1)
West, W. M. Marion County, Ore
Witness my hand ana the seal
of said Court affixed this 23rd day
of April, 1929.
(Seal)- A. A. BAUit i ,
Clerk of the Circuit Court.
By F. O. MeGREW, Deputy.
Date of First Publication April
27, 1929. .
Date of Last Publication May
25, 1929.
Apr27May4-ll-18-25day ajinlTersarj.
Society News and Club
Mrs. F. E. Halik
Hostess For Two
Mrs. F. E. Halik has been hos
tess for two or the most attractive
parties of the week, one given
Thursday afternoon and the other
given Friday afternoon. Tulips
and spirea were gracefully arran
ged about the guest rooms la bas
kets and bowls. Bridge was the
center of attention for both af
Mrs. Paul Hauser won first
prize for high score and Mrs. Ed
VIesko won second for Thursday
playing, and Mrs. E. B. Graben
horst won first prize for high
score and Mrs. C. B. Wallace sec
ond for Friday playing.
Assisting M rs. Halik in serving
Thursday was Mrs. George Duns-
ford, Mrs. D. C. Minto, Mrs. T. C
Mesh, Mrs. T. J. Meany, and Mrs.
Emil Halik. Mrs. D. C. Minton
Mrs. P. J. Meany, Mrs. T. C.
Mesch, and Mrs. Sam Laughlin
assisted Mrs. Halik in serving
Friday afternoon.
The guest list for Thursday in
cluded Mrs. Frank Keedham, Mrs.
D. C. Minto, Mrs. Paul Hauser
Mrs. O. L. Newton, Mrs. Edwin
Armstrong, Mrs. Elmer Daue, Mrs,
W. M. Mott. Mrs. Ed Viesko, Mrs
L. B. Gilbertson. Mrs. H. L. Sta-
ver. Mrs. Emll Halik, Mrs. Fred
Williams, Miss Clare -Bensinger
Mrs. Dean Adams, Mrs. K. B. Ku
gel. Mrs. Claire Vibbert, Mrs. J.
Nathman, Mrs. Romeo Gouley
Mrs. L. P. Campbell, Mrs. C. F
Giese, Mrs. P. J. Meany, Mrs. Per
cy Cupper, Mrs. George Dunsford,
Mrs. R. E. Downing, Mrs. G. W
Day, and Mrs. T. C. Mesch.
The guest list for- Friday in
cluded Mrs. F. E. StteTwln, Mrs.
C. F. Giese, Mrs. P. J. Meany, Mrs.
James Lewis, Mrs. W. E. Hansen,
Mrs. J. W Follis. Mrs W. J. Mink
iewitz, Mrs. C. F. Ellison, Mrs. C
W. Peterson. Mrs. M. P. Adams,
Mrs.' John Craig, Mrs. M. Abst,
Mrs. C. B. Wallace. Mrs. G. W.
H 11 man, Mrs. M. C .Cashatt, Mrs.
Lucile Sweeney, Mrs. D. C. Min
to, Mrs. G. Sherman, Mrs. T. A,
Raffety, Mrs. F. W. Steusloff,
Mrs. L. P. Aldrich, Mrs. E. B
Grabenhorst, Mrs. G. W. LAflar,
Mrs. D. B. Jarman, Mrs. Sam
Laughlin, and Mrs. Emll Halik
Vancouver Visitor
Honored with Party
Mrs. E. A. Miller entertained
in honor of Mrs. Wallace Jordan
of Vancouver, B. C, who is a
house guest of Mrs. T. S. Mac-
Kenzie, Thursday afternoon at her
home, 1530 South High street.
The afternoon was spent in con
venation with each guest requir
ed to tell at least one Joke. After
a very happy time refreshments
were served by the hostess assist
ed by Mrs. W. I. Staley.
Guests present were the honor
guest Mrs. Wallace Jordan, and
Mrs. W. I. Staley. Mrs. T. S. Mac-
Kenzie, Mrs. G. E. Ward, Mrs. F.
D. Kibbe. Mrs. Cannon, Mrs. J. W
Cable, Mrs. J. C. Tibbetts, Mrs. R.
B. Fleming, Mrs. E. J. Donnell,
and Mrs Mark McCallister.
Members of the Sons of Vet
erahs auxiliary are to attend the
funeral of Mrs. Ida Newmyer as
a group. Each member is asked
to come dressed in white.
(AP) Three alleged promoters
of fraudulent oil 6tock selling
schemes were being held under
bond here today pending arrival
of extradition papers from Oregon,
where the men are under indict
ment for unlawfully selling stocks
and securities without a permit
from the stats commissioner or
Two of the men, E. F. B. Daude,
35, and E. E. Brown, 36, were ar
rested here today, while Charles
W. Ingram was arrested at Mil
ford. They are alleged to have de
frauded Oregon residents, especi
ally around the city of Burns. out
of thousands of dollars in fake oil
. The three men were indicted in
Oregon April 10.
Broadside Fired
Upon Battleship
Cause Oi Mishap
LOS ANGELES, April 26.
(AP) The firing of a broadside
of the U. S. S. California's 14 inch
guns in battle practice 80 miles
off San Nicholas Island today,
caused one minor mishap. The con.
cussion bowled over a steel gun
locker, which struck a boatswain's
mate, J. R. Toler in the head.
Toler, who was In charge of a gun
crew firing a five inch gun at the
same time, remained in charge at
his post until, weakened from loss
of blood, he fell unconscious.
The California and tile Idaho,
which also participated, reported
rough weather for the long range
firing, which will contjnue tomor
row. Mrs. Durkheimer
Visits Convention
HUBBARD. April 26 Mrs. H.
M. Durkheimer of Salem, sister of
H. C Mack, Hubbard druggist,
was a visitor al the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Mack Wednesday night,
returning to her home Thursday
morning. Mrs. Durkheimer, after
having attended the W. C.T. V.
Convention held at Woodburn
Wednesday came to Hubbard to
be with her brother on his birth-
be en HER
27, 1929
Olive M, Doax. Society Editor
Unusual Pageant
Will be Presented
Through the Blue Triangle
a pageant to be presented in Will-
son park under the auspices ot
the Y. W. C. A., May 11. at three
o'clock, by the Girl Reserves of
Salem, in which will take part 100
young folk, and in" which will ap
pear six choruses and four feature
This production will be some
thing unusual and colorful, and
beautiful as well as acting an 1m
pressive story. Its whole tone will
be well in keeping with that of
"good music week."
There are four directors who de
serve much credit for the admir
able work which is being done in
the pageant. These are the direc
tor of choruses, Mrs. W. J. Min.
kiewitz. director of dances, Miss
Carin Degermark. costume man.
ager. Mrs. Prince Byrd, and stage
director, Mrs. C. A. Swope.
The cast as It will appear Is as
Spirit of the community. Iram
Babcock; spirit of the association,
Wilma Finster; chalice bearer,
Maxine Murphy, white robes, tri
angle bearers, Betty Minkiewitz,
Waneta GUbob: blue scarves, tri
angle girls, 42 girls from Garfield.
McKinley, Highland, Washington,
and Richmond Girl Reserves.
Spirit of inspiration, Theresa
TJlrich with 12 dancers of lnspira
tion from Parrish reserves, white
robes, rose scarves.
Spirit of education, in white
robes, green scarves, Wilma Cour
sey with 12 dancers of education
from Junior Business Girls club.
Spirit ef recreation, white robes
and yellow scarves. Betty Mae
Hartung with 12 dancers of rec
reation from Leslie Girl Reserves.
Spirit of cooperation, white
robes, lavender scarves, Florence
Marshall with 12 dancers of co
operation from high school re
o o o
Jason Lee Has
Delightful Tea
Baskets of cherry blossoms, and
Japanese quince transformed the
social room of the Jason Lee Meth
odist church into an attractive tea
room Wednesday afternoon when
members of 'the General Aid met
for a social afternoon.
An address was made by the
Rev. Gardner, and a program of
music and readings was presented.
This was followed by a tea hour.
The tea table was centered with
Japanese quince and pink tapers.
Mrs. W. P. Miller of Dallas Doured
and Mrs. W. L. Lewis and Mrs.
Joe Klinger asssited about the
About 60 guests were present
for this delightful afternoon.
o o
Try-Outs for Child
Parts for "The Piper '
The time has come for selection
of the child characters who will
take part in the production "The
Piper." which is being presented
by the Salem Drama league under
the direction of Mrs. Otto Paulus.
The child characters have a very
Important place to fill in this play
and tnose concerned with its pro
duction are particularly anxious
to get a large number of entrants
for the parts. Children from four
on up the age scale are Invited to
try out.
The try-outs will be held Mon
day afternoon beginning at 3:30
at 253 Court street.
o o
Bridge Tea is
Elks Club Affair
Mrs. D. X. Beechler and
Harry Crawford were Joint
tesses for 10 tables of bridge at
the Elks club Wednesday after,
noon. Brilliant red tulips, Oregon
grape and wild currant made the
guest rooms most inviting and gay
for the bridge which occupied the
greater part of the afternoon. Mrs.
Leon Barrick won first prize for
high score, Mrs. M. B. Wagstaff
second, and Mrs. Fred Gibson won
third prize.
Tea was served at a late hour.
Mrs. Charles McDonah, of Van.
couver. Wash., was an out-of-town
guest for the afternoon.
SILVERTON. April 26. Mem
bers of the Past Matrons club of
the Silverton chapter of the East
ern Star were entertained at Ger-
vais Tuesday afternoon by the Past
Matrons club there. Bridge was
the feature of the afternoon.
LytHa E. Pinkhaxn's Vegetable
Compound Gare Her Strength
Mt Cannel, Pa. "After my second
baby was born I had to work too
hard and be on
my feet too soon
because my hus
band was ilL Af
ter his death 1
was fn such a
weakened and
run-down condi
tion that noth
ing seemed to
help me. I ant
starting the
fourth bottle of
Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound and feel
a great deal better. 1 am mucn.
stronger and dont get so tired out
when I wash or work hard. I do
housekeeping and dressmaking and
I highly recommend the' Vegetable
Compound. I am willing to answer
letters." Mas. Gntncra Burrs, 414
S. Market St, Mt. CarmeL Pa.
Lydia Pinkham Vegetable
For Sale at
Nelson A Hunt Drag Store -Corner
Court ft Liberty, TeU 7
Girl Reserve afternoon
practice for May Day fete,
B. oV P. W. district meet
ing in Oregon City.
Salem Woman's Club, Wom
en's clubhouse, 460 N. Cot
tage streef, 2:00 o'clock
board meeting, 2:30 business
meeting, and 3 o'clock pro
gram. Rummage sale. Daughters
of Veterans, Bligh building,
S. High street.
Surprise Shower
Honors Bride-Elect
Miss Georgia Sneed, whose wed
ding will be an event of the near
future was delightfully surprised
with a miscellaneous shower Wed.
nesday evening when Mrs. A rapid
Wenger, and Mrs. Leon a Wenger
entertained for her.
Little Miss Caroline Ward,
dressed in pink and carrying a
large pink umbrella from which
floated dainty pink and white
streamers and In which were at.
tractive gifts for the bride-elect,
presented these gifts. When they
had been unwrapped. Mistress Car
oline presented Miss Sneed with a
warranty deed, and at the close
of its reading she drew back a
curtain before which she was
standing, revealing a diminutive
house filled with more gifts.
iteiresnments were served at a
late hour by the hostesses.
The guest list included the guest
of honor. Miss Georgia Sneed, and
Miss Minnie Miller. Mrs. James
Thompson. Mrs. Alvin Marr. Mrs
Howard Ball. Mrs. Lawrence Chris.
tenson. Miss Patty Rowe, Mrs. T.
S. Roberts. Miss Mable Temple.
Mrs. T. W. Hall, Mrs. William
Johnson. Mrs. Jack Tucker, Mrs.
C. T. Hoover, Miss Glenna Rus
sell, Miss Marlon Barber. Miss
Bessie Tucker. Mrs. V. E. Burson.
Mistresses Helen Wenger, Caro
line Ward. Beverley Marr and Mrs.
Arnold Wenger and Mrs. Leonard
District Meeting
Attracts Salem Folk
Dean Collins will address the
district meeting of the Business
and Professional Women's club at
Oregon City today. Following the
day's program there will be a
meeting of state officers at 6
o'clock, and at 7 o'clock there will
be a dinner given for the visitors
at the First Congregational
Among the Salem club members
who will attend are Miss Jose
phine Shade, Mrs. Susan' Varty,
Dr. Mary B. Purvine. and Mrs.
Emma Hafcy.
For Saturday only we offer regular
25c plants for 15c. Large 2 year old roots
Rockery and Border plants
A fine collection
Salem Seed & Orchard Supply Co.
178 S. Com'L Formerly Pearcy Bros. stor.
inBiiiMHJK r
Be Prepared for the First
Warm Weather
Refrigeration of some kind Is almost a necessity in the mod
ern home. For the sake of health and economy you cannot
afford to be without it.
We have a large stock of high grade ice boxes and refrigera
tors that we are offering at extremely low prices. Come in
and see them. , tlA ilft
Prices range from Jl'taUU up
We also have a number of used refrigerators that we have
taken in on Electro-Kolds, many as good as new.
5 lb. capacity ased refrigerators
Large size used boxes $9.00 up
Woman's Club Has
Excellent Program
Helen Virth. daughter nrf.
Mr. and Mr. H. It. Worth, vriil b '
the three minuta speaker on i ti"
observance of National Hc-titlr
week at th Woman's club this
afternoon. Mis Worth v. an
khosen Friday morninr in ben
competition at the Parrish school
from a rn on the students ot tLe
eighth grade home economics
class. Her speech is extemporan
eous. This part of the program
will take place as a part of the
program hour. Miss Sara Wrt-iin
will be the speaker of the afiei
noon, her topic heina; "The Ori
ent" and she will display some of
the choice collection of OrlecTKl
things whick she has gathered 'to
gether in hr tours of the east.
Miss Josephine Albert will lie
the soloit. A a-special feature
of the afternoon copies of oid
masters paintings will be shov. c
and 6hort histories will be gnrn
of them by members upon whom
Mrs. William Fargo will call. ii.
Fargo, who has charge of this nw
project of the club, has anuouEi
hopes for this project to grow into
a traveling library sponsored ly
the Woman's club which will
sent out to the rural schools lor
use in picture and art study. Tf.e
pictures are to lie classified, ae to
schools (German, French, etc..
as to class, and as to the mouth,
the spirit of. which the picture
might most truly represent.
Reports will fa given of th
Silverton confederation meeting at
which 21 club were represent!.
Those giving reports will be Mr.
William Fargo. Mis. Harry Wli-
man, Mrs. Ro Bidwell, and Dr.
Fanny Brown Tibbetts. A special
report will be given on the ne
host" luncheon which was trd
for the first time In Silverton at
the confederation meeting aid ,
which proved quite a success.
Those who were in attendant
at the confederation meeting were
Mrs. W. L. Wallace. Mrs. William
Fargo. 'Mrs. W. M. Pennington.
Mrs. W. G. Clarke, Mrs. S. M. En
dlcott, Miss Ida Niles, Mrs. F. A.
Elliott, Mrs. Alice Dodd, Mi.
Mattie Beatty. Mrs. William Kirk,
Mrs. T. A. McBride, Mrs. W. B.
Johnston, Mrs. Frank Erlckroc,
Mrs. Ronald Glover, and Mrs.
Henry Bean.
Auburn Pupils
To Enter Contest
AUBURN. April 26 Ths pu
pils from Auburn school chosen to
enter the county spelling contest
are: Elsie Grimms, eighth grade.
Jean Hawkins, seventh grade.
Glen Mallett, sixth grade, Floyd
Baumgartner, fifth grade. Mar
garet Rannells, fourth grade, and
Normal Kriebel, third grade.